SPI 006: 6 Hurdles I Encountered When Starting My Online Businesses and Exactly How I Overcame Them

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I cover 6 hurdles that I encountered while running my online businesses and exactly how I overcame them. It’s my hope that after listening to this session, you’ll have a better understanding of some of the struggles that I went through to get to where I’m at today. Again, doing business online is not an easy button – you will run into struggles, and hopefully you’ll learn from my experiences what to expect and how to handle them.

“What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.”


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  • http://uniqueblog.net Derek Jensen


    What you said about just doing it and not contemplating or thinking about what to do is so right. When I start just doing what I want to do the motivation does build and so does the hustle. Before I know it the task is complete and now I can analyze what I’ve done and work from there for any improvement, changes, etc.

    Best, Derek

  • http://www.HectorJCuevas.com Hector Cuevas

    I remember getting started. I was afraid of putting myself out there. I was afraid of what others would think of me, and I asked myself that VERY same question.. “what the worst that could happen?”

    Then I got started and never looked back..

    This was a great podcast to listen to Pat, I can tell you’re getting a lot more comfortable speaking on the mic.

    IntheLeed sounded like a cool domain – sucks you had to let it go..

    Talk soon bro

    • Pat

      Thanks for listening Hector – you must have just started listening immediately after it went live. I appreciate that. If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know. Cheers man!

      • http://www.hectorjcuevas.com/ Hector Cuevas

        Yea.. I get text messages when my favorite blogs update. πŸ˜€ – and thanks man, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • Victor

    Great episode!

    I really liked the idea about creating a faq page. I haven’t thougt of that (thanks).
    I’m going to create one of those on my blog…. when I get started with my blog that is.

    One of my biggest struggles is perfectionism.
    “Is this domain name the best one? Will it work for the long run?”
    “Is all the information in my post correct? Could I write more on this topic?”

    I also got a question Pat. Is there any possible consequences of going back and editing a post later on after it’s published? It may be a stupid question but I’m just not too good with these type of things.


    • Pat

      Thanks Victor! I wish I had thought of the FAQ page earlier too, it almost seems obvious since so many bigger businesses do it too.

      Re: going back to an old post and editing it – I believe that’s perfectly fine, you won’t run into any problems, unless you edit the url (which other sites may link to, in which case if you change it they won’t arrive at the page anymore). But, if you change it around bigtime and make it about something totally different, than it might change stuff in the search engines in regards to the keywords you use, but I imagine you wouldn’t do a major overhaul of a previous post.

      Hope this helps! Cheers!

  • http://www.youngprepro.com/feed Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is really great Pat,

    Learning frome someone who’s been there is the best and fastest way to learn something, I’ll be downloading and listening to the podcast right away.

    Thanks so much,

    • Pat

      Thanks for listening Onibalusi! Hope you like it!

  • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

    This is a really important topic. Most people that I know who “fail” at Internet Marketing do so only because they quit too soon. The quit because they cannot get past some of the obstacles that you list here. Nice job.


    • Pat

      As I mentioned in my previous post “A thought”, I’ve wanted to give up many times, but I’m sure glad I didn’t! It’s like working out at the gym, many people give up too early and don’t see the results they want. Thanks Mark! I always appreciate you stopping by. Cheers!

  • http://www.internetgeeks.org/category/business/ Azad @ Business Geeks

    Wow new podcast. can’t wait to listen. Downloading now…..

    • Pat

      Sweet, thanks Azad!

  • http://bloggersjournal.com Mark Bell

    Pat – awesome stuff! I agree 100% about the “just do it” attitude. I’ve started things in the past and never finished them, or never even started. So many lost out opportunities. I think it takes a little courage to start, but with help and support of those around you it’s game on!

    I like how you mentioned your response about the bad feedback on Amazon. I think I’d follow suit with what you did. Ignorance of bad press can lead to the suspicion of you being a scammer, and going to the lengths that you mentioned to convince this person otherwise shows true passion.

