21 Web Applications I Use and Can’t Live Without

A lot of people ask me what web applications I use, so I decided to write a post and share some of my favorites with you today!

Below you’ll find a list of web applications I love, what I use them for and some quick tips for some of them too.


Web Analytics and Optimization

crazyeggCrazyEgg—CrazyEgg is an extremely useful visual web analytics tool co-founded by Neil Patel. It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out whether or not certain elements of your website are being used. How? It shows you visually with various types of overlay maps, so that you can see exactly what’s being looked at and clicked on when people visit your site.

Most recently, I’ve been using it to make purposeful tweaks and adjustments to the recent redesign of The Smart Passive Income Blog. (See this). I have the tool set to record data from all types of pages on my blog—from the homepage to top income producing pages (like the resource page), and even random blog posts so I can see what people are actually clicking on when they read my content.

There’s an advertised 30-day free trial on Crazy Egg’s website, but you can get access to an unadvertised extended 90-day trial (2 months extra) with the web app bundle over at Only72.com for the Cyber Monday app sale.

clickyClicky—Clicky is a web analytics tool similar to Google Analytics, but it’s a lot better in my opinion, which is why I use it every day. There are a number of reasons I like it better:

  1. It can show me, in a glance, traffic data for multiple websites all at the same time on the dashboard. This is extremely helpful for me because I run online businesses.
  2. It’s less intimidating, cleaner and a lot more user friendly.
  3. I love how I can easily see, in real-time, how many people are on my website, and even pinpoint specific users and see every action they’ve taken on the site—from what page they entered on, to what they’ve clicked on and where they exit.
  4. It’s easier to setup goals and campaigns in Clicky vs. Google Analytics, in my opinion.
  5. It’s far easier to compare what happened today on your sites vs. what happened yesterday, of 7 days before, or any other day.

Plus, you get support over at Clicky. It’s hard to get support from Google for Google Analytics.

Clicky advertises a 21-day free trial, but it’s actually also included in the same Only72.com Cyber Monday App Bundle that I mentioned above with Crazy Egg (plus several other apps like Freshbooks, Shopify, SnapEngage, iDoneThis, SaneBox and RightSignature).

For Clicky, instead of 21 days, you’ll get 6-months of the Pro Plus account, which is good for up to 10 websites and 30,000 website visitors per day total.

gtmetrixGTmetrix—GTmetrix is a sweet (and free) tool that you can use to check the speed and performance of your website. Just insert your URL and boom—you’ll get a quick analysis and report of how long it took to load, along with a grade and what parts of your site are slowing you down.

Hand that report over to an optimization expert (or take care of some of those things on your own), and you’ll have a faster loading page that will help the user experience on your website, and also help you rank higher in the search engines too, because page time affects search engine rankings!

Once you enter your URL, give it 15 seconds to analyze it before your report shows up.


bywordByWord—For the longest time, I used the WordPress editor to create pages and publish posts on my blogs. Now, I realize how much better life is when I use a tool that was specifically built for writing.

There are several tools out there to help you write, but ByWord, by far, is my favorite. It’s basically a “distraction-free” writing tool that clears everything out of the screen except for the cursor. It keeps my mind in focus while writing.

Plus, it’s super clean and has a nice feel to it.

You can show or hide a faint word count at the bottom of the screen, and it also auto-saves on the Cloud for you, which is nice—especially if you work from multiple devices, including your iPhone—although I found the iPhone version of ByWord to be a little buggy.

ByWord ($9.99) is for Mac users only, but there are PC equivalent software solutions, such as OmmWriter.


unrollmeUnroll.me—You’re going to thank me for this one. Unroll.me is a web app that you connect to your email account, and what it does is goes through all of your archives and finds any subscriptions that you have and gives you the option to either unsubscribe from them, or roll them into one single email you receive daily.

This might not sound like much, but when I connected my primary personal email account, it saw that I was subscribed to over 115 email lists! Quickly, I was able to unsubscribe from about 90% of them, and keep the rest in one email that I get daily that sums them all up if any of those subscription emails come my way.

A genius tool, and it seriously helps with the email load. Oh, and it’s free!

mailboxMailBox—Mailbox is an iPhone & iPad application that I use every day for email management. It’s like the client mac mail application, except so much better because when an email comes in, I can easily use various finger swiping gestures to either delete the email, put it in a specific folder, mark as read and archive or delay it so it comes back to me later (like at a later time of the day, or even week or year).

It’s from the makers of DropBox, so you know it’s legit and has good support, and although I’m far from being the master at organizing the email flowing into my inbox, this app definitely makes it a lot easier to manage.

Please note that it currently only works with Gmail accounts, although they seem to be working on being able to add other email platforms soon.


auphonicAuphonicAuphonic is a new tool that I was recently introduced to that I’m now starting to use for almost every podcast episode—specifically the ones that include interviews. The tool works like another tool I recommended in my podcasting tutorial called Levelator, where you process a sound file and it spits out another that has perfect sound levels. So, if you recorded an interview and the person you interviewed sounds a lot softer or louder than you, this tool would fix that and optimize the volume and levels all the way through your show.

Auphonic takes it up another level because:

  1. It’s web based.
  2. You can add metadata to your files right from the upload screen, including pre-rolls and post-rolls to your show if you wish.
  3. You can upload an mp3 (instead of an AIFF file, which was the case with Levelator)

Currently, it’s free to use—although I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to charge because it is such a great app that is extremely helpful, and is worth paying for in my opinion.

Social Media

tweriodTweriodTweriod (Twitter + Period) is a quick and easy (and free) tool you can use to find out exactly when most of your Twitter followers are online.

This data is important because it will help you determine when the best times to tweet are. Combine this with the tool right below this one, and you’ve got a killer combo.

It takes just a second—so you might as well try it out right now. Are you tweeting at the optimal times?

bufferappBufferapp—BufferApp is one of my favorite web applications ever. Not only because it’s a cool tool, but because it’s run by some awesome people who share the same values of transparency and honesty as I do.

BufferApp allows you to schedule Tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn updates and more ahead of time. Over 1,000,000 people use BufferApp, and I’m one of them because there are a lot of interesting things you can do with the application.

If you have a lot to say, and lots of cool stuff to share, you can use BufferApp to schedule those posts and Tweets ahead of time, so as not to annoy your followers, but also to constantly keep in contact with them and provide value over time—almost like what you can do with an email auto-responder.

Before I move on, I just wanted to mention: automation is great, but do realize that in order to lead a successful social media campaign, you do still have to be somewhat present and have real interactions with your audience.

Organization and Productivity

basecampBasecamp—There are a lot of web-based project management type tools out there, and they can all organize your projects and help get the job done. I’ve tried Truello and Asana for months at a time, but I’ve always landed back to my favorite of them all—Basecamp.

