My July 2013 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my July 2013 income report!

Each month, I publish a detailed report sharing how much I’ve earned and all of the lessons learned and latest going-ons in my business from the previous month. For a list of my previous income reports, click here.

Doing these kind of reports helps me take notice of any upward or downward trends in my businesses, and it allows me to be transparent while hopefully providing some inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

With that said, many people see the numbers and fail to realize that years of hard work was put into my businesses before getting to this point.

Succeeding online takes time, patience, stamina and perseverance, and as a result most people who try will fail. I don’t know everything and I still have a ton to learn – this is just a snapshot of where I’m at now in my journey. I hope that my insights both here in this post and on the rest of my blog will help you succeed in your journey.

Important Things that Happened in July

July was an EXTREMELY busy month! Most notably, I launched my very first online course & membership website, Breakthrough Blogging. The 3-day launch, which was a part of the latest promotion, was a major success, but it didn’t come without some expected concern.

Note that I said “expected” – not “unexpected”. I share why below…

The 200+ comments at the bottom of my launch post transformed into a discussion mixed with congrats and excitement, sprinkled with comments of worry and disappointment.

I read things like “Finally Pat!”, to things like “Pat, you finally joined the dark side.”

99% of the ‘negative’ comments were completely respectful and in the end I know they were all coming out of love for the SPI brand, so the thought of deleting them never came across my mind. To all of you who left comments, both positive and not so positive, I’m so thankful for you and I completely appreciate your honesty.

I love the fact that opinions can be shared – that’s what makes this whole Internet and blogging thing so awesome – and I feel that respectful and constructive criticism is incredibly important for the growth of any brand.

Before I even had a chance to respond to any comments, a lot of the SPI community responded in my defense, which I am incredibly thankful and eternally grateful for. A couple of days later, I actually received an email from Jeremy – one of the more upset and outspoken commenters (who kindled an entire series of responses) apologizing for his comments, giving me permission to delete them and asking for forgiveness, which was interesting.

I decided to keep his and everyone else’s comments up because although different people have different methods of sharing their opinion, there were some valid concerns, and I blame myself for not properly addressing these concerns beforehand.

The biggest concern, I felt, was that people were worried that SPI was going to be different from that point forward. For years I’ve been sharing content for free, and now I was charging for something.

Again – a completely valid and expected concern.

The truth is, SPI is different. It’s better. It’s growing. It’s becoming smarter.

I haven’t taken anything away from what SPI was – I’ve simply added something completely new to it that wasn’t there before – something that has been in high demand from my audience for a very long time. If it’s something that you’re not interested in, you don’t have to buy it and nothing will have changed – it’s simple! And don’t worry, I’m not going to ram it down your throat because I know what that’s like and it doesn’t feel good, but it was important for me to create this course as someone who takes pride in being known as someone who leads by example.

What do I mean by that?

Well – having a business model that you can have control over is extremely important. This is unlike the current business model of SPI which relies heavily on affiliate commissions from products and services from other companies. At any moment in time these other companies could walk away, disappear or end the affiliate relationship I have with them, and that income would be gone in an instant.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to generate an income and help your audience when you don’t have the ability or the resources to create that type product or service yourself – but when you have the opportunity to create something of value yourself that can actually help people, you should take it – not just for the money that you could potentially earn from it, but because you can better take care of your audience and control the customer experience.

That’s the most important part and the example I’m trying to set.

The irony in all of this is that I’ve been recommending products and services created by other people for years – blogging products included – and never heard any kind of backlash for that. Now, with the launch of Breakthrough Blogging, I feel I can better serve those in my audience who may need additional help and attention. That’s how I know it’s the right move.

The Course Itself

As far as the course itself, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

It’s beautifully designed and coded by Jonathan, my new and amazing developer/designer, who built the platform on WordPress using a custom designed skin for Thesis 2.1, and he integrated the membership software, which is powered by WP-Wishlist.

So far, the response from users has been nothing but incredible! I’m also keeping track of the user experience partly by hosting the video lessons on, which allows me to track, in detail, how each video is being viewed, by who, and where improvements can be made.

We’re listening and working closely with the existing members and continually adding new features every other week.

I’ve had a lot of questions about when Breakthrough Blogging will be re-opened, and right now it’s not exactly known. I’m hoping to re-open the membership before the end of the year, but it depends on the workload based on user feedback on features that will be added over time. :)

Epic Posts in July

July was not without some posts that I published which were extremely well received and highly shared around the web. It was nice to be back in the groove again (since a lot of my extra energy in June was dedicated to launching Breakthrough Blogging) and crank out the kinds of posts that took double-digit hours to put together.

Thank you to those of you who read, commented and/or shared the following posts. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend it, especially the last one:

1-Day Business Breakthrough with Pat and Chris

One of my best friends, Chris Ducker, came to San Diego to visit my family in July. We had an awesome time together! My son actually cried when he left town. 😛

On July 12th, Chris and I hosted a full-day, premium mastermind event for 25 bloggers and entrepreneurs at a co-working space downtown, and it was probably one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in.

1DayBB Group Picture

Each attendee had a chance to showcase their business front and center while Chris, myself and the rest of the group provided our honest feedback and ideas for what to do and where to go next. Our goal was to have each person leave with at least one MAJOR breakthrough in their business, and from the feedback we’ve been hearing it was a total success and everyone felt they got more than their money’s worth, which made us both really happy.

Chris and I sat down the next evening to record a podcast session together to capture our thoughts on the day – but more importantly we wanted share what we learned about how important it is to connect and mastermind with other people. It turned out to be an incredibly inspiring and educational episode – I highly recommend you have a listen (and a laugh or two!) if you haven’t already.

Cost and Profit

Since this was a full-day premium event, Chris and I did charge money to attend. We sold out 25 spots (in a day and a half!) for an advertised price of $497.00 per person. That’s a total gross income of $12,425.

Of course, the day didn’t come without basic expenses, including:

  • Pastries / Coffee / Lunch and Beverages: ~$500.00
  • The Venue: $500.00
  • Dinner: ~$2,000.00
  • Eventbrite Fees (5%): $621.25
  • Total Net Profit: ~$8,803.75
  • Total Individual Profit: ~$4,401.88

Not bad for one day’s work!

The truth is, however, a lot of time was spent planning this first event, so it was more than one day’s work. We spent a few hours together each day before the event going over each attendee’s business and their goals, which we learned from a community we setup so the group could connect with each other and answer a few questions for us beforehand, which took a little bit of work to setup as well – but it was totally worth it.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. To get the feedback we did, while helping people move forward in their business and get paid for it – it’s an awesome feeling. If you’re in a niche where you have the ability to get a few people together, in person, and use the power of the group as a whole to help everyone get inspired, think big and move forward – you should totally give it a shot!

Chris and I are already planning our next 1-Day Business Breakthrough event, which will happen in San Diego in January after New Media Expo, so look out for more information about that soon. If you’re interested in getting on the early notice list, you can get on that list by filling out the form below:

Get on the List By Entering Your Information Below!

Niche Site Duel 2.0 (i.e. Where the Heck are Your Updates Pat!?)

This round of the Niche Site Duel is much different than the first round I conducted back in late 2010 – and I know it’s feeling much much slower.

To put this into perspective, I announced NSD2.0 over 3 months ago and I have yet to have the main site up and running. During Round 1, I had a new website, built from scratch, ranking #1 in Google for it’s target keyword within 73 days and making a few hundred dollars per month.

So why the turtle-like pace?

A few reasons:

  1. A lot has changed with Google and how websites get ranked since 2010, and I spent a lot of time conducting research first, as seen on the NSD2.0 Update Page.
  2. My approach for how the website will be created and how people will find the site is much different. I don’t want to rely soley on Google (or on Google at all) for traffic because of how incredibly volatile it is right now. The plan is to penetrate the target market by creating a resource that gets talked about and shared on Day 1 by creating buzz around the new site with a ‘coming soon’ page and related campaign. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’ll be a fun experiment – but it takes more time to do it this way. My hope is that the prep-work that’s being done now will put my website significantly ahead of where it would be, once it’s launched, as opposed to just simply building a website and start writing for no one.
  3. I’m spending a significant time on creating branding elements, including the logo, colors look and feel of the site. I didn’t spend any time on this during the first NSD, but I think it’s important – especially with the new approach mentioned above.
  4. As you can see, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes, but the primary reason why I haven’t shared too many updates yet is because most of the above items would require me to reveal the exact URL to you – and that’s something I promised not to do until after the real site goes live so the results aren’t skewed. . I am documenting everything though and will definitely be talking about everything I can once the site goes live in mid-September, which will give me a month to figure out how to build buzz to the new coming soon page that just went live 2 days ago. I’ll be recording phone calls, documenting email conversations – the whole nine yards.
  5. Another reason for the delay is that I’m trying to benefit from the timing of a television show. As you already know, my site is geared toward existing and inspiring food truck owners, and I’m going to see if I can feed off the buzz around season 4 of The Great Food Truck Race, which starts on August 18th on the Food Network. If anything, following the show will help me with content generation and potential guests to reach out to for the brand, but I’m hoping to build buzz for my food truck site at the same time. Again – I’ve never done anything like this before, but there are some creative, out-of-the-box things I think I can do to help the site before it goes live next month.

