My New (and 1st!) Course—Breakthrough Blogging—Is Now Available!

Breakthrough Blogging

Update: The sale for Breakthrough Blogging, my new course is officially over. Thank you for all of your support! Feel free to read the post below which explains how the course came about and who it’s for. Cheers!

For years, people have been asking me the same question:

“Pat, when are you going to create your first information product or course?”

Someone even asked me this question during the live Q&A session after my presentation at New Media Expo this year – in front of the entire audience.

And for years, my answer was always the same:

“I don’t want to sell an information product to my audience just because I can.”

I know that I have an Internet marketers dream here on Smart Passive Income – a huge platform, a rapid growing and incredibly engaged audience, and fans who I love to death who closely follow my work and trust my recommendations. To me, in the niche that I’m in, to truly serve an audience that is most likely exhausted from “just because” sales pitches, I have a responsibility to never sell anything just because, and that includes affiliate products too.

I did, however, recently sell an eBook of my own here on SPI called Let Go, which became a #1 Best-Selling book in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship category on Amazon. I’ve also accepted payments for live classes and consultations too, but an information product was never a top priority for me. I could help people just as easily by creating free content, leading by example and recommending products that I’ve successfully used myself – products that I didn’t really feel the need to create another version of on my own because they were already awesome.

That’s why I never created a product. I didn’t feel there was a need.

Then, in June of 2012 I came across this post on the Financial Blogger Conference blog, which was a replay video of Adam Baker’s very first public speaking presentation from the year before. It was the same exact event where I spoke for the very first time too, and ironically I’ll be giving the opening keynote speech (my first one!) at the event later this year.

Adam’s presentation was not only about how to create a product to sell on your website, but why you need to do it. I remember working with Adam before his presentation to help him rehearse (he did the same for me because we were both nervous wrecks!) and he said something that I distinctly remember when he was coming up with what to say:

A product is an incredibly effective way to deliver knowledge. If you could package something that could change a person’s life, you’re doing your audience a disservice by not creating that product. 

That’s when I decided to go full steam on a course that was in high demand – a step-by-step video course on creating a niche site. I had spent a couple of hours each day for 3 months putting it together.

Three weeks from the scheduled launch date, I was putting the final touches on the course and even had a few beta testers already going through it too. That is, until Google came out with its infamous penguin update.

The update forced me to reassess the validity of my course and I had to make the decision to put it on hold until I could test the new search engine environment. While creating new sites and testing various strategies to go along with them, Google came out with even more updates and that’s when I decided to scrap the whole thing.

Although I was disappointed that months of work was all for nothing, I just simply cannot ask people to pay for a course that I’m not 100% confident in.

I also took it as a sign that I wasn’t meant to create a product at the time.

Then, something unexpected happened.

Adam Baker called me out of the blue. After some small chat, he cut right to the chase: he asked me to partner with him with his business at Only72.

Only72 handpicks products for entrepreneurs and sells them together as a bundle for a heavily discounted price. I had been an Only72 customer before, enjoying packages of eBooks and products from several different contributors, but I always thought they could do more for the customer (and prospective customer) with the smart business model they had.

So, after a few moments to think about it – I said yes.

Only 72

I flew up to Portland almost immediately to meet with my new business partners, Adam and Rick Mulready. Rick is a good friend of ours who has previously written a guest post on SPI about Facebook Ads. Our goal at this meeting was to talk about the direction of the company and figure out what our first sale together would look like.

Our main focuses were:

1. Higher quality and less quantity. Instead of 10-15 so-so products, we would want to keep each sale to 4-6 extremely valuable products that make sense.

2. More purposeful themes to each sale. The products must be related to each other in some way that is useful to the customer. This is less overwhelming and confusing and more “these are the things that will help me accomplish _________”.

3. Complete transparency about the products that are included in each package. We wanted to to create videos with each of the contributors and talk about their part in the bundle so people know exactly what to expect when they get it. In other words: unboxing the mystery. 😉

4. A continued customer experience even after the sale is over.

5. A re-branded, higher quality Only72 all around – from the products in the sale to the videos and theme of the site.

When we were brainstorming for the next sale, the idea of Be Everywhere came up and we were immediately drawn to it as a theme for the next bundle of products. We started to name off experts who taught people how to master their specific platforms: Cliff Ravenscraft for podcasting, Gideon Shalwick for YouTube videos, Cathy Presland for authoring Kindle books, and then of course, there’s the blogging component of the Be Everywhere model too.

We came up with a list of several people who had blogging products that we could potentially reach out to. And then, when I was looking at the whiteboard and seeing my Be Everywhere concept come to life in this next sale, I said, “I’ll do it.”

The guys were immediately behind me, my head was racing with ideas and after all was said and done we had our next sale in sight with me right in the middle of it – it was going to be my first information product and Google wasn’t going to mess with it this time.

A Blogging Course…

There are so many blogging courses out there already and many of them are very well done. How was I going to create something new, different and unique?  

I started to think about when I first started blogging and what kinds of struggles I went through. Then, I went through my email archives and searched for the words “help”, “want”, “need” and “wish”. Then, I checked the replies to an email I have in my email autoresponder sequence that asks: “what would you like me to write a blog post about?”, and then I realized something.

Starting a blog isn’t a huge problem for people. It’s actually very easy to start a blog, now more than ever. The real struggle is sticking with it.

Nobody ever starts a blog thinking, “I’ll start a blog now but give up on it later.” But sadly, that’s what happens. Most bloggers who start a blog stop within the first six months for a number of different reasons.

As a blogger, at any level, it seems like everything in the world (including yourself) tries to stop you from moving forward and making progress. You need to break through these barriers in order to keep moving towards your goal.

This is why I’m happy and very proud to announce my first course, Breakthrough Blogging with you, a resource that I’ve built and will continue to add to over time to help you break through all kinds of barriers that you will inevitably face as a blogger.

Please watch the video to see what it’s all about. 

The best part is that this is just the beginning of Breakthrough Blogging. Beyond the hours of content that are already in this course, I will be continually adding more video content over time that directly addresses the questions and struggles that you submit. Future plans include a masterminding portal where members can hook up with each other to create their own mastermind groups. Imagine having a tag by your avatar that says (LFG) next to it, meaning “looking for group”.  It would be that easy to find someone.

Guest post facilitation, connections between bloggers in the same niche for collaboration, all of that kind of stuff is on the radar – but you, the first set of members in BtB, will have all the say in the direction of the course.

How Do I Sign Up?

Enrollment for Breakthrough Blogging is official closed. It will re-open later this year as I work with the existing charter members to make it even better for you. Thank you so much!

Cheers, and thanks again! Here’s to breaking through and moving onward and upward!

  • samir

    1st Sale Down….Paypal… Done…. Ok now let me read your blog………..

    • isaac

      jeje ns ,but il read first lol……………

  • Ian

    This is interesting. I have been struggling just getting a blog up. I find that I usually am let down when I pay for these types of products, but I can’t imagine Pat Flynn would partner with anything less than stellar. I may give it a shot!

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Ian! Here’s a video that I created a while back that continues to help people start up their blogs:

      Also, thank you for your comment on SPI Session #71 – great thoughts! Cheers!

      • Greg Savage

        Now, is Gideon and the others just placing their old course and packaging it with your project/training course?

        I ask because I would hate to purchase it and find that I have duplicate courses

  • Monja

    Oh well, I want this deeply, just debating with myself if I really should get it since we go on vacation very soon. I know I’ll lose anyway so I better grab it now LOL

    Thanks Pat! I’ll enjoy it!!!

  • Dave

    Awesome sales page Pat! Not over the top like you see from a lot of other product offerings. Although I bet if you just put “Hi, here’s my first course”, everyone would still buy. But I really think that’s what makes you and your effort so great, you don’t take the easy road.

  • Josh

    $197? And it has over $1000 of value? Sorry, but I think you are taking advantage of people and have lost touch with the little guy. I definitely WON’T be buying!

    • Pat Flynn

      This is the point of the Only72 firesale Josh! The products in the course are absolutely legit. Look up Cathy’s course on – it’s selling there for $199 by itself. How is this taking advantage of people?

      • Doug

        Cathy has ONE Kindle book for sale on Amazon, and one co-authored. Hardly an authority. There are better places to learn all this online – and for free!

        • Andy

          I’ve been through Cathy’s course…it is actually quite good.

          Cathy’s course has a ton of content in it although the only72 sales page doesn’t convey the amount of content.

          $197 is actually a good price for all those courses…but it wasn’t clear to me if these were full courses or just the best modules of those courses.

  • José Wong

    Awesome that you thought about this Pat. There’s always lots of info about how to start but there’s been a void on how to keep going through blogging. You are one of the few people I really trust when it comes to this kind of stuff. Buying my copy right away, can’t wait!

  • Adam

    Hey Pat. I received an email about only72. In it it says:

    ” Pat Flynn is contributing a portion of his very first premium course ever produced. It’s called Breakthrough Blogging”

    I just want to get clear on this. Are you contributing the whole course or only a portion of it?


    • Pat Flynn

      Where did you see that Adam? What was the subject line of the email if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks for pointing that out – the course is definitely the entire course – everything that I’ve filmed and have available now – nothing left out. I will be adding more content over time and you’ll see a lot of “coming soon” lessons in there, but it is the entire course.

      • Adam

        It was from the guys over at The subject line was:

        “72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price ( Plus Our Bonus!)”

        Glad to see its the entire course :-) You’ve got a sale.

      • Gillian @GlobalBookshelf

        Hi Pat,
        I also got an email that suggested it would be a ‘portion’ of your new course. The email came from ThinkTraffic with the subject line: 72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price ( Plus Our Bonus!)

  • M. Randal

    Nice! I’ll be picking up a copy! And I’m digging the artwork? Who do you use for graphic design stuff?

  • M. Randal

    ***And I’m digging the artwork!

  • Joel Zaslofsky

    I just watched your solo video and the interview with Adam on the Only72 site, Pat. I love the message, I love the intention behind the product, and I’m stoked for people to continue being helped by you in yet another new way.

    And kudos on lining up this hand-picked curated theme of products. I’ve used Cliff’s podcasting products before and I’m a member of Scott’s How to Connect with Anyone course. That means from my perspective, people who get in on this action are getting the best-of-the-best.

    Look forward to a big-time high-five from me at WDS to congratulate you on launching Breakthrough Blogging! Cheers, my friend.

  • Navid Moazzez

    Hi Pat,

    This is awesome, I have been waiting for you to create a course for quite some time, and when you mentioned it on the interview we did I knew it would come pretty soon :) I am definitely signing up for this great deal, you can’t really get any more value than this, thanks!

    Keep up the amazing work you do!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Navid! You’re awesome and it’s my absolutely pleasure!

  • Batuhan SASI

    Hello Pat

    Im sorry but i cant buy your first product, its too expensive for me ( for now )

    I realy know its %100 worth. I hope it’ll open again in the future when i have enough budget

    Good luck ( you dont want 😉 )

    • J

      I agree with you. I thought it was going to be 97.00 but because it is too much for my pocket at one time I am going to pass. Hopefully the product debuts solo and at an affordable price.

      I hope some of the others who purchase will come back and review. I am interested in knowing how good the bundle is.

    • Pat Flynn

      No worries Batu! We increased the price because we definitely increased the overall value of the bundles based on what was sold in the past – many times over. A lot of the contributors were including things above and beyond the call of duty, and we felt that $197 was absolutely worth it. Again, no worries and Breakthrough Blogging may open up by the end of the year sometime. Not sure what the pricing will be like but I’ll work it out! Cheers, and thank you!

  • Harvey Carman

    Hi Pat,

    Awesome, i’ll tell all of my friends!

    Two questions..
    How come you guys decided against donating to charity this time around?

    How did you decide how to split the profits? Is it done the same way as only72 has worked historically, or is there a ‘pool’ this time- where the minds who contribute to the bundle get a fair portion of income, regardless of how many sales they personally generate?

    I’d really appreciate your input! If you can’t give too much away, perhaps you could spare a minute to reply via email?

    Thanks so much, and I hope the sale helps loads of people!

  • ric

    Going to get it, can’t wait to see the great content. Love all the free stuff you give and I am happy to pay for some. Thanks…Ric

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Ric! I appreciate it, and I’ll see you on the inside!

  • ray

    Great deal! Wish I could afford to invest in this, but currently, it’s probably out of my reach. That said, thanks as always for looking out for your readers and coming up with new ways of spreading your expertise!

  • Alex B.


    Congrats on the product my man! I’m stoked for you, as I know it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been a follower and friend for years, so to say I’m proud of you would be an understatement.. I feel like a proud brother! :)

    Anyhow, I plan to drop on over and pick myself up a copy.

    Congrats again, and I wish you nothing but the best that life has to offer you!

    Your friend,

  • Darlene with BlogBoldly

    Well, you’re doing a great job promoting your new course because your email was actually the 3rd I received this morning about it!

