SPI 101: A Look into the Business of One Smart Passive Income Student

A Look into the Business of One Smart Passive Income Student

When I launched Niche Site Duel 2.0, I also sent out a request for applications for anyone in the SPI audience who would be willing to work with me in a small 5-6 person mastermind group. Together, we’d hold each other accountable, keep each other focused and help each other along the way as we all build up our own new niche sites from scratch.

I would be there as a guide, but they would do all the work.

Over a thousand applications were sent in, and after a couple of weeks reading through each and every one of them, I hand-selected a group of 6 people who had interesting and diverse niches and backgrounds. Today, I’m happy to feature one of those members, Kenneth Kelly, who reveals his niche site, how it’s going and what’s been working for him.

In less than a year, Ken has setup a successful niche site at MagicTricksforKids.org, which is already generating some earnings for him. Beyond that, many new opportunities have come about as a result of starting this site, and you can tell just how much fun he’s having with it.

Oh, and make sure to listen through to the end—Ken does a mind-reading magic trick for us over the podcast that YOU can participate in yourself. :)

In This Session, You’ll Hear About:

  • How Ken got started with magic and why he decided to go full-time with it.
  • When Ken decided to go “online” to support his career in Magic, and his flow for optimal conversions for getting more live gigs.
  • Detailed information about how Ken targets his customers and converts them into leads.
  • Ken’s story and mindset behind his application for the NSD2.0 mastermind group and his new niche site.
  • The inspiration and focus for Ken’s new niche site.
  • Ken’s first steps, including the 200 Outreach Program, and just how important that pre-launch research was.
  • Details about Ken’s pre-launch / coming-soon page, and what worked for him to build his list before launch.
  • Exact stats (visitors, time on site, etc.) that Ken is having on his new niche site.
  • How YouTube is an integral part of Ken’s growth for his brand, and how he creates them.
  • Plus a lot more…

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

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Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 101 (PDF)

  • http://www.intelligentppc.com Michael Madew

    Great podcast Pat as usual.

    Ken, thank you for going into so much specific detail about your business here, it’s extremely insightful. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son, even as a parent of two young children I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been through in your life. The fact that you are now so successful is clearly a testament to both your character and your obvious skill as a magician and online marketer.

    Pat, it’s clear that your very best guests are from the UK, I definitely think you need more of us on your show!


    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks MIchael! :)

    • Ken Kelly

      Michael thank you. Losing Sean was a difficult time for the family, it would have been his 13th birthday this Friday 21st March and we will celebrate his life. Sean taught us so much in his few years on this Earth, most notably that life is about living in the present and savouring the moments we have in the here and now.

      • http://www.intelligentppc.com Michael Madew

        You’re absolutely right Ken, it’s all about now which is why passive income is so important to me and obviously you and Pat. I’ve earned passive income for 8 years now from Google Adwords, and up until a few years ago I struggled with all the free time I had and felt guilty that I was basically living like an unemployed person but with money coming in. As I’ve got older I’ve realised how precious this time is and how, like you said, we should appreciate the here and now.

        I have cousins in Warrington by the way – nice place to live (or so they tell me)!

  • David Prochaska

    Thanks for the awesome podcast, Pat. I always enjoy hearing of someone becoming a success, and it’s awesome to hear that they come from your Niche Site Duel Mastermind. I haven’t had a chance to do the 200 outreach program, but it will definitely be incorporated when I do plan to launch my site.

    Thanks, Pay and thanks, Ken.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I highly recommend it – it takes some work up front but can pay off big time.

      • http://techcorp-hyip.com/ StefanDo

        That part could be also outsourced. The research one. Then you can easy focus on the communication itself.

    • Ken Kelly

      I appreciate your thanks David. I echo Pat’s words, the 200 outreach is benificial on so many levels and a great investment of your time.

  • http://www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com/ Daniel Hartnet

    Interesting Podcast Nice Chosen color Pat for the podcast image – Happy St. Patricks Day

    Cheers from Daniel from Ireland

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Glad you noticed! Happy St. Patricks Day!

  • http://blog.extra-paycheck.com/ Alex Sol

    Pat, Ken, thank you so much for this great episode!
    Giving value to your audience and making sure customers are satisfied is crucial, unfortunately we often tend to forget this :(

    • Ken Kelly

      Hay Alex, it’s my pleasure, I am glad you were able to take something away for you. I agree with you that giving value sets you apart from the clutter. We serve an informed public and they reward our giving with their loyalty. What a worthwhile trade.

