SPI 049: Being Everywhere and Building a Community around a Product Niche with Brendan Hufford

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Brendan Hufford, a full time teacher who has built a successful product-based niche site using many of the strategies outlined here on the SPI blog. It’s a profitable “niche within a niche” website and the incredible part is that this product-based niche website houses a very active and thriving community, which most product-based review-type sites do not have or even attempt to build.

Brendan’s website can be found at GiReviews.net where he talks about and reviews Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis (bjj gis).

For those of you who don’t know, a gi is a two-piece garment worn in martial arts.

Like I said: niche within a niche, but he found it and it’s awesome. Although he still teaches full-time his website has allowed him to expand on his interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and provide something new to the market that wasn’t there before, and in addition to the side-income he has bigger plans with his site that will make a positive impact on the lives of several other people around the world.

In this session, Brendan and I chat about:

  • Exactly what made Brendan decide to go after this niche and why he turned it into a community.
  • How Brendan’s dog is involved in his gi review website.
  • How the Be Everywhere strategy fits into Brendan’s overall traffic strategy. And yes, he has a podcast for this niche too.
  • Many of the mistakes Brendan made when he first started.
  • How he partners with brands for reviews and giveaways, and how he gets free stuff from them too.
  • Brendan’s affiliate marketing and email list strategy.
  • How what he does online helps him in his personal live.
  • The productivity and content schedule he uses while also working as a full-time teacher.
  • The “bigger world” things that are happening as a result of starting his gi review website.
  • The role that transparency plays in his brand.
  • And much more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Thank you again, Brendan, for sharing your story with us here on Smart Passive Income!

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Cheers, and all the best to you!


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  • http://diymusicbiz.com Greg Savage

    I made it my mission to be the 1st to reply this time!

    Great Podcast, you whole “be everywhere” is starting to rub off on me.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Greg, it makes all the difference in the world when you start to “Be Everywhere.” Don’t get Pat and I wrong, it takes an insane amount of hustle and work and definitely isn’t passive, but the rewards that come from it definitely are.

  • http://loupfute.com Kevin Hanot

    Wow awesome podcast quality is so good … I really love your intro :)
    Congrats for that 45th podcast !

    Thank for everything pat !

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      haha! I’m so glad somebody else found that intro as hilarious and awesome as I did.

      • http://getfreepremium.com/autopilot-online-business/ Ben Troy

        thanks, this strategy is very important for long term success.

  • http://www.tonkatackle.com Tom Harkman

    Just finished the episode. Awesome interview Pat.
    I appreciate how ‘real’ Brendan is. I loved hearing how he overcame the missteps, and doesn’t pretend to know everything. Great job Brendan, keep up the good work, and good luck with your new Gi company!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much for the compliments, Tom! I have to say that I really learned a lot of my ideas about being real and transparent right here on the SPI blog. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I can’t wait to update you guys on how this is all going 6 months and a year from now!

      Also, I dig your site. Have you always sold fishing tackle or is it a passion you’ve turned into more than a hobby?

      • http://www.tonkatackle.com Tom Harkman

        Thanks. I guess it’s a natural extension of my engineering background, and passion for bass fishing. I’ve got the bug pretty bad :)

        • http://gireviews.net Brendan

          That’s really cool, Tom. I hope it continues to go well for you! Have you experimented with getting people’s names on that optin form? I always like to be able to address emails to the people directly by name. I know optinskin has a nice split test feature I’ve been using lately on another site as well to see what does better.

        • http://Www.tonkatackle.com Tom Harkman

          I do intend on growing my list. I have tried OptinSkin, While I like its functionality, it seems to break a jquery image plugin I use. I might try the Dreamgrow scroll triggered box as an alternative.

  • http://www.GoToPhysicianAssistantSchool.com The PA Coach


    Great podcast! The info was very timely for me. Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Really glad you enjoyed it! This site always seems to have the right information at *just* the right time for me, too!

  • http://www.staceyflowers.com Stacey

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog…. you don’t even realize how much you’ve changed my life in the last year!!

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today :)


    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      That’s how *I* feel about every one of the podcasts here too! It’s one of the big reasons I started my own. Love your website Stacey! Lots of SPI stuff there, too!

  • http://victorstuff.com Victor

    That just goes to show yet again that you can monetize almost every niche out there. I am truly a believer in that.
    Thanks for sharing this podcast and for posting so quickly

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Absolutely, Victor! Love your website’s name by the way!

