SPI 085: How To Finally Take Action—Even If You’re Lost, Overwhelmed, or Don’t Know Where to Start with Dane Maxwell

Note: Dane Maxwell also joined me on Episode 046 and Episode 149. Check out the Related Podcasts section below to listen.

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to bring back Dane Maxwell from The Foundation, who was with us before in Session #46, which happens to be the top most-downloaded episode of the SPI Podcast ever to this date, with over 125,000 total downloads.

Dane was also in high demand from many of you to come back onto the show for more, and so – here he is!

Back in Session #46, which was titled Building a Lucrative Business with No Ideas, No Expertise and No Money, Dane gave us a formula, along with very specific strategical and tactical advice to extract business ideas and pains from a particular market, and then work with people in that industry to build a software solution to help solve their pains (and even have them pay for building that solution too).

The podcast seemed to open up the flood gates for many people who connected with Dane’s thoughts on idea extraction and validation before creation, and many people did decide to take action. One of those people, Carl Mattiola, was recently featured in Session #82 and in that episode, Carl walks us step-by-step through his idea extraction process and how he eventually left his well-paying corporate job at Tesla to work full-time on his new software business.

I’ve also received a number of other emails from people who took action after listening to that episode with Dane who are now successfully serving a target niche. Some of those people are still working 9 to 5 and are just doing this on the side, while several others have left their corporate jobs to go full time like Carl too.

Although there were several people who did take action, of course there were many more who did not, which is why Dane wanted to come back on the show today to really get into the mindset for people who have yet to take action, or those who seem to not be taking the right action.

This is a very different episode than that of Session 46, but it’s an important one that with great information about what it takes “on the inside” to become a successful entrepreneur.

A lot of what Dane mentions is based on his own experience helping people in his program, The Foundation, who often struggle with taking action as well while extracting ideas and building new businesses. Dane shares a few stories from those he has worked with and how they’ve been able to break through and finally start taking action and seeing results.

I will say, however, that for a while during our conversation in this episode, the information seemed a little “out there” for me (you’ll hear me even say that) and it may seem that way to you at times too, but like before there’s some golden information in this podcast and if you’re at all struggling to take action, or take the right action, there’s something you might learn that could trigger positive results for you. I encourage you to listen with an open mind, because really all of this stuff about success always happens internally first.

I like Dane, he’s a great guy with a ton of energy and a ton of information to share. The last time he was on, a lot of people didn’t like his style and you could tell I did some editing when it came to some of the language that he used on the show. Before recording this episode, he wanted to make sure he was conscious about the language that he used out of respect (especially after I told him I had a number of kids who listen to the show), and he was totally respectful in that manner, which I really appreciated.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • The 5 basic fears that hold most people back from taking action.
  • How your body actually gives you clues as to what’s going on in your mind.
  • How specific events in people’s lives that have had an effect on how people think about success, money and failure.
  • How Don transformed from an employee to an entrepreneur.
  • The experience another entrepreneur had during childhood that was holding him back from success now.
  • More ideas to help you find new business opportunities.
  • What we can do to look within and find out what might be holding us back from truly finding success.
  • Plus more!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

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Free Audio: How Dane Transformed Don into an Entrepreneur

During this episode, Dane mentions that he’s giving away a free audio file of the conversation Dane has with Don, which is when Don transforms from an employee to an entrepreneur.

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Get 30 Minutes with Dane, for Free

If you’d like to get a chance to chat with Dane for 30 minutes and go through a mindset transformation yourself, all you have to do is simply leave a comment below sharing what’s holding you back from taking action (or perhaps taking the right action). In a couple of weeks, Dane will go through the comments and select one person to have a Skype call or phone chat with for 30 minutes.

I will announce the person who was selected here in this post by the end of day on Friday, November 8th.

Thanks again for listening to this session of the SPI Podcast, and I’m really interested to read your comments below. Cheers, and all the best to you!

Update: Congrats to “Bob” and John (who talks about 10 sessions of therapy) for getting 30 minutes each to chat with Dane! 


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  • http://www.nickykay.com Nick Kizirnis

    I just want to admit here that I sit and check the site and refresh my iTunes on Friday so I can get the SPI podcast asap. That way I don’t miss out on my drive home. :) I’m excited to hear Dane on again, I admire the customer-focused approach he is teaching and really interested in learning more about what holds us back – entrepreneur, employee, artist or otherwise!

  • http://www.balloutacademy.com Mike

    This was a great podcast as always. I remember when I listened to Danes’ first interview months ago and the impact it had on me was profound. Pat, you are doing a great job in delivering quality content that changes lives. I myself have been inspired to shake things up by tapping into my creative reserves to use my talents to serve. I come from a basketball background of almost 20 years and had the chance to play professionally for a few years. Unfortunately a injury to my knee has left me forced to find a new path to fulfilling my passions. Over the past few years I have struggled to find a place in the workforce so I decided to go the entrepreneurial route. Sorry for writing such a long comment but I would love to have a chance to speak with Dane. I believe his incite could be a game changer for me and my family at this point in my life. Thanks again Pat for all you do.

  • Crizual

    Love the podcast! 😉

  • James

    Delighted you got Dane back on here, he’s definitely a big inspiration of mine!

    Can’t wait to listen to this!

  • Wil

    What holds me back? Shiny object syndrome and analysis paralysis at the moment. Would love to pick your brain Dane

    • http://www.soulachievment.com Gregg

      Wil,I’m right there with you. I kept letting fear stand in my way, finally did a dh mtb race, something ive wanted to do since i was 16, and at 38, finally said f^&k it, lets do it and then course correct after. could be wanting to be an example to my 2 yr old, put it seemed to open a door, now im going after everything, anytime i hear myself go a little negative, i punch through it, it’s just past momentum, and it just takes me focusing on building the new momentum, the last couple of months have been great, things are flowing to me, I’ve made more progress then the last 20 yrs, its sparks now, but the fire is building

  • http://thefoundation.com Dane maxwell

    Mike I have had an interest in helping profession athletes transform their identity from pro athlete to entrepreneur. Your work ethic is insane already and with the identity shift in place you’d be unstoppable. I will consider your entry my friend!

  • http://entrepreneurshowdown.com Joe Cassandra

    What Dane does so well is say screw it to try finding the right idea and buck up and ask people what problems they have. It’s hard to always just listen, as I’ve found out, because most people jump right to wanting to provide a solution instead of empathizing.

    A great book to learn to Listen as I’m still working on 😀 is Just Listen by Mark Goulston, would definitely be a great add-in when finding the pain!

  • http://www.happentoyourcareer.com Scott Barlow

    Here’s the best example I can give of struggling to take action: I’m sitting here right now debating whether or not to take the time to even write this comment because I want it to be good… or even perfect.

    In my head everything works out perfectly, when I take action it doesn’t always.

    I have 4 minutes before I have to leave to a meeting and I almost didn’t even comment, because I was going to write something completely different… and it was going to be awesome… and then my mind said you don’t have the time to write that awesome comment, so you better just close down google chrome and head to your meeting!

    That’s exactly what happens though, I might allow my mind to justify not taking action because of the “what ifs” what if I’m late, what if people dont like it, what if….

    So this comment, even though I didn’t originally intend it this way, is me fighting through and taking action.

    Sidenote: Pat I love your podcast, glad you had Dane on!

    • http://www.selfemployedking.com Michael Kawula


      You’re crazy sir! I know you, respect you and admire your Action taking with HTYC and working the j.o.b. Up at what 4 and bed at god knows what. You’re amazing!

      • http://www.happentoyourcareer.com Scott Barlow

        Thanks Mike! Right back at ya!

        It still always seems like I could and should be doing more… There’s a lot more people that need help out there. Sometimes it feels like the mind games cut back my productivity!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Scott, amazing. This is one I will consider in my entries.

  • http://drunkensportsmen.com Bill

    Dane and Pat,

    Thanks for doing this. Without the right mindset, you can’t break through the flinch.

    I can’t say for sure why I don’t take action, but I can list the thoughts that I have as I fail to take action:

    You can do this when you’re in a stronger, healthier, better place.
    You won’t be able to handle the stress that comes with the results of this action.
    This little piece of action you’re about to take is negligible compared to what’s required to reach your goal.
    You are wasting time and effort again.
    This won’t make you happier.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Excellent post Bill! I will consider this in my entries.

  • Liivi

    I am afraid of so many things.
    I know I am a multi-talented person with a lot to offer, but I can’t choose which path to go down. I am afraid if I choose one path, I will get stuck in that path, and I won’t be able to try out any of the other things. Right now my life is like one river – I wish it could split into 10 little streams so I could try out 10 things at once, then after I know which path will work it would join back into one big “river” again.
    I am afraid that I will waste time putting all my love and energy into one thing, and it will fail or people won’t like it.
    Or if it doesn’t fail, I’m afraid that it will take too long to gain traction, and in the mean time I will lose steam and move on to something else. Then, a few months later, I will see someone else succeeding with what I was trying to do in the first place.
    I am afraid that everything has already been done and that re-telling the story in my own voice isn’t enough to make it worthwhile.
    All these fears swirl around in my head and stop me before I get started; that is why I have trouble taking action.

    • Chris

      Hi Liivi,

      That sounds tough. In most cases, all those fears are masking a major fear. The “major” fear is not as scary as you think it is, and once discovered will make all those other fears quiet down. You will FEEL so much better. If you have not watched this http://thefoundation.com/limiting-beliefs/, it is worth the time. Dane does a great job of outlining a process where you can overcome limiting beliefs. Good place to start may be to change the belief that beliefs cannot be changed. They can, and Dane and his successful students are proof. I am on number 40 belief change and still digging.

      Be well :)

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Wow. Awesome share Liivi. Thank you.

  • http://julia-is-our-child.blogspot.com Jason Patello

    I truly find the work you do Pat inspiring. I admire your passion, respect for your role in Marching band, (former quint player in high school marching band, and after reading “Let Go” I felt even more connected to your story. I guess for me, the ‘where to begin’ stage has always been my stumbling block. While although I’m full of ideas for my blog and podcast (still in pre-production), even completely doing it for the service to others and not for any real monetary self advantage other than possibly covering costs of the maintenance, its the getting of feet wet that I feel is the real hinderance. A special thanks to Dane from The Foundation, I also thoroughly enjoy your podcast. I especially like your ability to find guests whom really came from especially humble ‘against the odds’ beginnings. Best of luck to both of you with continued success in reaching message to your listeners and future business endeavors.

  • Andrew

    I usually like Dane but this was just a strange, strange interview. Muscle testing, spiritual healing…. Too out there for me…

  • Peter T

    Hey Dane,

    I guess I’m having struggle taking action is essentially what you said in your previous video. It’s that “guess” word of uncertainty that you might. I may be able to recognize the underserved niches, but then it gets to the part of how to implement something into a product that solves that problem.

  • http://www.moneyahoy.com MoneyAhoy

    I think fear of failing is what holds me back. I constantly come back to sites like this to get inspiration vs. just jumping out there and doing what I know needs to be done. That is my biggest obstacle!

  • Jonathan Kilgore

    Dane, I struggle to take action because I’m afraid to fail and fall into a deeper depression than I already experience (have medication just to stay stable, emotionally). I’m the first in my family to leave my small hometown in Oklahoma and achieve any relative success. So, the thought of failing has quite an affect on me (yes, limiting belief indeed).

    I hate sitting in my cubicle everyday and I want to just stand up and never return. On the other hand, I want to be a responsible father and husband to take care of my family, so I come to work every day, face the daily corporate grind, and envy those that take action to pursue their dreams.

    I realize I should be more appreciative to even have a job, given the economy, but I know there’s something out there better for me. Because of the Foundation, I now know there’s the possibility to obtain the freedom I seek.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story here.

    P.S. Also, BIG thank you to Pat!!

    • Chris

      Hi Jonathan,

      It takes a lot of courage to get out of a small town, and be the first one in your family as that. Great job!

      Be well :)

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      This is exactly how Carl Mattiola felt Jonathan. I will consider your post in my entries.

  • Ira

    TL;DR: I do not have strong opinions about the world around me and thus not destined to be a great entrepreneur.

    I am a software developer working on a saas project. I recently created a landing page and shared with a friend who is also my former colleague and someone I respect. He looked at it and said that I sounded like a car salesman and he couldn’t believe that I myself liked that page. I explained that my copy contains the exact words taken from conversations with my customers. He then said that the coolest products don’t come from listening to what people say (and here come the anecdotes about Ford and a faster horse, as well as Steve Jobs), but rather from having a strong opinion about an issue and creating an awesome product around that. He said that there are enough stupid people in the world making money in a different way, but that’s not something to admire.

    To sum up the conversation: I am not the person able to form strong opinions about things and there’s little chance of me producing something great.

    The worst part about this conversation is that I have that belief, too – that most successful people tend to have really strong opinions about the world around them. This also seems to be true for my close friends, not just entrepreneurs that I follow online, like Jason Fried, or Amy Hoy, or Dane. I, on the other hand, see each situation from different angles and nothing is clearly black or white to me. If you ask my opinion on a subject, the answer is almost always, “It depends”. I feel like this makes me a less interesting person and that I will fail to create a remarkable product.

    Great podcast, thank you both.

    • Chris

      Hi Ira,

      Friends, weirdly enough, are the worst critics. There are a variety of reasons why friends are hard on each other but all are rooted in their own belief system. Just remember his “feedback” is just his opinion, not truth. In other words, don’t let your friend buzz kill your idea.

      What made Steve Jobs great was his massive ego but it was also Steve Wozniak. The latter is a quiet man who probably says, “It depends” a lot when asked a question. Without Wozniak, Jobs would have never created Apple. You may just be a Wozniak in need of a partner like Jobs. Even Dane has a partner.

      Be well :)

      • Ira

        Wow, Chris, thank you so much for kind words! Your reply has really uplifted my spirits. Thank you, sincerely.

    • http://businessplanmentor.com/crowdfunding/ Sylvia

      Wow Ira, your friend was beyond harsh. It’s one thing to express an opinion and another to be plain ugly about it.

      Several years ago I created a sales page for an info product. It was generating ok sales. I asked opinions on a forum I frequented. The majority slammed the sales page saying it was too long and nobody would scroll down and it looked spammy and on and on. So I took it down and went much more low key. Guess what? Yep, sales plummeted!

      And you don’t create a product around a strong opinion. You find a NEED and create your product/service/business around that need. Hmmm where have we heard that before?

      • Ira

        :) Sylvia, thanks for sharing your experience, too!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Ira, beautiful share. I will consider this in my entries.

      • Ira

        Thank you, Dane. I really appreciate the opportunity.

    • http://professoresdeingles.com/ Gustavo Mello

      Hello Ira,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. Many times our friends do not know the impact they will have on us. That’s why it’s wise to choose who we share our thoughts about new ventures with, especially in the beginning.

      I find the vocabulary you use very interesting and enlightening. The expression “strong opinion” was mentioned 3 times. The funny thing you will find is that “Only people who have strong opinions are successful and become great entrepreneurs” is not really the root of your limiting belief. It’s only the surface.

      It would be interesting for you now to go back and do the following:

      1. Think about the situations in the recent past where you have given something up because of the relationship you had with someone whom you believed had stronger opinions than yours. Then write it down in detail and even draw the scenes if you can. Make sure you write down what each person said, how you felt at each stage, what your goal was in the beginning and what was the outcome.

      2. Remember who, while you were growing up, had strong opinions and your relationship with that person. What scene from the past can you remember? Draw it out on a piece of paper and do the same as before.

      This is a technique I have found helps me work out what my root limiting beliefs really are. Having someone help you through this process makes it a lot easier, but we don’t always have someone available.

      If you like, I’d love to go on skype and help you work out through this issue. Thank you so much for being so honest and sharing something so intimate with us.

      • Ira

        Gustavo, THANK YOU for taking the time to reply in such detail. I have a long car trip ahead of me today, and I will give the exercises you suggested a go! I would love to shoot you an email later, thank you for your generous comment!

  • http://ianserlin.com Ian Serlin

    Just a quick note as a Foundation alum to say I use these mindset power-ups ALL the time. In my business, in my personal life, in my relationships and I’m a more successful, happy and most importantly real person because of it.

    SUPER pumped to see you guys, Dane and Pat, lay this stuff out there for everybody – it’s the real secret sauce to living life fully… and everyone deserves that.

  • http://spybubblereviewss.com/ Stefan Kjeldsen

    I am so glad to hear from Dane again, despite I have done nothing but listening to Mixergy interviews lately because that is where Dane and is case studies are beside when he links to his website.

    I have signed up to the foundation and have been taking so many notes. I will take action soon!

  • Pete

    Awesome interview guys!

    What’s holding me back? My environment.

    I am Scottish, from Glasgow, and the very idea of entrepreneurship is laughed. My circle…friends, family and acquaintances all have that look in there eyes (i’m sure you know the one I mean) when I discuss my goals and entrepreneurial ideas with them.

    Then comes the negativity…which is crushing.
    The “what if it doesn’t work”, “What do you mean you don’t have an idea…you need an idea to start a business”. “Why wouldn’t you just get a graduate job?” “you will fail at this”, “Don’t you know 9 out of 10 businesses fail”

    They project their issues onto me and drag me down. After graduating University in May of this year it got worse. The most common question you get from everyone you meet – from customers in my work, to girls I meet in bars is something along the lines of: “Aw so what’s next now you’ve graduated? Are you looking for jobs? Have you applied for jobs? ” Blah Blah.

    I answer and then comes that ‘look’ and the crushing comments.

    I realized that I need out – so I have literally just moved to Toronto to escape. Yet it is difficult to escape years of hearing the same thing over and over again. It has become ingrained in my mind – even though my environment is so much better now.

    Thanks for the interview.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Yes Pete! You are on your way. You need a community my friend.

  • Azul Terronez

    Pat, Thanks for a great interview as always.

    Dane – What keeps me from moving forward are the limiting beliefs I have set up for myself. All those years of starting and not finishing, or creating something and failing (which sometimes means I should have never started because it was the wrong thing to work on).

    My issue isn’t so much that I don’t know what to do, it’s getting past my own limitations. FALSE limitations that I have created. I use to think I was afraid to fail– I think I am over that but I am now afraid to take action; not because I might fail, but because I might take on a project I won’t finish.

    Finishing is so much more difficult for me than starting or coming up with an idea to validate.

    Having a community of like minded people who understand this dilemma is what I really need. Thank you Dane.

    This interview has given me a great deal to think about.

    • Chris

      Hi Azul,

      I struggle with finishing things as well. Not sure if you have watched this video from Dane, but worth the time http://thefoundation.com/limiting-beliefs/. In it he tells one student about “shell beliefs” – outer beliefs that mask or hint at the real belief holding you back. When changing beliefs, it is SO important to find the real belief. The real one often hides in a shell of other beliefs. Think of it like mining for gold. You have to dig through a lot of dirt before the vein of gold is revealed. (I am still digging.)

      Be well :)

  • Mark

    The podcast cut out on me and woudn’t play. I refreshed several times.

    Plus I had to type into a text pad then paste in here, as the comments section was also misbehaving for me. The words were running into each other.

    I’m using Chrome on a Mac

  • http://mytakeon.it Vishal Kumar

    My first fear is that others will come to know about my fears and judge me :)
    Still, let’s go..
    I fear that I it will be a lot of effort with very little chance of success … because I have failed before on a number of different things including entrepreneurship….. because I know the success rate of entrepreneurs is very low anyways…. I fear that I will prove myself wrong again if I give my best shot at something and fail again… so I go slowly .. fill up a lot of my productive time reading and listening to podcasts… family and job are there to take the rest of the time.. but the dream that someday it will happen is still on… but something is definitely holding me back.. may be this is the reason.. maybe not.. need Dane to figure it out for me I guess :) but I know for sure it will be exciting to see myself go for it again…

  • Phillip Swindall

    I follow both your podcast and Dane’s Foundation podcast. Dane is full of great advice! Having worked in small market broadcasting (radio and TV) for several years, I’m working on using some of his principles to develop an online video/audio presence that is hyper-local and sponsor- able. And, if my market says it’s not economically viable… I’ll start looking for another, profitable use for my talents!

  • http://www.dadverb.com Roger Williams

    At the 22:50 mark, a tingle went through my spine. I went cold.

    Dane, no one – I MEAN NO ONE “gets it” the way you do.

    I have been reading up on some neuroscience research explaining this phenomenon. Its real.
    This week has been full of synchronicity, because I was at presentation the other day, and the speaker said: “If you want to be in a different place in life, you have to become a different person”. I am seeing this as true more and more. The problem, is that while freeing, its also very sad. Its sad to let go of your old self. Also, it can be sad for those people around you who might miss the old you. But, if you feel more free, then you have to seriously weigh what’s more important to you.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Thank YOU Roger.

  • http://www.manvsninetofive.com pong li

    dane, this may sound strange but everytime i hear you talk in interviews and in the foundation’s videos, i always have this lump in my throat. what does that mean??? and i believe i mentioned this to you in one of my emails and comments in the foundation’s videos but i always bite down tears when i hear you speak about entrepreneurship.

    i know what you say is right because i’ve been taking action and working my ass off but seems like going nowhere. so i know the focus should not be on the external world but in the internal world. but what to do when you’re lost and don’t know what to do?

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Pong, when you have a lump in your throat it typically means there is something you want to express.

      Is there something you are wanting to express but are holding back?

      The other thing could be that I’m putting words to what you are feeling but are unable to put words to yourself. Like my voice is voicing what you want to be able to say.

      Does this help?

      • http://www.manvsninetofive.com Pong Li

        Yes you’re totally right! I do! But i don’t know what it is. I also believe that this is putting a wall in front of my progress that’s why I’m getting nowhere and meet resistance when I take action.

        Thanks Dane!
        I would like to support your cause in anyway I could because you are helping people.

        I sincerely wish to be part of this year’s batch of The Foundation.

        PS: There’s that lump in my throat again as I write this comment.

  • Michael Robinson

    Hi Dane,

    The biggest problem with taking action is the chance that it won’t work out. All of the blogs and self help people say that “failure is the later of success” in some form or another, but failure is expensive and everyone wants to

    The biggest challenge is breaking that mentality, not just for entrepreneurs but also their colleagues, partners, and support networks. I’ve been living in a China for there years to build up those networks in anticipation for the start of my own business, and even though Chinese philosophy says “difficulty is greatest at he beginning” few people are willing to take those kinds of risks, especially for young entrepreneurs such as myself.

    The challenge them is not just to have an idea, or to have the skills to put that idea into action, but to build the confidence in others that they can put aside those fears and support a new venture, hopefully my venture. That’s been something I’ve been working on every day, and although there’s always progress, that fear of failure is definitely the biggest challenge in staring up something new.

    Great podcast, thanks for your time and insight Dane

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      So it sounds like your belief is failure is expensive? In either time or money. I will consider this entry.

  • Zane

    What an amazingly… deep… and almost painful interview to hear and somehow be a part of. Thank you guys for this podcast so much! Thank you Dane for giving us the woo-woo. I needed to hear this and absorb it, which I will continue to do through the weekend. Not only for myself but for a family member who is struggling with their own limiting beliefs.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Awesome Zane. Awesome. Just awesome :-)

  • http://manytruecallings.com/subscribe Christen

    This was a really interesting podcast. It gave me a lot to think about.

    I’ve started on a business but I’m not making as much progress as I want because all I can think about are obstacles and reasons I won’t be successful. I think it’s because all my life, my parents responded to things I wanted to do with reasons it would be too hard. Eventually I took that to mean that they didn’t think I could do it – that I wasn’t skilled enough or resourceful enough.

    What I really regret is that I never took it as a challenge and I never developed the skill of taking that obstacle and breaking it down into actual actions I could take to get past it. I still find myself instinctively responding to things I want to do with the reasons why I might fail, instead of how I can succeed.

    I know this is a problem for me and it would make such a huge difference in my life to be able to get free of this negative thinking.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Thank you for sharing this Christen. I will consider this in my entries.

  • http://www.kevintumlinson.com Kevin Tumlinson

    Actually, I’ve never had any trouble taking action. What I do have trouble with is deciding which action is worth my energy. I have a very good change curve, have no trouble deciding to go for what I want, but I get bogged down with all the opportunities. I get exhausted by the sheer volume of what’s out there.

    Possibility is such an overpowering weight to bear. I don’t tend to locked into the “what if” recursive loop problem, but I exhaust myself in trying to chase down every possibility and opportunity at once. So how would someone conquer that as a personal obstacle? I know that I have the skill, talent, contacts, expertise, and pure balls to do what I need to do, and I can focus. But I get excited about all of it. What I need is a way to scale myself. So how does a humble Wordslinger and Marketing Smartypants do that?

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Cool. This is an interesting place to feel stuck!

      Can you tell me what was going in your life roughly three years ago?

    • Michael

      Thanks for hitting this, Kevin… can resonate with you big time on having the Inner Vision that only sees possibility and creative potential but an incredible sense of stuck inertia when I consider which direction to pour my gifts into…

  • Andrew Garrett

    Thanks for a great interview Dane and Pat. Dane you really drive home how crucial the inner work is.

    What I think is stopping me from taking action is fear of losing my identity… as a failure. You mentioned this and it really spoke to me. I keep thinking about a time when I was a teenager and my dad scolded me for never finishing anything and I think that’s still unresolved. I’ve failed many times which keeps me locked up in shame and yet I’ve also succeeded in many ways… but it doesn’t seem to count for me. Having bipolar disorder is no help although sometimes I make things happen when manic/hypomanic. I keep hopping from unsatisfying job to unfulfilling job while hoping I’ll figure out how to turn my desire to be an entrepreneur into a reality. I’m devouring information to no avail. I want to help people so badly and I know I have enormous gifts but every time I get inspiration to move forward I second guess myself and am terrified of moving in the wrong direction.

    • http://soulachievment.com/ Gregg

      I heard somewhere that in the medical community bi-polar is the CEO disease, wait, Cameron herold, wrote double double, has a Ted talk, raising entrepenuers, work with what you have, when your up do as much as you can, when you feel yourself going down, keep thoughts general, sooth yourself, take it easy. And next time you second guess yourself, take a moment, say “That’s just what I used to do” and focus just on the next step, this is stuff that works for me.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Andrew, beautiful share. I will consider this in my entries.

  • brian

    Great interview Pat/Dane,
    I actually been feeling that tight chest/stress feeling a lot lately. I used to be in corporate america and did well and was considered successful but I went into trying to do my own thing and failed ALOT. Got into this online marketing thing in early 2010 and took lots of action with lots of boom/busts but no real business to show for that effort in the end and a major self-confidence killer. I got sick of tactics and being an affiliate and I finally decided to create a real business and created my own health products line selling just on amazon for now. Done $80,000 in sales since June but profit has dropped lately to $100-200day with about $10k in inventory right now and deciding if I want to continue. I feel like I take lots of action but I feel unhappy and negative lately. Feelings like if I am real company because I work from home, I don’t want to hire employees, I am not a doctor should I be in the health industry and do I deserve to own a “health products” company. I feel like I deserve more than what I would get going back to corporate america but I have this stress over if I really can build this company. There is such a temptation going back to work for someone else because the thought of knowing you can leave the “job” at work and not have the constant thought of being self-employed and having dependents counting on you. I also have the problem I feel lately of looking at friends who stuck with the corporate route and have higher positions and pay then I would get trying to got back to corporate world even if I feel like I have experience for trying stuff on my own.

    I actually thought about Dane’s last foundation class offering but had self doubts about software. I don’t really have a passion to jump into so I never went that route of following your passion. My passion was being self employed so I feel like I am getting rewarded for my effort and what I deserve and was more interested in creating a brand, a company, having independence……but the road to that is long and windy and lonely sometimes.

    I commend Dane of giving the proper expectations to being self employed and starting a business. The mental strain is a huge component of being an entrepreneur and I think to many people trying to paint it as easy to just go off and start a software company that is fun and cool.

    I’m going to go check out TheWork site you mentioned now.

    • Chris

      Brian, you are not alone. Pat’s 70,000 followers (and Pat) is proof there are many, many others, including me, that are struggling along with you. I have just failed once again, but weirdly enough, after the mental dusts settles, I will try, try again.

      As for building a brand, go for it. I do not think Dane is saying SaaS is the only way to go, but instead encouraging all of us to breakthrough or overcome what is holding us back – most of it on the inside. If you have not watched this video from Dane http://thefoundation.com/limiting-beliefs/, it is worth the time. It is this podcast in actionable steps.

      Again, keep going. Be well :)

      – Chris

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Brian did TheWork help you at all in your situation?

  • http://katieweiler.com Katie Weiler

    What Dane’s saying in this interview may sound “woo-woo,” but it’s 100% real and it works. A few weeks ago, he and I were having lunch. I don’t remember the exact conversation that led to it, but we got on the topic of my fear of success, which I’m aware of but am absolutely crippled by. A small sliver of this fear that we identified was my fear of the infinite amount of potential that I have and my belief that I’m not worthy of living up to it because I’m jut not good enough. He tried to send love in return by telling me how incredible I am and not only could I not accept that love, but I couldn’t even look him in the eye because I didn’t believe it.

    These feelings cause me to get really tight in the chest, my heart rate picks up, and at the time, just admitting these things to another person brought a flood of tears. I’m not done reversing this belief, but I’ve scratched the surface. I have since jumped head first into very deep self-love work, because ultimately there’s something that is causing me to feel that lack of worthiness that I haven’t been able to identify and it’s most likely buried so deep in my childhood that I’ve completely blocked it out.

    What Dane’s saying in this interview may not seem like it has anything to do with building a software company, but if you don’t do this work you will constantly be holding yourself back and you will never know why. He has been extremely important in shaping the person who I am today and will make a huge impact on those who join The Foundation.

    • shenry

      Katie, I have to say I got an instant, huge lift of energy when I saw a female face and read that Dane had helped you! I’ve listened to Dane and read about the Foundation. It always sounds amazing, but whenever I saw photos or heard about Foundation members’ success stories, it was always 100% dudes ~Breakthrough~ how’s this for a limiting belief? Deep in my chest, I believe as a female entrepreneur I won’t get the same support and respect as a male. I’ll always be an outsider – never in that inner “yo bro” circle that wants to see each other succeed.

      • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell


        What a beautiful limiting belief just ripe for reversal :-)

        Here you go: http://thefoundation.com/renata-story/

      • http://the90tenproject.com Malinda Phillips

        Mmmk so I am not the only one who has noticed the bro circle in many of the entrepreneurial gatherings… Maybe I need to look in other places? Either way, time for some balance to the gathering of masterminds. :)

  • Andrew

    The way of connecting into your body was really interesting to me. You mentioned that there’s usually blockages in the head, throat, chest and stomach, and that a lot of acceptance and rejection emotions are based in the stomach. I was curious if you knew what kind of blockages are stored in the lower back and hamstrings. The reason for this is as long as I can remember, my lower back and hamstrings have been frozen despite trying to stretch them with yoga for years.

    I tried the muscle testing concept and felt my lower back get super warm, like a radiator. I’ve never experienced this before and I couldn’t uncover a past event or anything, but the awareness that there’s an emotion blocked up there makes me want to dig deeper within myself. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for the valuable talk,

    • Chris

      Hi Andrew,

      The lower legs are associated with how you are connected to the earth: the first chakra. Read up on it and you may find what is holding you back. – no pun intended 😉

      Be well :)

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Andrew, I recommend doing a session with Eloisa at


      What an awesome sensation to experience!

      • http://the90tenproject.com Malinda Phillips

        Have you ever checked out EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)? Fascinating stuff.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Kristi_Harrell Kristi

    Yes! Thank you Pat for having Dane back on the show.

    My biggest manifestation of fear is in my throat. I’ve believe that I’ve always carried a feeling that I harbored that started when I was five. I had invited a friend over and since she was from all the way over on the other side of the neighborhood, I was especially excited to spend time with her. I waited for hours and she never showed up, and I never found out why. It made me feel socially worthless, and I’ve carried it ever since. It is interesting that the manifestation is in my throat, because I often have dreams where I cannot speak. Because of the social aspect related to networking and entrepreneurship, I wonder if this is what is causing me from contacting businesses for idea extraction.

    I’ve discovered this primary catalyst a long time ago, but never went about reversing it. I’d love to have 30 minutes with Dane to dive deeper and find what other limiting beliefs I may have, so that I can reverse them all and start crushing it!!!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Kristi you are right on the money with your intuition. And your dreams are accurate representations of what this lump in the throat is.

  • Jacob Karasch

    As an engineer, sitting in my cube, 90% satisfied with life yet wishing I could start a successful business, this podcast felt like you guys were talking directly to me.

    This podcast comes at a very interesting time. Last November I started listening to SPI and I heard the Dane Maxwell episode. (having grown up in Iowa I was also a little excited that he was in Des Moines) I listened to it on the plane to Hawaii for my honeymoon and remember taking notes on everything Dane said. For some reason I chose to try a different route. I’ve spent the last year making every mistake in the book. I pursued an unvalidated idea, spent 6 months making it “perfect” and THEN started marketing it. Needless to say, the results haven’t been stellar.

    I think I’m ready to try a different approach. Thank you for the inspiration! I know I have my own limiting beliefs and hearing this is exactly what I needed.

  • http://www.mommyloves.com/feed/ Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Hi Dane and Pat ~
    Thank you so much for the courage to talk about releasing our self-made demons to get over the feelings they cause, and move forward! Very insightful!

    I stopped listening to the interview about 25 minutes into it, and picked up the phone.

    Firstly, Pat, you inspired me to start a podcast, thank you! But, I found that in starting that podcast, I uncovered an unrepresented audience, and the content I produce will help many people not only achieve peace, but will also achieve their dreams. Secondly, Dane, you inspired me to pick up the phone right then (when you talked about the muscle testing) and call my first potential customer. We had an amazing conversation, and uncovered her initial pain. I got her “yes” and email for further conversations, and tools I will produce.

    I’m pumped and ready for the next call, but what has been holding me back, and what I will need to overcome prior to every phone call or obstacle that might present itself is this: Am I Authentic?

    I am from a household where “fake it till you make it” was the norm, but only the “faking it” happened. No one ever “Made it”.

    Am I just faking it? Am I just full of B.S.?


    Thanks for listening. Thanks for your authenticity.

    Getting back to the interview…..

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Hi Mary! Awesome share. Felt you here.

      I will consider this in my entries :-)

  • http://www.selfemployedking.com Michael Kawula

    Sweet interview Dane & Pat!

    I find taking action easy, its keeping it consistent before drifting mentally, thats been my biggest challenges.

    Built 2- $7 figure companies both in 3 years & crashed them after losing interest. Still figuring out why I do that & thus this has been my biggest challenge in deciding what I’ll do next.