This is personal preference, and I’d recommending just trying out various pieces of software until you land on one you really like, but I love the interface of Basecamp and how easy it is to manage multiple projects (because you all know how many projects I have going on at the same time) and Basecamp does help organize all of that stuff and keep me sane.

I do still have physical folders for all of my projects, but primarily for milestone and goal tracking purposes, not so much the record keeping and communication between team members, which Basecamp is excellent for.

There is a free trial period for Basecamp, but after the trial is over there is no free continuation plan. I remember running with the trial a couple of years ago, and after the first few days, I was convinced and happy to pay the monthly fee to use the software.

evernoteEvernote—If I were going to be stranded on a deserted island (where they had internet access) and I could only bring one app with me, it would be Evernote.

I use Evernote more than any other web app out there, primarily because I treat it like my second brain. It’s where I store everything I want to learn later (just not right now), and it’s where I organize all of my notes for everything—from public speaking presentations, to books that I plan to publish, to courses, contact information, everything.

Whenever I get a new idea for a project I have, no matter where I’m at, I can pull out my Evernote iphone app and add a little note to a project folder, and then I have it there when I go home and work on my desktop.

I love Evernote because it neatly organizes my everything, and everything is easily searchable too. You can sign up for a free account, but there’s a premium account for $5.00 a month that gives you more storage and access to a few more features as well.

evernote-web-clipperEvernote Web Clipper—Evernote Web Clipper is a free browser extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer) that makes it incredibly easy to take any piece of content on the web—maybe an article you’re reading, a picture you see or a blog post or video you came across—and save it into a specific folder within your Evernote account.

This is what I primarily use for just in time learning, which means when I come across something cool that I know is useful—it’s just not going to help me right now with what I need to focus on—I can clip it into a specific folder so I can easily come back to it later—and it’s not like a book mark either—it takes that content and puts it into the Evernote folder you specific, so it’s right there for you later—even if you were offline (if you gave it a chance to sync first).

So cool.

soundgeckoSound Gecko—Along the same lines as EWC, (and I have to credit Cliff from Podcast Answer Man for this find) Sound Gecko allows me to save written content I find on the web and review it later.

Sounds kind of boring—right? Well, there’s a reason it’s called Sound Gecko.

You see, when you save written content into Sound Gecko (using a browser extension), when you pull up that content on your phone, the app will read it back to you. So, you could essentially read blog posts or even the news by saving it from the web and listening to that content on your drive home, at the gym, on a walk—where ever you please.

The app works for both iOS and Android and it’s free to use, however, if you’d like to subscribe to RSS feeds and convert PDF documents into Sound Gecko, it only costs $2.95 per month—which is less than a premium drink at Starbucks.

1password1Password / LastPass—1Password and LastPass are a couple of other applications that I use every single day. Both serve the same purpose—they generate and store passwords for various things you sign up for online so that you only have to remember one master password.

The reason I have 1Password and LastPass is because 1Password is what I started with, and it just makes sense for me to keep with it—but I also have LastPass because it’s what I use to share passwords with my VAs without me actually having to tell them my exact passwords. They just have that one, and if a VA leaves for whatever reason, I can switch out that master password for another one.

1Password comes with a small fee, while LastPass is free to use (although it does have a premium version with a few more features). So, if I were to start from scratch today I’d probably start saving my passwords into LastPass, although I do have to say I like the interface of 1Password much better.

dropboxDropBox—Oh Dropbox..how can I live without you?

Dropbox is top notch, affordable cloud storage—primarily because it’s easy to use and incredibly affordable. You get 2Gb of storage for free, although personally I pay $9.99 / month for a Pro account to handle more storage, since I do a lot of large file swapping between myself and VAs.

I primarily use it off the web actually, meaning I don’t even sign into Dropbox.com when I’m using it. When you download the application to your computer, your computer is essentially dropbox enabled, so I’m often drag & dropping and copying files into a dropbox folder that’s created in my explorer or filemanager, which syncs to the cloud storage. From there, I can simply right click on anything and get the share link that I can paste into emails or chat messages.

jingJing—If you have VAs, Jing is a must. When you install Jing onto your computer, you can take screenshots of whatever you see on your screen (and add graphics like arrows and things like that to them) and you’ll immediately get a link you can use to share that image. Beyond that, and the feature I use the most, is you can screen record using the software too. So, instead of taking a single-framed screenshot and sharing that, I can record an entire video up to 5 minutes in length, and after recording it’ll give me a link to share.

So instead of writing out a detailed email about how to do this thing or that, I can simply record myself doing it along with my voice instructions, and boom—it’s right there in video form with a link to share with my VA. It’s the best way to teach someone how to do something fast, especially with the convenience of the link without having to then upload that video somewhere and then get the link.

Jing was created by the same company that created Camtasia Studios and Camtasia for Mac.

Oh, and the best part—it’s free!

Graphic Design

picresizemePicResize—It’s important to keep the file size of the images on your site to a minimum. I use photoshop to do this sometimes, but sometimes I don’t have access to photoshop and instead I’ll use PicResize to quickly take an image of any size, and cut the filesize down to a fraction of the size while maintaining the quality of the picture.

You can upload an image from your own computer, or even use a URL for an image on the web, and after you specific the size you want and press a button, you can download a new image that’s going to help you achieve faster load times and a better user experience on your site.

Tip: you can even batch process multiple images at the same time.

Window Resizer—Window Resizer is a browser extension (chrome / firefox) may be the most under-rated tool ever. It’s so handy that every time I use it, I swear I smile a little.

What it does is it gives you quick options for resizing your browser window. This becomes extremely useful when I’m recording screencasts and I want my browser size to match the size of the video exactly. Typically, I do it at 1280×720 (which is the YouTube HD size), but it could be for whatever.

I’ve preset the most popular sizes so that I just have to click the extension button in my browser, choose the right size and boom—all good to go.

Tip: If you’re doing screencasts and you want to record your browser, but also hide your toolbar and any other tabs you may have open in that window, create a specific size in Window Resizer that’s the same as the size of the video you want to export, but make sure that size is the size of the viewport (which there’s an option for in this tool), not the window. The viewport is everything below the toolbar and tabbed area, so you’ll be able to fit more of a webpage on the screen.

Window Resizer is 100% free to use. I looked for a Safari version and saw a couple that were similar, but not of the same brand behind this one, so I can’t say if those are legit or not.


wistiaWistia—I recently discovered Wistia from a recommendation from Caleb over at Fizzle.co when I was asking around for where I might be able to host videos for my course, Breakthrough Blogging. After using it for about 6 months now, I’m really loving it. It’s great for organizing videos that you want presented in a high-quality manner, and what’s most impressive are the analytics that come with the videos that you upload. I can see, for example, in each of the videos I have in my course, what parts people are paying the most attention to, and where people are losing interest. As an owner of a course and someone dedicating to producing the best, most helpful content I can, this information is extremely valuable.