  • http://www.emailslistbuilding.com Matteo Spigolon

    Great podcast, I like case study :-)

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Glad you enjoyed it Matteo! Thanks so much for listening!

  • http://www.designwebidentity.com Wade McMaster

    Being everywhere is pretty vital – especially when you’re starting up! You’ve got a do a lot of groundwork, lucky social media and bookmarking sites make this all a bit easier too! You’ve just got to put in the hours! :)

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      I totally agree, Wade. It is a tremendous amount of work to start with, but once the ball gets rolling, it’s a blast! Putting in the hours is something that I love to do. I’m all work and no sleep sometimes. Now we just need Pat to write an epic post about getting work done while being an awesome Dad and husband as I’ll need those tips soon, too! 😉

  • http://www.joblessbydesign.com Adam

    I’ve study Jiu Jitsu and Judo for well over 4 years and absolutely love the idea you have come up with here. Most of my Gi’s didn’t come with reviews and I had to find the right ones through trial and error.

    With so much grappling and throwing in both systems it helps to know which Gi can handle constant ground work without ripping, tearing, or fraying. Many people don’t even realize that the weight of the Gi can be an important factor in how you train as well or why it would even matter.

    Getting real reviews from people that use them and abuse them is what it’s all about!

    Very cool idea on this one!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      That’s awesome, Adam. Where do you train out of?

      Also, thanks so much for the encouragement with the site. I also had to just ‘wing it’ on the first few gis I owned too (I’ve only been training 6 years). The gi matters so much in Judo and BJJ which is very different than every other martial art. Reviews are really vital to your enjoyment and success of the sport/art.

  • http://www.psychologicalthrillers.net Nick

    Excellent site and great idea to extend the same! Each niche can be monetize, some less, some more, but this is an example that you should always be creative and try something different, new …

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks, Nick! There are TONS of tips on SPI to monetize. If you’re super outgoing and crazy, Gary Vaynerchuck has some amazing ideas as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG7WFxT1ySY

  • http://gireviews.net Brendan

    Thank you so much for having me on, Pat! It was really an honor to be able to share what I’ve learned from SPI and from you. Heck, I learned at least 4 things just from your video of you throwing the GoPro camera in the air!

    1. Don’t buy equipment if you aren’t going to use it
    2. Not everything has to be super serious or about ‘business’
    3. Share yourself and your family with your readers!
    4. Not everything on your site has to be put there to make money. Sometimes things can just be for fun!

    Keep teaching and we’ll keep learning! Thanks again Pat!

    P.S. Get ready for an incoming e-mail of awesomeness for the next reader challenge!

  • http://www.frenchpressauthority.com/five-reasons-why-french-press-coffee-is-better/ Jeff @ French Press Authority

    Great stuff Pat. I wonder if the backlinking strategies will work anymore based on new Google algorithms I’m hearing about. Can you comment on that in the near future?

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      I say that it definitely still works. I just think that the quality matters now more than ever. Having genuinely high quality unique content on your buffer layer is going to make a huge difference as will the quality of the backlinks to those.

      Just don’t screw it all up like I did 😉

  • http://games-for-babies.net/ Jeff

    Awesome !! Thank you for this podcast !!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Glad you liked it Jeff! Thanks for the comment.

    • http://getfreepremium.com/autopilot-online-business/ Ben Troy

      yes, It is really a Great podcast! The info was very up to date. Thanks and keep up the great work

  • http://www.petnamesforguys.com Felix

    Great podcast. Brendan shows such humility, he deserves all his success and much more. We need more people like that in the world. I feel like already know him! Thanks.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      I’m so glad to hear that Felix! Thanks so much for listening. I really appreciate it!

  • http://authoritywebsiteincome.com Jon @ Authority Website Income

    I really enjoyed this podcat, Brendan was a great guest that you can really feel happy for about his success.

    Pat – congrats on podcast 45! Hope there will be many more!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much Jon! Glad you enjoyed it. Half of the time I felt like I was Will Ferrell in the debate scene of Old School haha :)

  • http://winnipegwhiteout.com Marshall Stevenson

    I have to say that something in this episode clicked with me. I listened on the commute to the office this morning and while the episode was playing drafted an email that I was going to send to my list of 165 people. The email came from me, not the site and didn’t really promote anything. It was to ask a couple of questions and see what I got for replies. Within minutes of sending the email I got 3 replies and they’re still coming in.