    Loved Pat Secrets of Millionaire Mind, have the 17 Points pasted on my whiteboard.

    Huge fan of “Power of the Subconscious Mind” | Our conscious thoughts get implanted in our Subconscious minds and its our Sub that creates our realities. Teaches step by step how to change Fear thoughts, Wealth, Self-Worth and so much more.

    Keep Crushing It – Kawula

  • Stephanie

    Hello Dane,

    This session is just as impactful as the strategy you shared in episode #46. I feel liberated by the tools shared in this interview. I hope that you continue to refine and share these ideas because they are truly the basis for gaining success. Please continue with the woo woo because the deep inner limiting beliefs are there for everyone even though some people trudge on through regardless – they take action.

    The limiting belief that comes to the surface is that I’m a fraud. I’m fake. I have experienced career and financial success in the past but I never felt like that success was my own. I have always felt that my inabilities are veiled by the other truly smart people around me and I fear that the veil will be lifted and I will be truly naked for everyone to see.

    As embarrassing as that is to share on an open forum it is the truth and it is a paralyzing feeling/belief. This is what stops me from taking my ideas to the next level – from brain to product.

    This is a sobering admission that I’ll be spending a great deal of time trying to root out for myself.


    Reading this back I realize I have many fears that surfaced. I’m not sure where they reside and I’m not sure where they started but I’m relieved to have a resource and philosophy to look into to free me.

  • Doug

    I know this is my biggest problem. I am slowly churning through my resistances one by one. Of course I would love the chance to have someone who has built several businesses and has surmounted those more ephemeral obstacles.

    Many Thanks to All!

  • http://www.BackersHub.com Dwight Peters

    This is was such a refreshing interview – one that I definitely needed to hear. Listening to people like you Pat, and Dane and Noah have really inspired me to take action. At times I would build a wall of excuses as too why I couldn’t take action (I’m not a coder/programmer, I’m not a graphic designer, I don’t have enough money… etc., etc., etc.,). I wish finding every excuse in the book.

    I’m on Danes email list for the Foundation and hearing the stories from there really lit a fire under me. I saw how the entrepreneurs he is working with found their ideas – by talking to potential clients. Asking people “How can I help you accomplish your goals quicker and more effectively?” – that simple question can get you started.

    Exactly 29 days ago I came up with an idea, talked to potential clients and got their feedback. I figured out a true pain point that they were facing and last week I offered to create a solution. Last week I started to pre-sell the solution (though I haven’t built it yet) and last night we crossed the $1,000 mark in sales! It’s only $1,000 but darn it feels good. I owe this all to “predictability” that Dane talks about on his email list, and more importantly, taking action.

    I’m just getting started, but if I can do it – anybody can. I truly believe that. You wouldn’t believe the challenges and struggles I’ve had to overcome to get here. Yet, through it all, the future is looking much more brighter.

    Pat keep up the great work! You are a rock star.



    • Janice Nason

      Dwight – 29 days…way to make it happen!

    • Dale


      Thanks for sharing – what you have done is nothing less than amazing! You are a rock star for overcoming your own limits, taking action, and achieving success in such a short time. I’m right on your heels in terms of where I am at with going from finding the pain to preselling a solution to multiple buyers. It’s people like you that keep me inspired and to move forward every day!

  • Dale

    I first found out about Dane Maxwell and The Foundation when I listened to the first Smart-Passive-Income podcast episode (46?) with Dane in Feb 2013. At first I simply did not believe what he was saying. Call business owners? Extract Ideas? Ask them for money and sell the product before building it? I was confused, and a little bothered by what he was saying. I listened to the podcast again, then I listened to all his other content and interviews he had done. I took notes and let things sink in.

    From what Dane was saying, I realized that you HAVE to find out what your market wants before you build it, and Dane has laid out a blueprint of how and why you call businesses in your target niche. You HAVE to further validate the most painful ideas you uncover with multiple businesses, and you HAVE to pre-sell your idea – not only as a way to help fund a developer, but to concretely make sure that businesses truly want the product you are going to provide to them, and (most importantly):

    If you are able to successfully pre-sell your product to multiple customers, this means you likely have overcome multiple fears, limiting beliefs, and mental blocks that could have stopped you along the way.

    Extracting ideas from the market and pre-selling a solution before you build it helps eliminate or at least greatly reduce the chance you build something the market does not want. I used to think of things that I THOUGHT people wanted, only to release and launch to an empty audience…then try to think of something else…and on and on…

    It still took 5 more months before I was ready to start tackling my own limiting beliefs, but I have now made nearly 30 successful calls with business owners, and I am now trying to determine which of 16 different ideas I have uncovered I should pursue. Of course, this means more calls with business owners and the reality and excitement that I will soon be asking them for money after I decide on the final idea/product to build.

    I would have never gotten this far had I not found about Dane Maxwell. If this is the first you have heard of him, head on over to thefoundation.com or do a quick Google search and listen to other podcast interviews he has done and also the students that have gone through The Foundation. Listen closely to WHY he is telling you to do things in the order that he suggests….and listen quietly to yourself to discover WHY you have not yet been successful….

  • Alex

    I get a warm smile whenever I hear content like this coming out into the world. So Thank You both.

    This stuff is incredibly intuitive for me. I’ve been fascinated with many of the aspects discussed in this interview for years – from Reiki to NLP & what I find so fascinating about myself is that I can see it in others so clearly, & they come to me for help quite often, but to ask/answer the question “what is stopping ME” is where I totally blank out. Or, if I can define the issue, I always, always create something that will distract myself from being truly great. And so the cycle continues.

    So, to answer your question Dane, is that I am not sure what the what is yet, but feel like time is running out. As you said, one of the most painful things is not doing the thing that you want to do or be… it’s the NOT doing it.

    My barometers are my teenage girls, and they are growing faster than I can believe. I want to create a new pattern for them as much as for myself, so that they can look at me & say… holy shit… look at what my Mom did, & when she said that anything is possible, she meant it because she did it. Yet, there’s a quiet battle raging inside of me to begin. I’m 40, a single Mom, self employed & recently bankrupt.

    My friends joke that I have so many ideas for businesses that I should just write a book about them, make money from it, & let others actualize them. Ideas are not the issue… it’s that “thing” that I can’t push past.

    My greatest wish is to sit back in my rocking chair when I am an old lady with a smile on my face, knowing that I did it, that I created a positive legacy, that I lived in joy & to know that those threads, or patterns will linger a long time after I leave.

    • Michael

      Alex, I’m there with you in all aspects. Do you consider yourself a kinesthetic personality type? I feel a strong, natural intuitive empathy with other people and non-human animals. I can usually guess what people are trying to express before they even say anything about it. I’ve wanted to gain professional training in the somatic arts but haven’t overcome the obstacles blocking me from the financial means. I believe I’m on my way.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Pat for having Dane back to talk about something more philosophical than the strategy aspect. I think a lot of listeners (myself included) rely upon you to introduce us to ideas and concepts that open us up to success. Personally, I love that more entrepreneurs are looking within to find tools (meditation, books, presence and mindset) to achieve success. The “woo woo” that Dane is “preaching” is a more holistic approach to business that is 100% different than conventional business structures that no longer guarantee success (Let Go). It is exciting and empowering to redefine the approach to business by giving our inner selves a voice and allowing it to be our compass. Excellent podcast.

  • Marc Ignacio

    Hi Pat,

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard from the SPI podcast because it was from a time I was just consuming all of the content in a lot of podcasts but haven’t taken action. It’s nice to see you and Dane in the same podcast episode.


    I’m a bit skeptical about the way you describe the methods you use. Maybe there is a scientific explanation for it, but hey, even if its a placebo effect, I don’t care AS LONG AS IT WORKS.

    Just last month, I caught myself feeling this distasteful feeling in my chest whenever I wanted to ask permission from my parents e.g. that I’ll go to my friends for a sleepover (I know. I know. It’s so lame and shallow.). While I didn’t do any special “muscle testing”, I did some deep introspection on why I keep feeling heavy just before I talk to my parents. Turns out the reason is I didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t want to be turned down or even be frowned upon. My experience in my younger years made me believe that whatever I asked from my parents will just be either of 2 things: allowed but frowned upon or outrightly rejected.

    I decided to overcome this by disproving my fear of rejection. I placed a bet on myself that if my parents said “yes” without any qualms about it, it means that my belief is totally foolish. Guess what? For some reason, they did! I quickly recouped all my emotions and feelings at that instant and try to really deeply feel what I was feeling. The feeling was awesome at that time.

    But, while I’m not afraid ask anything from my parents anymore. It’s still different when I try to call strangers. I know there’s still remnants of that same fear of rejection that I feel in my chest every time I try to call some company for info. I even find it difficult to lift my phone!

    I think I have more limiting beliefs than that, but I haven’t slept yet since 25 hours ago. I just wanted to watch to listen to this to get some actionable advice from the podcast.

    I think it was worth forgoing sleep for a few hours for this podcast. There is no other time to take this advice to heart but NOW.

    • Lyla

      Hey Marc,

      I believe what Dane is speaking of is called Quantum Energetics (QE). There is a scientific explanation, and now you have a term to look it up :)

      You rock, keep up everything you are doing, and keep listening to your body!



  • Kamen

    I am held back by limiting beliefs. We are our own worst enemy. The little voice of doubt is always there before I jump. That’s all. Dane, don’t choose me, I am coming to the Foundation one day, no matter what. Choose someone that can benefit from the call right away. Thank you for the great podcast guys.

  • http://blog.andrewshell.org/ Andrew Shell

    I wish I knew what my block is. I’ve dealt with self esteem issues my entire life. I spent 10 minutes writing down everything keeping me from taking action but I don’t feel like I found the block. Some of the limiting beliefs I listed are that I’m worthless, lazy and that my ideas aren’t good enough, certainly coming from my self esteem issues.

    I’ve wanted to create my own business since I was a kid but my life is filled with tons of false starts and unused courses. I actually was a member of the foundation this last year and in hindsight I think one of my biggest failures was that I didn’t engage in the community. I’m typically kind of a loner and didn’t know how to use the community to be successful.

    It was easy for me to blame health problems for not following through (I had heart surgery in May) but I know that even before I got sick I wasn’t taking action.

    I feel like a failure, and each time I don’t make it work I feel like I look like a failure to everyone, especially my wife. I worry that one day she’ll wake up and wonder why she married me.

    When you talked about feeling emotion in your body I know that I keep a lot of emotion bottled up in my gut. When I was in elementary school I had physical tics and twitches that people teased me about. When I got older the tics went away but were replaced by massive gut pain that would frequently send me to the emergency room. I know the problems were triggered by stress and anxiety and although I have fewer episodes these days, I sometimes feel so overwhelmed that I wish I could cry.

    I have achieved success as a software developer but it feels fragile, that any moment the walls will crumble down and I won’t be able to support my wife. I need to create my own business so I’ll be able to focus on more important things then having enough money to pay the bills. My wife and I want to have kids and it’s important to me to be able to have a lifestyle that allows me to home school them. I also fee like I have to become successful so I’m a good role model for them.

    I really don’t know how to clear this block. I can go through the reversals and such but I haven’t felt any ah-ha moments yet. It makes me think that I haven’t found the real block yet.

    I feel embarrassed to post this and thought about not posting my full name or posting it at all. But if I want to figure this out I need to be transparent and hopefully I’ll find a solution. Even if this just helps someone else realize they aren’t alone it’s worth the embarrassment.

    • Kathy

      Andrew – thanks for sharing! I have the same fear of getting started. Good luck breaking past your blocks!

    • Ben

      Hey man, just wanted to point you towards a guy who can probably help you with some of this if Dane doesn’t choose you. It’s Peter Shallard “the shrink for entrepeneurs” He has a $300 one-time coaching session where he helps you through any major issue (limiting belief, etc) you have, as well as ongoing coaching if you want it, and a side-business that focuses on providing structure for entrepreneurs to be consistently productive. I just started working with him and he’s awesome.

      Here’s the one-time session link: http://www.petershallard.com/clarity-couch-challenge/
      Here’s the link to the other business, it starts with a 4-part autoresponder on the pillars of productivity then offers an ongoing service to assist going forward:

      Good luck!

    • E.

      Thanks so much for sharing. I struggle with the same issues and it does feel good to know I am not alone. We can break through, one way or another. Faith and massive action!

  • http://Www.kennedyscountryfarm.info Bill

    Ok, here’s the deal. I fail to take action because I spread myself too thin. I have too many irons in the fire as the saying goes.

    I have a full time job and 3 other side gigs. Lacking laser focus causes me to fall short. I have a Christmas tree farm which I’m working on full force right now marketing and gearing up for. I also have been struggling to get my real estate investing business off the ground due to lack of action. I also have a passion for calling men to be the spiritual leaders of their home. This is more of a dream at this point than a business because of lack of action.

    I would be honored to spend 30 minutes with Dane.

    When I stumbled across Pats podcast I was astonished at his sharing and openness. Dedicated listener here, who has been inspired to start podcasting because of Pat. But once again lack of action here too!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.taylor.3551380 Chris Taylor

    Wow Dane, thanks so much for the love at the beginning, I’m flattered! I’ll tell you that the first piece of action I am going to take is showing this to my girlfriend, since she could learn a lot from the healing that this podcast brings. Can’t wait for the coming months, it’s going to be a blast!

    Don’t forget to watch that TED Talk: Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Rushtik

    Sigh, it really bothers me to hear about all this pop psychology. Which part of the body stores the feeling? What bullshit!
    Yes, fear of success is very real and I’m sure that a therapeutic process has helped these people but don’t pretend this theory of yours is truth.
    I am such a massive fan of your idea extraction process so when you turn into this tacky selfhelp guru type person it’s almost harder for me. I want to respect you man! Don’t patronize me.

    • Michael

      Yo brother, I appreciate your aware skepticism. We all need to figure out how to balance creative openness with rational skepticism and its something I am still working on.

      But I caution you in dismissing all this as “pop sci” (although I share your disdain for watered down truths). I think your distaste would be better directed towards a more general, cultural lack of understanding of these very real phenomena: sometimes we know something is there but we lack the understanding and vocabulary to express it.

      I would invite you to do as I have done and investigate the realm of psychosomatic medicine. I find the science and exploration of the brain-nervous system relationship fascinating and rewarding. When you understand how the body affects the mind and vice versa, you can “short circuit” negative patterns from either direction with a few simple, conscious exercises.
      Check out this link for a more formally expressed hypotheses on how all this might function.

      Do a google search of “psychosomatic medicine” You’ll find links to a few of the leading institutions as well as more laymen accessible information.

      Here’s my own personal anecdotal understanding of how you can apply some of this stuff directly to your own situation…right now…in this precise, eternal, ever-changing moment:

      Sometimes, the “problem” is more mind-centered: meaning you have a conscious self-limiting belief or your thoughts are dwelling on a negative situation (whether this situation has happened in the PAST or is COMPLETELY IMAGINED to be happening in the present or future, it doesn’t matter). Our culture is “mind-dominant” so on average people don’t notice their PHYSICAL STATE while consumed with negative content in the MIND. If you begin to gently notice these things (alongside the mental stuff, don’t try and “get rid of” anything in your experience while you do this! Your goal is to be a witness, like a scientist of your own experience), almost universally you will find your body reflects various symptoms of a “fight-flight-freeze” state caused by the activation of the “Sympathetic Branch” of the “Autonomic Nervous System” (I put this stuff in quotations so that anyone who is baffled by these terms might motivate themselves to press CTRL+T and do a simple search for a basic understanding and come back after). “Fight-Flight-Freeze” reflect the different evolutionary tactics the animal organism has evolved over time to protect itself from danger. “Freeze” is the most evolutionarily ancient nervous system tactic– Like our mollusc or fish cousins, when a shadowy presence drifts overhead or pressure change is felt in the water around us, the nervous system “locks up” the organism, operating under the chance that if you don’t move, the threat won’t notice you and may pass. This doesn’t always work, however, and in the “arms race” of predator and prey, evolution subsequently evolved flight (run away!) and fight (let’s dance baby!) as other options.

      Returning to my original point, if the problem is mind centered (you are dwelling on negative thoughts or beliefs) and you turn your attention gently to the various parts of the body, you will almost universally find features of a “fight-flight-freeze” state: tension in the muscles–braced for pain or flight, shallow rapid breathing constricted to the chest (the way most people chronically breath in our culture….), and diminished capacity for sound judgment. They probably feel emotions like fear, anxiety, the approach of panic or perhaps rage at loss of control of their situation. In paleolithic times, our tension would be discharged as there was probably a VERY REAL THREAT that “turned this on”…i.e., a sabretooth tiger rolling in or a flash flood breaking through camp. Our ancestors would have an outlet for that energy when they sprinted away or climbed trees or picked up spears and chased away predators with a roar! Our 21st humans still have this architecture working through the physical bodymind but instead of discharging and moving back into a healthy, relaxed resting/recovering state, we are perpetually locked in because our “perceived threats” all exist in our heads…they are our bills, our lack of purpose and function, broken relationships/communities, ailing economies, world crises, negative sensationalist news coverage, simultaneous malnourishment (lack of nutrient rich food) with overnourishment of certain food substances like sugar, refined grains, alcohol, modified/processed foods (leading to diabetes, obesity, cancers, etc)….etc etc….

      This negative state can happen “in reverse” you might say– Where you may not be thinking about anything at all, but your body is still locked in a state of tension, fear, panic, shame, guilt etc. We have been emotional-feeling creatures looonnng before we evolved the “new tricks” of conscious cognitive activity (thinking) and the language to describe it. Science is young and only in the past few decades has anyone really been exploring the human animal from this “direction”. “Modern” psychology is often attributed to beginning around Freud’s time at the beginning of the 20th century. Freud was interested in the Unconscious but didn’t give much attention to the body’s place in the matter. It was his early students like Rank then Reich that started moving their scientific exploration into the emotional and physical centers of the human organism. I mention this to simply suggest that we live in a time where the science has only just begun in terms of the big picture and there is MUCH ROOM AND POTENTIAL for new exploration and development in the scientific understanding of all of this “woo woo” mind-body connection stuff.

      Another problem is that some of this stuff gets “claimed” by whacko types that have no skeptical filter at all, and alongside legitimate practices like meditation or other mind-body awareness exercises they believe in alien abduction and crystal magic, etc. When the average person encounters this kind of “new age” person with no filter, its easy to dismiss EVERYTHING the person subscribes to as “woo woo” or nuts. Thats what primarily moved me to do my own explorations into the scientific understanding of the bodymind connection. We need a way to disseminate this information to everyone without the false filters of culture, religion, personal history/belief/preference getting in the way. It should be simple and based on observable and accessible phenomena that everyone can have access to. You don’t need a medical degree to dig biology and learn a bit about everything here and there. Its easy for me because I love to read and love to learn. Others will have to exchange television/facebook time for this activity and it might be painful at first.

  • http://realtokengames.com Loet

    Thanks for sharing this Dane. I just got a call from my father and the following instantly came to me.

    I feel like I was born to make a difference, born to cure my family from their problems or lead with an example that inspires them. Thus I feel like I have be to so successful that I can take care of all of them and only then will they be free, happy and normal.

    This is a really big responsibility and starting anything will have to work and cannot fail or I fail my family and the hope that they can have happy normal lives.

  • Kevin

    How can I take a trip to another country “for fun” when my father is currently sick and in Mexico after being deported?

    How can I go have fun, when my mother is on the verge of losing her house and does not have a job?

    People asking me how I like my job, and I instantly feel the energy in my heart and stomach change because I don’t like it.

    I live with guilt and disappointment in myself for not tapping into my greatness. Because I know for damn sure I see glimpses of it.

  • Yashu Sharma

    What keeps me from keeping action?

    It’s because I’ve always been told as a kid to “not come in between two adults talking”. As a guy who just turned 18 myself and a freshman in college, I am stuck with a major limiting belief that I’m too young, useless and/or can’t provide people with the value that I know inside of me I can.

    When talking to business owners I feel as though they can’t resonate with me because when I mention how young I am they throw me off like a little brat trying to make a buck. When infact, I know I just want to help them further their business and lives. That’s what I’m passionate about…. bettering the lives of others.

    As a result of this I’ve tried to reach out with as many foundation alumni around my age to adopt their characteristics and habits. Met with Josh Isaak, the other week, great guy, tons more to learn.

    Dane – I know you’ve felt this before because you started your business/products at a young age, would love to hear your thoughts.

  • http://theheasman.com D Heasman

    Hey Dane (and Pat!)

    I have to say thanks a damn lot for this podcast. Also Dane your work at the Foundation is awesome. Found out about it through Josh Isaak, and Idea Extraction is something that’s revolutionalised my thoughts processes.

    However, I’m one of those guys who haven’t taken action.

    I’m even scared of writing this, because I know that it may come up in a google search for my name. But all I can think is “**** it” and just do it. The future problems will come when they come.

    Intellectually I know it’s fear. I know this. When I started learning seduction/the game I knew about overcoming fear and anxiety.

    I even learned how to conquer fear in AppSumo’s Make Your First Dollar Course. But my momentum of action stopped when it came to validating. I just thought I didn’t know anyone who would want whatever ideas or products I came up with.

    Now I know about idea extraction, I’m not too sure what’s stopping me from taking action. I’ve already put it down on my todo to cold call some accountants on monday. However I have no idea if I’ll follow through.

    I only have an inkling of some of my limiting beliefs. There were so many examples you gave that resonated with me. Here are the ones that come to mind:

    – Fear of making money/fear of success: Growing up I was taught the quote from the Bible: “it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven that it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”. I don’t want to start a religious/political debate, but I do know that reading Atlas Shrugged was a game changer for me, for the simple fact Ayn Rand espoused that making money is a glorious and good thing.

    – Fear of not knowing what to do: I’m studying Physics. As a scientist we’re trained to be ultra critical. The whole methodology of science is to be as self critical as you can over your hypothesis and theory and do all you can do disprove yourself. Second guessing myself is something I’ve literally been trained to do for the past 6 years (counting my upper sixth years (I’m a brit)). I intellectually know that this is wrong, but I have no idea how to address this.

    Damn I feel vulnerable writing this. To anyone I know in real life who actually comes across and reads this, give me a call. I’ll be more than happy to talk about this over a drink.

    Anyway thanks again Dane. While I would love to be chosen for the call, I’m still more than grateful for this podcast. Listening to it while I took a walk, I felt all form of emotions and feelings in my body I rarely feel. I thought I was best friend with myself, but it seems there’s more I need to find out about myself.



    • Kathy

      David – thanks for sharing!! It was very brave and I’d bet that more folks than just me resonate with what you said. Thanks!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Booya. You’ve got a lot going against yourself there don’t you?

      AMAZING awareness. Just amazing. I will consider your entry!

  • Pat

    I love everyone in this reply section. Thank you all for sharing and contributing to make this an even more comfortable place for others.

    The first time I posted a comment on one of Dane’s videos it was nerve racking. I felt like people would judge me and that it wasn’t acceptable for me to post. I didn’t think anyone could understand me. It is amazing to me that even in this reply section Dane can create a the kind of loving eviroment that he decribes The Foundation as having.

    I consider myself a scientifically minded personal and have always used logic as a form of protecting myself from failure and pain. So I think that if anyone out there reads this and feels like they want to post, but has the same limiting beliefs I had, I might have some understanding of how you feel.

    If you feel that way but want to speak up just do it. I was skeptical and wanted to take everything else Dane had to offer and do the rest my way, but since opening this door my life has exploded with new and amazing potential. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your exploration of the world. For me it was realizing that someday I might take the small step to see what this stuff was all about and desperately wish I had done it sooner. It will not hurt to explore and experience this and it WILL make your life better.

    I am in month and a half into idea extraction calls and it has been insanely hard.
    I wake up most mornings and procrastinate getting ready so I am late to work because I don’t even want to start a day where I will fail.
    Even before I pick up the phone, when I am looking at the number I have to call my whole body starts to shake and become hot.
    If I procrastinate and avoid the calls until I no longer have time I feel like a failure because I didn’t do what I needed to do to change my life.

    I don’t know what causes my pain before calls but this podcast got me excited to start a call and pay attention to where the pain comes from, find the source, and feel the blocked emotion.

    I have worked to change others limiting beliefs already, but what ever belief is at the source of this pain is still holding me back and has the most leverage on my life. When Dane talked twenty four minutes in about how painful being trapped is I almost started crying because of how good it felt to have someone else understand and describe my pain. If you felt that too than inside you already know how powerful what he teaches is.

    I am so glad Pat and Dane got together to put this out today. Thank you guys so much.

    Thank you Pat for having the courage to put this out.

    To anyone who is hesitant I just want to say TRY it out.
    No one will judge you for exploring.


    – Patrick

    • Kathy

      Patrick – Really great comment! Thanks for sharing. I feel exactly the same way. Good luck with finding more customer needs!


      • Pat

        Thanks Kathy!

        It means a lot to have you say that.

        Your comment was AMAZING. I really admire how honest and flowing it was. When I wrote mine I struggled for minutes to find the words I felt comfortable writing for each sentence. I think that barrier removes the authenticity of it. I am slowly realizing how much joy this barrier blocks me from experiencing.

        You wrote that you can take all the steps without issue when it is for someone else. That was mind blowing for me. I feel the same way and I always told myself “their problem was just easier” or asked “why isn’t there such an obvious path to my goal.” What you said revealed to me that it is a problem with success challenging the model of myself that I have and not something external. Thank you.

        Best of luck in the CEO competition!


  • http://www.nickykay.com Nick Kizirnis

    Hi Dane, Hi Pat,
    Thank you for a very thought-provoking discussion. It may be a stretch for some, but I think we can all benefit from taking some time to be introspective and think about our big “why”, regardless of the process.

    As for process, Byron Katie’s 4 Questions are an amazing way to confront our limiting beliefs and break through our self-made barriers. And it can be used again and again. Thanks for mentioning it here and hopefully giving it some more exposure.

    As for voices and energy and reading minds – whether or not you believe anything is possible, the mind-body connection is real, and you only need to go to an acupuncture session — or even a massage! — to experience that stress (physical and emotional) is stored in the body, and how it can be released. You can call them chakras or whatever you like.

    No matter what the theory, isn’t self-examination a pretty good thing?

    I see at least one person more deserving of some time with you than I, so I will just say that you and Pat both got me thinking about what’s holding me back, and for me that would be indecisiveness, a lack of confidence in myself to make decisions and commit to them. Thank you for giving me a push to think about it, and take one step closer to working it out (hopefully, because I need to).

    Dane, thanks for sharing your experience and making us think, Pat thanks for having Dane back, and being a rock star!

    Cheers everyone, and peace.

  • Kathy

    In my family, you are what you do. And you are that thing for your entire life. So if you’re a fireman at 21, you’re a fireman your entire life. Also, working insanely hard for someone else for a set salary is the price of admission to family story telling over the Thanksgiving table.

    Because of this, every time I start thinking about taking action to break out on my own, become an entrepreneur, and stop just working for the man, I get a huge tightness in my chest. I daydream of solutions, I layout the actions and steps I need to take to get to my goal, and then I let anything else near me take precedence over these actions. I can take all of these steps without issue if I am doing it for someone else. My problems arise when I am trying to do it for myself.

    When I look into the tightness in my chest and just feel it, it starts to spread to the rest of my body. It brings me back to when I was young and listening to the stories my relatives shared. The hero of every story was a hard working person, that never received thanks for their brilliant idea or action, and who did everything the boss (usually the stupid villain of the story) told them to do. Never in these stories did the hero break out of the mold and become his own boss. He never made more than the pay scale all employees were on.

    In order to break through this, I need to accept that my career, my success, does not have to define me. I do not have to work myself to death (or at least to stress). I can be my own boss without becoming the villain in the story. There is no salary limit to what I can earn; I am only limited by my ability to design offers and solutions customers need.

    I now understand that to take action, it can be helpful to have a mentor. I’m participating in Dane’s co-CEO contest (https://contest.io/c/nup9awgo). By doing this I am putting myself out there to friends and family in ways I have not before. By removing the career labels I have put on myself in the past, I am redefining the real me inside.

  • http://www.entreprelution.com Ryan

    Pat & Dane!

    – Thank you for sharing such a monumentally rewarding podcast. It was deep and a few levels beyond insight!

    If I have one thing grasped clearly from this podcast is “Take Action”. This has become the bottom line for any entrepreneur, any startup founder, any individual looking to pursue their passion by utilizing the internets wonderful gift of mobility.

    I see myself everyday working from an apartment or cafe in some unsung location of the world. While having built a steadily thriving online empire that nets me the happiness and freedom that fuel this desire. It may shed contradiction but I do not value this desire fiscally, I have what I need and I will be happier than I am now.

    Now I am a confused student – studying for exams, perfecting the grammar and punctuation on white papers and essays for professors who haven’t the ounce of assurable comprehension for who I am.

    • I feel locked away in the isolated quarantine of inapplicable knowledge; some refer to it as homework. All the while they realize (the institution), that all they need do is ask for progress and submission of quality results by perhaps engaging our interests, and simply observing where we or I excel.)

    • I feel condemned to the repetition of putting in effort and being made ignorant as to the who exactly benefits from the results.

    • I need to build.
    • I need to create.
    • I need to learn from myself sometimes.
    • I need to test possibilities.
    • I need to push past limits.
    • I need to prove people wrong sometimes.
    • I need to be around people who are passionate.
    • I need to make my own rules not be told what they are.

    – I could go on for a long, long time!

    The point is that I have not found these to be conceivable ideologies when everything I am asked of is preordained. How does an individual create unique objects, ideas, or outcomes, when they’re already given a circumstance with which the borders are predefined? The answer: BE COME AN ENTREPRENEUR says the people who seemingly get the bigger picture.

    “What’s stopping me from taking action?”

    I believe, the causing of my inability to act is simple: a fear of being wrong. A fear of making a mistake, the mistake that will cause the world to end.

    Is that really true? Will that really happen? “Probably not” – My Logic. But! But My body tells me otherwise, the stinging sensation of feeling sick to my stomach, it paralyzes me into being afraid.

    Well no more! No more being afraid of what people expect of me. And no more letting the truly ignorant, who think they know me, tell me what is best for me or what is the right thing to do!

    I will discover that now for myself, thank you very much! I will!

    Thank you Dane & Patt for such a reincarnating moment and platform to build an abundantly joyful life from this point!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Amazing. I will consider this as an entry.

  • http://www.chatterlime.com Don Traxler

    Hey Pat!

    I just wanted to drop by and ask what your thoughts were about my call with Dane. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from those who listened and had told me some pretty positive things on how it has helped them.

    I know that you were a little thrown off by the way the interview with Dane went, but it’s no “Foo-foo” stuff. It’s seriously life changing, and has changed my life for sure.

    I’m not sure if you remember, but I’ve reached out to you a few times over the past couple of years and we’ve exchanged a couple tweets about Paleo stuff :). I found Dane through your podcast, and I’d like to thank YOU for connecting us, and for changing my life.

    I’d love to hear what you thought of the audio of my call. You’re the man, Pat, and I’m a lifetime subscriber to all that you have to share.


    Don Traxler

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSOrSIVky80 Paleo

    ‘Taking action’ is one of the things so many people actually fail at so many times!
    BUT what is great is that there are people like Yourself & Dane that have informative blogs & pod casts that help people overcome that fear of taking their first steps needed! thank you soo much for this

  • http://--- Divad Edliw

    I even don’t know exactly from where to start from. Maybe some personal background: I’m in the middle of my thirties, originally from the biggest South American country, but I lived in different places around the world like in the USA, Sweden, Finland and finally Germany struggling and trying to survive from one to another rat-racing treadmill job that a master degree graduated electronic semiconductor engineer may find on the related industry.

    Nowadays I’ve stumble upon a new sales engineering job which I was chasing for long six month after I was downsized from a previous nonsense rat-racing engineering job; more and more I realize that any kind of treading time for money job won’t bring me anywhere and far, definitely far away from freedom I dream of.

    Everyday I sit on my new square box slaving office and I see the mirrors of my future while analyzing the upper management people behavior and struggle to keep them on the market and financially alive. It looks like there is no defined goal to be there anymore, a career ladder development nowadays looks just that you get more responsibility and, instead of a 9-to-5, you get an extended 9-to-9 job with more issues to waste time on while your life in passing away, but for what? Just for more coins and highly taxed?

    There is somehow a faked ideology of life path to be followed being preached since my childhood and schooling times outside there, which I confirm more and more with my experiences on the field. I come from a middle class financially struggling family always fighting to be the best and first class among other colleagues and students which awarded me several international engineering scholarships, always trying to improve and build up my knowledge and skill-sets, but that did not bring me the freedom that I desire so much.

    Although over the last four year I’ve read and accumulated a personal library of several hundred of books about entrepreneurship and self-development, like: Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Tim Ferris, Stephen Key, Scott Belsky, Brian Sher, Gary way ner Chuck, Mike Michalowizc, Mike Man, Michael E. Gerber, Dan S. Kennedy, Richard Branson, Michael Ellsberg, Klaus Denart, Max Otte, Mohnish Pabrai, Glen Arnold, Thomas Stanley, Willian Danko, Pat Flynn and many others, and additionally several links to related blogs, I’m still stuck on the “slowlane roadmap” like MJ DeMarco describes so well.

    I have even tried to start a business parallel to my daily job (layout draft under http://www.dekwilde.com.br/sm and functional under http://www.stocksmetrics.com), but I have just invested a bunch of money over the last two years and never got out one single penny of it. I’m starting to wonder if this entire entrepreneurship and goal to financial freedom through software semi-automated and revenue recurrent systems is really possible!? My main desire is to create a legacy for next generation, to especially help and be together with my deeply sick “esclerosis multiples” mom and to be together and experience the development of my fast growing daughter, however I wonder if that is really possible while I’m still relatively young, bind to a physical 9-to-5 job and before no one has passed away.

    I couldn’t find yet the reasons for my struggle, blockage or “failure”, if that could be stated this way. I keep reading more and more about the subject of mindset for entrepreneurship, but something is holding me back which I did not discover yet and I don’t know to overcome either. I really have a deeply desire to go out and do something of impact, I really would like to help other then to discover this path, but something I don’t understand is holding me back.

    I have been following the videos posted by “The Foundation” through the several emails Dan sends once you visit the first time the website. This last SPI podcast really gave some hints to the subject, but I’m still quite lost on how to apply this on the real. Let’s see how it develops following this program proposed by “The Foundation”.

    Keep in touch, Pat and Dan; appreciate your gift sent out to the world!

  • http://BuildingAWebsitePro.com Michael

    I often struggle to take action because I think of all the possible ways something might not go as I’d like it to perfectly happen, and then I delay to do something else I know I can complete successfully.