I’m still discovering new features and things about Wistia every time I sign in that make me love it even more, so if you’re going to be creating a membership site and will be including videos in it, I highly recommend Wistia for your media storage solution.

There is a free 2-week trial, and then monthly fees depending on how many videos you want to upload and how much bandwidth you’re going to use.

camtasia-screenflowCamtasia and Screenflow—I love screencasts. I love to record what’s on my  screen so I can share that information and teach on channels like YouTube and other platforms. They’ve been the backbone behind the success of my YouTube Channel and many of the high-quality, viral tutorials on SPI, such as my podcasting tutorial. For Mac users, there are two applications that are at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to screen recording software: Camtasia and Screenflow.

For PC users, most people use Camtasia Studio—so there’s really no debate there.

Right now, I’m sort of in favor of Camtasia, simply because since Mavericks for iOS came out, Camtasia was the first to be compatible and I had some issues with Screenflow—but they soon followed up with a patch and all was good again.

So, I’m not going to say use one over the other—just, these are your options, they are both fantastic and just pick one, go with it and make those videos!

To save even more time (on both Camtasia and Screenflow) I upload my finished videos directly from the application onto my YouTube account.

What About You? What Web Apps Do You Use?

Do you use any of the ones I listed above? Which ones are your favorites?

Did I miss any that you think are essential that you’d like to share with the community? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

Thanks so much, and don’t forget to check out the special Cyber Monday App Bundle deal at Only72.com today!

  • http://www.voicesofmarketing.com/ John Shea

    This is an awesome list Pat, thanks so much for sharing.

    I know I mentioned Auphonic to you over Twitter a few months back, was I the one who introduced you to that? It saves me SO much time for adding intro/outro clips and managing my Podcasts.

    I’m also a huge fan of Evernote and am familiar with some of the others listed here, I’m def going to check out Unroll.me as that one sounds really useful for getting rid of junk subscriptions.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I do believe that was you John! Thanks so much for the intro to the web app! I know A lot of these I’ve found from others and I can’t remember exactly who for most, so I’m glad to be able to know that one came specifically from you! Thanks!

  • http://diymusicbiz.com/ Greg Savage

    I have a question

    Byword…. What’s this doing that Word Or Libre office isn’t?

    • http://universaldesign.org/ Scott Pruett

      It’s stripped of a lot of features, which assists in maintaining focus on the writing itself. Simplicity is its biggest selling point, for me at least.

  • Muhammad Hussein

    Hi. Thanks a Lot. Unroll me seems to be awesome. Check these results: https://db.tt/5deubaJL
    213 unsubscribed! 😮

  • Colin Leid

    oooooh! just started using Mailbox last week it’s chainged my email life. soo easy. finally for to inbox zero. soo much easier to swipe. gonna check out unroll now – sure we all could up our unsubscribe game. thanks pat!

  • http://readandgetrich.com/ Chris

    I’d like to focus on evernote and dropbox mostly because these two totally embrace the concept of portability. You probably note that very successful people have spiral notebooks (or at least they had in the past).

    I like to think that nowadays very successful people have smartphones with “spiral notes” apps that can synchronize with the other devices. I will try Byword as I currently write my blog post in Microsoft Word.

    Thanks for the list Pat! :)

  • http://www.oatmeal-bowl.com/ Christine McCarthy

    Great list! I need to check out unroll.me. However, I do use GTMetrix. Great tool to find out why and where my site is sloooow. 😉

  • Rob

    Great apps!!! There are some here that I’ll need to check out. Not sure if you’ve used Workflowy.com but that’s an app that I’m on constantly to help me get through my To-Do list…I wonder if they can create some kind of API or connection with iDoneThis? Workflowy.com does a good job at email me at the end of the day with the things that got checked off, so it has the iDonethis element to it as well

  • andycal

    Superb list, just about to sort my life out with unroll.me. However, I also use projectbubble.com which is superb when doing content creation and distribution. It’s actually a project management system aimed at enterprise, but I think it does a better job than Basecamp, has more features and is cheap as chips. I can have clients log in and see every part of their SEO campaign’s progress, absolutely marvellous.

  • arif hossain

    greatest post,that’s help me so much

  • Dan Morrow

    Great post! Use and love many of these. As for Mailbox, I have it and like it but am currently using Boxer instead. Not sure on which I will land. My issue is this: Mailbox has a snooze feature that is just fantastic. Love it. But it doesn’t do labels well (or at all?). Boxer is lacking the snooze feature (which may eventually be a deal breaker for me), but does labels wonderfully. At the moment, I need labels. Boxer also has Sanebox support for those interested in that. I’m not the fan that many others are, and it was broken last time I tried to use it (a week or so ago), but it’s good to know about.

    Anyways, thanks again. Great list! Unroll may turn out to be one of the best things ever in my ongoing quest to trim my email.

  • Ron Pereira

    Highrise from 37 Signals (makers of Basecamp) is my can’t live without app. It’s an elegant CRM that has everything we need and nothing we don’t. If you’re a small to medium sized business that interacts with customers I highly recommend trying Highrise!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Very awesome Ron – thank you for sharing that! The guys from 37Signals always make stuff that works really well.

  • http://www.my4hrworkweek.com/ Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Love this post Pat! Picked up on a lot of great tools that I don’t currently use (and ones I had never ever heard of). Looking forward to trying them out.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Eric! Super stoked to see you here in the comments dude! How’s your blog going?

      • http://www.my4hrworkweek.com/ Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

        It’s been awhile since I’ve commented here (of course I still read every word you write). Really loving the design and the implementation of Disqus.

        My blog is going really well – still plugging along. :) Been actually doing a lot of work on a new blog that I’m planning on launching in January.

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          ooOOo Nice! I’d love to hear more about it – if not now, then perhaps later after it’s launched :) Best of luck Eric!

  • Tony R

    Hey guys,
    What about hoot suite? Amazing time saver!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I don’t use HootSuite, haen’t explored it much. Can you share your experience with it and how it saves you time?

      • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com cheftony

        Curious as well, Hootsuite vs Buffer..just got going on Buffer, but curios as to best practices on both…

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          Would make a great post, if there isn’t one already on the web somewhere.

  • http://www.prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

    Love what you listed – some i use, some I’ll start. But I used Basecamp with a VA once and hate to say it but I didn’t care for it at all. I love LOVE using ASANA – it’s free, web-based, doesn’t have an iPad version YET but they are working on it and it’s intuitive, great user interface, and tons of features, and I can’t live without it. Ultimate collaboration tool. Plus Things for keeping track of tasks.

