SPI 055: Blog to eBook to Membership Site in Less Than a Year—Starting Smart with Trevor Page

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, we bring back another success story interview with someone who has built a successful online business outside of the blogging, make money online and social media niches.

One year ago, Trevor Page was working a comfortable 9-to-5 job. Today, he’s working for himself. Trevor is still in the “beginning stages” of his online business career, but for someone who is just starting out he’s doing really well for himself. He’s not making millions (yet), but he’s extremely close to replacing the income he had working 9 to 5, and he’s enjoying his work that much more.

Trevor shares with us how he started How to Program with Java and what he did to get it off and running so quickly after launch. In less than a year he’s built a massive audience, has received tons of traffic, authored a top selling eBook and is now accepting members to his brand new membership website.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • The pieces of advice that Trevor picked up on Smart Passive Income that led to his success.
  • Why he quit his very comfortable, well-paying job right after he created his site.
  • How friends and family members responded to his decision to quit his job.
  • Why his first entrepreneurial venture flopped in spite of 2 years of hard work and what he learned from that failure.
  • The type of content that Trevor created when he first started his blog that helped his blog to be a success.
  • How his health was impacted when he first quit his job and the words the doctor spoke to him that helped him recover.
  • The simple 5-minute action that drove 38,000 visitors to Trevor’s site when his site was only 2 months old.
  • What he did to propel his Kindle book to the #1 spot in its category.
  • The biggest keyword research mistake Trevor made.
  • Plus a whole lot more…

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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Cheers! :)


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  • http://andrewminalto.com Andrew Minalto

    Great podcast, as always!

    It would be good idea to make links to open in a new window in transcript PDF as otherwise it leaves the page (when you view PDF directly in your browser).

    Trevor should really start to monetize his websites more effectively as at the moment he’s really losing out on all that traffic he gets.

    • Pat Flynn

      Andrew, I respectfully disagree. Monetization doesn’t always come immediately when traffic hits a website, it can come months later after a relationship and trust has been established, which is what Trevor seems to be doing right now, although he does have a number of forms of monetization in place already.

      • http://andrewminalto.com Andrew Minalto

        That’s all good, yes but why not put some banners to good, high quality affiliate programs while he is working on other stuff? Or even AdSense?

        Can’t see any harm in that as long as products he promotes are high quality and related to his niche.

        • Pat Flynn

          I’s worry about Adsense in this case. I pulled Adsense when I started offering my own products, because I was sending clicks and leads to my competitors. But, I like what you said about complimentary products that he could promote. That definitely could work if there were any available that fit.

        • http://pagerankworld.com Brandon Bear

          Adsense tends to make less money than targeted affiliate offers in my opinion. There’s also the problem that 1 click = 1 set amount of money, when there are tons of affiliate programs that turn into passive income/reoccurring monthly income at least.

          I was always on the other side of the argument (agreeing with you), that people should monetize their sites early, so that viewers are used to the usage of ads on the site, but most people think it takes away from the quality of a site/the credibility.

        • http://www.discoverwithandy.com Andy

          I know what you mean Andrew about getting people used to seeing ads – if you wait a very long time, it might be more of a shock than if you do it early – and I agree with that.

          But I don’t agree that there’s no harm in putting up ads. It sounds like Trevor is going to hit his income goals very shortly without using ads of any sort. I think we can all agree that no one likes ads except the person getting paid.

          Yes, he might be leaving money on the table, but if he’s hit his income goals, why cheapen his website for a few bucks?

        • http://www.findyourcashcow.com Taline

          I agree with Andrew…no harm in monetizing

        • http://www.passiveproductive.com Sam Matla (Passive Productive)

          This is currently what I’m doing. I’ve got a few adsense ads that are just ‘soaking’ up some clicks. Is it a bad thing? I’m not sure, but the message I want to display to my readers is that although I’m offering them free content (with no strings attached), my website is also a business, and I need to make a living.

