SPI 076: 8 Productivity Tips from Pat—But WHY?

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, a follow-up to the popular post I published earlier this week titled The Effect My Kids Have Had on My Business, I reveal 8 productivity tips that I use to get more done in less time,  but more importantly, I talk about why productivity matters in the first place.

And it’s more than just about getting more things done and saving more time.

Since having kids, I’ve learned to become incredibly productive, because if I wasn’t I’d get nothing done. I have much less time to work now. I share 8 tips that I use to help me get more done with the time I do have, and I also recap some of the more important productivity tips that I’ve discussed in previous episodes of the SPI Podcast, since those are important too.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • Easter eggs.
  • What most people and other productivity resources forget to mention.
  • The 2 more important factors in a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
  • More information about my “folder system” for project management and organization.
  • Just-in-time Learning
  • Questions you should ask yourself anytime something new comes up.
  • The hardest thing I’ve had to learn to do.
  • How to avoid “email sabotage”
  • How to systemize and downsize the amount of work you have to do.
  • How housework can make you more productive in your business.
  • The one thing you NEED to do each time you’re interrupted.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

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  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore Nwangene

    This one is really awesome as always Pat and i really enjoyed it. One thing that everyone is looking for is ways to become more productive because, that is the only way you can achieve your goals but, its not always easy.

    There are always lots of flashy things out there that distracts us from being productive and often time, most people normally mistake activity as being productive which is wrong.

    With informations like this, it will certainly be very easy to keep things going. Thanks for sharing yet an amazing post with us.

    Regards to your family :)

    • http://www.allfans.org Mia Varte

      Well said Theodore. One could be sitting at the computer for hours without however really having anything to show for it. I’ve often been in this state.

      Thanks for the podcast Pat. I definitely picked up some gems.


    • http://dogcare.blogdetik.com Puppies

      Right Pat, I’ve felt it with my little family.

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hey Theo

      it’s good to see your comments here…

      You’ve said that everyone is looking for ways to improve on what they’re doing, but did you ever think that most people (myself included) are dabbling with multiple projects, and trying to become productive at all of them, at once, is suicide?

      I think ideal is to have less projects/clients each month, and focus on how to get the most out of each, one at at time… as we only have 24 hours in a day, and having more projects is not really the key to growth and success, IMO…

      What do you /you guys think about this?

  • http://blogboldly.com/starting-an-online-business/ Darlene with BlogBoldly

    My barometer for tasks is:
    Does this make me money?

    I make a concentrated effort to keep the “fluff” tasks to a minimum and focus 80% of my time on what makes me money.

    p.s. I liked on your “kids” post where you paid attention to when you were playing on the computer and you could have been playing with your kids.

    • http://missiontripsongs.com Daniel

      Darlene, I think that’s a great measuring stick for whether or not something is worth focusing on. Yes, there are important tasks that don’t have an obvious, immediate return on the time invested, but I know I get easily sucked into things like checking stats and other activities that don’t actually relate to what I’m really trying to accomplish.

    • http://researchasahobby.com Michael Bely

      Darlene, interesting barometer. And if, say, I play with my kid for 15 minutes (which does not make me money directly), and after that I feel very motivated to make the work done, then does playing with kid make me money? If so, then make-me-money things can be a very broad range of things. The point is measure: e.g. playing 18 hours a day with kids is not good for business (if it is not your business to play with kids) 😉

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Darlene,

      I like your question, and that’s what all bloggers/writers/online marketers/affiliates should be asking themselves when/before starting a project…

      I’d add to it…

      “Does this make me money by end of week/month?”

      As some projects aren’t quick cash generators and may take several months until a site/product pays off, isn’t it?

      • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/new-here/ Iain

        Great questions to ask yourself John.

        When you bring it down to what generates money, it can be very helpful when you are trying to be productive.

  • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

    hello Pat

    Very helpful podcast, and it came right on time :)

    AS I’m on vacation now for a week or so..

    I have a dozen of (niche site/affiliate marketers) clients which email me almost daily, so I have to go through hundreds of daily emails… and for the last 12 months email killed me, sincerely…

    Your tips and folder organization advice will take my business next level and hopefully diminish stress like never before.


  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Hi Pat,

    Another awesome podcast as usual. I was able to pick some useful tips from the podcast that I think will surely help me out.


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  • http://www.makeyourhairgrowfaster.net ray

    Spot on! It’s sooooo easy to get distracted, not just with work but with personal business. I try to get as much of the “fluff” and distractions out of the way early in the day, so that I can focus on the important tasks at hand as fully as possible.