    • Jake Beresford

      I second this – Asana is much nicer than BaseCamp in my experience.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Farnoosh! I think we all have different preferences and it’s awesome we have so much to choose from. Glad you’re loving Asana!

  • Jeffrey Pennypacker

    Pat, were you reading my mind? I was just wondering about some of your tools earlier today. I went to your resource page and looked it over but then…bam I got your email with the list. Keep the great stuff coming. Thanks a ton. I would like to add one tool to your box. Dragon dictate for Mac. If you don’t like to type this is the best dictation software I have found so far. I am actually using it to dictate this comment and have created half an e-book today. Give it a try!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Yes. I mean, no! I mean – hehe! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a post like this, so I’m glad you were thinking along the same lines!

      Do you have issues with DD for Mac? Like, do you find you have to correct yourself more often than not where it wouldn’t even be worth using?

      • Jeffrey Pennypacker

        I have been using it for a few short days and love it so far. Of course there is still a major learning curve to go through, commands to find, and training it to know me better. With all of that said, I pumped out the content for a 30 page ebook I started this morning. Speaking of e-books, do you have someone design the book, or do it yourself? I tried ibooks author today and it seems to work great until turning it into a pdf. arg!@$

  • ryanhache

    We used basecamp but have since switched to teamworkpm.net because it just had a few key features we needed. My team loves it. here are the list of stand out features if you are interested http://www.teamworkpm.net/landing/teamworkpmvsbasecamp/

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      WOW – that’s a pretty aggressive page there, clearly smashing on Basecamp (even showing a broken Basecamp logo). Some very strong qualities of TeamWorkPM though – thanks for the share!

      • ryanhache

        ya the broken logo is a bit much.. they even have a tool inside specifically to migrate your data from base camp with one click.. its pretty clear who their target is.

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          haha – right?

    • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com cheftony

      For my restaurant, I’ve loved using Base as my crm (http://www.getbase.com) and tried INfusionsoft, but way too much, cancelling that now.

  • The App Review Zone

    Unroll.me…OMG YES!!!!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn


  • Jordan Redhawk

    Unroll.me is awesome! Thanks for including it. I dropped my subscriptions by half…Yay!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Awesome Jordan, glad to hear it!

  • http://www.cubiclefree.com/ Quinn

    Now we know how you do it! :-) Definitely going to check out unroll.me
    Yesware and Boomerang for chrome are my newest best friends.
    Together they enable you to track and followup on emails you send out. For example for a niche site like foodtuckr if you wanted to reach 20 or so specific trucks by email (perhaps you wanted to partner with them in some way) you can use these to help you do things much more efficiently. Yesware tells you when they opened it and how many times – it also has template functionality. Boomerang enables to to schedule emails to go out at a later time/date (so you can still write the email on Friday afternoon but send it Monday morning) and then it send the email back to you if it is not opened in a certain timeframe – so you can decide what to do with it. Together I find they are cutting out the guess work and making marketing much easier!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Nice Quinn! Very nice, thank you for sharing those!

    • Elan

      Dido to Boomerang and Yesware. Those were the last 2 apps I installed. Incredibly productive.

  • Nate Fancher

    Wow. Yes. Unroll.me !!!!!!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      How’d it go for you?

      • http://sensualappealblog.com/ Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

        I just used it and had no idea I was subscribed to THAT many things. This was SO easy to unsubscribe. THANK YOU

      • WPSamurai

        21 Subscriptions I had no idea even existed in my email account. Now I have 3!

      • Paul Ryan

        I don’t know how it went for Nate, but that tool just made my day. Yay, less noise in my inbox.

      • RGB Photographic

        so annoying that it won’t work with my email as i don’t use gmail for work where all my 100’s of subscriptions are….not fair :-(

        • Dreamscene

          me too. i managed to use it for my personal hotmail account, but my business one which runs through MS Outlook on my PC is where all the junk is, but it won’t recognise it….. :-( wonder if there is a workaround??

    • Chris Florence

      Agreed Nate!

  • Rich Berning

    I like Boomerang for gmail, by Baydin(.com). It lets you manage your emails, scheduling when you send your emails, or have them show back up in your inbox at a set time. Great for bills, birthdays, deadlines, etc.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Sweet! Thanks for sharing Rich!

  • http://www.pmgene.com/ Eugene Yu

    THANK YOU x 1000 PAT for Unroll.me! I had over 500 subscriptions in just 2 of my email accounts. I probably unsubscribed to over 300 of them!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Holy cow! That’s a lot of subscriptions! Most I’ve seen so far I think, lol!

  • http://www.jobiety.com/ Kashif

    For online picture editing, I use Pixlr (pixlr.com/editor/). Its free and very awesome.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Sweet – thanks for sharing Kashif!

  • Nick Loper

    Sweet list, lots of I hadn’t heard of previously — which is always awesome.

    Definitely second the Dropbox, Jing, Lastpass, and Unroll.me mentions. Have you tried Copy? Basically it’s just like Dropbox except w/ 15-20 GB free instead of 2 GB.

    A couple of my favorite tools right now are ScheduleOnce for scheduling podcast interviews and other calls, and NudgeMail for reminder emails.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Nice Nick – thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard of ScheduleOnce or NudgeMail yet – I appreciate it!

      • http://www.sidehustlenation.com/ Nick Loper

        You bet! SPI redesign looks sweet btw :)

    • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com cheftony

      Thanks for NudgeMail! I have seen a few others, but this looks uber easy and free!

  • Scott Priestley

    Pat! Thanks for these!! UnRoll.me is awesooooomme!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      My pleasureeeee! :)

  • DanielLock

    Trello for managing projects with devs and VAs.

    Wiki’s: PBWorks (free version) for myself personally and Confluence with clients. Wiki’s are the best for collaboration.

    Awesome screenshot, a free Chrome extension for quick screenshots. No frills app.

    DevonThink for my research database and webcliper. This really is a great tool for writers and thinkers.

    GQueues for my task manager as it allows me to ‘schedule’ to-do’s in my calendar unlike google tasks.

    Scrivener for writing. This is the best writing tool. Hands down.

    Tinderbox: for capturing and organising notes in a million different ways. Warning with this, though it powerful it has a huge learning curve.


    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Dan! I use Scrivener too but only for writing books, and even then I’ll write in ByWord and then transfer over to Scrivener for organizational purposes. Great recommendations – thank you!

  • http://www.shadeofinfo.com/blog/ Andrew M. Warner

    The ones that I’m most fond of are LastPass and Evernote. I use those two things more than anything and would be really lost without it. I’m actually not sure how I managed before those two apps.

    The ones I’m most interested in trying on your list here are Unroll.me, Auphonic and ByWord.

    Thanks for this list Pat.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Andrew! You rock brotha!