    I’ve now connected with these individuals in a personalized reply and asked some more questions. All of the content is driving a new story for the site and it comes from Brendan mentioning receiving replies to his emails…something I’ve never had.

    Now is the time to truly start connecting with our community and growing it further. Thanks Pat for the episode and Brendan for your inspiration.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      That’s so freaking awesome, Marshall!

      People *want* to engage. You just have to open the door. I’m so glad that I could return some of the inspiration that I have gotten from SPI.

      Update me on how everything is going a bit down the road. I’d love to hear about it!

      • http://winnipegwhiteout.com Marshall Stevenson

        Brendan it went so well that I already got a story out of it!


        And not only that, but the emails have been going back and forth all day long. I had the highest open rate I’ve had on an email in a long time heading over 30% – that alone seems freaking awesome!

        Now to continue to build on these relationships and get them engaging with our podcast shows as well.

        Thanks again to both of you!

        • http://gireviews.net Brendan

          That’s so great!

          I love that, constant emails coming in and out. I’m sure it could get old, but not any time soon! Just continue providing value and it’ll take more time to see the benefits, but in the end, your foundation will be so strong that nothing will be able to rattle you!

  • http://www.cleanseandblend.com Andy

    Hey guys, great podcast! I loved hearing from Brendan – it’s great to see that someone can do it part-time and can have fun with it as well. I’m happy to see that such a community has developed at the site. I’m really wanting community at my site as well, since I could talk (and have) for hours on the subject. So far I’m having trouble gaining momentum, but now that I’ve got some of the SEO optimized articles onto the site, I’m hoping to just have a lot more fun with it :)

    Also, I really liked that Brendan was looking into giving the used kids gis to charity. I was totally expecting him to say that he was thinking of renting them out or something, but was blown away when he mentioned the place in Rio.

    Brendan, I’m glad you’re having fun with the site. I was in BJJ and muay thai for a few years, and we had tons of fun there. I’m glad to see that you guys aren’t taking the martial arts too alpha-male-esqe as well, and are just enjoying it.


    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much for listening!

      I think the money we make is directly related to how much we help people and I’ve found that to be so incredibly true during my time running GiReviews. I’m a businessman quite often, don’t get me wrong. Just because you are helping people doesn’t mean to have to be inefficient or sloppy with it 😉 But, I feel like there’s a lot more that I can do with the stage I’ve been given (albeit a small stage) to make a difference in people’s lives.

      Just wait until I start doing Reader Challenges (coming in 2013)!

      Thai boxing is no joke. If I had just a bit more time, I’d still be doing that as well. I have a really awesome pair of white Windys that need to get some fresh air! Maybe next week!

  • http://www.adventurous-soul.com Shayna

    Hello from Brazil! I’m in Salvador, not Rio, but I got chills when you started talking about donating gis to kids. A small, simple gift like that can ABSOLUTELY change the course of someone’s life – that’s no exaggeration. I train capoeira and I personally know several people who grew up on the streets or in bad neighborhoods, yet when they got involved in capoeira, they ended up building careers, stable families, getting travel opportunities, etc.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Your reply means so much to me, Shayna. It must be beautiful is Salvador this time of year, no?

      I sincerely hope so. Please feel free add me on Facebook or Twitter or something and follow the story of getting these gis to the kids in Rio. I’d love to have your input!

  • Stephen

    Loved this Podcast episode. I especially liked Brendan’s enthusiasm. You could tell that he is stoked by what he’s doing.

    And this was just another example that it REALLY IS possible to make money online by doing something other than telling other people how to make money online. There are so, so many niches that are just waiting for a “Brendan” to come along to up the quality of the information and/or resources currently available in those niches. The opportunity really is unlimited.

    Pat, I’d love to see more podcasts with examples of “normal” people (e.g., not well known) who have done well in small niches. Those are always inspirational.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      I’m glad that came across in the podcast, Stephen! I love that you used my name as an adjective. That TOTALLY made my day. Even made my wife smile! Thank you so much!

  • http://www.LewisQ.com Lewis Quartey

    Great podcast guys,

    I have come across GiReviews before, while looking for resources for a similar Muay Thai website I am building. I love the design, character, community and passion that has been put into this business – and I am trying to inject something similar into a few new projects I am working on.

