3 Brand New Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2012

2012 Marketing PodcastsStarting The Smart Passive Income Podcast was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

With nearly a million downloads (including over 100,000 in December of 2011), I definitely don’t plan on stopping.

In the year and a half since going live, the podcast has already done so much for me and the SPI brand:

  • Based on a survey, the podcast is the #1 way people have found out about SPI.
  • It rounds out my Be Everywhere business strategy and allows me to connect with people no matter how they prefer to consume content—text through my blog, audio through my podcast, and video through my YouTube Channel. (aka. The Content Trifecta)
  • Hosting the podcast has tremendously improved my comfort behind a microphone and overall presentation skills.
  • The podcast was nominated in two categories for the annual Podcast Awards, and although I didn’t win I still get a ton of recognition from being nominated.
  • It connected me with a client (a Hollywood Producer) who I am now working with for an upcoming movie this Spring. More on this coming soon!
  • It has provided me several more opportunities that I’ve had to turn down for different reasons: JV partnerships, job opportunities, speaking gigs, etc.

I’ve always encouraged others to start their own podcasts, which is why I’m extremely excited to see three people who I highly respect recently publish their very first episodes too:

Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt, Derek Halpern from Social Triggers, and Glen Allsop from Viperchillall bloggers who I’ve mentioned several times here on SPI before who each produce amazing content on their blogs, and now we have the pleasure of listening to them on their own podcasts too.

Even after just listening to each of their first episodes, I’m really excited for what’s to come.

What a wonderful gift to start off the new year! :)

Below are links to each of their first podcast episodes, in the order that they were published:

Man Vs Debt PodcastMan Vs. Debt Podcast – Episode #1 – Your Big Why and Defining Your Freedom : Adam’s blog and podcast are primarily for those looking to get out of debt, but he often touches on a lot of important lessons that can be applied to all of our lives outside of the debt we incur. At the same time, he’s growing like crazy in the online business and marketing space too, so I won’t be surprised if we’ll see some aspects of that in his podcast eventually as well.

Social Triggers PodcastSocial Triggers Insider: How to Get Major Press with No Connections : Derek’s Social Triggers Insider is not on iTunes yet, but that’s okay. It will be soon and he tells me that he already has 8 more episodes recorded. The first one, which features special guest Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School of Business, is incredibly informative. Visit the post because it’s not just a podcast – it’s sort of in a master class format.


Viperchill PodcastViperchill Episode 1 – How I Would Make Money Online if I Was Starting from Scratch : A perfect title for a first podcast episode from Glen, because we all want to know how Glen does what he does, right? This is a quick listen (20 minutes), but it provides a ton of insight on what he does and what he would do right now. One thing is for sure, this intro will make you wish it was longer.

Congrats to Adam, Derek and Glen for taking the next step with their brands this year – it’s incredibly motivating and I’m excited to see what’s next for them.


P.S. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast too, check out Learn How to Podcast—a completely free resource (no emails required either) created by Cliff Ravenscraft of PodcastAnswerMan.com.

  • http://optima-lifestyle.com Cristina Ansbjerg

    I highly recommend two more podcasts (3 actually):
    – The Lifestyle Business Podcast
    – Tropical Talk Radio
    (both by tropicalmba.com)

    And the Adsense Flippers podcast.

    • Pat

      Great podcast recommendations Cristina – I have listened to each and couldn’t agree more.

      • http://www.tropicalmba.com Dan

        SWEET!! 😀 Thanks Cristina! Appreciate you listening. I love the AdsenseFlippers podcast as well. Speaking of podcasts…. I’m going to record a show right now. I’ve listened to the three above and am looking forward to these guys publishing in 2012, all super sharp dudes.

    • http://adsenseflippers.com Justin

      Thanks for the love, Cristina! I listen to both LBP and Tropical Talk Radio as well…love the info/content those guys put out.