    It’s also easy to convince myself that the small action steps I need to take are much more difficult and/or involved than they really are. In short, I take that cute little hill owned by a mole, and perceive it as Mt Everest.

  • Alan Thorp

    Listening to this episode and then the limiting beliefs audio has been a true eye opener, release and stomach turner all in one. There is emotions going on inside me I never even knew were there.
    When I listen i get these sudden urges to get things done, to go right a blog post or to go shoot a video but then I’ve this feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that says- nobody wants to read or nobody wants to watch what you put out. That the quality wont be good enough or that people will just laugh at me.
    I’ve got this pre conceived idea of what people think about me and its 100% limiting my self belief. I feel that most people look at me and say thats all he will ever be.
    I tell myself that the fact I’m trying to do all this is pure validation but feel like I need to convince myself of this everyday.
    If certain friends even saw what I’m writing here id just be laughed at. I know thats people worried I might actually achieve something or people afraid of there own emotions. For my new business I’ve even got a new Facebook for fear of Friends knocking me before I even start.
    I would love some help in getting over these obstacles that I face.
    The fear of not being good enough and eventual failure or people laughing at me is killing me. I do have something to offer the world and really want to help other people succeed for themselves one day.
    I will do the exercises from the podcast and try my best to help myself out. I will continue believing and pushing on.

    Pat and Dane thank you!

  • Jim


    You are listed on The Foundation’s affiliate page as an affiliate, but you don’t report any Foundation affiliate income on your income reports. Or do you, and I’ve just missed it?

    If you don’t report Foundation affiliate income… how come?

    Foundation Affiliate page – http://thefoundation.com/partners/


    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Ah, so is Mixergy and the others listed there. But they are just promotion partners, not actual affiliates.

      Jim, we will update that page with text to let people know they are promotional partners, not paid promotional partners.

  • Nicole Johnson

    First I want to thank you both for such an awesome podcast. I’ve been on a journey of self discovery for the last two years. Prior to that if you would’ve explained any of these concepts I would’ve thought you were insane, but it wasn’t until I tried to start my own company that my inner growth process or identity shift began. The business failed which sent me into a very deep depression. I actually ended up moving back home to Chicago last year because despite my emotional state, my intuition told me that facing my past would be paramount in facilitating my inner healing and it definitely was. I had been away from my family for so long that I didn’t realized how many of there old beliefs had been transferred to me.

    It wasn’t until I started a daily meditation practice while I was there that I was even able to get in touch with what I feel, since I was previously trapped in my head which was filled with worry and self-doubt. I am so much more in tune with who I really am now. But honestly it not only required releasing limiting beliefs, I also found myself letting go of relationships that weren’t serving my personal development.

    I now recognize that I still have some blocks related to money & success that I can feel, but have not been able to pinpoint them exactly. I experience synchronicities almost everyday that I can feel are guiding me and have become really good at following my intuition (which is what I feel brought me to this podcast), and it’s telling me that I am meant to be the one who gets the 30 minutes with Dane.

  • http://edwardball.me Ed Ball

    Hi Pat,

    What you and Dane have been talking about on in this episode I truly believe in, I have been successful in a lot things that I have done in my career and to do some of them I have had to work hard on my limiting beliefs. But after hearing Dane today I now know I have some more to deal with to get me where I need to go.

    This problem is the obvious reason I’m not where I want to be with the money and the freedom side of things in my life. I will start the process myself tomorrow on the first two that I now know are limiting beliefs because Dane has just talked about one of these and that is perfectionism! I listened to your first Dane interview on SPI 46 quite a time ago and got really excited about the concept and decided to take action just today by signing up to his course. I got my wife to listen to the first podcast as I was about to try signing up to the program, after listening she said It would be a great Idea as I have a problem with not completing things because I’m always looking for perfection and maybe the foundation will keep me on course with the support network. Can you imagine my amazement when I listened to the new podcast tonight, first it was you talking to Dane again and second he said that perfectionism can be a limiting belief and that it needs to be addressed! Amazing! synchronicity in action I believe!

    So I now know my overwhelming feeling of there never being enough time to achieve things is probably one too and my deep down belief (if I admit it to myself) that I will be very successful in what ever I do but probably only earn the money I need to and not a massive amount over this!… Okay, I’m only at the beginning of looking at this issue again as I have just finished listening to the podcast 15 minutes ago. If I have a few issues now I’m guessing there are a few more lurking around and they need addressing, so thank you for shining a light on this important part of the journey of trying to get where I need to be!

    All the best


    Ps, I know everyone says it but great podcats, great blog!

  • http://hollywooddancecareer.com Courtney

    Thank you so much Pat! Another fantastic episode of your podcast! Keep ’em coming!

  • Josh

    Every day at work I feel like my cube is closing in on me. Like a little piece of my soul is taken and traded for a paycheck. Every step thus far has been “what I am supposed to do next” I was supposed to go to college, supposed to get a corporate job, supposed to assimilate, supposed to marry a beautiful woman, supposed to have perfect family, supposed to live in a certain house, supposed to live in a certain neighborhood, all of these things I have done. All of this and I feel empty. How many people have I helped along the way? Few.
    As I kid I knew I was smarter than other kids, I learned that understanding people was just as important as learning a craft. I knew I was destined for greatness. I knew I was gonna have something that changed the world, that helped people. I have read all the books, I know the language of so-called success. I have learned technology. I have always known what to do next.

    Know I sit here paralyzed, terrified of being not being great, scared of launching down a path where I can not see all the pieces. Scared to soar. So I stay firmly planted in misery, safety. Though, In my eyes and heart a glimmer of hope remains.



    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Don’t give up Josh. Ever.

      I will consider this entry.

  • Allan Wilcox

    Hey guys. I know exactly why I don’t take action. I have no idea how to deal with the legalities of running business. I have always said to myself that I’m an entrepreneur, but I am not. I feel like I have had hundreds of ideas that could have made money. Brick and mortar, internet, services, inventions. I always tell people about them like I’m gonna do something, but I get scared about the legal part. I have 2 baby girls and a beautiful wife and it scares me to death that I might get sued or go to jail because I did something wrong. Right now I feel like I could start a great software company, but I don’t know how to start it up. Get it going legally. Thanks for listening. Al

  • http://fifosite.com Tyson

    So many people need this mindset or mind control technique/discipline for many other reasons than business. I catch myself tricking my mind into justifying my actions all the time. I notice everyone around me do the same, it’s hard to watch so many people be crippled by their own mind. I think the foundation will eventually be able to prove the merit of this healing with statistics, more people will enjoy freedom. The foundation is simply waking people up to such an obvious pain by removing the invisible barrier between you and success, great cause and a perfect opportunity for people who want to take action.

    Patt Flynn- you do the same thing but using inspiration and knowledge rather than a step by step approach. You’ve changed my life and I love listening to your podcast to be reminded there are so many genuinely good caring people everywhere.

  • Mancho

    Feel, think, feel, think, feel, think and it goes over and over and over…
    I grew up in a family with standards shaped up by the communism.
    The communism said that you can rely on the government to provide for you.
    The communism said that you can have a “job” no matter how much effort you put in your life.
    The communism said that you don’t need to be entrepreneurial in order to provide for your family.
    Well, the communism is dead. What I care about is who I am now and what I do to make my life better. Believe me it is not easy at all…
    For a long time I have been told by my parents that having a business is very hard and risky. I have been told by my friends that having my job is better than anything I can do on my own. I have been told by my acquaintances that they envy me for what I have.
    That shaped up my thinking as well. I hate to admit it, but this is pretty much how I think and what prevents me from taking the action I need to succeed. I am scared of the success I can have, I am afraid of taking action. I know I can reverse my beliefs but I need help.

    Thank you for that interview Pat!

    A guy like you from Bulgaria

  • http://dlschroeder.comandcyclestohear.com Debi

    I have a dream, its full of things that I want to do. My circle is filled with awesome things, a large family, trips across the U.S. extended to the worlds most beautiful and fun places, a beautiful home, owning my own successful business, turning my many ideas into reality, and being able to give back to my community. The dream painted in my mind was beautiful. When I work on my business I find my stomach turns into a mess of butterflies while being attacked by thousands of swords. My confidence simply disappears.

    My circle has deflated some, my family is not large, we hoped to adopt, but time is running away from us. Our family trips will take place somewhere close to home. I have visions for my home, decorated comfortably. I still dream of owning my own profitable business. We give back to our community, and hope to do more. I’ve overcome huge obstacles such as loosing my hearing. Over a short period of time, my hearing declined like a runaway roller coaster on a one-way trip downhill. My children were young, I was missing out on the best time of their lives. Through the use of cochlear implants on both sides I enjoy hearing once again. The computer chips help me to hear what I was missing. I taught myself how to hear all over again, sounds are a bit different and I’m still learning.

    I have a dream, my circle has diminished, I just ask for repairs on my home to be done, maybe a few more dates with my husband, a family vacation someplace other than our parents places (they are great, but I want a real vacation), I’m still struggling to succeed with my own business, butterflies and piercing swords included. I’ve dealt with the put-downs by family and friends (still do).

    I know that I can succeed, but haven’t found the right coach. I want to bring my dreams back to life, breath a fresh life into them. Help me revive them Dane!

  • JM

    I find this podcast intriguing and on my off day, I am going to listen to both podcast. I do believe not everyone is unsuccessful because they are not taking action but instead because they don’t know what action to take or how to gain the financial means to take action. One of the biggest lies about being an entrepreneur is that you have to take action and it will all unfold some how but that isn’t so. There are other factors to it like your current knowledge, who you know because you can use others knowledge when you don’t have any of your own, your financial abilities, your ability to get private or business loans. It is a lot that goes entrepreneurship far more than most will let it be known. I am going to read this and respond more later to the post.

  • Jason

    Things that are holding me back starts with growing up with an older brother who was in lots of trouble which made me a perfectionist in an attempt to ‘save the family name’. This led to fear of failure and pressure to perform. And when I did step out of my goal to be a pharmacist by starting my own business; I failed. And as a result I let down my family who bragged I would be a pharmacist one day. They were right. What was I thinking? So with tail tucked, I returned to college to get a business degree thinking I couldn’t make it in pharmacy school. I then tried to get a pharmaceutical sales position (close enough, right?) and got no where so I did an inside sales job and made enough money to let 10 years go by. I tried getting promotions but got turned down. So here I am with a fear to let go and go after it again. But deep inside I know I don’t want to be that dad who has to Facetime his boys on because he’s on another business trip and can’t make their game. Instead, I was meant to build something that has impact and spend time with my family. Let’s talk Dane!

  • Aliaksandra

    I come from a country where people do not get inspired and encouraged to believe that they can do anything they put their mind to.

    And those who say they are successful, are probably liars and just want your money in exchange for their “secret”.

    Most people don’t become rich and famous, so you should just do what you are “supposed to do”.

    I came to America 8 years ago, the place where kids at school are taught to follow their dreams, the country where everything is possible, the country of opportunities.
    And it was GREAT!
    Whatever was holding me back over there didn’t work now, I believed that I could achieve my dreams, and so I started doing so, as I had no fears.

    And as years went, I got comfortable, my enthusiasm fizzled down, and I now again try to avoid making a phone call. I can still remember that awesome feeling, and I want it back.. BADLY.

    Now tell me that this has nothing to do with what is in my mind!

  • Vickie Casey

    Thank you Pat for all you provide on this site and through your podcasts and I especially thank you for bringing back Dane.

    Thank you Dane for all you shared and for offering this opportunity to one of us! I can’t tell you how timely this was and how much it resonated with me. I literally have sat around the past few weeks beating myself up because I have SO many tools and have read and listened to so much and yet I find myself completely paralyzed in taking the action. What’s blocking me? Definitely perfectionism, there’s an on going voice that says I’m not good enough or know enough despite that I logically know I do. Fear of both failure and success if that’s possible. Fear of failure because I’m a single mom and feel so much burden to provide a ‘good home and good life’ for my daughter but equally the fear of success because I was brought to believe that wanting nice things and success was selfish. Additionally at one point in my life where I had temporarily broken passed some of these limiting beliefs and was finally pursuing my dreams, my ex-husband decided he didn’t like who I was becoming and left. I just retreated decided my corporate job was good enough because I needed to be “responsible”

    I always feel everything in my stomach and it makes so much sense now that you say thats the area effected by feelings of rejection. I’ve been laughed and called a Polly Anna for my dreams and there’s a part of me even as I’m writing am worried that someone I know is going to read this and what will they think. But I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to break free of this but because I’m got this fear of being alone I NEED A COACH, I’m praying you’ll pick me.

    I want to break free of this because I believe all of us are called with a higher purpose and I don’t believe this life sucking job is what mine is. I want my life to be a testimony and legacy to young women be all they are meant to be and first and foremost I don’t want to send these same awful messages to my daughter that were imposed on me. I tell her to pursue her dreams and believe she has what it takes to achieve them but this past year, she called me on it and said if that’s so true then why don’t you live it for yourself. It broke my heart and you’d think that would have been enough motivation for me to take action but it only did to a point. So thank you for all you’ve already taught I will be listening to your mp3 and visiting thework.com after I’m done typing this but if you feel moved to pick me I’m SO ready and know that it will give it an even greater jumpstart.

    • Caleb Hodges

      Hi Vickie,

      Send an email to Caleb @ TheFoundation.com with your contact information. Congratulations, Dane has selected you and one other for a session.

  • http://goodnewsau.com Leeroy

    Thanks Pat and Dane – my 2 favourite entrepreneurs (not kidding).
    Have I ever been this honest with myself let alone on the bloggersphere?

    I want to help others with a business
    I want to create things that people really want and value
    I want to keep teaching
    I want to support myself (this is a big one)
    I want to take my mother and my family on a holiday to Bali

    I do not want to fail
    I want to know that what I choose is right and will be worthy of all my work, energy and effort.
    I am worried that I will be able to sustain my effort unless I know these things as I go from thing to thing.

    I come up with many ideas and never get to the point where I make much money. I know I am stuck but I don’t know what emotions are blocking me. I want to take action.

    An after thought for Pat:
    In our family “I’m Fine” means
    Freaked out.
    Neurotic and Emotional.

    Best ever podcast, Thanks.

  • http://www.bellsandbounty.com Megan Pangan

    Really great episode, it’s great to see the subject of abundance and emotion come into discussion besides the typical stuff.

    Adopting the attitude of being open and accepting and receiving success takes on different forms and stays with you as you learn to use this tool, this way of thinking. I know that if I didn’t have notes of this attitude, I wouldn’t be able to jump into the world of entrepreneurship.

    I’m totally gonna watch that doc too!

  • http://jonathanmccormick.net Jonathan

    Thank you so much for having Dane back! He has really changed me so far, and I’m sure he will continue to do so.

    Please, more episodes like this!

  • http://definingfit.com Edwin Merino

    All that woo woo stuff sounds crazy!

    I think Dane is on to something :)

    I have been dealing with a lot of self limiting thoughts having grown up in a tough environment. Until this day, I second guess myself all the time.

    It’s something I’m slowly overcoming with help from people like Pat Flynn and Dane Maxwell who share their honest experiences with the public, no matter how embarrassing, so that people like me can begin to understand that I too have what it takes to succeed.

    Thanks you guys :)

  • http://kwinpeterson.com Kwin Peterson

    Pat, great interview. In my mind this rounds out a powerful trilogy:

    1. Your initial interview with Dane opens a new world and vision.

    2. Your follow-up interview with Carl inspires and shames me with my lack of progress.

    3. This episode gives me some ideas about why I blew up my first attempt.

  • http://homestudiohelpdesk.com Michael Burke

    This is a great interview. I’ve been inspired by Dane a lot recently and listening to all his interviews recently. Got his e-mail telling us to listen and asking us to comment and give our story about inaction, so here goes:

    I just did the 10 minute exercise you described – writing things down that are stopping you from taking action – and it was a revelation. My whole life can be characterized by inaction. I am actually a recovered alcoholic, and I believe many of the reasons I even drank in the first place were to ‘put off’ actually DOING anything in my life. It’s much easier to use the excuse “I’m an alcoholic” as a reason you’ve stalled in your life, than it is to actually do the work to change that.

    It’s not so much I’ve never started anything, I’ve just never taken it past like a few weeks or a month, and actually followed through. This goes back to my childhood. My mom tells me all the time still “you always did this, you’d get REALLY into something for a few months, learn everything you could about it, and then quit.” I did this with: Baseball, Magic cards, Warhammer, Star Wars, Paintball, Erector sets, football…as an adult it’s been about a half dozen ‘businesses’ that I started for a month or two (including an ecommerce audio equipment store, and a recording lessons blog) and just gave up on.

    This has spilled over even into what I’ve always considered my passion and the one hobby/love I didn’t give up on: music. I’ve played guitar since I was 4 and have always been way into music. But I was so scared of SOMETHING (failure? success? change? – all of the above) that I’ve never really put myself out there. It is still today technically my job, though I work in recording studios and behind the scenes, when I could be playing shows, or writing my own album (which I’ve been saying I would do for about 10 years).

    And this inaction is especially true in my dating life. For me actually going out and meeting women has been a constant struggle. I had girlfriends, but never actually asked a girl out until I was 23!!! NEVER! And even now, I still struggle with it because of all the fears and possibilities of what it could lead to.

    Anyways, back to business. I have started my own music production company in Boston, but I’ve realized it’s not really a viable and profitable business, so i’ve dipped my feet into about 5 other online projects now…trying to learn everything I can and try anything. However, I’m worried at the moment that I may be spreading myself too thin, and will end up giving up on it all. That is a seriously limiting belief I need to get rid of!

    Thanks Dane!

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Curious if you could post your list you did in that 10 minute exercise?

  • Dale K

    Thanks very much Pat and Dane for talking again on SPI.

    Thanks Don for sharing your personal call with Dane too! (I’m from western NY also, actually I’d like to be able to get back there, it’s a great place. I think you sounded down on it, but there’s plenty there, construction and contractors has to be a great niche, they are everywhere! Go for it!)

    I have been listening and poking around both of your sites for a couple weeks now, burning through Pat’s podcasts, 15,16,17, 46, Carl Mattiola, and looking at http://thefoundation.com info.
    I am the center of your target audience; I am a cubicle sitting, commuting, safe at work engineer, thinking what should I do, but not quite taking Action to fight for my freedom.
    There is a lot to what’s in our heads; a lot of opportunity there for productivity and motivation, getting past our limiting beliefs, understanding why The ME is frequently showing my bad side. Sean Webb’s http://iamspirituality.com 101 series.
    Need to take some action! I need to develop the Why and the mindset.

  • http://www.theoverwhelmedbrain.com Paul Colaianni

    This sounds hokey to many people, but everything he is saying is true. Unresolved negative emotions are stored in the body – they are “feelings”. Emotions are not a brain-only process, they are a mind/body process. We call them emotions because they represent what we are feeling. That physical feeling we have is felt somewhere in the body. When I get angry, my chest tightens.

    When Dane has someone go inside and “talk to his chest”, he’s not really talking to his chest. That person is getting in touch with an unconscious part of himself that he’s repressed for a long time.

    Muscle testing is based on unconscious thoughts as well. You can use muscle testing to narrow down an age of an event in someone’s life, just by asking “Was the event between 5 and 10 years old?” and keep narrowing down from there.

    There’s always a significant emotional event that is the impetus for a limiting belief. When you can help the person release that initial event, then the release happens throughout the entire nervous system. And suddenly you are a different person.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      YES. Thank you for putting this into words better than I could during the interview.

  • http://www.empoweredspouse.com Niquelle Wright

    Thank you for this incredible interview.

    I am not sure where to start…
    This was the perfect message for me tonight. I can feel butterflies in my stomach and chest. Maybe a slightly nervous stomach and butterflies in my chest. The feeling has been with me all day. maybe all week. I feel it more when I start to get a few results. I thought it was excitement but I think it is a tug of war with my limiting beliefs.
    I don’t want to disappoint my team.
    I don’t want to lead people down the wrong path.
    Too many to list here…

    Did I mention that I was a chemical engineer?

  • http://donebp.com Bob McIntosh

    LOVED this post. It really resonated with me and I don’t think you are preachy at all.

    I have a super successful father who built a multi million dollar a year business, and everyone was always amazed that I didn’t want to take it over. For me personally, it was not a passion at all so it was never even an option. That however made me really want my own business, and i have done a few (3 now) businesses and they have all been moderately successful to break even. This is frustrating to me because my dad was successful with his first… I know that he worked over 20 years to get there, but it was successful and I can’t get past the fact that I haven’t been yet (at least as much as I want to be).

    I did your exercise and I can feel it mostly in my stomach and a little bit in my mind. What is even more frustrating is that if I really reflect I haven’t been “unsuccessful”. If you ask others who have seen what I have accomplished they often feel like I am very successful, but I’m just not where I want to be and that frustrates and pushes me even harder to keep going. I often find myself wondering if there is something wrong with my thinking cause no matter what I have it never quite seems like enough or where I want to be.

    I also love the 5 core fears in life. This ties directly into some stuff I am doing around mindset (really this whole podcast does, but that stuff specifically). I would love you have you on my pod cast :)

    Thanks for the time, the insight, and helping me start to identify some of this :)


  • http://7-min.com David S

    Hi Pat and Dane,

    Thanks for this great interview.

    The Foundation totally changed my life. I used to help run a very successful consulting company. I am quite a positive person and I came into The Foundation thinking all the mindset stuff was BS. When it came to cold calling, I could not get myself to pick up the phone. I just sat there and procrastinated.

    I had to take a day, review the limiting beliefs content and I had to reverse 12 limiting beliefs to get back to taking action and calling people.

    I not believe that mindset is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to entrepreneurship and I continuously check in with my mind and body to make sure they are healthy and feeling good.


    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      What were the 12 beliefs David?

  • Andrew

    I was very excited to hear Dane because he always has such a fresh way of looking at things. This was definitely not what I was expecting.

    I don’t even know what to feel now… I was listening at work. And, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was crying and I could barely breathe. I was just listening along as he was talking about, “What happened when you were 14?” And, I’m thinking, “Oh right. What would happen if he asked me that? Nothing that’s what. … Well wait. That’s about the age I was when one of my friends and his father were brutally murdered by his brother. But that was 26 years ago, I haven’t thought about that for many years. That can’t possibly be having an effect on me still!”

    It does.

    I never once put that together. I have been keeping people at a distance ever since. This was not the defining moment of my life. I can’t assign all of my damage to it. But, it certainly altered my path.

    Here’s the worst part. I have never admitted this to anyone. I was a little bit glad he was gone. That just makes me want to punch my 14 year old self in the teeth. Self-centered little jerk… My friend had an extremely caustic sense of humor and was hard to be around. Little did I know that his brother was so troubled and my friend’s home life was so hard.

    So now I don’t know what to do. I feel terrible. I still have the problem of being unable to force myself to do anything that moves me forward. I listened to Dane’s podcast last year and just knew that this would work for me. I made one phone call. One. I have taken some half hearted action on a variety of things but I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible for me to get unblocked.

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      It is Andrew.

      It is possible.

      Google search EFT practitioners and setup a session with one. Get ready to be liberated.

  • Ryan

    Thank you Pat for interviewing Dane. Awesome!

    what’s holding me back? environment and my past.

    I feel so stuck in a job because I don’t feel I’m the type to be employed. I can’t hold a job.

    I don’t know what to do because I want to quit now but I do not have enough saved . It sickens me because I know I’m just setting up excuses and pre-requisites to live the life I deserve.

    the biggest thing that bothers my mind now is that I want to quit but my logical mind says “save up stay for at least a year” but my heart and gut says “wtf? I will suck it up and waste months just because of money? what a lame excuse”

    I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I know I shouldn’t be employed (they treat employees like robots where I work) and it sucks.

    This business model gives me hope. although there is a chance I will not be in the foundation soon, but it gave me hope on what to do for the next few months.

    it also feels so alone going through this path.

    I know I just complain, but letting it out like this gives some relief.


    if there are any entrepreneurs who wants a like-minded virtual assistant, send me an email.

  • Zach

    The biggest thing holding me back is picking one thing to focus on!

    I have a young career in Digital Marketing, and on the one hand, I want to be paired with mentors and have a regular paycheck to get experience and learn skills every day.

    …But I also love the entrepreneurial mindset and spend all my free time reading blogs on starting a business and setting up my own blog on psychology.

    The problem is, with my day job, I just can’t find the focus to go. I have done Dane’s method in the Foundation featured on Maneesh Sethi’s blog. I have the meaning and the drive.

    But I need to run these project ideas by someone who’s built a business, get an outside perspective, and pick one to commit to until it pays my way out of the day job.

    One a deeper level, maybe having the right people surrounding me is a bigger barrier. I talk to some other wantrepreneurs online, but it would be awesome to connect with some more experienced people who have taken action themselves, not just the blind leading the blind.

    Good stuff as always from Pat and Dane.

  • Daniel Blanchard

    Dane, it is amazing that you can unlock someone like this.
    It must feel incredible to feel someone opening and changing who they are.
    I have started to take action, what still weights on me is that I’m also taking my family with me in this risk. Not being able to provide for them would be terrible for me. I’m also taking steps towards working from anywhere because I do want to be closer to my dad while he’s on his last few miles, and make sure he gets to spend time with his grand-kids.
    I believe we are the result of our most dominant thoughts, that our mind creates why we think about. Reversing just one idea can have tremendous effects.
    I’ve applied for The Foundation and I can’t wait to go through the process.
    Thank you for inspiring and transforming people in the self they really want.

  • Lyla

    Thanks for much Pat and Dane for everything!

    I love how you say Dane was a little “out there”. I was all like, “Finally, someone who speaks my language!” In the hope of potentially speaking with Dane for 30 min, which would be AMAZING, because I don’t know if I got into the Foundation or not, I’m just gonna lay it all out there.

    There are the conscious and subconscious things potentially keeping me from taking action..
    -I come from a Pennsylvania Mennonite background, where money is the root of all evil and it’s not okay to go after it. (My parent’s parent’s…) I think it’s okay, but somewhere in there (my brain) it’s like not okay..
    -My parent’s are not super successful, they have ALWAYS worked for someone else. (I may possibly fear of becoming more successful than them?)
    -I feel I may not be as smart as everyone else because I was home schooled for the first half of my life. (consciously I think I have a creative advantage, but subconsciously is where I struggle with this)
    -I’m an artist with degree in sculpture. Who will take me seriously when I say I want to create a software program that will dramatically enhance their lives? (Even though I believe that’s a high form of art as well…)

    Anyhow, hopefully this inspires others as much as your comments have inspired me. We got this! With a little help from our friends :)

  • Felix

    Cool podcast Dane and Pat. Got certified in NLP as a practitioner 10 years ago and have kinda forgot about some of the belief stuff, so it was good to get a refresher of how powerful the methods can be.

    So what’s preventing me from taking action? Not sure how to pinpoint one thing, so i’ll just ramble in a stream of consciousness and i’m sure somethign will emerge. Failing sucks. Growing up in a traditional Asian household has high standards. I remember even B+’s were frowned upon. The smart older sister set some high standards too. So gotta be perfect. Gotta do it right the first time. Looks like you can group this under fear of failure. Getting rejected is no fun. Probably on some level I subconsciously connect it to my self-worth even though i know better. Not a super big deal though because i’ve done systematic densitization exercises before on rejection and it’s a manageable thorn in the side and not crippling or anything. I don’t know if fear of success should be thrown into the mix too, but it’s kinda weird to think of myself as being successful and well off financially. Never really have been my entire life so not used to it. I come from a frugal and somewhat scarcity mentality household – parents have always been penny pinching and somewhat hoarders, so those are elements in my upbringing. If i were to get really heavy, i can hypothesize that being successful will take me out of the “mama’s boy” frame and i won’t get my love and attention. Asians aren’t the most affectionate culture, so a kid will do anything to get some love, even if it’s negative attention with the “poor me, i need help”. By being stuck in a financial survival box, i’ll always get the care and attention from mom. Ugh, that was embarrassing to think that cuold be true, so maybe it is…

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez, that’s a lotta baggage. But if I had to guess what’s holding me back, those could be some to-the-core reasons. Who’s down for a pity party?? just kidding. Onward and upward.

  • Christopher

    Pat & Dane much thanks for sharing your passions, it’s contagious. To be honest guys, I usually put 75-80% into things and get by or even succeed. I basically created my position at my previous job by fortunately having skills to do so. (Product photographer & lead graphic designer) I know this semi effort leads to semi results, but I think I found what’s holding me back. I may be afraid of success not failure. I understand a trep’s journey is marked with failures and small victories. I guess there hasn’t been something worth BELIEVING in 110%, until you challenge yourself. And last week ironically I left my job. I want to put my self in a position where I HAVE to put 110% into what I want, location independence. Most people rise to the occasion because they HAVE to and I guess I am ready to see what my 110% effort will produce. A job is like a rubber ball, I heard, it will bounce back. But, a passion will stay with you until you pursue it.

    Sensing vibes is no joke either, I feel you Dane….it’s hard to explain when things just align with little effort. Everyone wants proof, to see before they believe. Some will feel it and some won’t. Thanks again guys!


  • Greg

    Hi Pat and Dane,

    Here are the limiting beliefs I want to overcome:

    1. I’m alone, I have no support system, no one is holding me accountable.
    2. I have weak commitment.
    3. I’m not focused enough on effort.
    4. I’m not organized enough.
    5. I’m not good enough.
    6. I have no budget to work with.
    7. I’m not consistent enough.
    8. It’s too difficult.

    Dane, can you help me?

  • http://Kiteforthesoul.com Naomi

    Excited for your upcoming Foundation Dane!

    Fears that are holding me back are
    Have too many interests to choose from
    Can I create value?
    Fear of being mediocre and not exceptional


  • Mark

    Hi pat and done

    I hope this is the right place to leave a comment for the chance to have 30 minutes with done

    I wast sure I had any until I heard this podcast because I have taken some aaction have a site for 3 years and haven’t made any money yet I always put it down to time but thinking out my self because of the podcast I know I have a lack of confidence with my self because

    I’m dyslexic and I find that if I think about the desitions I’ve made lead back to my dyslexia I try to find ways around it or I think I can’t do that because of my dyslexia but then I look at richard branson and see he’s dyslexic and then beat my self up and think if he can do it then I can

    The thing is I know I can do this I know I will be a success I have so much determination that I will never be stopped I just no that the dyslexic bump in the road is like a mounting and I don’t no to climb over or go round I keep going in a 100 direction at once to find the best way to my business and life style I want

    Really loved the podcast will defo listen to it over and over Thank you guys so much

  • April

    I could really use some help determining what is holding me back, I know there is something there because even as I listened to This podcast, my throat is clogged and stomach is upset. It is upsetting to me that I am not successful right now.

    I have (3) solid business ideas and I know that they could help my family gain financial stability. My limiting beliefs have changed my personality, I used to be happy and upbeat and now I am upset, melancholy or mad. I cannot remember what happiness feels like anymore. Sometimes it brings me, to literal, tears. I am so afraid, it paralyzes me.

    There are so many reasons why I want to be successful, to be there for my children, currently I am away from them for 12 hours day and as a mother that is not good, to be a good role model for my daughters that I want them to realize that the world is unlimited, to help other women free themselves and lastly, but important, financial and location independence.

    Please help me, Dane.

  • http://kiteletter.com Jonathan


    This episode refocused me onto what is really holding me back.

    I’ve been failing at running my own business/businesses since I was 15. After getting married and having a daughter, I didn’t give up on the dream, but I finally resorted to a job. I couldn’t pay our bills.

    I know its a journey and I haven’t ever thought of giving up. Not even once. But I’m 28 now. And I’m sick of being on the wrong side of the line. I’m sick of having dreams of self leading at 21 – and it being 7 (YEARS) later with no difference month to month.

    I know it isn’t my capabilities/chops/discipline/skills/resources. Everyone around me (people I trust) view me as a success.

    Its something else. Something deep that churns. For whatever reason – I won’t agree with them about myself.

    Its torture.

    But every step brings me closer to the answer. I have faith in that. This was a huge step last night…thanks for everything. Doing the exercises now…

  • http://kiteletter.com Jonathan H

    Thanks for this.

    This episode refocused me onto what is really holding me back.

    I’ve been failing at running my own business/businesses since I was 15. After getting married and having a daughter, I didn’t give up on the dream, but I finally resorted to a job. I couldn’t pay our bills.

    I know its a journey and I haven’t ever thought of giving up. Not even once. But I’m 28 now. And I’m sick of being on the wrong side of the line. I’m sick of having dreams of self leading at 21 – and it being 7 (YEARS) later with no difference month to month.

    I know it isn’t my capabilities/chops/discipline/skills/resources. Everyone around me (people I trust) view me as a success.

    Its something else. Something deep that churns. For whatever reason – I won’t agree with them about myself.

    Its torture.

    But every step brings me closer to the answer. I have faith in that. This was a huge step last night…thanks for everything. Doing the exercises now…

  • http://www.InspirationWithVal.com Inspiration With Val

    This was so great Pat!!! As a life coach (with a background as a therapist for many years) I could not agree more about the importance of overcoming negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Such an important topic for all entrepreneurs!!

  • http://martinpoldma.com Martin Poldma

    Thank you so much for this episode Pat!

    I actually completely resonate with Dane’s message on transforming limiting beliefs and creating and empowering mindset, that will help you succeed in any of your goals, and actually use it as a basis for helping people to create a successful business and lifestyle around doing what they love.

  • Chris Thorne

    Thanks Pat for another great cast.

    Dane – one thing that occurs to me is that even within the group that retain their limiting beliefs, there must be those that push through inspire of them (without necessarily reversing them) and those who do not. I wonder what the mindset difference is there?

    Maybe one day we can discuss it


    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      I also wonder about this issue Chris.

      I think it’s like they are good at driving with their foot on the gas and the brake pedals at the same time?


      Maybe… Their mindset is in such a place where they are unattached.


      They just do it without thinking.

      But there are some people who have such paralyzing limiting beliefs action is almost impossible.

      So it may be more circumstantial than we think.

      It’s not something I’ve fully figured out yet.

      For me, I just shut off emotions to take action when I had the limiting beliefs. It was hard on me I broke down after 4 years.

  • Henry Wong

    Hi Pat and Dane,

    Thank you to both of you for this great interview.

    Pat, it’s been inspirational following you and seeing your shifts in development. It’s crazy.

    I missed getting into The Foundation last year but because of SPI#46 and positioning myself to be around Dane, the impact to me has been so big and hard to quantify. You just can’t measure mindset shifts and compare the impact that it had on you and others in the same way – all comes down to how you’ve used it.

