My FREE SEO and Keyword Research Webinar!

Below, you’ll find the replay for the Keyword Research and SEO webinar I hosted on 6/23/10 at 6:00pm PST.

Before you watch the replay of the webinar, I recommend you do a few things:

  1. Download your Free Trial of Market Samurai (if you don’t have it already) so you can see side-by-side how things work as I use Market Samurai to demonstrate some of the keyword research and seo tactics I discuss. You can download your free trial (which includes a special discount if you indeed choose to buy – if you don’t, no worries!) at
  2. The video is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. If you want to speed up the presentation, I recommend first downloading the movie file onto your hard drive (link underneath the video below), and then using the VLC player (free download, no trial) to speed it up. I do this for all videos and tutorials I watch online. In order to speed up the video, simply open VLC player, start the video, and go up to the top menu where it says PLAYBACK, and then click on FASTER. I usually hit the faster setting twice, but it’s up to you.
  3. If you do watch it here on the website, please be sure to watch at full screen (control on lower right-hand corner of the player), since it’s originally formatted to be 1280 x 720 in HD. This is so that you can see everything clearly as you go through the Market Samurai software. Note that there will be a few seconds of buffer / loading time after you press PLAY.
  4. The webinar does contain a lot of information, so feel free to use the controls to pause, rewind and rewatch any parts that you need to go over again. A transcript is being worked right now, and will be posted in PDF format as soon as possible.

Download to Your Computer (Right-click > Save Target As) – 300MB

Click Here to Read the Transcript

Key Notes:
02:54 – Keyword Research Analogy – How it Works
05:00 – What Makes a Good Keyword?
08:33 – Relevance
09:45 – How to Filter Through Keywords
12:45 – Market Samurai Example – Related Keywords and Filtering
19:15 – Amazon Trick to Find Even More Related Keywords
21:00 – Traffic
23:00 – The Two Most Important Things to Understand about Traffic
24:00 – Search Engine Rankings and Expected Traffic Percentages
27:39 – Market Samurai Example – Total Searches and Search Engine Traffic
30:11 – Competition
30:46 – The Two Aspects of Competition
33:57 – Market Samurai – SEO Competition (Amount of Competition)
37:30 – Market Samurai – SEO Competition Module (Strength of Competition)
40:00 – Commerciality
42:30 – Market Samurai – Finding High Value Keywords
43:39 – Market Samurai – SEO Value (Adwords Value x Traffic)
44:40 – Long Tail Keywords
46:44 – Derivative and Semantic Keyword Examples
49:56 – Market Samurai – Finding Related Long Tail Keywords to Increase Authority
53:30 – Search Engine Optimization
56:00 – On-site SEO Tips and Tricks
56:26 – Example of an Optimized Website Title
58:30 – Plugins to Help with On-site SEO
60:17 – Off-site SEO Tips and Tricks
61:34 – Backlinks
63:27 – Understanding the Competition and How to Beat Them
65:50 – Page Rank Analysis
67:08 – Anchor Text Analysis
68:10 – Monetization Module – Finding Affiliate Links
69:25 – Finding Content Module
71:15 – Finding Backlinks
73:00 – Market Samurai Discount Offer

Thank you again for your time, and be sure to grab your free trial of Market Samurai at, or if you believe you’re ready to purchase the product without a trial at the discounted price, you can click here instead.

Questions Asked During the Webinar:

How does the Market Samurai trial work, and how much does it cost?

When you download the trial, you have a limited amount of time to use it – I believe it’s 5 days or so. Within those five days, you can purchase/upgrade to the full paid version for only $97 dollars, which is a steal compared to the original price of $149, which it will jump back to after those 5 days. Just download the trial at, and load onto your computer and get started. It’s an Adobe Air product, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC. If you don’t want the free trial and you just want to purchase Market Samurai directly, you can visit this page here.

Are you going to discuss backlinks now, or in a later blog post?

I discuss backlinks briefly during the off-site SEO strategies portion of the webinar (see 61:34), but I will indeed go into more depth in a later blog post, video or webinar.

Where do you put these keywords? Meta Tags, General Text, etc.?

