Crooked Arrows and Being Everywhere

Crooked Arrows PosterLast week, I experienced one of the most fulfilling moments of my life.

Let me explain…

In SPI Podcast Session #31 I shared that in early 2011, a Hollywood producer had found me though my podcast on iTunes.

He was interested in hiring me to help with the web and social media marketing campaign for a independent movie he was working on, Crooked Arrows, a family-friendly, feel good underdog sports movie (similar to Mighty Ducks, Bad News Bears and Hoosiers) in the setting of the fastest growing sport in the U.S. – lacrosse.

After learning more about the project, I fell in love with it and decided to take on the role as Director of Web and Social Media for the film.

Here I am on IMDB :)

I was also invited to be an extra too, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I knew that this was going to be a huge undertaking (it has been), but a unique one as well, especially considering this is an independent film with a budget that’s in the millions.

When I first came on, I realized very quickly that this was serious business, and to become an integral part of the team meant a lot to me, not only because I have always been interested in the movie industry and wanted to use this opportunity to learn about how it all works, but also to possibly provide something new to it and to help this particular project succeed.

Last week, I attended a pre-screening event here in San Diego and saw the movie for the very first time.

To see everything we’ve been working on finally come together was such an AMAZING feeling, and it was even better because those who were in the packed theater with me really enjoyed it too.

Things Are Just Heating Up!

The movie hits select theaters on May 18th and then goes nationwide on June 1st, so naturally with about a month left, the marketing efforts for the movie are now in full swing.

I just redesigned the Crooked Arrows website, the Facebook page is approaching 70,000 fans (up from 6,000 when I came on last year), an iPhone app I designed for the movie is now in beta, I’ve been designing assets such as landing pages and banner advertisements for several of our partner websites, we’ve already started to sell Group Sale tickets so people can fundraise for their teams or buy-out entire theaters, and I’ve been on a conference call at least 3 times a week.

It’s crazy – and it’s definitely not passive (although I have my VA doing a lot of the heavy work), but it’s a passion project I’m proud to be a part of. 

This is definitely an experience of a lifetime and I have the podcast to thank and the fact that all I’m doing is sharing my experiences through as many channels as possible – by Being Everywhere.

Already, a ton of new opportunities have been offered to me since working on this project, from working on other movies with even larger budgets, to an offer to possibly create an entire business around the idea of managing the web and social media properties for movies and other parts of the entertainment industry.

Nothing is set in stone, and don’t worry though, I’m not going anywhere!

If you end up watching the movie, awesome – if not, no worries – just know that if you hear a spot on the radio, see an ad on TV or even see it in the theater when you go to watch something else, that I was involved in the project and let that inspire you to get things done, put yourself out there and make things happen for you too.

Have a great weekend, and look out for Monday when I share a “unique” video that will help you get more traffic to your site. 😉


  • Paul

    Awesome Stuff Pat. I am in awe of all the different fires you got going on at one time. Great job.

  • Daniel Roach

    And THAT’S why you build your personal brand, folks, because that type of connection just doesn’t come about any other way :)

    That’s really a cool opportunity, Pat, I’ll keep an eye out for the film.


    • Paul

      Daniel you’re exactly right. I think the opportunities blogging brings( if done right) usually outweigh the monetary things associated with blogging.

  • Jon

    Wow – talk about “being everywhere”… your influence knows no bounds Pat! Nice work on this… looking forward to checking it out.

  • Arbel Arif

    Great Story… Good Luck.
    When you do good things and helping people, you will get a lot back from the world.

  • melvin

    hi pat! you must be so proud to see yourself on IMDB! Haha! Been reading your blog and I find it wonderful that you’re using your skills in MOVIES too! That’s a wow for me! :)))

  • Andrew Olson

    Wow, what an awesome experience! That’s really exciting. I worked on a few movies several years ago and it’s so fulfilling to watch it all come together.

    It’s amazing how many opportunities come your way when you get out there and provide real value to people, isn’t it? The Crooked Arrows website looks great, by the way :)

  • Gregory Ciotti

    Definitely an awesome creative endeavor Pat, you couldn’t be more true to the “Be Everywhere” strategy.

    So you’re getting into some web design too huh? Did you do the Crooked Arrows site from scratch?

    • Pat

      Hehe, yes – and it totally reminds me of trying to design solutions back in architecture school. I did the Crooked Arrows website totally from scratch with Photoshop, then Mike, my VA, took it from there :)

      • Stephen

        No offense, because I generally love your stuff, but your web design skills are severely lacking.

        The hover state on the navigation bar is really bad. In fact, the navigation bar is sized so that I have to scroll horizontally to see all the items in the menu and I’m on a fairly large monitor.

