SPI 002: Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason from Masonworld.com

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to interview Mark Mason from Masonworld.com. Mark is a good friend of mine who has a 60 hour per week corporate job and a family to support, yet he still makes a killing online as an internet marketer. He shares with us some of his tips and tricks for productivity and success, as well as the tools and resources he uses to make profitable and high ranking niche sites.

You can learn more about Mark and what he does on his blog at Masonworld.com, or from his successful iTunes podcast.


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  • http://www.making-your-own-website.com Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for making the second podcast of SPI.

    It’s just amazing how Mark has a 60 Hour Corporate Job and is an internet marketer making a killer income!


    • Pat

      Thanks for listening, Nabeel. Mark is definitely an example to follow, and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who want to start their online businesses part time.

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Thanks Nabeel — to be honest with you, it’s pretty easy to make progress if you can be disciplined about doing SOMETHING to contribute to your business every day. One day you just wake up and say “Wow — look at all these unfinished websites” — LOL

      Seriously, it just takes consistent effort. No different than most things in life.

  • http://www.sallyneill.com Sally

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the podcast download, I shall listen to it a little later today as I have a ton of stuff on my daily to do list today.

    No rest for the wicked!

    Sally :)

    ps. I love the fact that Mark has a full time job offline too, just shows that it can be done, gives us all hope.

    • Pat

      Thanks Sally! Let me know how you like the episode once you get a chance to listen. Good luck with all of the stuff on your list! I know how that is!


    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Hey Sally — that is the point exactly. If I can do it, anyone can. — Mark

  • http://www.lickshunmewah.com Michael

    Thanks for this Pat. I, too, echo Sally’s sentiment – it gives me hope that I can build a successful blog while continuing to work full time offline.


    p.s Just finished my first full week as blogger – what a journey!!

    • Pat

      Congrats Micheal on your first week of blogging! I know exactly how stressful and exiting that can be!

      • http://www.lickshunmewah.com Michael

        Thanks Pat. Mate, I personally think your blog is one of the best going around.


    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Michael — congrats on your first week. Free advice — set up a publishing schedule NOW complete with topic ideas and stick to it for 3 months. After that, your publishing schedule will be a habit! — Mark

      • http://www.lickshunmewah.com Michael

        Thanks for the tip, Mark. Appreciate it.

  • http://www.markbell.me.uk Mark Bell

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for this podcast and for Mark Mason’s input as well!

    I’m working a full time job as well as starting out my internet profile. I’ve some ideas in mind which I’m playing with. So I can really relate to Mark’s late night internet marketing. It’s reassuring to hear from someone who is succeeding at what I am starting out doing.

    I think the most important thing you have highlighted is the autonomy of running a site.

    I can understand making niche sites which have high bounce rates as readers leave on adsense. But I’m with you on this one. I’d rather have one really good site which gets good traffic for awesome content, with people leaving feeling they have learned something. Helping people learn and succeed is very important to me. It’s something I really enjoy, and am fortunate to do in my day job as well.

    Thanks Pat!

    • Pat

      Hey Mark – I didn’t realize you were just starting out – congrats on deciding to do what you’re doing, and I wish you all the best of luck!

      I think you’re like me, where you aren’t doing this just for the money, but to help people out too. If you end up helping more people, you’ll end up making more money in the long run. Glad to see there are other genuine people out there starting out, and it’s really cool that you get to be helpful in your day job too!

      Cheers Mark!

      • http://www.markbell.me.uk Mark Bell

        Hey Pat, I started out blogging just under 2 months ago. I’d had a site with no idea what to do. I can admit I started out for the money – like so many. But I soon realised it’s not that easy to get. Now I’ve found I really enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with people. My first posts were inspired by peers who always came to me. It was a natural progression I guess. If money comes from it – it will be nice, but it’s no longer a driving factor.

        I really enjoy helping people, and have some ideas that I’d love to see blossum. I’ll let you know how they go in the future.

        I’m always open to any tips you may have for beginners. I’ll be doing a review of my second month in a week to share my progress.

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Mark — I agree with you about not making Junk sites. Sometimes I will put up a small site with AdSense and see what happens (and then invest if it looks promising).

      But the best thing by far is to develop authority sites (like smartpassiveincome.com) and invest heavily in helping people.