          Though in saying that, I’ll probably pull adsense when I offer my own products, like Pat said. Reason being that I don’t want to clutter my website with things that are just asking for $$, I’m sure it would turn a lot of new and returning visitors away.

          Anyway, I’ll listen to the podcast tonight – I look forward to it! :)

      • http://cheap-garden-sheds.com Ryan

        I agree. Building trust has been proven to result in more sales over a longer period of time. Some of my most successful sites aren’t monetized at all, I simply talk about something that has helped me out a great deal and they check it out after I recommend it.

        Build trust first and the rest will fall in place.

    • http://contentmarketingup.com Michael Chibuzor

      In my own case Andrew, I decided to hold on, even after my blog started generating decent qualified traffic. I needed to listen to what my readers truly want. I think that’s what matters – because some people have inadvertently monetized and chased the readers away.

      My advice to Trevor is that he should take monetization one step at a time. Thank you Pat for throwing an expert light on this issue.

      On the other hand, it’d be ideal if you write a blog post to address this issue of blog monetization.

  • http://360philippines.com Milo Timbol

    Oh man! Trevor beat me to it! Now I have to think of something else! haha. Seriously speaking, it was an inspiring interview specially for a programmer like me. By the way Pat I’m Filipino. Would you like to visit the Philippines and give talks here? :)

    • Pat Flynn

      Nice! Way to represent Milo! I would love to come out and speak in the Philippines one day. I was there over 20 years ago when I was a kid, but I definitely want to go back! Cheers and thanks for the support!

      • http://360homes.ph Milo Timbol

        You’re welcome and thanks for keeping us inspired! Yes you should and while you’re here you could visit your buddy chris ducker in Cebu. I attend internet marketing and blog seminars here I think it would be amazing if they could get someone like you to talk. Anyway, I’ll see if I can talk to the organizers.

    • http://howtoprogramwithjava.com Trevor Page

      Hey Milo,

      There’s no need to think of something else, there’s plenty of room in this niche. If this kind of thing is what you’re good at, then pursue it. Remember not to think of it as competition, because who knows, if you come out with a great product, we could always team up and help each other out with affiliate sales right?

      • http://milotimbol.com Milo Timbol

        Hey Trevor that’s a great idea. Actually I thought of it before but more of like a “build it and leave it” strategy which I know will not really work out that well. The way you did it is how it should be done : videos, membership site, constant updates, quality content. But I might still give it a shot target different keywords and like you said be your affiliate.

  • http://pagerankworld.com Brandon Bear

    Ahh, this is something that’s been on my mind since the first day of my site. I know its a long-way down the road, but I love the business strategy behind membership sites.

    My only problem with them is that you almost have to offer free content first to get the viewers, and then say “Hey, from now on there exclusive content for paid members.” I feel like there’s no great way to do it without it feeling like a bait and switch. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • Brett Bohannon

      Brandon, regarding the idea of bait and switch, I can definitely see how you could feel that way as the provider. However on the consumer end, the free content can still carry a lot of value, while the membership site can provide even more value for the folks that are ready to go to the next level. Internet Business Mastery is a good example of having great free content via the blog and podcasts, but also offering an additional level of value in their course (i.e. membership). So while someone could make it a bait and switch type of offer, I don’t think think it has to be that way.

  • http://www.patrickwagner.com Patrick Wagner

    Overall I believe Trevor has a good strategy for a beginner although there is room for improvement he should get a good deal of traffic as it is. I would run with it for a few months and then add new things.

  • http://www.patrickwagner.com Patrick Wagner

    Overall I believe Trevor has a good strategy for a beginner although there is room for improvement he should get a good deal of traffic as it is. I would run with it for a few months and then add new things

  • http://www.discoverwithandy.com Andy

    Great interview guys! Very inspirational that Trevor was able to quit his 9 – 5 and is now making a living full-time.

    As someone looking down the barrel at quitting my job six months from now, I especially liked the very end of the podcast. Thanks Trevor for saying exactly what I’ve been saying to my family and friends lately: I’m going to work like hell to make sure it works out, but if it doesn’t, at least I tried.