    I like the concept of going further in the ‘blogging’ cycle to address people who’ve been at it awhile.

    Even tho my site is geared up for newbies, I find a large number of visitors are not newbies.. but pp who haven’t figured out yet how to be profitable.. so you certainly hit on a big segment.

    ~darlene :)

  • Kevin @ Rebooted Body

    I’m confused Pat…is this just for the course or do we get access to some sort of ongoing community/forum with this bundle?

  • Maria

    I love the Bb chemical element logo! 😉

  • Shana

    I can’t say thank you enough. I’m very happy that you have come out with your first product. There is so much information on the internet, now I will have a product “I trust” to help focus me in the direction I want to go.

  • Jeff Goins

    Well, it’s about time!

  • Jeremy

    This is a sad day in smart passive income history. Pat, I love your website and I really thought you were a genuine guy. It’s very sad to see you selling out like this. You seemed so real and honest before, but now everything feels so fake and dishonest.

    I’m not trying to be a hater, but I just wanted to share my honest opinion. Like I said, I was a huge fan of your website before, that’s why I’m so disappointed. Your website was so refreshing because it was great to find someone who was being so honest and real. When I watched the video of you trying to sell your product I felt gross.

    • Tipjar

      Yeah, I’m really hoping Pat doesn’t become “that guy”…like the Frank Kern’s, John Reese’s, and other “big name” internet marketer’s who are nothing more than snake-oil salesmen with $10,000 seminars and $1,997 product launches.

    • Curtis Bisel

      Jeremy, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But, I feel you owe it to Pat to be a little bit more specific about why he is “selling out like this.”

      He is finally selling his first product to the SPI community, and he is charging everyone just $33 for what I assume was a lot of work — have you ever tried to shoot and edit video before? If you haven’t, it’s a LOT of time consuming work.

      Yes, it’s $33 he’s charging because there are 5 other brands making up the $197 price point that are sharing the earnings.

      In my opinion, it comes off like you are suggesting to everyone reading your comment that Pat can’t stay a “genuine guy” unless he continues to give away everything for free for the rest of his life.

      Is that what you really mean? Or do you really feel that asking a one-time fee of $33 for an ongoing course is dishonest?

      • Tipjar

        First, let’s make something clear here: Pat’s cut is most likely $33.

        Nobody here can pay $33 and get his course, everyone has to pay $197 because that is the arbitrary price point the creators decided on. They’ve bundled it and priced it like that for a reason.

        Secondly, Pat has always had the freemium business model – give information for free, but he collects on indirect sales of affiliate products. It’s a little weird because we never see Pat in the salesman type role, he’s always been the guy who is in the trenches with us and we built along side him. Now he’s becoming the “guru” and that’s very off-putting, especially with all of the scammers out there. Most of us won’t get very much out of this “bundle” in regards to the other products, and it was pointed out above that some of the creators in this bundle have pretty much zero credibility in regards to their topic *cough*kindlepublishing*cough*. But to each their own.

        • Jeremy

          Yea that’s a good way of putting it. Before it felt like he was “in the trenches” with us. Now he’s on the other side and it feels weird. I just can’t really trust anything he says anymore.

          I would have more respect for him if he just came right out and said “I wanted to make some more money so I created a product.”

          But instead he was feeding us a bunch of BS like “If I didn’t offer you this product, I would be doing you a disservice.”

      • Jeremy

        I don’t think asking for money is dishonest. That’s not what I meant at all. Pat created the course and he has a right to charge whatever he wants for it. I’m sure the July income report will be a record breaker, and that’s good for him, he deserves it. I’m not trying to be a hater.

        I’m just disappointed because before today I always felt like Pat was different. Other people online always sound like businessmen trying to sell something, whereas Pat just sort of seemed like a friend who was sharing all of this great knowledge and advice. (Even though he was selling things as an affiliate, he didn’t feel like a “salesman”)

        In this new blog and video he completely crossed over to the other side. Now everything feels fake, and he’s just another guy saying things to try to get you to buy his product. He’s just telling you what you want to hear, and it feels weird to me because I thought he wasn’t like that.

        • Derek

          Dude sells ONE thing and now you claim that you’ll distrust EVERYTHING he says?

          I’m curious, Jeremy… What’s really going on here? What about this one video makes you think you have to distrust everything?

          Is it because he probably spent more than $10,000 on contractors and team members to put this bundle and course together? Is it because he put in 3 months (or more) of work to get this thing together? Is it because he’s asking you to buy something that costs more than $100 and you feel you can’t afford it?

          As a third party, I think Pat did himself a disservice by offering this bundle at such a low price. I know how Pat is. He’s a perfectionist. He probably poured his blood, sweat, and tears into making this perfect.

          AND… Here’s the deal: I’m sure Pat will continue to create amazing content for free. Content like his podcast. His blog posts. HIs videos. And more.

          So, maybe you should say… “You know what, I don’t want this product right now, but GO PAT!” and cheer him on from the sidelines. That’s the right thing to do.

        • Jeremy

          Hey Derek. I like your website too by the way, and I can see why you’re interested in the psychology at play here.

          Maybe I was a little harsh on Pat, so let me first say that I don’t hate him, and I still wish him the best.

          I was just upset because the website doesn’t feel the same as it used to.

          My favorite part about Pat before was that his business didn’t operate like the rest of the businesses out there. He didn’t treat us like customers, he treated us like friends. Everything he did was something your friend would do.

          Teaching someone to build a website for free, that’s something a friend would do. That’s why I was happy to use his affiliate link when I built my website. I felt like he was a friend that I’d never met, but I still wanted to help him out because he helped me out. It was great.

          And the best part was to see his income reports and see that this business model actually works. It was great to see that you don’t have treat people like customers, you can treat them like your friends. If you help people, they’ll want to help you back. Pat actually inspired me to run my business the same way.

          With this new blog post and video, it seems like all of that is changing. Now I feel like Pat’s treating us like customers, not as friends.

          This is nothing personal against Pat, but whenever ANYONE is trying to sell me something I can never completely trust them. It could be the nicest guy in the world, but I still have to keep my guard up and be skeptical, you know what I mean?

          And I’ve never had to feel that way about Pat until now.

        • Derek

          I’ve got news for you Jeremy. When my friend sells something I want, whether it’s a training, information product, or anything, do you know what I do? I buy it.

          Does that mean he’s treating me like a customer instead of a friend? No. That means he’s creating something I want, and it’s something I want to pay for.

          (I could go into specific examples where close friends of mine were selling a product and I PAID for it. Why? Because I wanted what they were selling, and I felt as if I SHOULD pay for it).

          However, if I don’t want it, guess what? I don’t buy it. I read his sales pitch, and think, “Okay, this is not for me. But you know what? Look at Pat go. I hope he kills it!”

          I’m positive, why? Because it’s not like every email will talk about the SAME thing. It’s ONE promotion. He’s STILL going to create the same podcast you love. The same blog posts. The same everything. He’s just launching something right now. And you’re upset about it.

          So, I’ll tell you why you’re upset about it. And you don’t even have to admit it in public. The REAL reason you’re upset is because you obviously want what he’s selling. But you don’t want (or cant) pay for it.

          And, instead of thinking, “I can’t afford this. What do I need to do so I can afford this?” You’re thinking, “Damn Pat. He sold out. What an asshole.”

          Or, let’s say you can afford it. Instead of thinking, “I don’t want this. I know Pat almost never sells anything, so he’ll continue to produce great content. But let me figure out why he’s doing this. What made him go this route? Is it a business decision I should consider?” You’re thinking, “(*@#*($@#$)@”

          Here’s the bottom line though. You think you’re being harsh on Pat. You’re not. You’re being harsh on yourself. And you don’t realize it. Because, trust me, your responses here say more about you than it does about Pat.

        • Jeremy

          Derek, I think you might be misunderstanding what I said.

          First, I never said Pat is an a-hole. I still think he’s a great guy.

          Second, everything you said about buying your friends products is irrelevant – because Pat is not actually my friend. I don’t even know him.

          My point was that he used to talk to us as if we were his friends, and now in this newest stuff it doesn’t feel the same way anymore. My favorite part about this website was that he never tried to directly sell me anything, and that made him seem more honest and trustworthy. That’s what made this website different and great… and that’s why I was upset to see him join the rest of the crowd.

          Maybe you’re right though. Maybe I subconsciously want his product so I got upset, I don’t know…you’re the psychology expert. But I was just being honest about how I feel.

          Who knows, maybe you’re just mad that he got negative feedback because you’re thinking about selling a product on your website and you’re subconsciously afraid that people won’t like you anymore. I don’t know.

        • Derek

          There is no misunderstanding. You’re back pedaling – and you know it. And don’t try this “flip the card” on me game. That was cool back in elementary school… or never.

          The fact of the matter is, I’ve been selling products on ST for a while now. And I LOVE comments like yours. Why? Because I don’t even bother to defend myself. I’d just remove you from my email list – and you’d never know it until you realized, “Hrm, why haven’t I gotten updates in a while?”

          Harsh? Maybe…

          But I’ve been doing this long enough that when you’re dealing with someone who’s acting like a concern troll, they don’t really care about the conversation. They only care about what THEY want. And in a last ditch effort to get what they want, they employ some passive aggressive, super manipulative behavior.

          (Here’s the definition of concern troll:

          You might think that this means I don’t take criticism well. And you’d be wrong on that. I love REAL criticism. Criticism like, “YO, why are you selling me a product about X? You never talk about that. Why didn’t you sell me a product about Y?”

          Or, “Pat, I’m curious. I noticed you’re selling a product now (after creating free content for years). I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I feel like you’ve sold out. Would you be open to sharing more about why you chose to go this route?”

          These are legitimate suggestions and questions…

          …not broad sweeping claims like “I can never trust you again.”

          Those latter comments are irrational, and there’s nothing that can be said. THe people who say them already made up their minds, and you can beat them over the head with data and facts, and they’ll still think they’re right.

          But back to the friends comment.

          On one hand, you’re saying you’re friends, on the other hand you’re saying you’re not. Make up your mind, my man.

          The bottom line here is this: Pat poured his time, money, and more into his new product. If you don’t want to buy it, he’s not forcing you to buy it. He’s letting you know it exists with a simple blog post.

          You can choose to ignore it, or you can sit here and act a foul. It won’t matter, though. Pat will still continue to create his high quality podcasts, blog posts, videos, and more. Maybe he’ll be minus you as a reader. Maybe not. The choice is yours :-)

        • Jeremy

          It’s funny that you’re calling me a troll because I feel like you’re the one who’s trolling right now.

          I wasn’t trying to start a big argument, all I was saying was that Pat’s website doesn’t feel the same anymore. It wasn’t meant as a personal attack on Pat or anything like that… I just can’t trust people the same way when they’re making a sales pitch… you’re the psychology guy, you should know this.

          When I watched Pat’s new video I completely understood why he avoided doing that for so long. Now the website just has a different feel to it, and I was just commenting on that.

          You seem more upset than Pat was. Relax dude.

          I don’t like communicating with text because people sometimes read things differently than what you meant. I honestly was never trying to be mean or anything like that.

        • Derek

          This will be my last checkin of this thread. And all I have to say is, Jeremy, you know what you did. :-)

    • Howie


      I hope Pat doesn’t mind me chiming in here. Admittedly, in the past, Pat and I had a little disagreement over issues revolving around the first niche site duel. Without delving too much into the “past”, I had some serious concerns that Pat was heading down a path like many other bloggers and internet marketers had chosen. To me, even the most genuine and transparent of internet marketers seemed to not only be supporting lies and deception, but, in many ways, facilitating it.

      Though my life and profession has taken me all over the world–lastly, to Kuwait and back–I have watched his blog quietly from the sidelines. I won’t claim to be his very first reader, however, I can remember finding his blog near close to his first post.

      I don’t blame you for saying what you said. Over the years, I think many of us have become so inextricably intertwined with his persona, brand, and story that it literally bothers us to no end when we ‘perceive’ it as deviating from our own expectations of it. That is a seriously lofty expectation to live up to….some might argue that it is unreasonable.

      In all my interactions with Pat, though, he has maintained carefree finess and professionalism in the face of everything from blatant attacks to legitimate concerns over the direction his brand is going.

      Though my wife and newborn have tapped into our family coffers to the point that I’ll have to pass on it (hopefully there will be a NEXT time…), after reviewing everything, it does appear to be a GREAT deal. I didn’t look extensively into each item in the bundle, but, when others are selling those items for a price in excess of the bundle price, it does tell me that there is ALOT of value here.

      Remember, a marketer–at least a good one–is always attempting to find ways to provide as much value as possible. It is clear that Pat has worked tirelessly to do that. I don’t want to try to change your opinion or mind about him, but, on the same token, I do think you may be overlooking some really positive asepcts behind this.