    I am going to be a little bit invasive and ask the questions that I feel this podcast was missing, however:

    1) How much does the site make on average? If you don’t want to give specifics, can you give ballparks?

    2) Overuse of the backlinking strategy destroyed rankings, can we have some insight into your SEO strategy now Brendan?

    Slightly heavy questions I know, but they would both help me and others by inspiring us even further.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Hey Lewis!

      First, really cool website. I could’ve spent all day reading your articles. Please write more about Muay Thai!

      1. I’m taking big steps toward transparency with my readers lately and as noted in the podcast, I did exactly what pat’s done by letting people know certain links are affiliate links and such. I can definitely see myself doing disclosures like that in the future though (as I’m super inspired by Pat doing this). We do make enough to cover my podcast hosting and equipment (that I just got through Pat’s new podcast guide!), website hosting, themes, plugins, etc.

      2. I just wrote about my backlinking strategy in a case study for the next reader challenege. It’ll be a lot easier than me typing it out and it’s essentially what I said on the podcast. I just started caring about people and putting out quality information. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69OGItnSabk&list=UUTexi1fPeaw2dfycuIsJVhg&index=1&feature=plcp

      Hope those are helpful to you!

      • http://www.lewisq.com Lewis Q


        Thanks so much for answering my q’s – that backlinking strategy video is excellent (watching now).

        Thanks for the comment on my site too, I’ve received a really good response to the latest Muay Thai post and have a few good posts about the subject in the works, I should have even more after my first pro Muay Thai fight next month :-s

        Keep up the great work Brendan, I’d like it if we could have a talk in the near future about martial arts (I really want to train BJJ at some point) and business.

        • http://gireviews.net Brendan

          Just added you on Twitter.

          Wow, first pro fight? Against another international? Where are you training out of?

  • http://freepremium.com Ple

    Interesting ,Thank you for the podcast

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Glad you liked it, Ple!

  • http://www.traffic-is-king.com/should-you-continue-article-marketing-googles-matt-cutts-answers/ Samuel

    Hey Brendan,

    I really enjoyed the podcast with you and Pat. I connected with you when you said you had to focus on one site because you were all over the place. It’s so hard to put your focus on one thing online because you feel the need to put a little bit of everything into all your projects. I think it plaques a lot of us trying to make money online.

    It seems though you followed your passion and stayed on course until you were able to see some good results from the work you put in.

    Do you think you will ever revive your other projects now that you have some momentum with this site? Or do you feel it’s best to continue building out Gireviews.net into a possible six or maybe even seven figure site?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Hey Samuel! I may in the future, but I will start needing to partner with other people or hiring VAs to work on things in order to make it possible. Notice that Pat has a lot of other income sources other than just SPI and he has partners and VAs that work on those. It’s really not possible to do that many things by yourself and still be a decent husband and father (both of which are responsibilities that I have as well).

      I am going to really focus on GiReviews.Net for now, but as I mentioned in the podcast, I also started my own brand of kids gis that I am going to focus on even more. Thankfully, I have an awesome friend that works on GiReviews with me and has really allowed me to expand what we do.

  • CJ Forse

    Great interview, Brenden!

    I’m not fully understanding how you messed up the back linking strategy and how you knew Google hated you. Would you be kind enough to elaborate so we may avoid the same mistake?

    Thanks! Cheers!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Hey Cj! Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I messed up the backlinking strategy by just going way overboard. Instead of starting slowly and only have 1-2 links pointing at my site per day, I would make a blogger blog and make 15 sidebar links and 3 post links for going to my main page for EMDs I wanted to rank for. Which would be fine spread out over time (and in high quality content), but I was just being foolish and trying to rush things.

      The strategy works long term, just not trying to cram it all into a week haha.

      • http://www.strategicmarketingguy.com CJ

        Got it. So the strategy was correct except for the timing. I don’t recall Pat mentioning the timing aspect in the post, but will go back and read again. Do you (or Pat) continue to execute backlinking strategies after you’ve achieved the desired ranking? Or, is more about tinkering with stuff like optimizing user experience and content creation after that? I guess, I mean, are you still using THE backlinking strategy now?

        • http://gireviews.net Brendan

          You know what CJ, I might actually not be a good person to answer this. I posted a link above to what I now use as a backlinking strategy.