      As part of Pat’s “Be Everywhere” strategy we’re moving much closer to a weekly podcast schedule here in 2012…and will be looking to add a bit more videos on YouTube as well. Even with a much smaller audience (and less podcasts) we’re noticing a difference in reach that’s helping us expand our brand…

    • http://slymarketing.com/free-kindle-books Jens P. Berget

      Thanks a lot for sharing Cristina. I am listening to podcasts every day as I walk to work (30 minutes to work and 30 minute back home). I’m going to listen to the two you recommend and the 3 from Pat.

  • http://www.profitworks.ca Chris R. Keller From Profitworks.ca

    I really need to get on starting a pod cast. The benefits sounds amazing.

    Pat, do you do any heat map tracking on your website? If not check out http://www.clicktale.com/. I think you will find it useful. Here is how I used it for my site. http://www.profitworks.ca/blog/304-increase-business-sales-by-using-a-free-website-heat-map-tool

    I can’t remember where I found it….I might have even found it from you.

    • Pat

      I’ve recommended Clicktale before – although I think CrazyEgg is one that more people use and it’s a little more robust as far as heatmapping is concerned. Thanks Chris!

  • http://www.mymmatraining.com Brendan

    I just got done listening to Glen (from Viperchill’s) first podcast. Really great content!

    • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

      Thanks you buddy!

      (And again, thanks Pat for the mention)

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hey Pat,
    Awesome that you mention these new podcasts.

    Seeing your podcast success and now that Glen is starting, I’m considering starting an Upgradereality podcast.

    Do you think it would be just as effective in the personal development/self improvement niche as it is for you in the marketing niche?

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Pat

      I think any niche can do well with a podcast, as long as the content is there and it’s sharable. Try to find some successful podcasts, if any, on iTunes related to personal development (I’m sure there are some) and see what kind of success they’re having (and then do better) 😉

    • Anya

      I would be highly interested in the personal development niche. The Internet Marketing Niche is full of so many podcasts already with the same interviews and similar content.

  • http://www.realestatecareermentor.com Marty Green

    Thanks Pat! I’m going to check those out.

    Always good to hear more ideas, especially driving to and from appointments.


    Really excited to hear the viperchill podcast.

  • http://thevirtualonlineassistant.com/ Nica Mandigma

    I’ve already listened to Derek Halpern’s Social Triggers last week and the info he shared was so very useful, especially the drafting technique.

    • http://socialtriggers.com Derek

      Glad you liked it Nica!

  • http://www.killthewantrepreneur.com Ryan

    I’ve always liked the idea of podcasts just never felt I had the time to listen to them. Plus finding them was a laborious so thanks for giving some recommendations. I’ll have to add a few to my phone in the hopes that I find that time.

  • http://www.itcertificationmaster.com/ Mirek Burnejko

    Thanks Pat.
    I love Derek’s new podcast. First one just blowed my mind :)
    It’s very nice from his side that he doesn’t copy Andrew’s idea with video interviews (they talked about it in a master class in Mixergy).

    So, I’m waiting for your new episods. To be honest with you, I love the most the interviews with the non-passive-income-bloggers :) That should be some kind of series.

    Thank you one more time.

    • http://socialtriggers.com Derek

      Hey Mirek — thanks for the kind words.

  • http://www.moneyspruce.com Jeffrey

    I already read all three of these blogs, so I’m excited to see them take on an audio format! Great additions to your previous list of podcasts, Pat!

  • http://passiveincomebot.com/ Joe Case

    I’ve been reading viperchill for a while so it is great to get to hear him in audio form. Looking forward to checking out the others too.

    • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

      Cheers Joe,

      I’m glad it wasn’t a disappointment 😉

  • http://eSeek3r.com Craig Desmarais

    Hey Pat,
    I blog about Leadership, Positive Lifestyle Change, and Social Media tactics for positive world change. Know any good podcasts in these areas of expertise?

