SPI 062: Marketing and Monetization with Mom Blogger, Meagan Francis

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m excited to have a chat with successful mom blogger, Meagan Francis from TheHappiestHome.com!

The mom blogger community is a huge force with incredible klout in the blogosphere. When I was working as the web and social media director for Crooked Arrows, part of our marketing strategy was specifically geared towards targeting mom bloggers because we knew just how much influence they could have. Together, they can take something that’s relatively unknown and make it world-famous in a short period of time.

The dynamic and also perception of the mom blogger community is really interesting, so I was excited to have a chance to speak with Meagan, a mom blogger who is also an author, public speaker, and she just had her first six-figure year last year. We talk about how she got started, as well as how she and others in her community are getting traffic, marketing and monetizing their blogs. There are definitely some great lessons to be learned here, no matter what kind of business you might have.

She told me that her work life and personal life have never melded so well together, and she’s having a blast doing exactly what she wants to do, which is awesome! Here is a picture of Meagan and her lovely family!

Meagan Francis - The Happiest Home

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How Meagan got started online by “pitching magazines” and freelancing, and how those who are just starting out and looking for money now could do something similar.
  • Why Meagan initially saw no potential for income from her mom blog and what she did to turn that around.
  • Meagan’s progression from 0 readers to thousands after deciding to start her blog, and how she got traffic to come to her site.
  • Exactly how Meagan is monetizing her blog, and how bigger brands play a major role in that.
  • How Meagan is continuing to add value to her readers while monetizing at the same time.
  • How agencies play a role in brand and sponsorship opportunities.
  • How mom bloggers became such a critical mass in the blogosphere and the history behind the community.
  • Why it’s not too late to start blogging, and tips to help you stand out right from the start.
  • The important of conferences to meet and connect with people in your industry.
  • Thoughts on the “apologetic tendencies” of those in the mom blogging community when trying to sell something and make money.
  • What’s working right now for mom bloggers that other industries can adapt.
  • Plus much more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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  • http://hiremehighered.com Adam – HireMeHigherEd

    It always amazes me at the ingenuity of people who are willing to get after their dreams. You want to stay at home, be a mom, and also be an uber successful businesswoman? Of course you can do it all. My hats off! Thanks for bringing this one as always Pat.

    • http://contentmarketingup.com Michael Chibuzor

      Women are doing great things in business these days. I’m so delighted about that and that’s why my aunt is my role model. Thanks Pat for this podcast. Really inspiring and informative for me.

      • Pat Flynn

        Thanks Michael – I felt bad because there are so many amazing women out there who are doing amazing things online, and it had been a while since I featured one on the podcast. I’m so glad Meagan on the show!

    • http://www.kangjum.com Kang Jum

      Sometimes all it comes from a wishful thinking, except that they bend over backwards to make it a reality.

    • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/ Iain

      I completely agree. People will do pretty much anything to get what they want.

      I think it is amazing when people are able to accomplish such amazing things when you put your mind to it.

      Pat is one of those people as well. He put his mind to something and committed then took it to the next level.

  • http://fantasysportfans.com Richard Neckar

    Every time I come across your site I pick up more information and tools I want to implement on my sites. I’m going to look into the SpeakPipe voicemail application for my site like you have. I think it would go well in my niche and incorporate well with future podcast Q&A’s from readers.

    Keep up the good work.


    • http://Muddaser.com Muddaser.com

      Hi pat,
      As you said in the interview with adrew warner, people like more of the normal people’s success as they can relate them selves.

  • http://www.onlinebizlist.com Brian Patrick

    Glad there’s another Podcast up this week!

    Can’t get enough of the podcast, always featured it on my site as a must read. Keep up the good work Pat.


  • http://louiesison.com Louie Sison

    Thanks for sharing the love.
    I’m currenly at work so i can’t play the audio.
    Can’t wait to get in front of my laptop, I’m sure there’s a lot great things to learn from this podcast.
    Good job Meagan and Pat.