A formal NSD2.0 update is already in the works, which will reveal my content strategy, site architecture, and how I put the coming soon page together. All I can say is – thank you for your patience! Once the site goes live, it’ll be full-steam ahead with updates and content geared to help you and your website too.

Glen’s Recent SEO Posts on

Speaking of SEO and Google, our buddy Glen from recently wrote a couple of posts that are actually really disturbing to read. They’re disturbing because Glen reveals just how easy it is, now more than ever, to game Google and rank a website high in the search engines, and it’s the opposite of what Google and other SEOers are recommending we do to climb the search engines.

He shares specific case studies of sites that are ranking high that shouldn’t, and he even mentions:

“I created this blog post partly our of frustration that my own 2-page websites with 0 links are outranking my own authority sites which are years old and have thousands of links. And partly because we can’t do anything about it, so we may as well be creating crappy sites to offset our traffic loses.”

Here are the links to Glen’s posts below:

So what’s my response? How should we proceed with building websites when what Google is saying is different than what actually is?

Well, for one, it’s definitely a shame. So many websites, and as a result, people’s lives, are affected by Google’s algorithm and search results, so to see results like this when there are honest people putting in hard work and not getting the results they deserve is, like I said, disturbing. Not all search results are skewed though and there are examples of high-value websites ranking where they should – but if you’re going to set the rules, they should apply everywhere – at least one would think.

So how will I proceed? I’ve shared a little bit of that already. With NSD2.0 I’m not even going to focus on trying to game Google like I did before. I will follow Google’s suggestions and provide highly valuable content, but not for Google sake – it’s for the benefit of my target audience. A low quality website might be able to rank high, at least for now, but a low quality website is still a low quality website, and for the end user it’s not going benefit them as much.

If Google chooses to rank my content high in the search engines, that’s awesome – and if that content deserves to be there I think that’s really what they want and maybe they’ll get their stuff together eventually – but if they don’t, it won’t matter. Like here on SPI, Google could completely disappear and traffic would still come to the site.

Thanks for the research and amazing posts Glen – very eye opening, indeed.


As many of you know, a significant portion of my overall income comes from affiliate earnings from a single source – the domain and hosting company that I recommend, Bluehost.

I wanted to address this really quick because it’s always a hot topic in each of my income reports, and last month I recorded another record month of earnings from Bluehost, earning a total of $36,150.00 in commissions.


I can definitely see why many readers find this to be so unbelievable. I would too and it always blows my mind each month – especially considering that these are all for new signups – not recurring commissions.

Let me shed a little light on the numbers.

Bluehost’s affiliate program advertises $65.00 per sale, but I do earn a higher, negotiated commission, which is possible because of the volume of sales that I’m able to produce. I started at the $65.00 commission, and over time I’ve been able to increase the amount I earn twice.

In July, I had a total of 3,546 clicks on my affiliate link. That link is scattered strategically throughout the SPI blog and YouTube. For a detailed look at exact where those links are located and an idea of how well they convert, click here.

Out of those 3,546 clicks, 242 converted into sales (about 8 sales per day), which is a 6.8% conversion rate.  This is after refunds and is the average conversion rate I typically see month after month. In July, I experienced a slightly larger click-through rate – a result of launching Most of these sales (about 30-40%), however, have always come directly from my Resource Page, which I absolutely love because people go to that page looking for tools and solutions, which I share as recommendations on that page, and no where am I pitching anything.

If you don’t have a tools or resources page on your site – you need one!

I’m truly blessed to be able to recommend a service that I’ve used in the past and continue to still use today (although not on SPI since I upgraded to a dedicated server!) that also pays very well too, but it’s scary as well. Like I mentioned above in the section about Breakthrough Blogging, it’s a smart business decision for me to diversify and create my own products because at any moment Bluehost or any other product I recommend could go away, and that income source would be gone in an instant.

I could take it to the next level and, of course, create my own hosting company – but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to run my own hosting company and do all that’s required for that, because although there’s obviously money there, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it as well, and that’s not the kind of lifestyle I want to live. Hence, my recommendation for a company that I’m happy to put my name behind.

What it really comes down to is this: hosting is a service that people in my target audience need. If they want to put up a website their going to need hosting – no brainer. If people enjoy my content and trust me, they are likely to go through my recommendation and link, and as long as I can make it easy for them to do that, it’s likely to happen.

What does someone in your target audience absolutely need to get started? If that’s something you can’t provide yourself, do the research, find the best one out there, use it and be confident in it, and confidently recommend it to your audience. Unbox the mystery, and earn while helping your audience too.

I hope this answers some questions you might have previously had about my Bluehost earnings. Thank you to all of you who have purchased hosting through my link – or anything through any link and recommendation that I’ve shared – you’re awesome!

Ok, let’s get to the numbers for July 2013:

Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me!

Also, please note that a lot of these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, come 30 to 60 days later and may change because of potential refunds or corrections.

  • Product Sales:
    • Total: $3,311.20
      • Previous Month: $3,424.15
      • Difference:-$112.95
    • Adsense: $1,672.19
    • Job Board: $39.44
    • Affiliate Earnings: $41.98
    • Private Advertising: $800.00
    • Total: $2,553.61
      • Previous Month: $1,492.89
      • Difference: +$1,060.72
    • Total: $309.69
      • Previous Month: $399.60
      • Difference:-$89.91
  • iPhone Applications:
    • Paid Apps: $3,075.31
    • Free Apps: $465.21
    • Total: $3,540.52
      • Previous Month: $2,795.38
      • Difference: +$745.14
  • eBook Sales for ‘Let Go‘:
    • SnippetApp:

      • This Month: Not Reported
      • Last Month: Not Reported
    • Amazon Kindle:
      • This Month:  $1,069.03
      • Last Month: $1,523.51
    • Total: $1,069.03
      • Previous Month: $1,523.51
      • Difference: $-454.48
  • 1-Day Business Breakthrough Event on July 12th:
    • Total: $4,401.88
  • Breakthrough Blogging Preliminary Sale with
    • Total: $50,012.00
  • Gross Total in July: $116,757.39
    • Previous Month: $61,101.77
    • Difference: +$55,655.62
  • July Expenses (Below is what was paid last month. It does not include pro-rated yearly fees. Most are related to the Smart Passive Income Blog and new projects that are under development):
    • New Hosting Accounts and Domain Purchases: $750.00
    • Dropbox: $9.99
    • (podcast file hosting): $20.00
    • Transcriptions and Podcast VA: $211.50
    • Aweber: $517.00
    • E-Junkie Shopping Cart Fee: $5.00
    • Paypal Website Payments Pro: $30.00
    • Certified Public Accountant / Bookkeeping: $260.00
    • Legal: $750.00
    • Skype $2.99
    • Affiliate Payments for $399.96
    • Payments for SPI Team members (help with BtB website and filming): $11,835.10
    • Payment for Developer for and Forum: $2,850.00
    • Total Expenses for July:  $17,641.54
  • Net Total in July: $99,115.85
  • Net Total Previous Month: $48,025.35

This is definitely, by far, my best month ever! Breaking 6-figures in a month in gross revenue is incredible and something I never thought was possible. Of course, a major chunk of this income is a result of the launch of Breakthrough Blogging, but since enrollment is closed for now the numbers for next month should be back to normal. I couldn’t be happier, excited and more humbled by all of this, and I know I have you and your undying support to thank for it.

As always, most of this income will be saved, invested and donated, but a lot of it will be invested back into the businesses I own as well, to better help you on your journey in online business too.

A Quick Note from Pat:

I’ll be the first to admit that a significant portion of my total online income comes as a result of this very blog that you’re reading right now – mostly from the products that I recommend as an affiliate, which are products I’ve used or am extremely familiar with and have helped me in one way, shape or form.

When I first started this blog back in 2008, I never intended to make any money from it. If you go back to my earlier income reports you’ll see that all of my income was coming from outside of this blog through other businesses. Over time, however, the SPI community has grown and as a byproduct of being helpful and giving away as much as possible, I started earning from this site too. Because I believe in total honesty and transparency, I decided to include the income from SPI on these reports as well. It wouldn’t feel right hiding this from you.

My non-SPI related income has hovered around the $10,000/month mark for the past year, which is much more than I ever made working my 9 to 5 job in architecture, but I’m truly blessed that I have the support from an amazing community here at SPI who is willing to pay me back for all of the information I publish and the help that I try to provide for free. Some people go out of their way to make sure I get credit for an affiliate link, often emailing me to make sure I got it, which means the world to me. Thank you so much!