          Solid content, Building Relationships, and from those relationships Guest Posting and allowing guest posts. It may be niche-specific for me, but that’s working quite well. I am also terrified to start backlinking again to my site for fear that it’ll get de-indexed or something.

          But to answer your question a bit better, I think backlinking needs to continue. It’s a lot about pacing and momentum in my opinion.

          For GiReviews, no I am not using it any more. But I did make a website for a local plumber who did an awesome job and used the strategy to get him ranked for local keywords. I went super slow and it’s worked perfectly.

  • CJ

    Slow and steady wins the race and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Thanks so much for being so responsive. I hope we hear from you again after your next big leap of faith in the Gi market. Good luck. Keep crushin’ it.

  • http://josephrachibald.com Joseph Archibald

    Very happy for your Brendan – good to see that all that hard work is now paying off big time!


    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much Jo! Once I stopped trying to do everything and focused on one thing at a time, I found a lot more success. Really excited to see what direction *you* head next. Please let me know how everything goes!

  • http://www.outdoorequipment.com Perry

    Hi Brendan,

    Great job with GIReviews.net! I’d love to learn more about your strategy for promotional giveaways to build up your newsletter list. That’s something I’m about to embark on with OutdoorEquipment.com. Any advice?



    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks Perry! I think the biggest thing is just trying to provide the most value you can to the company that is providing the item(s) and to your readers.

      Here’s how I think of it. Getting them on my newsletter is really just an extra chance to build a relationship with them and help them on a more personal level than I can on the site. So that’s my main motivation for getting them on the list and giveaways is really helpful for that.

      Also, I think being able to provide numbers and show a company how pumped my readers are about their product helps.

      For example: I wanted to do a giveaway with a company so I made a few social media posts asking my readers what they thought and if they’d like to try out that item. People responded in droves and being able to show those posts to the company was great!

      • http://www.outdoorequipment.com Perry

        Sorry, Brendan. I guess I wasn’t clear… I’ve got the samples from the companies. Now, just trying to figure out clever ways to get people engaged in a contest where they have to sign up for my newsletter to be entered in. Thoughts?

  • http://www.affiliateshortcuts.com/ James

    This podcast had me curious about Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way – How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning so I listened to that after as well.

    I’ll be honest, I forgot about how amazing your podcasts are but this was a great reminder about why I need to listen to them more often.

    Great stuff Pat!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      This is why I started my own. Pat’s podcasts are fantastic. And thanks to his newest series, we can start to make our own much easier!

  • http://getfreeordietrying.com Michal Kalinowski

    Great interview.

    Brendan, you are another example that if you provide real value to people, and really trying to help them, you can monetize any niche no matter how small it is.

    Very inspiring story.

    Thank you

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much Michal! I think the monetizing has been a direct result of giving up trying to monetize and just straight up helping people. I think if you find a niche you love with people that need help, it can happen!

  • http://www.adsensetips.dk Jesper

    Great podcast as usual. I’m amazed how you keep finding new resources. Keep em coming.

  • http://www,.diamantisdesign.com diamantis

    In my country they say that it is better late than never ! Just listened the podcast. It was inspiring. I liked Brendan’s mentality of correcting his mistakes instead of quitting .

    And since I am a huuuuge pro wrestling fan I think I will do some keyword research on pro wrestling gear… :)

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      At the risk of sounding super nerdy, I can’t stand pro wrestling in the US, but love Japanese Pro Wrestling.

      Really glad you found the podcast helpful and thanks for listening!

      • http://www.diamantisdesign.com diamantis

        no, not at all !

        I also can’t stand the mainstream us pro wrestling ( wwe + tna ) . I prefer ROH and PWG .

        I am not into the japan promotions, but I really really enjoy Dragon Gate . They have the best high flyers , even though I will miss PAC.

        If this wasn’t nerdy , I don’t know what it is ! :)

        Be healthy and smile .

  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com/ Allie


    I have never done any martial arts but just your enthusiasm makes me want a Gi. LOL.

    Great podcast. I always learn from Pat so I am glad you came by. I love that you love what you do and making the point that you were doing so much and pretty much not getting anywhere until you buckled down and concentrated on your blog, then you saw results and really enjoyed what you do. That rings true for me right now. I thought I was alone in thinking that, I’m not. Thanks.


    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Human beings are TERRIBLE multi-taskers. I use Wunderlist to keep track of everything, and it helps tremendously.