  • http://www.fineartmom.com/ Crystal Foth

    Great episode Pat & Ken! Love the story of Ken’s passion and interests creating value in a niche that touches those who remind him of who he was as a 10 year old boy. What a way to give back! Goes to show you that no matter the niche – there is always someone out there who will be interested :)

    • Ken Kelly

      Thank’s for your kind words Crystal. I am so glad you like the trick worked for you and I hope you have fun playing with it.

  • http://puppytrainingclassroom.com Ruan Oosthuizen

    Pat, I know that I always enjoy every podcast show you put out there, but I’ve got to say that this is probably one of the most enjoyable ones yet! Perhaps being a South African and hearing Ken had some of his roots planted here in South Africa had something to do with it, I don’t know… 😉

    I simply LOVE the 200 outreach idea and I have put it to use on my first niche site I am steadily building to climb through the search engine rankings. Although I haven’t nearly reached out to 200 blogs in my niche, the ones I did do resulted in industry experts (5 of them so far) being willing to give and write a review I’m on my book about a topic in my niche I’m about to publish before the end of March! I’ve also been able to enter my site into an A – Z blog hop competition where in the month of April, all entries have to write a post on a topic that starts with each letter of the alphabet for 26 days consecutively, Sundays being given a break. The articles only have to be between 100 and 300 words each so it’s quite relaxed, and although ranking these short articles aren’t the primary goal either, but with more than 1000 blogs who entered the contest, this sure will drive new visitors and possibility to create new relationships in the industry. How cool is that!

    Thanks for the ever ongoing inspiration, Pat. I’m excited to be well on my way to start earning my first real passive income from two niche sites pretty soon!

    All the best with your projects! Let’s create some more passive income!

    • Ken Kelly

      Ruan, baie dankie vir jou bydrae. I know South Africa to be young as far as internet marketing goes which gives you a great opportunity. All the best with the A – Z Blog Hop.

      • http://puppytrainingclassroom.com Ruan Oosthuizen

        Dankie vir die aanmoediging Ken. Yes, I don’t know a lot of South Africans creating online businesses yet. Brick and mortar seems to be the “safer” option for them… If they just knew about all the opportunities right in front of them on their computer screens… (perhaps a niche site idea I could look into)

        I have decided in the beginning of the year to build at least 5 niche sites before the end of the year, each earning in excess of $500 per month. You should know, that is good money in our local currency here in South Africa. Looking forward to work on a few ideas that may just end up giving me this kind of ROI.

        All the best!

  • http://www.crazykennys.com/ Ken Abbott

    Another great podcast show Pat, the content and value you continually give is magic (pun intended).
    for sharing your story Ken, there is more than one lesson in there for
    all of us to take home, be it dedication, hard work and (for me) focus –
    things you just can’t do by illusion or sleight of hand.
    Ken your passion and love for your “trade” really shines through.
    The outreach idea is awesome, I guess I need to dig down more on the Niche Site Duel pages.
    a fellow Brit I well remember Paul, “You’ll like this … not a lot”
    Daniels’ TV magic shows of the 70’s & 80’s – yes I’m that old!!

    • Ken Kelly

      Thanks Ken, and who could forget Paul Daniels’ assistant, “The Loverly Debbie McGee”. Thank you for those kind words about passion. Passion is the real magic ingredient because it turns the hard work into absolute pleasure.

  • http://www.neilcurtis.me/ Neil Curtis

    Nice work Ken, just watched a couple of your vids, you’re a natural in front of the camera and explain things perfectly. Sorry if someone has mentioned this already, but have you thought of putting together magic packs of props and selling them via your website. You could have a set of props and a top 10 tricks pack and this would be a fantastic way for kids to get started straight away. You could even spring load the boxes so something pops out when kids open them?

    I’m sure selling things like this has already crossed your mind but thought I’d mention.

    Pat, great interview again

    Cheers, Neil

    • Ken Kelly

      Hi Neil, thank you. I received lots of emails from the podcast and so many have asked the same question. I will be taking this very topic to my next mastermind group.

  • http://www.craigmcbreen.com/ Craig McBreen

    Loved this!

    Pat, you always bring a ton of practical tips and tricks and this episode was no exception.

    Ken’s story was filled with useful, actionable information and so well presented! I love seeing stories like this. Very inspirational and filled with great tidbits.