With this type of community comes great responsibility and I will never take it for granted. I will never promote something just for the potential income that can come from an affiliate offer, even though those opportunities are definitely there.

I’m incredibly grateful for everything and I will continue to give back with valuable content and my experience in return.

My goal with the new businesses that I’m creating, including the food truck site that’s being built for NSD2.0, is to increase the non-SPI income side of my income report. Yes, $10k is a significant amount to be earning outside of the site already, but the SPI portion has grown so big, I feel like I’m becoming known as the person who only makes money by showing others how to make money online, and the non-SPI related income is forgotten as a result. I realize I have some work to do to even it out, but I am working hard on making that happen and do realize that I am in that position of earning from teaching how to earn. With that said, I am proud of how I do it. I get emails and hand-written letters every week from people who I’ve helped, so I know it’s being done in the right way. There are no regrets, I just feel I need to step up the non-SPI portion of the reports very soon, or else that side of the income report will be completely lost and forgotten. To me, it’s the non-SPI income that should matter the most.

The Big 3 Lessons Learned in July

We’re 4,412 words into this post and I can see just how much stuff happened last month – it’s crazy! I hope there were at least a few tidbits of information here in this month’s report that will help you and your online business get to the next level.

I wanted to end with 3 final lessons, all of which relate to each other and are extremely important if you want to succeed online.

Lesson #1

The first lesson is a big one that all of us hear over and over again, but it’s also one that is easy to forget. That lesson is:

You cannot please everybody. 

It’s impossible.

Whenever changes are made on your site and in your business, from design changes to product launches, and even publishing blog posts – there will always be people who wish you had done it differently. That will always be the case.

I’ve experienced this before – to a lesser extent – each time I’ve redesigned my blog, and I’m sure I’ll hear it again when the new redesign goes live this October.

I’ve tried to please everyone before, and it’s a losing battle. It’s important, however, to listen to those who you do not please, because in many cases their opinion will help you. It may be a simple misunderstanding, or an actual error on your part that you can correct, so it’s important to listen to those who expend energy to share their honest opinion with you.

This can be extremely hard to do though. It was for me at first, which takes me to…

Lesson #2

You have to grow a thick skin.

In other words, listen to those who aren’t pleased, but don’t let them get to you.

In the past, especially during the first couple of years since I started the SPI blog, the slightest bit of negative criticism about my blog or what I do would get under my skin and I’d think about it all day. I’d spend hours dwelling on those comments and I’d start to doubt myself, which isn’t good for my confidence, my business, and what I’m doing to serve my audience.

Then there were (and are), of course, comments from trolls and haters, which surprisingly never got to me. I grew up getting bullied in school and soon learned that the best way to deal with people like that, those who have deep-rooted problems that are expressed in violent and hateful ways way beyond genuine criticism, is to simply not give them the pleasure of your attention.

But, it was the respectful criticisms, especially from those people who I knew and built a relationship with online (i.e. my readers, customers and subscribers) that shook me pretty hard, because like I said in Lesson #1, I tried to please everybody, and that just cannot happen.

So how do you grow a thick skin? For me, it just came with practice. The more my business has grown, the more I’ve had to deal with those who aren’t pleased, and that’s okay. My intentions are always to help as many people as I can, which brings me to my third and final lesson for the month…

Lesson #3

You must not forget about those who ARE pleased. They should be your primary focus. 

You cannot please everybody – we’ve already established that – but while there are people who may not be pleased with something that you do, there will always be people who are pleased and love what you do and want you to keep doing what you’re doing for them.

It’s funny – negative feedback will always overshadow all of the great, positive feedback that comes your way. It just takes one negative comment to make hundreds of great comments and support disappear, and you have to remember that while it’s important to listen to those who criticize and disagree, it’s ultimately more important to focus, listen and cater to those who are pleased.

Each ounce of energy you use to respond and reply to negative comments is an ounce of energy that can no longer be used for those who are waiting to benefit from what you have to offer.

The comments on this post will be interesting to read, I’m sure. :)

Cheers, and I look forward to reading them! Thank you so much for your time, and wish me luck on my first ever half marathon this weekend! I’m going to need it!

  • Goran

    Wow, Pat!

    Missing 100k in a month by just a few hundred dollars! That’s amazing! Congratz!

    I was wondering what you use to keep track of your incomes and expenses? You seem to have a lot of them and you seem to be tracking them per project. I’m searching for just such an application. I would appreciate it very much if you have any suggestion about this.

    — Goran

    • John Gibb

      hey Goran

      I do want to hear from Pat on this as well… I prefer to use Excel, there are some apps but I think the best ones come at a cost…


    • Brandon

      That’s an insane month.

      Hitting 6 figures in one month… Crazy.

      Good job Pat, just goes to show how hard work pays off.

  • Kingsley Agu

    OMG!!! $99,000+ in a single month???!!!

    I really need to set up a Resource page like, very QUICKLY!!!
    I’ve been missing out on a lot of cash so far…

    • John Gibb

      Yes, Pat doubled his income this month, but don’t be mislead!

      It wasn’t because of his RESOURCES page… his blogging product launch actually made 50k, you may want to re-read the stats…


    • Amanda L Grossman

      I set up a free resource page on my frugal blog last September, thinking it was a win-win situation (and a great idea, thank you Pat!) with both people being turned onto things that I have been using for years (with snapshots of my account page where applicable) and me earning a commission. Unfortunately, it has only earned like $2.00. Of course my traffic is nothing like Pat’s.

      I need to either tweak, or spend my energy elsewhere. Good luck with your own Resource page, and thanks again Pat for being so transparent!

      • Pat Flynn

        Are you referencing your resource page throughout your site? I mention mine on podcasts, many different posts on the blog, and even on guest posts and other sites as well when I have the chance. Also, make sure all of what you share on the resource page is being clicked on – what’s not you should take out, or do a better job of explaining why it’s there to help your audience understand why it’s important for them. Hope this helps Amanda!

  • Tim F.

    Holy smokes!
    Well-deserved, Pat.

  • Irina Z

    As always – incredibly inspiring. Initially, I was disappointed to see so many negative comments about the BB course, but it shows that people do care about SPI. The worst reaction would be no reaction at all. I applaud you for building such an engaged audience. Sincerest congratulations on an awesome month!

    • John Gibb

      hi Irina

      I guess getting no negative reactions would mean Pat did something incredible bad… I know when you do amazing things, haters will come in and B.S. you, is it?

      Just give them what they deserve… zero attention, period.


  • george@seekdefo

    Hi Pat, most of us can only dream of the income level that you have been achieving online. Awesome numbers. I was trying to rank my niche site and was able to do that within 11 days. Waiting to see some numbers myself. Great job

    • John Gibb

      hi George

      It’s interested to hear from other SEOs…

      So what’s your approach to ranking sites?

      I see you run a site on niche marketing as well, I’ll check it soon. Have added it into my Feedly account… do you use it too?

  • Mr. Ryan Cote

    Pat, you continue to be an inspiration and the results you get and share is awesome. I read somewhere that you spend 8-12 hours on average per post here on SPI. That blows my mind, but look at what that level of dedication has produced.

  • Jin @ Personal Finance Blog

    Another great Month Pat. This keeps inspiring us. Good to see you rebound on the earning for Security guard training HQ site. Is June a low month for online traffic? OR anything cyclic happening?

  • Mats Holmvik

    Another great month Pat!

    Cool to see how sales went! :)

    You inspire!

  • Mike @ TFB

    I’ve been following the adventure since the beginning and I’m truly impressed to see it growing that big each time there is a sale. Can you imagine that most people have to work all year? This is truly a genius concept!

    Congrats on your incredible month Pat!

  • Phanindra

    That’s an amazing income report Pat. Really a great motivational report which has the capability to create enough fire among the new individuals who wanted to try creating the passive income. Congratulations for this wonderful achievement :)


  • Michelle

    Wow that is awesome about your Bluehost earnings! I have been trying to ramp up my affiliate income, but I stopped publishing new posts on it recently. I need to get back in the game! I would like my affiliate income earnings to be somewhere around $2K or $3K per month soon.

  • Josh

    Excellent job Pat! Way to surpass the 6 figure mark! Wish I would have gotten into the Breakthrough Blogging, but I have signed up for the email notifications when it does go live again. Thanks for everything you do, and I have been working hard on creating content on my niche website. Starting to get some organic traffic to the site, now it’s time to start focusing on the backlinking portion. Any other tips for backlinking? I read the NSD 1.0 and 2.0 articles, just not sure how much I should focus on this. Thanks again!

    • John Gibb

      hi Josh

      Let me comment, until Pat replies as well…

      I prefer nowadays to focus less on manually link building (although I have a high quality network of about 300 niche sites and aged domains in the health industry)

      I like to connect with like minded bloggers and content writers, and comment on their blog… blog commenting is natural and links you get through this approach count and help with ranking in the SERPs…

      Hope it helps?