      But, too many projects at once is a recipe for failure at each one. Right now I have two main projects and tasks within each. Manageable so far! :)

      Thanks for the comment, Allie!

  • http://www.thetravelabstract.com/value-of-dividendmiles-how-much-is-1-us-airways-mile-worth-to-you/ Zach

    Awesome story about not only finding a micro niche but of somebody having a true passion for the topic and starting the site out of their love for it. Congrats on the success Brendan.

    Great podcast Pat and again you had great chemistry with your guest which brings me to my question for you; is there something you do to prep yourself and your guest before the interview? How do you set a tone for the podcast before it starts when you have a guest with you?

    Brendan- great site, the more I see Thesis the more I want to have it and I like your newsletter signup banners. Where did you get them from?

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Hey Zach, thanks so much for the encouragement. Thesis is great, but what I like most is how customizable it is with regard to skins. My skin came from kolakube.com. Alex Magini, the kid who made it, is really cool and is the lead design guy at DiyThemes (makes of Thesis). When I bought it from him, he was just a cool high school kid who made Thesis skins haha.

      Shamefully, I’m using a super old version of the skin because updating it makes me super nervous that the whole site will fall apart. Too many projects going on right now to worry about that. It’s very basic but it works.

      With that said, I have newer sites where I use OptinSkin and have had a LOT of success with it!

  • http://www.designfacet.com DesignFacet

    Great podcast, first time here and will come back to listen more.

  • http://www.anacostiayoga.com AnacostiaYogi

    Thank you for bringing heart, soul and purity into online marketing. So many things online create doubt and suspicion. It is refreshing to hear someone tout the benefits of caring and the ethics of marketing.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      They work. They just take longer but are much more durable and lasting than unethical methods :)

  • http://www.wsodownloadcenter.blogspot.com wsodownloads

    fabulous podcast.really learnt a lot from this..and congrats to pat .

  • http://Internationalgraduates.org Hassan

    Hey Pat,

    After I heard this episode of the podcast, I decided I’m going to make it a goal to be on your show by next year. Hopefully, with some hard work I will be able to make it happen.

    See you soon.

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Please do, Hassan! Can’t wait to hear your story!

  • http://www.you-quit-smoking.com Jon

    Thank you so much. This is my favourite Podcast. I will sit down and model the techniques and caring passion and transfer them into my work.

  • Travis

    Maybe I missed it….

    But, did he ever say how much the website earns per month?

    Thanks You!

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      haha, thanks for the comment Travis. You didn’t miss it at all. I never mentioned it on the podcast. Right now we make enough to cover all of our expenses including starting a podcast, buying gis for review, hosting, themes, and all of that wonderfulness that goes along with it.

      And it’s growing at a very nice rate, but I like putting as much back into the community as I can, which right now is everything the site makes.

  • http://www.internetnischen.de Marc

    Hi Pat, thanks for the great content you are sharing with your readers and listener. I am curious to know which MP3 Player Plugin you are using on your blog. Keep up the outstanding work! Cheers, Marc

  • http://internet-marketing-review.net Pete Moss

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    So I guess I’ll stream it from iTunes web site for now.

    You are a great inspiration Pat, I’ll be starting a Podcast soon. I’m excited to be interviewing some big names and key players in the internet marketing industry. I’ll let you know when its up and ready.
    -Pete Moss, Editor Internet-Marketing-Review.net

    • http://internet-marketing-review.net Pete Moss

      Ok, I disabled Ad-Block Pro, and it started working again. I wonder what is blacklisted about that player, iTunes or your show? It worked a few weeks ago, now I have just disabled ABP for your site because there’s nothing here I’d want to block out :)
      Your captcha screen just confused the heck out of me because I wasn’t reading 😛

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    Awesome podcast episode and awesome website, Brendan! Kudos man for all of your hard work, hustle, and determination!

    Keep up the great work!

    All the best,

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much Alex!! Glad you enjoyed it! Hustle sure is exhausting at times!

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    Wow, great niche!
    I’ve always been fascinated and practiced martial arts since a little kid.

    I’m also an iOS developer specializing in mobile business newbies.
    I’d love to discuss making an app for this.

    let me know,

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    Hey guys,

    Great podcast, really gave me some great ideas. I’m thinking about overhauling my site. Question concerning the backlinking strategy, how many links is too many on a daily basis for the strategy?


