SPI 021: Q&A Session—Domain Names, Do You Need an Audience, YouTube Blackboards, and Adsense Earnings

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I do something a little different and give detailed answers to some of most commonly asked questions. I’m doing this for a number of reasons:

First, I’ll be able to help more people who may have these very same questions. Instead of answering each person individually, I can address everybody, including those who have yet to ask the same questions, or those who may be too shy or scared to do so.

Secondly, as a result, it’ll help me save time because it may reduce the number of emails I get, and if I do get these questions in my inbox, I can just reference this podcast session.

And lastly, these are just some really good questions that provide excellent content for the podcast.

The Questions

Actually, I was only able to get to 4 out of the 10 questions I originally wanted to cover in the session, which means I get pretty detailed with some of the answers. Here are the questions that I talk about today:

Question #1:

(02:05) Hey Pat! I hope you can answer this one for me.  I have read and listened to everything I can get my hands on for the past few months… and the more I know, the more apparent it is to me that I don’t understand some of this stuff.  For example: I want to purchase my domain names for my new businesses online and all of the formulas I have read about it are confusing and scary to me even though I have dived in and tried to figure it out.  Is there a super simple formula that a newbie can use for finding the “perfect” domain name?

Question #2:

(17:20) Pat – I have an eBook idea but I don’t have a blog or any type of online presence yet. What can I do to make my eBook successful?

Question #3:

(25:01) Pat – how do you make YouTube videos with the blackboard with your logo on it, and you writing live on top of it?

Question #4:

(29:38) How do I increase my Adsense earnings?

Some of my answers include:

  • The formulas for the perfect domain name for the different types of websites one might create, along with examples that do and don’t work.
  • 5 rules you should always consider before you choose a domain name.
  • Why I believe my first eBook launch, which generated $8000.00 in the first month, was so successful.
  • How you can test the success of your product idea before you even create it.
  • Exactly how I create my “blackboard” YouTube videos, and why they are so effective.
  • Why I love Google Adsense and why it’s working for me.
  • 3 of the most important things you can do to increase your Adsense earnings.
  • Why some sites with a ton of daily visitors earn less than sites with less traffic.
  • How to wrap text around an Adsense advertisement.
  • The changes that I’ve made with my Adsense ads that have dramatically increased (and decreased) my income.

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Items Mentioned in this Session:

And here is the code you can use to wrap text around an Google Adsense advertisement:

<div style="float:right;">ADSENSE CODE GOES HERE</div>

You can change “right” to “left” if you want the ad to be on the left-hand side instead.

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Enjoy the show!



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  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Wow! The title of this particular question is screaming LISTEN! and I’m sensing some vital points in it.

    I’ll be downloading and listening to it tonight :)

    • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

      By the question I meant “Do You Need an Audience”.

    • http://experimentsinpassiveincome.com Moon Hussain

      Onibalusi is right! I’m just getting done with the podcast. Even though I knew a couple of the things you mention in the podcast, it’s still great to hear another knowledgeable angle on things.

      Keep rockin’.

  • http://www.brianlimaphoto.com Brian

    oh yaaaa yet an other amazing podcast to go to the gym and workout to for inspiration. All these questions are ones I have been chewing on as of late so this is stuff. This podcast is going to get a whole lotta love! keep charging forward Pat!

  • http://optionstradingiq.com Gavin McMaster

    A little off topic here, but what does everyone use to check their Google rankings?

    • Pat

      Hey Gavin, here’s a post I wrote a while back about checking rankings in the SERPs that will help you.


      • http://optionstradingiq.com Gavin McMaster

        Legend. thanks.

    • http://misterfong.com Chris

      I personally like the Rank Tracker tool from Link-Assistant.com. It’s a paid tool, but i like the graphs it puts out.

  • http://www.endingthegrind.com Steve

    As always, you are looking out for your readers. Loving it!

  • http://startworkingonline.blogspot.com/ Rory Mullen

    Thanks for showing me how to promote my e-book Pat.
    I am excited to try what you have taught this week. I will be saving up to buy my webcam and equipment to make my own audio blogs.

  • http://www.smartyoungminds.com Kim|Smart Young Minds

    Thank you for providing such quality, detailed information. It is very much appreciated!

