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Note: Check out episode 147, where Corbett returns to the podcast, along with the whole Fizzle team. Click the link or scroll to the Related Podcasts section at the bottom to listen.

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m honored to have back Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic.net, who was our special guest in Session #8 – the most popular podcast I’ve had to date.

In Session #8, we discussed How to Get More Traffic, and today we expand on that topic, going deeper into the process and touching on several key points that are absolutely necessary for any blogger or online business owner to understand in order to build a long-term, sustainable brand online.

It’s not just about traffic generation either – it’s about how to keep those visitors on your site and how to get them to take action.

We cover all of this.

Just scan through the bullet points below to see exactly what Corbett and I talk about:

  • The fundamentals of traffic building that most people overlook.
  • The one question that you must be able to answer if you want to become successful online.
  • What the thriving audience framework is and how it can drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.
  • How one should really approach being different.
  • The must-follow rules for a content-based traffic strategy.
  • How I was able to sell a profitable 6-figure eBook when most of the content could already be found on my blog for free.
  • The technical aspects of epic content that you must include.
  • How to get inspired by other bloggers to write content that crushes!
  • What to do if you want to write epic content to drive traffic to your site, but you don’t already have an existing audience.
  • How to jumpstart your traffic building when you’re a newbie.
  • Why engagement is important and how to measure it.
  • What to do when it feels like you’re writing for nobody.
  • Why comments on blog posts are more important than you think.
  • What to do with the very first email you get from a reader.
  • The best practices to take when it comes to eventually wanting to sell a product on your site.
  • The key to building a long-term, sustainable online business.
  • Plus a lot more…

I’m positive that listening to this session will be time well-invested for your online business or blog.

Also, I’m very happy to recommend Corbett’s course that he’s reopening later this week – Traffic School, which had some amazing results during the first go-around for his students. He explains more about what his course is all about at the end of the podcast.

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Items Mentioned in this Session:

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  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hey Pat,
    Busy downloading this right now, can’t wait to listen to it!

    • Pat

      Sweet Diggy – let me know what you think. How are things on your end? How’s Glen treating you 😉

      • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

        Hah, I’m turning Diggy into a productivity machine ;]

      • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

        Sure, I’ll send you an email later today :)

        Glen is rubbing off on me, just finished writing a massive 6000 word article that I’ll post on my blog soon. It’s a lot of work but it gives a lot of value to readers, and the possibility of backlinking the post to get it ranking for its keyphrase.

      • http://techatlast.com Olawale Daniel

        Hi Pat, this post is the best I have read on this topic. Thanks for sharing it and I will start implementing it soon. :)

  • http://themileshighlife.com Andrew

    Very timely for me – my primary focus right is building and engaging with traffic. The hardest bit so far is just getting people to comment on the site! To help with that I am taking your ebook idea which I will be giving away free for subscribers next week, so we’ll see how that goes and if I am even a quarter as successful as you I will be happy!

    • Pat

      Perfect Andrew! Corbett and I actually cover engagement, and specifically how to get people to comment more on our posts – so that should help out quite a bit. Good luck with the eBook, please keep us updated on how that goes. Cheers!

      • http://themileshighlife.com Andrew

        It absolutely did help out, really enjoyed listening while I had my luncheon. :)

        Will definitely be keeping you informed Pat – hopefully one day I can give back in some way.

  • http://www.sassywebwords.com Shae

    Great podcast and also very timely for me. I am at the beginning of my blogging journey and I am creating a content and engagement strategy as we speak. Also gives me food for thought in regards to giveaways as a way to start building subscribers. I look forward to more podcasts in future. Thanks!!

  • http://www.youngprepro.com/welcome Onibalusi Bamidele

    Just by reading the description of this I know it will be awesome. I’ve been following Corbett for a long time now and he doesn’t produce anything short of awesome and I also trust whoever you trust so I will be giving this a quick listening as soon as I can :)

  • http://reworkingtoday.com/ Derek Jensen

    What I truly took to heart and have believed in when I first started out online is the action of building conversations and relationships. I might spend too much time talking and helping my idols (these aren’t all those big famous people, but I do consider them all famous) but I know that when I execute they will be there for me.