      Pat’s formula is not a secret….


  • http://www.tacticalcashflow.com Howie

    Another great installment, Pat. I paid a visit to Mason’s blog, and was quite impressed with some of his content. I recall coming across him in passing once, but hardly gave his blog the attention that it deserved, at the time…..Great podcast, yet again.

    • Pat

      Mark and his blog are awesome. I definitely think it’s an undersubscribed blog and he should be on everyone’s radar when it comes to internet marketing, and how to get the most out of a little bit of time. Thanks for listening in Howie!

      • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

        Pat — you are too kind, sir.

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Thanks Howie — that is really nice. One of the challenges with a site like MasonWorld.com is keeping up with it. Sometimes I have to make hard choices about promotion versus content creation. So far, I have sided with content most times.

  • http://www.tacticalcashflow.com Howie


    Am I going crazy, or did your “twittercounter” just drop significantly? (I thought you had some 45,000+ Twitter followers, at one time….it now says you have 70…)

    • Pat

      Well, the numbers slide from left to right, and I guess it got stuck at 70, when it should have been 45670 or something like that. Doh!

      • http://www.tacticalcashflow.com Howie

        ah…looks like it’s all better now, Pat :) lol

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    I’ve got to hear this one,

    Someone with a 60 hours work week making a killing online :)

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Pat

      Thanks for listening in Onibalusi. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by Mark’s work ethic and how he makes money online. Cheers!

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      I hope you enjoyed it Onibalusi. Mark

  • http://wilsonusman.com wilson@wilsonusman

    Excellent! I didn’t even know Mason, but now that I do he sounds like a nice guy…will be sure to look at the blog. Thanks Pat

    • Pat

      Definitely check it out WIlson! He’s got a lot of great information to share. Cheers!

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Nice to meet you Wilson…I hope you enjoy the blog, and would love to hear your feedback. Mark

  • http://missiondrivenbrand.com Rob Pene

    Dude your “Let’s Do it!” right at the beginning is dope homie LOL

    Thanks for posting the session on ur site as well bc 4 some reason my iTunes isn’t updating your podcast!

    Thanks dude!


    • http://missiondrivenbrand.com Rob Pene

      Oh ya, I thought for a moment there you were gonna fight Manny Pacquiao or something with your tale of the tape height and weight measurements…LOL

      additional $.02

    • Pat

      Haha – I’m glad you like it. Trying to make the Podcast “fresh” and fun :)

      iTunes updated it for me, is it there for you yet? Thanks Rob!

      • http://missiondrivenbrand.com Rob Pene

        Yup got it bro…Thanks! It’s on my iPhone now…You should do the Rocky Theme song for one of the episodes bro lol

  • Roger

    Doing a little “late night” work myself in listening to your podcast. I really appreciate the authenticity of what you do.

    BTW, I went to Mark’s article directory list and it says to fill out the form below for the ecourse on article marketing, but there was no form.

    • Pat

      Hey Roger – keep up the good work!

      Mark’s form is right below the header at the top, next to the picture with the woman on the computer.

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      LOL — nice catch — below should be above. Thanks for letting me know. And, let me know if you have any questions about the ecourse.


  • http://www.thenichethinktank.com Larry Clark

    Pat, I eat pod casts for lunch and lately, the pod casts I have listened to are pretty bland. In fact I have stopped downloading one podcast because it’s become repetitive, it’s unprofessionally done and I’ve heard it over and over. I’ve been waiting to hear someone or something new that I would appreciate and was fresh, UPLIFTING and inspiring.
    Being this was only your second podcast I was a little reluctant, but I downloaded it and was VERY impressed with the quality of the podcast and the content. Professionally done, and greatly appreciated.
    Thank You please keep them coming.

    • Pat

      Dude, Larry – thanks for the AWESOME comment. It means a lot to me to hear that, because I did spend a lot of time to make sure the quality was good, and I prepare each show so that the content is good too. I’ve got a lot more coming, so stay tuned. Thanks again Larry!

  • http://quickeyespeedreading.com Ryan England

    THE SHORT POST: Podcast was awesome, listen to it. You Will Learn A LOT! Running businesses part time is genius. Pat Flynn was one of my key steps to success.

