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SPI 011: 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Online Business, Blog, or Website

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SPI 011: 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Online Business, Blog, or Website

By Pat Flynn on  | 

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I give you 5 questions that you absolutely need to be asking yourself in order to improve your online business, blog or website.

When we look for ways to improve, we often ask for outside help, but in this podcast I ask you to look inward to help yourself, and after listening you should have a greater understanding of what you can do better, and why.

So what are the 5 questions you need to be asking yourself? You’ll need to listen to find out (or read the transcript, hehe).

There’s a ton of content and information jam packed into this session, including:

  • The one tip that someone once told me that has changed exactly how I approach all of my online properties, especially my blogs.
  • Why you should keep your visitors from thinking too much.
  • The things you can do in any niche, no matter how competitive it is, to stand out from the crowd.
  • Why getting to number 1 in Google may not be the best thing to do.
  • How campfires and fishing can help our businesses or blogs.
  • Exactly how to get people to want more of your content.

Please, let me know what you think, or if you have anything you’d like to add and share with the SPI community.

Thanks for your support!


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Items Mentioned in this Session:


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