SPI 026: The Two Types of Relationships You Must Develop Online in Order to Succeed

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk about the importance of two different types of relationships that we need to develop and why they both play a major role in the success of an online business.

In the online world, if you try to go at it alone you’re going to be left behind. Here, I provide you with some helpful strategies, tips and examples that you can use to develop strong relationships with both your audience and your peers, which will help take your business to the next level.

In this session, I cover:

  • How relationships can increase your bottom line.
  • Why offline relationships matter online too.
  • How to love your readers and make them love you back.
  • What the acronym R.A.O.K. stands for, and why it’s important.
  • What I really think about “Networking”.
  • How to find a mastermind group.
  • Sock Knitting (lol!)
  • And more…

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  • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

    Awesome Pat – I’m so glad that you’ve done this session. I have been thinking a lot about blogging relationships recently as I believe it to be incredibly important. Actually, I wrote an article about it recently that I will be publishing soon. Really looking forward to listening to this!

  • http://freetrafficwiz.com Vinay

    Great podcast. Relationship building is one of the most important yet overlooked areas in IM, good work bringing this to peoples attention Pat

    • http://www.sparringmind.com Gregory C.

      Surprisingly so, as in all other areas of business it’s considered essential.

  • http://www.echeapflightstolagos.blogspot.com/ Khurram

    Thanks for the podcast Pat!
    Great work.

  • http://wp-themes-pro.com Alex

    Let’s listen to this new podcast, I couldn’t wait more !
    I’m working hard to establish a passive income business, and I love that :)

    Thank you Pat, your content is changing my life !

  • http://moneyforcollegeproject.com STRONGside

    Thanks for the PodCast. Looking forward to seeing your work at the Financial Bloggers Conference!!

  • http://www.learningwithleslie.com/ Leslie Samuel

    Ok, I’ll be honest Pat, when I saw the title and started listening to this episode, I thought to myself – “ahh mann, I know that stuff already. I’m not going to learn anything new today”. But, I was getting ready to head to work and I like to listen to podcasts while I’m doing things so I continued listening.

    You have no idea how much value I got from it. My biggest takeaway was – Don’t Sell, recommend! I’ve been struggling with that concept. I’m somewhat uncomfortable selling, even though that’s how I make money online. Sometimes, I stress out wondering if I’m trying to sell too much, especially when I’m trying to craft ways to make my selling proposition stronger (not that there’s anything wrong with selling).

    This model takes away that stress from me.

    Thanks man!

  • http://www.mactorials.com Jesse

    Another great podcast, Pat. Building relationships is huge! I definitely needed to hear this podcast. Its a great reminder for me as I’m in the early stages of my blog. Keep up the awesome content man. Love reading your stuff.

  • http://teeballbaseballblog.com Tom

    Pat- You’ll do great at the conference. Just rehearse as many times as needed and it will come naturally.

  • http://optima-lifestyle.com Cristina Ansbjerg


    is it true that you use a bamboo cutting board as a mouse pad? LOL đŸ˜€

  • http://www.weighttrainingweekly.com Adrian

    Good stuff. It is all about relationships, man it saved my music project from dieing when we had no money left. You can find resources that you need like that. Combine online and offline connections and you will be doing great. And that’s how I managed to get a great partner (world class writer/trainer) for my new project, just by helping him out and laughing constantly about guy stuff… simple but powerful..

    P.S. Pat, here is a link that could grow your listener base for podcast. http://www.stitcher.com/ If you get your podcast up there it should increase your popularity.

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    great reminder on relationship building. it took me a while for it to click but when it did i fired up a spreadsheet and developed a tracker of who i wanted to connect, my progress, as well as how i have been able to help them . . .

  • http://www.seobasicsandstrategies.com TomL

    I agree with what you said about going outside of your comfort zone. Seems to many people over-analyze and wait too long to do the things that could be bringing results now.

    Taking massive action fast is how I was able to build a really good income in internet marketing in one year.

    Doing these blogging convention speeches definitely must be outside of your comfort zone at the moment too… lol

    Like the guy from p90x said “there’s no I can’t… only I presently struggle with.”

    Also p90x2 is coming :)

  • http://www.stevescottsite.com Steve Scott


    Another great podcast man! Relationship building is huge. It is one of those things that a blogger should be working on from cradle to grave. Thanks for sharing your views and ideas with us.


  • http://marketingunfolded.com Jesus Ramirez

    Hey Pat,

    Just wanted to let you know I voted for you at

    Hope you win!

  • http://www.lackofsleephq.com Brian Yang

    Awesome, relationships are really important. I can see it develop through my http://www.breakingzero.com website where I’m interacting with other bloggers. It’s exciting.