  • Pedro

    BlueHost server is down! #bluehost

  • http://bestdarnhomebusiness.com Robert Marsh

    I notice a a lot people will say and do say that to them what keeps them productive is ‘ what makes me money ‘. I agree with that to a certain extent.

    Of course, we all need to pay the bills and hopefully some more on top of that.

    But you know what keeps me productive? Well, let me preface this by saying how I developed this.

    I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser. Even though I do not agree with some of the things they do, I always have admired the passion that renowned trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper have for helping their teams. And seeing the excitement in Jillian’s and Bob’s faces as they see their students reach their goals of losing weight..

    A couple of years ago I decided to be like them.

    I know it is much easier for them to be so passionate about seeing results in their students since they are financially set with TV salaries, products etc……so they do not get sidetracked like most of us do.

    So i wondered if maybe I ‘pretended’ (to my self) that I was financially well off like Jillian and Bob are and treat my customers with the incredible passion they have for theirs.

    In other wards, take a step back and really go out of your way to help someone. And not worry about finances. Treat it as irrelevant. Do not let it get you off track at all !

    It is tough ,very tough. Especially if you have family relying on you to bring home end’s meat.

    But if you are able to do so you really will be amazed how far you can take it :)


    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hey Robert

      I like your inspiration feedback, it made my day…. It looks like we somehow feel similar… I still think that if you focus on your passion from day #1 and deliver your message/content/help/whatever with passion and commitment and love for others, money will roll-in sooner or later.

      Btw, I checked your site, and I like the way you’re using questions in your headlines/post titles to connect with your audience… hope it works out well for you.


  • Géraldine Jippé

    Very relevant podcast. It’s been two years that a friend of mine adviced me to listen to your podcasts, which were on my to-listen-list. I finally got the time do it now, which is a right time. I have to say that I can’t agree with you when you say that overall the most difficult part is to learn how to say no to your beloved one, friends, business partner etc… It’s true. Over time, I realized that being so willing to node to everything made me unproductive. I used to believe I can’t do it all. I’ve had to learn it the hard way.

  • http://www.shadeofinfo.com Andrew M. Warner

    Hey Pat, You really have alot of great material on this entire website. I just recently found you, about a 3 weeks or so ago and I’m impressed. I’ve been catching up and have listened to all of your podcasts. Very inspiration my friend, especially since it’s motivated me to try to come out with one of my own. This podcast has been very educational to me. Productivity is something that I’ve struggled with in the past, especially since there are so many great projects and opportunities to work on, but my problem is trying to do that takes me away from the thing I know is my bread and butter.

    The best thing I look away from this was the folder that you say you keep. That’s VERY smart and is definitely something I need to try.

    As always, thanks for the great information.

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      Good points Andrew!

      It’s sad you didn’t get to know Pat/his blog sooner, but I think it’s the right time for you… as everything happens at the right timing, is it?

      I took a look at your site… and see you’re offering some special reports (not for gratis though) and one got my attention already — did you create them yourself? How well do they sell if you don’t mind me asking?

      • http://www.shadeofinfo.com Andrew M. Warner

        Hi John,

        Yea I came across Pat’s site recently … and it’s really good. Alot of things on it actually made me change how I run and operate my site.

        As for my site, yea I do offer some special reports on it and yea it’s not for gratis though. However, I do offer alot of free reports as well … some right away when a person signs up.

        Actually I was seriously considering just making a page where I just offer free reports and stuff on it just full of downloadable reports. Most likely I’ll be doing that sometime shortly.

        As for my reports, I did create them myself. I have sold a good amount of my Information Product report and a fair amount of the teaching profits. Right now though, after finding this site and having a much clearer focus, I’m not so much focused on selling my products as much as I’m focused on building a list and contacts. If that makes sense. And as soon as my list has grown to a significantly larger amount, or as it grows, then I’ll start to focus, little by little, more on selling.

        I know we all go into business to sell something, especially since that’s the only way to make money, but the way I started off was completely wrong and I’m trying to fix that.

  • http://www.stockservicereviews.com Ethan

    Really want to listen to this new podcast but I am already halfway through one of your old ones….. =(


  • http://aceproductivity.com Timothy Moser

    This episode was great. Highly enjoyed it.

    The “email sabotage” issue is one that’s really hard to convince people who have never tried separating their email from the rest of their lives. It took me a long, long time to realize that being alerted as soon as I got an email wasn’t worth it. Now I leave my email closed except those few times a day that I check it (I also got that from the 4-Hour Workweek).

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Timothy,

      I feel you on that one… email is easy to access now more than ever, with the market growth of smart phones and tablets, isn’t it?

      Honestly, the hardest part in this online business is to be your own boss, and listen to your own advice…. LOL

      I see you have a productivity site yourself — hope it works well for you. How do you promote it/get the word about it?