    Thanks again Pat and Corbett! Rock on!

  • http://www.freetrafficwiz.com Vinay

    Awesome, looking forward to it. Love Corbetts stuff

  • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

    Okay, on my way to the gym, this is gonna be tuned in to my headphones now, comment later.

  • cris

    Hey Pat, I just want to tell you I’m a big fan of yours and would appreciate it so much if you can reply to this comment. That’s all I want to say basically, you’re like a celebrity to me (not because of your earnings but because of your online ‘workmanship’) that I would treat it as sort of an autograph from you if you can reply to this. I prefer to read the transcript so i’ll wait for it, I’m imagining it to be another great interview. Good luck and wish you the best!

    • Pat

      Cris – thanks for being a fan! Please realize that I’m just a regular person, not really a celebrity so don’t think that what I’m doing is not achievable for you as well. Just keep taking action and making progress and nothing can hold you back. Transcript will be available soon :) Cheers, and all the best to you!

      • cris

        Man, thanks.

  • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

    Hey Pat, just to mention that sharebar like button fails at the moment and I don’t know for what reason… You’ve got zero likes and I can’t like on it.

    • Pat

      Thanks Bojan – trying to figure out what’s going on here. There’s a like button at the end of the post in the meantime. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      • http://daveworks.net Dave Naves

        Check your W3 Total Cache… (might need to reset/clear it) I’ve been experiencing complete weirdness with my sharebar and that particular plugin.

        • Pat

          Thanks Dave. I think that might be the issue – I’ve been tweaking some stuff with that plugin lately…didn’t even think about the possible correlation. I appreciate the heads up – let me know if you find any clear solutions.

        • http://daveworks.net Dave Naves

          Hi again, Pat,

          Just thought I’d share… although W3TC is an awesome piece of software, it can really wreak some havoc on websites (especially if there are ever server issues/outages – going through it right now – glad I constantly back up my data!) 😉 So what I *am* finding is that W3TC is doing what it’s supposed to do – *cache* obviously great for speed, etc., but it also provides inconsistent results when it comes to *dynamic* web content. (posts/sharebar, etc.) So I’m at a crossroads right now of whether should I use it or not. I think for now, I’m going to continue to constantly clear/reset within the plugin settings and see what happens – b/c I really like what it does for speed. And we all know that GoogleLikaDaSpeed! If I come up with any additional info, I’ll keep you posted. Also, I have to say, that after 20 years in this biz (developing sites) You (and Glen) are really the only people who hold any interest for me, whatsoever. Cheers!

  • http://www.commonsensemarketing.net Sarah Russell

    Great topic, and a very good tie-in to some of things you were talking about in the last podcast on affiliate strategies. No sense putting good strategies in place if you aren’t going to send some traffic to them!

    Can’t wait to check it out later this morning :)

  • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

    Hi Pat, I listened to the podcast this afternoon and really enjoyed it (as per usual). It was great to hear you and Corbett reinforcing the key principle that is so important to me – providing quality content, free of charge.

  • http://www.blogging24h.com Trung Nguyen

    Hey Pat, Great podcast and I think If we can answer all the points that you remind above, then we own a great secret to income for our blog traffic. However this is not easy task. Right? Wait for your next post about answer all points.

  • http://www.makemoneyonlinewithvic.net Make Money Online with Vic

    Holy moly . . . you guys did NOT hold back in this podcast! Thanks for discussing branding and USP, something that I’ve been struggling with on my blog and I think I had an epiphany during the podcast that I’ll be working into my blog this very afternoon!

    Pat you said “we’re changing lives” and both you and Corbett definitely have changed my life. Thanks to a lot of the information you guys make available for free, I no longer work a 9-5 job and I had a job in the food service industry so you can imagine how glad I am to be outta there!

    Keep the epic shiz coming :p

    Good Vibes~

    • Pat

      Thanks Vic, much appreciated. It’s always a pleasure having Corbett on, we click so well we could talk about this kind of stuff for hours, and Corbett always has really good things to say. Thanks for the kind words Vic! Hope all is well with you!