    I think what makes so many people suspicious is that people do make an absolute fortune online – most dismiss it as fake, because unfortunately the internet has been a breeding group for scams. I’d be keen, in future, to write a post on trying to build authenticity and reassuring people that not all the things in the internet are scams. You’d maybe be in a better position though than my 3 months experience, however πŸ˜‰

    • Pat

      Hey Mark – not a bad idea about the authenticity post, however I might be preaching to the choir, and sometimes people just won’t change their views on something, unfortunately. Could be a very powerful post though!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jonknep jon

    All I got out of this podcast is: your a scammer, you have 1 cent coupons on all your eproducts (that I want!), and your afraid of oysters!

    Just kidding. Awesome job and keep up the great work!

    • Pat

      LOL – hilarious! Thanks Jon, I appreciate it.

  • TrafficColeman

    Pat we all have had some type of struggles, and learn how to move past them. You know successful people fail all the time..Why Because we the ones who take risk..and risk takers are the ones who most of the time become successful.

    The thing is that you just need to stay consistence.. Period.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      Persistence is key, definitely. And yes, absolutely – risk = rewards. Thanks for the comment Coleman, as always.

  • http://www.tacticalcashflow.com Howie

    Great podcast, as always Pat. Leading up to your introduction of Gary Vaynerchuk, your personal story of contacting that lady who left the comment about Amazon, has me immediately recollecting a few weeks ago, when I plunged into all the 1 star ratings of Gary V’s ‘Crush It”. Low and behold, I don’t think I saw a single low star rating that was commented on by him, offering his phone number and apologizing for ‘letting them down’.

    I think the deeper meaning to walk away with is the fact that a little mix of caring and transparency IS exactly where the internet is headed….those who succeed at doing those things, and implementing them effectively into their business model, I think will emerge ahead of those who…well…don’t.

    • Pat

      Hey Howie – do you mean “I don’t think I saw a single low star rating that was NOT commented on by him?” – just wanted to make that clear.

      And yes, the takeaway is that transparency and going that extra step makes a huge difference. This I know, as I hope most of the people here can tell. Thanks Howie!

      • http://www.tacticalcashflow.com Howie

        Indeed, Pat….I saw the slip-up, but couldn’t really go back to edit it. There’s just another reason to go back and proofread comments/articles before posting them.

  • Adam

    You have a very cool accent.Reminds me of Zach Braff in Garden State.seriously.

    BTW,excellent podcast :)

    • Pat

      LOL – thanks Adam. That’s a very interesting thing to say. If only I could land a role on Scrubs now πŸ˜›


  • http://www.overcomeconstipation.com Nilendu

    Hey Pat,

    I just heard this podcast and it is really awesome. I can relate to quite a few of the hurdles, especially the first one on getting started and the podcast. Usually most of us underestimate ourselves and lose real opportunities. Everyone has something to offer to others and I also encourage to people I know to start writing and blogging is the first step.

    You turn out amazing contents time after time. Kudos to you.


    • Pat

      Thanks for the wonderful comment Nilendu, I appreciate that! All the best to you!

  • http://passiveincomegoals.com/ Tiffany

    Another great podcast. I always enjoy hearing first-hand how people got over the hurdles that I may be facing at the moment.

    • Pat

      Thanks Tiffany! Anyone who says it was easy for them is a liar – we all have our struggles, and it is those who jump over those hurdles who will come out ahead.

  • http://www.onespoonatatime.com Paul Wolfe

    Was just about to take my kids to karate and was wondering what to listen to whilst waiting around for them to learn how to kick my butt. Now I’ve got something…looking forward to it.


    • Pat

      Ahh – karate. That brings me back to my childhood. I actually have a black belt in taekwondo! It’s been a while though…glad I could give you something to listen to! Cheers!

  • http://www.hellostockmarket.com Kunal – The Guy Who Drinks KoolAid over at HelloStockMarket.com


    VERY inspiring! I’m not even joking, I keep your podcasts stored on my mac and ipod, just to re-listen to them during times I question about the purpose of all this effort – especially during those 2am grinds when all you have is hard house streaming, and photoshop open, trying to get some touchups done on a picture, that you surely know only YOU will appreciate the effort…

    • Pat

      Hey thanks Kunal for being a dedicated listener. That means a lot, and to know that one person is re-listening to my shows makes me want to make sure they are all as good as they can be. Keep sippin that KoolAid!