    All the best to you guys,
    Louie Sison

  • http://www.passiveincomereality.com Jon

    Great site Pat. You have some really great podcasts. Many thanks for doing this, it is really motivating to read what you are up too. Keep it up.


  • http://www.lifeinthedoglane.com Adam & Danielle

    Great site, resources, products, and podcasts – thanks Pat. We’ve been using them all to develop our book and website.

    As well, when our site was hacked yesterday, we referred to your post about your site going down to remind ourselves that all would be well again (and fortunately, it was…http://www.lifeinthedoglane.com/2013/04/11/dogs-and-the-zen-of-website-maintenance/). Thanks again!

    Adam & Danielle

  • http://www.loraleelewis.com Lee Lewis


    Thanks for bringing Meagan on, she represents a huge market.
    “There is no such thing as an original idea.”
    This quote made me feel really good about my seeming inability to come up with a really original idea. Thanks!

  • Therman

    Hey Pat, in the second to last paragraph you said to thank “John”. Not a big deal, just thought I’d give you the heads up.

    • Pat Flynn

      Gotcha, thanks Therman!

  • Mike

    shes not an entreprenuer, her blogs are not very popular, she just a good freelancer, this just an amatuer podcast episode.

    • http://www.loraleelewis.com Lee Lewis


      “She just a good freelancer” is pretty weak. Imagine having over 50,000 consistent followers, brand promotion deals, and blog monetization, all by writing daily entries about home and motherhood. This shows that you can be very successful online without having to be a genius marketer, programmer, outsourcer, SEO luminary, or by having the looks and charisma of Lewis Howes (how I envy that guy). Don’t hate; this was a refreshing entry.

      • Pat Flynn

        Thanks Lee – I agree with you here, and my goal isn’t to have everyone love every single podcast – that’s impossible, but my goal is to represent exactly all of the different kinds of things people are doing to live a better life. Meagan’s story and her work is different than any of the others I’ve had on the show so far, and I’m happy about that. Sorry this one didn’t resonate with you Mike.

      • http://www.energymanagementinsider.com Bill Allemon

        Thank you for that rebuttal, Lee. I found the podcast very helpful because I still consider myself an amateur blogger. I’ve been listening to Pat for a while and do enjoy hearing from experienced entrepreneurs. Great to hear how much they are making today and how they got to where they are. But then again, if they’ve been blogging since 2002, there probably isn’t much value in hearing what they did that long ago. Kinda like hearing someone talk about best practices they used to gain interest in their Compuserve chat room.

        This podcast was valuable because it shared a different angle than other interviews. I’m in the engineering consulting business and some of Meagan’s strategies and principles are valuable to me. I started my blog last October and am working different strategies to gain followers. My goal is to educate people within my industry. They always love my presentations at conferences…now they can get them on demand, any time. Gaining followers and adding in affiliate marketing will help pay for improved blog hosting to increase speed and provide better content.

        Pat – Thanks for the diversity of topics and guests. Please don’t change what you’re doing.

    • Pat Flynn

      Mike, I don’t just always have “entrepreneurs” on the show – she’s making 6-figures a year doing something that a lot of people may be interested in and she represents a huge population of people out there. If her blogs aren’t that popular to you but she’s earning 6 figures, then that’s a good thing for a lot of people.

    • http://www.thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis

      Mike, I would agree that I’m not an entrepreneur in the same way that some of Pat’s guests are. However, building a freelance business from the ground up was certainly not easy, and it allowed me to make a full-time income in part-time hours during the years when my children were small and needy, which is certainly a dream of many parents I know.

      I have also seen how the opportunities are growing in personal blogging and in a relatively short period of time I’ve been able to tap into sources of income that don’t always require me to trade time for money. I definitely consider that passive income a growing part of my business, which I suppose would make me an entrepreneur, at least the way I define it!