  • http://www.fivefoldfatherhood.com/ Ricardo Butler

    Dude! You actually use Clicky? They must have upgraded it lately. I used clicky for years when they first came out. I need to recheck it out. And Dropbox is almost “dangerously” my third computer. I have a MacBook Pro and a Desktop computer and I run files back and forth from both because of certain programs that I use on one and the other. But all the files I keep them on Dropbox. So basically I have no files on my Mac or PC. That’s why I said “Dangerously.” I hope Dropbox never goes out of business because I’d be screwed! lol!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I do use Clicky – every day! It’s great when you have multiple sites to look at at the same time. And yes, Dropbox = the bestest thing ever :)

      • http://www.fivefoldfatherhood.com/ Ricardo Butler

        Nice! I might have to check Clicky out again. And I’m in love with Dropbox! lol!

  • http://thevirtualonlineassistant.com/ Nica, Virtual Assistant

    A great set of tools, Pat! I was clicking on the tools that I want to use and I came up with 4 — Unroll.me, PicResize, Wistia, and GTMetrix. PicResize looks like JPEGMini and since I use it a lot this holiday season, I downloaded the desktop version.

    I feel that I will be using Auphonic a lot this coming year because I want to make an audio course for people who want to become VAs.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Hey Nica! (One of my former VAs everyone! She’s awesome!) Great to see you here!

      Cool to see you doing an audio course for your blog, that’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll love auphonic!

      • http://thevirtualonlineassistant.com/ Nica, Virtual Assistant

        awww.. thanks for the shoutout, Pat!

  • Prosperity Track

    What an amazing list. I can tell that a lot of thought and research went
    into making this list. It is a far departure from many similar lists I
    have seen over the years. I have already used unroll.me and you are
    right……THANK YOU PAT! One of my email addresses had over 140 list
    subscriptions! Now working with Tweriod. Great work !

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      140! Nice! Glad to have been able to help!

  • http://www.redgramliving.com/ Kay Fudala

    Nice post, Pat! I found a few new apps on this list I need to check out.
    Btw, I use Pingdom for website speed test. Even though I am technical, I like how GTMetrix simplifies the explanation compared to Pingdom.

    This is a very basic tip – I love the Mac Preview app – in a pinch you can create or edit a graphic you need to upload. It even allows you to edit pdfs (you can add or move pages). Saves me time over opening up Photoshop every time I need to resize a graphic. Simple, yet versatile.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Agreed Kay – I have used Pingdom too and it’s great but GTMetrix is just easier to look at and use. Thanks so much for the tip too!

  • rebeccathompson

    I use and can’t live without my Podio.com It is a Project Management Tool and my CRM all rolled into one. And it has a TON of other uses. :-)

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Ahh yes, I’ve heard of that one before – thanks for sharing Rebecca!

  • Tara Ross

    Love so many of these, especially Jing, Evernote, and Dropbox. Picresize, too…I use that one a lot. I also like whatfont – an extension for Chrome – that tells me what font is being used on websites that I like. I definitely *want* to use LastPass but, sadly, it’s not compatible with Keyboard Maestro – a Mac program that does auto text and about a million other features that you can set it to do. So, I’ll keep Keyboard Maestro and keep looking up my passwords on mSecure.

    • Tara Ross

      Oh, and unenroll.me sounds awesome but I’d hate for my email subscribers to do that to me. haha

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Whatfont sounds awesome! If anything, just because I’m curious, lol. Thanks Tara!

  • Manthan Thakar

    Hey Pat, Nice list! I personally love the IFTTT App (If This Then That). It’s really awesome. You can use thousands of combinations which are called recipes by them.

    So for example, you want to directly share a link from a feed that you have subscribed to, to your twitter via Buffer, you just set up an IFTTT recipe and it automatically does that for you. I think this recipes would be helpful to you.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Manthan! There are so many recipes it’s hard to choose sometimes. I only have one right now – if I snap a photo on instagram, it saves that photo on my Dropbox folder automatically. What formulas do you use?

      • Manthan Thakar

        haha that is true. But you can make your own recipe from scratch using all the apps they support on their site. Other people’s recipes hardly make any sense to me at times!

        My site is in tech niche. and I post other people’s links on my twitter to provide more information to my followers. and So I use IFTTT to post those links via Feedly on to my twitter(Buffer). So those posts from feedly appear directly on my buffer and then I can decide which ones to post, which ones to edit etc.

        • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com cheftony

          Have you had any issues with auto posting spam or other inappropriate stuff since the “recipe” is on auto pilot? I do love IFTTT also, but haven’t executed too many…

        • Manthan Thakar

          No, there are very less chances of posting spam. Since I’m posting on twitter through buffer via Feedly. and Feedly has only those feeds that I’ve subscribed to. So in perfect conditions it all works fine.

          But it could post spams if either buffer or IFTTT gets hacked just like it did a month back I guess. and now it’s more secure. So you should definitely consider using such recipes.

        • Peter S

          Also check out Zapier.com which has similar functionality but with a lot more options.

        • Manthan Thakar

          Zapier looks great. Thanks! I’m definitely going to try this out.

  • http://www.hughosmith.com/ hughosmith

    As usual you’re right on the money Pat. I use most of these but I’m excited about trying out Jing, Sound Gecko and Basecamp.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks so much!

  • http://www.chrisjeub.com/ Chris Jeub

    Unroll.me — whoa. You just made my Christmas list, Pat.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Woohoo! 😉

  • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com cheftony

    Fantasic post Pat, bringing the thunder again! Many that I didn’t know about and of course some “classics”…thanks for great information…

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Boom! Thanks for that Tony, I appreciate it!

  • Jesse Krieger

    Super solid list, thanks! I’ve heard many people give their unqualified support to Evernote and I’ve tried it, but haven’t had the same “aha!” moment that it sounds like you and others have had ~ Are there any specific ways you use it, or how to make the most of it you could share?


    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      To be honest Jesse, it took me a good 3 or 4 tries to finally get there with Evernote too. It’s gone through a lot of good changes in the recent past too. I use it a lot to organize all of the different projects I’m working on, and any notes and thoughts that go along with them. There’s a lot to it – it’s a real robust piece of software. Perhaps I can write more about it in the future.

  • Christian Bossert

    I also like workflowy.com and not to forget picmonkey.com.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Christian!

  • http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/ Kate Erickson

    Hey Pat! I love this list – especially because many are applications I haven’t tried before. Love finding new gadgets to help with productivity! I recently took the dive into Screenflow, and now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’m finding that video tutorials are rather addicting! Thanks for this list.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Yes they are! I love creating tutorials, and once you do more, you’ll get so good you can just keep reproducing for your audience. EOF is lucky to have you!