  • Gjivan

    Awesome PAT. Your income report always inspires me, whenever i feel down and demotivated, i just ride over your reports time after time. Thankx for being so much transparent and helpful.

  • Daniel

    Great report! Two questions: are you disappointed by the “Let Go” sales on Amazon, or are they what you expected? I just thought they’d be higher. Also, why the huge increase for securityguardhq?

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Amazing figures Pat,
    Congratulations and really inspiring.

    I think you are going in right direction , not depending upon Google for traffic.

    Having said this, just to add on to Glen’s post – Google does like “freshness” (QDF – Query Deserves Freshness) , but what it fails to rank sites based upon actual time stamp of a blog post. Instead it relies upon published date (which can be easily modified using word press). Being a database developer myself, I don’t consider a modified date as published date. Instead I would store initial date in a separate column and always consider that date as first published date. Whatever modifications done later, will go into modified date column.

    I think, as Matt Cutts was saying in one of his videos was freshness is given priority to bring latest coverage from various topics such as news/happenings/scores/election results etc. In order to achieve this , Google might rely upon time stamp of the publication which could be benefiting new blogs as well.

    But again, this ranking based on freshness can last only for few days (or hours). Google places the new sites appropriately when the honeymoon period is over.

    But then, there are chances that , a smart marketer in fact take benefit from this honeymoon period itself with 0 links pointing to his site by having an EMD or near EMD.

    Another strange fact is you don’t need a back link for Google indexing your brand new site. Just create a site , publish an article, submit site map in webmaster tool. Crawl it manually. Google will index your site instantly. I feel indexing mainly depends upon server availability, site speed and any invalid scripts that can make the site “non-crawlable”

    Quality, still rules. That’s where content pitches in. Ultimately it all depends upon conversion. How well the site is converting (It may not be converting well even if it ranks # 1).

    My 2 scents :-)

    • John Gibb

      hi Naveen

      What it Pat doing, is SMART. I follow a similar approach, where I don’t depend on Google, but combine social media with blog commenting in particular and my private blog network and some other SEO services…

      I wonder what happens if Google will make this freshness feature a standard… where with each new research, new sites appear and rotate… then rankings will not be interesting anymore… is it?

      • Pat Flynn

        The Freshness thing is very interesting – and I sort of understand why Google would want fresh items showing up for certain things, but Glen’s examples are crazy and it seems like it can be easily manipulated right now. I wonder how long it’ll be until the next update, and what they update will entail.

      • Naveen Kulkarni

        I think as name itself says “freshness”, which may not last forever. Means the fresh content won’t remain on first page og Google forever :-)

        However, an authority site can dominate first page for long time.

        We, as Niche marketers, need to take advantage of freshness factor (adding new content) and adopt to long term tactics as well (links).

  • Brian

    Thank you for doing your best to stay true to SPI community. It’s tempting to get sucked into making money online on teaching others how to make money online. Glad to see your intentions are to lead by example and focus on revenue streams outside of that space. Overall, awesome job! Congrats on your successful ventures so far. Very motivating and helpful. Appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work.

  • Iain

    I’m super happy that you decided to highlight Glen’s post. It has a lot of interesting information on it.

    I’m curious to see how people’s views will change after reading it.

    I know that Eric over at the 4hr works week is trying a test because of it.

    Slamming month

  • Sandy

    Seriously Pat, I’ve been following you for years and the amount of free content that you have give way is astounding. These products that you have developed is a normal progression.

    I will never forget the 5 minute that you took with me at FINCON11 as I as following the Niche Site Duel. You gave me some advice that I used too spin off a popular article on my blog into its own site and it consistently earns $200 per month in Adsense since then.

    I know that I could make much more if I spent a little time on the site, but I’m working on applying some principles to my main site.

    So, as they say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

    • John Gibb

      hi Sandy

      It’s interested to hear how Pat took the time to help you, and how you took his advice and run with it… so you have a site making you $200 a month in AdSense revenue with just that popular article?

      I’d love to hear more from you, and what back-linking strategy are you using, if you don’t mind…

      • Sandy

        Hi John,

        First never put up a comment while laying in bed from your phone. :)

        I was following along the original niche site duel and had a hard time coming up with a topic. What I decided to do was spin off the most popular article on my main site (the one linked to with my name) into its own niche site.

        Honestly, I didn’t expect anything, but it made me back the money that I spent on it before it was even finished going up (under a month). It’s grown in revenue every month and now consistently makes me more than $200 each month in Adsense revenue. I could make more if I added more ad networks and added some more resources, but I’m comfy with where it’s at. I literally pay someone $50 once each year to make small updates and that’s about it.

        Backlinking? This is where I suck. There is only ONE link to the site and it comes from the article on my main site. Yeah, I’m horrible. But it ranks right behind my first article on the search engines, so I didn’t really need to do anything. Can someone else come along and knock me off my rank? Possibly.

        Now that I’m thinking about it, I might have an article or two submitted to those article places, but I surely don’t have anything else going on.

        I wrote about my experience here ( Good luck!

  • Mynor

    Excellent month for you! Very motivating your profits each month is better. Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards!

  • kirit koladiya


  • Mark Mason

    Hey, Pat — can I borrow 20 bucks?

    LOL — this is just crazy. $100K? I’m a big thinker — and this is pretty mind blowing for me.

    I know it’s not about the money for you — but this is just awesome. And it couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy.


  • Richard LaMoy

    Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sylvia

    “I’m becoming known as the person who only makes money by showing others how to make money online,”
    Nothing wrong with that Pat. Nothing wrong at all. Those of us who are attempting to follow your lead are eternally grateful!

  • John Gibb

    hey Pat

    I cannot wait to hear your next NSD 2.0 report and inspect the site (once you reveal it)

    I see you’re having some big plans with it already, so the foundation you’re building for it should turn the project into a success, is it?

    I mean, I see too many folks focusing on fast results… they create these mini sites and expect to make money in a month or so, but with this mindset, they overlook the importance of proper research and quality content producing… which is the most essential foundation for any site.

    You’ve said it well this one right here…

    “I will follow Google’s suggestions and provide highly valuable content, but not for Google sake – it’s for the benefit of my target audience”

    We should always care about our audience and make it our top priority, Google comes second, isn’t it?

  • Jamie Alexander

    Wow, amazing. Well done, Pat!

    Can’t wait until your product is released to see if you can climb to 6 figures monthly.

  • Cody @ AdaptdNation

    Awesome month, Pat! Congrats on the record.

    Maybe one day I will be able to have a 4000+ word monthly income report :)

    Keep on inspiring!

  • Andrew M. Warner

    Hey Pat,

    Holy … freaking … cow!

    This is the first time I read in detail your income report and I’m 2 things right now. Blown away and totally inspired.

    You hear about all these people that “claim” to be making certain amounts of money per month, but you wonder … where’s the proof? Well my friend, you are a special person who is truly inspirational and your successes are well deserved.

    Keep up the great work and keep on inspiring.

  • Bobby Bada Bing from Burger King


    Another awesome month, plus the Breakthrough Blogging is mad gravy. I have been guilty of procrastinating a bit, so this is huge motivation to get going.

    #Mad Skills

    And for everyone reading this, please follow me on Twitter! It’s not my “official” Twitter (I just scored a great brand name!), but I use it to test out different designs/themes as well as using it as a news feed. Say hi, let me know that you’re from the SPI community, and I’ll follow you back.

    –Bobby Bada Bing from Burger King

  • Adam

    Thanks for the great post. You’ve, among others, have helped to motivate me to try and reach (a much more modest) goal or $25,000/year in passive income. I’ve had a couple ideas which I’ve already started to implement. I’m tracking my progress at in an effort to honestly evaluate how I’m doing and discuss ideas with others. I’ve just started, but am looking forward to the challenge!


  • Andrew M. Warner

    Oh and I have a couple ideas for a few niche sites and since you’re pretty on the point with alot of other stuff you promote, I’ll be most likely using BlueHost for those when I’m ready.

  • Joe

    Curious why the snippet sales are not reported?

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Joe – Snippet’s platform doesn’t currently have an reporting system, although I believe it’s currently in the works. Before I had to manually ask for the earnings via email, and they just haven’t been reported to me yet this month.

  • Liam

    Wow pat this is just INSANE! Thanks so much for the detailed report.

  • Trung Nguyen

    I’ve followed you for a long time, Pat. And this time is for taking action. Thanks for inspired me.

  • ray

    Great post! I always read these with a mixture of awe and jealousy, but in the end, I’m glad you’re here and providing this kind of info for other who want to build a bit of financial security—keep it up!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Ray – I hope you can see my intentions aren’t to show-off or make people jealous – the posts would still be here if I was only earning a couple of dollars per month – it’s more to inspire and share what I’ve learned to help you on your journey too. Cheers Ray!

