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Ask the Reader: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move On?

Ask the Reader: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move On?

By Pat Flynn on

When I wrote about my failures last week, my intention was to show you that failing is perfectly normal and if you dig deep enough into any success story, it will be a journey full of failures and mistakes.

One thing I didn’t touch on much, however, was the idea of knowing when to move on—when to scrap an idea, consider it a learning experience and move to the next.

How do we know?

It can be extremely difficult to let go of an idea that we once had a ton of excitement for, especially if we’ve already devoted so much time and effort (and possibly money) into it.

Also, how do we know if all our idea really needs is just a little bit more time?

Today, I’d like to hand the baton to you and see what you think.

In the comment section, please share your thoughts and on Friday I’ll highlight some of the responses in a round-up post. If you have a website, please be sure to add it to the “website” field (not in your actual comment) so that I can link to it if your comment is featured.

This is a very important subject that I know is on a lot of people’s minds, so please share what you think because we’re all here to help each other!

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your responses!

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