  • chadw

    I couldn’t agree more with the list you have put together. I already use many of them, but I appreciate your insights on how you use each of them too. You have given me some ideas on how to better use Evernote and I really like the ByWord app recommendation. I’ve never heard of it and can’t wait to check it out. Enroll.me also looks very handy. Thanks again for putting together this list!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks so much Chad, I appreciate it!

  • Antonio

    @patwithspi:disqus do you know if there is a service similar to Tweriod for Facebook?

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I was looking but couldn’t find any. I thought Facebook Insights itself would have this info but I don’t see it. You could make an assumption that times on Twitter = times on Facebook, to a degree, but it’s probably not always going to be the case.

  • OnlineSecurity123

    I have been using Evernote for some time now and it is awesome! I did not not know about Clipper, but it is downloaded now….sweet! Unroll is the best as well and can’t wait to use the ByWord app! Thank you SO much for all of this. What a post!!!!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      My pleasure! Thanks for the comment!

      • OnlineSecurity123

        Thanks for the great content and the fantastic podcast!!!!

  • Tomi

    For almost 2 years I’ve been trying to establish a blog without success. I don’t know the right resources to use. Pat, I want to be like you one day. I’m happy for you

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Tomi – just keep pushing forward, sometime it takes a little more trial and error before landing on that thing that does work for you. And don’t try to be like me – be yourself, that’s what will get you somewhere since that’s something unique that no one else can copy or be.

      • Tomi

        Thanks anyway

  • http://www.oldschoolselfhelp.com/ Kevin Bradberry

    TabCloud (Chrome browser extension). In one-click, get back to the numerous websites you had open when you were working on your project. All sites you have open in Chrome right now can be saved and given a single name. These saves will be available from the TabCloud drop-down located in the extension bar. It’s like bookmarking, but smarter, faster. So, when I’m ready to get back to my book site I click the “OSSH tools” from TabCloud and the 4 sites that I use for this work instantly open <3.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      ooOOOO – I like this one Kevin. Thanks so much!

      • Sean

        I use something similar to this on Chrome called OneTab that works really well to compress all tabs in a given window into a closed but reopenable session.

    • Marcin

      Good one, thanks!

    • http://rebootedbody.com/ Kevin Geary

      Without an extension you can put all tabs as bookmarks in a folder and then choose “open all bookmarks in new window” and it will effectively do the same thing 😉

      • http://www.oldschoolselfhelp.com/ Kevin Bradberry

        Oh man! I knew that, but not fully. I just experimented with it and think it’s even better than using TabCloud because of the organizational aspects of bookmarks, i.e. you can see a description for each bookmark, drag n’ drop folders, and nest the folders. Good on ya, Kevin, thanks.

    • Emil Vilbergsson

      Thank u for tabcloud

  • EdwinJeremiah

    Unroll.me & Tweriod was new and awesome tools for me….

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Awesome! Glad you found something new Edwin!

  • Ray Corkran

    You mentioned some real good one there Pat! I also can’t live without Dropbox, love this one. Two more that would make it on my list. First is Mind Meister http://www.mindmeister.com, it’s a quick and easy Mind Mapper and brainstorming tool. I love this when I have a new or hot business idea. Let’s me put it all out there in front of me and show how the ideas are connected together. Second is PicMonkey http://www.picmonkey.com quick and easy photoediting. You can resize or add text or just about whatever you can think of. I had been using the free version but recently decided to pay for a year subscription. I have no problem supporting a product that I enjoy using. Works great for editing photo’s on the go for my blogs.

    More than ever I like using web/cloud based products, this truly gives me freedom to work from just about anywhere on and machine.

    Have a great evening Pat!


    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Nice Ray – thanks for sharing! I had mentioned Mindmeister in a previous post and still use it, just not quite as often as I used to now that I use a whiteboard more often in my office. You rock Ray!

  • http://feedfiend.com/ Aaron Wright

    This is another vote for LastPass. Using LastPass, I have a unique 20-40 character password for each site. When I get an email saying some company was hacked and my account was included in the list of stolen passwords, it is no big deal. I just generate a new 30 character password and I’m done. End of story. Even if they can crack the old one (which they won’t), I have a new one by then.

    For file sync, I like BitTorrent Sync. It isn’t ideal as a backup, because if you delete a file, it gets deleted everywhere else too. But for *syncing* files, I love it.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      I didn’t even think of that benefit of using a tool like LastPass Aaron, but you’re exactly right. Nice!

  • Suzanne Presinal

    I have evernote, but have not used it much, I need to play with it more to see the beauty, although i love the elephant icon! Can you give me some start out tips that will make me an avid user? Thanks Pat

  • Tony Wright

    This is probably the most content rich valuable blog post I have ever read thanks Pat!!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Tony! You rock!

  • http://SportsGeek.com.au Sean Callanan

    Nice list Pat, big fan of Evernote, Dropbox, Buffer and 1Password. Do Chrome extensions count? Loving Momentum lately for a beautiful to-do list on blank browser page. Looking forward to checking out Auphonic been using Levelator for my podcasts from your tutorial. I would add Yesware as a great email sales tool.

  • Ilpo Karkkainen

    Great post, thanks! I love Wetransfer (www.wetransfer.com). I work a lot with audio and have to send large files out to clients all the time. With Wetransfer you can send files of up to 2GB for free. The receiver gets an email with a download link. You get a download confirmation email when they have downloaded the file.

    • http://www.fivefoldfatherhood.com/ Ricardo Butler

      I LOVE Wetransfer! I’ve been using that for a couple of years now. That’s a gold mine.

      • http://bestapplications4u.com/productivity Churchill Madyavanhu

        I have also been using Wetransfer for a few years, but i think file sharing through Dropbox has a number of advantages over Wetransfer. However, Wetransfer doesn’t use up your disk space, which is cool.

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          Thanks for the insights fellas!

        • http://www.fivefoldfatherhood.com/ Ricardo Butler

          True. I was using WeTransfer a lot before I heard about DropBox. I now use WeTransfer for sending big files through email to those who do not have dropbox, especially sensitive files that I don’t want to get out, because the link to download the files expire after so many days.

  • Robert

    Sweet article Pat! I geek out so hard about apps and stuff. And you introduced me to several new ones here. Loved it!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Awesome! Glad to do so Robert – thanks so much!

  • Graham Campbell

    Trello for managing what I am up to. CloudKafe for managing (many) cloud storage lockers (OwnCloud for building my own unlimited storage). Docusign for contracts. HackPad and HelpScout round out my list.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Nice – thanks Graham!

  • http://re.vu/debradurham debradurham

    Super list, Pat. unroll.me has made a huge difference in my inbox. I
    used filters before, which was fine but unroll.me is better by far. The
    summary is convenient and it even finds new lists and makes handling
    them super easy, too. I love using pocket and feedly for managing what I
    read, save & reference. Can’t wait to check out wistia. Thanks for sharing such useful stuff. You
    always do and I really appreciate it.