  • Zack

    Wow Pat! Congrats on an incredible month. Thanks for such a complete breakdown. Haters are gonna hate, but just keep doing your thing because it is obviously working for you and the vast majority of your readers!

  • Teresa

    Congrats Pat !!!! You are the best in that business.

  • Karl

    Wow, what an impressive month. You are just a couple of hundred dollars shy of 100K.

    I am absolutely convinced that it will not take you much longer to break this barrier, provided you continue working hard. I am very much interested in your niche duel 2.0 and can’t wait for your updates.

    All the best in the future!

  • Ben Chilcote

    Pat – you are HUGE and a superstar! Thank you for this huge inspiration. You deserve all the success you are getting. Hard to believe there’s still room to grow! – Ben

  • Brent Galloway

    Very transparent and inspiring content, Pat! That’s something I try to strive for on my personal freelancing blog. I have some major plans for the near future and your posts have been extremely valuable! Keep up the awesome work. :)

  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Wow Pat! This is amazing! Very inspiring. One day I would LOVE to be able to make a living from affiliate marketing, or a blog in general, and you are such a great motivator!

  • Greg Hickman

    Dude! I’m so proud of you and this post is F’in awesome. You deserve this. You work your butt off.

    Congrats on a huge month!

    Side note: I literally yelled “holy sh*t” out loud when I got to the totals. HAHAHAHAH!

  • Magdalena

    I follow your blog for a some time. But your recent earnings- my God – I really am shocked:)) you have earned for 100% and don’t anybody tell you different:)
    Just overwhelmed!!!!:) nice and motivating in the same time.
    I deeply admire what you do.
    Take care

  • Jimmy

    Pat – Congrats!

    Why was the snippetapp sales not reported?

    • http://ExpertEmpire Marshall Stevenson

      I knew that someone would ask that, and so I’ll ask, “does it really matter?”

      I’m sure that Pat will no doubt give an answer as to the reason there’s no info on snipetapp (likely a reporting/confidentiality on the product launch), but out of all the awesome in this post (and no doubt the time that went in to it), you focus on the one area missing a number?

      Pat, congratulations. You continue to inspire and kick ass. Your name comes up in almost every podcast conversation I record with other experts. I may just book you one day!

      Keep up the AWESOME work.

      • Bert

        People who ask a simple question don’t deserved to be criticized.

  • Franklin

    Impressive results, especially for the 72hours deal.
    This leads me to one question, Pat. A partnership in a site with such earnings potential you probably do not get for free. Where did this investment show up in your accounting (monthly earnings reports)? Did I miss something?

    Anyway, I love these monthly reports and see them as inspiration for my own vcentures. And hopping on a TV show for a big launch of the new niche site is the best I have seen in more than 15 years in IM.

    Pat, I wish you all the best (personal and business wise) and lots of success with the non SPI income streams. I is doable without big G.


  • Bryan

    Pat, that is over 100k in a month! that is insane!!!! I have been waiting for your income report to come out.. because its what i needed.. i needed the boost in motivation.. the insane amount of confidence you have in your posts and seeing the numbers really makes me want to work on my site.

  • marty

    I have been watching your earnings for some time and I am always impressed it gives me inspiration to keep going plus you always have cool new things to earn from

  • Robert Marsh

    Hey Pat,
    That is fantastic. You pretty much broke 6 figures for your Net too. Close enough 😉

    I have created my own products in the past but I still enjoy the affiliate side of things. There is just so many options with affiliate programs ; albeit less financial opportunity than having your own product.

    Also, that thing about negativity getting under your skin……it can get the best of us. I know many of my readers are ready to throw in the towel because one person out of 100 say there Blog is way too cluttered.

    Like you say you practice at dealing with it and realize it comes with the territory.

    I look forward to continue reading your blog.

    Keep it going,

  • Moe Surf

    Well done Pat! 100k profit in one month. Your business is flourishing, your readers are growing exponentially, and your positive & helpful mindset holds strong.

    How is the Niches site 2.0 mastermind group doing?

  • sean

    Wow, Pat! Congratulations on a record-breaking month!

    Keep up the good work!


  • Salmaan Aslam

    Pat I am with you on this one. It was about time you build your own product and pay affiliate commissions and not be the one who makes his living on affiliate income solely.

    Keep it up.

  • Montina Portis

    Hi, Pat!

    I think what you do and share is phenomenal! I know when my husband first showed me your income report a few years ago I thought “Wow, how is that guy doing that?” Took awhile and now that I’m making a passive income online I realize that the “active income” mindset had to go! You must be the only site where I go searching for an affiliate link before making a purchase. Congratulations on your success and I hope you continue to earn six-figure months!

  • Paolo Beringuel

    Pat – well done & congrats mate!

    Your story is really inspiring and I can tell you hands up that you are one of the most honest online marketers that exist…

    Keep up the good work and keep “US” your followers and supporters addicted to SPI.


  • Diana

    Wow, amazing Pat! Please host a 1-day Breakthrough Blogging course in San Jose!

  • Marty Green

    Congratulations Pat on a HUGE / AMAZING / EPIC!!!!! month. I knew it was only a matter of time to see you break through 6 figures and you totally deserve it!

    I love when you posted what you learned through it all and how you choose not to give the haters the time of day. Good for you! You set a great example by this and are someone that we can all look up to.

    Fantastic news, congrats again!!


  • Leah Latini

    Holy guacamole! Good for you Pat!!! You continue to be an inspiration for me and this is a huge motivator as I am launching my niche site! Keep it up 😉

  • Billy Murphy

    Congrats on your first $100k month Pat— awesome job!

    I read some of the comments on the last post, and cringed when reading them. Just try to keep in mind:

    “Those who mind, don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”

    Good post by Tim on dealing with haters. I think Tucker Max also has some good content on that somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

    What I’ve found is online haters are people who don’t want to work for things, don’t want to pay for things, and don’t end up doing anything with their lives. So, they get angry at anyone making progress because they aren’t making any, and since they can’t drag you down to their level, they come at it from a different angle and attempt to make people feel guilty for being successful. They take it very personal that you’re achieving things and making money. They fail to realize you’re making money due to a lot of hard work.

    Happy to see you succeeding Pat.

    • Sheila

      Ooh thanks for the link! Totes true.

  • Wade Harman

    Pat, holy crap man. You’re killing it.

    Thanks for the ViperChill post

  • Scott Bialczak

    Wow! Just Wow! Keep it up!

  • Kevin

    Great job Pat. Question: what do you use to work on a site before having it go live? I know it’s a newbie question but how do you go about with the technical logistics of launching a brand new site?

  • Mike

    This is astonishing. Wow. I’m still trying to hit my first $1,000 month (I’m getting close!).

    Well done!

  • Kelsey Jones

    WOW. This is amazing. Thank you so much again for publishing these posts. They are my monthly “kick in the ass” to stay on top of my game and keep hustlin’ like you are doing! So awesome.

  • Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde)

    All I can say is wow, Pat! You are a true inspiration!

  • Hassan

    hey Pat,

    Congrats on a wonderful month, I really am impressed month after month. Hoping to see more of your products out there!!

  • Mike

    Honestly Pat with earnings like those I think its time you changed the “I’m not a millionaire” on your about page.

    • Melissa @ My Work At Home Ventures

      Agree! lol

  • Keith Handley

    A great report, thanks for sharing. The point on one negative comment having more effect than 100 positive ones is a point very well made. We are human, that is the way it is. The same as one person complaining and you just don’t hear from the 100 happy ones. I have been involved with another online community for many years, and when I met people in person, I would ask them why they didn’t post on forums when they liked something, as the ones that didn’t like something would post again and again. They would reply that they didn’t have anything to say, so didn’t post. the quiet members of communities are often getting a lot from an experience, but sadly do so in quiet. Keep the good work up, nothing wrong in making an honest dollar and bills need paying. best Keith, York, UK.

  • Phuong Le

    So inspiring how you are earning with bluehost, i now learn a new technique to use resource page and case study seri to drive lead and sales.

  • Ron

    Still haven’t taken the blog plunge yet but these kinds of posts, thanks Pat, are really powerful.


  • Jennifer

    Wow, Pat what an incredible month. I love it when good things happen to good people. As they say “success leaves clues” and that is why I read your blog. I had a rough month in July and only earned $2,114.45 in July which is $1k lower than what I usually earn each month.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration. I love sharing my experiences in my internet marketing journey like you have.

  • Lisa Irby

    Pat Flynn, YOU are THE MAN! Love how detailed and transparent you are. Thanks for inspiring!

  • Melissa @ My Work At Home Ventures

    Awesome post Pat! I haven’t been reading your stuff much lately because I’ve been so busy with trying to get organized here in my home since I’m a wham and trying to focus on my main website I’m working on.