  • http://tonystewart.me Tony Stewart

    Pat, Thanks for this. The key is what I tell clients is the Law of Reciprocity, or as my wife says, give out to the universe and the universe shall give back. Just make it good! And you do. Cheers.

    • Pat

      It’s a very real thing Tony – glad to hear you’re spreading the word too. Cheers!

  • http://paralegalhq.com Manspaugh

    Yup! It’s Christmas here at SmartPassiveIncome again. I love when you have Corbett on.

    • http://thinktraffic.net Corbett Barr

      Hehe, that’s funny Manspaugh. I love being a guest here so much that it’s like Christmas for me too 😉 Thanks to Pat for having me on again.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/create-and-sell-your-own-ebooks Stephanie

    Awesome podcast! It’s really refreshing to listen to tips on how to get traffic without hearing the never ending spiel on SEO. This one really centered the focus back on content and the quality and time put into it.

    There’s still a lot I think you and Corbett can talk about and thus, teach us (the masses) so I hope there’s a part 3 to this.

  • http://iwings.net Cal

    Hey guys. Great podcast and very informative. Thank you. Couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • http://www.moneycrush.com Jackie

    Loved the podcast today :)

  • Bob

    Hi Pat,
    Great Podcast! I always look foward to your content. I’m a beginner, and struggling to find a groove. Im wondering if its better to add content before designing my blog or other way around? Thanks Pat!

  • http://www.profitworks.ca Chris R. Keller From Profitworks.ca

    Hi Pat,

    What is the name of the blog that is the biggest blog in the world that you mentioned at the end of the blog post?

    • Pat

      We were talking about Leo Babauta’s blog at http://www.zenhabits.net – probably the biggest single-authored blog in the blogosphere.

      • http://www.profitworks.ca Chris R. Keller From Profitworks.ca


        Looks like a pretty well run blog.

  • http://www.quickbloggers.com Bogati

    Helpful tips, thanks PAT.

  • Zachary Evans

    Hi Pat,

    In regards to your conversation about conversion you both came back to the point that you have to give your visitor a reason for taking the action. How does it benefit them?

    I have struggled with two aspects of this and I was wondering if yourself or anyone could shed any light.

    1. What are examples of value you that can be provided so that your visitor will in fact be better off after taking the action.

    I have adopted the free info-product strategy for list building which has worked wonderfully. However, I am having difficulty with further calls to action. Such as, to view a sales letter, or like on facebook/spread a message.

    and MORE importantly I find…

    2. How can you illustrate this value in a way that the high degree of your visitors will easily recognise this value and therefore be compelled to take the action you are asking of them?

    As a newbie to the IM world, I just wanted to say finding your blog 1 month ago was probably the best thing that has happened to me to date. Thank you so much Pat!

    • http://thinktraffic.net Corbett Barr

      Hey Zachary, Pat can chime in as well, but here are my two cents:

      1) it depends on the action you want someone to take. If it’s simply “liking” your post (on FB) or tweeting it, essentially the value they are getting is either: fulfilling their desire to give back to you for providing such awesome content, or fulfilling their desire to be seen as a person “in the know” on a particular topic. If your content is really great, people will be compelled to share it.

      2) if you’re talking about selling a product, you need to express the value in terms of benefits to your visitors. What exactly will they get from using your product or service? Be specific. How long will it take to receive these benefits? Do you guarantee the benefits? Be concise and clear and make sure you focus on differentiating your offer from others in the same market.

      Cheers, I hope this helps.


    • http://awesomesmallbusiness.com John Muldoon

      Hi Zachary,

      Those are really good questions.

      To answer your first question, I’d say you have to think about the user’s intent that might lead them to take the next action. You mentioned how to get someone to Like you on Facebook. The motivation to click Like is going to be different than the motivation to opt-in to your incentivized list-building camaign. People tend to Like things that inspire them or otherwise impact them on an emotional level. That could mean creating an extremely helpful resource or it could mean telling an inspiring story. Think about the things that you feel compelled to share, and let that guide you.