    • http://howtoprogramwithjava.com Trevor Page

      It was tough work, I worked between 60 and 80 hour weeks for over two years. First on the product that flopped, and then on my blog, membership site and even a podcast as well.

      So it’s possible to work two jobs, but let me tell you, it comes at a cost. I was really getting run down and your body has a way of letting you know that something is up.

      I think it’s great that you’ve got a deadline for yourself, gives you something to work towards!

      Best of Luck

  • Carter Johnson

    Awesome interview Pat! It really shows what is possible when someone takes the knowledge they have, package it and provide it as a value to others. As always, I love the success stories you provide. And keep at it Trevor! Sounds like you are doing awesome things. Pat, you should have Trevor (or other guests on your show) back after a certain amount of months to see what has changed since their interview was released and if they are adding any aspects to their business. I think that would be really interesting…

    • http://javavideotutorials.net Trevor Page

      For sure Carter, I’d love to come back and share the details of what transpired after the interview. I’ll be sure to keep in touch with Pat and see what we can do!

  • http://www.torontowebsitedeveloper.com Pete

    Awesome podcast! I’ve been working on something similar with drupal tutorials, though just doing them all for free. Been thinking about monetizing them for a while but keep letting the thought that no one will pay for them hold me back. In the mean time though, my views on youtube keep going up and positive feedback keeps pouring in (small income from adsense has helped). I think this interview may have been the exact thing I needed to help kick it into high gear. Thanks Pat and Trevor!

    • http://howtoprogramwithjava.com Trevor Page


      Kick it into high gear. No excuses. If you’ve got some content and people are giving you positive feedback then you’re already miles ahead. Pull the trigger.

      If you want to talk about anything at all, just reach out to me and I’d be more than happy to lend a hand

      • http://torontowebsitedeveloper.com pete

        that’s awesome and great advice – thanks trevor! and i’m definitely going to take you up on the offer!

  • Mark Whelan

    Hey Pat,

    Just looked through the show notes for this, can’t wait til I have time to listen to this podcast properly, it looks like exactly what I’m after. Massive congratulations to Trevor, sounds like an inspiring story; I hope your online business continues to prosper.

    Cheers for the quality content Pat.

  • Chris

    Pat your podcast that are very basic they seem to be the best stepping stones. thanks for helping me put this truck in gear. just starting to listen to this episode hope its what i am looking for.

  • http://www.freshrag.com Dave

    By the time you read this, Pat, the comment above me will likely be killed, but I just wanted to state for the record that I had an escort on top of me for a brief moment over at Path Flynn’s place.

  • http://www.passiveincomesystem.org Tim

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I hope trevor doesn’t leave money on the table by not writing a detailed ebook on his ranking process. I think that’s one of the biggies for folk staying focused to the end result. They don’t know if their efforts are going in the right direction and are too scared to risk it after the latest updates from Google. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • http://www.adrijusg.deviantart.com Adrijus

    Have you guys seen this guy’s success story of selling a book similar to Trevor’s?


    No use of Amazon. Big success still. I found it really inspiring, hope it gives ideas for others too :)

    • http://howtoprogramwithjava.com Trevor Page

      That is a great resource for sure. I read through it and it’s a great strategy that he outlines. I just might use some of those strategies when I launch my next book.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

  • http://www.xenapptraining.com Eric

    Hi Travor,

    Great podcast, awesome to see that’s other people in the Software Training Niche. Maybe we should start an Master Mind together?

    Anyway, I started out with a Lifetime membership to grow my number of videos, then recently switched to yearly subscription (60+ modules). Why not dripped content? Well did that in the beginning, but people wants the greatest and latest so a monthly fee with instant download is not right for me because people can download all the videos and the cancel. What’s your take ?

    Check it out : http://xenapptraining.com/membership

    Send me a DM or something to work something out together.