      • http://ACEproductivity.com Timothy Moser

        I’ve tried a few things; right now I’m doing some FB ads. Hoping to do a podcast before long since there isn’t much out there that’s actually about productivity, and there are probably people searching for it who could find me.

  • http://GodOfSEO.co Charles Floate

    Hey Pat!
    Another great SPI :) Even though I don’t have kids (jeez, i’m only 17 and hopefully will never be featured on MTV) I fully understand that time really is money, so getting as much done in as short amount of time for me is vital.
    When writing posts for my own blog, I’ve managed to cut down the time it takes significantly! Before, I was working on posts for 1 or 2 hours, now it takes 30 minutes for me to crack out a 1,000 words!
    That’s because of a few things I’d like to add:
    1) When I’m on the move and not doing anything, I plan posts – Come up with the ideas, find the resources (3/4g makes this so easy!) and sometimes even look for the featured images!
    2) Do everything in the WordPress editor, some people prefer to use Word or another document based software but when you’re producing post content the formatting can change as well as the WP interface being really quick and HTML edits being super quick with the text editor! Learn to use the new post/page interface properly and you’ll be speeding through content creation in no time.
    3) Don’t listen to music! Some people think listening to music helps, it really doesn’t.. you get distracted by song lyrics and the music tends to go over what you are thinking at the time.

    Another great SPI Pat, hope my extra tips helped it ^^

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hey Charles

      Good points! I think classical music or chill-out or Zen music helps… for doing tasks which doesn’t require creativity or close attention like research, site/blog updates, checking emails, etc…

      For real activities like writing articles or creating premium content or blog commenting, it may not help as much, although while writing this reply, I listen to some nice music in the background :)

  • http://thecyberdream.com Alvin Chadwick

    Hey Pat, this was the very first podcast that I’ve listened to of yours and I enjoyed it, gonna look through old ones! :)

  • http://control-email.kwinpeterson.com Kwin Peterson

    Pat, you nailed this! “Why” is vital; and it is the big picture. One step below it is a day-to-day operational question…kind of a DO of why.

    One of the first things I teach about becoming efficient with email is that you have to know what you will do with the time your productivity will create, in my class it is, “What will I DO instead of email?” In the case of Just in Time Learning, it might be, “What will DO instead of reading about a new blogging platform.”

    “Why” directs our decisions over months and years, while “DO” directs our activities week to week and day to day.

    If anyone is interested, I have a short video on this on a site I am building: http://control-email.kwinpeterson.com/lessons/lesson-2/

  • http://comingsoon.onlinebusinessqa.com/ Shane Sams

    “Start with Why” has become a daily quote around my house! Thanks for this podcast Pat, and also “The Effect My Kids Have Had on My Business.” Good to know other people are in the same boat haha! As a parent of a 4 and 2 year old, I can speak first hand how hard it is to work on posts, get newsletters finished and record podcasts with a couple minions bouncing off the walls! But at the end of the day…they are why we do Online Business. To give them more time, a better future and the things they need. Thank you so much for the productivity tips! Working hard for another five figure month in August!

  • http://www.theclothingbroker.com Valerie

    Pat, how long does it normally take for you to post the transcript? Any chance of having an email list just for the podcast transcript?

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb


      You have an interesting idea, and an interesting site as well (clothes broker? never thought something like that exists… I wonder how does that work for you, and what challenges do you overcome in your business… maybe you could share?)

      Anyway, I know Pat uses a transcription service… and you may want to setup a Google alert for Pat’s podcasts to get timely updates

      Hope it helps?

  • http://www.acivilengineer.com Liton Biswas

    Good as usual. Thanks Pat.

  • Robbin

    You’ve forget to mention evernote.com 😉

  • http://www.bestwirelessdoorbells.com Naveen Kulkarni

    Loved this podcast Pat,

    Productivity is need of the day because it is important what we “accomplish” rather than what we “do”.

  • http://www.adsenseforbeginners.net/ Alexg

    Have a baby on the way and this podcast came in time!!! Thanks Pat


  • Susan

    I’ve heard of you but this was the first of your podcasts that I’ve listened to. My 17-year-old daughter was in the car and while she normally doesn’t like it when I listen to business podcasts, I think you gained a new fan. She liked me telling her she was my “why.” Good tips. The “do the dishes” tip you mentioned fits in with tips by the “flylady” who is an expert on having organized home (the “flylady” term is a concept of treating your house like you are an air traffic controller). Her number one life tip is to start with the dishes and clean your kitchen sink. Evidently that benefits your whole life, including business productivity. Reinforces what I know from experience already. And I loved the mac app tip. Installed. Worth tuning in for just for that time saver. Thanks!