  • http://www.collegebit.com Alicia

    Hey Pat,
    I like the podcast. It reminds us that we need to get our behinds in gear when we have ideas.

    • Pat

      Thanks for listening Alicia! I appreciate it!

  • Robert Tutsky

    Pat, Fantastic cast as usual.I have a few things going but nothing great but hearing this from you gives me some inspiration to really get going. Thanks Pat!

  • http://www.devinelder.com/ Devin Elder’s 10k Challenge

    Pat, thanks for a great podcast. Love the voiceover intro/outro, and this medium lets me get my motivational fix while driving… beats listening to the terrible radio in San Antonio Texas any day of the week :-)

    BTW – Who do you use for transcription?

  • http://www.tropicalmba.com Dan

    Pat, I really enjoy this podcast. Nice tip on the coupon codes, never thought of that! I listened to it while shopping for grapes in North Carolina. Isn’t the internet cool!

  • http://www.lucycastle.wordpress.com Lucy Castle

    I have been stuck at the beginning of a project and now I know how to get unstuck.
    The beginning is always hard for me, my mind always jumps to the end or logistics and it makes the road seem that much harder and gives me LESS incentive to start…. so yh this post helped.


  • http://www.edgeofdavid.com Edge of David

    Thanks Pat, I really enjoy the down to earth, practical nature of your content.

  • http://www.my4hrworkweek.com Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Great podcast, Pat! It’s nice to take a break from the interviews (as much as I love to hear them) and just speak about your own content.

    And I swear, I don’t think you’re a scumbag.

  • http://www.dubai-information-site.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    love it when people around me have success stories of all kinds . . . it inspires, motivates, pushes….

  • http://www.weddingpapergenie.com Wedding Paper Genie l Tim

    I truly believe the difference between good and great is learning from others mistakes before you encounter those same problems.

    Thanks for sharing and lighting the path.

    – Tim

  • Ron

    Pat, great podcast.
    One thing I have found from your site and podcast, is how well you reach out to your audience. And for that I just want to thank you. There are way to may sites out there that “talk at” their audience and not “talk to” or “with” their audience. Just looking over the comment section, it is evident you really engage your visitors.

    Also thanks for providing great sound quality on your podcast.


  • http://evengrounds.com/blog Julius

    Thinking too much about the what abouts and what ifs is often my problem. That’s why I’ll take your idea to just do what you have in mind and avoid spending much time contemplating. Thanks

  • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com Tony Marciante

    Pat, another one out of the park, and it definitely addresses some challenges that I believe many have. Had the honor of having Michael Dunlop stop by my restaurant this week, and he along with you (we spoke of you for a bit) are motivating me to write my first product by November 1 at latest. Keep rockin it…your podcast is on my list of “must listens”..take care…

  • http://savemoneyeveryday.net Sebastian

    Thanks Pat!

    I think there is not more to say, i just enjoy listning your podcasts. And like Devin i really like the intro and outro of it. Very Professional, like anything from you.

    Go on like this, i’m waiting for your next podcast!

  • http://cashcampfire.com Christina (@CashCampfire)

    Loved the podcast! Thanks for sharing your conflicting emotions about starting your first eBook as well. I’ve been having much the same emotions. I was originally waiting to launch my eBook until I had a certain number of subscribers. However, a few days ago, after talking to another freelance writer, I’ve decided to just go for it. I’ve been working on the eBook a little each day and I’m about a little bit less than half way done.

    In the meantime, I’ve decided to create my sales page and start gathering a list of interested buyers, so that I can have an idea of how many of my readers would be interested in buying an eBook on the specific topic I’ve been writing about.

    But I’m excited. I really am. After all, if I launch this eBook, I could officially call myself a published author.. something I’ve always wanted to be. It’s also a huge learning experience for me. The worse case scenario would be that my eBook just won’t sell. I think that has been my number 1 fear. If that happens, I can always get feedback from my readers and learn from my mistakes.