    I’m a professional manager, controller for a large company. I use to think the path to success was climbing the corporate ladder and this “mindset” stuff wasn’t something I thought I needed because all I thought I needed to do was work hard and position myself to “move up” (You know play those politics).

    Like Dane mentioned, “the path to entrepreneurship is a remarkable path for personal growth and self discovery” and if you’re also looking for freedom, that’s just such a truthful statement that I also believe. At some point, you realize the most important things to you aren’t working because of so many of these limiting beliefs that you didn’t know you have or these blind spots that you possess have been impacting those things that are important to you.

    That’s all mindset and it creates behaviours that you don’t even realize that you’re sabotaging yourself.

    Even something simple as posting on these boards and sharing my thoughts publicly, I was afraid to do because I was afraid that people would think I had nothing worthwhile to say or it was stupid.

    My “new” mindset thought is my appreciation for Dane’s impact to my life has been so big that it far outweighs the thought of what other people may think about me.

    As long as I increase the chance for Dane to know my appreciation and have him continue impacting other people’s lives the way that he has, it is enough for me to share my thoughts and squash the belief I mentioned :)


    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Haha. Clever Henry. I will consider your entry :-)

  • http://www.shotsofinsight.com/ Sebastian

    This applies to everything. What you think you can, or cannot do, you are right.

    3 years ago I overcame a stutter. How? I changed my beliefs. I realized that I didn’t have a stutter. I talked fluently. And then that became my reality.

  • Kevin

    Fear and shame. Afraid to take a risk and ashamed of the fact that I haven’t dealt with this.
    And any of you who think Dane’s approach is weird, it isn’t. I can backup 90% of what he says with hard science. I should know. I’m actually a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a professor of psychology.
    And that’s part of my frustration. Knowing the block isn’t enough. You have to be willing to have the associated with the blocks and what you’ll learn from them. So far, I’ve been avoiding that and it holds me back.
    If you’re struggling, don’t beat yourself up. Even psychologists experience the same pain, blocks and struggles.

  • http://zachobront.com Zach

    I’ve got stupidly high expectations for myself. That’s fine, but I expect that I should be achieving them NOW, so I don’t take the small steps necessary to get there. I struggle with doing anything that doesn’t feel important or impressive right off the bat, because I feel like I am letting myself and others down by not using my potential.

    I guess it’s easier to imagine how amazing I could be and not try, than to actually try and risk failing.

  • Chris

    Dane, thank you for having the courage to talk about this subject matter. Really wish you would write a book. (Think the money is flowing now? Write a book and watch it pour in. Trust your message. A book will bring it to the large audience you are seeking.)

    Everyone else: check out the video Dane created about changing beliefs: http://thefoundation.com/limiting-beliefs/. Worth the watch and one try. Start with: Beliefs can be changed.

    In the podcast Dane references The Work by Bryon Katie. Honestly, skip The Work and watch the video. Dane has done a wonderful job at reinterpreting Katie’s process.

    Also, Dane talked about the Elephant and the Rider. It comes from the book Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.

    (on belief 40 and counting. feel so much better. thank you!)

  • http://beawesomeproject.co.za Peter-G

    What holds me back? Habit. I know how to deal with what I have to deal with now. When I consider an alternative future there is uncertainty that it will be better or different, that other people will support me or shun me, that I will be seen as negligent or irresponsible by risking what I know and trying out what I don’t know. It seems like a mountain builds in front of me, and my brain finds ways to pull me back to what I know. It doesn’t want to have to think about the challenges. It likes the status quo. I have to overcome myself to move forward. And when I do, it becomes known and my brain accepts it and I can build on it. Its like jumping off that cliff into the ocean. You can watch someone do it but until you do it yourself it seems crazy scary. But once you’ve done it it seems easy and you rush back to do it again.

  • http://projectpassive.com Freddie Mixell

    You don’t have to be great to get started you have to get started to be great.

  • http://thealexanderjohn.weebly.com/ Alexander John

    You know I was the engineer type but after listening to this I changed my heart.


  • http://www.handymanstartup.com Dan Perry

    Wow, this is some deep stuff. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    I just did some free writing to process my thoughts and came up with a shocking realization:

    The main thing holding me back is my belief that if people see me for who I am they will not like me. I don’t know why, because I always have good intentions and am not a bad person, but constantly find myself not acting because of this fear or at least suppressing my self expression.

    It’s actually contradictory, too, because I view myself as a confident person. I have taken very bold action in the past, but this is typically for only short periods of time before I revert back to being timid and cautious.

    I mean, I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to post this and finally decided to do so because it was a way to face that fear.

    Thanks again for the great podcast, I definitely have some kinks to work out and I’m more aware of that now.

  • James Hollister

    I had the privilege to learn from and work with Dane 2 years ago during his first version of The Foundation. I learned all the tactics on how to extract an idea for a software company and build it. But I never really put my weight behind it and didn’t follow through. 2 years later, I’m in pretty much the same place as I was before.

    Looking back I now realize why that is. Sure, we learned a little about the mindset stuff and fixing limiting beliefs but I don’t even think Dane realized back then how important it was. I mostly dismissed it, thinking I could just power through all of my deep problems by myself. I’m now working on figuring out my real “why”, discovering my inner thoughts and addressing the ones that prevent me from getting what I want. It is definitely not easy. If you do join The Foundation, don’t skip over this stuff, give yourself fully to it or you’ll regret it later. I often do (another one of the things I’m working on).

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      James! Hey brother.

      It was awesome meeting you and your wife in Vegas. Maybe you could join the next Foundation program sir.

  • Amy

    Thank you Dane, and thanks Pat for having Dane on your show again. I have limiting beliefs, but I’ve started taking action anyway. When my limiting beliefs come up, sometimes I let them get the better of me, but often I actually yell at myself and push through that knot in my stomach and lump in my throat. What helps me is thinking through the worst that could happen when making idea extraction calls–and doing this without a support team. And I discover that the worst thing that can happen when taking action is just as bad as not taking action. But at least I’ll have the probability at creating a new life with the action! Who cares if people reject me. But more importantly is what if they don’t reject me and they let me help them make their life a whole lot easier?!

    I would be honored to get 30 minutes with you Dane, since I need to break through even more. I AM an action taker, and I want freedom more than anything in the world right now. And I know you can help lead me there. Good luck to all who are seeking Dane’s guidance! Can’t wait to hear from you!

    • Amy

      P.S. Dane, I don’t think this stuff is too “woo, woo.” Most of us are stuck in our westernized way of seeing and understanding healing. People who don’t want to acknowledge that we are beings of energy, spirit and emotion…and I mean, like we mainly run on this stuff whether we like it or not…and we can get disease and out of balance just from emotions…are going to miss out on true healing, balance, and growth

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Thank you Amy. I will consider your entry!

  • Charlotte

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and influencing entreprenuers to face their internal “hurdles”.

    I am afraid success will change me into someone I won’t like being.

    Thanks again to Pat, Dane, and all who have commented on this podcast.

  • http://breakingferriss.com Nate

    Hey guys –
    Lately Pat’s been practically clairvoyant about programming. I’m just at a stage where I’ve had some mixed results with some market tests, and trying to decide which things to pursue and which to let fall by the wayside, and it’s emotional for me. At the same time, I’ve got a bit of the “back against the wall” syndrome Pat described, though luckily I haven’t been laid off. Enter Dane Maxwell, whom I’m already hip to because of the two episodes that dealt with his method (the Carl episode is the second). Sure, it sounds hocus pocus, but I realized I’ve been confronting a lot of limiting beliefs this month. (Kind of the same concept as Fear Setting, from Four Hour Work Week.) As you may know I write a blog, which is kind of a diary at this point, and I feel like people are rooting for me there, but that also puts tremendous pressure on me. I realized I should come clean about all my limiting beliefs, so in the spirit of the Dane episode, let me start here.

    I’m afraid of being broke, and I’m afraid that means I’m a failure.
    I’m afraid all my friends who pursued “real jobs” like doctor, lawyer, or banker did the right thing, and I’m trying to “cheat”, and I’m eventually going to get my comuppance. (Is that a word?)
    I’m afraid that I’m all talk, and no action.
    I’m afraid that the Ferriss/Maxwell/Flynn world of passive income is “pie-in-the-sky”, and everyone sees it but me.
    Related, I’m afraid that if I don’t succeed resoundingly, people will just say, “of course you didn’t succeed. It’s like I told you – there’s no easy money.”
    I’m afraid I don’t really understand the mechanism of creating demand, and that all my “sales” are luck, and I won’t be able to reproduce the success.

    Somehow, I’m not afraid of selling.

    Haha but I’m afraid that makes me a sleaze;)

    Ok, enough fears. Here’s what I want-

    I want to be free of answering to a boss.
    I want to be free of having to work in an office.
    I want to live bi-coastally by house swapping with the condo I own in Brooklyn, and travel the world.
    I want to spend less than (here we go) four hours-a-week on my money making mechanism, so that I can produce creative content (music, writing, and film).
    I want to iron out a framework for achieving this life that’s reproducible, so I can teach others in my field to do it as well.

    Haha okay, now that I’ve fully aired my laundry…

    • Michael


  • http://www.expertsenterprise.com Hugh Culver

    #85 is the winner. Pat I think I’ve listened (and loved) every episode of SPI. And this is the MUST listen for anyone getting started.
    Thank you Dane for being so clear and unapologetic with your views.
    My goal is to launch new entrepreneurs into the expert space as speakers, seminar leaders, authors, and coaches.

    My nagging worry is about going even bigger into that space. I worry that even though I have had many years of consistent success I’m not a NYT best selling author or have 100K on my mailing list.

  • Nejc

    I can’t really say I haven’t taken action so far. I am 30, father of three, will defend my PhD in Computer Science next month and I am CEO and co-founder of a bioinformatics startup (www.genialis.com) and things are going pretty well for now. However, for some reason my body “vibrated” when I listened to this podcast.

    First, because I realized there are still so many “barriers” within myself which make my daily tasks much harder and longer to execute than they could be. For example, when I face a difficult problem, I often simply “run away” for a few seconds, minutes or even hours (Facebook, online articles, movies) and I have to force myself later to “come back” and start dealing with the problem. I realize I have do something about it, even though, as I said, I probably could be labelled as “successful”.

    Secondly, I can deeply understand your fear and uncertainty, Dane, of speaking loud about your experience. To me, all this makes perfect sense, even though I have a totally “scientific mindset”. I have been married for more than 6 years and I am very aware how much can past emotional experience (especially the negative one from childhood) affect our adult lives. Mostly, I have experience with issues in partnerships, but the basis is the same – our emotions.

    Thirdly, probably most important reason why I am writing this comment is that the idea, that “the most important entrepreneurial battles are fought in the field of our deeply guarded emotions” is simply revolutional. And I totally agree, that there is no tactics or strategy in the world than can help one become an entrepreneur if the “emotional battle” is being lost again and again. And because of that, I think the greatest potential of The Foundation and you, Dane, is multiplying “The Foundations” around the world. After enough experience and methodology is gathered (perhaps you already have), I think you should really consider bringing the whole thing to another level, i.e., scaling it globally. This way, The Foundation could make a really huge impact to the world.

    Making a huge impact to the world is my greatest and most far reaching motivation to do anything I do. If any of this makese sense to you, Dane, I’ll be very glad to discuss this with you. Anyway, thank you for your readiness to serve the world.

  • Terry

    I remember many years ago watching an interview with Clint Eastwood. I believe it might have been after his first Directorial debut. Obviously being a great actor is one thing, being a great director too, is amazing.

    They talked to him about his success, and I remember him saying something that I didn’t quite understand: So many people get close to greatness in life, and then they self-sabotage it. It could be drugs, drink, etc. “People are afraid of their own success”.

    I thought it was the silliest thing ever at the time, but now this many years later playing it safe, I know what he means.

    For me, I think part of it is finding out that I’m not so special after all. Fear of failure is very frightening. That glimmer of hope that maybe someday I would be successful has been the motivation I’ve needed to get through life. But as I am afraid to blow that pilot light out, I now see that the years are slipping by, and my own inaction is going to make that fear a reality.

    • http://www.getupandgoguru.com Louise Bibby

      I love your honesty Terry. “I think part of it is finding out I’m not that special after all”. That made me smile – the smile of recognition, but also I’m smiling because you ARE that special after all!! You just have to really embrace your uniqueness and realise there’s only ONE YOU in the world, so if you can become Terry, the brand, and be completely proud of who you are at your absolute, most authentic level – and then take that to the world, THAT’S when you’ll have incredible success (like Pat Flynn has!).

      I say I smiled with recognition because as I write this to you, I’m effectively writing a memo to myself to keep remembering it’s MY uniqueness that people will be drawn to when I really put myself out there. Not everyone will be drawn to it, but enough people will, and THAT is what will create success. We just get a little too afraid that we aren’t unique or special enough for anyone to really take notice. That’s one of those limiting beliefs Dane talks about. It sounds glib, but there truly is no-one out there exactly like you. Embrace your difference and “sell” THAT to the world. They will buy if you are authentic and confident about it.

      Don’t let that fear of failure become a reality. You can make an incredible difference in the world. I don’t know how. I don’t even know you. But I do know you can make that difference. And YOU know what that difference is. Now take action & make that difference – and let me know how you go :-) ([email protected] if you want to contact me – just as an SPI community member, not plugging anything)

      Keep Smiling


  • http://www.escapingdodge.com Ree Klein

    Dane ~ I would love to be chosen for the 30-minute interview. I’m a 54-year old woman who has a lot to offer the world. I was born with the spender gene and low-self confidence. The combination of those two traits is a recipe for crushing debt and the guilt and stress that go with it.

    In my early 30s I did something shameful, legal but shameful. The good news is that action became the trigger for me making significant changes in my life. Last year I left Corporate America with savings earmarked to last me a year while I got my business going. That business is EscapingDodge.com, a company with a mission to help others transform their relationship with money.

    I launched the site in March of this year but have yet to monetize (I don’t count the < $10 from Amazon affiliate income as monetizing!). I have products I'm trying to get made and I want to do public speaking. For some reason, I'm blocked. I think it would be interesting and possibly ground-breaking for me to talk with you.

    Loved both the podcasts you did with Pat ~

  • http://www.getupandgoguru.com Louise Bibby

    Awesome podcast Pat & Dane! When I first heard Dane on Ep 46 I had only just discovered SPI & online business, but I knew blogging/writing was my passion, especially in relation to helping people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) live their lives powerfully & live their passion. But ever the entrepreneur, after Ep 46 I was ready to start building software. I’m great with the shiny thing syndrome, so have put software building on the backburner atm & have built my blog over the past year. But I still haven’t earnt a cent from it, although I’m taking action constantly & also finishing an ebook in another niche & building a website around that.
    Nothing Dane said in this episode was new to me, having experienced first-hand the benefits of muscle testing via kinesiology & chiropractic for years, & also done a lot of work on discovering limiting beliefs through courses at Landmark Education and other stuff. But the way Dane delivered the info was what I loved. HE is the example of the fact this stuff works (and FYI there’s a lot more empirical evidence coming out re the scientific effectiveness of muscle-testing in kinesiology, so it’s not as “woo woo” as it first may seem).
    So, what’s stopping me gaining the financial freedom I desire? Most days I would say it’s the CFS, but mainly the Electrosensitivity (had it for 10 yrs. I get severe migraine-like headaches from electro-magnetic radiation. This computer, within seconds, gives me a massive headache but I chose 7 years ago to LIVE my life, headaches & all). BUT the pain DOES stop me at times. I believe a lot in the mind-body connection. I believe I am somehow creating this illness, but I still haven’t got to the bottom of it.
    Dane, I’d love that 30 minutes with you to once and for all get to the bottom of why I suddenly became virtually “allergic” to electricity – and disappear it! Left field? Yep. But I know you like left field :-).
    THANK YOU for bringing this stuff to the “mainstream” because this will seriously change lives in this community as it has mine over the years

    Ballarat, Australia

  • Tameka

    I almost didn’t complete this form for the free 30 minutes because I saw that so many other had and I didn’t want to risk the disappointment. Either way… I’m a single mother of one teenaged son. I have been brought from very far; having been a homeless alcoholic and going days without food, we are now far from this situation, but I still see things “being” sabotaged. I have a surplus of knowledge and it seems to come up out of me when I hear someone else talk about their desires and roadblocks. The answers just fall out of my mouth, I love connecting the dots for people. I love media. I love technology. I’ve been asked for advice from singers, actors, universities, CEOs, business owners, and have left them all astounded. I see them go, apply it, and it works. But I want it to work for me.

    Not having gone to college for it, I can build you your own Roku channel, produce powerful 3D graphics, remove the obstacles from any business, I’m on the board of a filmmaking organization, start and incorporate companies, produce shows, hold powerful interviews, write, organize events, conceptualize the successful execution of just about anything, and could hold my own in a conversation with the President of the United States and not feel intimidated. But what’s wrong? What’s this wall when it’s time to manifest something tangible for MYSELF?

    Companies, mobile aps, software, businesses, all wealth-generating ideas that I see a nitch for, but why won’t it “come out” when it’s time to manifest?! Yet I feel like the life is being sucked out of me when I work under people who don’t know half of what I do and I know it was my knowledge that helped start the company! I don’t understand…

    I’ve had my share of traumas during my youth that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If not for the mercy of God, I wouldn’t be here. But now, what’s the problem with manifesting and walking in all the things I’ve helped others do? I’m still being sought out by people who want to work with me. I should not be intimidated; and I’m not, as long is its THEIR project.

    You know that saying “If you don’t work your vision, someone else will hire you to work theirs?” I’m afraid I’ve almost preferred that situation, yet its eating me alive! I’ll come up with the concepts, work it, talk them out of fear and doubt and watch them go and prosper, and I’m genuinely happy for them. But what about me? …scratching my head…

  • http://sectorius.blogspot.com Erica holmes

    But , when it apparently traced deeper meaning of the notification to the application by the green flag messages through WhatsApp service FAQ a checklist indicating which users post messages have been received by the server . While the checklist means two new incoming messages to the device .

  • Angelo Regalbuto

    Hi guys, first off I’d like to thank you both. A true desire to serve humanity and make the world a better place comes through when I hear the two of you speaking.

    I would like to think that somewhere inside of myself, buried beneath the layers, is also someone who would like to be of service to others. But I’ve been so focused on serving myself for so long that I feel like an empty shell of a person with little or nothing of value to offer the world.

    At the moment I work as door to door salesman, albeit for an organic farm, but for the majority of my adult life I worked with drug addicts and alcoholics. I had no formal training but I guess I’m a relatively empathetic person and people going through tough times can always use somebody to empathize with their pain. I was doing a lot of “work” on myself back in those days as well (not Byron Katie’s work unfortunately) so coaching others through their dark times felt natural to me. I found helping people to be very rewarding, but because I had never been an addict or alcoholic myself I always felt like somewhat of an outsider and my heart was never fully in it. On top of that the work was very draining, so after about ten years I quit and vowed never to do that kind of work again.

    Since then I’ve come up with countless ideas for projects and business ventures but I’ve only followed through with two of them, both of which I walked away from. The first one was teaching stand up paddle boarding in a remote destination in Costa Rica, and the second was being a surf photographer in that same spot. Both times I left because I thought I’d never make enough money to support a family and do the kinds of things I’ve always dreamt of doing.

    I was born in Kauai but my dad took me to San Diego when I was still a baby. My mom didn’t know where we were for a couple of years so subconsciously I think I’ve always equated the tropics with home/mom. Hence I’ve never felt at home here in southern California and have been desperate to “find home” ever since I was a child. Even though I have no memory of my life before being taken from my home, I understand the profound impact these early experiences can have on us.

    Everyday I feel like a piece of me dies, stuck here in suburban hell on the hamster wheel of an uninspired life. Whatever I choose to do going forward, I have some very limiting beliefs that I need to deal with first. I must say I’m freaked out about what to do with my life and the words to the song “Time” by Pink Floyd keep echoing in my mind. I took ten minutes to write down those beliefs like you suggested, Nate. They are as follows…

    I’m not smart enough

    I’m not hard working enough

    I’m not passionate enough about any one thing in particular

    I don’t have enough to offer

    I’m not educated enough

    I’m not reputable enough

    I don’t have enough money

    The world as we know it is coming to an end so what’s the point

    I shouldn’t start something until I’m somewhere I really want to be

    I’m too old

    I’m too lazy

    I don’t have enough energy

    I lack commitment

    I’m destined for failure

    In order to make lots of money I’d have to manipulate and/or take advantage of good people

    My ideas are too big or abstract to be realized

    I haven’t specialized in anything

    I’ll become trapped or enslaved by whatever I actually end up doing

    It will take too much work

    Its not worth the risk

    I don’t deserve it

    I’m not good enough

    and last but definitely not least… I’m a bad person

    This exercise alone has helped me because until I put these beliefs down on paper they were but abstract/illusive thoughts that couldn’t really be dealt with because they were too ephemeral or something of that nature. Now that I see them written down like this perhaps I can deal with them one by one, once and for all.

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing to help your community. I too would be honored and grateful for a chance to work with you, Dane. The thought of it scares me a little because I’ve done quite a bit of self improvement work over the years and none of the changes have been lasting, so I guess I’m a little timid about getting my hopes up. But regardless, I truly appreciate you guys and anyone else in the community for taking the time to read this.


    San Diego, CA

  • Julia

    I love this podcast! I totally got what Dane was talking about. I use a method called Scaler Heart Connection: http://www.scalarheartconnection.com/, which is very similar to what Dane is using to tap into the real issues blocking people from achieving their potential. Scalar Heart has been such an amazing way to get to the, well, heart of issues I have been dealing with for years and deal with them once and for all. It’s been life changing for me.

  • Neka

    This was a very different interview and I loved it Pat. I’ve been listening to you for a while now (since just before Dane came on the first time) and I’m continually inspired by your words. Your intro’s sucked me right in :) And yet…I don’t have my own business yet.

    I believe in the results Dane is getting when he helps entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs. I work in sales and I see the results work every day. The people who get past their mental chains are achieving the improbable and even the impossible. I have never been able to shake the feeling that I’m not adding enough value to a particular market.

    Dane mentioned the discomfort from my limiting beliefs can be felt in the chest. I’ve been feeling that discomfort both in my chest and head for the last few months. It happens whenever I listen to a story from the Foundation, get a call to action from Pat, and even constantly at work. I can think of one overarching and paralyzing limiting belief that I’ve been aware of my entire life: “I am not good enough”. It seems, from the posts above mine, I’m neither the first nor the last to feel this way.

    It is time to relieve this tension from my body and I hope everyone feels the drive to do the same. This is the best place to start my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Dane, will you help me reverse my limiting beliefs?

    P.S. Pat you’re the bomb.com. I appreciate all of the hard work it takes for you to make these podcasts, this website, and build a business. You are killing it!

  • Joe

    Enjoyed, but at the very end Dane mentions a 9 or 6 point checklist of what Carl and others overcame plus a video regarding this , but he never mentioned how to get this?

  • Joe

    “So… you’ll also get a full length video on the 9 core behaviors of high achievers. This video was created after hours of research… studying hundreds of entrepreneurs going through The Foundation.”
    Signed up to the email lists, both of them, but could not find this anywhere…. :0(

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Hey Joe! We are putting the finishing touches on the video. It will be sent to you by November 15th, sorry I didn’t mention this!

      It’ll be hot off the press :-)

  • Graham

    This podcast is the one. After 10 years running my own barely successful businesses, I’ve been searching for another way. And lying here with a crook back, I know it’s emotional, stored anger and frustration. The same frustration that’s been sapping my energy I could be putting towards improving my situation. Which I created.
    Thanks for tying it all together.

  • http://MartialArtsBusinessCoaching.com Sean Allen

    I can’t believe how many comments there are here. It seems that everyone has self-defeating actions that are built-in and need to be broken down.
    My limiting belief is that when I get on a roll with content creation I tend to panic because when the moment passes, quite often I lose the idea forever. The result is I snap at people who interrupt me. The unfortunate part is this is usually my family as I often work from home.
    My job now is to reassure myself that I can always tap in on my own creativity, whenever I need to.

  • http://www.tubetrackr.com JC

    Hi Pat and Dane,

    I would like to thank you both so much for what you have been sharing since episode 46! Thanks to you, I took action and launched a SaaS platform for YouTube marketers (called TubeTrackr). Unfortunately I knew I would not be able to join the Foundation program, as I am living in Asia and already working long hours on my video agency. In a way, it forced me to take action without that support. I started working on a platform that addressed a need I had in my job (like suggested in Rework – an excellent reading recommendation from Pat – and also checked that other agencies had the same issue as Dane advises, and got some customers right away). I am so glad that, thanks to a great boost from you both, I reached the current stage, now facing new challenges (such as trying to overcome the fear of more exposure…).
    I completely agree that entrepreneurship is a way for continuous self-development and look forward to continuing down this path and clearing more limited beliefs.
    I would of course love a discussion with Dane but maybe somebody at an early stage of the process would benefit even more and it will be great for her/him.

    Thanks a million times

  • http://jennyjordan.com.au Jenny Jordan

    Hi Pat and Dane,
    I was on a long boring car trip going through emails when I clicked on your podcast Pat that referenced Dane’s interview #46 podcast.

    You would have thought I was bopping to the latest tune on the radio as I nodded my head in agreeing with what you were saying about limiting beliefs.

    The thing that is holding me back is ME!

    Still remember a teacher saying that I would never amount to anything and would be best suited to getting married and having a family! I am a 50 something woman and that was the thing then.

    I have worked on the internet for 5 years and do many things at once and then get lost or its that voice that says you will never amount to anything.

    Thank you


    • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

      I think you are definitely right when you say that the one holding you back is none other than yourself. That definitely works for everyone and the only thing you could do is to prove to yourself that you are wrong. Life is all about taking risk and that what makes people scared of taking themselves on the next level of them. I think for you to be able to overcome that weakness you should have yourself dedicated to what you are planning to do and tell yourself that no matter what will happen it’ll be alright.

  • JM

    Okay, so I had jumped to conclusions. I didn’t expect the physiological aspect of the message. I agree with him some but not everyone has a physiological block or albatross around the neck. Good message I did find some value but I wish he would have went into strategy as well.

  • Cmdavidson

    Hey guys,
    I really enjoyed the podcast and will check out the video here in a few.
    Having recently undergone a huge year of change with a death in the family and raising two kids I think it it is as good a time as any to change it all up now that I am coming out of “the fog.” In order to get to the freedom I seek, I think I could use some serious attention to identifying limits (although I am sure they are self imposed…..you get in a rut) so that I can move forward to freedom whatever that idea may be. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Cassie

    As I sit here trying to leave a comment I have become more aware of my fragile identy and the challenge of people pleasing perfectionism ruleing the decisions I make. I have a condition called AIS where during my mothers pregnency my body didn’t response to hormones physically and emotionally I developed as a woman however my chromosomes are XY. I identify as a woman but live in constant fear I will be outed of discovered if not through physical accusation but emotionally in relationships . Rejection or feeling

    is a constant fear I try to avoid making the step to living a life empower and free of fear

  • http://none T

    Dane pick me. I take action and have made progress in the last 3 years. By progress I mean hitting financial goals such as becoming debt free, saving money, etc. I want to operate my own business. One reason I have not taken action is because I struggle with the type of business. I work full time. I have a side business now, but it is not what I really want to do. I feel like everyone around me is a naysayer. My head, chest and stomach ache, but I fight through it. I do not take prescription med’s even though I’ve wondered why my body aches. I want to talk with you. If you pick me cool, if you do not I will speak with you another time.

  • Bill

    Pat, Thanks for the great podcast.


    My mind is reeling from this podcast. I sold things all the time when I was a kid. Whether it was plastic lacing for zipper pulls in 4th grade, yarn in my mother’s fabric store, or ice cream bars and brass knuckles in high school. My nickname is high school was “kid bucks.”

    My parents started tax protesting about that time. They sent our Social Security cards back. I had to drop out of college when my savings ran out because I couldn’t provide my parents tax returns for loans and grants. I spent the next several years doing off the books manual labor work to fly under radar. Eventually I worked my way back into the system, pay taxes, have good credit and a pretty good job as an executive director of a nonprofit.

    I bought making plans starting in my teens and continue to listen to podcasts like Pat’s trying to gain the financial independence I truly desire. Where other boys had Playboy under the mattress, I had Success or Entrepreneur under mine. I have always felt I need to hide these goals.

    In a way I am probably your worst nightmare in that I have tons of good ideas. I have 3 patents on good ideas. None have gone anywhere. SPI 46 really rang true for me. It shifted my focus from my ideas to what people want. I recommend that episode and the Foundation to lots of people.

    Dane, I would love your help in getting rid of this programming that is holding me back. I just turned 50 this year and would love to be “kid bucks” again.

  • Anouar

    I was in The Foundation (‘12-’13), and I asked for a refund.
    The exit questionnaire asked me all kinds of questions as to why, and I did my best to answer them as complete and honest as I possibly could.
    My answers included things like failing at idea extraction and not being interested in the industries themselves.
    Though they were all true and these were actual issues, some deeper mechanisms were at play.
    Not taking proper action is not new to me. It hampered me during my studies and at my job for years.
    The Foundation was supposed to put an end to this.
    I tried doing the belief reversal on my own, and I actually asked for help from my peers.
    We held weekly accountability meetings with the group and I almost dodgily escaped all accountability for not delivering. That’s how good I became at not delivering and getting away with it. Of course that won’t bring you anywhere.
    I also tried forcing action, until it became a habit. I tried reading books about changing your own behavior and forging habits. If anything, this seemed to make things worse.
    One thing I didn’t do during the Foundation was reaching out to Dane. For some reason, these twisted mechanisms prevented me from taking the one action that would probably end the reasons for not taking action. Talk about things getting meta.
    After a while I gave up, my sense of self worth completely in the red.
    Several dark clouds hang over my head, like “becoming a loser” and “ending up like my dad”.

    I feel like I don’t have any right to complain, that I’m not supposed to act like a b*tch because these aren’t real problems. Still, the frustration that this begets is so strong that it strangles me. I physically feel it squeezing my neck.

    I view this as my single biggest flaw in life. I feel my potential (and I’m well aware of my potential) is going to waste. Since I’m 30, I feel like I should start getting things done.

    I believe I have a lot to offer to the world. But I need some help to make that happen.
    So I’m gonna ask Dane straight away:
    Please let me have those 30 minutes of your life to help me sort this thing out in mine. I’ll be forever grateful. And so will the people who cross my life’s path.
    Thank you.

  • Tony R

    My biggest fear and limiting belief is I’m afraid of dying

    I’m afraid to leave my children a legacy of mediocrity, like their father was just another ordinary nobody. I want to leave more, I want to show them how to live boldly, to make life what YOU want it to be and own it. I want to live and die with dignity, to live on my terms and in the process leave the world a better place than it was when I was in it. My legacy, to show my children how to own life and not only that but to bring greatness into this world, to touch millions in the process. My legacy is that of greatness, impacting many around the world and not giving in to fear or normalcy.

    With every sunrise, sunset and every breath I want this more than anything.

  • http://GoldSilverInvestments.net Peter A

    Thanks for everything Pat. I’ve been procrastinating in deep ‘analysis paralysis,’ doing a lot of reading… But it’s the actual DOING as you learn that is the best way to learn and develop. Bumps in the road along the way are a part of the education…

  • http://robertfrench.ca Robert French

    Loved this episode!!! It’s about time people talked about the “woo woo” stuff that isn’t actually any more “woo woo” then life itself when you think about it. Dane! There is a book out there titled “the hearts code” that you may find interesting. There is also a whole bunch of related material with Abrahams ( google Abraham-hicks ).

    Thank you both for your continued time and effort to help out and make a difference!

  • Michael Kim

    In parts of this episode, you can hear the obvious disappointment and confusion in Pat’s voice as Dane is talking about emotions and mental blocks as opposed to tangible strategies and tactics. I can totally understand Pat’s response. I recall Andrew Warner from Mixergy mentioning how most successful entrepreneurs refuse to mention how they overcame the emotional pains and negative internal chatter but I realize now that it is possibly the most important thing to grasp.
    This is why Dane’s content is just brilliant, it doesn’t deal with the question of “how”, but having the motivation, passion, and drive to put in the effort to get to the how. Think and Grow Rich, possibly the most renowned business books, does not even talk about tactics but developing internal drive.
    As for me, something just clicked when Dane mentioned the story of the student who kept second guessing himself. I also experienced a a traumatic experience as a kid where my father would just yell and criticize me harshly over small random things. This would just get worse as my mother was terminally ill and eventually pass away. As a result, I always felt worthless and incompetent and I ended up associating that with my identity. I’ve made big strides to improve since then but I still get this negative chatter in my head that tells me that I don’t deserve to be successful, and that I’m not good enough. It also doesn’t help that my father tries to block and discourage me from doing a software business and thinks I have no idea what I’m doing. Dane was just so on target when he said that a shift in identity and beliefs is what is needed.
    I’ve been following Dane Maxwell for about a year now through interviews and on his facebook and I’ve been enamored with all his content. I just want to say thank you for putting this message out, I know it wasn’t easy.

  • Todd Van Arsdale

    Enjoyed this episode quite a bit, even it could be described as a bit out there. I think self-examination processes (like this one if it works, or any other kind) should be encouraged for people in general, but definitely to people starting businesses, or attempting anything that is one-to-many. But I’d take it even farther: these should be used not only to examine personal ‘blocks’ to action, but also to reveal whether or not your motives are solid. No business is perfect, but businesses and products would improve across the board if more people worked on becoming a bit more self-aware. Doing so informs every aspect of what you’re putting out into the world.

    “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” —Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurrassic Park)

  • http://blogron.com Delwar Jahan

    I would love to take some action after hearing the episode. Specially trying to do something better after trying all the things I am doing and did. It might have not be perfect but I will be happy to say that I tried and made a difference.

  • Sean

    Hey Dane & Pat,
    Great podcast! I don’t think this a crazy concept at all. I have read about EFT Tapping and the results it achieves and The Work sounds somewhat similar from the little I gathered while listening. This is one of those subjects that make people scratch their heads, but if it works, it works.

    Some things that come to mind that are holding me back in life are my perfectionism and fear of failure or success (maybe both). I procrastinate with almost everything in my life. Nothing really gets done until I feel the pressure of the deadline. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. School was always painful for me. I would know I need to study or complete a project, but could not bring myself to take even the simplest action until it was too late to get a good result. I would constantly sabotage myself. The part that felt crazy is that I would know I was doing it and wouldn’t change course.

    I am a former Division I athlete, accomplished triathlete and runner. The frustrating thing for me is that I know I can be successful athletically, it’s almost automatic, but then I can’t replicate that success in my career or financial life. I feel incredibly stuck, but deep down I know there is something keeping me there that I haven’t been able to figure out. I am now 32 and feel trapped in a career that doesn’t interest me and am at the mercy of my bosses decisions.