In a nutshell – yes. You use them everywhere, including the URL of your site (if possible, see 56:00), the title and description of your site, the title of your blog posts and articles, in the meta data and keyword areas of your site and posts, throughout your article, etc. The more you use your keyword in various places, the more authority you’ll have in Google’s eyes for that particular keyword. That being said, it has to look natural. If you put in your keyword 100 times in a 500 word blog post, then it will seem obvious that you’re just trying to get ranked for that keyword without actually putting any real or relevant content. Also, be sure to use derivative and semantic keywords (46:44) along with your main theme keywords to look even more natural in Google’s eyes and beat your competitors in the search engine rankings.

Will you do more of these types of webinars in the future, specifically about Market Samurai?

Yes, I’ve had a lot of requests to go deeper into the software, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I get into some hardcore keyword research and competition scouting when I begin to do some niche sites in the near future.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hi Pat!

    I think this is an excellent idea for those of us who want to know more about keyword research and Market Samurai.

    Thanks for hosting up the free webinar.


    • Pat

      It’s my pleasure! It should be fun :)

  • Isobel

    I love the idea of the webinar, thank you :)

    It would be great if you could make a replay available for those of us not in the US. In Europe for example the start time is 4am.

    • Pat

      I will do my best to record the webinar and have it available at a later date. Cheers!

  • Dev | Technshare

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome idea man. Great Job. Just Opt-in for market samurai webinar.
    Thanks for this free webinar.


    • Pat

      Cool dude! I know you’ll like the software!

  • Ronny

    Darn, thats in the middle of the night here :-) Will it be recorded for later vieweing?

    • Pat

      Yeah – I can only be in one time zone at a time, unfortunately
      I’ll do my best to record it for later viewing.

  • TylerWebCPA

    I just signed up for Market Samurai and then I see this. Sweet, and the hour is perfect for me, doesn’t interfere with any World Cup matches!

    • Pat

      Yep! Don’t want to miss any matches, that’s for sure!

  • Casey

    Thanks Pat. I’m registered and ready to go. I just started my website this past month and I’m excited to get help in gaining traffic.

    • Pat

      I’ll do what I can to help. Cheers Casey!

  • Gregg Swanson

    Thanks Pat! I’ll be there :-)

    • Pat

      Sweet! See you then!

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    This is awesome Pat, I’ll definitely attend. I just tried Market Samurai and was thoroughly impressed. I’m planning on doing an in-depth case study with it.

    • Pat

      Awesome Eric, let me know after you do your case study, I’d like to check it out. Cheers!

      • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

        Definitely will do.

  • Wilson | Fun Lifestyle

    Hey that’s cool I am in!

    • Pat


  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Congrats Pat on your new webinar.

    On a side note what is a good wordpress plugin to use to display more user friendly / readable affiliate links?

    • Pat

      Thanks Owen.

      GoCodes or Pretty Links are my favorites :)

  • Julius

    It’s so nice to see you offer this webinar to those interested in Market Samurai, keyword research and SEO.

    I’m also looking forward to your notes about setting up a webinar.

    • Pat

      Thanks Julius! Cheers!

  • Devin


    I bought Market Samurai through your link today. I’ve heard about it for sometime, but I usually wait awhile before buying anything. Wow. The feature set is awesome, I’m going through all the tutorial videos and this has to be one of the best IM investments I’ve made this year.

    Looking forward to learning some tips and tricks in the webinar!


    • Pat

      Awesome Devin! I’m glad you saw it was a high-class, quality product. Even the how-tos and the customer service is top-notch. I don’t promote many things here on SPI, but I just had to mention MS because it’s that good.

      See you in the webinar! Arrive early, because there are already more registrants than seats!


  • Golf Instruction Guy


    Just downloaded the trial and am lost! A friend show this software to me in February and I really enjoyed how in depth it was. Hopefully I can fit into the webinar!

    See you Wednesday.

  • Mike

    Hi Pat,

    On my “Blogging To Do List” for the weekend is Order Market Samurai. So, I was glad to see this!

    I think Webinars are a great idea by the way. Blog posts are great and Smart Passive Income has some of the best out in the areas of how to make money online. Webinars takes teaching to another level. Thanks for putting this together. Have a great weekend.