      This is coming from someone who went from following his blog almost religiously, to having serious doubts about the legitimacy and honesty behind his brand, and then back again. I’ve been there. I’ve had my doubts and, I’ve definitely questioned things that didn’t seem quite ‘right’ to me.

      There’s no shame in that. Entrepreneurs are suppose to be free-thinking individuals, and no some cogs in a machine like Seth Godin would put it….but, I’d urge you to give him, and his brand, another shot. I wish you the best, Jeremy!

      • Jeremy

        Pat is free to do whatever he wants, and charge as much money as he wants, it’s his website.

        I’m just sad because I thought he was different. After seeing the salesman version of Pat, I can’t look at him the same way again. The whole website is tainted now.

      • Mark Mason

        Hey Howie. Love that you are here commenting on this. Welcome back and congrats on the baby.

    • Chris Huntley

      You are a very bad judge of character, and clearly don’t know anything about Pat. The guy gives away more valuable content than anyone on the web… just gives it away. In fact, let’s be honest here… if you were to take the time read all his blog posts, watched all his videos, and listened to all his podcasts, you could probably get 90% of the material Pat talks about in his course. But it would take you hundreds of hours! So Pat has conveniently packaged up the most important bits for a specific audience. This took him valuable time. Pat could have been consulting at $1000 per hour during that time, or whatever. Even if he can “afford” not to make anything on this product, it’s irrelevant.

      For those of you who aren’t really clear on political differences, here’s a great example of Democratic thinking. Jeremy would prefer that Pat gave this course away, than earn a buck for his hard work. Here’s where the democratic thinking comes in. Jeremy probably wouldn’t care that Pat was selling his course if he was a regular dude making 40K per year. But Jeremy can’t stand the fact that big, evil Pat, who already makes 50K+ per month, might make even more money in July than usual. God forbid he charged for his time. Jeremy, in this country, when people work their tails off and create awesome products, other people buy them because they expect a certain value will be returned to them. So you can say it costs too much, or it’s not worth that price, but you’re not even an American if you dare say Pat’s a fake for selling something.

      Pat, sorry for the rant.

      • Jeremy

        Pat’s a great guy and I wish him all the success in the world. I’m sure his new product is great, and I hope he makes millions. He deserves it.

        I’m just saying that I liked him better before… when I thought he was different than the rest of the internet marketing guys. I felt like he was really trying to help us, and he wasn’t trying to trick us into buying anything.

        He’s going against everything that I thought the smart passive income website was about.

        • Chris Huntley

          Hey Jeremy,
          We agree with you. He’s an A**hole who’s trying to take our money.

          Your friends,
          The Roman Soldiers who Chastised Jesus on the Cross

        • Tur-kee

          Jeremy, you seem like a cool guy. But I’d much rather pay Patrick to get what I need *now* instead of searching around and reading everything that may or may not apply to my business.

          I trust pat. This guy knows what’s valuable and what isn’t. I’ll gladly pay for his point of view on this stuff because, simply, I need to know how to keep my blog alive.

          But you seem like you have a lot of important stuff to do, so it fits that you don’t need to save any time. Seems like you’re in the middle of some important career building so I totally understand that you would come down on Pat like this.

          Cool story, cool guy. But, even though you make a good point about Pat being weird for charging money for something (how dare he!), I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate the fact that Pat has done the work and enjoy this stuff (that will hopefully pay for many weeks of groceries to come) for, literally, less than I pay for my son’s groceries every week.

          Regardless, you seem like a cool guy. Cool.

        • Pat Flynn

          Jeremy, thank you so much for your honesty and I appreciate you speaking up and sharing your opinion while also being respectful. Thank you for that. I’m sure the silent type who may feel the same way as you appreciate you speaking up about it too.

          Chris, Howie, Tipjar – thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to respond and add your input. I didn’t ask you to respond but your replies mean the world to me.

          What’s funny is that yesterday, I shared a Facebook post about a high-level mastermind group that I’m putting together. I read 622 applications and narrowed down my selection to just 6 people and I will be doing this all for free, meeting with them regularly for months here on out. I received a comment from someone who said it was ridiculous because I should be charging for it. Here is some of that conversation:

          “…Pat is a great guy and I’m sure he genuinely cares about the results he helps people achieve. With that being said, there is nothing wrong (morally or socially) with charging for his services. To the right person, he is more than worth a couple thousand dollars per month in consulting fees. He is doing something awesome by doing this for free but all I’m saying is that I’m surprised he’s not charging for it because I think he’s more than worth the money if he DID choose to charge for it. Just because he puts a price tag on himself, doesn’t make him a bad person or “just like the other guys”. It’s his genuine care for his clients/fans and willingness to help them achieve their results.”

          It seems that no matter what I do, there will always be people that agree or disagree with me – but there’s one constant behind the direction I take my business:

          Everything I do, as you should know (since it seems like you’ve been following what I do for a while) is with my audience’s best interest in mind. ALWAYS.

          This is what the smart passive income brand is about and will always be about. This is why I don’t recommend other people’s products as an affiliate unless I’ve used them before and trust them to serve you in a way that will help. This is why I go out of my way to always over-deliver and with the best of my ability be as accessible as I can. This is why I turned down over $4000 per episode for my podcast in sponsorship payments because the companies wanted a whole minute at the top of each episode to promote their product, which in my opinion that would ruin the experience of the (free) podcast.

          And, believe it or not, because I always put my audience first is the reason that I have to charge for this course.

          Most people who start blogging give up. I absolutely HATE this because a blog has changed my life in so many ways, and I know it can for others too. For many, it already has. Beyond the struggles that I cover in the course, there needs to be something at stake in order to stay vested in a large undertaking like starting a blog.

          As Noah Kagan said in SPI Session #71, “Why not free? Because they won’t take action.”

          Yes, the mastermind group I described above is free, but the exclusivity of it is enough incentive to get those 6 people to take action and keep going.

          Breakthrough Blogging is a course and a community that I want as many people to benefit from as possible and I’m going to be devoting an incredible amount of time to it. You have no idea how excited and proud I am of this course because I know it’s going to help people, like how a course that I paid for helped me when I first started

          But beyond that, the simple act of making a payment, and a very reasonable one in my opinion, is when something is put at stake and the decision to really commit happens. Not everyone needs that, and not everyone needs this course – but I know there are many people who do and that’s why I created it.

          You mentioned that I am trying to trick people into buying something here. Where are the tricks?! Tell me, because I’m having a hard time finding them. I’ve been completely honest about how this course came about and why I am selling it. No hype. No false promises. Not even “you will make more money” and I don’t guarantee success as a result of buying this course. I can only guarantee that I’m going to do everything in my power to give its members the best chance to succeed. Because I know it’s helpful, it’s my duty to put it out there, to talk about it and be confident about how it can help, but also be honest at the same time. Sometimes, that may come across little “salesy”, but when you have an honest product that you know is great, you have to do that.

          For years I’ve been an affiliate for many different types of products and courses – you know this. But that was okay, and this is not? How is finally deciding to keep people within my brand so that I can take care of them, followup with them and make sure they have the best chance to succeed a bad thing? You liked me better before? Before I decided to take better care of specific members of my audience who obviously want it?

          If you think I “turned” or “sold out” because of all this, then I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say but I wish you all the best.

        • Jeremy

          Hey Pat. Thanks for the response. I apologize for leaving negative comments on your blog, I just felt like I had to say something.

          “You mentioned that I am trying to trick people into buying something here. Where are the tricks?! Tell me, because I’m having a hard time finding them.”

          I guess I’m not trying to say that you’re trying to “trick” people and just take their money. That’s probably the wrong word. Your product is probably great, and I’m sure people will get their money’s worth.

          But it just feels like you’re trying to be a salesman and trying to say the right things to persuade people into buying it. I guess I’m just the type of person who doesn’t react well to being directly sold something. It doesn’t matter how honest you are when you say things, it just doesn’t FEEL as honest when I know your goal is to sell me something. Even though you were a salesman before, you never came across like a salesman until now.

          I didn’t seem to care when you were selling your book though. I’m not sure what it was, but something about this blog post and video just rubbed me the wrong way.

          But the main reason why I’m disappointed is because now I feel like the smart passive income won’t be as good. I don’t have 200 dollars, and I don’t even want that bundle anyways. So now people like me get left out. Your best content is now reserved for the paying customers only.

          You said “Breakthrough Blogging is a course and a community that I want as many people to benefit from as possible and I’m going to be devoting an incredible amount of time to it.”

          Which means now the SPI content won’t be the same. It’s already starting to change. Instead of a blog post, we get a sales page. And instead of a helpful video like you usually do, we get a sales pitch video.

          That’s why the affiliate marketing was so great. You would be selling something, but also helping people at the same time. I was happy to purchase Bluehost through your link because you didn’t just sell it to me, you actually taught me how to create a website. It was a win-win. I felt like you were on my side.

          Now this website doesn’t feel that way anymore.

          I can’t say I blame you for it. You worked hard to build up a loyal following and now you’re going to make as much money as you can from them. It’s your website, and you have the right to do whatever you want. I’m just disappointed that you took that path because I loved the website the way it was before and it won’t be the same now.

        • Nish

          As Noah Kagan said in SPI Session #71, “Why not free? Because they won’t take action.”

          he is a sales man???

          yes he is a sales man. he was a sales man.

          he sold the free content all years…. you got it free and praised him!

          now he selling something more valuable, and you are like hard on him???

          huh, you can’t buy it, leave it. Be happy with the free content!

          Remember every blogger is seller. either it’s free content or not!

          you learned nothing if you are in this industry.

          shame on you,negative peoples! (not pat)

          Go Pat, We Are with you! :)

          Best of luck!

      • Dave

        I believe Jeremy has a right to his opinion just as you do. I don’t think Pat needs you to respond in his defense and there was nothing Democratic about your reply. Lets be *honest* it was an attack.

        Yes Pat gives away a ton of information and content taking time and hard work. But that is HIS choice and that is what made him successful and as you said “50K+ a month”

        I believe all Jeremy was trying to say is lets not forget were you came from. His blog has never been about the money.

        Jeremy’s has an opinion and he is entitled to that.

        • Brandon

          Jeremy, I can understand your frustration also, but I differ a little in the end result. I have been following Pat for a long time and while I understand the need for anyone to create a viable business model, what I also enjoyed about SPI is the fact that we were getting great content. As long as Pat continues to create amazing content for his loyal following without bombarding them with “pay for this” and “pay for that” stuff, then this site will continue to be awesome. I do see your concern as valid though, with a ton of online marketing sites going the wrong direction and using their audience to constantly hawk high priced products.

        • Pat Flynn

          The concern is 100% valid and 100% understood. I also know that if I go down that path I will be 100% someone I do not want to be. I appreciate the reality checks here from Jeremy and all of the others worried about the direction of Smart Passive Income, but I can assure you that nothing will be different. I won’t go crazy with promoting this course and pitch it everywhere and everywhere you go, and in fact after it closes you won’t hear about it for quite a while. My best content will be reserved for those who will benefit from my content in the best way that I can deliver it for them. That means I’ll continue to provide free, high-quality content here on the blog, my podcast and YouTube channel, and I’ve only added to my plate with Breakthrough Blogging and being able to more individually serve the members there as well based on the individual struggles that they have for their specific blogs.

        • Brandon


          I wanted to share a few insights or recommendations for future product launches (for what it’s worth).

          1. Your audience is so big that it might be a good idea to create a poll on your site with a few questions before launching a product (e.g. “Would you be willing to pay for a product that taught these five things” and then ask “What is a reasonable value that you would consider for this course”).

          2. Most people on the blog don’t have any idea who these people are that you teamed up with to create this product. Perhaps you could interview them for the SPI podcast and then create a link to the podcast and websites in your page. Without knowing or trusting these other people, it will be difficult to understand why we should buy something that they are selling.

          Hope you receive this as constructive input rather than thinking I am just being critical.

        • Pat Flynn

          I appreciate the insights Brandon. On the sales page of we actually conduct interviews with each of the contributors. I did 4 of them, with the purpose of doing exactly what you suggested. That was a huge problem, in my opinion, with the older sales and why I was never big on promoting the previous bundles here.

          Thank you again Brandon! I appreciate, and will always appreciate constructive criticism!

        • Chris Huntley

          @Dave, Pat is my friend. He didn’t ask me to chime in. Jeremy kicked him in the head, so I responded rashly. @Jeremy, I read all your posts and I’ll concede, I overreacted. I still don’t agree with you, though.

          Your problem is you don’t believe that a person can truly have altruistic intentions if they’re going to profit financially from an offer.

          Two kids go to the toy store with their father.
          Kid #1 had to save up and do chores around the house to buy his toy.
          Kid #2 gets his dad to buy it for him.

          Which kid takes care of his toy better?

          Is it really that hard to believe that Pat is charging money for a product -AND- thinks that’s the best recipe for the success of its purchasers at the same time?

  • Chris Green (from Freelance Unleashed)

    Hi Pat

    Firstly, congratulations on releasing the product that many of your readers have been waiting for.