      The funny thing is that ten years ago I would have been perfectly happy – thrilled even – to be “just” a good freelancer. Now I want more, and have the time and information (thanks to resources like Pat’s podcast) to go after it. Still, I consider my experience over the past decade to be more than simply amateur practice. :)

    • http://passivelyfree.com Tal Gur

      Mike – Blogging is entrepreneurship. Period. I find Megan’s story very inspiring. she has the entrepreneurship spirit and great energy. Thanks Pat

      • http://websitebuddha.com David > Website Buddha

        Why is blogging entrepreneurship? Blogging to me seems to be the opposite of entrepreneurship for too many people because instead of doing the hard work of researching your niche, understanding you customers, building a product, or like what Meagan did, build a freelance business at the start; people will just pretend their building their business because they’re writing to their blog. I’m not saying that everyone falls into this, but simply publishing your thoughts on something is not a business to me. You also need to have an underlying business model behind the blog.

  • http://www.tkoconsulting.net Donald


    Under “I Need Your Help” section on this page, you say “… show some love to John…” I think you meant Meagan. :)

    Great podcast as always!

    • Pat Flynn

      Ahh thanks for letting me know Donald! 😀

  • http://morningtadka.com Joel

    Hey Pat Great Podcast for budding and newbie bloggers like me.Will surely try to follow some of the tips of Meagan.Keep up the good work

  • Pookie

    I should show my mom this… she wants to make a blog since she’s an Avon lady lol. At my expense I’ll have to make it for her, but I don’t mind (when I charge her a monthly fee… kidding).

    This also makes me want to blog too, it seems everyday I’m reminded I should make a blog. Gosh darn it.

  • http://www.thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis

    Pat, thanks again so much for having me on your show. I love talking about my work, and you were a great host.

    • http://sergnotes.com Sergio

      I love your story, this podcast, and your site Meagan. You definitely resonated with what’s going on in my family’s life right now. Thank you for sharing!

  • http://tiepthilienketblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/tang-ty-le-ban-hang-conversion-rate-tiep-thi-lien-ket.html tiep thi lien ket

    Keep up the good work, I m trying to follow some of the tips of Meagan to improve the conversion and monetizing

  • http://www.webstudio55.com Shahzad Anjum

    Great information thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.nichewebsite101.com Pandita

    Just listened to this episode driving the kids to school, very inspiring! Thanks as always for a great podcast, as a mommy who is also freelancing and trying to make money online it’s wonderful hearing of another mom who has made it, this can be such a male dominated world at times. 😀

  • http://www.webdevisland.com Nicole

    Finished listening to all of your podcasts! Great stuff, Pat! Definitely learned a lot – keep it up!

  • http://okkimonosblog.com Brendan

    I love that you’re doing more and more podcasts, Pat! If anything, the recent upturn in podcasts shows that you are figuring out what your audience wants and giving it to them! Brilliant move on your part!

  • http://www.successchaser.com Success Chaser

    Hats off to her for being a mum and also being a successful entrepreneur. Keep up the good work Meagan & Pat.

  • http:omgtoplists.com Michael

    Meagan is a great source of inspiration for me and others as well. She is truly amazing. Thanks for the podcast.

  • http://thehrcowgirl.wordpress.com/ the HR Cowgirl

    A really inspirational podcast Pat, thanks for introducing Meagan to those like myself who haven’t seen her work before. I thought it was interesting that somewhat like senior leadership positions in organisations, the internet seems to be ‘mens’ business – also as indicated by the male / female ratio of comments to the podcast. So its fantastic when business leaders such as yourself Pat, take the time to showcase what women are doing – and at a six figure income, doing extremely well on the internet.

