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SPI 131: Creating Creativity: Success Outside of the Box with Jason SurfrApp

SPI 131: Creating Creativity: Success Outside of the Box with Jason SurfrApp

By Pat Flynn on

One of the things I love most about recording this podcast for you is that it’s my own – I can do whatever I want with it. From the featured guests I invite to the show, to the fun facts about me that my voiceover guy shares during the intro, and the occasional beatbox song – it’s totally up to me.

I get to be creative.

All of us who are building a blog, business or brand online, we have the ability to be as creative as we want to be when sharing our message with the world.

Being creative, however, doesn’t always come easy for people. It doesn’t always for me, that’s for sure, but I that know a little bit of thought behind what I do can go a very long way.

Plus, being creative is scary. There’s a fear that comes along with it sometimes. By being creative and putting ourselves out there, we’re inviting judgement from others, and when someone else puts down our idea or the hard work we’ve put into something, it hurts. Quite a bit sometimes.

But at the same time, being creative gives us opportunities to be found, shared and talked about. To stand out of the crowd, share our message in a unique way and also be ourselves.

On the topic of creativity, I’m extremely happy to welcome Jason SurfrApp to the show today.

You may have heard about Jason before as the founder of He’s made over a million dollars by having companies pay him to promote their brand by wearing a t-shirt every single day, and this isn’t Jason’s only out-of-the-box venture. His last name is another one, and his new book was sponsored by over 200 companies before a word of it was written.

I brought Jason on today to talk about his creative (and different) approach to his work, and give us inspiration to be creative and be okay with the risks involved with being creative.

I’d like to invite you to think about the risks involved with not being creative.

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