    Secondly, i’m really interested to see how many of the people that said they would buy really will buy. Especially as many people have become accustomed to getting bucket loads of really high quality information from you for free.

    Thirdly, I noticed already that the critics have started to chip in. Don’t let that put you off Pat, people will always critisise as soon as you put a $$ amount on your info.

    • J

      I am not taking anything personal or feel your comment is directed towards me. However, I was one who mention the price was too much for my pocket. Even though it is too much for my pocket, I don’t think that the price is unfair.
      It is just too much for my pocket and that is the way it is sometimes.
      Pat is a businessman and so are the others that contributed products to this bundle I expect them to price their products at the price they think they are worth.

      I just wanted to say I am not bashing Pat or anyone else who products are out of my range. It is what it is.

      • Chris Green

        Wasn’t aimed at you J.

  • Tal Gur

    As a previous client I believe the original only72 message was stronger – a wide range of products in two entry prices. I won’t purchase this one but in any case, all the best and congra for your first product Patt!

  • Rick

    1. How can people say something about the price? You cannot say if $197 is much or not if you didnt saw the product.

    2. If Im going to earn what you earn, and yes Im ejoying also a passive income but far from that much. I will never write one damn thing again. People should be grateful you even help them so such a low amount.

    3. People who cry about money are the onces who always stay poor, always keep working for a boss because they will never take any risk. (not all, but most)

    4. If you want want to be successful, follow some courses, (maybe this one), quit your damn job, and start working on it 16 hours a day and if you fail. Do it again and again, till you succeed. Oh and if your not willing to do that, then just stop reading, go work for your boss and watch some TV in the evening.

  • I.M. Strategus

    Looks awesome. I love the whole bundle thing.

  • Brian

    Congrats on your first product! It sounds like a great one.

    As someone who would be interested in what your individual product offers, the reason why I wouldn’t purchase the bundle right now is that currently, I don’t have a need for all of the different products.

    I try to follow the advice from a prior post of yours on concentrating on one thing at a time for best results.

    I understand that each of the products offered in the bundle are complementary and you could focus on one product at a time, but I think the bundle itself would cause information overload and I would be tempted to check out each different product, which would make me less productive overall.

    I also subscribe to the philosophy of not purchasing anything for your online business until you absolutely need it and I don’t currently have a need for each of the individual products.

    It would be great to see your product available separately in the future!

  • Richard

    Thanks Pat,

    I plan on purchasing the packages on and using that info to make my podcast website even better.

  • Sibo

    Hey Pat,

    I still remember one of your podcasts that I considered the best one up to that point (of courses there are lots of decent ones came out after that, so it’s hard for me to tell which one is the best right now) – That is the one you invited Jason and Sterling from IBMA and some other experts. I left a comment after at the post because I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the great value bundled by many fantastic Internet marketers including you.

    So this time, another great package (only72) comes to the market and I will definitely not miss the chance either. I will grab it today.



  • Bart

    Sold. Thanks for continuing to show us the way Pat! Congratulations!

  • Rohi Shetty

    Hi Pat,
    Congrats and good luck with your first product.
    I agree with Brian – it would be information overload for me.
    I already have some courses and e-books gathering dust on my hard drive.

  • James

    Too much for me too. I’d be glad to support you Pat even though you’re already doing FINE, but this price point is really too much for me. I would have thought about it under the $100 mark, but $200, no.

    Good for those who can afford it, though.


  • Mark Rayment

    Hi Pat
    I am a big admirer of what you do on the SPI however I am disappointed that you have decided to go down the route of putting your first course out as a package. I would love to buy it at a lesser price point than the whole package as I dont want to pay for stff that at the moment I dont feel I want to focus on. A big problem with people failing on the Internet is information overload and unfortunately that’s exactly what is happening here. I personally think that you will have priced a lot of people out at $197. Is there anyway you could just do an offer on your course?

  • Karl Staib

    Hey Pat! I’m curious to what type of community you’ll be creating. I watched the video, read the page and comments. Will it be a Facebook community or something else?

  • Alan

    Hey Pat,
    I am sure the courses are good but for $197.00 during hard times it is out of reach for many of us in the real world as you can see in the comments below. I hope you remember how hard it was when you started out and take in consideration when you sell your course alone. Think about it people are losing job many can’t find one, not getting enough hours, etc. Please remember the small guy when you decide on the price. Your information is great and I enjoy your website but I hope that you won’t charge just to make money instead to do it to have a loyal following because individuals know you are out for their best interest and not just tying to make a quick buck. Have a nice day. Singed – The average individual trying to make it.

  • Dave

    Pat I wanted to reach out to you as well. I am unable at this time to purchase your course for the price of $200. Not saying it isn’t worth it but it’s an expense that I just don’t have the funds for at this time.

    I must say I hope you aren’t moving in the wrong direction with your focus of SPI. I have been following you for quite sometime and even purchased several products thru your Affiliate Links because of everything you do for us.

    People follow you because your honest, helpful and trustworthy. We are all very grateful for everything you give away freely. And in return you make a very good living because of your followers and supporters. I just hope this isn’t a trend that your moving towards. Started with free, then affiliate links, now paid courses. Hopefully your SPI site won’t be going paid anytime soon.

    Just don’t forget the little guys in your quest to wherever you are going in the future. Because without us nobody succeeds. I wish you the best.

  • Eyram

    Got it.

    Looks interesting so far.. My main objective is to learn everything! The fact that you put all of these resources into a bundle is awesome!

    Seriously… If you take the time to go through each tip and apply it, there is no reason we can’t be like Pat…

    …earning while having fun 😉

  • Ales Polacek

    Hi Pat

    I am hopefully just minutes from starting my first blog. You inspired me so much. I am going to buy the course. I am pursuaded you would not offer this, if you would not believe it is great.

    Best regards

  • rhuber

    I just started following your blog about a month ago, and I am loving the content. I have followed and used Cliff Ravenscraft’s as a resource and I know he is the absolute authority on podcasting. Many of the top podcasters/bloggers today got started with his help. So the credibility is there.

    The thing that concerns me is the whole Only72 thing. There is now way to read a single review until after I have already paid. I have tried looking for solid reviews on their past packages, but I can’t find any. Their facebook site has been inactive since 2010, so no info there. There twitter page is active, but only with pitches for the packages… I see no other useful information. This understandably makes me nervous to pull the trigger. I trust the providers of the information delivered, but as a whole… I have no idea what I am buying and and no way to find out.

    Anyone have any information or any experience they can share?

    • Jack

      You should look at the reviews of the individual courses being offered. Some products are new, but there is a 60 day money back guarantee too.

      • rhuber

        That’s good to know. Thank you. I have no problem paying for the work that goes into quality education packages. I just didn’t get this Pay-Now, find out later system in place by Still trying to find info on customer experiences – haven’t found any yet. If I do find something and it is mostly positive, I will buy in.

    • Cathy Presland

      Rhuber – great question and definitely something we can take account of in future packages. In the meantime, my course page has quite a few reviews. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

      All the best,

  • Alex

    This looks like a great deal, and if I hadn’t just got into a car accident and needed to pay a lot of bills, I’d be all over it. Pat, if you end up selling your course as a stand-alone (1/6 of $197 is like $35) I would definitely buy it.

    Regardless, congratulations both to Pat and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this awesome deal.

  • Pascal

    To those who have already bought the course, I would certainly appreciate your review (at least on Pat’s section of the course), if possible before the 72 hour window expires. Thanks in advance to those providing valuable feedback.

    • Sarjono

      A decent respect you receive when it is working hard to reach your goals

  • Angela

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of Pat’s product and I think it alone justifies the $197 price. I’m excited about the other courses too and just picked up the whole bundle.

    At first glance Pat’s course is well-designed, nicely organized, with consumable and actionable video training. I’m looking forward to diving in deeper.

    Congrats and thank you Pat!

  • Josh Lee

    Great plug, too, from Darren Rowse at problogger: “Two of guys [sic] behind this bundle are people I’ve come to know and respect – many will be familiar with them – Pat Flynn and Adam Baker. They are experienced online entrepreneurs who not only do well at business but who are genuine guys who act with good faith, transparency and a down to earth approach.”

  • Heidi

    Hi Pat,
    Where can I buy just your Breakthrough Blogging course? I’d really rather not pay $197 (actually I don’t even have that much!) for it and I’m not interested in any of the other courses from people I don’t know and don’t care about.

    This feels quite strange to me… have given so much away for free but now you are suddenly asking such a high price! I just want your course and not the rest. Thanks.


    • Ross

      I agree with you Heidi.
      Readers want this to be a time to repay him for all the great free content and not random strangers.
      If it was me I would have launched it at $67 and had an upsell of 27 a month for a private forum. With a price increase of B.b to 197 dollars shortly after.
      Interesting to watch this comments and how this plays out.
      All the best Pat.

    • Sajid

      I agree with you. I am glad that Pat released a course. I would rather follow Pat than anybody else. Now, it is also confusing who should we look for for the information? I personally feel that Pat should stick to his own course instead of bringing somebody else in.

    • John

      I do not understand
      why cant Pat release his course for free ?
      like he have always been doing

      he does not need the money
      he is earning $50k per month.

      Interested to see how this work out

      • Derek

        John, do you give away your work for free? It doesn’t matter how good or bad his business is going.

        He put time into developing something — and even though I haven’t seen it, I know it’s valuable.

        He SHOULD charge for it. Should probably charge more than he’s charging.

        • Tom ripely

          Mr halpen

          Your to rich to care

          The objection is why do we have to buy the other guys stuff we don’t want it?

          And yes we has he started charging.. Masterminds an friends telling him to monetize I expect

        • Derek

          Back when I was a kid, I played this card game called “Magic the Gathering.” I was like 10.

          I wanted to play it real bad, but I needed cards. And those cards were real expensive.

          My mom couldn’t afford to buy me as many cards as I wanted. Did I write to the company, Magic, and ask say, “Can you give me your cards for free? You’re already making a lot of money.”


          I went and figured out how to earn money on my own, so I could buy the cards myself.

      • Sailor Moon


        This type of thinking that you have is dangerous. You can’t start a business if you’re scared to ask for money. Sure, you can provide a ton of cool stuff for free, but if you genuinely care about your customers, then you have to ask for money.

        I know that sounds a bit weird so let me explain…

        Most people who spend their money for things to improve their life, commit to it. Would you pay for a personal trainer and just sit on the couch? Of course not. The same could be said about this course. If you pay for this course, I guarantee there is a MUCH higher chance that you’ll actually USE this course and take action. If you pay for this, you’ll make time for it, even if you think you don’t have the time now.

        You’ll be much more productive. Pat provides great value for free, so if he wants to sell something, something you’ll give your hard-earned money for, you can believe that it’ll be damn good.

  • Tim

    Hey Pat,

    Good luck with the new course. I hope you sell loads :o)


  • D.S.

    Congrats Pat! I’m sure the course is top shelf. Looking forward to checking it out. I’m a bit peeved how some people are taking issue with the fact your selling something. Do they not realize they are on a blog about generating income?

    I honestly feel sorry for them, it’s a not a healthy mindset or perspective. The idea its wrong to be compensated for the value, time & energy you focus into a product or service is mind boggling.

    No one is forcing anyone to buy. Its borderline offensive that some people have this entitlement view going on.

    However, the sad truth about the negative feedback is that it’s your fault Pat. You gave to much for to long to freely. Start creating and delivering more value. Intentionally, create a divide and cull the weeds…Your better off with less fans, since the ones who stick around will find more value in what you offer and will give you more value in return.

    On a side note, since some people do want to buy but find the price high, have you looked into offering a split pay option? Would probably increase sales and help get the content/value in the hands of more people.

  • JD

    I echo DS. I am a bit peeved by all the comments from people upset about you charging for a product, especially after all the amazing information you share for free.

    Currently running a successful site myself, I am always amazed at what people expect for free. I get calls and emails constantly with people looking for free advice (and wanting detailed, long answers). Not that i don’t want to help people, but when it’s your full-time job, I can’t be spending 5 hours a day answering email.

    I’m half tempted to visit the sites of all the people that were critical of you charging and call them to ask for free advice. Unfortunately, it looks like many of these don’t have linked sites. When they try to generate revenue from their blog, we’ll see how the feel about charging for products they spent countless hours researching and building.

    I am happy you’ve created a product and are charging for it, Pat.

    $197 is a pittance to pay for learning directly from you (not to mention all the other teachers in the product). While I understand one might not have the funds available, it’s certainly not priced too high. I am pretty sure my cable bill for the last two months was $197 and I am certainly going to get more value from this course than the trash I watch on tv.

    Best of luck to all.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you DS and JD for your support. I appreciate you!

  • Pavel

    I might be in a minority here…but still I’d like to voice my thoughts if I can.