    • Trevor Page

      Hey Eric,

      Sorry for the delayed response. You ask what my take is on dripped content vs giving it all away… well for my site it’s actually a combination of both. I give instant access to a few hours of videos so that the users can sink their teeth into learning the Java programming language. That keeps them busy and happy. Then I drip the content out by way of one video every week.

      So far this seems to be working, as I’m able to keep track of where people are in the entire process, and I can see that they are a week or two behind the videos that are coming out… I think that’s a perfect pace.

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    That was an awesome interview Pat. You always seem to have a way to put together such great podcast. On top of that my brother wants to start something similar to what Trevor is doing with his Java site, just not around Java, so I will defiantly be forwarding this podcast on to him as a story of inspiration.

  • http://youronline.biz Darnell Jackson

    Excellent interview Pat.

    One of your best yet. Talk about taking it to another level.

    Very encouraging to see someone accomplish this amount of amazing success during the same time that I was building my niche site.

    I had the same experience that he mentioned where i’m ranking #1 but I’m not getting the traffic that the keyword tool estimates, 40k? no.

    I also agree with you on switching up from the “google” stuff.

    It’s time to switch to SUCCESS NOW activities.


    Make sure you’re READY first.

    • http://javavideotutorials.net Trevor Page

      Hey Darnell,

      You say you’re ranked #1 and not getting the traffic that Market Samurai claims… what was your Phrase-to-Broad percentage? Are there any stats in there that could have been an indication that the estimated traffic wasn’t going to live up to the actual traffic?

      If you’re willing to, I think that’d be very helpful information for not only myself, but for everyone reading this :)

  • Lumina Purandare

    This is a very inspirational pod-cast, particularly for those people who want to get out of their 9-5 jobs and setup something of their own and are reluctant to do so due to a variety of reasons. Even though Java programming language has been around for 10 years, with several publications on this topic,
    this did not discourage Trevor from writing about the topic that he was passionate about and persue his entrepreneurial path. Trevor’s commitment and dedication to his venture is incredible, and I wish him all success :)

  • http://java67.blogspot.ca Anubhav

    This seems very inspirational to any body, thank for bringing out such stories.

  • http://websitebuddha.com David >> Website Buddha

    Funny you mentioned Yaro because that’s how I found out about you Pat. I like Trevors “most effective 5 minutes of work” comment :) It’s funny how you can spend 2 years building something and get no results and on the other extreme spend 5 minutes writing an email to Life Hacker and get massive results.

  • http://www.lazybastardlife.com Jason

    Awesome podcast!

    Key takeaways for me:

    You have to put in the hours/work. Duh! Right. But how many people put off ideas because it’s work. (Trevor, hopefully you went outside a little and got a little sun during the last 6 months.)

    Despite what I imagine to be a somewhat saturated niche (especially for Java books), build trust with your audience with free, quality content and it will increase chances of success.

    Get a time machine, go back to when I heard Pat on Yaro’s podcast (2009?, 2010?), punch myself in the neck, and pull a Tyler Durden saying I’d be back in 6 months and 2009 Jason better be well on his way to fulfilling his online income plans.

  • Cornelius Benton

    Great Info, Trevor! Where did Trevor find his ebook developer? I think that would be a valuable resource tool or the qualifications he used to find a great ebook developer.


  • http://www.ipnostudio.com Andrea T.H.W.

    That seems very interesting Pat, a good case study. Thanks especially for the transcript as being not a native English speaker reading a pdf file is much easier. :)

    Have a great day!

  • http://www.efficientlifeskills.com Joseph Michael

    Great episode guys. Very inspiring. I love hearing about what others have done to succeed. I could listen to stories like these all day long!

    Pat, thanks for asking such great questions. Every time I have a question you seem to ask the exact question I was wanting to know. That is an interviewing skill that is often overlooked but so important. It’s one of the things that sets your podcast above the rest.

    Trevor, thanks for sharing your story and also being so transparent with your failures too. That is so helpful to see how others have failed at certain things but persevered and gained success in the end. It really spreads hope to those of us in the trenches 😉 Thanks!