    But I definitelly needed this post today to kick me in the rear and get going again. I made it to $100 a month the last 2 months now, which was one of my “big” goals lol. And then lately I’ve been feeling a bit burned out with everything, plus I have an ebook I’m working on for this same site, which is taking a lot of effort, and I’ve been doing way too much procrastinating, but I know it will be totally worth it when it’s done!

    So anyway, this post hit the spot, and gave me some more motivation to just dig in and get things done! Thanks so much!

    • Melissa @ My Work At Home Ventures

      Well, I meant WAHM, not WHAM lol

  • Nick Kizirnis

    WOW! I mean, I thought it would be a good month with the product launch and one-day event right after the book came out, but WOW! This is really exciting and well-deserved, and really inspiring too!

  • Vernon

    Hell Pat I’ve seen ebooks that people are trying to sell that don’t have 4000 words so keep it up. Great post and a very detailed breakdown of how you do what you do. It’s a learning tool for all of us to see how it’s done and trust when I say these post and of course your podcast have helped my business and the way I actually conduct business so Thank You!

  • putry

    Your income is amazing, when I can get a great income like you? pat congratulations okay, I always learn a lot from you. thx for sharing

  • Sara

    Great post Pat. It took me a good half an hour to read it and digest it and think about what Glen from Viper Chill had to say about google ranking.
    I still feel inspired to work hard on my own websites though thanks to your positivety and sharing.

  • Gisela

    Your income is incredible, I was inspired by you..

  • Sherry

    I’ve admired you from the start of SPI. I loved your book and know that you’re in it for the long haul. As has been said already, you deserve many more ‘July’s’. Many Congrats my dear (you’re my son’s age, so I feel a ‘my dear’ fit well.) :-)

  • rob

    Pat you really are an inspiration and the reason I switched from wanting to buy and rent houses as a form of passive income to buying my own website doing things my own way.

    Thank you!

  • Den

    Pat,dont worry about haters – a lot of them have failed online and they somehow think the world owes them.I think one of your weaknesses is that you are too nice and you pay too much attention to negative comments.You forget that this is your blog (home) and this encourages some people to walk all over you.

  • Shawn Poems

    This is amazing Pat. I am so inspired and dream to reach this spot someday soon. 100k in a single month. This is awesome. I really liked the point where you say “Get an affiliate which is integral to your niche” That rang a bell and I am going to try something new. Thank you Pat, you are a humble inspiration to me.

  • Mr. Ryan Cote

    Good lord man. Almost $100,000 in profit in one month? That’s ridiculous, congrats Pat. Hey one suggestion about Niche Duel 2.0. You should build and develop the site on a small budget to mimic what us mortals would likely spend when trying to launch a niche site.

  • Jun Han

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats! you deserve it, and i am 100% agree with your point.
    Negative comments are what I am fearing, but I should not.
    It is the part of the process and you are doing it fine.
    Thanks always for your great advice.

    • Kang Jum

      Fantastic earning and Good Job

    • brendan

      Couldn’t agree more about not pleasing everybody. In my business, I write and make things that are interesting to me primarily. Trying to make and do things for every person who posts on your FB wall or comments on your blog can be an impossible task.

  • Jennifer

    Pat. Much love to you bro. It takes guts to put yourself out there, to be honest, to be accessible and to be accountable. Lots of guts. You have earned every bit of your success with your MASSIVE humility among other things. You are an example and an inspiration to us all. There’ll always be naysayers who think everything should cost five cents. It’s up to you to know your worth, to know when to share, and to know how to find a balance.

  • Jay H.

    Not surprising. Well deserved.
    Your voice is substantially different from others. Your candor and transparent business philosophy are the distinguishing calling cards that drive enthusiastic conversion on your monetized bits.
    I’m enjoying your success as I work towards mine. Peace.

  • Jeff Coleman

    Amazing… of luck with the new projects!

  • Pramod

    Amazing !
    Many other bloggers would be jealous of you for sure ! Best of luck Pat , you have worked hard and you deserved this !


  • Dan

    Rock on Pat great post and inspiring progress. Everyone doing something important has haterz…. keep rockin’

  • Shawn Manaher

    The most impressive thing about this is NOT the money.

    In my mind, it is the humbleness and attitude of appreciation you express in building your business. That is really the biggest lesson anyone can learn… go with humility and the “wealth” will follow.

    Congrats man!

  • Napoleon

    Thank you very much Pat for updating us always on what’s happening to your blog and your business. You really keep me inspired every single day. More blessing.

  • David

    Congrats Pay…awesome awesome awesome

  • irfanali

    Must say,this is really impressive earnings report and quite inspiring for new bloggers like me.
    Wish you a good luck.

  • Jay Samson

    Holy moley, you totally destroyed your previous month! Good job!

  • Molly Mahoney

    Loving it!

    I didn’t even realize there was all of that negative junk being written on the Breakthrough Blogging post! I was too busy thanking my lucky stars for the fact that I had paid to be a member. If for nothing else, the forums have been so super helpful. Can’t thank you enough!

    Also – I honestly had a different worry about the bundle thing. I wasn’t interested in the other products, although I thought I might use them some day. But what worried me is that I wanted you to get all of the mula. I am so grateful for all that you have shared/continue to share that I was really happy to have a way to purchase something straight from you. I kept worrying that you wouldn’t be making enough for the awesomeness that is Breakthrough Blogging. I’m glad to see you did well on it this month and I hope you continue to earn more when you open it again.

    Congrats on a great month – totally deserved!!

  • Crystal

    Wow Pat – what a post! Kudos to you for being able to put together such a great post with everything else that you do and having small kids! I have one job and one kid and can barely stay awake at night plugging away on my little web project I started. It was you that inspired me and I did go back to your site specifically for Bluehost and used your link!! I love them – I know recommend them too myself as I’ve had nothing but the best service from them myself! Thanks for the great info as always and I can’t wait to see the food truck site!

  • Tanshir

    Hi Pat, you deserve this success and I am always happy to read your success story post specially income report. Last, two years I’m following you and learn a lot of things which give me confidence to go forward. Thanks for your incredible help !!!

  • Carlo

    Hi Pat, I’m a “silent” reader of SPI but I skip your monthly income reports… except this one. This post contains a lot of juicy lessons that are too good to pass.

    More power to you! Cheers!

  • Michael Bely

    Surely, Pat does incredible work and inspires others not just by revealing his increasing income reports. I guess, his transparency, apart from other effects, has a self-stimulating impact on Pat. He needs to keep up with his results. All the best to Pat!

  • Ashish

    These are really incredible figures… Your earning makes me believe that it’s possible.. You deserve it pat because you have put up a lot of handwork to achieve this. You always inspire me to work very hard.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  • Daniel Law

    Grats on the massive earnings Pat! Very inspiration stuff.

  • Omoscowonder

    wonderful share here, i really appreciate it, Wow, this income report really is wonderful.

    Kudos Pat.
    you’re a motivation


    All the best Pat and great to read this article this morning before just getting ready to head out to work with my partner. It’s amazing to see how you have grew your passionate blog into such massive income source for your life and help everyone out there reading this blog.
    Thanks for sharing the importance of e resource page. As my personal online business blog started to get over 650 unique visitors a day I think having a resource page would greatly benefit. I will be studying how you have structured your page and see best I could do a helpful resources page for the visitors.

    It’s been a great pleasure to read SMI weekly and learn lot of new ideas every time. Btw have to tell that we loved reading your book and I’m in the count of people who bought the book though Amazon. That inspired me to publish a couple of ebooks on Amazon Kindle during the last couple of weeks. If anyone interest they can see the eBooks listed on FERNANDO BIZ blog.

  • Brigit | Biddy Tarot

    WOW! You are being blessed for all the great work you do.

    Own it, Pat.

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    Good work mate! An epic post for an epic month. Outstanding. You deserve it :)

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    Amazing accomplishment Pat, congratulations! You deserve it, and you earned it. =) From what I read from the comments so far, the SPI community totally has your back and wants to see you succeed. Supporting you all the way!

  • Andy


    This is the most humble and sincere post I’ve ever read…

    Thank you


  • Derek @


    HOLY COW!!! You are amazing – congratulations on the stunning earnings. This really in incredible. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve Eason


    My one comment and response to this update is this. Inspite of all that you have accomplished and continue to do, the one thing I appreciate and respect more than anything else is your humbleness. You currently are making almost as much in one month as I make all year, yet you don’t flaunt it, you don’t brag or rub it in. Instead, you reinvest that money into making your site better, branching out into new areas, creating new products to help more people and continuing to be a fantastic husband and father.

    Thanks for all you do and keep it up.

  • Felix

    Great work pat. I’ve been following you for over a year now and the results have bene amazing ever since. Keep it up bro.