    I have been a follower of yours for over 2 years and your blog is the only blog I read on regular basis. I also subscribe to your e-mails as well. The reason why I loved your stuff was two fold: 1. Great, useable content. 2. The absence of contant non-stop selling of products.

    And to be honest, lately I have been reluctant to open/read your e-mails or go to the blog. The sale pitches are now coming non-stop, mastermind group, your kindle book, your other video book/course, this blogging course, etc, etc, etc.

    I understand that you want to make more $, but in the process you’re becoming more and more like all those other slick salesmen/bloggers I don’t read anymore.

    And it saddens me to see this…..I miss the “old” Pat and your laid back approach. :(

    And I also would like to respond to the commenters like “D.S.” who are basically saying – you better off with less fans, selling is great, mo’ money, getting paid is everything, etc, etc, etc.

    This blog, this whole identify is built on the premise that Pat is “different”, he is not like all those other salesmen, he is genuine and he is successful despite not pushing his stuff 24/7 in every single e-mail or blog post.

    Now that identity is in danger, it’s no longer the case…..Pat is inching closer and closer to all those bloggers, which only proves the point that if you want to be successful, you have to be a pushy salesman. I am afraid that pretty soon the only difference between Pat and all those other bloggers will be his monthly income reports…..which in time will go away as well…..:(

    • Thriftypreneur

      Pavil said:

      “And to be honest, lately I have been reluctant to open/read your e-mails or go to the blog. The sale pitches are now coming non-stop, mastermind group, your kindle book, your other video book/course, this blogging course, etc, etc, etc.”

      I’m a big fan of Pat, and have zero problems with making tons of your own products, but I have to agree. I find myself visiting/reading Pat’s content less and less lately for this very reason.

      • Tipjar

        I mainly come here for the niche site duel posts. With those, you can truly get a lot of value because it’s actionable stuff that can make you real money. His podcasting guide was pretty stellar as well. It feels like Pat is still in the trenches with us when I read those posts, even those he does have a lot more resources than most of us have. A lot of the other posts are slowly becoming guru filler and it’s sad to see Pat take this road =(

    • Pat Flynn

      Hi Pavel, I appreciate you speaking up – thank you for that and also being respectful at the same time.

      I know I still deliver great, usable content. I have over 1000 people who are all participating in the Niche Site Duel who are all super stoked for the community my developer and I created for them at – and it’s a website that is 100% free to join with the intention of holding people accountable and making building a niche website fun. That’s a lot of people taking action right there, and I’m so proud to have been the catalyst for that.

      I don’t feel on my end that the pitches have been constant at all, but it’s extremely helpful to hear you say that is the case. Thank you, because it forces me to reassess. It’s not about how I feel, it’s about how the audience feels.

      Yes, I did recently came out with an eBook. It costs $2.99 and I’ve received almost nothing but praise about it and it has literally changed people’s lives. I could send you all of the emails from people who now have a better outlook on life because of it. Some people may think the way I promoted it was too much – with Let Go Day and all, but those aren’t the people the book was written for. Since Let Go Day, dozens of people have emailed me about their own Let Go Day stories, and some have recently had Let Go Days of their own. I love that!

      The mastermind group that I keep emailing about is completely free and relates to the Niche Site Duel, I was only reminding people that I was spending more time on them because there was so many and I wanted to be fair to all applicants. No pitching of anything there.

      And I’m not sure what other video or book/course you’re talking about is.

      Anyway, the truth is this: I will always put the audience of SPI first, no matter what. You are what brought me here and I will never take advantage of that. The intention behind what I do is always with the best interest of the SPI audience in mind, and that’s where Breakthrough Blogging came from. I do NOT want to be like those other bloggers and Internet marketers. I purposefully do the opposite of what they do because I don’t like what they do.

      But, I appreciate you telling me how you feel, and seriously if I really get to that point where I’m like those other guys and there’s nothing useful here anymore, please leave. I want an audience of ZERO if that happens because I don’t want to be that person. Cheers, and thank you again!

    • Anon

      I hate to agree with you but I do. I rarely open Pat’s emails now. He’s beginning to be part of the crowd instead of standing out. And it’s a bad thing.

  • L Renee

    I think Pavel hit the nail on the head. It’s not that most have a problem with Pat selling products. He is a hard-working man and DESERVES to make money on these products that I’m sure he’s put some hard work into. I never have a problem with someone offering a product where the price equates the value. No doubt Pat will make sure of that.

    The problem is more about the timing and I can see why all this might not be sitting well with some. It’s almost like he went from 0 to 60 with these launches. Also, what looks a bit suspect is they seem to be happening at a time where Google has changed so much and it’s harder to get traffic and money the way we all used to. The timing just seems bad. Why now?

    I do think the price is probably too high for many (especially with what’s happened with Google and people losing traffic) but I’m no expert.

    In Pat’s defense, I remember Darren Rowse saying it’s a slippery slope when you go from being a blogger who provides everything for free to someone who starts pitching products. It does rub *some* people the wrong way. But Pat can’t please everyone. Some have been asking him to release a product for a long time and then when he does, others think he’s being a snake oil salesman. He can’t win.

    I would also love to hear from Pat about why he chose this kind of launch with all those other people. I personally am not interested in their info. I would rather just hear from Pat. No offense to the others.

    Looking forward to hearing reviews from customers.

    • Dustin

      Minot directing this at you but the critics in general, but I’m disappointed in some of this audience. Everyone says they don’t begrudge Pat selling products (and why would you?) but your complaints bely your words.

      I think a lot of us are, as Noah Kagan would say, “Wantrepreneurs.” We think reading FREE content is just going to make great things happen. But it’s only a start. And I’m offended that some of you are offended. If you really read Pat, he hasn’t changed one bit, and no one does a better job of serving his community.

      • Leon

        Well said Dustin. Pat you offer more FREE stuff than anybody on the planet…And the occasional email pitches are not a problem at all.

  • Jack

    Pat, this seems a great bundle that you have put together. It might not be perfect for everyone, but the value for someone who needs advice on trying to get through the post-honeymoon blogging period, and wants to start, podcast, video series, and get a book out, is incredible.

  • Mark

    Hi Pat,

    Excited to see your first paid product coming out. If it was called “How to Train Your Pet Rock” I’d probably still buy it just to say thanks for all of the awesome free content that you have produced (and that I have consumed) over the past few years.

    Thanks so much for all of the awesome podcasts, the blog, your transparency, and for being an inspiration to me.

    I look forward to participating in the course and I appreciate all of the other great contributors that you are working with.

    Best entrepreneurial success to you!

  • Dan Horner

    Thanks again for all you do. I’ve learned a ton from you and the quality of what you produce is always first class.

    I have personally benefited from all the Tutorials on Screencasting, Keyword Research, your SEO Advice and the constant call to provide great content.

    You have a solid track record and I look forward to the opportunity to purchase Breakthrough Blogging.

    Thanks again for all you do for the SPI Community. Take care.

    • Pat Flynn

      Cheers Dan! Thank you so much, and I hope to continue to provide helpful advice to you – here on SPI and in BtB! Cheers!

  • Hannelore

    Hey, Pat,

    The course sounds fantastic, and the price is completely reasonable. But why the 72-hour time window? I do understand the marketing principle of creating a sense of scarcity or urgency — but wouldn’t you serve more people AND make more sales if you just made the course available for sale forever? That sounds like a win-win to me — good for you, and good for your audience, too. I’d gladly pay $197 for this course — just not within the next three days! Perhaps you’d share with us your reasons for making this business decision . . . it seems like a departure from your usual policy of trying to reach and help as many people as possible. I’m a bit perplexed.


    • Pat Flynn

      Hi Hannelore!

      Great question! Of course, there’s the marketing/scarcity aspect of the sale from’s perspective – and they do these sales for a limited time because not all contributors want to have a deal go on for all year round, but for me specifically I liked the 3 day window to get the initial group of members in there, who I can work closely with to refine the course based on their suggestions, make it better, add to it and put all the bells and whistles in it that anyone would ever want, and then release it again later with a product that is even better. I liked including it in the sale too because I was able to combine forces and courses with some other people who I highly respect. Let me know if you have any more questions about this!

      • Hannelore

        That makes sense. I’ll look forward to Breakthrough Blogging 2.0, and hopefully by the time it comes out I’ll be more ready for it. Thanks for the quick response, and good luck with the new course!

  • Robert


    I think it’s clear that you should be paying us to take time away from our busy lives to read your blog posts and your book, to listen to your podcasts and to watch your videos. You have some nerve offering this tremendous amount of high-quality information for years without ever once considering the strain it puts on us to consume all of this information. I bet you never thought about this while you were selfishly making podcasts and writing blog posts. Yes, “Be Everywhere” may be easy for you, but it’s killing the rest of us.

    • Mark Mason

      Man. This comment made me snort my coffee. Excellent, Pat.

  • Lan

    Yo Pat –

    I don’t need any of the course shit from but I just paid the 197 as a way to pay you back for helping when I first started. Cheers. Hope you made 50K on your first day!


  • Derek |

    Quality over quantity is always the way to go!

  • Jon

    Like others have mentioned, I’m only interested in Patt’s course, the others included in the sale don’t really appeal to me at all. I notice that Corbett Barr has a bonus in his affiliate sale for his start a blog that matters or 3 month membership to fizzle, which works out as a better deal.

  • Erik

    I just want to say that helping bloggers get over the 6 month barrier and beyond is a great value product and I think you’re spot on re.price!
    Just a comment re. selling your products…If I’m not wrong; SPI is your business and livelihood, and every business has two primary objectives; creating desireable products and SELLING them – everything else is secondary!
    You’ve got so much FREE stuff Pat that I wouldn’t worry about the few that expect you to work for free continually. Well done and good luck!

  • Max

    Sorry Pat,

    While I appreciate everything you do and everything you have offered I can’t justify spending close to $200 dollars on a digital product. Please don’t get me wrong – I’m happy for you that you’ve created something like this. I have no hate for you and have been a big supporter of yours for quite some time. I have no doubt that what you offer in the package is well worth the value but my reality is that I don’t have the financial status you do.$200 dollars to me isn’t isn’t pocket change for a person like myself. On top of that I have little to not interest in the others you included with this bundle.

    If you ever do decide to repackage it with just your content please let me know. Until then I’ll just wait and see where your next project takes you.

  • Riza

    Wow. I’ve read your post then went on reading the comments. I don’t know what to say especially that I seem like a passerby with all your loyal followers stating different opinions.

    I like what I’m reading and you seem to be offering a very good product. But then I don’t find it necessary to spend that much when I’m not even sure if the others you collaborate with offers digital products that are as good as yours.

    Thanks, anyway! :)

  • Maggie

    I set aside $20/month earmarked toward my education…which is pocket change compared to college courses these days. So I will plunk down the $200 and spend the next 10 months focused on this course.

    Based on all the value I received for free on your site, podcasts, and videos, I KNOW this is going to be stellar!

  • Jack

    Just a quick question: Is there a deadline on when these different courses can be accessed? If I buy the bundle now, will I be able to access all the material months down the line?

    • Pat Flynn

      Yes, you’ll have access to the courses down the road for sure!

  • Brandon

    2 years ago, Pat would’ve have laughed his a$$ off at that sales page, then would’ve went ahead and made 6 of the highest quality blog posts with HD video and done extensive case studies to completely dismantle that “bundle” and save us all $200. Now he’s part of it. I guess it is true…”you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. I literally cringed at the Gideon “interview” that was clearly 2 pre-recorded separate video instances meshed together to make it look like an interview. It reminds me of the sales tactics over at Warrior Forum where they record “live” webinars that have been clearly pre-recorded. *sigh*

    Pat, come back to us man. This industry needs more people like you, don’t go down that road, please.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks for your honest comment Brandon. The truth about Gideon’s video is that we recorded the interview together on Skype, and the quality was so terrible it was embarrassing (the Skype connection between here and Australia is never that good), especially for the video marketing component of this bundle. So, Gideon worked with his team to create something he felt was up to par and in alignment with the content in his course. We just used my existing side of the conversation. Can’t blame him for wanting to do that.

      And finally, about going down this road, this is just one product – my first one that I put my heart and soul into for those who want to become a part of it. I’m not going to constantly push this onto you. No full blown product launch formula, no hype or lies or false promises – just truth about something that was built to further the experience I have with bloggers who need additional and more individual attention which will take time from me to attend to, time that I feel is worth much more than the price of admission here. Nothing has changed and I will continue to provide free content in the way that I have been doing since I started :)

      And yes, those pre-recorded ‘live’ webinars…I heard about those a year ago and those make me sigh too.If you ever catch me being dishonest like that, please call me out on it.

      Cheers Brandon!

  • Joshua

    I got the bundle, and it’s fantastic. I’m loving Pat’s course, as well as all the others. It’s all great content and well put together. And the price is ridiculous. I’m amazed at the content I’m getting for the price I paid.