        Furthermore, pages like the videos page, are code so poorly that you can scroll both horizontally and vertically at the same time – it’s completely disorienting.

        The “about” page has one very wide column of content at the bottom of the page – each line has 20+ words in paragraph’s without enough line-height. It’s very difficult to read.

        It’s kind of a bummer that an otherwise smart guy is arrogant enough to think he could pull off a project like this – way to put your client’s needs first.

        • Pat

          Thanks for the honest feedback Stephen – I’ve gotten nothing but good feedback so far, and it did go through a rather long approval process within the team. What browser are you using if I may ask? Everything looks good on my end and everyone else I’ve tested this with and I’m on a small screen.

          I appreciate all the comments except your snarky comment at the end. I had respect for you until then.

        • Remco

          didn’t like the last comment neither….but on my side both the navigation bar, and the video page also seem not to be outlined good.

          I am using firefox 11.0

        • Stephen

          Ok. The last comment was snarky and I’ll gladly retract it. I’m using Firefox or chrome on a Mac – latest versions – and I see errors all over the site.

          To elaborate on my snarky comment and maybe explain it’s origin…it’s one thing for you to teach newbies to setup a quick WordPress site to start their niche marketing sites, but it’s something completely different to start selling yourself as a web designer.

          For one thing, you’re not a web designer…you are someone who can deploy a template or manage a VA to make some customizations to a template – that’s not web design.

          In the case of this project you provided (sold) a service you’re not qualified to offer. If you we’re, the site would not have so many easy-to-avoid design and coding errors. To me, this diminishes your credibility a bit because you recommended a solution that probably was not the best solution for your client.

          Perhaps your client did not have an appropriate budget for the website and your only option was to do it yourself. If so, that’s fine, but by marketing (promoting) yourself as the website designer for this project you diminish the value of the services provided by real web design professionals who have worked hard to perfect their craft.

          Finally, your client might not know better and thinks th site looks good to them and your “celebrity” status here makes it a lot less likely for someone to provide critical feedback.

          Snarkiness aside, i do think that you made a decision with this client that led to an inferior end product. I won’t say arrogance again, but hopefully you see where I am coming from.

          Let me say it like this…

          I’m not an architect – If my friend wants to build an addition on their house, should I offer to draw up the plans because my last home improvement project went well or should I refer them to a qualified professional?

          Wrapping up…

          In this case, your job was to make good recommendations for your client to help them market the movie online – my comment was really just saying that I don’t think you made the best recommendation for your client.

        • Pat

          Stephen…I wasn’t hired as the web designer, and never marketed myself as one. I was hired to do so much more than that, the website just a small chunk of it, and yes it can be better and it’s being improved on as we speak – the decision to put it up now was an internal one even though we knew it wasn’t perfect – it does what it needs to do at this point in time in our marketing efforts. The website is not the end product, the movie is, and we promote the Facebook page as the main hub for the film, not the website. It was debuted last week and so of course there will always be improvements that could be made. Even SPI has a lot of things that still need some work, but for the brand it does what it needs to do.

          Again, like I said, I appreciated the constructive criticism, hated your approach, and know that I’ve done more for the movie than anyone else could have with the limited budget. Funny how you find one thing that doesn’t work for you and drill me for that, but don’t talk about anything else. Anyways – I wish you all the best.

        • TomL

          I think at this point in the game you will start having people like this throw nothing but criticism at you. That’s the easiest thing to do after all… without doing any work themselves.

          Have been in the music industry for some time and have my own group of those types of folks.

          The way I see it… I don’t care if you’re talking good or bad about me… just keep talking… lol



        • Lourdes Welhaven

          Pat I’ve seen you handle so much with grace and professionalism. You are really amazing at handling those people that seem to have nothing better to do than to hate on others.

          I think it’s alll amazing…truly. I think you are amazing and I thank you for all you have unknowlingly done for me…for all of us. Not the least of which is setting a good example when encountering “the haters”

          Dealing with difficult people is hard for me and for most people. You always take the high road and I learn so much from you. Thank you for continuing to teach us that lesson too.

          Finally, I think the website is awesome on so many levels, not the least of which is, it makes me want to see the movie, and that’s the point of it all isn’t it?

          Thanks, Pat and congratulations!

        • http://noneyet Moses Kerub

          Oh I havn’t seen that comment of yours before commenting to Stephen myself.
          but I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said.
          Criticism is great, hell… People are paying for it! but the intention should be improvment, and not bashing.

