SPI 065: Go Mobile or Get Left Behind with Greg Hickman of MobileMixed.com

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I interview mobile marketing expert Greg Hickman of MobileMixed.com. We talk about everything that we as bloggers, online business owners and entrepreneurs need to know about our growing mobile audience and how to better serve them to get better results.

Beyond sharing exactly why mobile is so vital to our online businesses, he also gives us a ton of actionable tips and how-to strategies that we can implement right now to better utilize (and also grow!) our mobile audience.

Even though Greg and I have only recently met, he and I have become extremely good friends ever since we hung out together at New Media Expo in Las Vegas this past January. Besides being extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic about mobile marketing, he’s probably one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I connected with him so well because like me, he really wants to help other people succeed.

He also likes to rap battle me on Twitter from time to time.

Greg has been a mobile marketer since 2005—this was a couple of years before the iPhone was introduced, just to give you some perspective. He worked with the New York Jets, the Florida Marlins and a handful of other teams. He’s also done some consulting on using mobile technology for small to medium-sized businesses.

Now, Greg is here to help us.

When you really think about it, by not being ready for a mobile audience you are actually doing a huge portion of your audience a big disservice. Often times, the first experience people will have with your brand will be through a smartphone or tablet device. If you don’t cater to them, there’s almost a 50% chance that these potential readers, subscribers and customers will leave and never come back.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • What “going mobile” in your business actually means and why it’s so confusing to a lot of people.
  • Why mobile marketing is the most personal form of marketing today.
  • How podcasting and video play a role in mobile marketing.
  • The number of people who have visited SmartPassiveIncome.com via mobile in the last 30 days and a surprising finding about their visits.
  • The idea behind responsive design and how to make it happen on your own site.
  • How to cater to “fat thumbs”, like mine.
  • The impact of mobile on local search and how that benefits local businesses.
  • The percentage of people that connect to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube via mobile and how that impacts the visitors to your website.
  • The number one thing you should do as a blogger or online business owner to “go mobile.”
  • The hierarchy of mobile needs.
  • Why “pinching and zooming” does not count as being mobile friendly.
  • How to convert people to your email list using mobile.
  • Greg’s thoughts on the WP-Touch WordPress plugin.
  • The incredible impact of mobile on email marketing and tips for getting people to read and click the links in your email on their mobile devices.
  • How to use text messaging to continue the experience your audience has with you after a podcast episode or presentation.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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Cheers! :)


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  • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

    Pat my man! It was so awesome joining you on the show.

    As you know I’m a big fan and for all you SPI Flynnatics out there…Pat is a big reason I even started Mobile Mixed in the first place and I hope I can help each and every one of you better understand how mobile impacts you and your business.

    Let me know how I can help!


    • http://treatmentstogetpregnant.blogspot.com/2013/05/tips-on-skin-care-during-pregnancy.html Angelica

      Growing the business world and in the tight competition, always in need of new ways to be successful. and one mobile site.

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Another awesome Podcast Pat. I think this podcast is just in time as mobile marketing gets bigger and becoming popular source of internet information as most of the individuals have their smartphones connected to internet. And for us to be able to enjoy the benefit of it of the mobile traffic we should be more wary of using responsive themes that catches more attention of our target markets.

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      I’m glad you enjoyed Arwin! Your customers experience on your mobile site (whether it’s responsive or a separate mobile site) is based on Access, Interaction, Performance and Enhancement. Give them what they are looking for as fast as possible. :)

      • http://mobilesitech.blogspot.com/ Bon Binku

        It seems sekarnag shall have a mobile site to win the increasingly fierce competition in the world of business.

  • http://hiremehighered.com Adam – HireMeHigherEd

    It’s interesting how physical considerations (fat thumbs, sunlight, weather, signal strength, screen size, etc.) come into play in the mobile platform. The “online” world is becoming increasingly melded together with the “offline” world. I’m anxious to see where we will be in another decade. Enjoyed the podcast!

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Adam, physical considerations are super important. Mobile is basically our on demand connection to getting all the info we’re looking for. The web is not going mobile, it IS mobile. :)

  • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

    Great Podcast (as is the Norm). My site is very new and am still working out the kinks of the desktop version, but once I get through that and build out the site a bit, I really want to hit the ground running on making my site more mobile friendly.

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Hey Greg. First of all, awesome name!

      Second, I urge you to not leave it as an afterthought especially if you’re working with a responsive design for your current site.

      Depending on your business you may already be experiencing 10-20% of traffic from mobile so if you can address the site with a device agnostic approach you’ll be in a much better place.

      Best of luck and let me know if you have questions.

  • http://www.searchandperch.com Benji Walklet

    Awesome timing for this podcast episode, Pat…can’t wait to listen!