  • http://www.limefuse.com Saba

    Pat, this honestly could not have come at a better time. As a stay-at-home mom who has recently ventured out to starting an app business, the past couple of days have been really a bummer for me. Two days before my first app release, my brand new laptop decides to completely fail on me and all of my files gone! This was supposed to be my exclusive marketing time for my app. Due to lack of sleep (Mom/wife during the day and entrepreneur during the night), I ended up getting a high fever today and to my luck, I wasn’t able to promote as I had planned. I was feeling really down and decided to visit your Blog, as I occasionally do. As soon as I read the headline, “….Mom Blogger,” I was ecstatic! Although our businesses are different, it was just the perfect time because as a Mom and entrepreneur, I can totally connect with Meagan.

    In my opinion, it’s essential for any business to have a Blog so you can connect with people and it’s a great marketing tool. However, for some reason I have always struggled with writing a Blog – I can’t figure out why. As you can see, I only have 1 entry on my site! Had I been blogging for the past few months when my app was in development, I wouldn’t have had to worry about marketing last minute. It’s not that I can’t write. I have so many stories/ideas in my head that I know would be great Blog entries and insightful for readers but I just can’t get myself to do it. I think it’s a part of me that doesn’t want to become so public with my personal life and also worried whether readers will like/dislike what I’m saying.

    You have introduced Meagan at such a perfect time. Hopefully visiting Meagan and your site more often will give me that push to “Let Go” and just do it! :) Thank you and please continue what you’re doing!

    • http://www.thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis

      Saba, this comment made my day! I’m so glad to hear that the podcast was helpful to you. Best of luck with your business and blog!

    • http://www.thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis

      PS – I also wanted to point out that not all blogs are super-personal. You do get to choose what to share and what you won’t, while still being authentic and “you.” Just some food for thought!

  • http://www.blogbods.com Jade

    I can’t believe it’s the 62nd podcast! They just keep getting better and better. A great strategy for any blogger looking to add variety to their readers’ experience.

    Mom bloggers are a huge force, but it was great to hear Meagan’s thoughts because they are so relevant to all bloggers! I’ve even shared this post on blogbods.com where the newbie bloggers hang out. Great in depth podcast.

  • http://www.solargardenlightshq.com Angela

    Meagan made me think that if someone determined to do something nothing can stop one, no matter what sex one has.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.momszen.com/ Kelly

    What a great podcast! Determination, focus and heart can make it happen. Extraordinary. Thank you.

  • http://www.pianolessongirl.com Dakota

    Thanks Pat once again. This is definitely a podcast for everyone (not just moms).
    I like the idea that we don’t have to be ‘mainstream’ to have success. There are many large and small segments that we can be successful in.

    Thanks again.

  • http://houseofroseblog.com Mandy Rose

    So glad to see that you interviewed a mom blogger!! :) This made me smile! I do enjoy ALL of your podcasts, but even more so when it’s someone in my same niche! Funny enough, the mom blog world is so big that I hadn’t even heard of Meagan! Thanks for the introduction and can’t wait to use some of her tips!

  • http://www.homeworkingwoman.com Claire Bullerwell

    Yes it’s unbelievable how big the mom/mum blog world is.

    This podcast is so very interesting and I took a lot from it.

    Thanks Pat for thinking of the mum bloggers!

  • http://ymidoingthis.com Adam

    Just listened to this one on the way to work this morning. Why don’t they have daddy blogger websites? I’ve tried a number of times to get my wife interested in setting up a blog like this but she doesn’t have much interest. She would have a lot more fun experiences to share and a better audience. I even offered to help her get started. She has a lot of connections with people and helps a lot of them solve problems, especially with kids with needs. Any recommendations on how to build interest with someone?

    • http://www.crazydadlife.com Jeff Stephens

      Oh, there are a lot of dad blogger sites out there. We just aren’t as popular as the pioneering mom bloggers. But, we do exist and our numbers are growing! You should come join our ranks and get in the game!