          For what it’s worth, while already being in my top reading, and honest people lists, you have just made one step further.
          Great reading as always Pat! hope to get in touch with you sometime


        • Michelle

          Pat, with over 110,000 fans on facebook I would be pretty happy with myself if I was you. Even if the design isn’t awesome, who cares, the promo is still getting the attention it deserves. Many top internet marketers have made a fortune selling products on ugly sites. If the message is being received, and it is, then the job is done. The most important components are visible. Most of us, your fans, would love to be given such an opportunity, so congrats!

        • Alberto

          The website is 1455 pixels wide, if the resolution is less than that then an horizontal scroll-bar will show at the bottom. This resolution is not what most users have. My monitor is set at 1440×900 and I see a scroll-bar at bottom with both IE and FF.

          The main information area in Homepage is about 1300 pixels (between the player and the coach).

          I think a better approach will be to have the main information area to about 1200 pixels and not have the background forced (the page centered), so people with 1280 pixel (or higher) resolution will not see the horizontal scroll-bar.

        • Gail Monroe

          Because this comment was written on Friday the 13th, I would hope it is just a joke.

          Great job, Pat!

        • Gail Monroe

          Just wanted to clarify my reply was to Stephen’s snarky comments. My reply slipped down a couple of spots and doesn’t make sense where it landed.

        • http://noneyet Moses Kerub

          Stephen you’ve missed the point.
          Without knowing Pat at all, I’m sure that he is aware of his skills, and also the lack of other skills.
          To me, and I guess also to most of the readers, Pat mentioning himself designing a full website Is taken soley as an inspiration, Even not a web designer can come with such web design.
          I see no claim of proper coding, nor super design.
          I only see Motivative post, just like the rest of the blog, and just like Pat himself.

          I advise you to think in a more positive way, Even if it’s not true – Try to assume that people have good intentions. Life is much nicer that way.


      • Guganeshan.T

        The site looks perfectly alright in major browsers Pat. I know you couldn’t have missed anything when it goes through a team and feedback from all around the world (And mine is coming all the way from Sri Lanka!)

        Congrats on entering IMDB 😉

  • John @ Married (with Debt)

    Very cool, Pat. Sounds like a dream job. I forwarded the CA site to my friend who played lacrosse in college. I imagine you will get a lot of viral action that way.

    • Pat

      Thanks John, that’s awesome. Thank you!

  • Paul @ IMH Blog

    Haha thats absolutely awesome Pat!!!

    Ill be sure to check out the film, i usually prefer independent films to the hollywood crap that gets churned out

  • Dan Gheesling

    Great stuff Pat. The real question is did you make the cut as an extra and did you notice yourself during the first Pre-Screening?

    • Pat

      As an extra, I was in a crowd scene so I may have been in, I just didn’t catch it during the pre-screening. I’ll probably have to get the DVD and go frame by frame, lol.

      Next time I’ll ask for a more prominent, extra role (like a guy ordering coffee in the background or something) 😉

  • cambo

    very cool story , Pat .

  • Dr Dave @ Anesthesia Myths

    I am so happy for your success, Pat. Will definitely tell my wife & friends about it!

    This site was a key factor in helping me go from the “I should do something” phase, to taking action. You continue to be an inspiration as I embark on my online journey, trying to bring value to the anesthesia community.

  • JohnnyFit

    This is really cool Pat! Thanks for continuing to inspire the rest of bloggers and internet income people to stick with it, and constantly work to improve what we do!

  • Bojan

    I wanna watch that movie. Is it gonna be on iTunes so I can buy it?

  • Takeshi

    Congrats Pat, on the great opportunity! I will definitely check out the movie.

  • Kelly McCausey

    Wow, what a opportunity and achievement! Everything looks great too :)

  • Asim

    Congratulations Pat!

    Sounds like you have a new business venture that could be huge!

    I am interested in how you have gone from 6000 fans to 70000 fans on Facebook, as I don’t have a clue how to market on Facebook!

    • Jackie

      Ditto, I’d love to hear the story of that kind of growth for a movie fan page :)

  • Joey K.

    You know Pat, just the fact that you can say you were a part of something huge like this, is purely awesome. Not many of us IMers can say that. Congrats brotha.

  • William Kennedy

    Is Pat Flynn going to abandon his beloved SPI blog to pursue a career in Hollywood? He’s an extra today but who knows what he will be tomorrow???:)

  • Kent F

    That is so cool! What a week. As I also posted on your SPI fp, A list blogger Michael Hyatt listed your podcast as one of his favs.

  • Joey Kissimmee

    I’m looking at the crooked arrows site now. It is banging 😉

    Real quick Q. Did you have your guy create the blog theme in a certain platform like Thesis or Genesis, or is it just a straight up WP theme?