  • http://modernhouse-plans.com Laurie

    Pat, thanks for the podcast! Great tips, especially loved the one about doing dishes. Did them today and it works! Another tip for productivity is to make a list every day and do the hardest thing first. Very satisfying to get that tough thing out of the way, then the rest of the list is easy and fast. Thanks again!

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb


      I am completely with you here, and I know how it feels like to do the scariest thing onto your list… it’s not easy at all, it’s like eating a big elephant at once… but imagine what happens when you finish the most daring/hardest task by 10 a.m. or whatever that day… you have extra energy for remaining tasks/projects

      And if the hardest / first task requires you split it into multiple smaller tasks, do it, that’s the best way to eat an elephant (small bits at a time, is it?)

      Let me know how it goes…

  • Jack

    Thank you for sharing this. I loved your podcast.

  • http://www.internationalbaseballcommunity.com David Burns

    Thanks Pat for another great productivity podcast. I benefited the most from the gmail canned response as I have hundreds of same response emails that I have been cut and pasting from word which takes time. This has saved me sooo much time! Thanks dude.
    Also, the tip you shared from this Jaro guy I totally agree with. But I want to add one thing to this, especially for all those single living Flynnmaniacs: while washing the dishes or cleaning the house, listen to your favourite podcast while doing so. I usually work out and then clean the house while listening to SPI. I find my best work is after at least one of these two things.



    P.S. I am looking for any entrepreneurs living in Europe who are interested in setting up a mastermind group or just to meet for a couple of beers and swap ideas, tips.

  • http://www.webpromotionbyexpert.com yogesh

    interesting post. read carefully till end.
    love it.

  • http://paperfa.com Peter

    Thanks for another great podcast, Pat! I love the level of transparency and extremely valuable information that you provide. Keep it up!

  • http://LifeByExperimentation.com Zane Claes

    Generally I’ve become tired/bored with productivity advice, given how rehashed most of it is, but as always you did a great job of using good presentation and solid advice to make it fresh, Pat. By the way — I just put together a tool for Evernote the other day to convert my Kindle highlights into notes, very useful for doing research: http://lifebyexperimentation.com/2013/07/how-to-convert-kindle-highlights-to-evernote-notes/

  • Therm

    I’m waaay into these podcasts when you do them. Keep it up! Anyway, that last tip you gave to “say it out loud” would work for me if I wasn’t extremely forgetful. When I’m working, I always have ms onenote open. I immediately write down what the next step is on that project and highlight it. When I return from a meeting or something the ONLY thing highlighted yellow on the page tells me my next move. This has CHANGED MY LIFE. I sometimes use evernote for things other than work. Hopefully this tip will help others. Thanks again Pat.

  • http://danforblogg.blogspot.com/ Daniel

    Great article, thanks for sharing..

  • http://pat.realtyexecutivesfl.com/ pat

    It is amazing how efficient you can be when you have to be. Just have to implement this mentality all the time. Thanks for another great podcast.

  • http://www.itware.com Alessandro

    Hi, Pat. I like your balancing between Business and Quality of life, so I put you in my Top List Blogger for Italian Enterpepeneur and Start-Upper: probably, you cannot understand Italian, but you will be able to catch your blog in the ranking:

  • http://www.moneyahoy.com Derek @ MoneyAhoy.com

    Great podcast! I really need to start multi-tasking more while doing those chores as you’re suggesting. I’m losing several hours a week that I could be working on self-improvement or new knowledge.


  • http://hackthebrowser.org/ Joe Mauer


    haha….absolutely loved the podcast Pat.


  • http://www.whyilovetraderjoes.com Michael T


    Good morning! Amazing how you knew to post this right when I needed to hear it most. I listened to it this morning while at the gym and I was taking notes in my training notebook almost the whole time!

    Great posting (as always) and thanks again for everything you do!



    • http://Www.ultimategamingmouse.com Rushin

      Think you must have doubled up the gym work

  • http://Www.ultimategamingmouse.com Rushin

    Hey pat you are ossom i just doubled up my productivity from your tips

  • Tina

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks very much for another great podcast. I recently discovered your podcast and I have nearly listed to all of them now! I love how you are so genuine and humble. Your honesty really comes across. I have listed to quite a few different internet business ‘teachers’ on different podcasts and yours is definitely my favourite.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  • http://www.betterblogimages.com Joseph Michael

    I’m so glad you did this one Pat. I was wondering how in the world you accomplished so much in the last couple of months. I loved your tips! Especially the one about doing the dishes to spark productivity.