    • http://javapdf.org Trevor Page

      Pat does have a great talent for interviewing, I totally agree with you.

      It’s really my pleasure to share all of my failures and successes, and as for your comment about being in the trenches, I see myself as being in those same trenches… so let’s soldier on Joseph!

  • http://www.48Days.net Dan Miller

    Pat – great interview. Listened to it while I was on the treadmill this morning. I’m constantly amazed at the variety of ideas that can be developed today. It’s an ongoing source of inspiration to hear your story and those of the guests you interview.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago at Steve Olsher’s Internet Prophets!

  • http://snitchim.com Eric

    Hey, Great and inspriing interview! I had to share that is kind of stuff makes we want to work smarter and harder!

    I really enjoyed and Pat you go to the Philippines I want to go with you!

    You really should look into going to Philippines I think the market there would be a great opportunity. I could help you if you wanted to go there.

  • http://thecollegeinvestor.com Robert Farrington

    Thanks for the timely podcast. I’m actually in the process of developing my first membership site/product and this was a very motivating interview for me!

  • M Malik

    Whether to run adsense would depend on the site. On my main site I run adsense because I don’t think taking adsense off altogether and replacing it with affiliates would be making me the $100 to $140 a day I make from adsense on that site. I run affiliates and Clickbank to complement adsense rather than replace it. I make a few sales from both each month and earns me a nice little income of around $300 to $400 from both together. I should be able to greatly increase affiliate and CB income if I have more links on the site that are currently occupied by adsense. I use affiliats and CB to diversify income on the site.

    However, on another of my sites I have taken adsense off because I make around $30 to $40 from it whereas I make $150 to $300 from around 4 to 6 affiliate sales. Why lose clicks to adsense when you can increase the chance of affiliate sales when one sale will make more than entire month of adsense.

    Its horses-for-courses.

    • M Malik

      Just to clear up any possible confusion, the figures stated for the second site is monthly, not daily.

  • M Malik

    In my last post I meant to say I could greatly increase affiliate income on my main site but I just feel it just won’t replace the adsense income even if I promoted affiliates more aggressively.

  • http://www.nativeamericanartschool.com Katherine

    Another great post Pat. I can’t wait to see the new site unveil!

  • http://www.davidrachford.com David Rachford

    Everytime I visit, I get value from your posts, sites, and podcasts… thank you so much for what you do; your transparency and true passion for sharing and teaching is an inspiration to me as I get back in gear.

  • Bhaskar

    Another great podcast

  • http://www.specsofall.com Prabu Krishna

    Thank you for the useful post

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com John Lee Dumas

    Trevor, you gave a WAY better interview here than on EntrepreneurOnFire…what gives? hahaha, just kidding, I loved hearing your story in a different format and Pat always brings out the actionable advice, something I am always striving to replicate. It’s great to see great things happening for a great guy.


    • http://javavideotutorials.net Trevor Page

      All of my family and friends tell me that they love the SPI interview just the same as the EOFire interview, so that means you’re BOTH my favourite!

      If all goes well, hopefully next year I’ll be tearing up the go-kart tracks with the likes of both Mr. Dumas and Mr. Flynn 😉

  • http://www.sharesandstockmarkets.com David

    Hi Pat

    Excellent podcast with actionable content throughout. I’m in the process of getting an ebook as a giveaway to my email subscribers and your ebook coupled with this podcast makes a powerful combinations. Cheers.

  • http://www.freeaudacitytutorials.com Carey

    Great episode Pat… great questions. He really had an amazing response, didn’t he.

    Hey, I also wanted to let you know that I’m very thankful you’ve gone to podcasting once a week. It’s the right move. I had kind of lulled into not paying attention to your stuff because it came so infrequently, but now that I know it’s coming once a week… I’m watching for it. I also think it’s pushing you to find more and better content. I notice the difference already.