  • Melissa Wilson

    Wow, congratulations, Pat! You deserve it with all of the value that you provide to your audience. I think your blogging course is a great idea and you shouldn’t feel bad about having a paid product like that. Like you say, if it’s not right for someone then they don’t have to buy it. I think it’s obvious that you’re going to continue to provide great content for free and be there to answer our questions even if you offer a paid service. I’m not taking the course but I’m sure it’s a great value to anyone who is. I hope you continue to have success with it in the future and with any other paid services you may offer.

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    Great Going Pat and SPI Team ! This is very inspiring for young bloggers. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. Love to read more updates.

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    You’re gonna have to change your name tag graphic to say “No, I’m not a billionaire…”


  • Guri

    God Bless You Pat.

  • Andrew Hartley

    Your last 3 points on this post actually made me tear up…

    As a flight instructor (which is also related to my niche), being wrong can kill you, literally. However, there is a difference between being “wrong” and being “disagreed with.”

    Reading this post, and those last few points especially, reminded me that I wouldn’t be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a flight instructor in the first place if I didn’t know my stuff. I wouldn’t have students (who trust me to keep them safe and train them to keep themselves safe) if I didn’t know my stuff. And I wouldn’t have more than 500 flight hours under my belt, accident and incident free if I didn’t know my stuff.

    So just because other pilots or instructors may not agree with me 100% doesn’t mean that I’m not right. Or at least mostly right. And it also doesn’t mean that I can’t learn to improve from the others who disagree, whether they do it nicely or aggressively.

    As always, thanks for what you do. You deserve all the praise and value you get for and from all of your sites – I hope to be as successful and honest and open and humble as you (and if I get only halfway there, I will still be beyond ecstatic and honored and proud). You are a hero – to me and, obviously, to others as well.


  • Rodney

    Absolutely amazing Pat! You are my hero in many ways and you give me lots of inspiration and reasons to continue on going…

  • Tina

    First of all Pat good luck on your marathon! Can’t wait to see pics. Your report was awesome and very helpful! It was also so inspiring. I do have one question, how do you or did you rally your wife. I know you say she supports you but did she really just have blind faith or is there something more. I would like to get the solid support of my spouse. He says he supports me but I can tell there is doubt.
    Thanks, good luck on your marathon!!

  • Jason Love

    Thanks for another inspirational income report. It means a lot to people like me that hope to one day make a living with online businesses.

  • Amidala

    Hi Pat,
    Congratulations and thanks for your great work.
    Charging for great work is ok.
    And worrying about affiliates or search engines that could disappear one day is normal.
    I think this “new behavior” is also caused by the fact that you are responsible for two kids and a young family.
    That’s the “next level” in your private life. Less risk – more safety.
    Don’t apologize for these facts and stay “awesome” :-)

  • Michael Belk

    This is really awesome for you to report your earnings in this way. I guess you are a lot like a publicly traded company in this respect.

    Most bloggers do not go into this depth with their reporting. It is obvious that you are doing many things right and it is aspiration for the rest of us.

    Thanks Pat

  • Clark

    Every time your Income report give us lot of Inspiration to go succeed. Every month We waiting for income report and Ideas.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Pat never ceases to amaze me with his income reports. If you are looking for a guy with integrity from which to learn the craft of blogging, Pat is definitely the one to watch.

  • Smart Children

    Hi Pat,

    Congrats on your big earnings! Wow! So when do you intend to officially declare you are a millionaire? Make it one of the fastest self made online millionaire!


    • Ryan

      I’ve wondered the same thing, since the “Hello, my name is…” image still says he is not. I bet that will change with the web design he about to launch :)

      • Pat Flynn

        All I can say is, taxes are fun.

        • Russ

          Coming from a CPA… I’d say it’s time to get out of CA and move to a state without income tax! How does Washington, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota or Alaska sound? Congrats on the huge month!

        • Richard

          Russ makes a good point about state income taxes. Add in a lot of the other hidden taxes and there is a high premium for living in CA. (San Diego is very nice, though.)

          We’d love to have you in Florida. :)

        • Crystal

          We’d welcome you to Texas! :-) I feel your tax pain on a smaller scale. I am dumfounded that working for myself means that we went from $75k a year to $120k a year, but our net only increased from $60k to $90k. Still grateful, just astounded. Good luck come April!

  • Traci-Work at home job journal

    Pat Another great month for you! congrats on your new product and the earnings.

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    Pat, congrats on the most extensive earnings report I´ve read so far form you (it´s more than earning).
    Secondly, of course cudos for the 100K mark, it was just a question of time and lastly, can´t waite to see where the NSD2 will lead to. Indeed Google is making things harder for the regular guy adn we need to plan beyond and outside Google, although it´s not easier either since that path is foreign ground too.

    Btw, Pat or anyone saw the new “in-depth articles” SEPRS? Just type in i.e.,
    watergate, and see what shows up on page 1 of google, maybe the pillar content concept is not all lost.
    Anyhow, keep the love Pat, I, we do learn a lot the way you present it!

  • Matt

    Amazing results. Congratulations!!

  • Valarie

    Awesome results. This is amazing and inspiring. I’ve been an SPI reader/listener for about a year or so now and it’s just amazing to watch all of this transpire.

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    I see me! I see me! Wow now I can say I have been on patt flynn’s blog. Hehe. The business breakthrough truly was as a superbly awesome day- I loved that the group was kept somewhat small so it wasn’t too overwhelming, and I loved all the PRE-seminar stuff- the community blog they set up, the fb group, etc- all very exciting and helped keep me motivated to continuing working on my own stuff and also wanting to help others get started etc.

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    Pat – Nice payout! You reap what you sow.

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    Great work! You are killing it and working hard for those people who matter most…your family. Anyone who doesn’t understand that isn’t your customer or target audience. Keep up the great work and thank you.

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  • Mike

    Hi Pat,

    I wanted to ask about your Amazon affiliate earnings from your June 2013 report, but looks like comments are closed. In that month you earned $4,507.40, but most other month’s Amazon affiliate earnings range from just ~$250 to $600. What accounted for that spike in June?

    Congrats on the six-figure month, btw!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks for pointing that out Mike – that’s actually a mis-typing. $4,507 from Amazon would be a huge amount of sales! Gonna correct that as soon as I get back in front of a computer. (on the iphone)

  • Verde

    How U guys Set up your Work ? Maybe for One Day List or something like These in month,I Really Inspired but the Fact inside the work must be Smart, Focus & Hard Work too.

    I Was thinking your mind Overloaded :)

    *comment moderating

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    Pat, Every month, I always look at your blogging income statement, and in this post I was surprised to see your achievement, congratulations!

  • mslaura

    That is truly amazing Pat, I have only been following you for a couple of months now and I can’t stop reading. I do so much reading that I don’t find time to start implementing this knowledge. I am so happy for you and your success. It is nice to see someone and actually feel comfortable that someone in this industry is sincerely trying to share and help other learn how to get into this internet/affiliate marketing industry. There are so many scams out there and people who are just trying to get your money and not keep you current and what’s relevant today and you get frustrated and just don’t do anything. Thanks for Smart Passive Income and all the blogs with such great information and inspiring stories. Can’t wait for the new niche site #2.

  • mslaura

    I so enjoy learning all about the industry through all your blogging and videos that I am not actually focusing on starting my own site, LOL (I can’t stop reading/learning) which is my immediate goal. I am new to the affiliate and blogging industry and want to put a site together and get my feet wet. I just need to start, LOL. I am really learning a lot though. Thank you again.

  • Donald Gonzalez

    Pat, I need your help. How do you deal with family that does not agree with your dreams, that believe its too much of a risk. I want to invest $4,000 in starting my ownsite and podcast but it’s so hard to convince people who are so used to the old fashioned way of working. How do you rise above it. How do you get the support from your significant other?

    • Pat Flynn

      Donald, this is such an important question, I asked it to the SPI community on my Facebook Page to get as many answers for you as possible, and you can see what seems to be the more popular approaches and/or the ones that seem to resonate with you and your particular situation:

    • Jerry

      I think there is only one way to do this if you want to keep your family together. You need to show and prove that you can do this. That means small steps, minimum expenses and be fully transparent with successes and failures. I think 4000.00 dollars is bit high if you don’t have proven track record. Personally even if I had my family behind me I won’t want to commit 4000.00 right from the start.
      I would do this. Create blog or site. Buy USB Mic and create podcasts for few months on regular schedule. Learn and improve. Try to earn some money, reinvest back in your business. Then think about spending 4000.00.

  • Abay

    congratulations! You always inspire me every month.

  • Heidi Bender

    I probably missed this somwhere but who is Pat dueling in NSD 2.0?

    • Melissa

      Himself! Bwahahahaha! Seriously, if I remember correctly, Heidi, Pat was not actually challenged by anyone, just decided to do this on his own.

    • Pat Flynn

      I’m dueling myself. But also we’re all kind of in this together, challenging each other, sort of unofficially. Check out :)

  • Alex

    Six figures in a month… truly amazing and inspiring earnings. Congratulations Pat!