    Ken, your passion shines through and you’re not only a talented magician, but also a natural on video and on this podcast. Got some takeaways – particularly the 200 Outreach Program – that I will use. Thanks :)

    • Ken Kelly

      Thanks Craig, when you love what you do you will never work a single day in your life. Glad you took something away.

  • Susie

    Pat where are you getting your funny intro scores> we were looking for intro ideas for our podcast – do you know how funny it sounds when you just listen to all your intros one after another? Keep it original!

  • Ryan

    Pat and Ken. Wow! Phenomenal episode! So much valuable insight that I have to go back and listen again. The 200 list is terrific, using autoresponders to share party tips before the big day, leaving the coloring sheet for the kids (with your website link) all great ideas.

    Most importantly, Ken came across as such a genuine person. He is doing what he loves, seeking to provide value to his customers, and making a living do it. There is no magic there, just a simple recipe for success!

    One question, I loved the trick at the end! I have to give a presentation at a conference soon and I would love to integrate it into my session. I searched the show notes, but did not see a link to where I could find more about it. Could you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you Pat and Ken for your work, and for sharing such incredible content with the SPI community! We appreciate you.

  • http://techcorp-hyip.com/ StefanDo

    I really enjoyed that podcast. I never thought before that “magic art” can be described with so much fun an passion. At the same time It reaches the best audience – kids! And they all love those little tricks, even some will shock there parents some day!

    Wish you good luck Ken!

    • Ken Kelly

      Thank you Stefan. For me, we are all kids at heart. :)

  • baliexpat

    I just listened to the podcast and enjoyed it very much. Your sites look great and I will definitely be checking them out when my son gets a little older. I have one question though, what auto-responder are you using to send automatic emails to your performance business? It is also good to see you here responding to everyone’s questions.

    • Ken Kelly

      Hi Baliexpert, thanks for your kind words and thanks for the feedback on my site. The site I mentioned in the podcast with the auto-responer setup is mentioned in Pat’s show notes above. Its the link called Kens Working Magician Website.

      • baliexpat

        Are you using Aweber? I was interested in how you add emails to your list after they request a quote.

      • baliexpat

        I see the form now – very clever. I have the Disconnect plugin installed which was blocking it from being displayed.

  • http://www.smileyfaceart.com/ Christine Maentz

    Ken, I am so SO excited to meet you and Julian this August in Tennessee – I am learning so much from you both. Can’t wait to meet you both!

    • Ken Kelly

      Thanks Christine, looking forward to meeting you too.

  • Brian McGovern

    Hi Ken … just posted a link to the site on my magic site. So stoked to hear Pat doing magic … eagerly awaiting the clip of the Great Flynndini.

    • Ken Kelly

      Hi Brian, Thanks for the link. I have seen Pat in action and he is such a good presenter. The reactions to Pat doing magic are astounding, the audience were literally screaming with amazement.

  • http://orraclemedia.com/ Rob Orr

    Wow – what an amazing episode! I listened to this podcast while I was at the gym and found myself stopping several times to take notes on my phone – I didn’t want to miss the “eureka” moments I was having. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of insight in to what other people are doing and finding successful. At a time that I’m working through some new ideas and overcoming some obstacles this episode could not have come at a better time.

    • http://www.magcianbusiness.com Ken Kelly

      Hay Rob, I am delighted you got something from our chat.

  • http://pinkpiggy.biz/ Jonathan Hamilton

    Absolutely loved this podcast! Being British myself, found it especially easy to relate. My 11yo lad has already been over to the site an done his first trick and he is so excited! Content is indeed king and some extra promotion in the way that Kenneth has done clearly yields outstanding results. Focus & determination. I will be trying out this framework on my blog at http://pinkpiggy.biz

    • http://www.magcianbusiness.com Ken Kelly

      Jonathan your son is most welcome, I hope he finds something that fits for him.

  • http://goodchurchwebsite.com/ Daniel Flucke

    Great interview. What a fun episode! Ken’s accent is a lot of fun too, and his site looks absolutely fantastic. Of course, now I want to go watch videos of magic tricks instead of working on my site and doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Thanks a lot…

    • http://www.magcianbusiness.com Ken Kelly

      Daniel, there is time enough for both magic and blogging. Lol! Glad you enjoyed the episode.

  • street nerd

    patt everytime i listen to your podcast they always worth my time.im growing with every episode.thank you for your generosity