    I have wanted business freedom, since I first stumbled upon the 4 Hour Work week years ago, but have done almost nothing concrete to move me forward. I have listened to endless podcasts, and even purchased online courses, but have nothing to show for it. There is this image of who I want to become in my mind, but getting there seems like an impossibility. I know that I have something amazing to offer the world, but just can’t get to where I want to be.

    I have felt for a long time that there is something blocking me and would really enjoy speaking with you. Thank you for your consideration and all the work that you do.

  • http://www.getintoivymba.com Pat

    Hi Pat, Dane,

    Pat, thanks for having Dane back on the podcast. Really appreciate how you bring on great guests for us all to learn from.


    I’d love to chat with you for 30 minutes.

    Here’s a bit about me.
    Taking action: I’m doing idea extraction now. I’ve emailed 400 realtors and gotten a 15% reply rate (thanks HARO). I’ve had about 20 calls so far (and owe lots of realtors a call back) but am still figuring out how to dig deep and find an idea. So, I’ll keep chugging away- but I’m considering shifting markets.

    Want to take more action: I’m not sure why I’m not really diving into this. I should be making many more calls- and I’m not sure why I’m not. I have a ton of reasons and whys-but something is holding me back.

    Whys: I really, really want to be an entrepreneur. I have two young boys and I want to be available for them (the are 5 months and 2 years old). My wife and I have been to 15 countries together- I want to travel with the whole family. My youngest son has a heart condition and it’s going to get fixed with surgery this week- and I want to be around for his care. My parents have no savings and are living only on social security- I want to provide for them because of all they have done for me. I have a lot of whys…but I’m not going after building my own business with the passion that I think I should.

    My background:
    My dad went bankrupt when I was 17 and I think that I’ve always worried about my ability to make money since then. It’s made me want to look for ways to get rich quick. I’ve lost money in real estate and the stock market since. I’ve learned my lesson and am trying to gather the right skills and mentors to build something long term and sustainable.
    My undergrad was in chem engr and I also have an MBA (with a concentration in Entrep- HAHAHHAHA- that didn’t work out well so far).
    I was an investment banker for a year and left to be a tech entrep- but it’s been a rough 18 months I’ve tried to find my way.

    So, something’s holding me back but I don’t know what. I have plenty of reasons, plenty of drive. I’m not lacking in intellect or opportunity. I haven’t found my way yet and I’m frustrated as hell.

    Would love to chat with you and try to make some mental progress. Thanks so much for the offer.

    • http://www.getintoivymba.com Pat

      I forgot to mention that I’m a veteran with two tours overseas as a search&rescue helicopter pilot.
      Anyway, I’m trying my best. I am frustrated because I’ve had a lot of success and I have a lot to be thankful for- but I haven’t figured out how to break free and run my own successful business.

      Thanks Dane and Pat.

  • http://www.livethebetterlife.wordpress.com Tyson Brown

    I love listening to you Pat i have only started listening to you for 2 months but i have gone back to your first episode and started from there. You give me so much information to use but i just can’t do it. I am 18 years old and i have realised that i am not cut out working 8 hours a day towards somebody else’s dream. I feel the biggest thing stopping me is the fear of failure. I want to be successful so bad but i am so scared i fail and if i fail i just can’t stomach the feeling of my parents feeling dissapointment and ashamed in me. I feel i have to be a perfect son to them and i can’t let them down because i feel that i will just be that son who amounts to nothing and they are ashamed of me. I always strive to impress them in every way because i just want them to be proud of me. I hate my job but i don’t want to quit it because i don’t want to be known as a quitter, i just care what everybody thinks about me and i don’t want to be known as that kid who just quit his job to follow a dreamed that he failed.

  • Lian Joseph

    I am very good at what I do. I love marketing and social media and specialize in the leverage it can have to positively impact masses. My aim in life is to take this carreer path as a full time gig, and possibly work with several companies, helping them out. What holds me back is fear of not knowing how to do this, but more deeply, feeling that Im not worth it. There are so many people out there with less experience and less ideas than me, and still get thes contracts. Im afraid all jobs are taken, even though I know I can have so much impact on these companies. Dane, you’re awesome, please keep doing what you do. Those are my two cents.

  • http://gotdogs.net Deanna


    I loved this podcast. I must admit, at first I was thinking what the … But I am so glad I opened my mind and continued to listen.

    What’s holding me back? I’ve been thinking long and hard on this. My initial thought was analysis paralysis. But what is causing that? I believe down deep in my subconscious that I am destined to fail. I also fear not having the approval of others. I know that sounds silly, and in my head I know it doesn’t matter, but my stomach tells me it does.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

  • http://www.johncpeden.com John Peden

    An interesting proposition Dane. The first time you hit my radar was on the webinar with Maneesh and you touched on a series of emotional aspects that all too often are ignored.

    I believe I deflected your question on Facebook this week about inaction by saying “Of course *I* take action, I just lose interest after a while and move onto something else”. However, having thought about your question a little deeper, I can offer up two further pieces of information that feed back to your original emotional point:

    Firstly, I take action on the things that are comfortable (installing/tweaking a new plugin rather than writing a thought-provoking post).

    Secondly, I move onto something new not necessarily out of boredom but once the going gets rough.

    I wouldn’t say that I struggle to take action but I would say that I struggle to take meaningful action and see it through to completion (learning something in the process).

    The reason I struggle so much is ultimately, as you pointed out on the webinar, fear of shame. Shame of failure or of being wrong. It feels like the naysayers are always there in my mind telling me not to try as I’ll only fuck up whatever it is I’m working on.

    I think the only thing that can combat one’s own sense of self-doubt is achieving a sense of self-belief by succeeding in a particular area, repeatedly. I’ve got some ideas for how that might work, but a 30-minute conversation with yourself would be a big help :)

    All the best.

  • Sean

    Trapped emotions. Great podcast. I know that I can do anything, because I have already done so in my life out of necessessity and desire. However, I know there is more that I could do, if my trapped emotions did not show up and stop dead in my tracks.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Great post. I love the suggestion for writing down all the “whys” for wanting to succeed in business, and keeping that list somewhere where you read it every day. Going to do that now.

  • Michael

    Pat, thanks for having Dane on. Yea, it was a bit woo woo but it really struck a chord with me. I think I’m the poster boy for limiting beliefs.

    Where to begin? I’ve never felt good enough. My family was always critical. My dad was an alcoholic and failed in multiple businesses. I seem to be following in his footsteps; I got sober 7 years ago and feel like I’m still figuring out how to be an adult in my mid 40s.

    In high school I was that kid who never studied and got great grades. College was one big party until I got a job in the restaurant business and I never looked back. I owned my own restaurant for almost a decade but the recession was brutal and I had to get a real job when we found out my wife was pregnant. The job went south and I found myself not qualifying for food stamps by $14. We are barely back on our feet a year and a half later but I find working for the man sucks a bit of my soul every day that I go to work.

    I have so many ideas for starting things that my wife and I keep a notebook. We’ve mapped out a pair of thoughts but I can’t seem to get started. I was this close to pulling the trigger on a different project two months ago but pulled out at the last second.

    So I keep asking myself “what is stopping me?” I get the ideas mapped in my head but when I get to paper it all seems to scramble, which is very unlike me. I usually can at least get that part done.

    The fear of failure shouldn’t stop me. I’ve had some huge stumbling blocks and really, although tough, they weren’t as horrible as you would think. I mean, I lost my business, sold another at a huge loss, went bankrupt, lost my house, left all my worldly possessions to move a few thousand miles away for a job that disappeared 6 months later. Yet I listen to people like you two and think I have a plan to move forward and get out of the rat race so that I can truly enjoy my family. But I can’t seem to make those first steps.

    I really do believe that I’m sabotaging myself to prove that I am a failure and I have no idea why or how to break this cycle.

    But, knowing I have the problem is the first step in solving it. I hope to hear from you Dane, but either way, thank you for the insight.

  • Jack

    It was great.

  • C. Henry

    Dane & Pat,

    Thanks for a great podcast. I just learned about the website this week and i’ve pretty much spent the whole weekend listening to the old podcast and learning about the mindset and mind shift required to be an entrepreneur. My situation is that i’ve been in the U.S for quite a bit of time now for school and work and i’m currently working in the U.S as a H1-b employee. I have made great friends and a good life here and think of the U.S as my second home but i’m very dissatisfied with my life and the work i do. I’m thinking of taking the entrepreneurial leap but i know that making the leap will essentially mean leaving my new home for good. It’s a big sacrifice on the whole but i know i need to make a decision for my future. I’d be very appreciative to hear Dane’s and Pat’s comments.

    Thanks and keep being awesome.

  • Chris Scott

    I want to make a difference. My chest and stomach suggest otherwise.

  • http://themodernyou.com Max Turner

    Dane I love your theories and can reallycan regsinate with what you had to say in this podcast especially and really enjoyed your last podcast you did on the SPI Podcast I have listened to them both about a dozen times or so since.

    My problem: I am a course-a-holic I love to read the theories of others and learn how others are making money. I have spent hundreds of dollars on them and I have made the plunge but where I lack both in my new business and real life is making the wrong decision. It honestly makes me feel sick to my stomach and puts a lot of pressure on my chest. If I had to put a “voice” to them I would imagine them saying “you dont have to make a choice right now”and “dont make the wrong decision or you will regret it” so it lingers and lingers often times causing serious problems all because I am afraid to decide, in fear that I might be wrong.

    So I tend to make decisions, act on them.for awhile and then stop and then pursuit the other decision I decided against.

    Thanks for such a great podcast Pat and Dane!

  • Chae

    Great follow-up interview Pat and Dane. I’ve made some progress but am also finding it difficult to keep the momentum going after a couple of weeks. Then a month goes by and I get in another solid two weeks before stopping again. Real life obstacles are partly hindering my productivity, energy, motivation in creating another income stream including a new baby and getting my solo consulting business off the ground. I’m optimizing my day by waking up early, doing my best work in the mornings, eliminating distractions at work and home, and spending quality time with my family. I realize that getting to the next level of what I consider success is getting out of my own way.

    My limiting beliefs are -I’m not a real leader, how can I run my own business? -I’m not an expert. -I’m not that creative – I’m too old to start my own business -I’m too busy. -I’m a fraud. There are more but I’m trying to submit before the deadline! Thanks guys, great discussion.

  • Sandy

    Great podcast folks, and Dane for introducing me to Pat and his work.
    Like many these days I have multiple social media accounts, and although I have never been one for posting my personal business and beliefs on them, in the last year or so my tendency has been to search for inspirational postings and share them with a view to encouraging others on their life paths. Recently people have started to compliment face to face on my postings and thoughts on them. As inspired as that makes me feel I am still stuck it the same rut. My heart is breaking free little by little to become the person that I want to be but my self limiting beliefs and lack of trust and confidence in myself have a hold over me that I cannot seem to break. I want to face the world as the person behind the keyboard, I want to practice what I preach.
    I can see that it is happening, but a bit too slowly for me, ironically my mind is unhappy with my progress even though it is the one that is holding me back.
    Keep up the great work on the podcasts and with the Foundation :)

  • Sheila

    Thank you Pat and Dane! I’ve been following the Foundation closely for months (and applied to it) and it just blows me away. I am keenly interested in the ‘mindset’ of Entrepreneurs and the existence of limiting beliefs and how to reverse them. I would like to address the psychological side of things before I can put the other principles of the Foundation (e.g. Idea extraction) into practice.

    I fear that I’m riddled with many limiting beliefs that have been preventing me from reaching my goals, even ones I’m not even aware of. I have a fair idea of what some of them are, but if I were to do a reversal session with a professional, I fear what else I will discover. However, I’d like to get closer to my goals and address the blocks that are stopping them. I do believe that it will also help with other aspects of my life, such as friendships, relationships and my ability to help people.
    I would just like someone who can truly help me.

    Like a lot of people here, I first discovered the Foundation through Pat Flynn. =) I’m so stoked you’ve interviewed Dane again, Pat! This further reinforces the ‘Pat Flynn effect’. The Foundation rocks!

  • Edouard

    It was a saturday afternoon, I was feeling invincible. A shower had rinsed off all the dirt and the bad thoughts. It was my fourth tennis tournament that year. I didn’t win but I played really well. I felt good about myself, and decided that I wanted to become a pro tennis player. Something I had been dreaming about for a long time. I could see myself being the next Stefan Edberg. A soft touch combined with a sly game. Being 12, I felt unbreakable. Being outside all day and do sports felt like a real possibility.

    I couldn’t wait to tell my parents and receive their enthusiasm and support. My parents were seated at the kitchen table, enjoying their late saturday afternoon. I sat down and immediately said that I was going to be a tennis pro. It was quiet so I said it one more time. “This is my dream”.

    The silence that ensued was finally broken by my father. And I still remember his exact reaction. He said: ”being a successful pro is only for a lucky few. Chances are you won’t make it. It is better if you stick to school and get a college degree instead”. I felt completely shattered. Here I was being told that I wasn’t good enough and dreams are only for the lucky ones. I was just a number.

    A whole list of limiting beliefs has flowed from this event since. It has become so ingrained that I have accepted it as a fact. Somewhere I know it is not true but man am I struggling to shed this. That’s all I want: to have an experimental outlook on life again. I crave to be positively opportunistic and of value to others. This is really really frustrating. It was a moving podcast. I never lost the thread, Dane is lucid.

  • http://www.ourhomefromscratch.com John V

    Great podcast. I actually didn’t find it all that “woo-woo.” A little out there, but not like whole-other-planet out there. I wanted to agree with Dane’s assessment of how engineer’s have that MVP mentality. I’m an Aerospace/Mechanical engineer and I’m the EXACT same way as your engineer example. We have a home improvement website that is our little project and I’m totally gun-shy about adding new content. We’re changing some of the key features and are going to start going after subscribers and I can’t hit the “publish” button until I’m absolutely 100% cool with the way it’s worded, looks, etc. I think I may need to get over that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.mastermaroc.com/ Nasser@Master

    wonderful topic for me …. I love so much about it … be a rich person needs to have a great mind who need to think more …. If this article can really offer us a beautiful and very good ideas that we need to know more about this industry … . because it is a difficut requiring anyone who wants to be rich to think more ….

  • http://www.soulachvment.com Gregg bell

    Thank you Pat for providing such a a great podcast. listened to this episode multiple times, more then most episodes.

    Thank you Dane, For being open and honest, and putting yourself out there, you’re making the world a better place, and I appreciate the example you provide as a person, and the trail you’re blazing.

    I especially want to thank Don, for allowing the conference to be out there, when it came up that you understood things logically but you still get held beck, my knees got weak, I had to stop what i was doing and put my full attention on what was happening in my body, and in the conversation. I had a massive releasing of resistance, goose bumps all over and it felt like a rocket of energy shot up my spine.

    This podcast was maybe a 2 or 3 on my woo woo scale, and i get things logically, and i practice things logically, I’ve listened to loving what is by byron katie, did some exercises logically, do a lot of other processes logically, this helped me get out of my head.

    I instantly flashed to my grandfather, Icon in my life, WWII soldier, head carpenter for CN Rail, amazing orator, and thought I was a sissy, that emotions were not suppose to be talked about, let alone felt, everyone knew i was sensitive, intuitive, which brought up his fear if you can’t see it touch it it doesn’t exist, logically he was who he was, he did his best to understand the world around him, even know i have nothing but love for him, and myself, i understand my emotional detachment, (hands are shaking at the moment), being called a sissy that won’t amount to anything when your 5 by someone you think is larger then life.

    I have the day off today, Snow, the wife and son are at work, while there is a bunch of other stuff I want to be doing, I will instead focus on me for a bit, do some focus wheels, and some digging into my limiting beliefs.

    Thanks to all the other people who have shared in the comment section.


    • http://www.soulachvment.com Gregg bell

      on a side note, i saw in the comments, the Ford, Jobs argument of asking people what they want, a faster horse, pain extraction is not about getting people to tell you what they want, it’s about finding the pain, and giving them what they didn’t know they wanted.

      for ford peoples pain would be a horse isn’t fast enough or can’t plow the fields hard or long which he answered, jobs was communication problems, seems to me they intuitively did the pain extraction process.

  • http://www.joshualayhue.com Josh L

    Okay, Dane… I thought you were crazy when you started talking. And I would have believe that you are completely out of your mind if you weren’t describing exactly how I feel. I’m an engineer and I feel like I’m pretty good at that profession. But every business I try to start fails… miserably. I used to think I just had more to learn so I bought every course and read every book that I could… tried again… failed again. I don’t know what else to try. I believe that I will succeed. I just need to figure out what is limiting me. I have a wife, 3 kids and one more on the way. I have two goals: (1) Earn enough passive income that I can have a work schedule that allows me to spend more time with my family and (2) earn enough passive income that I can give at least 50% of my income away. That’s what drives me. That’s why I keep pushing through every failure. I’m committed to these goals and I’m confident that I will get there. I’d just prefer that it be sooner rather than later. I’d love to chat with you, but I also understand that your time is limited and there are plenty of worthy people out there. Good luck choosing just one. There are some INCREDIBLE stories in these comments. Great work, Dane (and Pat)! Keep pushing!!!

  • Adam A.

    I think there are a number of things that keeps me from really getting started to break out of this cubicle and really live a life of purpose.

    One issue is focusing on one thing to make it work. I feel like there are a couple different avenues or passions I could follow, but I’m afraid to fail. I feel like if I pick one and fail at it, getting go on the next possibility will be harder and the cement will dry around my feet while I sit in my office.

    I know what I want. I want to be self-employed and bringing in passive income so I can spend more time with my family, volunteer more of my time in areas that need it, and really take what I’ve learned to share it with others. I want my work to have meaning.

  • Patricia

    I am scared shitless… quite literally!

    My body is clenched up and has been in pain 5 for years. I only realised the cause and effect when listening to this podcast.

    I feel like someone is trying to strangle me. My throat is clenched and feels raw when I think about this. Despite what my head thinks I am afraid of money. Logically I tell myself I am going to ‘make it’ this time but I have just gone through 5 or 6 years failing and I am really worried that I will retire without the financial resources to live a life of comfort. I want to live life, see the world and have nice things but I realise that I am blocking myself.

    The thing I am afraid of ‘not having enough money’ is the very thought that is blocking me. This makes so much sense now.

    I urgently need to move this block because I have just found an opportunity in a market niche that I care personally and strongly about and I can’t have this blockage prevent me making a difference this time. The difference I can make to the market niche is too important to allow ME to get in the way.

    What a realisation… this is not the first time I have had a sudden realisation whilst listening to Dane. His humanity and caring appear to give me permission to think about myself. Thank you Pat and Dane.

    • Patricia

      This process is really freeing…

      Less than 30 minutes after my post and I realised that the thought that goes around in my head is that I will end my days financially worse off than my parents and in need. This thought was crystallised when I heard a radio interview during the economic crisis where an economist said that my generation, middle age, would be the first generation to be worse off than our parents – that was it… the PROOF that the thought in my head was right. It confirmed my worst FEARS and I hear that statement over and over in my mnd when I relax.

      They say you attract what you think about most and that certainly appears to be true. I realise that I have been self sabotaging and was not even aware of it beauce my will power is so strong it kept pushing me forward – forward to the edge of the next cliff :-)

  • Leah

    I think what Dane is talking about here is really profound. I feel that people don’t address this kind of stuff enough in public and in the entrepreneurial space. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical as well when I first listened to it. It did sound a bit wishy washy and I almost brushed it off thinking that I already knew what was stopping me – “I’m afraid of failure duh”.

    But I instead took Dane’s advice and sat down to write it out and find the metaphysical pain. I kid you not, the more I dove deeper, beyond just “fear of failure” the more I was able to really feel it. I felt it in my chest and I nearly teared as I dove deeper to realize why I felt this way. I won’t go into the personal details that I was able to uncover but it was deep rooted in childhood. I usually am not a commenter but I’m sharing this because I think that people need to try it out for themselves. It’s strange because for the last 2 days after I’ve uncovered it, it has instead just became a conscious thought in my mind. Whenever I’m unable to act I think about it and just the realization of why I was holding back made the feeling go away. Being a very shy person – the thought of doing many things including talking to strangers used to make my chest tighten and I would make excuses not to do it. But in the last 2 days I’ve been able to make the feeling go away and have been able to really step up my game. I’ve always just been a listener to tactics but have been able to take more action – which includes writing this comment.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you so much for sharing this Leah, I think a lot of people feel the same way going into the podcast, and it’s so cool to know you actually did seek answers within yourself and found them. Awesome job, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the comment!

  • http://dalemelchin.wordpress.com Dale

    The ideas propounded in the podcast are based on Taoism. The emotions are generated by different organs in the body. For me it wasn’t weird. It was enlightening.

    • http://vegetarianzen.com Vickie

      I agree with you, Dale! VERY enlightening!

  • Summer

    Hi Dane, hi Pat!

    Thanks for the great and inspiring podcast! What is holding me back?

    I used to sing which I loved doing and was very proud of my voice. Then I got hit (emotionally) by a huge truck and the trauma resulted in me losing my singing voice, it is just all blocked up. I tried to carry on with life and accept it. I also used to have an excellent memory I have been able to remember so many details so far back; I have always been able to rely on my brain for anything. For the past two years now, things are starting to get foggier and everything is very hard work. I am starting to show compulsive traits just to be sure that things are the way they should be… I just feel I cannot trust myself anymore and it a big struggle every day. I want to breath again and have clear thoughts to finally live and not just exist. I want to return and take my place in life :)

  • http://Tomany! Adam

    Hi Guys –
    Great episode. Not at all “whaha” stuff Pat. At least I don’t think so.

    Dane: My block.. to many idea, lack of focus….. shiny new object/idea takes me away from completion. Simple it’s easier to start many ideas and have them all open ended where people see me as “busy” and uber creative.. and whatnot.. but truth is.. If I were to finish anything then I’m afraid what people will say. I’d want the world to see what I created right?

    As my wife says, I’m a great idea guy, just not the best on following through.

    Trying to fix it, and have done TONS of reading/podcast listening to in the past 18 months and am really sick of the study and want to put things into action – so I am. Not to say that I won’t still study and learn and grow, but it takes focus and a plan.

    My daily mantra is: Clarity begets Action. Action speaks louder then words. Just hope it’t not to late for me or my wife/marriage/kids/family.

    thanks again.


  • http://www.financiallydigital.com Nunzio

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes to date. I love the technical and tactical stuff but I am definitely the kind of person that relates best to trying to figure out what’s going on internally. I’ve been working on finding where in my body anxiety comes from when it creeps up. Thanks for the awesome SPI Podcast this week!

    Dane: I try to be a really positive person but I definitely sabotage myself. I think a lot of my limiting beliefs come from an “old school, old world” family and the worries of finding success. My parents immigrated to the US in the 70’s/80’s and growing up I was taught that studying hard going to college (and then grad school) would be the way to succeed. In my business I’m constantly running into blocks because what I’m trying to do is not the “traditional” route and I think those around me feel a little threatened – which I internalize..a lot. So even though I try to stay active, surround myself with good people and mentors and think that I’m working on my mindset I still run into roadblocks. I would love the opportunity to talk to you and to tell you a little more about what I think is going on and try to get a little coaching to beat it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait for next weeks episode!!

  • http://www.engdepot.com Greg

    Pat, Love the podcast. Dane, love listening to everything I can find where you are the featured guest.

    My story. My apologies for the length.

    I’ve wanted to take action for years in putting together an online resource for my profession as a comprehensive one does not exist. I finally bit the bullet after listening to countless podcasts from Pat and other thought leaders. Dane really spoke to me when I listened to this episode yesterday. I am an engineer and always want everything to be perfect. This weekend, I put a landing page up for my new website and last night sent an email out to 40 of my colleagues that I’ve worked with or know from where our career paths crossed. So far, 13 people have looked at the website, 1 has sent me an email about it, and none of my 12 colleagues have even mentioned it to me and the day is almost over. So, I’m having all kinds of crazy thoughts in my head and my STOMACH is in knots. Why the lack of initial interest? Am I an asshole (I don’t think so), do people just not have the same itch that needs scratching as I do (I doubt it), does my putting it out there in cyberspace turn people off (I hope not), are my contacts jealous (come on, I’m not that narcissistic). As I write this, I’m sitting here thinking that I’ve got some serious balls for complaining to a bunch of strangers and what if my coworkers or friends stumble across this? I’d much rather stand up for myself and thoughts through a computer because I don’t want to face anyone if this is deemed by the larger community a bad idea. Anyway, enough rambling.

    Dane, I think 30 minutes with you would help me so much in conquering my fears.

  • Jeremy

    Oh my goodness…
    Dane I do not know how you are going to pull this off!
    I see so many good stories here, I could not see picking just one! I would be pressed to help them all.
    Good luck everyone and thank you pat and Dane for this opportunity!

    Now my short list…. not short but the pain is quite debilitating to my my entrepreneurial spirit. I have been good at building businesses for years, in my head and on paper, but that is as far as they go. No matter how much research, effort, or knowledge I have it all ends the same and a new idea begins. I have been stuck in a job I dread going to daily but it pays the bills and the family eats. I wish not to be a burden nor fail. I will leave it at that and wish everyone luck! Help others and enjoy life!

  • Mike

    Thanks Pat for all the valuable information you bring to the daylight. I’ve been stuck since the last Google disaster that wiped out a couple of years worth of work. I have not updated any of my websites since.

    This same type of thing happened to me in the early 80’s when a business I had invested 10 years into was lost. I crawled into a hole and stayed there for 7 years until I started listening to Anthony Robins and started practicing NLP. I had forgotten about NLP until your current podcast. I have been looking for some passion and through your podcast realized my passion is FREEDOM. Thanks for the lift.

  • http://vegetarianzen.com Vickie

    Pat and Dane, My partner and I got chills when we started listening to this episode because we had just had a long discussion about our own limiting beliefs and how they prevent us from taking our business to the next level.
    For her, she was sick as a child and was told that she would never be able to do the same things as other people, that it would be “too hard” for her. I’ve noticed that she seeks evidence of this to make it true. Anytime something doesn’t work out for her, that script of “you’re not like everyone else” plays out in her head.

    For me, it’s about not having my back against the wall. I am in a very comfortable job earning a good amount of money. From the outside, I look like I did what I was “supposed to”. That is, I got my job, got my MBA, and now am “doing well”. Deep down, I konw there is more to me than this but I’m afraid to bust out of my comfort zone even though it’s slowly killing my spirit.

    I’m also 45 years old and have a decent retirement already and could conceivably retire when I’m 55. More reason to not “rock the boat” but I totally recognize that this boat definitely needs some rockin’. I recently lost my best friend of 31 years to cancer (she was my age) and this made me realize, this show doesn’t go on forever. This life is more than just a read through!

    Hope you will consider this for your entries, Dane! Love your work and was so glad to hear you back on SPI. Thanks for getting him back, Pat!

  • http://simplemsolutions.com Marcia L. King

    As I’m transitioning into my freelance career full-time; I find myself having trouble kicking the feeling of being an “Imposter”. I know that my talents and creativity are real and true and I have just as much opportunity as the next person.

    It’s a nagging feeling in the back of my stomach and in the center of my gut that I’m finally able to attain the life and dream that I’ve imagined for over 20 years; I feel like a fake and that it can’t actually happen.

    I’m going for it anyway!

    Thank you for the information and the encouragement!

  • Rafael

    This interview touched me so deeply… What is holding me back… I do not feel like I deserve to be loved. I think I am a failure. I do not feel like I’m giving enough value. I feel the world around me knows that I can provide so much more, and is bitterly disappointed that I do not.

    I feel it in my gut. I literally, physically feel it in my gut. I went to the doctor, because it is in my gut. When you talked about it in your interview, it almost made me cry, because it is so true.

  • http://www.getintoivymba.com Pat

    Was there also a bullet point guide to successful traits inside the Foundation? I don’t see that on the landing page for Don’s mp3. Thanks.

  • http://MoneyPlanSOS.com/129 Steve Stewart

    This is weird, crazy stuff. I don’t understand much of it but I do feel like Dane is talking to/about me. I’ll probably go back and listen again and again until I understand why my brain is trying to dismiss this all as new-age mumbo-jumbo. I can feel that there’s something there, maybe I have to turn my analytical mind off and just take action!

  • Bryan

    My whole life I have always felt different. Like I am here to change the world and make an impact. Helping others by serving as an example of someone who overcame.

    My dad died when I was 14. I am now 32. A “father figure” that I had growing up and later went to look up to reconnect with had been killed by his wife…who was “another mom” to me. When I was about 25 I was diagnosed with a genetic condition that led to a few surgeries and close medical testing and monitoring the rest of my life. I have been able to overcome to an extent….but I feel I am only at 20%. I am self employed and by many standards make a good living for my wife and 4, soon to be 5 kids. But it is like in my mind I can see the life I am to live, but there is this giant piece of frosted glass in front of me keeping me from getting to that “place” and blurring my vision just enough that it makes it feel more like a fantasy than a meant to be. And I know it is meant to be…some how.

    I am convinced that loosing my dad at 14 and the challenges and fears of my condition are what are keeping me from breaking through. But zeroing in on what the emotions are that are holding me back and dealing with them seem to be the puzzle I have yet to conquer.

  • Aimee

    SIXTEEN YEARS! Shocks me to realize that is how long I’ve been stalled, waiting/hoping to be miraculously motivated into action. I know this because last week while in the process of defining my ‘Freedom Blueprint’ via the Internet Business Mastery Academy program, I stumbled upon some old notes. In one note from 1997, I did a very similar exercise in a program called ‘Inc. Your Dreams’. The scary part to me… the results are exactly the same! Meaning, I have a very clear vision of the life I want to create (which is good) but sadly, I am no closer to this dream than I was 16 years ago.

    It was about twenty years ago that I caught the entrepreneurial bug, when I met my, now ex, husband in Del Mar, CA. I was working 3 dead-end jobs just to make ends meet. Meanwhile, he was working as a free lance graphic designer who had the freedom and flexibility to drop everything when the surf was good. It’s funny that Pat mentioned T.Harv Ecker in this podcast, because he was one of Paul’s clients at the time. Back then (we’re talking 1993?), I devoured Harv’s ‘Street Smart Business School’ program. It was the first time that I heard the phrase, “passive income”. I’ve been yearning to apply these principles ever since.

    Over the years, I focused most of my energy on helping Paul build his online business, radiocarbonart.com. However, it was in no way passive. I spent countless hours preaching about ways we could make it passive, but he was content to keep going on with business as usual. It’s only recently that he began switching from DVD to digital and is now realizing the benefits.

    Anyway, your comment about being comfortable really hit home. Because I’m guilty of becoming complacent about living in the same home as my ex for almost a year. When asked about it, I say it’s for the benefit of our son, though I know this logic is flawed. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but there’s almost a feeling of entitlement. Like I helped him build a business, now he can support me financially while I build mine. Except, I’m still in this damn holding pattern!

    In focusing on my body while I write this, I’m realizing that I have a huge lump in my throat. All the fears you mentioned, I have. I feel like my role has always been that of the back-up singer, never the lead. I’m paralyzed by the thought of being recognized for personal accomplishments, yet I have big ideas and a strong desire to make a difference. Tears are flowing now, just thinking of this, and I’m fighting the urge to delete this entire comment, for fear of actually being picked. But I believe in the metaphysical and realize it may be another 20 years gone by if I don’t do something, so here it is. Many thanks for your consideration!

    [deep breath, hit submit]

  • Jeremy

    Oh my goodness…
    Dane I do not know how you are going to pull this off!
    I see so many good stories here, I could not see picking just one! I would be pressed to help them all.
    Good luck everyone and thank you pat and Dane for this opportunity!

    Now my short list…. not short but the pain is quite debilitating to my my entrepreneurial spirit. I have been good at building businesses for years, in my head and on paper, but that is as far as they go. No matter how much research, effort, or knowledge I have it all ends the same and a new idea begins. I have been stuck in a job I dread going to daily but it pays the bills and the family eats. I wish not to be a burden, disappoint, or fail. I will leave it at that and wish everyone the best of luck! Help others and enjoy life!

  • George Sprouse

    Not gonna lie this is exactly what I needed to hear today! I have been feeling so drained and destructive by my own thoughts in my head reminding me “Im not good enough for this”. After listening to this podcast I wrote all my limited beliefs and now in the process of finding where they come from. My biggest limited belief is the recurring though of “I dont have any money to start this buisness”.

    Im not sure if growing up in poverty is the cause of why I feel i never have enough money to launch my ideas. Hopefully Dan can shed some light on this.

    Im still working on this list but just wanted to say thank you to the both of you!

  • http://livefitforlifeonline.com Glenn Johnson

    Available time to work on my site, marketing and course is the main thing holding me back. But, there are at least two personal things holding me back. One is that I don’t truly, truly believe I can succeed. I do on a superficial level, but I’ve had several failed attempts and am avoiding the pain of giving it my all to save myself humiliation and realization that I’m not good enough.
    I know where this thought process came from, but I don’t know what I can do about it other than work at ignoring it and press on and do my best. If my conscious confidence dominates, then I should be successful. Right?

  • http://www.carleando.com/sp Carlos Gonzalez

    Hi Dane and Pat,

    the podcast was not weird at all. Actually it seemed to me that you recorded it for me, that you were speaking to me.
    Furthermore, let me add some more woo-woo to it because you won’t believe what happened to me.
    These days I’m reading the book “E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” and 2 days ago I gave experiment 5 a try, to see if this stuff actually works.

    What I asked “the Univers” for was that I wanted an answer to the following question before 48 hours: should I seek someone in Germany (where I live) who does hypnosis therapy to help me heal my unconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks?

    Guess what! When the 48 hours time-frame was going to expire I listened to this podcast with Pat and you talking preciselly about that, and actually your words resonated deeply with me, to the point of feeling that you would be a great person to help me overcome those limiting beliefs.

    So, the experiment worked! I got my answer in the required time-frame!

    Now, enough with twilight-zone moments 😉

    I feel that I really need to overcome those unconscious beliefs and blocks because I think it’s the only way for me to achieve the success I want for me, my family and the myriad of people I want to help.
    I’ve been working online for 5 years now, and despite already knowing everything I need to have success, I sabotage myself in ways that prevent me from succeding.

    And the worrying thing is, I told my boss one month ago, that I will leave that job at the end of the year (because that job is such a missmatch from who I am). Having two kids (6 and 4) and a wife working part-time, I am really against the wall now.
    So, I need to overcome my constrains and live the life that I want doing what I love.