    I look forward to listening to your podcast.

    -An avid follower, as always!

  • http://www.mymultipleincomes.com Robert

    Just getting started to listening to it, but I think you’re spot on! You need to network and build relationships – but don’t forget real life as well (my wife will thank you for that mention!)

  • http://www.investorzblog.com Tony @ Investorz’ Blog

    Wow Pat! Thanks for the newest podcast update! You’re a true believer in building relationships yourself (which is why you’re so successful).

  • Julz

    Hey on the topic of mastermind groups if anyone out there has an ecommerce store and would like to start a mastermind group please leave a comment! I have been looking for a group! :)

    Great podcast Pat! I listen to them with my 3 month old baby! I’m convinced she is going to be a top online entrepreneur by age 3 at this rate! :)

  • http://www.money-cake.com/ Patrick

    Very good podcast! Great advice. A lot of my success if from personal information gained from others. Keep up the great work Pat. You are an inspiration!

  • http://www.consumerhealthcontent.com Clara

    No man is an island, or to quote Keith Partridge ‘We’re better together.’ Thanks for another inspirational article.

  • Mark

    Hey Pat,

    Just dropping in to mention I’ve voted for your podcast at http://podcastawards.com

    Good luck!!

  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com/internet-friendship-and-trust/ Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM

    Darn! I already went to Taco Bell this week! LOL! And was forced to listen to some sub par podcast just to fill the dead silence. Now I have something to look forward to next week.


  • http://www.simplynaturalideas.com Rochelle

    Pat! This podcast teaches people how to do EXACT what they need to do when it comes to building relationships online. I remember taking communication courses in college and learning about person centred messages. This totally validates that concept. I love how you say to be REAL! And LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! That is exactly what the world needs more of :)

    And thanks for talking about mastermind groups cause I keep hearing about them on learningwithleslie’s podcast and i’m thinking that maybe i need one. I really want to be serious about this blogging stuff. My passion is gonna burn up inside if I can’t share it with the world! And i’m doing it, i’m just not sure if I’m ready for mastermind groups. I don’t know why… but they sound a little scary to me lol. But that’s probably just because I’ve never been in one.

    Anyway I’m rambling. Thank you for doing what you do! We can feel the love!! You ROCK :) I’m about to go vote for ya đŸ˜‰

    Simply Natural Ideas

  • http://EminiMind.com Tim Racette

    Thanks Pat, your Podcasts are always a great source of inspiration!

    Another GREAT audiobook to build public speaking and presentation skills is “Speak to Win” by Brian Tracy. I picked up a ton of good nuggets from that audiobook including a lot of things related to preparation and room setup for presentations.

  • http://pathtoenlightenment.net Diego

    Another great post! I hope that, by following your example, one day I can reach your results! Now the issue will be convincing my wife that this is all real…

  • Remco

    Great tips in this podcast. Now may i ask: Is there anyone here who want to start a mastermind group. I am looking for new entrepeneurial friends (max 6-7 people) who have blogging experience of minimal 1year, preferably not in IM niche!

    Let’s do this!

  • http://www.healthysustainablelivingtoday.com Tammy Polen Manocchio

    Great post, great tips and great delivery! Another winner Pat. I would love to join a master group, I will have to do some research to see if others in the sustainable living blog world would be interested.

    Have a great day!


  • http://heartburncureshq.com david@heartburn remedies

    Thanks for the reminder about the importance of relationship. To be frank, I don’t have many online bloggers buddies, I will like to get to more bloggers and build relationship with them.

  • http://Reslifegeek.com Ryan McRae

    Great podcast. I figured out some of this at the World Domination Summit, making great connections. The reciprocation is KEY. Spending $5 to send a gift card or I’ve even sent a book to someone when they have done me a solid.

    Trust me, the benefits don’t show up in an instant, but in the long run, it has enriched my life deeply.

    (I’m brand new to this site. Your podcast made me a believer.)

  • http://www.chrisrizing.com Chris

    One of my favorite things about this new economy that the information age is helping to create is that its much more collaborative in nature. Its almost like people are waking up to the fact that we can get further along working together than we can working apart. Thanks for bringing that to light.

  • John B.

    You are right on the money with responding to comments, e-mails as well as acknowledging RAOK’s.

    Your personal E-mail response to me on Wednesday was all it took to make me a lifetime listener to SPI blog/podcasting.

    Your Experience and information about Mastermind groups is invaluable. I will be looking for an Online and Offline Mastermind group.


  • http://www.freetechzone.com Juancho

    Pat, I accidentally found you through the iTunes app store’s list of free podcasts. I’ve since subscribed and have been amazed at the value of information you’ve been sharing for free out there. This current podcast is another example of the value you give to your fan base. Thanks!