  • http://www.hothitmedia.com Ralph | Social Media Explained

    I would recommend “This American Life”

    It is about various stories in different sections of America. Can be political, social, humor and just a well put and more important >> well researched podcast.

  • http://www/thewealthcreator.com Dwayne

    I’ve been following Glen over at viperchill for a while and he’s great. I haven’t read anything from Derek or Adam but since you’ve co-signed them I will definitely give them a shout. Thanks, Pat.

  • http://www/thewealthcreator.com Dwayne

    P.S. Sorry I dont have a gravatar! =(

  • http://thelast3reps.com Brandon

    Already started listening to Derek’s podcast and I can’t wait for more, really great stuff! I’ve read some of Adam’s stuff and he’s got some really great content. Glen at Viperchill seems like someone I resonate with the most, so i’ll be checking his podcasat out for sure.

    Thanks for the recommendation Pat!

  • Wes

    Glad you have Viperchill in there. I’ve been waiting a long time for Glen to put one together. The guy has a ton of info, and it always seems like eons between his blog posts, so I can’t imagine how something good wouldn’t come out of this for both him and his listeners.

  • Gordon McNevin

    Pat, ViperChill rocks!!! Great first podcast! Thanks for reminding me to check out his site!

  • http://www.blogging24h.com Trung Nguyen

    I have just downloaded the podcast of Glen, great list PAT.

  • http://www.stevevox.com Steve Vox

    Thanks for the great post Pat. I subscribed in iTunes to the Viper chill podcast I look forward to checking it out.

  • http://www.hospitality-school.com Hospitality Training

    Yes I am also recommending “Tropical Talk Radio”


  • Steve

    Hey Pat ! Happy New Year to all the SPI community. Glen must have just done his podcast because I just read his last email newsletter and he mentioned nothing about it but that is great news, I’m gonna spend time tomorrow listening to it. And I’ve been watching Derek’s VLOG and he’s great. I’m gonna spend some time with the others suggested on this thread.

  • http://www.justlearnchinese.com Grace

    Good recommendations, Pat!

    I believe podcast would be of great help for educational blog on language and culture. You just remind me to schedule some time to get myself trained on how to podcast.



  • http://www.virtualbusinesslifestyle.com Chris C. Ducker

    Yep – slam dunk right there!

    These guys are ALL top quality folks, and I thoroughly enjoy their work. They are all in my iTunes feed already…

    Good luck, gents and more power to you all.


  • http://businessandblogs.com/category/podcast Matt Wolfe

    I actually started my first podcast after seeing you and Cliff at Blog World last year. I’m now averaging close to 400 downloads per day and have been featured on the New and Noteworthy.

    I’ve already had several people tell me that they actually discovered my other websites because of the podcast. It’s crazy how fast these things can grow.

    Looking forward to checking out these podcasts you recommended.

    • Pat

      I’ve seen you up there in the New & Noteworthy section Matt – well done, and keep up the great work! That’s awesome!

  • http://www.smallbusinessunleashed.com Chris Green

    I hear there is a really cool new podcast called Small Business Unleashed … 😉

    Kicked off with a cool interview with Pat Flynn … http://www.smallbusinessunleashed.com/sbu-001-the-very-first-podcast/

  • http://www.squidoo.com/driving-test-uk Steve

    I just listened to the Viperchill podcast in the car, was a good listen but his accent threw me a little! I was expecting to hear a Geordie accent with him being from Newcastle.

    • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

      Haha, I am still a Geordie I promise 😉

      I’ll reveal my old voice on the next show…hah!

      • http://www.smallbusinessunleashed.com Chris Green

        .. with special Geordie guests Gazza and Sting 😉

  • http://www.3StepColdSoreRemedy.com David DuBose

    Pat, great list! I plan to add this to my Trifecta for 2012.


  • http://www.businesslovepotion.com Lain Ehmann

    I just interviewed Derek Halpern for the third episode of *my* new podcast, Business Love Potion! We talked about value creation. He’s the real deal – good stuff. :)
    Would love to interview you, Pat!