    The Original Post:

    Already on episode 2, and I’m officially a fan. Very good idea with the intro being unique to the episode. Every podcast/tv show has the exact same intro to every episode, and I feel that is something that everyone is used to. I see it as an unexpected area for you to place any material you like. I will be looking forward to hearing what makes it different each episode. Great marketing.

    I feel like I’ve heard of Masonworld, but never actually took the time to check it out. Took the the time out after your episode, and it was beyond worth it. So much information on there, on partially what I was looking for. Honestly, I don’t have a traditional job. I live on what my websites make, and it was very interesting to “meet” a part time internet business man.

    The idea of running your business in the late hours of the night was basically a perspective that I needed, as I am one of the pursuers of the “4 hour workweek.” With the only exception of I’d like to make it less. I want full automation of my business, and while I know that is not automatic, I feel like I am getting close.

    I just joined Ryan Deiss’s Perpetual Traffic Formula, and I see a lot happening from that course. My company, QuickEye Speed Reading, (only me) just partnered up with a GIGANTIC software company in Europe, and we will now be offering their software under our name. (in a few weeks). The NEW SOFTWARE my company will be selling is by far the most incredible SPEED READING software I have ever come across. It is only by my random interest in languages that this connection happened.Our companies pairing up is beyond amazing, as I am offing my spot in Google as an exchange for their software and we both profit. (ps ill let you know about my affiliate link in due time. free copy with your name on it, only because I know you will be amazed by it). Affiliate links will be made available to everyone else soon after.

    I guess thats about it. I am chasing the fully passive income with a very part-time mindset. I’m only 22, I have 15+ profitable businesses, and I will never! ever! work a real job.

    Your interview on IBM was the start of it all. It was easily in the first 5 episodes I followed which got me moving to purchase a website, and track down. I haven’t checked back in a bit, but I picture you on a beach talking about how IBM benefited you.

    This is a long post, and I know it isn’t all relevant to your podcast. However…. This is to let all the SHORT TERM STOPPERS BY, that you are the real deal. And that following you will help them reach success. You know Exactly what you are talking about. AND that if they come to you with a serious question, that you will write them a response worthy of a COLLEGE THESIS (with an A+).

    Thank you again for all your help. Without it, I’d probably be working for my dad. Which would have sucked. Saved Me! Thanks. ~Ryan

    • Pat

      Ryan, thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I’m glad I could help you with your business, and congrats on the partnership. Please keep me updated on how things work out for you, because I’m definitely interested. 15 businesses is very impressive, I’d love to learn more about them.

      Keep in touch, you have my email. Cheers!

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      I am very jealous of your business savvy at the ripe old age of 22. I am almost twice your age….You totally Rock, Ryan. — Mark

  • http://www.getbesthomebusiness.com/ Sammy | Best Home Business

    The idea of someone working at a day job and still managing to do what Mark has done is awesome.

    I like what he is doing with Article Marketing. Most people are after the latest fad in internet marketing. And gurus make the most of it charging thousands of dollars for their courses promoting the “in thing”.

    I’ve found that article marketing is the time tested, proven strategy for promotion. It always gives great results if you do it right. And if you add automation to it, I think it will outdo any other form of marketing online.

    Gearing up for a heavy dose of article marketing myself. This podcast have proved to be just in the nick of time for me. thanks Pat.

    • Pat

      Sammy – I totally agree with you. In fact, I’ve been doing really well with Article Marketing lately. And it’s true, the big guys don’t ever talk about it because they don’t need to do it anymore, but it works wonders.

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      Sammy — thanks for the nice comments. Article marketing is great because it is perfect to help real people see real results. I am all about that — trying to get people off of square one. I remember square one very well, and it’s not a fun square. Mark

  • http://profitablemommyblogging.com Keisha

    This podcast was so encouraging. I don’t know why, but I had never heard of Mark.

    I’m a married mom who works full-time, and I’m trying to build an internet business part-time. It’s refreshing to hear from successful people in the same situation.

    His USP of building a business one night at a time is brilliant. I definitely can relate.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Pat

      Awesome Keisha, I’m glad I could connect you with Mark and what he does. All the best to you, and thanks for listening to the podcast!

    • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

      That’s a really nice comment, Keisha. Funny about that tagline — it just came to me one morning about 2AM when I was frustrated about some plugin or something (I don’t even remember). I just knew that I could hit it again tomorrow night. One night at a time…..that turned into a song, and the rest is history…

  • Ron

    Awesome session. Keep em coming!