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    Each SPI post / podcast I get pumped with motivation to succeed and learn so many useful tips and strategies. This was no exception with Brendan. So much to learn and take action on I gotta ramp the hustle … LOL


    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Thanks so much for listening! Hustle is super important, but I find that I burn myself out super-fast with the Gary V “all-hustle / no sleep” attitude. You don’t have to work in moderation and can feel free to go all out, just learn to sacrifice something other than sleep.

  • Shaun

    smartpassiveincome.com/session49 link not working. fix it.

  • http://www.the-webdesign.net/ Tobias Gebauer

    Very inspiring guy with a great attitude towards business and life.

    • Brendan Hufford

      Thanks so much, Tobias!!

  • Tashmear Montgomery

    Ok! Kimonos- Brendan Hufford

    So I can’t stand people who do bad business practices, and contradict themselves every time they open their mouth.. or in this case in every e-mail.

    I had found a gi for Creston that we both really liked but the blue and black colors were sold out, and I didn’t really want to buy white cause they discolor and stain so easily.. I had contacted the seller weeks prior to see if they would be getting more of the colored gi’s in stock and after trying to sell me a completely different gi, he told me he was not getting more of the gi I wanted in stock… So finally I broke down because they were offering 50% off the entire site and it made this gi only $47. I ordered it on Sunday 22nd around midnight… Here are the email conversations we have had since…..

    ***Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 10:22 AM
    Hey Amanda!

    Right now, the white tiger gi isn’t applicable to our current sale. An error in our site made it possible for you to order it with that large of a discount. If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to apply the 20% discount that we discussed previously. Super happy to have you checking the site and trusting Ok! Kimonos smile emoticon

    Let me know if that would work.

    Brendan – Chief Happiness Jedi @ Ok! Kimonos

    ***Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 12:50 PM
    I just looked at your site again and noticed you increased the price of this Gi from the $94 tag its been for months to $125 and still says that’s a “on sale” and put it in “my cart” for check out and added the NEW 50% off discount code “who” and it took that as just fine so saying “the white tiger gi isn’t applicable to our current sale” isn’t quite accurate is it. As we discussed before both my son and I didn’t want the white gi for various reasons mentioned in previous emails. However with the 50% off that is still offered for your entire site I figured we would give it a shot even though its not the color we wanted and see if we like your products and they way they fit. So reading this email 2 days after I’ve made my purchase, I’m shocked that it was even sent on your part to be honest and here’s why…..

    1) as I stated before you increased the price of the gi after I purchased it and its still able to be purchased with the 50% off.

    2) “An error in our site made it possible for you to order it with that large of a discount.” – I’m sorry but I don’t feel an error was made regarding the discount of 50% off, and the 50% off discount you are still offering just with a different word code from “crazy50” to “who”, so its not anymore of a discount than what was offered by your company. Had I been able to stack the 50% and any other amount I would agree with that statement, but that is not the case here.

    3) “If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to apply the 20% discount that we discussed previously.”- Had the original offer of 20% been alright I would have ordered it then, and each week you have increased that % by 10 up to its current 50% off and even with the other discounts the price of this Gi had not increased from the $94 price tag its had for months.

    4) “Super happy to have you checking the site and trusting Ok! Kimonos smile emoticon” – This one to be honest made me laugh because your whole email says the exact opposite. What your email really says is Hey we forgot we had that gi marked that low and really don’t want to honor that price and we are now trying to back out of that sale and not be trustworthy…. frown emoticon

    So with all that said, I would hope as a new customer or just any customer for that matter that you would honor the sale you advertised and still are advertising. I don’t know what your cost for these gi’s are and really that is none of my business so I can’t say whether or not your email came about because you are not making enough profit off this sale, not making any profit off this sale, or even losing money from this sale. What I do know about good business is no matter what case it may be, this email probably shouldn’t have been sent in the context it was, or with the counter offer it had. I don’t know of any other business that would allow you to purchase a product then retract the price you purchased it for and then still expect you to pay a higher price to get the goods you purchased.

    What I hope/expect to happen from this point is that you realize the error was on your part (or whom ever didn’t increase the price of that gi before my purchase, which I have to say it a touch shady that the price increased for a promotional discount % off but it still says its on sale) and still send my son the gi we purchased with all the love and care your site states you take of inspecting each gi before they go out to insure there are no flaws or defects.