    I would love to talk to you (either because I get the 30 minutes “prize” or even if I have to pay you for that).
    Let me know (this is my twitter ID: @CarlosGRotger)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • http://nwtripfinder.com Lauren at Northwest TripFinder

      Carlos – awesome comment. The timing of this podcast was perfect for me as well.

  • Hellen Dawn

    Dear Dane,
    This is advice I have long been seeking but not sure what to do about it or where to turn to… part of me thinks I need a career counselor, or a manager, part of me thinks I need a therapist,… but there is a strong feeling of “something is wrong with me because I cannot fulfill this desire I have to be successful and pursue my dreams. I cannot make myself be as productive and i think i should be.
    I am a musical artist, instrumentalist of 3 stringed instruments and a talented and unique singer and songwriter. Ive produced a number of original CDs, Ive done a couple of low profile tours, I can say this with confidence, and it is my passion to support myself with music somehow and to be more successful in the distribution and management of my art. I also yearn to combine healing alternative arts into my project ( music therapy).
    So in an effort to be upfront on my thought processes in response to your podcast – this is how I feel. No matter how many lists I make, or even when I pinpoint some of these deep emotions that I think hold me back, I just DON”T do all the things on my list, I have trouble being consistent even when I do have a productive day, thinks like practicing my art are really hard for me because Im afraid of never being successful at it so this thwarts my normal creative flow. Things like this are on my list of what I think gets in the way internally:
    – father and mother’s negative self image and sense of economic failure pervades my consciousness, I feel guilt and equally (and genetically) unsuccessful
    – negative self image – negative self perception associated with my tendency for introversion: i want to be a professional performing artist – i think i need to be more outgoing and charismatic to succeed, I need to be more interesting.
    -I worry that Ive lost my sense of magic that propelled a lot of my earlier music – my trust in the universe has reduced the more pain and challenge i have experienced. More unanswered questions sit churning in my stomach and it takes more effort to interpreting life as this amazing and giving experience of wonder.
    – Im constantly afraid of scarcity – i have a lot of trouble with consistency of income… Im always trying to make money with music but it is WAY more of a cost to propel my music career than be able to live from it. So I bounce around unconventional odd jobs and temporary situations that increase my sense of economic challenge but become my life line. It makes me feel bad to feel so desperate and unable to be more generous and giving to others (but I am with my time and musical abilities)
    – I always think other people interpret me in a negative way – as not talented enough, not outgoing enough, not pretty enough, and i back myself into a corner when i KNOW that it is coming from internal insecurities more than the actual thoughts of people around me.
    Among other thoughts, these are the ones more prominent. Last night I felt this internal discomfort before going to sleep – it was in my heart. I asked myself what I was feeling. It was fear of failure, fear of inevitable downfall because I havent been working hard enough, that people that once believed in me forgot about me or don’t respect me any more, rejection. I have something living in my stomach as well but that is more related to body image and self confidence in my character and experience, distrust in my choices.
    So please if you read this I would LOVE to talk to you more – i intend on listening to your suggested other links and re-listeing to this just to feel the positive support that your message expresses. People share all of these emotions. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone.

  • Rachael

    Hi Dane,

    My ‘high-pitched young girl voice’ is holding me back.

    Sounds ridiculously crazy – but my fear of calling important people is embarrassing and definitely holding me back. I’m afraid that as soon as they hear my young, female voice on the other end of the phone they won’t take me seriously. The more important the person – the higher pitched my voice gets and the more nervous I become.

    I’d love to have a chat about how I can chill out about this!

    …of course I’ll be very nervous and high pitched – but I’d love to step out of my comfort zone for this one :)

    Rachael. :)

  • http://piprofitsagency.com/ Paul Beauchemin

    My limiting belief has been being humble enough to ask for help. I always justify it to my self by telling myself that the top experts only want to help the young kids that have great potential. Maybe true maybe not. Maybe I am just afraid of being seen as an idiot or needy. I’ve been trained to be self-sufficient since I was 9 or 10. Maybe I see it as a sign of weakness. Not sure

  • http://nwtripfinder.com Lauren at Northwest TripFinder

    If folks are skeptical about muscle testing or the concept of blocked energy impacting your behavior and life decisions… don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. These are ancient practices, from China to India– it’s not new age woo-woo.

  • Jessica

    Hey Pat and Dane,
    WOW what a powerful episode. I listened to it three times to fully grasp the amount of information.

    Thank you for sharing all this information and thank you Dane for offering one of the SPI community members a thirty minute talk with you.

    You asked us to share what we struggle with and even suffer from. Here is my story:

    I enjoy what I do (podcasting and creating online content about something that I am passionate about and that has a message, helps people and makes an impact on their lives). By nature I would say I am what people call a “helper”. I love to help, pass my knowledge on to those who might benefit from it..

    However, what I truly struggle with is that I feel like an imposter. As soon as my research is done and I am sitting in front of the mic I am anxious and a strong feeling appears that tells me to not record. It is awful, especially, when that is the only way I can make progress and create and give my skills and passion an outlet.

    After finally recording, step two kicks in: second guessing, not good enough, people will not like my content, they will not like me, so subsequently they won’t share my work with others, which will prevent my project from reaching a bigger audience..

    I am a VERY positive person. For me the glass is always half full. So I wonder where this comes from and why it keeps me from reaching my goals.

    I truly struggle with this because it keeps me away from what makes me happy and it prevents me from growing and reaching my goals. Now, ever since my late teens I hear that inner voice that tells me there is something big out there waiting for me, I just have to create it. It’s like a drive. I am excited about that, feel the drive, work hard, be creative and eventually CREATE. However, the last step seems to get harder and harder as I feel like people would not wanna listen to me, they would not perceive me as a thought leader in that field, they would not like me or my work…

    I keep thinking that those are childish ideas and its really hard for me to talk about that at all as I see myself as a driven, happy, positive and confident person. Where does this come from and why is it holding me back from becoming what I was made for?

    Thank you Pat and Dane for all your hard, helpful and inspirational work.

  • http://uxhow.com/ Troy

    Dane… I don’t what’s left to say other than I just took the plunge and applied to The Foundation. What is holding me back? I don’t know – can’t see it. I have made big strides in the past year, but like many of your examples, it probably changes with each new phase. The best I can articulate is that I want to see the end before I start. I don’t *think* I’m afraid of the unknown and I *know* there is no guarantee… but I keep having this feeling of always wanting to increase my odds with each step. Thanks again for all you do and helping us all become the Sam’s and Carl’s of the world.

  • Hung

    Hi Dane & Pat,

    Thanks for another great, inspiring and mind shifting Podcast. This is what resonates with a lot of people and what’s needed in the online “community”.

    I’m going through one of the most difficult time of my life and that’s my divorce. We were trying to have kids for almost two years and suddenly she told me that she felt in love with a colleague who’s 4 years younger and just met two months prior. And to make things worse, I quitted my job early this year to focus on online marketing cause I hated my job and never thought I will end up with a broken marriage a few months later.

    After some very difficult months and a lot of (self) doubts I’m ready to take my experience with my marriage to motivate me to make a difference in my life and others. I want to be transformed to the man I want to be which is independent, self confident and free!

    I would like to chat with Dane about what his most limiting believes were that prevented him to take action and the grow/build a business and how he managed to changed that. This would inspire me for sure.

    Again, thanks for the amazing and inspiring podcast. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring!



    “It’s not your IQ but your I will that counts!”

  • Alex

    I’m in pieces after listening to that, and from reading stories so similar to my own. I don’t know where to begin. But thank you both. Thank you too, to everyone who has felt able to share their situations.

    Engineer/perfectionist? Check. Worrier, second-guesser, critic, control-freak, flake, coward. I’m just terrified of playing my hand.

    I’m shaking as I write this, but I have felt stuck for as long as I can remember – a shard of ice through my chest and out between my shoulder blades. Any time I move towards something I want, the cold spreads; my jaw, my arms, my legs. It feels as though I am being lifted up and have no purchase on the ground I stand on.

    People tell how smart I am and I should be doing abc, or xyz, but it’s so hard to explain there’s a “big thing” that stops me. I end up telling them “I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator, but I know that’s not really it.

    I’m not even sure I can meaningfully verbalise my limiting beliefs – not sure I can see through the fog. What I do know is that I want to be a part of this – to help others in similar positions. I’ve got so damned much to give, but it’s all jammed in there.

    I have applied for the Foundation, and have a call to make as suggested by Deon. I told myself I could put it off by “doing a bit more research”, but found myself here. I guess I stumbled upon what I needed to most.

    I have six months before I am likely to be made redundant. I have one week off to begin to know what I want to do. Sometimes things just come together at the right moment.

    Shaking still, I have a call to make.


    • Alex

      Call made, after an hour and a half of putting it off in any way could – checking FB, Twitter, the weather (hey, I’m British!).

      The tension in my jaw and shoulders made me feel like I was going to physically implode. Not pleasant. Strange how doing this for my employer is an everyday thing, but for myself, it’s a mountain to climb.

      Couldn’t have done it without having seen all this. Thanks again guys.

    • http://www.egonlinesolutions.ie Edwin


      If you don’t mind me asking, what was the call you had to make?

      Well done for getting it done :-)



    • http://www.egonlinesolutions.ie Edwin


      If you don’t mind me asking, what was the call you had to make?

      Well done for getting it done :-)



      • Alex

        Hi Edwin. Thanks man. All I did was call a couple of local businesses and ask how things were going.

        On the face of it, this is nothing, but I have had a problem with taking any action that may change my perception of myself as a weak, powerless child.

        The exercises Dane talks about are unexpected, I know, but think of them as “Imagination Games” – A way into your unconscious mind, where all the good stuff is. They’re the real deal.


  • http://ernestdempsey.net Ernest Dempsey

    What an awesome episode. Very powerful stuff. Thank you for being such giving people, Pat and Dane.

    I had started the Foundation back in 2012 but had to back out due to financial constraints. I’d gone to part time at my job and was hustling on the side to make up the income.

    I feel like my soul is trapped. I am back to full-time at my job now, but with that brings complacency. I’m tired of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to drive 45 minutes to a job that doesn’t excite me. But I’m making enough to pay my bills.

    I am tortured with limiting beliefs:
    I fight complacency every day because I have food, rent, and a bills paid.
    Complacency leads to laziness.
    Yesterday, as I was working through these beliefs, I told my girlfriend I want to make $25,000 dollars in the next two months. She asked if I was doing $25,000 dollars worth of work. The answer is definitely no.
    I have the belief that no one will want to buy something from me. With the first company I started 2 years ago, I literally sat in my car outside of multiple businesses with the engine running, stared at the door, then put my car in reverse and left. The tension was so strong in my gut.
    I feel like I’m bothering someone, even though I know I’m helping them by asking about their pain. That comes from my head, I think.
    I feel like if I make a lot of money, I will somehow screw it up and throw it all away, ruining everything I’ve worked so hard for. That tension fills my stomach.
    When I think of prosperity, and massive success, my stomach turns in knots. It could be that when I was a child, my parents drilled into my head that the love of money is the root of evil. It could also come from the life I’ve lived. Their businesses failed and they were always searching for the next thing. I’ve done that the last few years.
    I believe I’m not good enough. That’s in my head.
    I fear rejection.
    I believe that massive success is for the other guy, the Dane Maxwells, Pat Flynns, students who have made it.
    I believe my work isn’t good enough, and that I haven’t put enough effort into it.
    I have the limiting belief that working through limiting beliefs will help others but not me. I feel that in my heart. And it scares me.

  • Lee

    What’s holding me back?

    Fear, but I don’t know what kind. I think I’m afraid that I’ll stress myself out by making my life too busy, and I’ll make all kinds of mistakes. I’m afraid that this will be something else that might work for someone else but doesn’t work for me. I’m afraid that I just don’t have what it takes to be successful.

    I just got engaged, so I’m afraid that my fiancée will think I’m foolish to try to start my own business. What it if fails? All that time and money would be wasted. More than anything, I want to have quality time with her, and provide well for her.

  • Louie

    I am sitting here at my comfortable j.o.b. thinking about all the stuff that I have read on self help over the last twenty-five years. Each book got me excited to learn about new processes that would help me reach that place. I am better for what ever effort that I have put into it but no where close to that place I have defined in my mind. Twenty-five years of collecting tools that don’t use. i want say that I am very open minded but there is obviously a block here some where.

  • http://ACEproductivity.com Timothy Moser

    A very interesting episode.

    It is definitely helpful to pinpoint a stress, personify it, and address it in an objective manner. Using the areas of the body where the stress is most strongly manifested just makes sense. We can’t just ignore our fears and negative thoughts; we have to confront them.

    Thanks for bringing Dane Maxwell back on!

  • Pete

    Has SPI jumped the shark?! Come on Pat. I feel like I just sat through a one hour infomercial for The Foundation. There were some decent points that came across, but it seems your reaching now for affiliate stuff.
    I didn’t see any negative comments, so I realize you won’t approve this one.

    Wouldn’t it make better business sense to just advertise and mention The Foundation vs. the infomercial approach?

    • http://thefoundation.com Dane Maxwell

      Hey Pete, Pat takes no affiliate income here.

      As I’m reading through the 270+ positive comments, I can only hope others didn’t feel that way…

      I’m sorry you feel you wasted your time :-(

  • http://www.cheers4all.com/ saad

    Fear, but I don’t know what kind. I think I’m afraid that I’ll stress myself out by making my life too busy, and I’ll make all kinds of mistakes. I’m afraid that this will be something else that might work for someone else but doesn’t work for me.

  • Broc

    Dane & Pat

    Amazing podcast allowing my fire to start but I hit the wall of comfort. Have you ever thought of trying to put your basic principles into a class taught in high schools or middle schools? Giving kids the option of were they want to go not the options presented by their surroundings. Thank you again for this great show I have taken action today.

  • http://www.lewisfp.com Geoff


    I just got introduced to your podcast a few episodes ago from my new business partner, and I have to say it really hits home with a lot of my entrepreneurial endeavors, especially this last episode.


    I opened my sports performance training business 8 months ago. I took over a facility that closed down 5 months earlier. I also worked previously at that facility as a trainer. In a nutshell, despite my best intentions to “think” like an entrepreneur, I am still a technician that is truly passionate for working with young athletes and helping them develop, and I just happen to be the owner of an “OK” business. The market that I am in is said to be “different” (isn’t everyone’s) and new businesses tend to struggle. I am smart enough, despite being hit in the head repeatedly as a D1 college football player, to realize that my issues as far as developing into the successful entrepreneur that I know I can be, are completely internal. Your words reaffirmed that to me.

    It also uncovered what is holding me back… looking in the mirror and facing my weaknesses

  • mel

    I was just wondering if you’re already aware of where your pain comes from, what do you do next ? How do you get over it?

  • http://nocostdonation.org Leandro

    Since I started listening to SPI four months ago, I´ve opened myself to entrepreneurship world.

    The urge for taking action becomes stronger each day. In fact, I did start some projects. But when it comes to publicize, I get stuck. And then, I start on a new project.


  • John Dennis

    Hey Dane, hey Pat,

    How about this:
    I did the 10-minute exercise and wrote down every limiting belief I could think of. This is perfect timing, because I’m heavily considering quitting my day job… and have several “projects” lined up that I’m working on in support of doing so.

    Here’s what I’ve discovered it boils down to:

    I’ve tried this before, I failed miserably, and hopped back into “corporate America.”

    I’m afraid of failing again. Back then, I didn’t have a 2 year old, I didn’t own a house, I didn’t have a fiance who is a stay-at-home mom and who relies on me financially, and losing it all just meant a few late payments on bills and moving back into my moms unoccupied, crappy home. Which is what happened.

    Fast forward to today, and I’ve found my footing in the corporate world, doing very well in it, but simply want out. I ACHE FOR FREEDOM.

    Some of my other limiting beliefs include: I’m afraid of not making enough money to survive, I’m afraid of change, I’m afraid of my procrastination, I’m afraid that my significant other wouldn’t want me to travel for events and conferences if I do become successful, I’m afraid of the “no affliction” – being told no enough that it negatively affects me to the point of becoming inactive, I’m afraid of actually writing a 2-week notice for my job, I’m afraid of my “perfection affliction” and not running with an MVP… just to rattle of a few.

    Here’s what I want though: I want to positively affect peoples lives – I want to teach time leverage in support of freedom creation, and ultimately inspire others in their journey to fulfilling their own dreams, passions, and desires.

    So guys, what would you say to someone who LET GO, failed, then GRABBED ON again only to seek LETTING GO again?

    This time, I’m going to make my outcome different.

    John Dennis

  • Debi

    Great podcast episode (they all are, but this one is extra special). I have used these techniques for spiritual reasons, and never thought of applying them to this entrepreneur scenario. They work. Even if you’ve never heard of this before, keep an open mind. I’m going to find out why I’m not taking action, and apply my passion in a different way than I thought. :) Thank you!

  • http://myITCareerCoach.com Tom Henricksen

    Pat and Dane Great Podcast! Dane do you ever do live events or meetups? I live in West Des Moines as well.

    Thanks guys!

  • jennifer ludvigson

    Loved the Podcast 85. Being present and aware is always a good idea.
    Thanks Dane and Pat

  • http://www.drivenmotivation.com Kevin Bond

    Dude, I completely agree with this podcast. I listen to The Foundation Blog Podcast all of the time, and I totally agree with what they say.
    And as I always say, ACTION BEATS INACTION! Stop waiting for the right moment for the right opportunity, because before you know it those opportunities will be gone. Then you have failed anyways because you did not try. Do not fear the unknown, and always push yourself to get closer to your dreams. Just stand up, and b^$ch slap your fears and say “I am gonna make it!”

    Anyways, awesome stuff as usual Pat, thanks for everything you do. :)

  • Carla

    Oh gosh, I had to think a little to come up with a justification for not taking the proper action. It turns out I have a lot of limiting beliefs I didn’t realize were there. Most of them are pretty ridiculous, such as me being short! I found out that deep inside I thought that people would not take me seriously because I look like a kid. This belief has held me back on many occasions for many years. I’m 33 and 1,54 m. During my life I’ve heard many jokes about my size and always acted like I was OK with that, but only now I realized that most of my fears come from the feeling that I didn’t develop as an adult. As a result I am very shy and scared of people. This really had an impact on me and I promise myself to revert this horrible thinking and start considering myself worthy of anyone’s attention.

  • James

    Thanks for the great podcast. I was actually inspired for the first time in a while.

    I am another one who spent 20 mins trying to decide if I should even write a comment. I am completely paralyzed. Lately when I try taking action on something, I can literally feel the energy draining out of my body and I feel extremely tired. I have a wide range of fears, but one of the bigger ones is that I am going to be just like my dad.

    I know I have skills, and I know I have a good drive and work ethic, but the limiting beliefs completely overpower and overshadow that knowledge. I am finally willing to cope with the fact that it is no longer a systems problem, but an internal one. And I willing to do what it takes to reverse it.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  • Michelle

    Pat, I recently found your podcast based on a recommendation from a colleague of my husband. Once I heard one episode, I was hooked. So, I have been starting back at Podcast 1. However, today I was having download problems and I could only get this latest podcast. I am so glad I did! It was fantastic.

    Dane, I was so glad to hear some of your ideas and successes stories today. It gave me great hope to change my mindset! I have actually been an entrepreneur since 2000. I ran a small web design company back in the early 2000’s but have spent a good chunk of the last 10 years as an independent consultant. However, five years ago (at age 40) I had my first son and two years later my second. I chose to be primarily a stay at home mom, while doing some part-time consulting. As my kids are getting closer to school age, I am trying to forge my new path and figure out a self-employed career/new business that I can build into school hours. I have several ideas and plans, but I am shocked at some of blocks I have developed during the last five years and how much they have hindered me during the last year in particular. I would absolutely love some time to talk with you and further work at moving through these mental road blocks.

  • Scott C


    Another great interview! I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dane. Amazing stuff.

    I have been an onlooker to the podcast and this blog for a couple of years! I have not taken any consistent action towards my goal of a software company that earns at least some passive income. After reading Ferriss’ book in 2008, I knew I wanted that lifestyle. Yet here I am stuck in a fortune 100 company as a software developer.

    Why have I been stuck all these years? Lots of excuses. I am too busy. I need to save money. I want to spend my time with my family and wife. I can’t risk it because of my young kids. My family and friends say it is never going to work.

    I am going to try to dig deep and figure out the real reasons. Fear of failure. Check. Second guessing. Check. Perfectionism. Check. Think I need a new idea. Check. There were so many things in the podcast that I related to I don’t know where to start the feeling/healing process.

    I guess I will leave it at that for now.


  • http://effthecube.com Marsh

    I know I’ve probably been sabotaging myself for so long that I don’t believe I can make this happen and to be honest, I desperately need this. I need to break free and feel alive again. I’m afraid to start ANYTHING.

    I’m so unhappy at my job, I cry in my cubicle when nobody is watching (pathetic, I know lol). I try to find motivation on those who were able to break free from the 8-5 prison by reading their success stories.

    I read these people’s stories and I see myself, how I’m stuck, unable to figure things out, but nobody talks about that. Everybody talks about epiphanies and how everything is perfect now. Nobody talks about who helped them achieve what they have and if you try to reach them for advice, forget about it. All of a sudden they’re too “busy” to talk to people, unless of course, it makes them money.

    Anyways… sorry for venting and thanks for reading :)

  • “Bob”

    Pat, many episodes of your podcast have been so valuable for me, but this one with Dane really hit home.

    Dane, for your consideration. To be up front, I’m using a pseudonym because…it’s complicated. Sorry.

    My dream: to become independent in the truest sense of the word. Why? I love helping businesses, and I also love being able to create cool stuff. I’d like the freedom to do so more often.

    Day job: Product manager for a fairly cutting edge suite of digital marketing tools at one of the top 20 of the Fortune 500 companies.

    Side business: Digital marketing consultant working with a handful of SMBs who need to get in front of their audience. Unrelated to day job so no conflict of interest. I keep things completely separated.

    Skillset: I can get a massive amount of work done with the ability to coordinate and manage work across many disciplines.

    Other stuff I do: blogging, video tutorials, and recently self-published first book.

    Hard worker: check. Sweat equity: check. Entrepreneurial success: not really.

    So why isn’t it working? I think I know that too.

    I am working pretty hard. I’m sure I can always work harder, but I have pushed the boundaries to the limit on work/life/family balance and really don’t want to push any further. I need to work smarter.

    I lack focus. I spend a lot of time on cool ideas but have a harder time completing my own projects. I have no such issue with my clients.

    I also have a very difficult time selling. I worked with media sales reps for years and even before that experience have always distrusted salespeople and wanted to distance myself from ever being seen as trying to sell you something. This is a huge hinderance for me as a wanna-be entrepreneur.

    For some reason I even equate the word “entrepreneur” with the terms “sleazy,” “schemer,” and “dreamer.” I can’t seem to separate it from Amway/MLM, which is an unfair comparison.

    I know myself pretty well, but haven’t been able to pin down the exact cause of this mistrust/complete fear of anyone ever thinking I was trying to sell them. I don’t understand why I care so much about being seen as a sleazy sales rep stereotype.

    But this podcast really got me thinking about it, and how much it has held me back for years.

    Thanks for your consideration, but please know that you’ve already helped me.

    “Bob” (god I hate using a fake name)

    • Caleb Hodges

      Hi “Bob”,

      Send an email to Caleb @ TheFoundation.com with your contact information. Congratulations, Dane has selected you and one other for a session.

  • brad mckinney

    This was a great podcast. I do not normally leave a lot of comments online, however I would really like the opportunity to speak with Dane. I have listened or read most of Dane’s content since listening to Session 46. I have listened to every episode of The Start From Nothing Podcast. I have worked on changing my own beliefs for sometime now (5 years). I go as far as writing down my inner thoughts in a journal I keep with me everyday, and reversing those thoughts to what I want to believe. I have started several projects online however none of them seem to take off. Actually a lot of the time my time seems to be wasted as my projects end with little traffic, and no sales. I am committed to being successful, however I know there are some things holding me back. Right now I have 13 videos I could submit to youtube as content, but cant seem to push the button. I have a day job, and I am debilitated by making sales calls, which is effecting my performance. I know there are going to be a lot of great posts and other people who need your help too. I would be truly grateful if I was able to speak with you, to see if the practices you recommend can get my head right.

    Pat I appreciate all you do! Thanks so much!

  • Phillip Swindall

    My problem keeping me from taking action is deciding which action to start first. I can develop ideas that I think will serve the niche I am most connected to, but, I see them as multi-faceted approach, but don’t know which facet comes first.

  • Sandy Pipkin

    Pat, thanks for another great episode! And Dane, thank you for sharing such meaningful, life-changing truth.

    I’ve fought through limiting beliefs the hard way, with faith and perseverance and a little understanding, yet all I am able to do is learn, decide, and not move. It seems as though identifying a limiting belief and journaling about it is not enough for to release me from paralysis. I know longer feel “held” by them but I still am paralyzed. Why!?! Maybe I just haven’t identified enough of them, or replaced enough of the lies with truth.
    I can encourage others and help them be more free – in fact that’s what I love to do the most – but all I seem to take are baby steps, at best. I feel compelled not only to be perfect, but to know everything before I take a step, even though I would never advise someone else to wait until they’ve learned everything. I guess I fear looking stupid.
    I believe I can find a way to add to my income (and eventually enjoy true financial freedom) in non traditional/entrepreneurial ways, but I hold back. Part of me doesn’t believe.
    I am different from some in that I have no qualms about selling, but I won’t sell until I am convinced I have something of value to offer. What’s really stopping me is that on some level I believe it’s only possible for others, not me. I hate seeing that in print because I know it’s not true. Argh!
    I will just keep slogging away, going quarter-speed if necessary, until I throw off all the falsehoods that hobble me.

  • Samuel Hatton

    I just have to start with a big THANK YOU to Pat and Dane!

    Brand new to this community. And first post to the site.

    As of right now, I have $0 passive income.

    Dane’s message was perfect for me right now. It was somewhere around 22 minutes that I had to pause the podcast and break down in tears – crying. I realized how deeply wounded I was for getting held back in 5th grade because I had a 2nd grade reading level. Even though I recovered by skipping 6th grade and getting nearly straight A’s up till college, for most of my life, I felt like I wasn’t smart.

    I finished the podcast and then took the 10 minutes that Dane recommended to scribble my self-limiting beliefs – 40 of them. I am ready to take action and in the process reverse every single one of those self-limiting beliefs.

  • Todd Helfman

    Pat and Dane,

    Thanks for sharing this interview. Dane, I have to admit, I completely understood what you were trying to say but I don’t think it came across as smooth as it could have. I agree that limiting beliefs are the downfall of many GREAT ideas and we all have them. A few months ago I got away from the computer and started reading. Actual books! Books such as “Linchpin”, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”, “How to Influence Friends…”, “Lean Startup”, “4-hour Work Week” etc.. and it’s amazing how life changing those books can be! They are mindset changers.

    Despite being, what I consider, successful financially, professionally, and personally, I feel like I still have a lot to prove to myself. Over the past 9 months I’ve been on a journey to find success outside of my current success. Almost to prove to myself that I can be successful at more than just one thing. I’m not a one-trick pony. Interestingly, on this journey, whatever I’ve started I’ve let fall apart before it amounted to anything. I got to thinking about why, and it’s led me to my “clean slate theory”

    When you’re thinking of ideas and trying to execute them, you essentially start with a clean slate. Once it becomes something, you’re committed and have to consider if this is something you want to do with your life for the long-term. When it isn’t built, the sky’s the limit. Once you start to build it, you’re on a path and you no longer have that freedom the clean slate brings. I’m pretty sure I fear the commitment and love the “clean slate”. Unfortunately that amounts to nothing.

    At any rate, thanks for the interview Pat and Dane!

  • Steve M

    Pretty cool hour long commercial for your newest affiliate program Pat! Can’t wait to see the new income report once you add in The Foundation revenue!

    • http://bossanovainteractive.com/social-media/how-to-deal-with-internet-trolls-advice-for-businesses/ Malcom

      Oh look, boys and girls! A troll has arrived!

      What is the appropriate response?

      A. U mad, bro?
      B. Haters gonna hate.
      C. None of the above.

      Answer: C. Don’t feed the troll.

      • Marko


        It’s just his opinion…nothing wrong with that :)

  • Shenz

    I’ve always just been an onlooker on the SPI podcasts and blog, until now. I don’t leave comments on Pat’s (and other blogs that I enjoy) because these folks are so on the top of their game that they get 100+ comments and my voice/comment will just get lost in the shuffle. Why would they want to hear my end of it anyway, when there are TONS of previous commenters before me who were much more compelling and need more “help.”

    THAT EXCUSE is actually a manifestation of ONE OF MY BIGGEST (unknown) limiting belief. I did the 10 minute exercise (turned out to be more like 20+ minutes of frantic typing giving a voice to a limiting belief that I didn’t know existed while tears run down my cheeks). Well now I know what that limiting belief is, and it’s that what I have to say is not important. Growing up, when I was young, I was the loud one of the bunch. My siblings made fun of me all the time about being loud and being all over the place (something about having ADD and lots of name calling). And at some point, I just decided that I’ll become the quiet one. And ever since then, all my conversations have occurred internally. Rarely do I voice my opinion or say anything. Sadly, I’ve taken up this identity.

    This episode came at the right time for me. I’m currently at the “fear” section of the Academy. And it s funny because I really wanted to skip that audio about fear, saying, “I’m not afraid of anything! I know I can do this! If Pat Flynn can do it, I can do it too!” yadda yadda yadda….

    Anyway, I don’t wanna babble too much. Thank you Pat and Dane. I have many more limiting beliefs ( I AM an engineer after all). I may not arrived just yet and reversed any of my limiting beliefs, but at least I’ve recognized “the elephant in the room” so to speak. Please keep on doing what you’re doing!! You guys are truly inspirational.

    • http://the90tenproject.com Malinda Phillips

      Your voice is not lost in the bloggosphere (is that a word?).. I’m not Pat or Dane.. but I really hear you and I can totally relate

  • Sacha

    Hi Pat & Dane,
    Thanks so much for this podcast. It’s exactly what I needed right now. In January 2013 I posted a date on my bulletin board in my office at work: Feb 14 2014. That is the date I plan to leave my corporate job as director of a company to pursue what truly speaks to me: helping others break financial and personal barriers in their own life. Before I can do that I have a few barriers of my own to break.

    See, my corporate job really isn’t just a “corporate job”. I work for an international company that began as a small one door operation. The company was built mostly by my father and is now run by my father, mother and aunt. They have been truly successful and have ingrained in me some basic success principles from when I was young. I know they look to me as one of the persons to lead this company forward but the truth is, I don’t want to. I want to help other people recognize their passion and reach their goals. I want to work on my own self development and I do not want my success to be defined by the size of my empire but by the fulfillment that I receive from what I do.

    In a nutshell, what’s holding me back is the disappointment from my family and the guilt of not giving back to them by working with this company.

    Dane, any feedback you can give would be so much appreciated.

    Again, thank you for this podcast. It was groundbreaking for me.


  • http://awakeningjoyce.com Joyce Day

    I started a blog around 2 months ago. Then I started a class on guest blogging a couple of weeks ago. I am going through and look at all of these other sites and blogs, trying to figure out which ones I should try to write for. I read these success stories of other moms who are able to work at home and still pay their bills with their blogs and stories of dads who leave their corporate jobs and still able to provide for their families. Some days I feel inspired and I feel certain that this is my path too. I don’t know how its going to work or how I’m going to turn my site into income but I feel sure that I can have the same success as these people. But the days go by and I feel overwhelmed. Other days I look at these sites and I feel defeated. It feels like it will be a long hard road before I get anywhere with it. I feel trapped by my job. I worked so hard to get where I am in my career and I actually like my job. But I just can’t see being chained to the 8-5 work week for thirty years while someone else watches my kids. I feel like I have to find another way. When i think about what is going on in the back of my head the days I feel defeated it is: “You can’t have that.” As I look through those websites or read the latest blog from a successful stay at home mom blogger – that is what I think goes through the back of my head. I know where this comes from – I grew up in a very abusive, neglectful home with two alcoholic parents. I “couldn’t have” anything. Food, shoes, clothes, everything had to be fought for, found, earned. I had to work hard and I had to do it on my own. School and a regular paycheck were the holy grail to me. And it worked. I was successful. I have a great job and have a decent income. But I didn’t know that I would feel this way about having kids. I just want to be with my daughter. I love to work – I love to help people. I think I would be good at doing the things you and Pat talk about here. But moving away from those traditional paths scares me. And it is easy to fall back into the role of the little kid looking in the windows of other peoples houses and feeling like none of it was for me. Anyhow. Maybe TMI. I am working on these issues in other areas of my life but hadn’t really thought about it may holding me back with regards to my website. So thank you for doing the podcast and for talking about this stuff. I understand some folks probably think it is out there but I know that identifying “stuck” feelings and energy is critical to healing and change.

  • http://hcgchica.com Rayzel Lam

    OH MY WORD. One of the best podcast sessions ever. Dane! I’m totally with you- I believe 100% in muscle testing and all that stuff- it has helped me so much in my health but never thought much about how it could help me in business. After hearing what engineers are like I feel like if I’d pursued college and not married young I guess I would have pursued being an engineer of some sort because I have had the EXACT same issues with feeling like anything less than something 100% unique and 100% the most perfect was not okay.

    I think I have had to work past some of this and that is why I do have a successful business online myself now- I have learned to borrow ideas! In fact- Pat- I borrow your ideas ALL the time- because of you I started a podcast, I started using Speakpipe just last week (already working out awesome btw) and all kinds of other stuff. Still I have much improvement I can make of course.

    I still can’t sell with purpose worth beans and I would still be terrified to make any type of sales call though. Loved what you said Dane about feeling WHERE the tightness is- for me definitely stomach- and I actually do know what the deeper issues behind why I feel certain ways are- I think I have been able to move past them partially because of just identifying them like you said- thanks so much for sharing this both of you because I know it’s a little outside the normal business realm discussion, but I think so appropriate.


  • http://the90tenproject.com Malinda Phillips

    This has to be one of my favorite podcasts so far, and I am fairly certain I have listened to all of them at this point. I loved the first podcast with Dane, and the sticking point for me was to “take action.” Right now. So… in the midst of struggling with what to do and how it meshes with who I am as a person and my value system, I was very blocked/stuck/cemented. Then I had a breakthrough moment (much like what Dane has helped his people at the Foundation through, although I am not in the software business… yet) I literally went from being blocked to flooded with ideas, I created my blog and started sharing and validating the idea within thirty minutes (MVP style thanks to AppSumo and Noah Kagan). I am now initiating partnerships with organizations that are currently serving children in foster care, which I will set up like an affiliate program (still working out the kinks). 90% of the revenue generated through each partner organization’s affiliate link will benefit the children they serve.