    I was actually about to sign up for another course that had a deadline for yesterday, and when I discovered this one (thanks to Pat’s announcement on the podcast) I went for it instead. They were both the same price. And in this one, rather than one course, I got 6. Pretty amazing.

    I am so thankful for what Pat is doing here. His course is amazing. Completely worth the $197 on its own. So if you are worried about not liking the rest of them, get the bundle anyway. I would be completely okay with being charged $197 just for his course. It’s worth it.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you for your testimonial here Joshua, I absolutely appreciate it!

  • Beth

    No question, the $197 is too steep for me right now so my blog will probably continue to be boring but I really trust Pat to collaborate on a quality product. I hate to pass it up but I’ll continue to mine the quality content on Pat’s blog…venture over to some others that this bundle promotes and strike while the iron is hot at another time. Pat, I say, go for it. Trust your instinct, it’s served you well so far, right? Congrats on the new product. I hope you do well. I’m sure you’ll turn this latest learning experience into more content for your readers/listeners.

  • Bert

    This is the largest gathering of disappointed Pat Flynn fans I’ve ever seen. Depending upon your perspective, “only72” has either damaged Pat’s brand or redefined it. Either way this blog will never be the same.

    I do believe that commenters attacking those who are disappointed in Pat’s current direction should realize that hostile comments directed at Pat’s dissappointed fans are incredibly damaging to Pat’s brand.


    • Derek

      If you think this blog will never be the asme, you’re right. It will be the same, minus the people who feel entitled to everything Pat creates. 😉

      • Dave

        Pat has built his reputation based on the fact he feels people ARE entitled to what he creates. It’s what makes him different from those who’s only motivation in business is ‘what’s in it for me?’

        It’s this ethos and value that Pats blog provides which makes it so special compared to everything else that’s out there. It’s not about entitlement per se, people would queue around the block to pay for anything Pat Flynn related, but more of a healthy, respectful and grown-up discussion about how the marketing of a product tallies with the ethos and value Pat has built his reputation on.

        The fact this discussion is a good thing is reflected in Pats extremely professional response to some of the criticism. It shows he cares about ALL of his readers and not just those who agree with everything he does. This is in wonderful contrast to some other bloggers who take a pride in marginalising anyone who disagrees with them. Pats approach is something others could do well learning from should they ever have a business which provides so much selfless value 😉

  • Deb

    While I wasn’t crazy about buying six courses, I’ve gotten enough free from Pat’s blog to justify spending the money. Plus, I can use the Kindle course, too! Still, $197 was right much. So, I cut my $197. to just under $20. I put some things I’ve bought dirt cheap on eBay and already have over $200 in my Paypal account from items I paid $19 for. All those yard sales and a little bit of work have paid for my courses already. Now. . . off to Paypal to buy Pat’s course! Can’t wait to start watching.

  • Chris

    I just wanted to chime in here.

    First of all, congratulations, Pat, on your new course and venture!

    I just wanted to put in my 2 cents regarding the debate that people are having.

    The value that Pat has provided on his site is ENORMOUS.
    It’s given me the confidence and guidance to quit my job and start my own venture.

    -Trevor Page’s interview was right up my alley and strikingly close to home.
    -Noah Kagan’s interview prompted me to take action and don’t worry about making mistakes.
    -Let Go was inspiring and just the catalyst I needed to take the leap.

    In spite of this, I was very close to buying the only72 package on launch day but I didn’t.

    I realized that at my stage in my business, the biggest thing i need right now is to do the hard work. Plain and simple.

    I just need to take massive action and finish the plan i put into place whether i succeed or fail. If i spend another week reading and watching videos, that’s another week of me not doing the hard work that will make me successful, i’ll still be in the same place and no where closer to success.

    I plan to purchase Breakthrough Blogging months down the road when I’m actually far enough into my business to make use of the information.

    If you don’t have an existing website or business, i would recommend you NOT to buy it and instead, devote your time to using Pat’s free materials to start your venture.

    The only gripe i have, similar to others, is that I can’t purchase BB alone. Pat has built up trust with me whereas the other 5 people haven’t. I’d rather put $197 all towards Pat’s products and his product recommendations.

    To sum it up: My point is, whether the content is FREE or it costs $197, that’s irrelevant. If $197 means that you will get up off your butt and start a business, learn and make mistakes, then that is priceless.

    In Noah’s interview podcast, he explains why he charges a fee for HowToMakeYourFirstDollar. The reason is because people don’t value free information and they just consume it, then they don’t do anything with it.

    At $197, if that investment merely makes you stand up and take action, then that is already well worth the money!


    • Dustin

      Great comment, couldn’t agree more.

  • Gugulethu

    It’s about time bro, Adam’s right, you have to share the knowledge and change people’s lives, Period! Thnx for not creating a how blog course by the way 😉 there’s a lot of those. Too bad it will be up for 72 hours. I look forward to the next release.

  • Matt

    Pat, it makes me sick to read some of the negativity on here. I don’t have a website, or a blog but love reading your content because I’m in the marketing industry and it has helped me immeasurably. I’m headed over to buy this just because you are who you are and have given what you have given. Even if I never use it to start a business, I’ll buy to support you nonetheless. Keep up the great work!

    • Pat Flynn

      Wow Matt – thank you so much for your kind words. I can take the negativity – I appreciate it actually because their opinions matter since they are in my audience and I care for them. Nothing will change, I just think things have gotten better. I appreciate your support Matt but seriously you don’t need to buy this to pay me back for anything – your comment did that enough.

      • Matt

        Too late…watching your “Thanks for Joining” video! Don’t worry, the money is well spent. As I mentioned, much of your content has helped me immensely in my current marketing role. Additionally, the video portions with Gideon and StillMotion will keep me ahead of the curve in that arena. If and when I ever make that first $ out on my own, you’ll be the first to hear. Thanks Pat!

  • Valerie

    I found your blog about 4 months ago now and love all of the content. I find myself listening to the podcasts to make sure I got everything, and rereading posts for the same. I completely understand the need to release a product (and I’m sure a quality one at that). But I have to agree with a few people on here, that I wish it was a solo release.
    I trust your content, I’m happy to pay for it and support you. But for $197, only contributing 1 part of the series – I can’t push the buy now button. If it was your course alone, I wouldn’t have hesitated.
    Can’t wait till the content is release again!

    Thanks for all you do,

  • Staar

    I have been following Pat for a year now and I am so thankful for all the information he provides. $197 is a good deal in my eyes, I am not quite ready for this training yet so I am holding off but might end up purchasing it anyway, too good of a deal to pass up for sure.
    Thanks again Pat for all you do for us at SPI and for making the Niche site duel 2.0 so cool. And as for some of the negative comments……….. each to their own :)

  • Stephanie

    After reading the latest comments, I’ve decided to put forth mine. I’ve been reading SPI since 2010 after hearing the podcast. What captured me about SPI and kept me a returning visitor was that there were actionable things I could do to start seeing results.

    I agree with the whole “Pat is changing” thought. However, I don’t necessarily think all the change is bad. I miss the Pat that would post Monday, Wednesday and Friday with good actionable content. The last few months I feel have been heavily focused on Let Go and podcasts with guests I can really care less about. There were a few (Neil Patel, Spencer Haws, and Alex Becker) where I felt like I was re-listening to the same thing over and over. Sean Webb is by far the most interesting podcast I’ve listened to. Noah Kagan sounded way too desperate to be “useful” when 90% of the podcast was him really talking in circles about his depression (which I empathize with but is not why I listen to SPI podcasts). If I have to listen for over an hour to get to actionable things, I’m really just tempted to turn it off.

    As far as NSD 2.0, I feel like it’s been so dragged out. I know it’s a lot of time and work to get things like these going but what I really dislike so far is the posts of “Hey lets talk about buying a domain” and then the actual post where you reveal your domain is in a future posts. I rather have more concise posts instead of you “building buzz” about it. I feel 2 years ago, you were more to the point whereas now, it’s been a couple months since you announced NSD 2.0 and we haven’t even gotten anywhere with it.

    Would I pay 197 dollars for the course? Nope. It is not because I don’t think I’ll get value but it’s because I find paying that much money is just too much for what it is. I’ve paid for similar courses from other bloggers I trust and while I may get value out of it, I never felt like it really changed anything for me. With the track that SPI has been on, I still like Pat and I still like reading Pat but it’s not the same Pat that was teaching online business as the Pat I got to know 2 years ago. If you released this product 2 years ago, I would have been all over it because I would have more faith that it would be actionable.

    I hope enough people have voiced their opinions to steer you back to your old self. This Pat to me is not nearly as interesting to read. I get that there are other aspects to your business you need to work on but long story short, the old Pat was better.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Stephanie, I appreciate your respectful comments. NSD2.0 has definitely dragged along, I agree. My timing was off and I apologize for that. Partly because I got terribly sick last month along with the rest of my family, partly because I’m exploring the new Google environment and wanted to get it right, and also because I’ve been planning better with how to get other’s involved in the challenge, which is something I feel like was terrible the first go around. We do have over 1000 people registered at who are in the leaderboard and following along in the challenge – that took a while to build – and I’m very proud of that free resource. Again, I’m thankful for your honesty and I am here reading and listening and taking it all into account.

    • Dustin

      Pat hasn’t changed – but the site, and the business, MUST necessarily evolve, and I can’t think of a businessman who considers his audience more thoughtfully than Pat. So I don’t doubt you’re getting a different “feel,” but if the site was exactly the same as 2010, are you sure it would be giving you the same type of actionable value?

      I’m not criticizing your opinion, I’m just hesitant to accept the “Pat has changed” theme I see in some of the comments. The site will adapt, some of us will like the changes, others not as much.

  • Arif Mardiyanto

    Hi Pat.. actually i have big question .. can i build better blog with original article only? since i notice there are a lot of web services today..
    can i compete with them?



  • Ankit Bansal

    This was something i need. ” Most people start a blog but dont stay with it ” and i am one of the most. My traffic goes down i get irritated and most often i start with something new. Hope this helps me.

  • Dave

    It’s not for me to tell you how you should be growing your business because you’ve done a great job so far without back seat drivers like me shouting instructions. But it’s not rocket science that extending the reach of your brand can be a double edged sword, as some comments on this post are proving :)

    I do feel putting your product out into the affiliate arena was a bad move. When I read posts on other blogs promoting your product with an affiliate link what I see is just another affiliate blogger trying to cash in on what may be a good product, but I’ll never know because they don’t have the same trust value that you do. They’re promoting it because there’s something in it for them and not necessarily because they believe in it, and in doing so they devalue your product and your brand.

    You would have made as much money, if not more, had you made this a purely Pat Flynn product, sold it exclusively from within the SPI brand and done so for half the price.

    But that’s just my 2 cents, and probably worth the same :)

    I think the main reason for some of the negative comments are due in part to people who have grown with SPI and now see it growing at an expotential rate and feel they no longer are part of that ‘community’ that you’ve so successfully grown over the years. I suppose it’s like when a friend gets a really good promotion at work, you’re still mates but there’s always that nagging feeling that they’re now one of ‘them’ and it’s going to be a bit different from now on.

  • Ron

    Congratulations on the new course Pat!

    Unfortunately I’m not a blogger so it won’t do me much good, but I’m THRILLED to witness the launch of your first product since most of your audience seem to be passionate bloggers. With that said…I feel compelled to address some of the comments here with my own humble opinion.

    First of all, as an business owner that has purchased many of Pat’s recommendations and read his blog while it only had 10 or less posts on it…I still don’t feel that I “own” the guy. If I email Pat and he doesn’t respond right away…I’m not going to stop reading his blog, I’ll just try again. If I Facebook Pat and he doesn’t respond, I’m not going to post a hostile message on his wall, I’ll just try again. I’ve witnessed other growing bloggers experience this sense of entitlement that some readers have and I’m getting the impression, Pat, that SOME of your readers believe that your sole existence is to make them happy ALL the time. Which is, in my humble opinion…silly.

    I’m starting to realize why gurus end up as gurus. When you get so huge…it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep everyone (and at times even the majority) in a constantly growing audience happy. As Pat serves more people, there will be more people he won’t be able to please ALL the time. In any event, I think it’s commendable for Pat to position his product in such a way that it brings massive value to the most people.

    Pat, you handle criticism like a champ and I know you love the feedback, good or bad. I’m also pretty sure that you don’t need anyone defending you. So consider this comment a passionate opinion from a grateful reader.


    P.S. – Reading through your comments, I see a recurring thread. People want to read about and listen to certain things on SPI. Perhaps a page with a monthly survey as to what people want to learn might be useful. Just throwing it out there.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Ron, I appreciate the time you took to leave your thoughtful comments, and they truly make me smile. I know I don’t need any sort of defense from my audience, and I’ve never asked for it, but I’m incredibly grateful and it keeps pushing me forward to do things with my audience’s best interest in mind. I know I will never, especially now that SPI is growing quite large, be able to please everyone – and it’s hard to take because I WANT to please everyone, but as long as I know my intentions are good I can’t really do anything about that. Thank you, and thank everyone else here who have left a comment – positive or negative, and thanks to those of you on the sidelines reading the conversations here. You may not speak up but I hope that one way or another your voice has been shared by someone here.