    I have this routine on Saturday mornings where I vacuum the house for my wife and I swear I am twice as productive online after vacuuming. I just thought I was some kind of weirdo haha. The happy wife is always a good side benefit too 😉

    P.S. Can’t wait to connect at FinCon!

  • http://healthysnackschef.com tim

    Thanks for the tips Pat. I’m a fan of the wash the dishes method.
    Although I’m a little suspicious that it may be a little bit of procrastination before getting down to some serious work. Still, its aways great to work in a nice clean space.

  • Tom Schmidt-Lange

    Hey Pat,
    really enjoyed this session. One recently-acquired productivity habit that I find very effective is the “Top 3”. Basically…rather than maintaining a long and often overwhelming list of tasks that you need to work on, start each day by writing down the Top 3 things you need to get done that day. Then focus on those things. It takes some practice to get good at picking what the 3 things are, but when done right, it can really boost your effectiveness and thus your satisfaction at the end of the day. There is an iOS app available for this, simply called “Top 3”, but I find it’s easier to just write the Top 3 items on a sticky note. I use one specific bright yellow color of sticky notes exclusively for my Top 3 list so it always stands out from other notes/papers I have around my desk.

    Greetings from hot and sticky Florida!


    • http://okkimonosblog.com Brendan

      Wow. This is actually really awesome. Thanks so much Tom! I did it this morning and it helped so much. Instead of choosing random stuff to get done, I was able to prioritize and get all 3 done in record time!

    • http://www.shadeofinfo.com Andrew M. Warner

      This is actually a good suggestion. I tried it earlier on and it really helped me to focus on getting those three things done. I use a task manager to help me organize so I can know when to do what at what time, but simplicity seems to work best at times.

      Thanks Tom.

    • http://www.kangjum.com Kang Jum

      Not all sessions easy part most people, including me, to fall up in advance to be successful.

  • Raj

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    click the link here

  • http://www.littlepampereddog.com Lourdes Welhaven

    Pat, I agree with you. Exercise is a big one. It seems counter-productive…but you can definitely get more done when you feel better…and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary really, just go for a nice long walk.

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb


      I used to work 16+ hours a day like a crazy dog… barely taking pauses… and my health suffered… had problems with my lungs, and stuff… I now take a walk in the park, and do some of the tips shared herein by Pat, and my business took off… I’m another person :)

    • http://www.ultrasoundtechonline.com/ jon m

      I have been using a “folder system” for some time and find it very effective. basically I just use a three ring binder like I used to use in college with different tabs etc.. Staying healthy is probably the most important thing you can do to be productive – I mean if you get sick you can wipe out a better part of a week and not get anything done. Similarly, if you’re unhealthy and mostly feel like crap it’s hard to be very productive. That’s why I try to eat well By taking vitamins and supplements drinking plenty of water and go on a short walk at least once a day.

  • http://www.fatlossfactorhandbook.com Miller

    Really great podcast. I am definitely going to have to using your tips, especially getting some exercise!!

  • http://thecyberdream.com/2013/08/why-you-need-to-learn-seo/ Alvin Chadwick

    I love hearing your podcasts, Pat! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.nasquotes.com Kayla

    Great podcast Pat.

    I love the intro music to your podcasts! Do you create them? Should we be calling you DJ Flynn?

  • http://www.givenotes.wordpress.com Samantha Brown

    Thanks for the awesome tips on productivity in this podcast – especially the first one! We are often so busy trying to become more productive that we lose sight of why we are actually doing it in the first place!

    You’re a great inspiration Pat – thank you!


  • http://www.billpaine.co.uk Bill Paine

    Great episode Pat, thanks very much. One tip for people which I use to avoid going off track – just take a snapshot on the Mac (Cmd Shift 4) of what you were doing and stick it in the middle of the screen so that when you get back to the computer it acts as a great reminder of where you were. Keep up the good work!

    • http://www.stripteaselashes.com Brigitte

      OMG that’s an amazing tip! One thing I do is keep text edit open so I can jot it down really quickly. Now I will just put my snapshot in text edit. That’s such a great idea.

    • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com Eric Beaty

      Nice tip, Bill. I use screenshots a lot but I usually use sticky notes for reminding me of things. I’ll consider this in the future. Thanks!

      • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

        hey Eric

        My partner (Codrut Turcanu) is doing a premium interview product, interviewing niche site specialists/bloggers… are you open to such an interview?

        I see you have a niche site yourself, so I was wondering if that’s something that interests you…

  • http://techwayz.com Pramod

    Yet another masterpiece from you mate ! Thanks for sharing it with us ..Really appreciate your efforts to help us improve our earnings as well as productivity .