  • Bunner Malinda

    Ok! What do you say to a 6-figure monthly income! Congratulations I guess and I hope to be able to give value like you are doing here! You are getting the reward of your hard work.

  • Ryan

    Pat, do you do any updates to your iPhone apps monthly? are you still making more? or is this all residual income each month from the same bunch of apps you made a long time ago?

  • Melissa

    This is the first time I read the entire income report and SKIPPED OVER the income part. Seriously. That is a first for me. It shows how engaging your writing is, and how important the message is, not just the numbers. Thanks, Pat. You are my hero.

  • Sharafat

    Sensational work Pat! you are the one who actually got me inspired enough to get started with trying out the passive income…although I am totally new in this area but I have got my own blog started finally.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing numbers. And your explanation on how the total thing works is a big help for newbies like us.


  • Jon Watkins

    Great Results Pat!

    As a long-time follower it’s been incredible to see the growth. I fully understand the diversification and reasoning behind the BtB.

    But… My concern is for NSD 2.0. By the sound of it, you are going “large” with this. It’s going to be a multimedia extravaganza and big launch. All well and good, but it’s losing the “common touch”. Many of us out here want to see something we can replicate in the cracks in our schedules – we don’t have a team or the wealth of experience. NSD 1.0 could be implemented easily by the solopreneneur and we could identify with it. I fear NSD 2 is going to lose that identity and move away from the sentiment “I could do that”. You know it’s going to give us all ready made excuses to not try!!!

    I understand the pressure you’re under to do a good job on it, and I will still be intrigued to see what’s possible.

    Just a thought…


    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks for the honest comment and your concern Jon. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ll be addressing this in my next NSD2.0 update, which will be going live later today. Thanks again!

  • Adam Finan

    A seriously good month online Pat, well done. There is so much diversity in your income which is a really good idea. If one falls apart you will still survive!

  • Chris Heffer

    This is amazing, you are a true inspiration to us all. Can you lend me a couple of bucks 😉

  • Travis Davison

    Why no earnings reported for Let Go ebook?

  • Alex Popescu

    100.000 $ per month that’s awesome. This is one of my dreams,to make so much money from the internet. Thank you,Pat for inspiring posts

    • Keven Keven

      I know they were all coming out of love for the SPI brand, so the thought of deleting them never came across my mind….
      blog commenting ninja

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    Congrats on a wonderful month, I really am impressed month after month. Hoping to see more of your products out there!!

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    WOW! That is impressive! You are making alot of money and hopefully you will carry on making more money.

  • David

    Hi Pat

    First of all: congratulations for those awesome results. Ramarkable, truely. Even more so because this is all based not only on hard ‘work’, but on a passion. What more can one ask from live in terms of ‘doing something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again’ (Confucius).

    One thing I don’t get, though:

    You have created a tremendous amount of value to many people with the Green Academy ebook and, as a result, have made thousands of USD in truely passive income. It strikes me that you don’t do the same on SPI, even more so since you seem to be worried about relying too much on 3rd party affiliate revenue at this time. I am sure that an ebook on SPI would also be something that offers huge value to your readers and will also be a ‘killer’ in terms of sales (= revenue as a logical consequence, not as a motive).

    I am sure you have your reasons and it would be great to pick your brain about that, if you find time to explain here.

    Best regards form Greece,

  • Mike

    You are really making a remarkable earning online through various channels. I think you truely deserves all these mind blowing figures because all your figures are genuine without of any cheat or mislead. Congrats buddy. Keep on increasing month after month

  • Martine

    Amazing, Pat. I think it is so awesome that you are so transparent with your readers. I truly believe that the more a person gives of themselves, the more the universe sends their way. That would explain your success. Looking forward to your webinar tonight!

  • Ali Mese

    I’have just been looking over your Feb&Mar income and looking at last month, I have to say I’m impressed with your income stream. Nevertheless, it is great you can still keep your focus and take your learning on those who are pleased. Keep up the good work!

  • Ron

    Its always great visiting here and getting inspired from Pat’s earnings reports. The one thing that jumps out at me, is the amount of content on this site. Its simply overwhelming, but in a good way. I’ve personally experienced a 1000.00 in a month online, so I know that’s its possible to to duplicate this and reach 100,000.00. That’s what’s so exciting about this online economy. It is so real, and is largely up to you whether you succeed or fail.

  • Bashoo Zmmarraii

    Hey mate thats interesting you made alot from your new venture !

    Great to hear that 😀

  • Elizabeth

    That is absolutely amazing! I have to applaud you for your transparency. It is so refreshing to see all the numbers broken down. It can really help people see income potential for their own business ventures. I have to say that I’m truly inspired. I currently run my own web development consulting business and haven’t had time to grow my online presence like I should, but I think I just got some serious motivation to move forward. Thanks for sharing so much!

  • Paul Healey

    Hi Pat, congratulations on the launch of your new product, there is no doubt that owning your own info products is the way ahead in terms of security and earning potential. Working on my own right now, and taking inspiration from your success. Keep up the great work, we appreciate you.

  • john

    and you are all apple fan boys LOL.

  • Darren

    Pat I love the transparency of your income posts. And also goes to show how powerful a strategic launch can be, when you have authority in your chosen niche — well done man!

    I’ve only recently started following you thanks to seeing many big names recommend your stuff.

    So true when you say “You have to grow a thick skin.” – Once I was able to shut out the negativity, the positive vibes began to flow and success comes when you are giving value in spite of the haters :)

    Keep it up — great job on your biggest month!

    You’ll be looking back a year from now when this is your smallest.

  • Rina

    earnings of affiliates in bluehost very much. it turned out very profitable affiliate web hosting as well when engaged seriously
    nice share, your success might inspire us

  • Michal

    I start to really follow you (I’m in your FB first book fro a couple of months). Pat, I think you’re making the biggest mistake of your life with this paid course. You were different from the rest of internet marketers and now you joined them, and their side IS dark. You’ve created something extraordinary with SIP and now it’s slowly drifting to the direction of rest of the world. Your uniquness is dimnished.
    What I see in your explanations is fear not the drive to help your audience. You are irrationally afraid that the business model which worked for you for long years will crash. Why? You want more control over YOUR business. That’s not equal to the care for your audience, is it? Paid “help” is in abundance everywhere else. Free support is something we were given almost exclusively from you.
    I could write on the subject for hours. If you are interested in my opinion, let me know, I can send you a mail or put a 2000 words comment here.
    If you are not interested, well, you made me think very deep, I’m going to write about it anyway – on my blog or in my book about internet marketing which I’m going to publish on Kindle within several months.

  • Janice

    I just love how open you are about the money you make. I have a questions for you. What’s wrong with making your money showing others how to make money? There are many people that need the information. Just wondering. I am new to your blog, someone mentioned you on the Warrior Forum and I am truly thankful they did. I wish you continued success and blessings from God. Thanks for sharing.

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    keep the spirit Pat :)

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    Incredible month. I only hope to achieve the same as this as time goes on. I’m only 17 though so guess I have plenty of time.

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    Hi Pat, New reader here. I am glad my friend recommended me your blog. This is by far the best motivational post I have ever read. Thank you for the great blog.

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    Keep up the good work.
    I hope to become equally good at making money online!

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    Way to go Pat. You killed it this month

  • Jadah Sellner

    This was so inspiring. I especially loved the mastermind piece. I signed up for your mastermind in January, and my good friend and I have co-facilitated 3-month mamapreneur masterminds with a group of moms. But your podcast inspired us to lead a one-day mastermind with business minded moms too. We’ll be doing one on November 2, 2013! We will be leading an intimate one-day event of jamming with mom’s on their big ideas, sharing our juicy business secrets (we’ve both built six-figure businesses in a year), and a day of connecting with other like-minded mamas balancing work + life at Bloom Retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area. If any mom’s are interested, check out more details here:

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    Thank you for all your work and keep up the good work.

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  • Interview Questions & Answers

    Out of curiosity what is your commission structure with blue host.

  • Pauline

    I think your site is great, however, I find myself wanting to ‘just get to the point’ – for me your posts are a little too long to keep my attention. Just a little bit of constructive criticism. Definitely not waning to offend at all. I do thank you though. What I have read has been most helpful for the aspiring online entrepreneur (that I am) 😉

    Thanks again.

  • santhoshhh yuvan

    Really Nice post. I dont know when i get earnings like this for my website..

    • Anam

      This is sad because I used a landing page since day 1 to better engage my audience and encourage new visitors to like my page and become a fan.

    • David John pk


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    very inspiration to me

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    such a motivation for a newbie like me who is getting started…. learning from your experience will certainly help me and other like me to make our blogs more informative and also to make money from it…

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    I always refer to your income reports when I’m feeling down and discouraged. It’s such an uplifting and motivational experience … Thank you for taking the time to create them!

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  • David John pk

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