  • http://www.freesitetraffic.org John Haver

    Pat, as always I enjoyed the listen and really on topic for me as I plan on launching an ebook on one of my high traffic sites shortly.

    I know you havent done a full scale launch before but do you or anyone else have suggestions as to good resources for tips a moderate scale product launch…a couple $k for PLF is just a little outrageous!

    Also enjoyed the discussion around youtube as I just started outsourcing video creation/website promotion for one of my sites with a lot of success.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for making this podcast. It’s just in time for my newest niche site that I’m working on and listening to this podcast kicked my motivation into gear. I really liked the talk on ad placements. I haven’t had too much research/knowledge in that area.

  • http://www.howtosavemoolah.com Gerald

    Pat what happened at the end of the podcasts? You need a QAS. LOL

  • http://www.nichepursuits.com Spencer @ NichePursuits.com

    Hey Pat – Thanks for the shout out! I’m really glad that the Adsense placement tips that I was able to give you have worked out so well! Its also great to hear about someone else doing well with Adsense – period. Too many people write it off, but you are really demonstrating that it has great potential!

    Of course I talk about Google Adsense all the time on my site, but I fell in love with it early on after I started having some success. Anyway, I love the content you are providing here – and best of luck with your current niche site and other/future niche sites as well!

    • http://paulsoaresjr.com Paul

      Aye, write off Adsense at your own peril! Those few cents per click can really add up and amount to very nice paydays, under the right circumstances. I’ve been watching my Adsense revenue steadily rise from about $60/day in January to $250/day currently. Just need to keep adding more eyeballs. :)

      And thanks, Pat, for all of the awesome content. It’s been extremely helpful and inspiring.


  • http://www.siteburbia Kenny @ SiteBurbia.com

    I’ve been using Adsense for a while now and I feel like I’ve finally got the hang of it and am ready to start increasing revenue for my existing Adsense sites and sites I plan on building.

    I’m at about $150/month from just two sites. Both have low CPC, so I plan on building sites based on keywords with a much higher CPC. I’ve also found keywords that I’m going to try to rank for with my existing sites that have a higher CPC.

    Anyways, this was a great blog post and the Adsense section really gave me some good ideas and motivation.


  • http://www.homehammock.com/ Mike

    Lots of good information on domains … I agree you should focus on .com’s. However, if you’ve discovered a great niche with low competition, and the exact keyword match .com is taken, use .org as your second choice. I’ve read a few pieces of research that mention .org is next on Google’s domain extension quality list after .com, .edu/.gov, and ccTLD’s if you’re searching in a particular country. Best of luck!

  • http://www.sportmanagement.cc Remco


    I liked your explanation on domain names……but I was missing really a motivation of not using the other extensions like tv, info or cc…..is it really so hard to rank?

    Next to that, I was expecting you to recommend us to add HQ to the domain name, like you did with securityguardtraining

  • http://Acoupleofquitters.com Tammy

    You’re reading my mind, Pat! I’ve spent all day trying to get my content to wrap around my Adsense ads. Using the plugin and snippet of code you provided saved me from pulling out any more of my hair! Thanks!

  • http://www.teeballbaseballblog.com Tom

    I missed this post but will catch up listening to it tonight. I’m sure this will have some great tips that I can apply. Thx!

  • http://www.wrightcomputing.com/blog/ Paul Wright

    Hey Pat, Here is another question that you may get asked a lot, How do you create the footer for your posts. Does it automatically appear on the bottom of you blog posts or do you copy a template on each post. I have just started a new blog and want to make it look more attractive, and help get the word out.

  • Dave

    Thanks again Pat, I know you work your hard to bring good content to your site to share with us… Keep it coming,
    we need it!

  • http://twitter.com/richardpokorny Richard

    Very good podcast, thank you!

  • http://www.thebestpersonalfinance.com Marc

    Pat is the Man! Good tips, My site will be a winner

  • http://internetmoneyhustle.com/ Internet Money Hustle

    hey Pat, great looking podcast as usual. I will definitely be having a listen tomorrow as I chip away at some niche sites. I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog before but you actually helped me quit my job. I worked the night shifts and would listen to your podcasts while doing patrols (I was a security guard) and print off your posts to read at lunch. I probably already have a good grasp for most of those questions but it I always like hearing what others are doing and see if it lines up with what I do, or if I am missing anything.