      A call to action to view a sales letter is going to be different. People tend to spend money with a “what’s in it for me?” line of thinking. I’d say you need to create a value proposition and clearly tell people how your product or service is going to help them. I’d suggest being specific. So “lose 20 lbs in 30 days” is better than “get fit and feel better”.

      That ties in with your second question. How to demonstrate value. There’s usually a challenge with selling something because you have to overcome the “unknown” factor. Your website visitors don’t know what your product will be like until they try it. So, they have to use some criteria to evaluate whether you’re going to deliver on your value-proposition. Here are some ways to demonstrate your value:
      1. Show (real) testimonials from people who have used your product.
      2. Show the product in action so people have some expectations about how to use it and what it will be like when they purchase.
      3. Offer a guarantee. If you believe in your product enough to offer a money-back guarantee, your visitors are more likely to trust you and feel like they’re not taking on an unknown level of risk by purchasing.

      That’s a good start. I don’t know exactly what your business is, but I hope that’s helpful.


  • http://lgoptimusv.info Dana

    Seriously, it is sick how excited I get over your new podcasts…..geez

  • http://the100percentyou.com/ John Sherry

    Pat, I’d always heard about backlinking but no-one has ever explained what it actually was well enough. You and Corbett on the other hand have explained it in crystal clear English….and now I get it. Thanks for not just being an amazing resource library but one big information point. Your knowledge is a gold mine my friend!! Gold.

  • http://jesseoguns.blogspot.com Jesse Oguntimehin


    First time commenting and reading your stuff. The idea that you developed an iOS app, was what attracted me really. But I was coming for the podcast as I have read some of Corbett’s post on his personal blog.

    I am listening on my Nokia phone now for the second time. My Key takeaway “Your no 1 job is to create VALUE for your audience.” I have subscribe now via RSS on mobile and Google reader. Thanks 😉

  • http://www.johnmcnally54.com John McNally

    Thanks for the bullet point list Pat. This looks like essential knowledge for gaining traffic. I shall be back for more tips.

    Leamington Spa, England

  • http://www.sportmanagement.cc Remco

    Pat, are you getting any commission of the lecture you give on the trafficschool program? I want to use a similar setup in another niche, with external experts, but don’t know what to pay them.
    I just feel I can’t stay without paying them

    • Pat

      Nope – I was happy to give that information to Corbett and his students for free. Of course, I do get a commission from anyone who goes to Traffic School through my link here on the blog, but I get nothing directly from that lecture. Cheers!

      • http://www.sportmanagement.cc Remco

        that is very interesting to know! I guess as an online entrepreneur you know you’ll reap the benefits of it on the long term.
        I wonder whether offline experts would feel the same

  • http://www.workathomemarket.com Work At Home Market

    Downloading right now! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • http://www.MeekWatcher.com Ramcel @Meek Watcher

    Hi Pat! Wow, the description itself is definitely enticing. I’m downloading it now and I’m sure that this podcast episode will again be phenomenal.

    This is very timely for me indeed as I have been looking high and low for “real” tactics on how to effectively build traffic on my blog, how to engage people and eventually converting them.

    Got to get a notepad after I’m finished downloading and jot down important points.


  • http://www.MeekWatcher.com Ramcel @Meek Watcher

    Hi Pat! I’m downloading it now and I’m sure that this podcast episode will again be phenomenal.

    This is very timely for me indeed as I have been looking high and low for “real” tactics on how to effectively build traffic on my blog. How to engage to my visitors and eventually converting them.

    Got to get a notepad after I’m finished downloading and jot down important points.


    • http://www.MeekWatcher.com Ramcel @Meek Watcher

      Opps. Sorry about this Pat. It seems like there has been some error on my part when I tried to submit my comment. So I tried to submit again and it’s saying duplicate content.

