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SPI 061: Successful Startups and the Entrepreneurial Mindset with John Saddington

SPI 061: Successful Startups and the Entrepreneurial Mindset with John Saddington

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m incredibly excited to talk about creating successful startups and life as an entrepreneur with visionary serial entrepreneur, John Saddington from

I recently discovered John and his work when I met and connected with him in person at the Platform Conference in Nashville this past February.

Here is why I love John and was really interested in having him on the show:

  1. He has several successful projects under his belt. We’re talkin’ idea to execution to getting acquired, multiple times. We only talk about a few of these examples on the show, but he has many more, and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down one bit.
  2. Like myself, John is a family man. He presented at the Platform Conference and shared some great images of his family life at home and I totally connected with both the joys and challenges of being a husband and a father while also being an entrepreneur.
  3. Like me, he loves to experiment with stuff. Try something—if it works, awesome (and then he writes about it), if it doesn’t work, awesome (and then he writes about it).
  4. He’s totally honest and transparent about what he does, which you’ll hear in today’s episode.
  5. He’s a coach and advisor for other businesses and startups, so he has a ton of great experience and advice to share.

John SaddingtonAt the Platform Conference, John said the following during his presentation:

“A shift in perspective radically changes the use of objects and ideas—and that is entrepreneurship.”

This quote totally resonates with me, and you’ll hear how John has taken some things that were a part of who he was, things that were a part of his everyday life, and without reinventing the wheel how he was able to create something valuable, useful and “acquire-able”. And like I said, he’s done this several times now.

A more recent example of this shift in perspective can be found in a Kickstarer campaign for something called PressGram, an Instagram inspired Instagram alternative, which is gaining quite a bit of buzz in the tech space right now.

In a nutshell, it’s an Instagram inspired Instagram alternative that will allow you to take images and apply filters (like Instagram), but publish them on your own WordPress site so that you maintain full control of when, where and how your images are used.  As a result, all of the pageviews, as well as conversations around the images you share are on your own site. Views of your images become your own pageviews again, which could be huge for any online publisher.

John touches on Pressgram a little bit at the tail end of the show, and you can read more about it here in case you’re interested. It was organically finding this kickstarter campaign that re-connected me with John and what he does, and I got so inspired that I just had to get him on the show.

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Here are a some of my favorite quotes from today’s episode:

“I’m not doing anything crazy unique. I’m not doing anything groundbreaking…Innovation can be very small.”

(We) have problems and have solutions, we just never really try to look out for them or execute on them.”

“When you build a GREAT product, it somehow speaks for itself.”

“You should blog about the stuff you’re interested in, but NOT the stuff you’re passionate about…when I blog about stuff I really like—not LOVE, but like—there’s a distance I can create between me and the blog which lets me create critical business decisions about the blog….”

“This is what happens when you start to share your idea…it starts to become refined.”

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Thank you all for checking out this session of the SPI podcast!

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