  • http://javarevisited.blogspot.com.ar Javin Paul

    I have been following Trever page’s blog from long time and happy to see him coming this long. There is lot of things one can learn with these posts, hats up to you Pat.

    • http://javavideotutorials.net Trevor Page

      Hey Javin!

      It’s true, you have been following me pretty much from the beginning :)

      It’s people like Javin that put a huge smile on my face, I’m so happy to be able to help people out with all this knowledge that bouncing around inside my head… I’m always so excited to talk about business and programming!

      God I’m a nerd.

  • http://kaizenprint.co.uk Kaizen Print

    1st podcast I’ve listened to as I’ve just found SPI. Great work on all accounts. Looking forward to getting into the site

    Thanks Pat

  • http://lucidability.com Jamie Alexander

    Nice job, Trevor.

    Always great to hear about someone kicking butt online and I’ve picked up a few tips.

    • Trevor Page

      Thanks Jamie,

      One tip that I didn’t mention in the podcast was my marketing strategy right now. I actually managed to get in contact with someone (local) who has an amazing talent for marketing (in my opinion) and who’s willing to work for a share of my sales.

      I’m someone who’s way more talented at programming than marketing, so I really benefit from having someone else who’s not only awesome at marketing but who also genuinely loves to work with small businesses.

      This little partnership is going to go a long way for the both of us, and we’re both super excited about the future. On Thursday I’m going to be sending out a press release talking about all the exciting stuff that has transpired in my business… something that I would never have thought to do, but it’s now GOING TO HAPPEN because I have this wonderful partnership.

      So, not sure if that would work for everyone, but it certainly is working for me. Hope that helps!

  • http://seoproblogger.com/ William

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the SPI podcast, very inspiring! I think you should definitely have Trevor back on in the future. Hopefully this will inspire me enough to finally finish this first eBook adventure I have taken on. I have been following “ebooks the smart way” throughout the entire process. Loving the new weekly format of the podcast as well. Keep up the good work!

    • Trevor Page

      Thanks William, I’m stoked that you have named this episode your favourite. I’m sure Pat knows that I’d love to be on again in the future, if anything huge happens I’ll be sure to be in touch with Pat.

      As for your eBook, if you need any advice or just someone to shoot some ideas around with feel free to contact me via my blog. I love talking shop William :)

  • http://cheap-garden-sheds.com Ryan

    Another great podcast! Where do you come up with all of your ideas?

  • http://rachelraycookware.info/ Mike

    Good job Trevor!

    Always inspiring to hear when someone makes money online. Got to work on my own sites now!

  • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com Hector Avellaneda

    I listened to this the other day but I have to say that this was definitely a very inspiring story. While I think the entire podcast had many lessons to be learned from, I think the best thing Trevor said was int he ending, where he mentioned not listening to all the naysayers around him.

    It’s true! I can’t tell you how much crap people have given about ‘not being grateful for what I have’ and trying to make me justify ‘why I want more’. Like Trevor mentioned, these kinds of comments are all coming fromt he other persons pursuit to justify their own existence. Trevor is definitely a lot nicer than I am :) and while I definitely have given some people the benefit of the doubt, those that simply continued with their naysaying and just negativity, I’ve had to make the tough decision to completely distance myself from them.

    As internet entrepreneur we have tough choices to make every single day and I think who we surround ourselves with, is one of the most important choice we have to make.

    As always, Pat, Great interview!

    • Trevor Page

      The catch 22 I’ve noticed, is that once you start seeing success in your entrepreneurial venture, then the naysayers tend to come around. Some of them even decide to follow the path that you laid out! To me, that’s the coolest thing that couple happen. To turn someone from “You shouldn’t quit your job, don’t be ridiculous” to “Trevor, I think I’m going to start a blog, I have this great idea can you help me out?” is my version of a success story.

      • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com Hector Avellaneda

        Very true! I had actually never thought about it that way but you;re absolutely right. How do you deal with the Naysayers in the mean time? Got any advice. Maybe shutting people completely out may not be the best approach.