    Reason I ask is cause I have a friend that wants me to design a blog for his local biz and just wanted to know what you used before I did it. I have the design done, just need it changed to WP theme.


  • Zoe

    Pat Flynn, as in the Pat Flynn who was interviewed along with 60 other enterpreneurial people recently? Wow! Small world, I was particularly drawn to your comments in the interview and found myself relating so much to them. The tough times during start-up, the belief you have to have in yourself etc. And here we are again! Good on you Pat, you are a true inspiration! Grab every opportunity put your way! I am and I’m working 24/7 to make sure I am successful!

  • Michael

    Truly awesome, Pat! I do not blame you one bit for taking this opportunity. :)
    If I were to design a site for a potentially big audience like this, I would get nervous that a regular shared web hosting server would not be enough. When you build a site that has the potential to have A LOT of traffic, do you opt for a more expensive hosting plan? Just curious on your thoughts. I’ve often wondered about this because I’ve heard of people getting their first TV appearance, promoting their site, and then crashing it immediately. Any feedback would be awesome. Keep being CRUSHALISTIC!

  • Cory Buckles

    I was an extra in a Civil War documentary once. I have a feeling I’ll be going to see this if it comes to my local theater, if for no other reason than to try to spot you. :)

  • Rob

    DAMN Pat, The website is a beast!

  • Ern

    what can i say but – WOW!

  • Michael Chibuzor

    Hey Pat, you’ve taken “be everywhere” strategy to the extreme. I particularly enjoy this post and now, you’re part of the movie. I can’t wait to see your experience. Keep rocking the blogosphere – I’m going to be everywhere too!

  • Jon Hawkins

    Great work Pat…I think it’s cool when someone creates a Job that didn’t exist before…”Director of Web and Social Media” …and the “Be Everywhere” strategy is on point. I mentioned it to Hajj Flemings founder of and brandcampu. He said he would check it out…don’t know if you heard of him.

  • Harry

    inspirational stuff!

  • Juliette

    Wow Pat that is so exciting! Isn’t it funny how opportunities can come how and when you least expected them. I look forward to seeing the movie!

  • Sheyi

    Pat is living the dream most people dreamt of. I can’t imagine how much work you’ve put in place before you got here. C’grats to seeing your long time dream come alive.

    So how do you feel now? Were you paid extra fee to be in the crowd?

    So, Guys, hit the comment buttone and go everywhere.


  • Loz James

    Way to go Pat!

    Me and a friend made our first short film last year and we’ve just sold it to a major tv company in Europe. It’s a great feeling because I wrote the screenplay but started out as a journalist and copywriter. (Guess I’m trying to everywhere too!).

    Btw – just ignore any snarky comments, the BA site looks great!



  • Sajan Elanthoor

    Hey Pat

    I really wonder how do you manage to get time to do everything and being everywhere. Anyway being a lazy internet marketer, you’re really inspiring me a lot. Wish you all the very best for your new project and certainly I’ll spread about this movie to everybody within my reach.

    • Trung Nguyen

      This is awesome question, I also concern on how Pat could manage all his blog :)

  • Juha Liikala

    Congrats on the “movie role” Pat! Awesome work man!

    Hey, you just got to do this: Try to get a side role from the Big Bang Theory ( Penny’s new “cooler” nerd boyfriend who’s “internet famous”.. or something. Would be hilarious! 😀

  • Rob M

    That’s amazing stuff. Who knew just by blogging you would end up in the movie business! I bet you never expected to be where you are today when you were designing your original Leed Exam site. Such huge leaps forward. You are real motivation for us newbies out there. Cheers Pat. Rob UK.

  • Arthur

    Great to hear about this Pat. There are lots of opportunities that open up when you blog and put yourself out there. People see you as an expert and trust you because of all the value you give.

  • Micheal Ooi

    Pat, Just curious, do they pay you film royality for the role that you played?

  • bereket

    Fantastic work, I don’t know how you manage to get time for all this. You must be extremely motivated.

  • Cashjay@ make money online free

    This is amazing!

  • Marvin

    Pat, this post truly made my day. Simply amazing dude. Hats off, more power, and keep working that magic! Love it!

  • Brian Ralston

    Congrats Pat! Nice work on the new website and campaign.

    All the best,

    Brian Ralston
    Composer, Crooked Arrows.

  • Ian Robinson

    You’re a hero Pat! Well done!

  • Tho Huynh

    Just when you think you have seen Pat everywhere :)

  • Edie Dykeman

    And all of this because you started a blog, moved past your fear and determined you were going to be everywhere! And, in just a few short years.