    Not trying to do shameless promotion for myself or anything, but I wrote a post yesterday on how to create a responsive website with responsive Adsense ads. Think it might be helpful to this audience.

    This is something I had been struggling to figure out for about half a year…so if anyone is interested in having ads and a user-friendly mobile site, check it out:


    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Benji, I look forward to reading your post. Looks like you’re using the MD2 theme for your site right? On thesis?

      • http://www.searchandperch.com Benji Walklet

        Yeah using MD2 with Thesis. Alex from Kolakube makes the best Thesis themes in my humble opinion.

        Also using a plugin for responsive Adsense ads. It’s still a very new plugin but works great in comparison to the clunky manual JS I was putting on the site a few months back!

  • http://www.incometreatment.com Hasan

    I’ll listen it tomorrow, but I think I can say that this podcust is greater then ever! Because I need to know about mobile SEO :)

    Thanks PAT and Greg

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Enjoy Hasan! Let me know if you have questions!

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine


    Congrats on being interviewed by Pat. I’ve been following your show for a while. Nice work!

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Thanks Mike! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for all of your support!

  • http://www.zzzprofits.com/ Moe

    That was a great guest podcast with Gregg. Really gave me a lot to think about with my websites. Since I don’t personally use a mobile device, I forget the importance of mobile friendly on the internet.

    I am definitely going to think more about mobile for my existing as well as future projects.

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Glad we got you thinking, Moe! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • http://credibleresearchsources.com Jimmy Stuart


    Huge fan of Pat’s and now basically a fan of yours before even visiting your site.


    You’ve really been making the rounds! Heard you on IBM and I THINK Entrepreneur on Fire (or was it Foolish Adventure? Sorry I’m actually not sure, but a second place :P) and you have convinced me mobile is more important than I thought. It’s not that I didn’t think it was, but I think all of us kind of say to ourselves “No one is coming to MY site through mobile.” Well, tell my Google Analytics account that :P.

    Good thing your around! Time to dive into your site…

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Thanks Jimmmyyyyy!!!! You are da man!

      John at EOFire.com has mentioned me a time or two but not a guest…yet! :)

      Mobile is not just a nice to have. It’s a must have moving forward! Let me know how I can help.

      • http://credibleresearchsources.com Jimmy

        I’ll tell Mr. Dumas to get on that! He’s missing out!

        You’re right, its an absolute must. I started my site in April and between that and the fact that my site serves college students working on research papers, which usually takes place at a desktop, I expected NO mobile visits in the first few months…

        As I said above, I sure got ’em. And you are definitely a pro — almost exactly 10%, as you suggest is likely for new sites. Also, so cool that you respond to everyone’s comments — what a gent! As far as helping, I’d ask questions, but what exactly haven’t you covered?? 😛

  • http://blogboldly.com/starting-an-online-business/ Darlene

    Wow.. how timely! Mobile is next on my list because the trend is definitely going in that direction. Plus my son has been trying to get me to do it for about a year. :)

    And I’m SO glad you brought up the “responsive design”.. I absolutely would not do a site today without that feature.. and I recommend it to all my peeps. For me, it’s often the difference if I’ll stay on a site or not when I’m accessing with iPhone.

    Plus I’ve noticed more and more of my traffic visiting from mobile devices.

    ~ darlene

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Glad you enjoyed Darelene! I will say you don’t HAVE to use responsive design to offer a mobile-friendly experience to your audience but it is one way and a great way for content based businesses like blogs, podcasts, news sources etc.

      I believe local businesses should focus on separate mobile sites (i.e. not responsive) as the game is essentially different for them and I discussed the 6 options you have in order to build a mobile-friendly site on my podcast. mobilemixed.com/49

  • http://www.megiant.com shelia

    One of the most educational and insightful podcasts I’ve heard in a long time! I’ve avoided diving deep into mobile, but you guys changed my mind. I’ve been a Pat fan for a long time, but think i’ve just become at Greg fan as well :)


    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      And I’m a Shelia fan! thanks for the comment and glad you got a lot out of it.

      Let me know how I can help!


  • http://knowncoupons.com/ Damon

    Haven’t try mobile marketing yet,I think I can start from this blog post :)

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Damon, you totally can start! Take action buddy!

  • http://www.kentanphoto.com Ken Tan

    Such important aspect in business as mobile access is such a big part of our lives now. Thanks for sharing, Pat!

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com greg

      Glad you enjoyed Ken!

  • http://www.aloeverahq.com Aloe Vera Headquarters

    Its something I would be very interested in getting into! Thanks Pat Awesome as always, You Rock!!

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Glad you enjoyed! Let me know how I can help!