  • http://freetoliveyourdreams.com Emily

    Pat – thanks for confirming the way that I feel I am to go with my new blog. I really blew it w/my first blog as far as relationship building, and that’s probably why it’s been a flop so far.

  • http://jokeslab.com Tina

    Pat, another great podcast. Relationship building is often neglected bu some geek bloggers. Thanks for sharing your views and ideas with us.

  • http://www.economicalgiftideas.com reeha@gift ideas

    you did a great job at conference. share some more posts regarding your experience about conferences.

  • http://ebusinesstools.mysureoption.com Gerald Mora

    Hi Pat, and thank you for this great podcast. I agree with your ideas on how to build real relationships.

  • http://levelonewebdesign.com Thomas Jay

    Another great show Pat. I especially liked this one because as a web designer / developer, I find that my thinking tends to lean towards the technical parts of having an online presence. Relationships are what really drive traffic however and that’s something I sometimes need to remind myself of. This is becoming even more true as search engines, like Google, are using social as a larger part of their “signal” in their rankings, which will have an extra added bonus.

    All the best!

    • http://pathtoenlightenment.net Diego

      +1 Thomas! I’m exactly like you, I lived in “IT world” for 13 years now and I “talk to servers” as often as I talk to people around me. I often find myself digging into the technical aspects of everything, but it’s *people* we need to talk to, interact with, and attract. As powerful as it may be, Google (like Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine), is just a “vehicle”, not the target.

      To all techies out there: it’s hard to put aside your technical knowledge, but try to slice some time for human interaction. If you strike a balance of both, you’ll have a HUGE advantage over your competition!

  • http://financiallyeliteblog.com Financial Freedom

    Can’t wait to download and give it a go! Thanks for the podcast Pat, keep ’em coming.

    Dwight Anthony

  • Genni

    Hi Pat! I have been listening to your podcast from the beginning. Just heard episode 26 and thought it was great and that I would add a little bit about the sock knitting that you lolled…

    The woman who is running the Sock Summit is called Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and she is the Yarn Harlot http://yarnharlot.ca/blog. She has been blogging for years and has become the authority on knitting, much the way you did, without meaning to at all. The Sock Summit is about learning new knitting techniques on a small scale (socks are small and quicker to knit than a sweater).

    As for the knitter niche, there is a community for knitters and crocheters online called Ravelry, who celebrated their MILLIONTH enrollment last year.

    I love your show. That is the second dig at knitting. Be nice; knitting is my niche.

  • http://www.financialcoachingwithglenn.com/ Financial Coaching with Glenn

    Great advice and thanks for the information…

    • BA pass

      I had made more vasdideos, but with only 18 videos live at the moment, I think that’s pretty good.

      brides from Russia

  • Razz

    Hahaha, 31:30 a sock knitters conference!!! I love it!

  • http://trust-ka.blogspot.be/ Karo

    As you may have noticed by your super powerful Ninja technics ;), I’ve been stumbling upon your blog since few days going back to the older posts and podcasts. My question on this one is: You have mentioned that building relationships is one of the most essential things in order to generate ideas, learn one from another as well as creating new e- friendships. I certainly agree with the idea and tried it myself; two weeks ago I have been attending a small conference in London and in the act of spontaneousness ( and a brand new idea which has just popped up in my mind) I’ve proposed a meeting to one of the co-bloggers which I am following since the very beginning. I have been sincere about the idea why I would like to meet. Neither I haven’t met the person nor I didn’t receive any answer for her. Besides finding it disappointing( coz as you said, I have invested some part of my time) I started to question myself and the content of the message I sent.
    My question for you is, do you have any specific tips regarding how to reach to a person who is already very active blogger and have many fans? Could you share your stories?
    Many thanks

    • Pat

      Karo – nice to see you on the blog lately!

      I actually have a good tip, but I can’t take credit for it. This comes from Derek Halpern and his blog world expo presentation.

      He said that if you want to get on the radar of someone who is an already established blogger, take their advice, do what they teach, and then send them an email with your results (hopefully achieving whatever it is they said you’d achieve with their advice) and how it all happened, and then you could potentially ask to share what happened with their readers, either in a blog post, or more than likely they’ll be happy to share your results. If anything, they’ll at least know and appreciate who you are.

      Great advice from Derek :)

      • http://www.prerequisitesfornursingschool.com/prerequisites-for-nursing Frank

        Great Advice Pat

    • Anam

      I could have gotten more if I had made more videos, but with only 18 videos live at the moment, I think that’s pretty good.


  • christana

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