        • Trevor Page

          It’s a tough call, I can only think of one person who was consistently negative with me (even after my recent success), but I look at that as just being how they were raised. They were raised to be very conservative and not to take ANY risks whatsoever. Once I realized this, I just learned to kind of laugh off any negative remarks they made. Because to me, they are still a great friend and I know that in their heart they are just trying to keep me “safe”.

          So for me, I don’t believe completely shutting them out is a great idea (unless you just met the person). But rather, understand why it is they feel the way they do, then make the decision if it’s worth keeping them around.

  • http://www.thetopblogger.com Taswir Haider

    Awesome podcast! 1st podcast I’ve listened to as I’ve just found SPI. Great work on all accounts. Looking forward to getting into the site.

  • http://www.majesticwallart.com/Av.-de-la-Grande-Armee-in-Paris-Wall-Mural.htm Bryan

    Pat love your site, have been following it for years. Thanks again for a great pod cast!

  • http://thecrunchycoach.com Emily

    RE KDP Select: I have a lot of 99-cent articles for sale there, and the awesome thing about someone borrowing one is that I will make about $2 in commissions from the borrow. If they had bought it, I would have only made 35 cents. That’s what I call a great racket! 😉

  • http://thedroidcity.com/ Shiv@android

    hey i very nice to see your blog i got few most important tips. I look at that as just being how they were raised. They were raised to be very conservative and not to take ANY risks whatsoever. Once I realized this, I just learned to kind of laugh off any negative remarks they made. Thanks for sharing Great tips!!

  • http://www.thelmaharcum.com/ArtMediums Thelma Harcum

    I love this Podcast. It really show how one can start with just an idea and push to have a great product just using what you really know.
    Much success to Trevor and I hope he continues to have success with his programs.
    Perhaps in the next Podcast, he could explain more what Java script programing is for those who’s not familiar with it and how it could be used for anyone who needs to use it. However, I think you kept to the main focus of “starir-steps to developing and marketing your product”.
    Great job Pat with the interview as it was inspiring, real, and informative!

    • Trevor Page

      As luck would have it Thelma, I ran a survey with my readers about the next eBook I’ll be publishing… and guess what topic they picked… Javascript.

      So I will be publishing blog posts in the near enough future that will be focusing on this topic as well as HTML. When you combine HTML and Javascript you get a pretty powerful combination of technologies that allow you to build websites that are interactive.

      If you are interested in seeing those as they roll out, just sign-up for my mailing list on http://howtoprogramwithjava.com

  • http://www.doubledutchfit.com Tish Henderson

    Wow! All great comments. It is a challenge to develop a site from scratch, but it’s rewarding too. In the topic of Java with the content being a challenge and very specific, this podcast was great and useful. Thank you for the information. Well worth the 47 minutes.

  • http://www.mlwebco.com Mike Locke

    Great podcast Pat/Trevor, very informative stuff. Keep rockin and stay blessed!

  • http://AmparoDigitalMedia.com Aneudys Amparo

    Hi Pat,

    I’d like know if you can do a blogpost of you PostCast, so, Write all the that you talk into it, Because i dont listen very good english! :/

    Still in your Success!! :)

  • http://bootstrapcafe.com/why/ Adam Beckett

    Hi Pat and Trevor

    Superb. Made five pages of notes even though I’m an experienced Marketer.

    I’m focused on the most immediate, biggest threat facing all of us right now – which is Human induced Climate Change. (I work within the energy industry and have relationships with big companies). So indirectly you may help save the Planet :)

    Taking action immediately

    Thank you both


    • Trevor Page

      Hi Adam,

      5 pages of notes, that’s fantastic! If you ever need any help/advice with your project, by all means reach out to me. There’s a big space in my heart for all things “environment” (as that’s what my first big project and failure was all about).