  • http://happy2013smswallpapers.blogspot.in/ Harry

    Another podcast and another great tips for growing your business. Simply loving Smartpassiveincom.
    Targeting Mobile phone user is now essential to grow and compete in online business, whether you sell something or provide valuable articles to read. Smartphones have disconnected users from system and brought them on mobile phones

    • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

      Spot on Harry. It’s no longer a nice to have. Your audience/customers are mobile. As business owners we need to be there to meet them.

  • Ryan Talbot

    Hey Pat and Greg! I just wanted to mention that WP TouchPro 3.0 is now out and it’s a paid version. I’m hearing a lot of great things about it and I just heard a podcast where the developer was interviewed talking about how responsive design is not all that great. Responsive still takes your entire site and shifts it around making your website slow to load on mobile but what the new WP Touch is claiming to do is take your site and put it into a new “theme” and optimize your site for content leaving out and disregarding website bloat. IF this is true and works and has some manual tweaking that can be done with the plugin then this sounds like the best solution to me. Great episode as always. Plus i just added Mobile Mixed to my long podcast playlist

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    Great Interview! Good job, Greg and Pat.

    I actually have been thinking about this topic for a long time. I definitely noticed how mobile devices are changing people’s lives including me. Whoever mastering the mobile devices are going to dominant the market for sure.

    The shift from PCs to tablets and cell phones are happening everyday. I think now the only thing matters now is when a device with folded screen comes to the market. As long as the size of a screen is not a problem anymore, this market will skyrocket further. (Image if an iPhone 5 has a folded screen, it can provide a 8″ big display, which is instantly bigger than iPad mini).

    I plan to write articles in the coming few weeks about how smart phones changed my life. Hopefully it’s going to be interesting!

  • http://pcproductioninfo.wordpress.com Danny

    Awesome interview Pat, and Greg.
    Being from a web development background, I can safely agree that making your website to cater for mobile based users is extremely important.

  • http://informationfor.com/ AHRipon

    Great Podcast (as is the Norm). My site is very new and am still working out the kinks of the desktop version, but once I get through that and build out the site a bit, I really want to hit the ground running on making my site more mobile friendly.

    • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

      Hey now! Its not that hard to write your own comment! I see that you just copied and pasted mine from above…..Must have been a pretty good comment 😉

  • http://English-Tonight.com Janet

    Hello Pat and Greg Great! I had my site done about two months ago and it is optimized for people that access it on their phone. Though I have a low percentage of my readers accessing via mobile devices, this was a very insightful podcast and gave me some things to think about. Interesting thoughts about putting the call to action at the top of emails. I plan to try it soon. Thanks!

  • http://www.ClassyBlackGirl.com Sharelle D. Lowery

    I actually learned so much from this show, I stopped cooking and went into my office and started working because the topic was so incredibly relevant, Im going to listen to THIS show several times over!! Thanks Pat and Greg!!

  • http://pokeflirt.com Michael Vera

    My own website http://pokeflirt.com is mobile optimized and it’s super sleek. I’m a high school blogger, and I mainly write about YouTube. So I know kids my age don’t have patience for ugly websites.

    You can check out OrganizedThemes too, they make some great mobile themes. I wanted my theme to be photo-centric, since people on their phones like video and images. Or that’s just me personally anyway.

  • http://anzreviews.com/viral-optins-wilco-de-kreij-reviews-and-bonus/ Steve Ho

    Very good post. I stumbled across your blog, hope said, I really love surfing around your blog posts.

  • http://www.stephaniechung.net Stephanie

    I saw on your personal website that you’re using Genesis as your framework (sorry, I snooped around your source a little). How are you liking that compared to Thesis? I like your design!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Stephanie! To be honest I had a team put it together for me, which was really nice, and I played around a little bit with the framework, it’s not however it’s hard to compare the two since Thesis and Genesis are being used for different purposes. I like both I guess is what I’ll say for now! 😛

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine

    Loved today’s episode, guys.

    One of my last thoughts when putting together my content is how it will be displayed on mobile, but I know that this is a big mistake.

    I just opened up my website on my iPhone and I immediately noticed a HUGE mistake. I am currently using Optin Skin, which Pat recommends, but for some reason it was messing up my mobile view…fixed!


  • http://www.findingmicroniches.com/ Ryan

    Great podcast thanks, still digesting it. As someone who first went online in 1992 with a handheld Psion and a Compuserve account (anyone remember them?!) the whole concept of mobile marketing and mobile business is one close to my heart. I recently treated myself to a Samsung tablet, the intention is to run my whole online business from that and dump the laptop! Not quite there yet, need a decent HTML editor and a good keyword tool for any Android app developers reading this!


  • http://www.penduluminaction.com/blog Michael R. Drew

    Pat and Greg, great episode! I’ve been advocating the need for responsive design and the potential within mobile to my clients for a while now – this podcast is a great learning tool + resource. I’ll be sharing it around my team. Thanks for creating it.