  • http://MarriedWithDebt.com John | Married (with Debt)

    I really like Man vs. Debt and Social Triggers – both are great online properties.

    Maybe I should look into doing this…

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    thanks for the recommendations Pat. more material to digest while driving

  • http://www.moneycrush.com Jackie

    Thanks for pointing these out, I’m downloading them tonight!

  • http://www.thenetipot.net Luke

    Sincere thanks for the suggestions, I have listened to two already and look forward to more. I also love your podcast Pat! I have learned so much in the past month, its quiet unreal.

    I just want to make a suggestion to each of the new podcast owners, please take this as useful critique and not a dig…… you’re going to miss out on a lot of subscribers!!

    How come?

    None of the websites listed provide a simple XML site feed (or at least from what I could see during a search of the landing page). You have ‘subscribe with iTunes’ which is great, but your missing out on a massive amount of smartphone users – namely Android which is now the dominate Smartphone with a 47% market share – that’s more then Apple.

    As an android user, the best I could do was download your MP3’S which I very much enjoyed, but I can’t subscribe to you as I can’t use iTunes! So the next time and episode comes out I won’t be aware of it and nor will any other Android users – not the end of the world, sure, but not ideal too!

  • http://www.thenetipot.net Luke

    Sincere thanks for the suggestions, I have listened to two already and look forward to more. I also love your work Pat! I have learned so much in the past month, its quiet unreal.

    I just want to make a suggestion to each of the new podcast owners, please take this as useful critique and not a dig…… you’re going to miss out on a lot of subscribers!!

    How come?

    None of the websites listed provide a simple XML podcast feed (or at least from what I could see during a search of the landing page). You have ‘subscribe with iTunes’ which is great, but your missing out on a massive amount of smartphone users – namely Android which is now the dominate Smartphone with a 47% market share – that’s more then Apple.

    As an android user, the best I could do was download your MP3’s, which I very much enjoyed, but I can’t subscribe to you as I can’t use iTunes! So the next time and episode comes out I won’t be aware of it and nor will any other Android other users, unlike you apple fan boys 😉

  • http://www.findyourcashcow.com Taline

    I will definitely check them out in these next few days…thanks Pat! :)

  • http://daybreakrun.com Joe

    Timely post Pat!! I’ve been doing New Years cleaning on my podcasts and was looking for a few to add to the lineup. Had already added the Man v. Debt podcast and the first episode was fantastic. I also stumbled across Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeaders podcast which is great. I highly recommend it to this group. There’s alot of current and aspiring entrepreneurs in this community, and I recommend you don’t overlook the process of becoming a leader of an organization while building your mechanics and tactics of building a business.

  • http://www.idontknowwhattoblogabout.com Patrick Irish

    Great recommendations . I just love podcast’s. My iphone memory is already full. I will have to make more space now :)

  • http://sourdoughhq.com Dave G

    Thanks for all your tips and the huge amount of work and effort behind them – I love your blog and podcast, and like Viperchill as well for a slightly more heavy and wordy option…glad to know he’s doing a podcast too!
    btw I put into practice some of your keyword/seo/backlinking tips and managed to get into the top 10 results on yahoo with 2 of my keywords within 24 hours (google is taking it’s time but I’m hoping it’ll recognise me very soon!).
    Yahoo have sent me some traffic already though so can’t complain!
    Thanks for doing this, and looking forward to more great stuff this year. Cheers Pat!

  • http://talesofwork.com kimanzi constable

    Thank you for sharing these podcasts, I literally listened to the viperchill podcast two times, it’s totally informative!