    You are such an inspiration! If the movie doesn’t make it to the Western Michigan area, I will definitely be on the look out for the DVD.

  • Ian mackay

    Awesome Pat! You are truly inspirational!
    I’d love to do that for a living – run social media campaigns for movies. I run my website but I feel it’s mediocre so far. When did you feel you reached your tipping point and started reaching these types of offers to do such things?

  • Nestor Castillo

    Great job with the website Pat! This is very exciting and inspiring.

    All the best,

  • Omar Best

    Hey Pat,

    Since you were an extra in the movie are you SAG eligible? Cool stuff. Keep inspiring.

  • Andrew Blackman

    Hey, congratulations! I’m listening to your podcast number 17 and heard that one of your life goals was to become an extra in a movie, so it’s great that you’ve made it :-)

  • Jobette

    From Architecture to blogger, then niche guru and now movie industry. You are amazing Pat. You are amazing Pat.

  • Eric

    Pat your an inspiration! This is so cool you were able to be a part of something like this

  • Joe

    Hey Pat! Way to go man! What an awesome adventure! Hopefully you won’t let the hater above get to you too much. If the company you did the work for is happy with your work that’s all that matters.

    As a software developer I can see where he’s coming from but there really was no need to flame in public. Keep up the great work!

  • Shadi Halloun

    That’s awesome Pat! Will you mention how much they gave you in you next income report :) ?

  • Jose Cervantes


    Stumbled across your blog last week and am now four episodes into your podcasts. Haven’t really read the blogs and trying not to peek so as to see your earlier material first. But read this one and I’m glad you’ve doing things in the movie industry. So far love your podcasts, I new help with so many things online as far as getting my idea out there and finding help like yours is invaluable.

    Will catch the movie if I see it out there!

    Jose C

  • Jose Cervantes

    ^^^excuse all the iPhone auto correct typos!!

  • Ian

    That super cool Pat! I love sports movies so I’ll definitely check it out!

  • SteveWyman

    Hi Pat

    Congrats. What a great experience adds to teh C.V. as well :-)

    Next BollyWood movie STAR? Alongside Chris Ducker!

  • Richard Neckar

    Well put Pat. Criticism (man that was a hard spell check find for me for some reason) is always good if it is done constructively. Stephen had some good corrections but obviously the wrong tone which negated his constructive part and just made him look like a hater. Everyone learns, even and especially the professionals. That’s why some people are professionals. But for criticism to be helpful it must be accompanied by wanting to make someone or something better, not just to point out faults.

    Congrats on the project.

  • Gary Ware

    Congrats Pat! You’ve really come a long way

  • Dr. O

    Hey Awesome story Pat. I just stumbled here from the WF and I’m happy that I did. Lots of great content on here. keep up the great work, dont mind the haters – haters gonna hate!

  • Andreas Pazer

    Awesome Stuff Pat. I am in awe of all the different fires you got going on at one time. Great job.

  • brian

    Cool story pat. Website works great on my android. When you were approached for this project did you feel like you had the expertise to deliver on this scale? Just curious what went thru your mind initially. I know I have no design skills and would have to outsource it all

  • Steve

    Wow..! that’s super cool. I will have to support the movie. I have two small ones who are interested in the sport.

  • Sam Perry

    Pat – you are on fire my man!

    See you at the Oscars!… it’s funny where a blog can lead you huh!

  • Chris

    Congrats Pat! Nice work! Some people don’t understand marketing. Most of the time it’s best to get something out there and get moving instead of trying to perfect it all up front.

    It’s all about taking action and you did well by your client for that my friend! You change and make it better as you go.

    Nice work brother!

  • Michelle Vieira

    Can’t wait to see the movie. However, just got a rather nasty phone call from your group sales rep wanting to “explain” to me how distribution works. Further advising that just because a theatre in a major tourist area wants the film doesn’t mean it will get it because “making money really isn’t the goal”. All the great social media in the world can’t make up for bad manners…….

  • Chris

    I work for a media company and we are selling the cable advertising spots for Crooked Arrows! You will be able to see some in San Diego soon. It put a smile on my face when I saw the order come through!

    Keep up the great work. I really appreciate all of the advice that you work so hard to provide for us.

  • Michelle

    Nice work on the promo and social media integration Pat!

  • Duncan

    Was just watching the NBA playoffs and there was a trailer for Crooked Arrows. That is pretty cool pat. Nice job and keep up the good work.

  • Ben

    have you got a clip of your role as an extra?

  • Hana Brock

    haha, you’re funny and witty, I like this site…