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SPI 023: More Traffic, More Engagement, and More Action with Corbett Barr from

By Pat Flynn on  | 

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Note: Check out episode 147, where Corbett returns to the podcast, along with the whole Fizzle team. Click the link or scroll to the Related Podcasts section at the bottom to listen.

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m honored to have back Corbett Barr from, who was our special guest in Session #8 – the most popular podcast I’ve had to date.

In Session #8, we discussed How to Get More Traffic, and today we expand on that topic, going deeper into the process and touching on several key points that are absolutely necessary for any blogger or online business owner to understand in order to build a long-term, sustainable brand online.

It’s not just about traffic generation either – it’s about how to keep those visitors on your site and how to get them to take action.

We cover all of this.

Just scan through the bullet points below to see exactly what Corbett and I talk about:

  • The fundamentals of traffic building that most people overlook.
  • The one question that you must be able to answer if you want to become successful online.
  • What the thriving audience framework is and how it can drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.
  • How one should really approach being different.
  • The must-follow rules for a content-based traffic strategy.
  • How I was able to sell a profitable 6-figure eBook when most of the content could already be found on my blog for free.
  • The technical aspects of epic content that you must include.
  • How to get inspired by other bloggers to write content that crushes!
  • What to do if you want to write epic content to drive traffic to your site, but you don’t already have an existing audience.
  • How to jumpstart your traffic building when you’re a newbie.
  • Why engagement is important and how to measure it.
  • What to do when it feels like you’re writing for nobody.
  • Why comments on blog posts are more important than you think.
  • What to do with the very first email you get from a reader.
  • The best practices to take when it comes to eventually wanting to sell a product on your site.
  • The key to building a long-term, sustainable online business.
  • Plus a lot more…

I’m positive that listening to this session will be time well-invested for your online business or blog.

Also, I’m very happy to recommend Corbett’s course that he’s reopening later this week – Traffic School, which had some amazing results during the first go-around for his students. He explains more about what his course is all about at the end of the podcast.

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Items Mentioned in this Session:

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