  • http://stealthbody.com/ Scott Iardella

    Hey Pat,
    Just a quick note to say how Awesome Cliff Ravenscraft is over at PodcastAnswerMan.com. Cliff helped me immensely with some issues I had in getting my Podcast back up in iTunes, after a set back with my brand.
    Cliff is a genuine guy that is totally passionate about what he does and offers Massive value to anyone interested in Podcasting! If anyone here is serious about Podcasting, I’d highly recommend looking into such a great resource like Cliff, he’s a Class Act! And, his one on one coaching is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.
    Thanks Pat, as always, for your insight and content.

    Best, Scott (The Stealth Body Podcast)
    Just posted my 4th episode in iTunes today! (thanks to Cliff!)

  • http://www.thebravemanblog.com Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    I just wanted to pass by and thank you Pat! using your Back Linking Strategy I was able to get my blog into the 3rd position in Google Search in less than 2 months!!! I couldn’t have done this without all the info in this magnificent blog.

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Now it’s time to start generating some insane traffic xD hahahaha

    I will watch all this podcast tomorrow I have to go to sleep now D: but really thanks for all the knowledge 😀

  • http://www.thesecretgoddess.com/ Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess

    Just watched Social Triggers Insider: How to Get Major Press with No Connections – interesting stuff there – thanks for sharing!

  • Ron


    Thanks for sharing. Just finished with Glen’s podcast. Man does that guy know his stuff.

  • http://www.guarantorloansonline.co.uk Jason Scott

    Great post Pat, I’ve just started listening to Glens podcast, he seems a very knowledgable guy! Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.therisetothetop.com David Siteman Garland

    Always great to see more peeps hopping into the show space. C’mon in the water’s fine :)

  • http://moneyforcollegeproject.com STRONGside

    Man V. Debt was great. I love the laid back style of his podcast, and I am looking forward to many more to come. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • http://sourdoughhq.com Dave G

    No reflection on the content, but I’m finding Derek and to a lesser extent Glen’s podcasts slightly hard on the ear…purely from a sound POV. Pat, your’s always sound great…and the IBM guys too (unless they are on the phone to someone).

    Depending on if I’m at home or outside, I use different gear to listen to podcasts. At home, they all sound fine through speakers…but outside I use headphones and Derek’s was a little bit harsh on the ears for me…quite tinny…and Glen’s less so, but still enough that it makes me force myself to listen as I liked the content.

    I think it makes a huge difference if a podcast is easy on the ears as you can concentrate on the content without distraction. With some podcasts you have to battle through the sound quality (for example in an interview if one voice is loud and tinny and another is quiet and muffled, turning up the volume hurts!) to try to access the often really valuable content (not mentioning any names, Tyrone!!).

    • Pat

      Great constructive criticism Dave, I’m sure the guys will appreciate this when they read it. Sound quality is extremely important, and if people are going to listen to me for 40 minutes to an hour, I want to make sure they’re comfortable. Trial and error though – they got their first ones out and now they can tweak from here :)

      • http://sourdoughhq.com Dave G

        Oh yeah totally, better that the info is out there – as I said, it’s not reflection on the quality of the content!
        Btw I’ve been a listener for about 4 months, and for the new year decided to take some action, and have earned $70 through passive income so far in my first couple of weeks – all down to the advice in your podcasts! So thank you!

  • http://www.dnbradio.com Michael

    Pat — this is slightly off topic.. but I was wondering what you would advise I do about a music podcast project I have started.

    The problem is that I do not know if I should make one single podcast or split them up into two. The main reason to do them separately is because the have totally opposite styles of music (albeit they are still the same genre).

    One podcast is light and soulful and uplifting music… and the other is heavy hard and dark music (almost like metal). So you see my predicament. What would you do in this situation; and if you aren’t sure, what would you recommend I do to try and to reach a decision?

  • http://sukcesstrony.pl/analiza-strony Chris Trynkiewicz from SukcesStrony.pl

    Yeah, like other people I use Android so these podcasts won’t work for me :(
    Thanks anyway, Pat!

  • http://www.jonwiggens.com Jon

    Good list Pat – I’ll have to dip into these when I’ve made my way through all your SPI episodes (a tough act to follow).