    ***Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 2:54 PM
    Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for the thorough response smile emoticon I think you deserve to have me respond to each point individually.

    1. Thanks for noticing. The price for the gi has increased (starting after this sale ends), but the gi should have been marked as unavailable and is currently not listed on the site during this sale. That should alleviate any confusion going forward.

    2. The error on the site was that the specific gi you ordered should have not worked with the discount code. These gis are shipped from a separate warehouse and we can’t discount them past a certain point (the 20% that I mentioned). This has always been our policy with that model of gi and it is because the larger discounts end up taking us into the red (meaning we not only make 0 profit, but we end up losing money on them).

    3. I totally understand now that you are not interested in the 20% discount. It was simply the most that I could offer you on that gi.

    4. I understand that the mistake and confusion on our end would lose your trust as a customer.

    The sale that is advertised does not apply to that gi and it has been completely taken down from the site until the sale ends to prevent any further issues. The discount code does not work on every single item on the site and that gi is one of the items that it should not have worked on.

    I sincerely apologize that the offer offended you. The offer was for you to buy the white tiger gi for $75.20, which is 20% off the $94 that it was listed for, with free shipping.

    We don’t ship every day (only on Saturdays) and your order was placed on a Sunday. I replied within 48 hours of your initial order and truly try to make sure that all orders with problems and, generally, all messages to us are replied to in 48 hours.

    Overall, I’m truly sorry for the confusion. When our colored tiger gis come back in stock, feel free to shoot me an email and I’d be more than happy to extend the 50% discount on the gi you actually want. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the gi you actuallywant smile emoticon Your purchase price has already been refunded. Thanks again for taking the time to email and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

    ***Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 11:32 PM
    The contradiction of your last paragraph astounds me “When our colored tiger gis come back in stock, feel free to shoot me an email and I’d be more than happy to extend the 50% discount on the gi you actually want.” is not what you stated in your second point of “These gis are shipped from a separate warehouse and we can’t discount them past a certain point (the 20% that I mentioned). This has always been our policy with that model of gi” So what this comes down to is that you made an error that your not happy with and your not willing to not make a profit off my sale, in turn refusing to ship me the goods I have ordered unless I pay a higher price for them… there is a few Terms for that its called “Bait and Switch”, “Fraud”, and “Sellers remorse” all are highly frowned upon business practices and some are illegal and hold jail terms. Now I’m sure neither of us would want to take it that far now would we? I didn’t request a refund and the funds are still processing on my account, as I requested in my last email to have the gi I ordered sent to me, I still expect that to happen. If that same conclusion is not made by you after this email I will be forced to take this matter further and proceed with alternative actions myself. Also in regards to doing further business with you after this transaction is completed would not be an option for me since this one has turned out to be so poor.

    ***Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 11:45 AM
    Hey Amanda,

    I think you may be confused. I am offering you the colored tiger gis, which do not ship from a separate location (just the white tiger model does) for the same purchase price that you paid for the white gi. So any colored (blue or black) tiger gi from our store will be sold to you at $47 and free shipping, at any point in the future. This offer never expires.

    In addition, I have already refunded your money, which negates any argument of bait and switch, and seller’s remorse has to do with home-buying in which a contract is involved, not in this scenario. Also, at no point did I ever tell you to pay anything higher than the original $47 you paid. You came to the conclusion that the 20% off a white tiger gi would come off the new price of $125 but that was not a statement I made, nor did I intend that to be your interpretation. At no point did I attempt to keep your money or provide to you, against your will, something that you did not order. An error was made on the site, and I tried to make it right multiple times with you and you have denied those attempts, which is absolutely your right to do so. Attached is a screenshot of the refund which was made the day after your purchase cleared on my end, just in case you still don’t see it on your card.

    Should you still wish to purchase the white tiger gi for $47, I would be happy to do that. Just let me know and I can set up a special link, just for you. I will be offline for the next few days so I hope you have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving.

    (REFUND PROCESSED 11/24/15 20:49:14 and has not hit my bank, this is according to what he sent me)

  • Aidan Au

    I am still listing to this podcast in 2016 because the content is valuable. Brendan has a long hour teacher job and still manages to thrive the site! Very good lesson to learn about not giving any excuses!
    It sounds like the site can potentially replace his day job income or already replaced. But in the podcast, Brendan sounded very passionate about teaching and influencing lives. I think he may keep them both