    • Pat

      Thanks Mike for your attendance, and I hope you get the most out of MS like I did. Cheers!

  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    @Pat, I am thinking of making use of webinars for my virtual assistant blog. I am in the process of creating the webinar and I was thinking of setting up a biweekly webinar.

    How many times in a month do you plan on having your webinars and at what time of the day do you plan to conduct them?

    Secondly is it better to only let your email subscribers know about the webinar or blog about each webinar? Since my webinar for now will be on the same topic will it be appropriate to blog about it everytime?

    Whats your take on this?


    • Pat

      I think you could do a lot of cool things with Webinars and your VA blog Owen. A biWeekly one would be pretty cool, but it does take a lot of work to setup. Have you considered maybe doing a show on Ustream instead? That way people won’t have to register each and every time, but they could know a show was coming based on your schedule. Just a thought.

      On sending to your subscribers vs. blogging about it, I’d say for the first time I’d make sure to blog about it, but then only send an email to your subs for every other time, or have a space in your sidebar that tells people about it on your blog instead too.

  • MobiChat

    Hey Pat,

    Sounds great!

    As you say, you can’t physically be in more than one time-zone at a time, but depending on your chosen start time, you can still overlap with a good number of other time-zones.

    6pm sounds like a good choice for the US, as it’s outside of typical work-hours for what I would imagine is the majority of your audience (ie. folks also holding down a full-time job), but if that wasn’t the case then an 8:30am PST start would catch western, central and eastern Europe at 4:30pm to 6:30pm respectively, in addition to the rest of the US.

    No doubt you’ll now here from someone in Asia who vehemently disagrees! :-) so if you’re planning to run a webcast more than once, hitting both ends of the day is a good way to broaden your reach.

    Looking forward to the recording!

    • Pat

      Ahh – doing two isn’t a bad idea actually, but I think a recording is sufficient for what I’m teaching. Actually – a few people in Asia said it was the perfect time (around 9am), however for people in the UK, it was in the middle of the night/morning.

      If you haven’t checked out the recording yet, you can view it here:


  • Jeev

    Hey Pat,

    Is MS a web-based tool you access by a username and passoword or something you download to your computer? If latter, can it be used on more than one computer, say on your mac desktop and your windows laptop with a single purchase? What happens when you buy a new computer? Is there a cheaper version as well, I read somewhere that there is, but I only see the 149 one on their site.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • Pat

      Hey Jeev,

      MS is an Adobe Air product, so it can be used on both Mac and/or PC and on multiple computers. I use it on both my laptop and my iMac.

      Once you download the trial, you have 5 days to get it at a discounted price. After that, then the price goes back up to $149. Discounted price is $97.


  • A.M.

    I told my friends about your webinar. They are life coaches who specialize in LOA and social media. They told me that they’ve been using Market Samurai for months and love it! :).

    • Pat

      Yup – those who get it shortly realize that it’s definitely a wise investment when doing anything online. Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Mike Choi


    Thanks for the webinar, I definitely learned something. I’m looking forward to future webinars.


    • Pat

      Thanks for attending Mike! I’ll definitely let you know when I plan on doing another one.

  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    @Pat When will you make the webinar content available for replay?

  • Kyle

    I can view the streaming version of the webinar but cannot download it fully. Anyone else ?

  • Ralf Stofer

    Sorry, but this doesn’t works because the software behaves different. If I click “keyword Analysis” it shows me one grouped list entry. There is a column with a number that shows the amount of grouped keywords. But it doesn’t shows the evaluation as in the video.

    It is realy anying to waste a lot of time because of invalid instructions or changed software. It is absolutely impossible to expand that list entry and get the result needed.

  • http://GuardTown.Com Addi Nicolas Moya

    Hey! Im watching the video but i wonder.. Does this still apply?

  • Scott Weller

    Thank you so much for this Pat! Keyword research is something I needed some more understanding with. Question: so would you say in order for a keyword to be pursued, that it should meet the criteria of SEO Traffic: 30+ and SEO competition to be less than 30,000?