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Is Giving Away Free Information Bad?

Is Giving Away Free Information Bad?

By Pat Flynn on

On this blog, I give away a lot of free information. But is it too much?

Of course, those of you on the receiving end of that information would say, “No way! Keep it coming!”, but put yourself in the shoes of a blogger with a large following, raving fans and a decent sized email list and ask yourself, “Should I really be revealing all of this information…for free?”

Am I losing money, or am I gaining trust which will help me make money later?

Am I attracting buyers, or just people who want free information?

I think this is a very important subject to talk about because it could determine exactly how we should run our businesses. I definitely have some thoughts about it, but I’d like to hear what you think first. I’d like to feature some of your thoughts on an upcoming podcast episode about the subject.

One random commenter will receive a $25.00 gift card to I will announce the winner next Wednesday, but in order to qualify, you must leave a valid response in the comment section of this post which has your answer to the question:

“Is giving away free information bad?”

I’m looking forward to your responses, and please – don’t be shy. I’m not looking for a right answer…just your opinion.


Update: Congratulations to Jeff Flannery who was randomly selected to win the $25.00 Gift Card.

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