      Anyway, I’m listening to your podcast right now :)

  • http://bloggeritus.com/ultimate-guide-for-writing-great-blog-content Chris Kahler @ Bloggeritus

    I particularly enjoyed this video, it ties a lot into a series I’m currently rolling out which involves using the persuasive skills of copywriting for more effective blogging.

    This podcast is great. It tells it like it is, which is how it should be. One part that I realy related to was the “content borrowing” strategy… I actually did this myself to create my most masterful “epic post” by borrowing from Glen Allsopp’s Ultimate SEO Guide, but making it about writing blog content. It’s my favorite post I’ve written so far 😀

    I love how your podcasts are, and when I get ready to start podcasting, I’ll be learning and modeling from your kick ass talent!


  • http://www.howtowriteagoodsong.net Matt

    Pat. Top notch episode. I have already listened to it three times. I am taking action on a niche site following your example and it is starting to pick up some seo steam! Thanks a bunch.

  • http://gaintraffic.net Brad Acker – gaintraffic.net

    Awesome podcast guys! Thanks for sharing.

  • Phylus

    Pat Thank you so much for the great content you always give I don’t remember how I started receiving your information but I thank god I did I have recommended your site to so many people because you have all the information anyone could need to get off and running. Thanks Again

  • http://financiallyeliteblog.com Dwight Anthony

    Good resource Pat,

    Love reading Think Traffic and Corbett has really good traffic strategies. I’m downloading this podcast as we speak.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • http://www.nichespin.com Pete

    Hi Pat,

    That wa a great episode. I headed over to Corbett’s site to see what was going on there… very nice. You both deliver very well on what you preach.. Content IS King!

    Take care.

    • http://www.nichespin.com Pete

      Grrr, I wish I would read what I type before hitting the Submit button.
      wa=was :)

  • http://productivitycoach.info Naima


    I’ve been lurking around SPI for several months now, but today really felt compelled to “engage” :)

    Great podcast – full of excellent value. I really appreciate the tips and know-how you share so freely with confused newbies like me. Thanks also for your interesting podcasts that have been keeping me company on my solitary runs.

    Keep up the awesomeness – off to download the iPhone app now!


  • http://www.getbesthomebusiness.com Sammy@Zero Cost Business

    I liked it where you were talking about getting your subscriber to take action. Even then you have to think from their perspective and ensure that they get more value than they are spending. When you get greedy, you can ruin your painfully built reputation. In fact, I’ve been guilty of this in the past. But thankfully, I realized my mistake and stopped promoting things which do not offer any value.

  • http://www.learningwithleslie.com/ Leslie Samuel

    Wow, that was an hour well spent. I’m always impressed with the value you deliver, but this was an awesome, refreshing reminder of what really matters when it comes to traffic: Provide TONS of value, over and over. Make content that helps others, and if you do that well enough, traffic generation becomes much easier.

    Like you guys mentioned – too many people try to teach all of the tactics of trying to get traffic that they miss the core. If you don’t have something significant to hold, and keep that traffic, it’s wasted energy. You might see some short term gains, but it’s all about thinking long term.

    Keep it up. I’m loving the Podcast!

  • http://robcubbon.com/blog/ Rob Cubbon

    Learned a lot from that. That you need to be able to deliver a USP in 5-10 seconds (gonna have to think about that one) and engage with your audience to ask them to do things (Like a FB page, for example). Great stuff!

  • http://lyoncityblog.com lyoncityblog

    Very useful podcast, but I have still have a problem I can’t solve.

    When I add an Aweber form on my blog to get subscribers, nobody subscribes.

    When I give the permission to the readers to register in the collaboration menu of the blog, many users register.

    So, what I do then is that I use the opt-in form from Aweber and about 60 % of the subscribers usually accept.

    But why, don’t they sign up when I use the aweber form????

  • http://www.money-cake.com/ Patrick

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.ebook-websites.com Tomalley

    This podcast pretty much covers every burning question I’ve had in the past 2 years. Good show! And congrats on the app

  • http://jeredbare.com Jered

    Hey Pat,

    I listened to this while mowing. Pretty Epic podcast, lots of good useful information. One thing I liked is how you relate your subscribers to take action. If you want to build a brand, you almost have to treat your subscribers like customers.