  • http://lucidability.com/ Jamie Alexander

    I’ve tried to get into using Evernote but I just couldn’t. I might have to persevere because it sounds like something I’d find really useful instead of writing notes in Word docs that get lost all the time.

    I love Lastpass and Dropbox.

  • Marcin

    One recommendation from me that you might like: Rapportive https://rapportive.com/ . It shows you information about your contacts (photo, location, social media profiles, etc) on the right side in your inbox instead of Google Ads . Pretty neat app :)

    I’ve got a question regarding LassPass – do you actually use it for all your logins, even more “sensitive” stuff like PayPal etc? I’ve always been scared of using a tool like this.

    PS. Does OptinSkin has a double-click optin feature or you had to change some code a little bit? Thanks!

  • Craig Gunderson

    One of my absolute favorite freeware apps is Greenshot. I also use the heck out of Pocket. If you like to see how your sites look on different devices, Pushbullet for Android is great and has a Chrome extension.

  • http://www.prettyawesomefitness.com/ Aqilah Norazman

    Thanks for this Pat! I hope one day I get to be as busy as you to use all this apps! Currently using Evernote and I’ve web clipped this one! :)

  • Ryan Taalbi

    Simple Bank, Lumosity, & Lift (listened to SPI 080 w/co-founder Tony Stubblebine & have been using it for 2 weeks now, adding over 15 new habits to my life [thanks Pat]).
    Just discovered Mailbox last month–gamechanger. Down the rabbit-hole I go with SoundGecko…

  • Sharon

    Hey Pat. I used basecamp for a long time, but found http://www.asana.com the kind of application for me, which is 1) Simple 2) Free and 3) keeps everything organized for those who are especially OCD. It can organize things by Organization > Workspaces > Projects within each workspace. Each workspace can have 15 members for free. It is awesome for managing contractors especially if you can tightly manage who sees what project or workspace. I have contracted some work overseas that allows me to stay in constant communication as it has a great mobile app as well. You can also add subtasks and attachments for each project and even assign these to specific people. I live by this right now to say the least. :-) What is the main difference that you prefer basecamp?

  • http://www.steventran.net/ Steven Tran

    I’m totally going to evernote webclip this article to use for later!

  • http://LisaAngelettieBlog.com/ Lisa Angelettie

    You were right. I thank you for Unroll.me. I was about to abandon one of my gmail accounts because of all the mail:)

  • sbizideasblog

    It’s surprising and awesome that there are that many free tools out there. I made a PDF resource list of free tools for my blog and so far I have around 59, some of which you covered.

    Here are a few more:
    Teamviewer (Screensharing) – A useful tool when collaborating with someone
    Audacity (Audio editing) – Nice tool for audio editing
    Awesome Screenshot (Easy screenshots of your web browser)

  • Ryan Malone

    if you love Basecamp, check out TeamworkPM. Great fit for your business model based on the discussion we had at SMMW in San Diego.

  • Lynne Maisel

    I am LOVING swayy.co (not .com). It curates content that is tailored for who you will share it with. So you always have a ready supply of content from other people to promote that your target market will be interested in. And it has nice analytical. Love!

  • http://www.bloggingwithdani.com/ Dani Ivanov

    For Windows user Clipular is a cool Chrome extension. You can take screenshots of any webpage element (chunks of texts, insightful comments or images) and automatically share them to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The permalink of your latest screenshot is automatically saved to your clipboard and you can easily save it to your HDD.

    Furthermore, you can easily add image effects, stickers, and organize your screenshots in groups.

  • SupplementHQ.com

    Just un enrolled 133. Left yours of course.

  • kevinespiritu

    Good stuff Pat! Window resizer and Ommwriter are new additions for me based on this post. I actually HATED unroll.me because it forced me to check their emails and was initially unclear that if you deleted your account there, you just lost all of the previously unread emails. Maybe they’ve cleaned it up by now, but ever since then I do it the old fashioned way :)

    • jackdweck

      Hey Kevin! Jack from https://Unroll.me here.
      Thanks for your feedback — much appreciated.
      Just to clarify, we store all of your “rolled up” emails in a folder called “Unroll.me” right in your email client.
      Even if you delete your Unroll.me account, your emails remain safe and sound right inside that folder.

      Hope this clears things up! :)

      • kevinespiritu

        Hey Jack – right, that was the issue now that you bring it up – it was deleting that folder, not the unroll.me account that messed things up – wasn’t made clear that it created an automatic filter to skip inbox and go there (e.g. if you delete folder, unread new emails go to trash)

        • jackdweck

          Ah, I see. We ought to look into explaining the role of the folder in more detail.
          FYI – As of now, when you delete that folder, we automatically re-create it once the next rolled up email comes in.

          Thanks again, Kevin! This was really helpful 😉

        • kevinespiritu

          Cool, yea I think I did both @ the same time – delete folder + remove functionality, so I may have owned myself there but also didn’t expect that functionality!

  • Techimpossible

    Pat I’ve only tried unroll.me so far and I’m forever grateful. I had 428 subscriptions. 10 minutes later I have 52, including yours. I thought I’ll leave it in. It stands out. Thanks man.

  • RivkaK

    So many great ones here, and in the comments too! Personally I love Asana for task management – they have made some pretty significant updates in the last couple months that make it extra awesome. Befunky.com is the best free online photo editor I have found.

  • Pete

    It appears that window resizer is no longer supported unfortunatley

  • Tony Jay

    One tool that I love is https://rapportive.com/. It allows you to see in gmail details about the contact you are sending to or receiving from. This includes their photo (very useful), tweets, posts, likes, etc. Check it out.

  • http://www.perthcitywebdesign.com.au/ Gokhan Dilek

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for the post. It is a great list!

    I was wondering if you could share a bit more on crazyegg (maybe a couple of screenshots of how the crazy egg is compared to other alternatives?). I keep hearing this a lot lately :)

    With the password storage app, I found keepass to be more secure (it has master password + master key for you to keep)

    + its free :)

  • Tim West

    Terrific Blog Post Pat, thank you…for bookkeeping I use Freshbooks for accounting and invoicing (super easy and love how fast clients pay with credit cards), I use Pingdom (http://tools.pingdom.com) for website tests and page load testing, MindMeister for Mind Mapping (mindmeister.com) and of course Google Docs for everything else lol :) Thanks for the terrific suggestions, i’m off to check out what a tweriod is :)

  • http://rebootedbody.com/ Kevin Geary

    You can get distraction free writing in wordpress that’s unbeatable by using Chrome and putting the wordpress editor in full screen and Chrome in presentation mode. Try it and send me love.