      • http://www.thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis

        Jeff’s right – the dad blogger community is booming! Have you looked into the Dad 2.0 Summit conference? Great way to connect with other dad bloggers and brands and get advice on business & more. http://www.dad2summit.com/

  • http://www.crazydadlife.com Jeff Stephens

    Great episode, as usual. It was really nice to hear someone from the mom blogger space on the show. Meagan was a great guest and you could just hear her enthusiasm overflowing. As a proud dad blogger, I love to see the moms doin’ their thing too! The parenting blog community online is thriving. I see it everyday at my site and on social platforms such as Twitter, FB, etc.

  • http://www.aneworganizedme.com Pam

    Another great interview as always Pat. Thanks Meagan for sharing your story.

  • http://www.modelingjobshq.com Marcia

    Thank you for yet another great podcast! This was very inspirational and you have AGAIN provided great resources that I am going to be looking into to enhance my website.

  • http://moins-depenser.net stephane

    thank you very much for this informations !

  • http://en.gravatar.com/60film Michael Vera

    Pat do you realize you have now inspired a 17 year old to create his own website?

    Thanks dude seriously. I’ve listened to most of your podcasts now and they’re awesome. I’m about to graduate HS with some serious SEO and blog knowledge.

    My niche is YouTube though, I want to be the next Smosh or EpicMealTime and entertain people all over the world, but I have to say I’ve found the SPI brand totally help and relevant to my goals.

    So thanks dude!! Keep it up, you’ve got something really special going on here

  • http://zweapons.com Moe

    Why do Moms do everything better? Great podcast, soon as i saw the title, i knew it would be worth listening to.

  • Hasan

    Hey Pat and your this article is mentioned at my blog here: http://www.incometreatment.com/top-10-blog-post-of-second-week-of-april-2013/
    Check it out and leave a comment :)

  • http://www.generationy.com Ryan@generationy

    Great interview Pat. Mom bloggers have become huge in the online industry as there topics and relevance to a high number of advertisers makes monetization strategies easy and attainable.

    Awesome stuff mate


  • http://http://www.homelearningexperience.com/10000-hour-rule-my-learning-experience-from-outliers-the-story-of-success/ Sibo

    I just listened to this episode yesterday during my lunch. It is a great one and gives me another idea to work on in the future.

    I am spending lots of time to “work with” my son since he was 4 years old. Even though there is Mom and school, Dad is always a very important person who affects a boy the most in his childhood.

    Stats is showing that a very significant percentage of boys living in North America consider their Dad as the number one super hero and set example in their lives.

    This fact rings the bell to me and I have been working very hard to improve myself and passing on important messages to my son in last two years. Today I am very proud of my son and I hope he becomes the most successful person in the future!

  • http://www.sanumed.com Krishna Parmar

    Thankful there’s an additional Podcast upward this kind of full week!

    Can’t get ample on the podcast, constantly included the idea about my personal site like a have to examine. Maintain the nice work Terry.

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    very interesting and helpful post thanks for this

  • http://www.girlsfastpitchsoftball.org Stacie Standifer

    As usual this was a great podcast. I really enjoyed hearing about the progression of Meagan’s business from freelancer to online money earner. Thanks Pat for highlighting a woman who is earning good money online doing something she loves and that genuinely helps others. Congrats on your success Meagan.

  • http://www.cindyderosier.com Cindy deRosier

    Thanks for a wonderful episode, Pat! I really enjoyed it. Meagan is my favorite of all the guests so far, as I feel like I can really relate to her. I’m a fairly low-level craft blogger, though some might classify me as a mom blogger since many of my projects are kid-related. I’ve been doing freelance writing for a little while and am just starting to monetize my blog. I’m completely overwhelmed, though your podcasts have really helped me start to think about my goals, priorities, and next steps.

  • http://www.zachis.it/blog Zachary Smith

    nice update!

  • http://wahjobs.blogspot.com Traci-Work at home job journal

    Great podcast just found it from your income update. As a work home mom I feel like I can relate to Megan as one of the your podcast success stories.