  • http://www.plasticprinters.com Nate Johnson

    Pat, great podcast! I love the fact that all of your episodes are full of actionable items. Personally I’d like to work on Tip # 6, letting go of things you don’t like by hiring help and was wondering what resources you use to find help? I know you had mentioned doing an episode on your team, maybe include where you look to find good talent?

    Take Care,


    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Nate

      Before Pat replies, I’d like to mention what I use

      Guru, Elance and other similar sites… if you find skilled people that don’t cost an arm and a leg, keep them for your business, long-term… it’s like you’re replicating yourself… you want to outsource as many tasks as possible, and free your time to enjoy moments with your family and loved ones

      That’s why I started this business, and I love each minute of it…

      What type of business do you run, and how does that work for you?

  • http://mobiritz.com/ Amelia Brown

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  • http://www.twentyseven.com Gustavo Garcia

    The best thing I ever did for productivity is build a treadputer. I re-purposed an old PC, attached a wireless keyboard and mouse, made a desktop (from old IKEA shelves) that lies across the treadmill rails (and locks behind the cross bar), and a monitor mounted on the wall with a VESA mount ..and now I can be productive while getting exercise. I started off at 2.6mph (while still being able to type coherently) and I am now up to 3.1mph and able to type/read with no problems. On a 1 hour conference call I will burn almost 500 calories! I have even created a task category in my task list called “treadputer” for tasks that are easily done while I am walking and computing. Granted, I don’t get the same exercise as when I am running from a lion, but I feel great. I find that exercise is best implemented in ones life when you make it the fabric of everything you do. I listen to Pat while I stroll with my son at the park, I use my bicycle for all local errands. and now, I use my treadputer for the tasks that don’t require a high level of focus. I feel great!

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hey Gustavo

      that’s quite awesome!

      What type of bicycle do you have, and did you ever ride a BMX? What about an Electra ?

  • http://fullofknowledge.com/2013/07/create-a-powerful-brand-name-by-using-images-and-inspiring-positive-emotions/ Sharifa Sanderson

    Good tips Pat. i can definitely vouch for feeling better after exercise. Yet for some strange reason, when it comes to prioritizing activities for my day, exercise gets pushed way down on the list. Most of the time, I don’t get any. I have to give serious thought to the way i see it.

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Sharifa

      Well, turn the list upside down :)

      Try to start off your day with a simple 5-minute exercising, over time you’ll be used with making that a top priority…

      I know it sounds easy in theory and it is quite hard in practice if you never did it before, just try…

      I’d love to hear how did it work for you…

  • Helen

    One tip I always use to help me stay productive, is to do a 5 second countdown. When I catch myself wasting time making a decision, I think “right that’s enough…5, 4,3…” .by forcing myself to make go with my instinct I can make quicker decisions. I find I get work done quicker, I’m able to get ready & get to places on time quicker and I’m overall more productive when I don’t let myself get caught up in the small choices.

  • http://www.bellsandbounty.com Megan Pangan

    The WHY is exactly what life is all about isn’t it? I think this is something we should ask ourselves everyday. Why we do what we do and to remember the significance of that. Asking myself why always gets me out of a bad situation and get back to what’s important. Thanks Pat.

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Megan

      You’re right, and at the same time, you sound like a life coach or something… you remind me of Tony Robbins… do you follow the guy? :)

  • Laura

    Great tips. I really enjoyed this podcast. The idea of doing a transition “task” like dishes between relaxing and work is perfect! I also loved that you started the show with “WHY” do you want to be more productive. This has really gotten me thinking. Thanks for all your hard work and great content.

  • http://bestdarnhomebusiness.com Robert Marsh

    Hey Pat,
    Real nice Podcast.

    I think that exercise and along with meditation will help anyone in this business or any business for that matter.

    Exercising in the morning before you work can rejuvenate the mind and soul so effectively.

    Studies have shown for a long time now how chemicals in the brain are released during exercise and this enables us to concentrate and focus that much better.

    I tell all of my readers and students that if they want to really take their business to the next level that keeping in shape and eating right will be a huge catalyst in accomplishing that. (among other things)

    Actually, I have witnessed first hand that it is really a necessity for success in the long term.


    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      Hi Robert

      I feel what you’re saying… I tell my students all kind of good tips and proven methods that will enhance their life, not just their business/niche sites… but it’s up to them to motivate and stimulate their mind to get to work, instead of dreaming, is it?