    The youtube trick will definitely be cool to learn about. I have a few really good tricks for finding domains easily and for free, and also for optimizing adsense sites to earn big money so I am looking forward to listening to the podcast and comparing tactics!

    Drop by my (new) blog and say hi, and thanks again for helping me free myself from the paycheque!

  • http://www.sqlenespanol.com Rudy Rodarte

    Hey Pat! I prefer Paint.net instead of GIMP for free graphic design. It is Windows only, but there is less of a learning curve than GIMP.

    • http://www.marylandstinkbugs.com Maryland Stink Bugs

      I’ve been using GIMP it is kind of difficult at first..I will give your suggestion a try.

  • http://www.marylandstinkbugs.com Maryland Stink Bugs

    Hey Pat !!!

    Awesome podcast..one of the best ! I asked about the adsense question on my email to you recently so…great timing. I left another rating that I hope keeps you up top. Thanks again for all the assistance.


  • http://www.amazonaffiliateprofits.co.uk/ Richard from AmazonAffiliateProfits

    Hey Pat
    I have just listed to a Pat Flynn marathon – episodes 15 to 21 all in one day!
    I am in New Zealand for work and yesterday I had to drive from Auckland to Wellington (8 1/2 hours) because planes are cancelled due to the ash cloud from the eruption in Chille. Anyway, it was a great opportunity to catch up on your podcasts and I must say I learnt heaps – thanks.
    I am going to head to Elance soon and start outsourcing some of the mundane stuff I have been doing (both in my IM business and in my software consultung company) and am intending to listen to your you tube podcast (episode 19 I think) again as that was fasinating stuff.
    Thanks again

  • http://scno.pl Michal

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve just try to listening your podcast, but when I’m clicking on Play button player shows that “File not found”. Can you fix that?

    • Pat

      Working for me now. Are you still pulling up an error? Thanks!

  • http://creakytoe.com/blog Andrew


    How can I make my AdSense ads larger, as you have done with your security guard website? Your 300×250 in post ads, in the top right hand corner of each post, are only displaying two large text ads (as opposed to my site’s four ads). How do I duplicate that in AdSense?

    I tried to use the “Large” font size option within the “ad style and settings” AdSense pane but the fonts on my ads did not get any larger. Is there another way to make the ads only display two large text ads, as you have done?

    Thanks for any help with this issue.


  • http://www.lifecompassblog.com Rich Avery

    Pat, thanks for the great work you do on the SPI podcast. You and Cliff Ravenscraft are among my favorite podcasters.

    In this episode, you talked about how to put a block of adsense ads in a blog post.

    I have photos at the top of my blog posts – typically in the top left corner of the post, but sometimes on the right. In this case, it would probably look bad to have a block of adsense ads a few lines below the photo.

    So would you recommend placing an ad block somewhere else if I have photos…or would you recommend placing photos somewhere else? Thanks!

  • http://www.newcustomerworkshop.com Joe


    I read your show notes and the Google Adsense snippet caught my eye. That is a pretty simple way to include AdSense into your site.

    Another route if you use WordPress (and you should) is to look for one of the many advertising related plugins. They don’t require much time to setup and give you a lot of flexibility when you place ads.

    I use Advertising Manager but I’m not sure if it’s in active development anymore.

  • John

    Hello Pat,

    What do you think about numbers in domains? Do they rank just as good as an extra letter in Google?

    Thank you

  • http://4hwwsuccess.com/ David

    Hi SPI Community (or the ones that are still subscribed to that comment thread)

    I guess this hear could be a good place to make the community aware of an additonal site that I came across today when looking for some advice about something wordpress theme related. http://allaboutbasic.com/category/wordpress-tricks/
    I feel obliged to Om, the owner of the site, after all the free advice I have received today. Almost as good as Pat’s :)


  • http://www.mailsandforwards.com/ Sara

    I know one of my friend how has purchased domain which have high cpc and stated earning. he showed me every site and there earnings. simple thought got him every thing in life.

  • Pinot Noir

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    Anyway, some complain that their blogs can gain much more money even without videos.
    I saw on http://www.alternative-energies.net that is good to use both articles, pitcures and videos to gain some real earnings.