  • http://www.hireseoservices.info Gay Aida

    WOW! great discussion here Pat!

    This is a great reminder to all of us who are creating our niche sites. I’d never actually asked myself before about USP. Never heard of it until I listened to the podcast. But luckily I get to answer it. :) You’ve got great topics and great points here. Playing it again now coz I think I missed some points that I want to note about.

    Bravo to both of you Pat and Corbett!

  • http://celebrityseomarketing.com/ Rey

    Pat, Epic! More and more people need to hear this one! Perhaps your successful backlinking techniques should be applied to this one! P.s The iphone app is awesome!

  • http://www.fatgirlsfit.com Janie

    Superb content, and amazing timing – THANK YOU!

  • http://seeminglyrandomevents.blogspot.com/ Nathan

    Hey Pat,

    I just discovered your blog last week (already told several people about it and am definitely hooked!) I have now listened to every one of your podcasts in my spare time. I just want to thank you for making them. They were a huge help for someone just trying to learn the basics like me.

    And the ones with Corbett were among my favorites. I am actually now re listening to those ones and taking notes this time.

    Look forward to all your future content, very inspiring and educational.

  • http://livingvalues.wordpress.com/ Barrett


    This was the first time I have read or listened to any of your content, and I could not have been more pleased. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, and I am definitely looking forward to keeping up with your future ideas and content.

    Among my favorite, albeit basic, points was that on the Unique Selling Proposition. So simple, yet so true. Definitely something I need to consider, and I have included it in a contemplative post on my own blog.

    Keep rocking the universe and inspiring others!

  • http://about.me/thiagovnc Thiago Leite

    Pat, listened to Session #8 and now this. GREAT content. I love how you and Corbert reinforce the need for transparency and how it does not endanger your business, on the contrary, it provides more value and shows that people are paying for customization. That’s really the key :)

  • http://www.orionwalker.com Orion Walker

    I’ve been following you for about 3 months now. Loving the content, and your approach.

    As someone who currently works full time, and has a second baby on the way, I’m intimidated on the idea of trying to dive into blogging and working to gain a strong following. It’s obviously a great way to go, but from what I hear its not particularly passive, and can take a long time to see financial benefit (my wife’s not exactly excited about the idea of me spending hours giving stuff away online without some clear money results)

    So I’m listening and weighing options. I did join aweber and get a newsletter set up on personal site this week. I really want jump in to building multiple income streams and passive strategies, just not sure exactly how/where given very limited time constraints.

    Anyone have any feedback/pointers?

  • http://lifestoked.com Deacon Bradley

    Thanks Pat and Corbett for the amazing content! This was a really inspirational podcast for me (listened to it twice already). Y’all both provide real, actionable advice without the fluff so many others do. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    I’m going to try to spell out some easy actions and see how that works (RSS subscribe, comments). I’m definitely not doing this. Love that you described it as practice for future product launches. That fires me up to practice!

  • Daniel

    Just found your site and listened to a few podcasts. Great stuff
    Especially like the bullet points of topics discussed under each. What would be even better would be if there was a timestamp so that if one want to just listen to a specific topic one could skip to that part.
    Keep it up and thanks

  • http://www.stevejonesdev.com Steve

    This is one of your best podcast yet! Keep up the great work!

  • Ben

    Hi Pat,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for some time and really appreciate all the info youve shared with us…extremely helpful! I currently have a site that is converting very well, its over 100 pages and the conversion % is about 10% with Adsense and a very high CPC. The site ranks well but I feel that the content is lacking, its not unique enough for me. I want to give my readers more, from an engagement and experience standpoint, but I don’t have the time/money to redesign the site and pretty much change the entire format…also scared of fixing something that isnt broken – how do I know if it’s worth it to redesign my site. I want this to be an authority site – very similar to what you have done with greenexamacademy.com


  • Paul Kim

    I see that it’s been about a week since the last comment, but I’ll try posting my question anyways. This is a backlinking questions.