      Best way to reach me would be via my blog’s contact page at http://howtoprogramwithjava.com

      So thank YOU Adam :)

  • http://www.poordoctor.com Buck Joffrey

    Great podcast. There was some discussion there about KDP select of which I am a big fan. I really think it’s the way to go. The market dominance of amazon with KDP select’s special perks really gives you a great opportunity to get exposure and monetize your work. I have a series of blog posts/video tutorials on KDP select that can help clarify how all of this works if anyone is interested–the one I am linking to here explains why I think KDP select is the way to go for most self publishers. http://www.poordoctor.com/?p=215
    Please let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I am saying. I have been working hard on this ebook thing (including promotion of ebooks) for a while (after hearing one of Pat’s podcasts)
    and these are my own conclusions but any feedback would be appreciated.

  • http://www.immigrationtoaustralia.info/ Mahmudur

    Thanks Trevor for taking the action and making the move. I am in a similar situation like yours but you have shown the courage and moved on. But in my case, I am procrastinating, didn’t take any bold action and hence day dreaming for years. I am not sure what is holding me back to pursue my dream?

    Anyway I am glad that you have already done this.



    • http://javavideotutorials.net Trevor Page

      Hey Mahmudur,

      I think your situation is a very common one. Perhaps you feel like what you need to accomplish is so large that you don’t even know where to begin, so you don’t! I think it’s very important to realize this and label it. I think once you put a label to it, you can move forward.

      Here’s my suggestion (for what it’s worth)…

      Forget about all those thoughts of “There’s so much I need to do to get this off the ground”. Focus solely on what it is that HAS TO GET DONE. For me, it was that I just needed to start writing some Java tutorials. So I did just that, in my downtime I just opened up notepad and started typing out tutorials. Simple.

      Then once you start to see all of this stuff that you’re creating just “sitting there”, that starts to get you going onto step 2. Momentum picks up from there.

      So the most important thing is that you just realize that you’re stuck, label it, then take step 1 in your process to get unstuck. It’s easy to do 1 thing! So if it’s content creation, just open up notepad right now and start writing, don’t worry about anything else… this is EXACTLY how I got started.

      Now, I’d like to say it’s rainbows and sunshine after that, but you know what happens after you get the ball rolling… you’re likely going to hit a slump where you won’t want to do anything (and begin procrastinating again). It’s natural, I’ve seen it in myself and my other Entrepreneur friends… but the process is the same, label it, and just get back to the NEXT step (however small) to get you going. Momentum builds from there :)

      Hopefully this has been helpful and slightly motivational for you Mahmudur. I look forward to hearing more from you :)

      Trevor Page

  • http://www.hannahmazing.com/ Hannah

    This interview has been my inspirational listening over the last few days as I am in the process of launching my own ebook, which I plan on expanding to a membership site.

    Thanks for the great content, Pat!

    • Trevor Page

      That’s a good spot to be in Hannah,

      Best of luck with your book release!

  • http://www.microbizaccounting.com Achabani

    This story remind me about my experience that is the failure part. I am not successful yet. I hope will mirror the success as well in the future. I also discovered you (Pat) from Yaro Starak and I always visit this site for awesome tips.

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    I just discovered your podcast and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the part where Trevor emphasized that taking 5 minutes to send out a long shot email paid off for him big time. That’s very motivational to me every time I think about new ideas that “most likely won’t pay off.”

    Trevor –

    Really enjoyed your story and hope things continue to go well for you. Stories where people go out on a limb and have that pay off for them are always great to hear.

    • Trevor Page

      Thanks Justin,

      I was thrilled to be able to share my story on such a wonderful platform. I’m still hammering away at this stuff and am always so excited about what the future will bring :)

  • http://loveanalytics.net Nicola Ihenacho

    Hi Pat and Trevor,

    This podcast has compelled me to stop lurking and make a comment. Trevor, I found your story very inspirational and a virtual kick up the backside! In the time that I have been contemplating, analysing and researching (i.e.procrastinating) my business, you have committed to your business, left your job, released products and become a fully fledged entrepreneur. You’ve really helped me get things in perspective and also provided lots of valuable tips. Thanks for sharing!


  • Brian

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