    I am pre-selling the book, which is scheduled to launch by Thanksgiving. This business really feels like the very thing for which I am created to do, therefore I anticipate many more limiting beliefs to rear their ugly heads along the journey. Thanks to listening to hours and hours of podcasts while on the road for my job, I already had several strategies to implement with my business. Through The 90/Ten Project, I have the opportunity and the platform to positively impact the lives of thousands of at risk children.

    Dane, what you shared is “right on” regarding emotional memory being stored in the body. Being a social worker, I am keenly aware of how even young children will have a physical or behavioral reaction on anniversary dates of painful life events – fascinating stuff…

  • http://www.greatpassiveincomeideas.com/ Anne

    This was a great podcast! Pat, you are always doing a great job in delivering quality content that touches peoples’ lives.. You always inspire people like me. This has to be one of my favorite podcasts. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  • http://www.cheers4all.com/ saad

    I am pre-selling the book, which is scheduled to launch by Thanksgiving. This business really feels like the very thing for which I am created to do, therefore I anticipate many more limiting beliefs to rear their ugly heads along the journey. Thanks to listening to hours and hours of podcasts while on the road for my job, I already had several strategies to implement with my business. Through The 90/Ten Project, I have the opportunity and the platform to positively impact the lives of thousands of at risk children.

  • http://www.expandbeyondyourself.com Michal

    Great podcast.
    I have no problem in taking action. I have problem with taking too much actions. I do several projects at once and I don’t feel I’m in for 100% in any of them.
    And I don’t get any significant results with any of them.
    I definitely have problem with selling. I don’t believe I have anything worthy to sell.
    I started my life transformation a year ago and I keep going, but I feel like I’m tugging the elephant. I keep saying to myself: OK, just one more time, just one more… And I do it one more time.
    I sit everyday in the morning wit a pen and notepad and I’m asking myself different questions: what’s my obstacles? who are my prospects? what should I do next? why do I behavior in such and such way? why I resisted this or that? what has changed in my life in past year?
    And so on, and so on. Every day. I keep self-analyzing myself, but I didn’t get my breakthrough so far.
    Yes it’s hard to see the blocks from your own perspective.

  • Steve

    Wow, this really resonated with me! Pretty much all of the examples sounded like the exact things I struggle with. My parents remember me saying at age 4 that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’m 43 now and it still hasn’t happened. I feel more ready now than ever before, but I see myself second guessing and using stall tactics like, “I need to gather more information.” I’m really looking forward to trying some of the techniques in this podcast and would love the opportunity to have Dane help me discover my blind spots and blocks. Thanks!

  • http://www.smartsimplelife.com Matthew Gullo

    I’ve been up since 4am thinking about why I can’t…why I haven’t…I don’t know how to. (I usually get up a 7:15)

    I’ve worked my way up the corporate ladder recently becoming a principal at a major Texas based architecture firm, making more $$ than I ever have….funny thing is I thought it’d be different. It actually feels like more of a let down than a promotion.

    4 months ago I found internet business mastery, figured out I have a passion for achieving goals, increasing my potential, and figuring things out about myself. So I started smartsimplelife.com to forge into a new waters, break free from the corporate torture chamber and start doing something that matters….Helping others achieve their goals and increase their potential. Build a better you.

    The site is doing well, I was asked by one of my followers to do some coaching, and life seems good right???

    Well I’m hitting walls left and right….

    I stumbled onto The Foundation through #46 and #85….

    Long story short I’m dealing with some limiting beliefs that’d I’d love to crush so I can move into my best most confident self and crush this entrepreneur thing.

    Cheers and a huge thanks to Pat and Dane for making big waves for all of us to learn from.

  • Chris Roberts

    Great episode…I’m a firm believer of getting in touch with your intuition and feelings to help find on the your path, regardless of what business or career you follow.
    I meditate at a local Buddhist centre and find this calms the minds, reduces material attachment and improves focus.
    I am finding so valuable in my entrepreneurial journey,
    Would be great to speak to Dane on my daily challenges of self doubt regarding my chosen journey, especially when everyone in my current corporate workplace seems to be going the opposite direction to me!
    Best Regards

  • http://www.smartrelocationguide.com Al Bryant

    Great podcast this week guys, and opened up my eyes to some things that are potentially holding me back from truly embracing the opportunity in front of me. I have taken action, but I’m still afraid of the next steps and really going for it.

    Lot’s of thinking to do and a big old look at ‘the work’ is needed.

    Thanks again!


  • Keith

    Are My Limiting Beliefs Keeping Me From Taking Action?

    Aloha Dane Maxwell! Mahalo nui loa for the gift of this podcast. WOW!
    I now have a new focus and priority on my journey of discovery and meaning. My self-discovery holds the key.

    I have long struggled with trying to unravel why I do not take the actions I have determined need to be taken in order to achieve that which I treasure.

    Am I lazy? No, I am not afraid of hard work and have worked hard throughout my work history sometimes at jobs I hated. Why didn’t I put hard work into creating work that was mine alone to do? I have long understand the value of working for yourself and the drawbacks of working for someone else.

    Am I unfocused? Have ADHD? After all, I have many interests and explore many things. No, I don’t have ADHD in a clinical sense. I can spend hours exploring ideas on the internet, browsing bookstores, libraries. I’m very active this way. I can stay focused and work for long periods of time.

    I have learned that I am a multi-potentiate (credit Emilie Wapnick), a hunter (credit Thom Hartman).

    Somewhere along the line I discovered the marvelous concept of creative job titles.

    In an awesome “AHA!” moment I discovered I am an Idea Monger. I’m never more excited and alive than when discovering new ideas and information or when sharing these with other people and seeing them get excited and enriched from it.

    That, along with the notion of discovering your mission, your work, as well as The Hero’s Journey, have informed me. I’ve followed my muse (War of Art – Steven Pressfield), somehow trusting I would put it together.

    Some years back, I was laid off from a long career in IT as a systems analyst and project manager. It has been tough since then. I’ve been “downwardly mobile”. I need a win badly. I need to redeem myself to my family and to myself. I feel my sons pity me and are embarrassed at my career trajectory at this point. I feel deep shame. I need redemption. I have a faith that this redemption will justify and give meaning to all my life events.

    It’s been tough. However, it has been marvelous as well. I’ve been out of Dilbert Land, left my role in Office Space, and have explored many things. But I need to demonstrate that value and prove I’m not a loser.

    I am not alone. Many men (and woman) have been uprooted in this modern economy. My own trials and tribulations have instilled a deeper empathy in me for our human condition. My Idea Mongering has raised my consciousness and awareness in many areas and I now see a clear emphasis on problem issues (and opportunities) regarding the environment, the economy, and social equity (justice).

    There are so many important issues in these times and I wonder why everyone knows about some nouveau-riche, celebrity going out on the town sans panties, but hardly anyone knows there is a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico the size of New Jersey. It is caused by agricultural chemical runoff flowing down the Mississippi River, and this is before the Gulf Oil Spill. And why has everyone forgotten about the BP Gulf Spill? The fisherman there certainly have not. Why have no Wall St. heads been tried over the shenanigans that lead to the collapse of 2008? Why aren’t corporate criminals given prison sentences?

    I call my “stuff” mustknownews. I own the domain name and plan to start a blog and podcast. I plan to inform people about solutions such as permaculture, open-source systems, community building, the need to battle the money corrupting our political system, and the dire issues of our times.

    I’m an Idea Monger but I strive to become a Meme Shifter.

    I, of course, want to monetize this and be an example of how one can do well by doing good. I want to show people how and why they must create work that is meaningful for them while building a better world.

    There may not be many jobs, but there is plenty of work that needs to be done.

    Sounds good, right? Seems like a plan, right? Then, why haven’t I finished the book I’ve been working on? Why haven’t I scripted and outlined the first three episodes of my podcast? Why isn’t the website built and running? Why haven’t I pulled the trigger?!

    Your podcast has helped me identify that I have shadows, limiting beliefs that are holding me back. I’m not sure if it is an issue of perfectionism. I don’t really consider myself a perfectionist.

    I had a thought after listening to the podcast that I may have some deep issues of worthiness. I was born to young, uneducated parents. I was raised efficiently by them. That is to say, I don’t feel they showered me with a lot of attention and things. Basic food and shelter, and when you’re eighteen you’re on your own. They just weren’t capable of that kind of nurturing, that kind of dialog. They were emotionally unavailable as Gabor Matte would put it. My bright, active mind escaped to books and I’ve had a lifelong long of books. My sons accuse me of being a hoarder when it comes to books.

    I feel it may be some overlapping beliefs or it’s that blind spot. Dane Maxwell might give me that next great “AHA!” moment and help me unravel it.

    I’ll know that sweet sound when I finally get to hear it. It’ll mean I pulled the trigger. I’ll be off to the races. I’ll be a killer.

  • Debbie

    What is currently holding me back is the realization that I need to take my online business to the next level to make enough money to literally escape the unsafe area where I am living in now. Having enough money to get out of Egypt and live in a stable area without limits and threats will set me and my fiance free, but the pressure paralizes me and I guess it’s also a fear of success: if I succeed, my life will dramatically change, am I ready for this?

    Thanks for another great episode Patt and thanks for having Dan back on, he’s been a big inspiration for me ever since his first interview on Mixergy. This is again great suff and I will definitely take time out of my day to listen to my ‘inner voice’ as I have never done so before.

  • Matt


    I listened to Pat introduce the podcast before he got to the interview and I was already starting to be sceptical. But then I listened (whilst doing the ironing actually!) and I listened hard… to myself and my body’s reaction. Throat.

    I’m pretty sure I want to prove something to my wife, which I know isn’t the right way to go about things, but it’s difficult to stop myself. It’s her second marriage and her first husband was a very successful businessman… I’m not. Now, I know I am successful is so many other ways but financially isn’t one of them. That’s the truth, it hurts to say it but that’s where I’m coming from man. If you can help, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Jared

    I am sure that I have missed the boat on commenting but honestly I just need to get this off my chest. I cried, for the first time in quite some time. Dane, you talking about the feeling of wanting and reaching for something and it constantly being out of reach may as well be my theme song.

    I have a plethora of things that hold me back but I have three major problems. I feel alone in my entrepreneurial journey. I live in a small town, in a poor and often looked down upon state and I am alone……..my grandpa was the only person that understood and he was the person that showed me the joy of being free finacially. He died in a plane crash when I was in my teens and that event effected me on so many levels. I lost my mentor and my family partly blamed his spirit as being at fault for his demise. This is the same spirit that live in me now and it terrifies me.

    I want passionately to be over this problem that has burdened me for quite some time but I have no place to turn to spill these fears. Thank you so much for being so open Dane. You probably were afraid that what you shared on the podcast may come off as pseudoscience but I want you to know you have at least given me a direction to start working on dealing with this.

  • http://www.fireyourexcuses.com Dr. Bill Dyment

    Great show, Pat and Dane.

    It is rare that a podcast addresses the inner world of entrepreneurship, that invisible but not imaginary topography where our success is truly won or lost.

    In my speaking and writing, I call those actions that we take that do not help us achieve our true goals:


    And, everything changes when we are willing to “walk the last mile of denial.”

    As Dane so eloquently noted, the journey to success is often an inward one and our self-sabotaging roadblocks often have origins that are decades old. Kudos for going there!

    Keep up the great work!

    Dr. Bill Dyment
    co-author of: “Fire Your Excuses”

  • http://internationalgraduates.org Hassan

    Hi there, I do hope Dane is still taking entries, or at least still following this page for comments.
    Anyways, I listened to the podcast, as I always do. But this one, resonated with me to the bone. I have tried several times to start something of value that would eventually offer me the kind of lifestyle I want. You know, the whole 9 yards, the freedom from the 9 to 5, the life with no boss, the life where you get to set your own terms.
    My biggest challenge has always been and still is, I don’t persist, I don’t walk to the finish line. I plan in great detail, I spend way too much time planning than I actually work or take action. The result is, more than 12 unfinished ventures, more than 12 websites registered and left to die in the dark. When I look at the history of the domain names I registered between 2006 and 2012, it’s just outright scary. When I look at the folders I create on my dropbox or Google Drive pertaining to whatever projects I started and never finished, I get all kinds of sick in my stomach.
    The point is, I’m a quitter, I hate it, and I just can’t stand living with it. I come up with all the these ideas but I have never really gotten to the point where I saw a tiny bit of success. To think of it, I did make an affiliate sale once, from a course I bought back in 2010, but that small win, small success didn’t actually push me forward to keep going with it. I quit even when I actually took action, built websites, followed a proven process and made my very first affiliate sale of $50 (which is not something to make fun of). I still wonder to this day why I quit those websites. I even had a fulltime job where I was able to slack off and work on my online business. So I had it all, time to work on my business, no kids at the time, and the knowledge to make it happen, but I didn’t.

    I do blame a lot of things in my life, starting with the fact that I live in a country where making a living online was nonexistent 3 years ago. I was one of the very first people to learn about affiliate Marketing, niche websites and all that, but I didn’t actually use that to my advantage. The fact that I use how I’m busy all the time as an excuse, I know people who have less time than me and make miracles happen, they created businesses and changed their lives, why can’t I?

    Why can’t I make it happen? Is it laziness? is it because I’m a quitter? I would love someone to help me with this question as that is what I think what’s blocking me from moving forward with my life.

    I hope you do consider this entry Mr Maxwell.
    Hassan Aanbar

  • Patrick B

    Thank you soo much Dane and Pat. This interview finally has my mind going in the right direction. I couldn’t decide exactly what I was going to write in my comment so I started reading other peoples comments to see if anyone was in a similar situation.
    I believe there are several unresolved barriers within me preventing me from taking action. It wasn’t till I I listened to this interview that I fully came to the realization that my lack of action was actually coming from within. Limiting beliefs is definetely one of them seeing that I still have a weird feeling inside my stomach telling me I might not be good enough to apply to The Foundation. That might be the reason I stopped my application halfway through and decided to send an email instead. After reading Andrew Garret’s comment it really brought me back. It’s great to see that there are other people I can relate too.
    I too growing up never seem to finished anything. Ranging from all the sports I started to all the jobs I had throughout the years. I was great at starting everything and did really well for a while but after a few months somehow I always seemed to loose interest and quit.
    My parents constantly scolded me for this. Especially my father. Not in a strict way but more in a way that let me know they were disapointed. Just like Andrew, I too feel locked up in shame and constantly feeling the need prove something to my father. In the last few years I have been growing massively and accomplishing a lot of great things for myself but I still haven’t felt like I have made my father proud.
    In 2010 I started my business degree with no other reason then to make my parents proud and because it was the right thing to do. I became very depressed and dropped out a year and a half in. Swamped with loans and credit card debt I went to the oil rigs to make some big money and come out of the negative. I made a significant amount of money and saved most of it but I only became more unhappy.
    About 7 months ago I was at a point where I had enough money to do a lot of things I wanted. Just like Pete from Glasgow, I hated my enviroment. It was full of negativity and opposite minded people. I was constantly bombarded by the idea that if I didn’t finish University I was screwed for life.
    I decided to pack my bags and travel Europe. My father told me this was a bad idea and that I should finish school.
    I am almost 5 1/2 months into my trip and I am soo very grateful I made the decision to go. This was the single best thing I have ever done in my entire life. I am the best version of myself I have ever been and also the happiest I have ever been. This trip has made me realize that I have no other choice then to make myself location independant so I can continue to follow my passion traveling the world while receiving an income.
    It’s almost that time where I have to return back home and have no idea what move to make next. Just like Andrew, I too am worried about moving in the wrong direction.

  • Tony

    HI Dane and Pat, great podcast I think this information should be required to learn before any entrepreneur learns tactics and hacks.

    I hope you don’t mind I wrote something a little different. It is about a belief that I have had throughout my whole life up until now, and why I am so scared that I am losing it…

    The following is my struggle to hold on to the belief that “Dreams do come true”

    I am afraid of losing faith in believing dreams come true. Because, I want to look into the eyes of my kids and honestly tell them “dreams come true”. For the past 16 years the time outside of my job have been spent creating a business I could be proud of. However, hard work, sleepless night, and incredible stress have been the result of all my efforts. I have given everything I can to creating a successful business and I am on the verge of throwing my hands into the air, yelling ‘I give’.

    It’s not fair to my family to sacrifice a lot for so little in return. I work late into the night and on some weekends. I don’t feel like they should continue sacrificing when they only get a dad that is always working in return. At ages 4, 8, and 10 these are the days I don’t want to miss!

    I have created several businesses some making small amounts of money and some that haven’t made a cent. I dream of creating that one business that will secure my family’s future, allow me to work for myself full time, and prove that dreams do come true.

    The belief that dreams come true is like a withering leaf that has fallen from a tree, and that terrifies to me. I feel once it is gone and the glimmer in my eye is no longer there, my life will march on as a jaded person that believes there is no such thing as dreams coming true.
    as a jaded shell of the person I once was believing that dreams coming true is a pipe dream.

    I am afraid of becoming someone who keeps expectations low to avoid disappointment. Someone who goes to work with the emotions of a machine and can’t wait to clock out. Someone who spends most of their adult life in a cubicle being mad at life for not being ‘fair’. My life will be devoid of any magic and emotions, filled with only disappointment and anger towards myself for being a loser.

    Recently, I have noticed my emotions getting hard and saying to myself that success and dreams are for others who are lucky or were born in the right families. I feel like a liar when I tell my kids that they can get anything in life they set their minds to. And asking myself the question: “are adults just big disappointed kids who know that dreams coming true, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny live in the same fictional realm”.

    Should I start being happy going to work in the morning, clocking out at 5 then spending a few hours with my kids before going to bed and starting the routine all over again tomorrow?

    Maybe, I need to lower my expectations of the future. Should I wash myself of any grand expectations and replace them with ideas like “just be happy I have a job” and “everyone is having a tough time in this economy”.

    But, that is just bullshit!

    I hope…

    I want to be the kind of dad that inspires kids to follow their dreams and make them happen. Let them know that no matter how hard it is, keep believing! Scratch and claw with everything they have knowing the gates will soon open up and the universe will succumb to their unwavering determination. A kind of dad that bounces to the beat of life’s beautiful song and believes that life is full of magic and serendipitous moments that can never be explained. And being in touch with my ‘soul’s work’ on a daily basis.

    Dane, I would love and appreciate talking with you to work through these thoughts that are holding me back and keep limiting the success I experience. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • http://www.lifeofpang.com Pang


    When you mentioned that the Game of Life is played in the body, my heart sank deeper. And when you mentioned the examples of individuals who has limiting beliefs about their worthiness of being successful and to live in wealth, my stomach crunched. I came from an Asian immigrant family, and a hard working father who still works to this day works in housekeeping at a large hotel chain. My father believed in me but didn’t know how to guide me. I always knew I wanted to be a leader, and elevate the world to be a better place. And so, I wanted to be a doctor. I channeled my gifts and talents and paid my own way through university pursuing an education in Biochem in the dream of becoming a Physician. No one knew, but this was the most depressing time in my life – the feeling of trying to scrape breadcrumbs together into your bank account to finance such an education that’s just a prerequisite for another decade of graduate education). During uni I bounced back on so many different creative ideas to change the world & financial freedom. My profs said I was distracted. My Dad didn’t know what the heck I was talking about and thought I was becoming lazy. That hurt, when he called me lazy. I later dropped out because my mind wondered due to discovery Entrepreneurship & realizing that my freedom wasn’t where I thought it was. That was scary because the shame and guilt felt about what other people thought of me was making me nauseous constantly.

    After I dropped out of uni I tried to start many startup ideas that failed before it even started development. It failed because I felt so overwhelmed with the pressure of wanting/expecting to do this, right. That everything I believed in was being judged under a microscope. Like I’m that girl that dropped out of Medical School pretty much to become an ‘Entrepreneur’. You mentioned about how all of your own ideas failed. This terrifies me. It terrifies me because I feel all the emotions in my shoulders. You mentioned a lot about people who feel things in their Stomach & Chest – but I feel it all on my shoulders. (To the point where I have shoulder pains and can’t even lift my right arm to my ear).

    But there are days of light, like today… where my heart feel like it’s on fire with desire in a good way because of mentors like YOU and Pat. Empowered would the right word to describe the feelings in my belly. So Thank you Pat, and Thank You Dane for making each day after listening to one of your podcasts a new day filled with Empowerment, Faith, and Passion. This podcast stirs all the particles in my body to move forward, push forward and never give up.

    Many thanks & love,


  • http://www.ericharpermusic.com Eric Harper

    Thank you Pat and Dane for a truly insightful podcast. It really nailed a lot of issues I’ve been having personally as a musician. I’ve been in the music industry since I was basically 7. I’m 36 now and I’ve never known anything else. I’m a very highly trained musician who’s gone to classical music school and Berklee and yadda yadda. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that I’ve never been able to make more than $3000 a month. And I think deep deep inside it’s because I believe I’m only worth $3000 a month. I run away from money. I believe that I was born to be poor and unsuccessful financially even though on a music level I might be considered successful.

    I can’t seem to find out what’s wrong with me except perhaps when growing up my parents always said “We can’t afford it.” And now I’m the living embodiment of “I can’t afford it.” So I’m always teetering on broke. Then on a music level I was greatly affected by an experience I had when I was 14 when my band played a show in Santa Fe, NM and well, we weren’t very good. But to add insult to injury a large overbearing and muscular man came right up to me and shoved his finger in my face and shouted “YOU SUCK!” Needless to say, I believed him. And somehow still do. As I write this I’m feeling this all in my chest and wonder how to overcome these emotional issues. I think I write good music but something buried deep inside is preventing me from writing great music.

    I knew I’d be a musician when I was 7 years old when a song came on the radio that changed my life. All I remember thinking that day is “I want to make people feel like that.” But I don’t think I’m doing that now. The pain of struggle to be successful has overtaken my love for music and now I find myself slowly becoming the jaded musician I wished I would never become.

    Please help.

    Thank you!


  • http://nonprofitinsuranceblog.com Brett

    I won’t go on about the goals that my limiting beliefs are hindering me from taking action on, but here are the beliefs (insofar as I can figure):

    1. Ignorance: I didn’t even KNOW some of this stuff was possible, and the next step is… how is it possible for me?
    2. Obligation: I owe it to others to always work under and for them. They’ve ‘given’ to me, so I ‘owe’ them my loyalty. Doing something on my own, then is a character defect – disloyalty.
    3. Less Than: In order to engage the potential clients that I can really help and that can produce chunks of revenue, I have to engage a ‘higher caliber’ individual. Am I high caliber enough?
    4. Ignorance Take 2: There will be some element of running a business or a product line that will completely elude me and sink my sorry butt when I least expect it.
    5. There’s a prior career situation that weighs heavy. A failure in a different industry… one that felt like a trajectory I would be on for the rest of my life. Everything else becomes a ‘since I couldn’t __________, I’m now relegated to ____________’ (if that makes sense).

    Thanks for the podcast and the willingness to share this type of info.

  • Dave Unger

    Pat and Dane,

    Great episode. I’m going to have to listen to it again, though, because some of it was hard to digest the first time through.

    My limiting belief is that, regardless of how hard I might work at something or how well I might do, I’ll never measure up.

    I think I know where this limiting belief began. In elementary school, my mom constantly compared me to my older sister with phrases like “Why can’t you be more like your sister? She does great in school.” And my sister was great in school while I was literally the last person in my class to learn multiplication and division tables. So I worked really hard to improve. Fast forward to high school, and my mom would look at my report cards, see all A and A+ grades and a single A- and tell me, “You need to do better next time.” I was the valedictorian of my high school class and still got no approval from my mom. She died only a few years later, so there’s no way to work on healing the relationship as a means to reverse the limiting belief.

    The net impact on me is that I’ve been programmed at a deep level to avoid pursuing goals that matter to me emotionally. My body keeps me in a rut — maintaining the status quo rather than pursuing my dreams. I have multiple business ideas that my friends have validated and encouraged me to pursue. Any one of them could replace my income and free me to spend more time with my family and to make more of a positive impact in the world. I don’t need all of my ideas to to be successful – just one would be enough. But none of them will ever amount to anything if I can’t free myself from the limiting beliefs that are stopping me from getting started.

    If I could get 30 minutes of your time, Dane, the focus would be on reversing this limiting belief and freeing me to move forward and change the trajectory of my life forever.

  • Brian K.

    Thank you Pat and Dane. The episode really resonated with me. I have done some work in identifying sources of emotional pain in my body so this episode was definitely not “woo woo” as you guys called it.

    There are a few things that are holding me back from taking action in becoming an entreprenuer:

    1)My parents were immigrants from Asia. I always feel this immense pressure to live up to some sort of expectation. My parents always told me that they came to America to give us (my sister and me) a better life. This expectation creates pressure that leads me freeze up.
    2)My father has failed on so many businesses because of his greed. My parents split up because of a failed business venture. Like Dane said in the podcast, I feel like legacy is to fail. My late grandfather (whom I never met) failed in a business venture in Asia. That failed business venture led him to health problems which eventually killed him. Therefore, I feel that I am destined to fail.
    3)FEAR. I am scared to take that leap because I have a job that pays well with great benefits. I always feel that I need to work for a company because of the salary and benefits.

    There are some more limiting beliefs, but these are the main ones that I deal with on a daily basis. I would love some guidance to shed some light on them. I feel that I am destined for greatness, but always feel pulled down by myself constantly. I must and want to change!

    Great episode Pat and Dane!!

  • http://www.compuquest.ca Randal

    We are our worst enemy. Dane’s examination of our deepest emotional blockers makes a lot of sense. The difference between an entrepreneur and everyone else, is the entrepreneur will go outside of their comfort zone to reach their goals.

    I started my career as an entrepreneur, cleaning windows. I then found myself in the corporate world, which killed me till such a time as I could not take it anymore and got out. For over 20 years, I built a successful Tech company which I recently sold and now work for that same company. Again, that feeling of being trapped returns and I just want to break free and start something new. Dane’s process of looking deep within yourself to find what are the traps that you yourself hide has been very revealing.

    Will have to have a deep self examination to clear out all emotional mines!

    Thanks Dane.

  • Chris Thorne

    Dane and Pat – thanks!

    Dane I must admit you’ve been a big inspiration since I listened to SPI46, so it’s great to hear you back on the podcast.

    I have a question – you challenge us to overcome our limiting beliefs to achieve our dreams and potential – but do you think there are entrepreneurs that achieve success in spite of their limiting beliefs, who never truly overcome them?

    I say this because I think if you get beneath the skin of some rock-stars in business, I imagine quite a few of them are in fact quite insecure, despite what they project to the world. It’s possible that in some cases this self criticism may even serve to make them better at what they do?

    Hopefully one day we can pick up this conversation over a pint!

    Thanks again


  • Latisha

    Limiting Beliefs I’m Pressing Through Right Now:

    1. Dane, Pat, & all these smart online entrepreneur cats are out of your league Tish.

    2) You’re never chosen because you are not exceptional–you are not memorable. You definitely are NOT going to get chosen for this 30 minute session with Dane. It is going to be too crowded for you to be even noticed.

    3)You are not going to win Dane’s CEO contest, either, so don’t even waste anymore time on the steps to enter (and I stopped after my FB Post. I’m Tish HairScience,btw)

    4)You are just “too much” for people to digest. Get to the point. You lose people. Your pitch is all over the place. You are hard to understand. People don’t really like you because your opinions are too counter cultural –they just tolerate you.

    5)You are 41 years old, you’re getting to old. You won’t have the energy necessary to run a company. Plus you can’t even attract and get anyone to commit to you how will you lead.

    5) and blah blah blah yada yada yada and SCENE :) Repeat :(

    Dane, I’m tired of eavesdropping on the foundation via these podcast. I want the freedom I see you and your team wearing. I’m passionate about my freedom. I’m a fighter. I got up and pressed thru those negative thoughts and submitted this.

    And in spite of all this “stinking thinking” in my head, I’m following your advice and it’s working.

    Guess what I did today? I did some idea extraction with a hair stylist (an industry I’ve been studying, courting, & engaging for almost 2 years). She’s given me a banging software product.

    She and I decided to partner as cofounder on a couple web-based and software ideas. This and this podcast has renewed my hope.

    I need solid mentorship fast. I’m getting weary. I need that help so I don’t blow this shot. I need to deliver for her.

    I know nothing about code but everything about being teachable.

    Teach me Dane! I have more to share. This email is not enough.

    Let’s talk more!

  • Latisha

    Oh all the best to everyone….pressing through your stinking thinking. We will be great!

  • Chris

    Months ago, I realized there were two major things holding me back from my dream of running my own business: 1. DEEP self-confidence issues that 99% of my friends never saw and 2. a complete lack of awareness around steps needed to start and grow a side business.

    At that time, these options felt like the chicken or the egg, and I didn’t know what caused the other. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to start taking small steps before my inner game would improve. I believed the inadequacy I felt in my life was mostly due to working in a life-sucking corporate job, and that by taking steps to doing what I love, I’d feel happier and more confident as a byproduct.

    I loved this podcast for not only taking on this “woo woo” subject, but challenging and ultimately reversing my beliefs. Honestly, I probably took the easy way out months ago. I didn’t want to address the subtle feelings of worthlessness that were sabotaging me at the most inconvenient, yet predictable times. “Are you seriously going to blame your inability to start a business on your racist neighbors from childhood? Come on, Chris.”

    I’ve looked at (and paid for) all sorts of tactics in the past. I justified this by saying “working on your own psychology won’t get you your business.” This may be true, but according to Dane, I can’t make a successful business without it.

  • John

    Dane, thanks for sharing. I’ve tried 10 sessions of therapy, but just listening to you talk is so much more effective.

    Here’s what keeps me from taking action:

    – Deep aversion to making mistakes
    – Fear of loss
    – Procrastination

    I was adopted; a lot of people blame their problems on their adoption. I was adopted into a very loving family so I never made that connection, but listening to this interview has made me look deeper into my self. As I write this, I have an uncomfortable feeling in my lower stomach weighing me down…

    I’ll forge ahead anyways:

    Intellectually, I *know* I should not worry about loss and instead focus on gain, but I can’t *live* it. Worries about potential losses and losses from the past constantly tax constantly my mind.

    For example: I joined a fitness club, but almost immediately requested a refund because I did not like it. Now, legally I am probably entitled to that refund because the service provided did not match the advertisement and there was an illegal clause hand-written into the contract. Of course, the fitness club has denied and fought against all my attempts to get a refund. I’ve spent way too much time and energy on this issue, for what amounts to about $500. I wish I could just forget about this issue and let it go, but I can’t. This was over two years ago, and it still nags me to this day. (OK, now the pit in my stomach is really deep)

    The thing is, these feelings (aversion to mistakes, fear of loss) seem healthy in moderation. I see friends around me take action without thinking ahead and totally screw up their life. So it seems to justify my lack of action. I don’t think I would have done nearly as well in school without this constant fear of making mistakes.

    I don’t have OCD, but I can totally relate to this guy: http://youtu.be/vnKZ4pdSU-s I’ve only had a single girlfriend in my entire life, and I think it’s related to these issues.

    So, the causes of my inaction are double-edged swords. They keep me trapped in mediocrity. I hope you can help me, Dane…

    Now, I plan to enroll in The Foundation, and hopefully I will get a chance to speak with Dane there. So if Dane selects me, I will give my 30 minute session to my brother. We are biological brothers and were adopted together. I think he struggles to take action even more than I. Two stories to illustrate:

    I also have a 2nd, non-biological brother. I compared how they played StarCraft: my biological brother boasted he had not lost a single unit until level 9; but he admitted this strategy was hindering his progress. Meanwhile, my non-biological brother amassed a lot of losses, but he blasted through the levels and had progressed over twice as rapidly.

    Of course, there are far worse consequences than StarCraft: My brother was supposed to complete his Ph.D in 5 years. He is now on year 7, and thinking of giving up. I asked him what is holding him up. He can’t finish his thesis, which is now over 1000 pages long. His peers’ average thesis is only 100 pages long. Why is his thesis so much longer? He can’t stop worrying and just take action. He’s trying to preempt every possible hole his advisor might find in his thesis.

    Dane, please select me and help my brother out~ Thank you!

  • Shonny Constant

    I’ve been listening to the SPI podcast since episode 1, but succeeded in nothing beyond spinning my wheels in terms of finding a pull strong enough to pull me out of the groove my life travels in. The statement made by Dane in this episode to “Make your passion about the process of you becoming free” really resonated with me, and I’m hoping to leverage it in the next 24 hours into a podcast of my own.

    By nature, it’ll begin on a meandering, unfocused direction, because I still don’t have a firm plan, but as I think about it, my command of the language is strong enough that I won’t be embarrassed by what comes out of my mouth, and whether or not it gains any traction, it’ll teach me valuable steps to use in the future if I ever have an “aha” moment to build a business project off of in the future. In that light, there really is no downside.

    To that end, assuming I follow through, this episode has been the most invaluable to date for me, because it’s provided a real spark to my passion for the concepts espoused through SPI and the podcast.

    Pat seemed a little concerned that this episode was a bit too abstract, but it seems that for me, that’s just what I needed. As always, thanks for the great work Pat.

  • Sarah

    Wow! I shouldn’t be so surprised by this information! I’m still taking deep breaths to calm my body down. I was listening to this on my way to work, and I should have listened to my body sooner. The ENTIRE time I was listening to this I felt an anxiousness in my stomach and tightness in my chest. I had to take deep signs to every several minutes to calm myself from the stress overtaking my body. By the end of the podcast, my stomach literally felt sick. This was all piled on top of the typical surge of anxiousness I get every time I drive to work. I need to start listening. Apparently, my body has been trying to tell me something for quite some time.

    I’m trying to figure out what I am allowing to stop me from going forward with my ideas, dreams, from “being free”. As I was listening, I kept thinking back to something that happened to me in high school. I was running in a regional Cross
    Country meet which would determine who could go on and compete at the state meet. I had so much adrenaline, I started out the meet in first place. I continued to lead for just about the first 400 and stayed in the top 10 for the beginning of the race. But, “I wasn’t supposed to be that fast”. My coaches, teammates, and family all told me to slow down, to stop running so fast, and I did. Even though, I thought I could do it, I listened to them instead and finished around 40th or 50th place out of a couple hundred runners. I didn’t do anything great even though I was on the track to do so, I let them pull me down.

    I am afraid of success, but I’m trying to figure out “why?”. I believe this story can answer a part of why I haven’t taken action but there is still more I can figure out if I keep digging deeper.