    If I recently created a niche site and the url ends with an / …
    so for example — http://example.com/

    My question is…when I begin to add backlinks to my site and write articles linking back to my site…will I have to put the link as example.com/ or can I just put the link as example.com?

    NOTE: They both link back to the correct site/home page, but I am worried about google PR and SEO. Will having the backlinks for example.com improve the PR and SEO of example.com and not the actual homepage of example.com/ ?

    Please help me as I have already created several quality backlinks to my site, example.com/ ,but I linked it without the / .

    • Pat

      Hi Paul,

      There’s a lot of debate whether or not this matters (and anyone else, please feel free to chime in with your expertise and experience), but the best thing you can do is stick to one way or one syntax when you’re backlinking, and don’t mix it up. Most servers will perform this redirect automatically, but really most of the more technical savvy people say you should always add a “/” at the end.

      For me, it was never anything that I even thought about and I just stuck with the domain (with the www) and no slash, and it worked out okay.

      The www vs. non-www is the more important issue, in my opinion, and you should setup a 301 redirect from your non-www to your www (or vice versa, based on your preference), so that seo juice to both goes to the same place.

      Hope this makes sense. Anyone else care to add?

      • Paul Kim

        Hi, thanks for the help Pat.

        As for the www vs. non-www, I have no idea if the 301 redirect is even set up. (This is my first website).

        Right now, my site is the non-www…so even when i type http://www.example.com in the URL, it redirects to my home page.
        When I enter example.com in the URL it goes to my home page.
        Does this mean that the site is properly set up with 301 redirect?
        Also, should I reverse it so that the non-www redirects to the www?

        The reason I am so interested and concerned with the subject is that I searched my site on google with —site:example.com —and my site and all the indexed pages came up.
        I then searched my site on google with —site:www.example.com—and there were no indexed pages.

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        I am a little confused about how you did this.

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    Wow. Totally wrong about it being a week since the last comment. I think I was looking at the wrong end of the comments list. After submitting the comment, I see that it has only been 2.5 hours since the last comment. Aiya.

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    For some time I was thinking about problem of duplicating content in, let’s say, blog posts and e-books or blog posts and e-mail lists. So I’m happy, that You touched this one also. And, as someone mentioned – starting bullets-points are great idea.

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    Hey Pat, just listened to the podcast from the RV we’re traveling cross country full time or a year using all the techniques you teach, living off passive income, as well as things we learned back in the early IBMA days. Just listening, you guys gave me some great ideas for our RV blog. You and Corbett make a great team – keep the “epic shiz” comng!

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    Hi Pat,

    Half way through, but had to leave a comment now . . . great show and amazing information (as always).

    Keep it coming!

    Kevin (Maximise Potential Podcast)

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    Wow, Pat, what an awesome podcast. You two simply rock together! I also have tried several different online business podcasts and yours is the only one that doesn’t make me yawn. But in this particular one it’s the dynamic between you and Corbett, which is so harmonious and lovely, and above all, informative. With a lot of other podcasters out there, I feel like it’s so much BlaBla, just time wasters. You’re really doing it right Pat. Thanks for all your efforts and free help!

  • Chris Yates

    Each time I listen to the podcasts (on my 4th pass of this one) I pick up something new that I didn’t hear previously. On this one, the idea of how does someone get so much done really hit home.
    Corbett says he stopped asking how, because everyone he knows that is successful just makes it happen because of their passion. This is key, because there are always things that are above the line, and others that don’t make the cut.
    Sometimes we have to make the decision to say no to the marginal and yes to the most important. Seth Godin’s book, The Dip, clarifies that process, and gives us permission to decline or stop activities that don’t help us get to our goal.
    That being said I am again taking stock of my commitments and focusing on the ones that will truely get my business off the ground so that I can crush it too.
    Thanks for everything you do for the SPI community.
    You Rock!

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    Especially like the bullet points of topics discussed under each. What would be even better would be if there was a timestamp so that if one want to just listen to a specific topic one could skip to that part.
    Keep it up and thanks


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      Keep inspiring people, Pat!

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