    • Pat

      Thanks Ron! I’ve got a lot more on the way. Cheers!

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  • http://uniqueblog.net Derek Jensen

    I totally agree with you in the intro that you need to really stand out from the crowd and you will win no matter what.

    Looking forward to more of these for sure! Heck, I’ve got some things up my sleeves too.

    Best, Derek

  • http://www.creatingmyempire.com Dustin Stevens-Baier

    I just listened to the podcast today at work. Great stuff I will be paying close attention to mark from now on. In fact I have only been at this for a month or so myself and currently work full time. Luckily I have the support of my wife in this endeavor (she is actually a food blogger). I was already following Mark’s suggestion of a couple hours a night with out knowing it. Both of you keep up the good work!

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  • Sean

    Hey Pat,
    Great podcast & congrats on the “New & Noteworthy” feature in iTunes! If you don’t mind sharing, who did your intro production? It’s awesome!
    Thanks :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Sean. The intro voice is a great voice talent named John Melley. He does the internet business mastery podcast intro too. I found the royalty free music myself, and edited them together. Thanks for your support!

  • http://9baller.com Michael

    The podcast player and mp3 downloads are not working. Is there anything you can do…I can’t stand cleaning the bathroom, without something to enrich my mind :-)

    BTW…I consider you and Mark to be two of my mentors. I have about a dozen sites that bring in between $100 and $600 per month, total. Things have been holding there, so I’m looking for ways to multiply that number. I know that if I just keep doing it, I can grow my business to higher levels. Thanks for keeping me well informed and motivated guys. I’m looking forward to hearing more podcasts from both of you.

    • Pat

      Hi Michael, it seems to be working fine on my side, through the website. You might want to try again. Let me know.

      Thanks, and all the best!

  • http://9baller.com Michael

    Thanks, Pat…You are correct. It was on my end. I rebooted and everything is alright, now. I’m downloading and anxious to listen to the latest podcast. Keep up the good work and thanks for replying so quickly.


  • http://paulg2.com/ PaulG2

    I still work a full time job so this podcast felt like it was for me. I loved the great tips and will begin to implement them soon. The one thing that stood out was the brief discussion starting around the 12:40 mark that gets into not comparing yourself to other people on the web and focusing on your own goals.

    I tell you Pat you make this point hard to follow. I feel that my goal of sharing my journey trying to make money online while helping people has already been done by you and done better! My son tells me I have blog envy. I mean you have better branding, better organization, better articles etc. Luckily I’m stubborn enough to keep going anyway, and your awesome post, podcast, and tips will help me improve my site for me and my readers and hopefully help me reach your level quicker.

    Off to check out Marks site,
    c’mon lets make that money

  • http://www.iblogjuicing.com/category/weight-loss/ Frank

    It’s motivating to know that he’s achieving success while still working 9-5

    Good Stuff

  • John

    With Google Panda and Penquin, does article marketing and article submission still work? More importantly, is this something that you would still advise? I have read that this is not the way to go since the Google update.

    • NAME

      I am also Curious about this for this time and date ^

    • http://www.tapchidanong.org/categories/Hap-dan/Thoi-trang-nam/ thanghn92

      It was on my end. I rebooted and everything is alright, now. I’m downloading and anxious to listen to the latest podcast gia vang giay nam thoi trang FiFa Online 3 thoi trang nu tu vi xem boi mon ngon am thuc The podcast player and mp3 downloads are not working. Is there anything you can do…I can’t stand cleaning the bathroom, without something to enrich my mind :-)

  • Henry

    Great stuff. I really enjoyed listening to Mark Mason. Currently, I do most of my hustling from 9pm – 11pm as well. 167 Pat? that’s what I weight :)

  • huyennhi

    Mark is a good friend of mine who has a 60 hour per week corporate job
    and a family to support, yet he still makes a killing online as an
    internet marketer

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  • Hùng Thanh

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    Download aoe, Du lịch Phú Quốc

  • David John

    Great stuff. I really enjoyed listening to Mark Mason. Currently, I do
    most of my hustling from 9pm – 11pm as well. 167 Pat? that’s what I
    weight :)