      I wonder…

      In your experience, did you find any method or mind “trick” to get done the hard tasks instead of postponing them? I’d like to know what works for you, and exchange some ideas, here on Pat’s blog…

  • http://www.victorbjorklund.com Victor Björklund

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for a great episode. I agree with you that the most important productivity tip is to always remember our “Why”. I love how you frame it that each wasted minute on things we don’t really need is a minute that we can’t be with out children/our loved one/traveling/etc. That really makes you think about it in a whole new perspective.

    Victor Björklund

  • http://EssentialsOfTheOnlineBusiness.com Chris Trynkiewicz

    I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the podcast.
    The alternative to Text Expander for PCs is Phrase Express. It’s free, robust and gets the job done. It’s even portable, so you can use have it on your pendrive and be productive anywhere!

    EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Get yourself some software (Phrase Express does this for PCs) that will remember your clipboard history. Example: you need to copy-paste 5 fields between 2 sites. Do you click over two sites for each field? Hell no, you copy all the fields from the first site and press Alt+V (my shortcut) and choose each content from the clipboard history on the other site. This is a huge time saver.

    Gonna listen on, great stuff Pat!

    • http://EssentialsOfTheOnlineBusiness.com Chris Trynkiewicz

      Done listening, great tips. Noted and will take action :)

      Another example of the above clipboard history software: how often does it happen that you copy something like the author of some blog post and want to paste it to your blog post but then remember you first need to provide the URL for the href tag? This means you have to make 2 copy-paste actions more (not to mention wasting time to select the name again). With this plugin, you just have to make 1 (copy the URL and you have the name in the history).

      • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

        hi Chris

        Are you familiar with EasyComment firefox add-on?

        This enables us to fill out blog commenting fields automatically (without having to manually enter our email, name, website url, etc)

        Do you know of a similar iPhone app?

        I find it quite daunting to blog comment from a smart phone… as I have to manually fill out these fields… and I’m all about maximizing productivity…

  • http://www.beatech.in Manthan Thakar

    Hey Pat, Thank you so much for this podcast! Amazing content as always. I’ve been working on my website for a month and I didn’t really have any goals set. SO I don’t really know what to think about my results. But now I know what to do all thanks to you! :)

  • http://www.implantesdentaleshq.com Mynor

    Always good to learn new tips to be more effective and use the time in the best way! Thank you very much for the tips Pat! I hope to read more publications like this.

    Best regards 😀

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    • http://EssentialsOfTheOnlineBusiness.com Chris Trynkiewicz

      Hello Vin. Pat made a tutorial on podcasting. Check it out: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-start-a-podcast-podcasting-tutorial/

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb

      hi Vin

      You’ve said you want to become famous like Pat… well, do you know what does that mean?

      You have to sacrifice lots of things and at the same time out-rank yourself each day… you have to do what it’s hard and required, even if sometimes (or most of the times) you don’t feel so…

      I wish you success on your journey… and hope you’re going to make a great success story, maybe Pat will feature yours here… :)

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    Your posts are always so interesting to read, and I’d love to see more!..
    Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Hi Pat,

    Love this episode. Yup, I think the best way to start everything is to ask yourself “Why”. To be more focus you should know to yourself what you are looking for and what you are aiming for.

    Thank you for letting me realize this one.



  • http://www.digitalrealism.com.au/blog Darin

    Hey Pat, love it again, question; what are you doing the base with in the intro, blowing in a bottle or just voice :)

    Thanks again, Darin.

    • Pat Flynn

      Just using my voice, saying “Oump” :)

  • http://www.amazon.com/Passive-Income-Life-Amazon-com-ebook/dp/B00DVBQUAO Eric Michael

    For me, the problem is more… how to concentrate on one task and get it done when there are multiple tasks available that will all make me passive income. Do I… promote my existing ‘Passive Income for Life’ book that is my best money maker? Do I work on completing my next book, which is at least a couple of weeks from being done? Do I post a new blog post on http://www.EricMichaelBooks.com or make a new webpage for http://www.garagesaleacademy.com?

    It seems to be my approach lately to just get at least one substantive task done a day and not concentrate on entire projects.

    Email, social media and answering reader questions from Passive Income for Life and Almost Free Money are definite time suckers, but necessary!

    • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com Eric Beaty

      Great question, Eric (Great names think alike :) Check out my solution from my comment near the bottom of these comments. Hope it helps!

  • http://sweetmiles.com Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Loved this, Pat. Thanks for the great tips!! I think this one was my favorite and something I’ve currently been working on!…”Now, tip #5 is stemming off of that last statement, shave off seconds anywhere you can, a great productivity tip is to take what you do and what you enjoyed doing in your business and upgrade your skills. That means, pay for training, get mentorship, take classes, do whatever you can to just get better at those skills, to master those skills that you love to do and put it to use so that they become second nature to you because when they become second nature, you’re not even thinking about it anymore. Those things just happen. And you could speed right through them and they just – they’re still of the same quality, if not better quality than what you’re used to.”

    • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.org John Gibb


      Upgrade your skills… invest in your own education… that’s what top entrepreneurs and marketers do, and newbies skip…

      It’s all about sacrificing and investing in something that will provide pay offs for the future, is it?

      And there’s no age you’ll be reaching one day, when you’ll say… “I’ve learned a lot… I now will stop”, right? :)

  • http://www.paulcaparas.com Paul Caparas

    Great podcast! It’s been a while since I was here and it is always a good listen while I am at the gym. haha

  • http://alphaefficiency.com Bojan – Alpha Efficiency

    Pat, always an inspiration, even in the times when I am down. Thanks for the great show.

  • Rony

    Is it just me or has Pat gone missing this week!? We miss you Pat

    • Pat Flynn

      I’m here Rony! I had a 3-day excursion to Mexico for a Bachelor Party I planned for my best friend, and when I got back I started working on my July income report. It’s a lot longer than I anticipated because I’m covering several different important topics, in detail, but it’s 95% complete and should be published later today or tomorrow! Thanks for your patience!

  • http://wildnerd.com Matthias Psencik

    Love this episode! I definitely agree, I was removing my email from my phone right before you mentioned unlinking it from your phone – everytime I get an email from a client a go into “freakout mode.”

  • http://www.moflow.ca Marlene Oliveira

    This episode totally resonated with me: I already practice many of these techniques and will add more to my mix. You’ve inspired me to tackle the dishes with greater enthusiasm. :)

    My #1 productivity tip, however is to commit myself to 1-3 ‘productivity hours’ per day, depending on the day. I set the timer (actually, 50 minutes) and close out all other distractions to focus on a single task which for me is usually writing. I don’t allow myself to take calls, look at emails or even get distracted by tangential web searches. Until the timer goes off, my only responsibility is to the task at hand. What I can accomplish during these segments is incredible and makes me feel great about the rest of the day!

    • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com Eric Beaty

      Great tip, Marlene! This reminds me of the master of all things related to time-saving and productivity: Brian Tracy. I recommend two great books of his on the topic: “Eat That Frog” and “The Power of Self-Discipline.” You can find both to listen to on YouTube. Take the time to listen to or read these when you can; it will change your life dramatically!

  • Bas

    Thanks for the evernote webclipper.
    I already used evernote but didn’t know about the webclipper. I used instapaper for this, which also works great.

    Anyway good points.

    What about goals, do you set these daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, or all of them 😀

    • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com Eric Beaty

      I’ve had this extension for a while in Chrome but never thought to use it. I’ve recently created a folder in bookmarks called “Save for Later” which I use to save websites I don’t have time to visit now and would like to see later. Doing this also helps me “sleep on it” for several days and decide if reading/researching these sites “fit into my overall plan.” 😉

  • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com Eric Beaty

    Great stuff, Pat! I just recently implemented my own productivity “calendar” using a whiteboard calendar I found on sale for back to school. I was getting extremely overwhelmed at all the things in my weekly/monthly planner that weren’t getting done simply because I was overloading myself in so many tasks.

    So I sat down and decided to create a new schedule that allowed me to focus on the 4 or 5 most important/valuable tasks in my business. I decided to do a couple of them every other week and do the rest on the weeks that those first couple didn’t fall on. All other time is dedicated to free time, main projects/products, housework, physical wellness, etc. You can see a picture I uploaded to my facebook here to see how it works: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=506289819463852&set=pcb.506289836130517

    I’m on my first week implementing this strategy and I feel so much better already. I have a lot less stress since I know things will be getting done and seeing a visual example lets me know that I don’t have to do a little bit of everything every day; I’ve found that leads up to a massive “dog pile” on me!

    Thanks again, Pat, for this content. Always love listening to your show. Perhaps my favorite tip from this episode was “Does this fit into my overall plan.” This can literally be applied to every aspect of life! I know how hard it is to say no and I’m about to have to do a lot of that so wish me well. Going to listen to #68 after I’m finished with this one to get even more productivity tips. God Bless!

  • http://www.mytechshout.com Gowtham V

    This is the first SPI podcast i heard. It totally liked it.

  • http://Define-smart-goals.com Tom

    Hi Pat,

    Great productivity tips, I especially like your questions: “Why do I want to be more productive” and “How does this fit into my plan”.

    Regarding SMART Goals, I like to think of R as the “Reward” for achieving the goal. If the effort is greater than the value of the reward, then you are wasting your time and probably won’t put forth the effort to achieve the goal.

  • http://myonlinewritingclass.com Greg

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