  • Melvin

    Very curious about the course, will have to get it soon. Interesting vid and article!

  • Blaine Bullman

    This bundle of courses does look really cool. ‘ll take a look.
    Thanks Pat.

  • MiaGal

    What you have provided to the internet society is awesome Pat. I’m very grateful for all of it.

    I have often wondered if there was ever going to be backlash with the transparency of your income. I can’t remember the name of the theory or term but it has to do with people being supportive of someone’s success until it gets out of their own comfort zone. For example, it can go from “hurray for him” (at $1 to $500k per year) to “who does he think he is?” (at $1M per year).

    Then there is the mantra that all of you expert online entrepreneurs emphasize about “let your reader know up front what and who you are, including monetizing” when setting up your blog. Some of your audience may have been comfortable with CPC payment but not necessarily the selling of bundled products directly to them. It’s a change to what they’ve come to understand about your blog and philosophy.

    I’m of the ilk that I’m very happy for others about their monetary success. I tend to get that “put off” feeling when they start plastering their face on everything and the videos include too much of them and not enough of the person they are interviewing or about the work. My thought is “Gosh, (s)he has gotten full of him/herself. . I’m in the group of “give me one good picture or two” like a book jacket. It’s a humility thing for me.

    Just all food for thought.

    You are a smart, gracious and giving person and you work very hard for others and it shows every week here.

  • Bert

    The more you give away the more you get back sums up this blog’s previous operating philosophy. That has now changed and some fans are naturally disappointed in that change. It’s that simple. No need to analyze people’s relationship with success, their sense of entitlement, or their political philosophy.

    • Greg Savage

      Pat hasn’t stopped giving though. Not to mention they don’t have to buy the course. I think people are being a little too hard on the guy. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything nor has he said “i’m going to start charging i’m tired of giving everything a way”

      Again Pat isn’t forcing anyone to buy a thing. His NSD2 case study… that’s life changing training right there and something he SHOULD be charging for. Most of Pat’s fans are spoiled.

    • Jeff

      I like ready your stuff. You sound credible too. And really that’s the most important thing. I’ve never blogged more in my life and I don’t think I’m going to stop. Thanks Pat!

  • Greg Savage

    Pat is there a way to just buy your portion? I ask because I have Gideon and a few of the others. I don’t want to pay for duplicate content

  • Nick Loper

    I haven’t commented in a long time but feel the need to chime in on this one.

    No one is forcing you to buy anything. Pat’s given us so much for free over the years, I’m honestly surprised at some of the backlash here.

    Like many others, I go out of my way to buy through his affiliate links as a small way to pay him back. I love the high-integrity, high-value, and high-transparency way he does business.

    No, he doesn’t need the money. Obviously he’s doing very well for himself. But it’s still a business. You don’t see BP giving away free gas because they already make so much money, or Google giving away free ads because they already make so much money.

    Charging for a premium product is not the heinous crime some commenters make it out to be. And again, you have the choice to buy it or not. The excellent blog, podcast, and video tutorials are all still free.

    Just my $.02.

    • Nick Loper

      Realized after the fact BP and Google may not have been the best examples. Consider Apple or Southwest instead.

    • Greg Savage

      I wish there was way give a ‘thumbs up’ on comments.

      • Nick Loper

        Thanks Greg. I should mention I’m not buying the Only72 deal, but have full confidence it’s worth every penny and then some.


        Because neither Pat nor any of the other sellers are going to risk their hard-built reputations over a few (thousand) bucks.

  • Beth Hewitt

    Hi Pat,

    Great to see you have a product out there and how affordable it it. I honestly thought you had done a info product already.

    Good look with the 72 hours :)


  • Mark rayment

    Hi pat
    I have commented on this post already but after reading all the comments I wanted to add some thoughts. My opinion : should you have released a product and charged for it? Absolutely you are a business and have every right to recompensed for your work. Should you have sold the product as a bundle? I think there is a better sales plan: Have two options , Option 1 Pats product $97.00 (i wouldn’t have even read the sales page I would have bought right away) Option 2 the whole bundle $197.00.
    I genuinely believe you would have made more sales and had less negative feedback here.
    I would also like to say that I don’t believe for one moment you have sold out, you are a genuine bloke and I know you will continue down the right road. I will continue to follow your blog even though on this occasion I think you have made a marketing error. However best of luck with your new product.

    • Pat Flynn

      Great comment Mark, I appreciate it! Thank you!

    • Jason Rasset

      I think there are some good points here.. Pat’s own product.. (been asking for years.. the only other person I know is Cliff Ravenscraft) and While I love Cliff I don’t have a need for his info at the moment…

      Sold out.. how do you sell out.. ? I realize scarcity is often used in marketing.. and I think the most effective use is when it’s a “beta” launch of software or something at a discount.. Then it has to be higher priced later… Colin Theriot just sold me on scarcity… deep discount for a number of hours then the price went right up.. still for sale .. because he didn’t sell out.. but he’s not lowering the price.

      anyways, Good to see you (Pat) doing something people have asked for.. I’m sure you’ll do much more in the future.. I can wait.. :)

  • Mike O’Sullivan

    With respect to everyone’s comments…it’s real simple:

    -If you want to buy the course, buy it. For someone who wants to aggregate the necessary, useful, relevant and current info on how to make a living blogging, you’ll have all that “how to” info for less than $200. I just can’t see how that’s “too expensive” or over the top when there are “traffic only” courses that charge > $2,000.

    -If you don’t want to purchase the course, simply take a pass. There will continue to be great and free content here. See NSD #2.

    I hate to say it, but I truly feel some people are either not willing to admit they’re too lazy to do what the $197 course will ask of them, so I’m order to hide that truth, they tell Pat he’s selling out… Or,

    They’re simply jealous of him.

    I’ve been watching and learning from Pat and this site from day 1. I have never seen someone so giving of his time and info. Or, someone try to make everyone happy as Pat does.

    Just remember it’s an offer…take it or pass…really nothing to get upset over. If NSD 2.0 doesn’t show people Pat is still committed to delivering free and useful info, nothing will.

    • Nish

      As Noah Kagan said in SPI Session #71, “Why not free? Because they won’t take action.”

      Agree With You!Just remember it’s an offer…take it or pass…really nothing to get upset over.

  • Jeff


    Just want to start by saying I’m a big fan of your stuff and will continue to be. You’ve provided enough free info and resources to all of the SPI community to to enable you to do as you so choose with your business path. That being said, doing this bundling with 5 others doesn’t make sense to me for you. I’d rather pay $100 for Pat Flynn’s course than $179 for a bundled package with 5 others I know nothing about. I’m sure they’re all very good at their crafts but again I don’t know these other experts. Have these other 5 people ever been mentioned on SPI? Maybe a quick podcast with them would help me decide to dive in but right now I barely have enough time to digest your info and now I need to worry about theirs as well. Just my two cents.

    Again, big fan and will continue to be.


  • Bert

    The vast majority of Pat’s earnings come from giving away content and making affiliate commissions indirectly from the audience he has attracted. That’s his business model and it has worked tremendously well for him. His readers are not lazy or jealous they are the reason he’s a success story.

  • Joey Kissimmee

    Man oh man. Some of these comments. Pat my brotha, let me tell ya that I’ve been there bro. I know exactly what these “negative” comments feel like. Even though they are more of a positive feedback type of thing. Most of them are just heart felt comments. People believe you’re turning to the “Dark Side: 😉

    The fact is that since you’ve giving so damn much of YOU that we’ve come to expect nothing but free from you. You’ve groomed and trained us to expect nothing but free. It’s a curse just as it is a blessing.

    I’ve been there before and in fact am there again. With my current blog I’ve announced a new premium product I’m about to release soon and some people emailed me already complaining about it.

    Here’s the thing folks.

    We as business owners, as online marketers, as people trying to make a living should NEVER EVER feel ashamed or scared to SELL stuff online.

    As Derek Halpern says, “I’m not running a charity here” lol, I love that. It’s so true though.

    Pat has done so much for each and every one of us. We shouldn’t lash out at him just because he’s trying to expand his business. I read one comment of a guy mad cause he sold his Kindle. WTF! Pat has been talking about his kindle for over a year. You had to know he was selling it. Personally I was surprised it was so low. I would’ve priced it at $9.95 minimum.

    For me, I can say this without a shout of a doubt that Pat has changed and made my life better both as an Online Marketer and in my personal life.

    I was already doing well online before I ever knew about Pat, but I wasn’t happy with my business. Pat changed the direction of my business and my personal life. For that I am grateful.

    Pat, stay up brotha. Keep doing what you do. You’ve touched so many peoples lives already and continue to do so. Hater’s will always be there. Even some of the ones that love us will hate us from time to time. But it’s those that will always love and support us through thick and thin that truly matter.

    At the end of the day we all love the fans. Haters along with the loved ones.

    Peace and I love ya for free 😉

  • Financial Freedom

    Congrats Pat, good things do come to those who wait. Another great way to build passive income and wealth building.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog . com

  • Vickie

    As a businessperson myself, I think the sincere, honest, and RESPECTFUL comments (even those disagreeing with the sales approach) are valuable. I know I appreciate hearing from folks (respectfully) who don’t agree with something I’m doing because it helps me “check myself” and make sure I’m not going too far off my path.

    As a loyal follower/fan of SPI, I am so happy to see that you selling products now. I also subscribe to the newsletter and do not agree with those who have commented that your emails have become to salesy. When you are selling something, you’re pretty clear about it and don’t try to sneak it into a bunch of text as I’ve seen others do. You’re still honest and forthcoming and provide plenty of emails that offer only tips without a product. This is why my partner and I are avid fans!

    Keep up the awesome work, Pat!

  • Lourdes Welhaven

    Wow! I’ve been reading through everyone’s posts and been pretty amazed at the passionate responses.

    My take is a bit different from everyone else’s.

    First, congratulations Pat on your first product. Well done and it’s about time.

    See…here’s the thing, Pat’s teaching us by example yet again and right now. Take a very sober look at his income reports. You’ll see that he is consistently generating most of his income as an affiliate from BlueHost. That should make him and anyone else in his shoes pretty nervous. Sure BlueHost is very well established, but you never know when things might change and through no fault of Pat’s he could lose more than half of his income over night.

    Think that can’t happen? Take a look at what Amazon did to their California affiliates with the change in sales tax laws in California. Google it. Sure Amazon eventually welcomed back their affiliates but not without a lot of stress, strife and loss of income.

    Then take a look at the rest of his income from his reports…the overwhelming majority is from affiliate sales…he is putting his livelihood, his family …and…yes…our learning at risk by not diversifying.

    We should ALL be developing products in our niches where it makes sense and where we can. We should ALL be diversifying our income streams (online and offline).

    Just so you know, I passed on Pat’s course for right now only because I’m in the middle of 3 courses (yes 3) that I’m going through right now and I have to give them and my investment my full attention. None of them were as INexpensive as the bundle…not hardly. But if the caliber of what Pat gives away for FREE on this website is so awesome…just think and imagine of what you can expect from a paid course by Pat.

    I don’t know Pat personally, but I feel as if I know him from watching, following and learning from him through all of these years and I know that he doesn’t do anything half way. I would expect for his course to be nothing short of excellent.

    So, Pat, thank you for setting the example once again, for teaching us through your actions the importance of diversification AND that we can and should all be developing our own info-products. Once again, Pat, you are an inspiration.

  • Paul

    Pat good for you for creating and finally selling your own product.

    I’m really not interested in the bundle but its cool to see you do your thing and put something out there. If it is like everything else I have seen you do I’m sure it will be awesome.

    I don’t really understand the people that are put off by you actually selling your own product, yet they are ok with you being an affiliate for others. If anything if I had a choice of your product or another persons product in the same niche I would choose yours just because of all the time and work you have put into the free content you have given away. Not even to mention the fact that the quality is a given when your involved.

    I doubt you even remember but you have helped me twice personally. Once I asked if I could use your ebook disclaimer and within minutes you told me to feel free. I also asked for help own setting up my mixer a year or so later. Not only did you email me back with the answer to my question you even sent a picture too!

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this product and get it when it is offered next. Keep doing what you do Pat.

  • Mark Mason

    Dear SPI brothers and sisters;

    Posting this is against my better judgement — because I know that people will react to my words without thinking in many cases. Still, here I am. Why?

    Well, yesterday I spent way more time than I should have reading comments from people like Jeremy on this post. The whole discussion really frustrated me. Basically in one crazy paragraph, Jeremy declared July 1 a “sad day” in SPI history, accused Pat of not being genuine, described Pat as fake and dishonest, and said Pat’s behavior made him “feel gross.”

    And that was just the first two paragraphs. I personally wanted to vomit.