    I want to own my business.
    I want to work for myself. If I go back and look at all my journals, diaries, and doodles from growing up, every single one is full of ideas and plans and little businesses I wanted to create. I was thinking like this as young as elementary age. Somewhere along the way I haven’t worked for myself like I had always dreamed of. Geeze, my stomach is anxious again just thinking about it.

    I want more time to spend with my kids and my husband.
    I want the flexibility to go on adventures.
    I want the time to do projects around my house with my own hands, to build it myself.
    I want enough money to send my daughter to school early, she asks me every day if she can go to school “right now” because all she wants to do is learn new things. She is only three.

    I want to get rid of this ickiness I feel in my stomach.

    I need to stop focusing on how I can get there. Honestly, I don’t really care how I get there. I just want to get there. And now I have some tools to tell my why I haven’t yet. If I address these limiting beliefs head on, I think the “how I get there” will follow suit.

    Please consider me for a 30 minute phone call.

  • http://tao-mmo.com Tao

    Wow. This episode really connected with me and my whole feelings for making money online. Like many people, some of the things Dane was talking about, could have been me!

    To make a long story short, depression has been in my life for quite some time,which I only realised a few years ago. Unfortunately, it also spills over in to my online business efforts too, which manifests itself as a physical pulling and drawing in my chest, with lots of stomach related problems too.

    When it comes to building sites and “taking action” I always have the feeling that I have no confidence that it will work, despite the keyword research and drive that I have to back it up. Almost like I am stopping myself from starting because I have that feeling that nothing works (despite some success already). That heavy pulling feeling in my chest always puts me off doing anything.

    I know so much about internet marketing after reading so much and listening to so many podcasts and I often am the evangelical one, telling people to build their own websites and showing them the tools, methods and ideas of how to get started – but when it comes to my own business, I am lacklustre to even buy a domain, let alone write content etc.

    If Dane were to choose me, I would be interested in seeing if there are other reasons for these feelings, which I have always attributed to depression, rather than something that is a biological predetermined symptom.

  • John

    I’m not going to lie, some of what Dane said was a bit out there for me, but certain portions also resonated.

    I have personally experienced the power of Byron Katie’s methods. I had just become separated from my wife of two years and was desperately trying to “win her back”, but I was smothering her and I knew divorce was on the horizon. Thankfully near the conclusion of one of my many meltdowns my father handed me an audio copy of “I Need Your Love – Is That True?”

    It changed my entire view of our relationship, as well as the separation, and three months later my wife moved back home. That was 6 years ago and we’ve been doing wonderfully ever since.

    3+ years of this internet marketing thing, and I’ve helped many gurus buy nice cars and houses, but I’m still spending far more money than I’m making. I realized some time during this episode that much of my lack of success may be truly rooted in my own self-doubt. E.g. “Some people are just lucky.” “You either have it or you do not.”

    That being said I’m REALLY stubborn. Too stubborn to quit.

    I often feel like a manic internet marketing vagabond, who just started walking one day without any idea of which direction I was going. My online life is a collection of incredible hope-fueled highs followed by unimaginable crashes to the depths.

    I think much of my own self-doubt goes back to being bullied when I was in school. This is long before the public really cared all that much about bullying, it was just boys being boys.

    I had a stuttering problem that wasn’t severe enough for me to need actual speech therapy (according to the experts), but it was severe enough to make me a consistent target of teasing. I was a straight A student, but I learned early on that it was better to keep quiet and have people think of me as a fool than to speak and prove them right.

    To this day I have a pretty decent fear of things like speaking on the phone, or any type of public speaking. It’s like whenever I hear my own voice I still hear that little stuttering boy, even if I’m not actually stuttering. I actually recorded a few podcast episodes in response to an SPI challenge, and was even featured as New and Noteworthy, but I quit after just 3 episodes because hearing my own voice makes me SO uncomfortable.

    I have a really good job, but I can’t help but feel I’m missing my God given right to something better. I am living a life of quiet desperation that Henry David Thoreau talked about, so fearful that I’ll be taking my song to the grave.

    Though I know that I don’t deserve your help any more than any of the others who have courageously shared their stories, I’m truly open to your insight and welcome any advice you have to offer.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • http://www.skisalg.dk/north-face-m-20.html Christian

    goddamn awesome. this was so helpfull, and made me want to start my own blog even more.

  • http://www.budgetfairytale.com Mindy

    I realize this is going to sound way cheesy, but it’s the truth, so I’m sharing …. I was listening to this podcast episode while out on a run and I had to stop because I started crying. Dane’s theories and the testimonials he shared really resonated with me. I am in my 30s and have been working since 16. I had a childhood trauma of sorts that stunted my creativity. I started blogging around two years ago when I was planning our wedding and I really found my passion. I loved writing and being creative, and I loved connecting with other brides-to-be, and now when I get thank you emails or comments on social media and it is really fulfilling, more fulfilling than my day job has been able to offer.

    Last week I was laid off from my day job, and now is my chance to make blogging my full time career. But i’m SCARED – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear I’ll never be profitable, and the biggest one, fear I’ll never be creative enough to be an entrepreneur. I would love a chance to work with Dane, but even if I’m not selected, I wanted Dane and Pat to know how much your podcast helped me feel less alone and realize that most (all?) entrepreneurs have these fears.

    • Marko

      Don’t be scared, keep writing.

  • http://www.thindwest.com DaveM

    Is not easy to evaluate ourselves objectively.

    Sometimes, we may even be deluded in thinking that everything is fine with ourselves and it is “our destiny” to be where we are today.

    Having someone to coach us and help us create better and stronger beliefs is an excellent starting point.

    Let’s continue raising our own standards!


    Dave Maldonado

  • Michael

    Much thanks to Pat and Dane for so much generosity in sharing information with us;

    Dane, no need for the “woo woo” descriptor (although I think its funny) — Everything you’re talking about rests within the not-very-well-known scientific field of somatic therapy. Check out people like Peter Levine or Stanley Keleman. It’s been my saving grace for the past several years unblocking years of cumulative stress and trauma/neglect from childhood. The human race has been creating powerful tools of healing for a long time, and science is very young to catch up. Therefore we end up judging some things prematurely as pseudoscience. Self-affirmations were once derided as junk but cognitive science has since shown their effectiveness. Practicioners of yoga and meditation have a lot of history behind them but scientific study has only recently been applied to reveal the various benefits from these and other traditions.

    I started my growth-journey through Buddhist-based mindfulness practices when graduating high school after reading the book “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. It introduced the idea that there might be a path out of the suffering that afflicts the general human experience. Rapidly, I evolved past the superficial stuff with a serious hunger for NEEDING to know what was really going on underneath these various psychosomatic phenomena that ancient spiritual practices like yoga, tai chi, and meditation traditions work with and describe with more ancient “woo woo” language. One area of understanding that I uncovered and believe is worth anyone’s investigation is the Autonomic Nervous System. Known sometimes as the “vegetal nervous system” it is the more ancient part of us that we carry from before we were vertebrates (its like your inner mollusc or sea cucumber). This part controls most of our bodily functions that we have no conscious access too (heart rate, blood vessel dialation, etc). It is divided into two interwoven halves: the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic… These two work like yin and yang and “turn off” the opposite half of the system when activated. They are colloquially known as the “fight-flight-freeze” (sympathetic) system and the “rest-and-digest” (parasympathetic) system. When one is “on” the other is “off”… some examples: Sympathetic activates adrenaline glands, dampens verbal and cognitive function (putting us in an emotionally-based state of mind), raises heart rate and constricts respiration. Parasympethic heightens creative centers in the brain, activates digestion, lowers heart/respiratory rates, allows sexual arousal, etc.

    It’s important to accept that our inner landscape is defined by dozens of different systems that don’t all “agree” with each other. The brain evolved not by “improvement” but by accident and its mechanisms reflect that it is not a “designer” making improvements but more of a “tinkerer” that uses bypasses and overrides to get what it wants. Some of us have heard of the “triune brain” which is a loose way of describing the layers of our animal mind…sometimes referenced by the animal cousins that share these systems (the inner monkey, or the inner reptile). Each layer has different general functions and goals. The hindbrain (lizard brain) is where instinct, rudimentary bodily functions, and the other unconscious stuff live. The midbrain (primate brain) is where social rules tend to be located, the place that inhibits basic desire in order to preserve our social position within a group. The frontbrain is where language, imagination and executive control abide (the part that allows you to override all the other parts of the brain).

    An example of this “tinkering” is in your very own hand right now! Look at it! Wiggle your individual fingers as an experiment… Originally our ancestors couldn’t move each finger separately (an example is your dog or cat), the brain had the ability to clench ALL the digits at once, or none….the mechanism that does this is still in our brains, but when you wiggle one finger at a time, it is actually another part of your brain “blocking” the signal for the other fingers to move…a later adaptation that increases our dexterity. So one part of the brain is telling ALL your fingers to move, while the newer part of the brain stops all the other fingers that you aren’t trying to consciously move. This can work in reverse…the older architecture of the brain can override the newer stuff…which is what happens when we feel stressed or get into an argument with another person. We slip into what Mark “Animal” Macyoung would call “the monkey script,” old patterns of behavior that dictate social standing and mediate emotional conflict. I recommend Mark’s writings for more layperson-accessible work on how the neurochemistry affects your mindbody experience. Especially if you’re interested in conflict resolution techniques or about violence in general. Mark comes from the realm of conflict deescalation and awareness and has a long history in the world of Violence. Worthy reads for anyone.


    I listened to this pod cast the day it came out. I have wanted to leave a response since but have procrastinated out of one of my primary blocks: a crippling sense of perfectionism…. This has haunted me a long time: knowing I have immense creative talent at my disposal and feeling very “gifted” in terms of my intellect but never acting on a creative insight because I “don’t have what I need to make it perfect” or being afraid at the time and work it might take to overcome this perfectionism and simply get something done. This edge marries well with a core sense of guilt and shame that I have learned through society and family (and most importantly, myself) telling me that I’m not living up to my potential. I have been called lazy and unmotivated, but the reality is that I needed to turn my focus from the external world (which is what we are OBSESSED with) and fully dedicate myself to healing my inner world (which I’m still working on). I added a lot of unneeded stress by believing these critics and have only very recently begun to let go of the core anger and inadequacy.

    I have meditated lots on the question of “what’s blocking me” since listening to the podcast and it has helped me gain serious insight into the nature of my blind spots. Two of the most important fruits that have come about from your seed of inspiration: outcome dependence and validation/approval seeking…. I believe these are the root causes of my blocks. I am not “main stream”. I cannot live for the 9-5 life deferment plan or be part of a culture that consumes 90% of the earth’s resources with only 5% of the population. I think life is beautiful and should be lived as such. I don’t believe in retirement just as I don’t hope for an afterlife. I dropped out of college in 2008 after a few semesters of depression…I would start the semester “hot” and end up feeling hopeless and confused. Self-judgment would compound this into depression. I knew I was capable of succeeding but was taking classes in everything but my major. I’ve always been a polymath in this way and realized I didn’t need to be paying massive amounts of money to spend my time learning about whatever I felt like. Theres the internet, libraries and a world of experts that you can learn from with little to no monetary exchange necessary. A string of events helped redirect my life. I worked with kids at a residential summer camp and met a mentor figure who said I needed my “first real adventure”. After some research I decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine (my home state). The experience revived my senses, rejuvenated my soul and resurrected a forgotten childhood love for the natural world. I didn’t return to school, instead I worked on organic farms along the east coast and designed and implemented outdoor education programs at 3 different summer youth programs in Maine. I realized I could do anything with my life; have more adventures, continue learning about anything I wished, and create projects that helped people and the world. Then came my next obstacles….EVERYONE I talked to about my new mindset of freedom couldn’t relate…. EVERYONE I talked to about the myriad business ideas I had would inevitably come up with limiting questions designed to bring me back into what I view now as the dominant ‘comfort-and-security’ mindset of our culture. Questions like “how are you going to get the money for that” or “whos going to pay you for that” came left and right. I decided to take these in stride and use them for motivation….little did I know until know how that would become a subconscious block on my success: It sabotaged my pure vision and intent and hijacked my motivations for the purpose of “showing all the haters I can make it”… This is “outcome dependence” and it ties in nastily with my perfectionism to paralyze me. This week a mantra came to me, “You don’t care about the Outcome, you care about the Action”. I drew this out an put it on my wall. I have been inspired by this talk to stay lazer-focused on simply ACTING in the PRESENT and not being concerned with how it will turn out. I do know for certain that NOT ACTING will GUARANTEE nothing happening.
    But I’ve started down the wrong path before and am not that eager to do it again.

    I gained a serious dose of hope starting a month ago when I first discovered this online-money-making-community in general. This community ties together my love for self-development, social responsibility, and a desire to live a freely creative, purpose-driven life. I haven’t found anyone in my personal life that can reflect this attitude and offer this level of support and inspiration (thank the heavens for the Internet! And people like Dane and Pat!) I want to shrug the status quo and take on the role of a leader that I feel is deeply in line with my purpose. I thought I was stuck in the debt-trap of college-debt with no degree and lousy, below livable-wage jobs to endlessly tread water trying to get to a place where maybe one day I would be able to afford to start a small micro business. Now I have hope that by making small steps today, I may get to a place where I one day can afford to take bigger risks, create bigger, more powerful projects and really step into a role of Serving Others to my highest potential. I’m still in the learning phase. I think I am going to apply for the Foundation but am not sure if software is really the best first step or if I should try starting a information-based website… it seems just getting started is most important but I’m still unsure what kind of model will be best to learn with… I deeply desire financial security outside of a paid hourly position….I long to be self-employed not so I can be lazy but because I don’t think anyone has the creative vision that I have nor can they put it to use like I can. I feel like real results are finally within my grasp.

    I hope this ranting has been useful for someone.

    If anyone is having serious issues with mental blocks or shortcomings, I would love to be able to share some experience I have in meditation/mindfulness, somatic exercises, and recovery in general; just shoot me an email and we can chat.

  • http://www.wellcoaches.com/courtney.sherman Courtney Sherman

    Thanks for introducing your audience to coaching!! So very exciting! Dane’s methods are not “woo-woo” at all – All are totally based in science: the
    Transtheoretical Model (stages of change), Appreciative Inquiry & Motivational Interviewing (creating a vision and connecting to your whys), Immunity to Change model (Dr. Bob Kegan & Lisa Lahey). Dane’s description of the method he uses to help others connect with the feelings in the body to clear blockages mirrors the “Inner Freedom Method” developed by Coachville. Please tell your listeners that there are coaches out there who can help them. Thanks again!

  • Betsy

    Pat – thank you for the amazing information you bring our way each week. I’m hooked!

    Dane, gosh, where do I begin to talk about what’s got me stuck? Part of it is that I feel so scattered — like that old cartoon character, Ricochet Rabbit. Bing. Bing. Bing as he bounces off of the walls. It’s easy to read blogs and books and listen to podcasts. I have filled a binder with ideas of my own along with inspirational quotes or blog entries that “speak” to me, and yet, I am no closer to just doing SOMETHING. I keep thinking that the NEXT article, the NEXT podcast is going to be the one that just snaps on the light in my brain and makes me say, “OK, let’s go now!” but the reality is that I just need to take a step forward. That said, if I were to take that step forward, I don’t know that I’d be able to stay focused on that one project — is it that my patience or my attention span is too short? Likely, it’s both.

    Moreover, I can feel the resistance — blocks? — in my upper chest and throat. It almost feels like I need to yawn, but that feeling just stays there while I am considering my options.

  • Z Thompson

    I really enjoyed the both interviews with Dane, and they were a great inspiration. I desire to break into software entrepreneurship, but I am afraid of the financial aspect of the model. For someone who really doesn’t have any money to start with, I am quite afraid of the concept of getting the customer to pay for the product. What if the product idea doesn’t impress the customer? I know that it isn’t a tactic problem, but more a problem that comes from within myself. A fear of wasting time, and wasting other people’s time. In addition to this, I am also worried that I won’t be taken seriously. I will definitely take Dane’s advice, but I think that I need a “mindset switch” like they discussed on the podcast.

  • http://flavors.me/electronicmike Michael Cahill

    Hi Dane,

    It feels weird to type this out, but here goes. After listening to this podcast a couple of times I’m beginning to see why I’ve never taken real action in the past. Actually since first hearing this episode I’ve started taking action by emailing and calling businesses to start idea extraction. But I’m also digging into who I am and why I do the things I do because of hearing this podcast.

    My conclusion at this point is that I’m horrifically scared, not just of the rejection or anything specific, but of the entire future. I know the sun will rise tomorrow, but what kind of world will it rise on? How long can society possible keep going in its current form? What happens if today’s the day that the lights go out and never come back on?

    I don’t want to debate the merits of those arguments or get into a whole apocalyptic thing with this, I just know that those thoughts are counter intuitive to my happiness and well being in the present. It doesn’t help me work to achieve success today if I focus on a hypothetical dismal future that might never occur. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for nearly my entire life. Ever since I could remember I’ve lived life as if it were a fact that the world would end within the next 30 days. To continue on this honesty streak, because of that thinking I never thought I would live this long, (I’m currently in my 20’s).

    To say that out loud (or type it) is liberating, but it’s still something I’m dealing with. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I’ve made a lot of progress in fighting back against it over the last several years. I’m going to continue to fight it using the techniques you talk about here, and I will make my dreams of financial freedom a reality.

    Thanks Dane,

  • http://www.BodyTransformationSolutions.com Dan

    This is exactly what I needed.

    I am always afraid of the “what if I fail” mentality.

    I end up never taking action and never getting anything accomplished.

    I need to take action even if its not perfect.

  • Garrick

    Wow, what a crazy bunch of info – nothing I’ve ever considered before, but all makes perfect sense. I guess thats the trick. I’ve always been a good employee, and have thought on dozens of occasions “what if I put all this effort into doing something for myself”. After 20 years of working, why haven’t I done something – anything! I live in an amazing place and I have a beautiful family. Its time to rewrite how I behave, think and act. I want to be a great example for my kids and to show them and share with them a life full of fun, passion, integrity and value. Thanks Pat and Dane.

  • Craig

    Dane and Pat,

    TL;DR Even when you overcome doesn’t mean you overcame

    I have been facing my fears for many years and though I have made progress I really resonate with the podcast because it’s never been my tactics or techniques. It’s been challenging my beliefs that have made the difference. But I now realize I haven’t changed anything at all.

    I grew up with a learning disabled label. Failed all my classes, was held back in the 6th grade and eventually dropped out of highschool. I spent 2 years living with my Mom desperately trying to figure out how I was going to pull my life together. I had a key group of friends and adults that were my support group. At that time I was reading at a 6th grade level and I was 18 years old. Diagnosed and treated my whole life with ADHD I decided to stop taking medications and went and bought a book called “Reality Therapy.” Because my father suffered from paranoid schizophrenia I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to suffer the same fate.

    I read and re-read that book over and over. Then I got Anthony Robbins book Awaken the Giant Within after seeing him on TV. I have nothing to lose. Again I read and re-read that book. When I hit the 4th chapter on beliefs something changed in me. I eventually went to live with my Grandfather and started taking responsibility for my life. I then went out and lived on my own and struggled with low paying jobs but I knew I was more than I was showing.

    Mid 90’s I got married and with the coming of my first son a fire was lit under me and I leveraged the tech industry and learned everything about computers. My income rose beyond what I thought I could ever make BECAUSE I HAD TO take care of my family. Then in 2011 I went out on my own making iPhone and iPad applications which is where I am at today. I have made my dreams come true but I am at a point where I have to take it to the next level.

    Most people who I tell my story can’t believe it. They say there’s no way I was that learning disabled kid. My fears and limiting beliefs still haunt me. In fact my life is worse for it. I went back to school in the late 00’s and graduated with my associates degree with a 4.0. But I felt like a failure through the whole experience. I got my Bachelors with a 3.8 and felt like a failure through the whole thing. I can’t celebrate my victories even though logically I know they are victories. The only thing that pushes me is fear and I want it the other way around.

    I am one of those people you talked about. 100% driven. I have to be. Because if I sit for a moment the “reality” of the situation is tough to look at. I need to put my thrusters on right. My mission in this life is to leave a legacy. I want to be an example that nothing is hopeless. That people can do more than they ever thought possible.

  • http://www.FUMSnow.com Kathy Reagan Young

    Pat and Dane —

    Thanks so much for this wonderful podcast. It’s shined a light on something that – at my core – I knew, but had failed to validate, take out and examine. The self-limiting, get-in-my-own-way, no-chance-at-failure-if-I-don’t-try kind of stuff that is churned within – and I could do without!
    My husband is a golf pro and is very rarely home. He works every weekend and every holiday. He MIGHT have a Monday off. When we had children (10 & 12 years ago), I began to feel that I needed to make a change for our family because he just cannot see a path to anything different. We, as a family, need time together. We, as a couple, need time together. And now I, as a multiple sclerosis patient, need time, more than anything. I need freedom to have that time, to choose when I want, where I want and if I’m able to – work. I need my children to know their dad. I need to know that if something happens to him, we won’t be sunk. I need to know that I can provide for myself and my family. I need a life outside of my husband’s job. We need a life. I’ve recently lost my parents and I’m struck with the understanding of the frailty and brevity of life. We MUST make the best life for ourselves that we’re capable of making. And we MUST help others in their pursuit of that happiness as well. My father left a great legacy of having built people up and transformed lives by believing in them and helping them to believe in themselves. I, too, want to affect this world in a positive manner. I especially want the MS community to see what’s possible – even with a diagnosis where a lot of possibilities are supposed to come off the table. I’d love to break through and break free of whatever it is that’s holding me back. I’d love to work with you Dane, in pursuit of that breakthrough. I look forward to hearing from you. Pat – thanks again for bringing so much value to us all.

  • Denise

    When you consider that emotions are biochemical reactions then it begins to make sense that emotions can be felt in the body, such as when a person says, “I have butterflies in my stomach” or “I have a lump in my throat.”One other thing that people might want to consider is that you don’t only carry your own unresolved emotions, but those of your parents and grandparents. In science it’s called a predisposition. This was the best interview ever. It all made perfect sense to me.

  • Christophe Garant

    Pat and Dane,
    My favorite podcast by far. Great perspective, interesting, and motivating.

  • Marko

    Man this reminds me so much of what kinda dating gurus sell. I’m not saying it’s not working but this was such a strange podcast. I could not even finish it because at times it sounded like he was high or on something or maybe even just super tired.

    Good luck!

  • Sensible Girlfriend

    Thanks Pat for posting SPI Podcast 85 even though I could hear in
    your voice and your comments that you thought it was at times not in
    your belief system and that it might put off some of your listeners.
    The result of that risk, for those that “get it”, can be life changing.
    And thanks Dane (in advance) for helping so many people with this
    technique to connect with their body. You have already changed lives
    and this work will create a whole cross section of people who can tap
    into their body’s wisdom to create fulfillment in their lives. Each of
    these people can inspire others and so on! Essentially, you are
    changing the world to be more authentic and truthful to themselves.
    This is amazingly powerful!

    I’d like you to consider my story as an entry for your 30 minute session.

    Here’s My Story:

    I grew up in an Asian American household in
    Los Angeles where my four sisters and I were ritualistically tortured
    (as one psychologist put it) daily. As in many Chinese households,
    children are to be seen and not heard. They are not to question
    authority. They are to obey without question or else punishment
    follows. Our situation was that, but to the extreme. We were
    physically and psychologically tortured. In addition, we were not
    allowed to have any expression or any suggestion of an expression. Any
    movement could be construed as “acting up”, so I learned to be hyper
    self conscious of my body and face movements in fear that I would be
    severely punished or even killed. My father told us often that if we
    had been born in China, he would have killed us just like they used to
    do, drowning baby girls because they are more burden than they are
    worth, being an extra mouth to feed. He resented that we were ever
    born. But since we were born in the United States, he said it was not
    legal to drown children, so he was forced to keep all five girls (all
    the while hoping for a son which he eventually had). To earn our keep
    (our lives), we had to clean house (or work in the family restaurant)
    relentlessly– As a young child non-stop cleaning and then as a young
    teen, 8 hour weekdays after school and 16 hour days on the weekends.
    Every message he gave us about ourselves was that we were worthless, a
    burden and should not be alive. I was painfully shy, socially inept and
    told that I was the ugly, dumb one of all the sisters. He made every
    effort to drill into our heads that none of us would be successful.

    At 12 years old, I decided that I would take my life back. After watching
    all the other children live happy lives, (watching from my shy,
    invisible lonely box) I decided that I deserved to live a free, joyful
    life. It took years of self help, embracing my childhood and dozens of
    paradigm shifts to live the free, joyful life I have today. I see all
    things that happen in life as a gift toward my personal growth. Even
    when my first born baby girl died a day after she was born, I embraced
    this as a gift and lived life happily (even joyfully) while I grieved.
    Many people thought I was crazy and would eventually break down, but I
    was not in denial. I felt truly blessed with the whole situation. That
    is a testament to how I embrace whatever life brings and I refuse to
    let anything get in the way of fully engaging in life happily.

    So here’s why I am writing to you. I know without a doubt that I have so
    much to share with the world. I am destined to help women in particular
    to embrace all of who they are, to let go of the shame, the shyness,
    the self doubt, be unabashedly true to themselves and to let the wisdom
    in their heart lead the way. You talked about our lives being impacted
    by feelings in the body. I’ve found that listening to the wisdom of the
    heart (intuition) is wiser than listening to your mind (fears talking).
    My divine purpose is to help women to tap into this wisdom to love
    them selves, be comfortable in their own skin, find their soul mate,
    reach their goals, live life unabashedly and create the life they want
    to live.

    I became a Los Angeles television news producer and reporter, then moved
    to Maui after finding my soul mate. My blog Your Sensible Girlfriend’s
    Guide To Life started as an advice blog for women, then morphed into a
    parenting blog once I had children. It needs to be reworked to create a passive income site. I also have other passive income site ideas that have not happened yet. …There must still
    be a shred of my father’s voice deep down somewhere in me. I feel
    tightness in my throat, chest and stomach when I think about the fact
    that I haven’t been working on my projects even though at the same time all
    of my body screams “I can’t wait to get my message out there and help
    people!” The reality is that it seems to always come down to not having
    enough time (I have two young children; I’m growing two of my husband’s
    businesses via rebuilding websites, SEO, social media & traditional
    advertising). I would so love your help to get rid of any blocks and do
    what I am destined to do. Thank you for reading my saga! And thank
    you both Pat and Dane for your inspiring work!

    With Lots of Aloha,

    Your Sensible Girlfriend, Angeline.

    • Dara Hoffman-Fox

      “I could hear in your voice and your comments that you thought it was at times not in
      your belief system and that it might put off some of your listeners.”

      That happened to me. I am a therapist and LOVE everything Dane was talking about… I still love you too Pat, just try not to poo poo things you don’t get. :)

  • Kathy Reagan Young

    Today’s the day. I woke up thinking about the announcement. Someone’s life will be changed. Keeping everything crossed – it’s mine!!

  • Audrius

    Hi Dane,
    What if I will succeed? How will I be able to run my business? I have no skills whatsoever… That’s my limiting believe and I feel that it holds me back because I’m not able to finish what I’ve started and I stop at final stages.

  • Ben

    Pat, great interview – don’t underestimate your viewers – this stuff is where the rubber meets the road for anyone who is struggling to get started, which I imagine would be a big portion of your audience!

  • Arvin Joseph Ignacio

    Pat this is an awesome podcast and Podcast 85 really hit me deep.

    I know the chat with Dane for 30 minutes time frame is already expired. I am still listening to the podcast as I am typing this and decided to ACT and SUBMIT IT anyways.

    I tried the muscle test (Googled for “self muscle test”) and it felt weird at first. My pain is at the shoulder and it feels like carrying a heavy backpack in a prolonged period of time. At first I thought it was physical stress from working on a computer but now I realize that it is a mental stress with a physical response.

    When I got the hang of it I asked my self yes/no questions and interestingly enough I was able to “talk” to my body rooting my indecisiveness way back in childhood when my parents separated and I had to choose who was the victim and who is just. I did not choose as I cared for both of them. Thirteen years since then I am still not able to make a firm decision for myself.

    I took down on notepad what is holding me back from making an action and here they are:

    What is holding me back from doing action with online business?
    my idea is not new
    i do not know enough to contribute
    no one is interested in my ideas
    my idea is against the norm

  • http://Www.BigDivaHq.com/ Ms. Pillowz

    This was definitely not what I was expecting to hear, but I am so glad that Dane discussed it. All of us have something that has traumatized us in some way. Although it appears that people have managed to excel despite what they went through, you just never know what is really going on or how even successful people struggle with things. What Dane discussed is a bit woo woo, especially for this audience, but the trauma that he discussed has the potential to not only block us from our full potential, but manifest itself into different (unrelated) parts of our lives. This is where things tend to take a turn down the road of spiritual principles like forgiveness, surrender, and gratitude, but that might be a bit much for right now.

    I’ll share something that you may think is weird or woo woo or doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but has helped me and so many others immensely. It is FREE and it takes anywhere from 5 minutes to as long as you need it to do. It is very simple and painless. It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. I’ve used it for anger, migraines, perfectionism, grief over the break up of me and my fiance’, fear, forgiveness, guilt and shame, and so on. It has allowed me to get rid of so many of my blocks. I wrote about it on my blog here: http://www.bigdivahq.com/2010/10/10-pounds-and-inches-later.html and here: http://www.bigdivahq.com/2010/08/negative-thoughts-are-keeping-you-from.html.

    If any of you want to find some Youtube videos to try it out, I strongly recommend Brad Yates (fantastic), David Childerly, HealingMagic, and MagnusTapping. Again, it may be a little woo woo for some of you, but if you approach it with an open mind and a strong desire to work out your blocks, I highly recommend it.

    Thank you Dane for bringing awareness to these types of barriers to success, thanks readers for your honesty and courage for sharing, and thanks Pat as always for providing this outlet and allowing Dane to talk freely. I hope that this is helpful!


  • Lea-Ann

    My chiropractor uses muscle testing and nutritional supplements … It works!

  • Mike Ambassador Bruny

    Great Podcast. A lot of deep information that gets at the core. Definitely will put it to work; especially not as I work on my next move.

  • http://www.halogensoftware.com/blog Sean Conrad

    This podcast episode is phenomenal. Best and most valuable podcast ever. Dane brought up great stuff on limiting beliefs and Pat you added some great value as well. I have to go look up that documentary you mentioned. I have not been an action taker and something you said Pat really struck me – “I’m good, thanks.” I’m too comfortable, but the question is should I be? It’s started me down a path that I know will be worth more to me than any of the books I read or podcasts I listen to. Thanks.

  • Raven Woodard

    Dane/Pat, thanks for this podcast. It was liberating! While listening I identified a few limiting beliefs and even began to explore which area(s) of my body was feeling the emotion. The giving your area of body a voice was very interesting. I will certainly explore these techniques in depth.

  • Stephan Si-Hwan PARK

    Dane mentioned one of his graduates creating an email marketing service for lasik surgeons. I’d love to see those examples. Dane, could you please share them here? Thank you and greetings from Vienna, Austra!

  • Jerry

    I was really interested in #46, and #82. Not sure I can buy into his advice after hearing this one.

  • Jlow

    Sorry I did not really like this podcast at all. To much story telling and not a lot of how to

  • http://www.garmaonhealth.com/ Joe

    One way or another I’ve been enmeshed in woo woo for 30 years.

    Not without doubts and condemnation. I’m very analytical. That said, Dane Maxwell is not spouting nonsense. Try his suggestions with an open mind (not one focused on proving him wrong) and see what happens. Look in, find out… you have nothing to lose.

    Now, this is not an endorsement of The Foundation. Have no idea about the value of that. But this stuff about discovering what’s holding you back, noting where it comes from and where it seems to live (gut, heart, head) is spot on.

    As Pat says, “It all starts from within”. Where else?

    My 2 cents.


  • Feeling Confused

    Ok, I’ve really enjoyed some of these podcasts — but listening to this was embarrassing. I felt like I was listening to L. Ron Hubbard during this show. More case studies of successful online businesses that were bootstrapped up. I liked the crazy tarot card lady 100x more than this goofy scam artist.

  • Johann Wachter

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  • Walt Wilson

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    Walt Wilson

  • Steve Ostipow

    Pat, thanks for bringing Dane back! Please keep doing it. Every time I hear something new from him my opinion of him and what he’s doing broadens. I think whoever wins 30 minutes with Dane will have their lives changed and if they don’t- it’s definitely in their head. I know I struggle with planning but not ‘doing.’ This podcast got me thinking in a way that dug deeper than I’ve self-reflected before. Don’s mp3 was great and I did it along with him. I took a break during this podcast and in that break found something about myself that I never realized before. Knowing that is shaping to be a turning point.

    Pat, I’m new to your podcast and found it through another podcast (Dan Miller). You have been giving me the resources I’ve needed to go beyond thinking and start doing and I’m extremely thankful! I just used blue host (affiliate link of course) and picked out a free wordpress theme and am building my website very slowly (due to my 0 based knowledge base- http://www.confidenceexposed.com). At lease I’m moving. Someday I hope you get to see a well-functioning site from me. I’ll post again when it’s open to the public.

    Thanks Pat- you rock!

  • Martin

    I love your podcasts because you are willing to challenge your guests. Some hosts just get ‘super-pumped’ at everything they say. That’s tiresome; it’s better to have a host who digs.
    I like the way you challenged Dane and expressed your doubts about what he said.
    This particular podcast was great because of what he said. A standout episode in a standout series.

  • lizzy benjamin

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  • http://www.the-webdesign.net/ Tobias Gebauer

    Super inspiring episode. Thank you Dane for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • Kevin

    The link to the limiting beliefe reversal mp3 is no longer working. It has been replaced by a join the foundation website. If you give them you mail, you don’t get access to the mp3.

  • http://www.perkprofit.com/ Anh Nguyen

    I listened to this on my way to work and it was very insightful.
    I agree with Dan and see what he means. There is something he said that really gets to me.
    “No tactic on the planet is ever going to free you. What’s going to free you is shifting your identity. What’s going to free you is shifting a belief.”

    I think it’s very relevant as I found my biggest set backs to be my mindset. I used to be socially awkward and though I couldn’t do anything of importance. It was very hard, I just can’t do things right no matter how hard I try, I was very disappointed.
    Eventually, I got better. There wasn’t an aha moment for me and it didn’t happen overnight either, what happens are small repetitive ahas and choices made.

    I still have issues with self confidence, I just do my best to learn more, put myself out there and dedicated myself to my new affiliate marketing website.

    It has been quite busy these days and things could get overwhelming, but I try to work on my business and working on self-improvements as much as I can without putting too much strains on my emotions.