    Michael R. Drew

  • http://BlogCastAsia.com/ Mariah Elizabeth Hu

    This post is very timely.
    Luckily I’m following you and your awesome content Pat.

    When I read this post yesterday, I was just about to interview Greg for my own show.
    I was wondering what questions to ask Greg.
    This podcast episode really gives me more idea of questions to ask him.

    Thank you Pat.
    Always love your work :)


  • http://www.strategicmarketingguy.com CJ @ StrategicMarketingGuy

    Another great guest and podcast, Pat…well done. Greg—you mentioned an awesome stat about the percentage of people who are on mobile, but not really on the go. I thought this was a great datapoint and I was wondering if you could point me to a source so I may cite it (I can’t find it). Side note, I don’t even want to think about what percentage of peoples’ mobile time is spent on the toilet, or not “on the go,” but when they “have to go.” Cheers gentlemen!

  • http://iPhonage.com joshua logan

    whenever i check my google analytics stats, always a lot of people from mobile are on it.

  • http://zachis.it Zachary Smith

    This is a great article!

  • http://ryanrhoten.com Ryan Rhoten

    Hey Pat – Great Podcast! As usual my head is spinning with great information. I wanted to point out one thing about Michael Hyatt’s theme GetNoticed!

    It is currently not yet ready for public consumption. It is in a beta phase with only a limited number of people selected to test it initially. I know this because I am a member of Michael’s Platform University where he posts monthly updates on the status. As you stated the theme is awesome. Very responsive no matter what device is used.

    Again, great podcast.

    • Pat Flynn

      Ahh, thank you Ryan for pointing that out – thank you! That’s a good sign – a small group of people using it now to provide feedback and make it even better before it goes live :)

      Thanks for the heads up Ryan!

  • http://www.penduluminaction.com/blog Kirsten Nelson

    Love the new intro! And great podcast. Our team has been looking for the best place to get started with getting mobile compatible. Very timely info! Excited to get started.

  • http://www.attractionmarketingdirect.com Stephen Malan

    Thanks for the timely post. Mobile has been on my to do list for a while and I just haven’t gotten good enough information to make sense out of it all. This post really helped and I should see better results from mobile.

    Thank you for sharing this

  • http://hcgchica.com Rayzel Lam

    This is a side point but Pat, you mentioned you get 300+ emails a day- how do you not reply to them and all still be a nice person? I’m at that point where I’m getting too many emails to reply to, and up to this point I’ve replied to every single one, but I need to get more work done and as my site’s rankings go up, it’s just beyond me- I’m trying to figure out how to remove myself from this situation somehow without appearing as if I don’t care….I feel stuck. These emails are things only I can really answer if they are going to be answered- how do you handle it? Do you just let people know you get tons of emails and can’t respond to every one?

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great podcast Pat, mobile is one area I’ve been really looking to get into. I think the tough part is integrating everything so it all works well together, such as mailing list , and landing pages. I should also mention I found a really good free responsive theme called the Best WordPress Theme by BloggingExperiment.com. So if anyone is looking to go the free route this could be a good solution.

  • http://www.2littledollzdeals.com Christine

    Great podcast, Pat. I really enjoyed listening, and was inspired, by both you and Greg! I’m a fairly new listener after hearing your name mentioned on Dan Miller’s podcast. Now, I’m a huge fan of yours!

    I’ve now implemented sms for my readers/viewers on both my blog and youtube channel! Thanks for sharing all of this great information!

  • http://tutorial.world.edu Rina

    more and more people access the Internet with mobile devices so that the blog and the site should have a special display that supports mobile devices
    thank you, very useful information

  • http://mygreatonlinebusiness.com Jan Koch

    Hi Pat,

    thank you for this interview and for sharing this detailed statistics about mobile usage. What about a podcast episode for measuring your website statistics?
    I think there are a lot people (including myself), that could improve their tracking a lot. You recently did a great interview with Neil Patel, that lead me to install CrazyEgg. Since I’m struggeling with a really high bounce rate (is my page that bad?) it gives me really valuable insights.

    Maybe you could show the process you’re using to track your site, evaluate the statistics and then take action based on that results?

    Best regards,

  • http://sbiporesult2013.blogspot.in/2013/05/SBI-PO-Result-2013-sbi.co.in.html Sbi PO Result 2013

    This is a great Article. We need to be smart enough to grow and capitalize our Business or else we can never win the Game of Thrones. Now even every fool is carrying a smartphone and thus we cannot ignore this audience at all.

  • Jimmy

    As always great post.I used to read your blog since 4 years.I learnt lot from you.Thank you so much for telling all your knowledge and work.