    Full disclosure: I know Pat really well, and I have a very strong pro-Pat bias based in my personal experience since 2008. I’ve known him since before his green exam academy (InTheLEED) days. So, my extreme bias comes from really getting to know Pat. For years. From eating dinner with him in San Diego. From talking to him on the phone. From sending him a Christmas card. You get the idea.

    Please know that I really tried to understand Jeremy’s point of view.

    In his confusing back pedaling discourse, Jeremy goes on to say that what he really means is that his personal preference is to visit websites where the content is free because he can “never completely trust someone who is trying to sell him something.” Now my personal opinion is that Jeremy’s entire point of view on this situation is selfish, unrealistic and thoughtless — but that’s just my opinion. I also know that it’s Jeremy’s right to express his opinion. And I respect Pat for the way he handles guys like Jeremy…

    But here is the hard truth:

    The major problem that I have with Jeremy’s position is the assumption that creating paid products means that there will be less free stuff. Usually, the reverse is true. This is a scarcity mentality — and it is destructive. The real truth is that the more successful Pat is, the more people he can help. It’s not like Pat took something that was free and took it away from people.

    Pat created something completely new that people have been begging him for that did not otherwise exist. It will help people. A few people will probably use the stuff they learn to feed their families. In fact, the approach that Pat took is this course is something completely new — and it’s really awesome.

    As for Jeremy — I hope Jeremy finds what he is looking for out there. I really do. And I hope he finds it somewhere else — far, far away from the positive, forward-looking, energetic, empowering SPI community. Jeremy and guys like him who have a scarcity mentality bring us all down.

    OK — done ranting. Phew. Still with me?

    So — I got that off my chest and then I realized that calling Jeremy out is not the most helpful thing that I could do…at least I did not go off on him as badly as Derek did – LOL – …but still doesn’t help all that much. People recognize Jeremy for what he is without my help in most case.

    After a while, I got to thinking. Why did Pat create a paid product in the first place? And does that make sense? After thinking about it, I came up with several reasons why paid products are good for the SPI community, good for Pat, and good for Jeremy.

    1. Good Business. First and foremost — creating value and exchanging value for money is what businesses do. Healthy ones anyway. Pat created a product that went far beyond his normal “free content quality” which is very high. He created a lot of value, and people are willing to exchange money for that value. This is important because it gives incentive for people like Pat to do great things. This is the fundamental foundation of all free market economics everywhere.

    2. Diversity. Let’s face it, if BlueHost decided tomorrow that it no longer wanted to have an affiliate program, Pat’s income would decrease dramatically. In fact, most of his income depends on stuff that is outside of his control — namely affiliate programs. It makes sense that Pat should diversify his business. Most people here want to see Pat be successful (even Jeremy says he wants Pat to be successful, although his actions suggest otherwise).

    3. Perceived value. Pat mentioned this — and it is true. People take stuff more seriously when they pay for it. It’s why people buy new running shoes — because seeing that $150 pair of shoes makes you feel guilty when you don’t use them. Same goes for courses.

    4. People asked for it. People have been asking Pat for this course for years. Thousands of people will cheerfully buy it over the lifetime of the course.

    5. It’s better than a free course would be. Pat cares a lot about value. There’s something about when you take people’s money – it pushes people like Pat to the next level. Pat is driven to make sure that the course is way more valuable than the cost — by a large multiple. The fact is, when a course is free, anything is infinitely more valuable than what you paid for it — so that motivation is not there.

    I’m sure that there are more reasons….but I’m spent.

    One last point:

    Personal advice for Jeremy: Calling someone “dishonest” when they aren’t can get you in a lot of trouble. You might consider looking at legal definitions for libel and slander in your down time between attacks.

    Best regards and much love,

    P.S. Here is a phone number where you can reach me if you need to +1-214-444-8655

    • Ron

      Well said, Mark.

      And the great thing about Pat is that he’ll probably use this experience to teach others about product launches in some kind of way. I swear, reading some of these comments, literally, infuriated me.

      The guy brings out a free niche site duel forum/mastermind group/leadership board, takes on six people to mentor at NO CHARGE, removes a podcast to ensure the integrity of his brand, AND continues to give away his best ideas and income reports no matter how big he gets and people still aren’t satisfied. I weep for humanity.

      Again, Pat, thank you.

      • MiaGal

        I’m wondering if there is a teachable lesson of how to handle a post that many deem as inflammatory. Seriously.

        With more than 150 positive, supportive post, one comes along that inflames many, is it best to ignore it and allow it to quickly becomes a blip on a rather large screen? Or do you allows others to attack and ridicule the poster(s) again and again while defending your work? Or do you respond quickly to the poster to nip it in the bud, in an attempt to to allow the work to be the focus again? Or is there some other option? And at what point do you vet the responses? Where is the line?

        I’m new to the online blogging business sector. I’m really trying to learn from this situation.

        I became an online rubber necker today by stopping by the site today to see how this played out. Plus I really like reading Bert’s succinct and well written responses about the postings on this subject.

        • Mark Mason

          Yep — staying on the high road is always best — which is exactly what Pat has done here…

      • Nish

        people still aren’t satisfied.

        because they are people, god even can’t satisfied them. how pat can???? LOL

  • Gary

    I took a class with Pat after NSD 1 for I think it was $795 for 10 classes.
    It was awesome. I don’t regret a Penney.
    Pat went out of his way to make everybody feel that they are getting maximum results.
    Pat I think the only mistake in HMO is that you shouldn’t have collaborated with the other bloggers, just stick with what you are good at and create your “own” product and you will be a huge success!

    Quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe:
    “Beware of dissipating your powers; strive constantly to concentrate them. Genius thinks it can do whatever it sees others doing, but it is sure to repent every ill-judged outlay.”

    Good luck and keep up the great work!

  • Sheila

    Dear Pat,

    I’m new to SPI and I must say, I keep coming back because of the positive, enthusiastic vibe you have. I can’t keep up with all the free, stellar content! I’m slowly going through your podcasts. I’ve started listening to other entrepreneur podcasts, and I prefer yours from the others because you don’t do nearly as much banter and get straight to the nitty gritty info and detailed content. Your family-friendly approach also makes you stand out from the rest. It’s refreshing!

    It seems that your generosity over the years has exposed the freeloaders within the community. All the haters and the takers. Unfortunately, for some, once you give them something for free, they will always expect it for free in future. They don’t realise that for everything, there’s a cost. They don’t appreciate what it costs you in time and money when producing all that free quality content.

    But you know what, you don’t need those people. If this product bundle launch has sifted out the unappreciative freeloaders, then see it as a blessing. You only need your true fans, the ones that will support you and your business regardless. I’m so glad that they spoke up for you over the haters. From what I could gather, these loyal supporters outnumber the haters.

    You don’t need the haters.

    I would have loved to purchase the $197 bundle from you (which I think is a bargain, by the way!), even if it was just to show my appreciation. However, now was the not the good time for me, nor could I afford it. I’ve recently just purchased other products that are more suited to my needs right now.

    I look forward to future product launches and what other new and exciting things you have in store for SPI. I sincerely hope the negativity here hasn’t disheartened you.

    Keep up the good work, Pat! =)

    S x

  • Idris

    Hi Pat, I am one of your silent followers. I will one day come out of the bushes :-) and show you what I have learnt from your invaluable web resource site. I so badly wanted to buy the package, but could not afford it at this time. But will look to do so, if it is offered again in the future. Just wanted to add Ron & Sheila’s comments that was put ever so succinctly. Forget those naysayers!!! I am not even going to waste any more text on them. REALLY IT IS A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT FOR YOU, TO LET YOU KNOW THAT EVEN BEYOND YOUR OWN SHORES PEOPLE ARE BLESSED BY YOUR “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” CONTENT AND VALUE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PAT & WELL DONE ON YOUR FIRST INFO PRODUCT, WHATEVER WAY YOU DECIDED TO PACKAGE IT!!! BIG UP! AS WE SAY ACROSS THE POND.

  • Gabe, help people that make $50k/month make it in 72 hours.

  • Bert

    I’m surprised by the number of commenters who don’t understand the business model of SPI. While the content on this blog is free, Pat doesn’t work for free. Pat gives talks at conferences explaining how giving away free content can lead to huge earnings. His income reports clearly demonstrate that Pat is right. There is money in free content.

    If you ever decide to build a niche site like Pat’s security guard training site and monetize it with adsense, guess what? You will be giving away content for free
    like every single adsense publisher on the planet.

  • Joseph

    I think Pat has made a good decision to close sales of the product for now till a later date. He is being very careful about the quality of the product he is offering to his audience. He wants to give the best value for money, and one way to do this is to be able to control the number of people you are rendering service to. He could have gone ahead and sold and promoted it to as many people as he wanted, but when there are issues and you are too overwhelmed to support every person satisfactorily, you lose credibility easily. This is one mistake that many internet marketers have made. I am glad that Pat is not following that same road. People who are geniunely interested and eager to get Breakthrough Blogging Course can wait till when it opens next again. Am sure he will keep his word and open it for sales later and I know that Pat in his characteristic manner will even make some additions that will make the course better.

  • Greg Jones

    Hi Pat.

    I am grateful for all you do. I do not even remember how I found you. Very cool.

    Our community started a grassroots community called North Bay Networking Group two years ago August 1st 2010. Consultants told us it was not sustainable. Guess what? We had a 102 people attend last month. Your work and site has inspired me. So, I am going to do my one ballsy thing for the day which I have been doing since I read the 4 hour work week. Pat, may I interview you for our new podcast? You are an insperation.

    with gratitude,


  • Alan Anderson

    once again an epic post with some great dedication for blogger community. Any way i have noticed that after the end of the post there is a email subscription box with SPI book and in the end of right corner there is a affiliate link of clickbank. I think it is a good approach to clock your affiliate links.

  • V-Pills Gold ?ikayet

    Hey, Congrats Pat, good things do come to those who wait. Another great way to build passive income and wealth building!

  • Mike

    Nice stuff. Looking forward for this, Pat. Thx. When will your next post about your niche duel come out?

  • Rick

    I believe this is a perfect example of what makes the internet so awesome. Everyone has an opinion and can express it, which is wonderful.
    As far as selling vs free content…
    My opinion isn’t whats important, but what is very important here is this. We all love watching Pat on his transparent climb up the ladder. His content is true, honest and again, transparent. The fact that there are many people here who disagree that exclusive content should be sold or given away free, is another open air learning experience for him. Watching Pat cross bridges live, is why most of us love how and what he is doing. This is just another one of those times we get to watch him make character and financial decisions in living color. A handful of complaints vs the number of sales, and the direction in which is chosen to head in the future, for me is the learning portion in this. That my friends may be the best free content we get in months.

    • Dave Smith

      What’s selling vs free content got to do with anything?

      You don’t charge for content but you do charge for products. They’re two completely different things. What’s important is how you sell.

      If you go down the affiliate route with every man and his dog writing about ‘my good friend’, ‘our good friend’ and ‘the worlds most trusted friend’, then I see it as just another affiliate opportunity for some less credible blogger and by association your product gets tainted. But that’s just me.

      I do agree though that it’s a good thing people can express their opinion and it’s nice to see Pat responding so positively. It’s just unfortunate that the Halperns of the world run around the internet shouting ‘entitlement’ like a bad case of marketers tourettes when people have a differing opinion.

      • Alan Anderson

        I think dave if u r good at something than never do it for free. Go Pat Go we are with you.

        • Dave Smith

          Doing what for free?

          I’m not talking about doing stuff for free!

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    I’ve been reading Pat’s site for about 3+ years now. I didn’t realize this thread had gotten so heated until Derek Halpern mentioned it. I have to say, I have no idea why anyone would resent Pat for selling a product. Personally, I think he should have done a product a long time ago so that people could give him a direct thank you for all the great free content Pat has put out over the years. Even “Let Go” was incredibly cheap – he probably could have charged a lot more for it. As you may have seen from his income reports, Pat fronted a substantial sum of money putting together all of the videos and resources for that project.

    If they gave out Oscars for free content, Pat would win one. If there was a Super Bowl of free content, Pat would be MVP. He’s given far more than his fair share of free content, and that shouldn’t mean he’s never going to sell something with a dollar sign. Quite the contrary. I’m sure Pat is not going to shut down his podcast or stop doing his legendary comprehensive step-by-step posts. I’m sure they will continue, even if he does charge for some products in the future.

    I also haven’t felt like he’s been bombarding his community with sales pitches.

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    he is a sales man???

    yes he is a sales man. he was a sales man.

    he sold the free content all years…. you got it free and praised him!

    now he selling something more valuable, and you are like hard on him???

    huh, you can’t buy it, leave it. Be happy with the free content!

    Remember every blogger is seller. either it’s free content or not!

    you learned nothing if you are in this industry.

    shame on you,negative peoples! (not pat)

    Go Pat, We Are with you! :)

    Best of luck!

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