    On a side note, I did like your name for the other blog In the LEED.. and this podcast explains why I can’t access the site through that domain. I remember trying earlier (several weeks ago after reading some posts in your archives about the site). I ended up just doing a search for the blog on Google and found it that way. But it’s a shame that the company didn’t allow you to keep the domain.


  • http://wisconsin-north.com/ JustinP

    I just wanted to thank you. It’s really nice to find some good, useful information about seo, monetization and all other aspects of running your own website or online business.

    I have been reading a bunch here and have listened to one of your podcasts so far, next time I am in iTunes you will be getting 5 stars from me. Unless of course there are 6 or 7 stars, but I think there is 5, how about all the star. Lets just say that for now….lol

    Thanks again

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  • http://www.shawneehillsoutdoors.com Gary

    Really enjoy your smart passive income podcast. I have started to use market samurai and find it very useful.

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  • http://www.pregnantgoddess.com/ Efrat

    Liked the personal touch in your examples.

    BTW – I was wondering – how do you decide which topics to feature in a podcast and which in a post? (seems like this is my last fear… that I’ll finish all my podcast-to-be topics on posts..)

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  • http://www.cheappoloralphlaurenwomen2013.com Polo Ralph Lauren Cheap

    Great post! I’ll subscribe proper now wth my feedreader computer software!

  • http://blacklovepoems.net Jermaine Pleas

    Sounds like hurdles many of us business people go through. You never know what you are going to get until you recieve it. Interesting post pod!

  • http://www.iblogjuicing.com/motivation-to-lose-weight/ Frank

    Elance and Odesk have been good resources. I’m not tecchie so it helps to hire people to help you along.



  • sara ponsetti

    Ever get a transcript for this one? :)

  • http://fertilizernumbers.net Voices30

    I am guilty of sending a very “Strong worded” email to Pat Flynn one day. I was convinced that he pulled a fast one on me, and I had done “some” of the things he suggested and my blog didn’t have 10,000 subscribers yet, and I was mad…really mad, I accused him of a bunch of things, and I claimed I would never buy ANYTHING from him ever…then something amazing happened….he wrote me back… I was shocked, and I realized something…my success has nothing to do with Pat Flynn (he’s awesome), it has to do entirely 100% with me….

  • http://hsnyc.co/ Henry Sanchez

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us Pat. This is really encouraging.

    • BA pass

      when it comes to knowing when work is done, so you can really enjoy your time to play.asdg

  • Sadiyya Patel

    I really enjoyed this show, Pat. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your own struggles. I loved your two suggestions on using FAQ to reduce customer support and to make more money.

  • http://theflooringgirl.com/ Debbie Gartner-The Floorng Grl

    This is great. I’ve started started reading your blog and listening to the podcasts. Very helpful. I’m just starting affiliate marketing this week (just started adding some links to my site today…and doing strategically). My site is a niche site…on Flooring (TheFlooringGirl.com) and doing some complementary items. (I get around 50,000 unique visitors per month)

    So many have told me that I should make a collection of my best flooring posts into an ebook, so hoping to work on that in Jan.

    How much did you charge for your 1st ebook (or how much initially). Do you think this is something I could charge for and if so how much? (While I could probably give away in exchange for email addy, that’s really not what I want to do for this site (I may use for a future site).

    Any thoughts on that? I suppose if I had to, I could do free, but hoping to make a small amt, if possible.

  • Eduardo

    Hey Pat, what’s up? I’ve started listening to your podcasts and just can’t stop! I’m new to all of this and I’m just trying to build content on three different ideas that I have. For now, I’m using free wordpress with no paid domain (ex. https://comoconserto.wordpress.com/).

    Using specific websites/domains for each idea makes sense, since their content doesn’t relate, but should I have separate accounts for each idea on services like host, affiliate programs, ad sense etc? Or should I have one account in each of the needed services with multiple websites under it?

    Thank you for your work! Greetings from Brazil.