  • http://www.ronswebsite.com/blog Ron the Website Guy


    Lists like these are truly awesome. These apps are huge time savers, we only need to discover them first.

    I’m a self-employed web designer and here’s 5 great ones:

    1. Adobe Echosign (freemium) get contracts signed electronically and have copies sent to all parties.
    2. Doodle (free) solves the problem of coordinating event dates among a group of people. Simply list the event, choices of dates/times, and let people vote.
    3. Wave Accounting (free) great free accounting software for small businesses or independents
    4. Pocket (free) a little app that allows you to make a “read-later” list… cause bookmarks suck.
    5. Jotform/Wufoo (freemium) making forms suck, even for developers, so having a 3rd party service manage the design and submissions of basic contact forms is a huge time saver.

    • http://cleaneatingsimplified.com/ Chrissy Marquardt

      Thanks for this info Ron!

    • http://adel.kassouri.com/ Adel Kassouri

      Thank you Ron for sharing Doodle, i used to spend a lot of time trying to fix a web meeting date,I guess things are gonna be easier now.

  • http://www.ScrivenerCoach.com/ Scrivener Coach

    Omg Window Resizer where have you been all this time!? I wasted way too much time editing all of my Scrivener screencasts in order to get the toolbar and other stuff out of the viewing window. Thanks for this awesome list Pat!

    Something else I’m really loving is – https://placeit.net for really cool live environment product shots. I’ve used it for e-books, opt-in graphics and many times on my Scrivener Coach landing page to give a peak into what the course looks like on a computer, iPad, and iPhone. Pretty cool

  • Glen Craig

    I’ve been really digging Pocket. It’s really helpful to be able to save an article for later to read on wither my Mac or iPhone.

  • groenraad

    Thanks Pat. These are awesome tools. You are a life changer man!

  • Spencer Rowland

    Unroll.me is genius. You just wiped half of your competitors out of my inbox. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

  • Jill B

    So I had about 100 subscriptions in ONE of my email accounts! Unroll me = best Christmas gift EVER. Thanks for sharing this list- added it to my Evernote for when I’m ready to revisit it, so much good info I want to remember. :)

  • Bill Tozzo

    OMG Pat!! Unroll Me!!! Consider yourself kissed! And I’m straight. . . .

  • David Prochaska

    So much stuff, I can’t thank you for just one. I definitely have some things to download and implement first thing tomorrow morning. You’re awesome, Pat! I appreciate it, man!

  • Matty Davis

    I love Unroll.me. One web app I can’t live without for bookmarking is saved.io

  • Rishit Shah

    Why aren’t you using Google Drive instead of DropBox?

    • http://catalystmlm.com/ CatalystMLM

      Google Drive has some stellar collaborative features, but it’s slow as heck and cased us massive issues. We use a mixture of both, but uploaded/downloading with Dropbox goes as fast as our internet speeds allow (9MBps / 3MBps) while Google Drive can barely stay at 300k.

      • Ben Tristem

        I have ended up using both. Drive because it allows me to keep Google Docs files in the same directory structure as other files. DropBox because so many other people use it, and it’s more convenient for others without an account to download stuff from.

    • blazemark

      Because there is no affiliate there :)

      • http://www.kirsaldatipokuyangay.com/ KTOG

        Thank you for stating the obvious.

    • Pierre Marchal

      I use both google drive and dropbox as these are well integrated with my proofhub.com account.

    • Ray Corkran

      Personally I use and love both, however Dropbox petty much seamlessly integrates as a drive on my machine and their interface is very fast. It also works extremely well with iphones, for saving attachments via email and adding attachments to an email (haven’t been able to use drive for this). Another feature I like is the “Public” folder, just throw any file you wish and copy the link, share it and people can access/download it immediately. I have used this for attachments in my newsletter when I was getting started. Now Google’s Drive, I love google drive and use their apps and of course use the Drive for storing those docs and some other things. Works best for me to use Drive for doc and spreadsheets etc that I create in there. I feel its web interface is a bit clunky, even though I do use it everyday. We share multiple spreadsheets in my team and stay open all day. It works amazing and it’s free. So to me it’s difficult to compare them flat out. Almost unfair since they each to different things and each bring special features that the other doesn’t. Use them both and maximize your productivity!

  • Elan

    Check out http://clippingmagic.com/. Their web ap lets you cut out background images super quickly.

  • Soumitra Ghotikar

    Soundgeko is fantastic. I use almost daily. And the best use of it :- I NEED NOT read anything, just generate link & listen. beauty.

  • http://kevinhq.com/ Kevin

    I used Basecamp, but found Pivotal Tracker is much easier.
    For dropbox,I rarely used it.
    Unroll.me , love it too.

    The rest is unhear for me

  • http://www.bloggingcage.com/ Kulwant Nagi

    wow !! I just came to know about few awesome tools. 😉

    I am big fan of Dropbox and Evernote.. Thanks for sharing your resources Pat.

  • Stan

    Pat, great list.

    I recommend checking out Skitch – amazing tool from EverNote.

    And I have 3 simple questions regarding tools:
    1. What do you recommend for designing (laying out) an ebook?
    2. What software do you use for recording an interview (over skype)?
    3. What do you use to publish your podcasts on your site? (SoundCloud?)

    Thank you.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Hey Stan!
      1. I recommend finding a designer if you really want something good. It’s hit or miss on cheap sites like Fiverr.com, but Odesk and Elance are good, however many people like the “contest” aspect of 99designs.com.
      2. I use Call Recorder from Ecamm.
      3. Currently I’m using the Powerpress plugin for WordPress.

      • Stan

        Thank you

    • http://www.janmoran.com/ Jan Moran

      Hi Stan,

      For ebook formatting, check out my friend Melissa Foster’s site, which specializes in author services at great prices. I’ve used them and they’re great. Here you go:

      • Stan

        Thank you Jan, I will check it out.
        I only need a PDF ebook though, so the layout is the main issue.

  • Matthieu Baillargé

    Hi Pat, thanks for the sharing!
    Lately I (re)discovered how Google Drive could be useful and very powerful when it comes to coworking.
    From text writting to project management, mockup drawing and even coding, it allows teams to work at the same time on the same file.

    It highly improved our productivity and made us save some precious time.

    Have a look on the apps you can connect to your drive (most of the time for free).

  • BMAL

    I don’t know how I’ve not come across unroll.me before. I like.activeinboxhq.com for gmail for staying on top of the inbox and incorporating some gtd funtionality with email.

  • http://www.todayicanchange.com/ Robb Gorringe

    I think I was most impressed with “Auphonic”. Audio levels are one of those things that are so hard to get just right. The samples on that site had me convinced.

    Pat, Thx for sharing your web-apps//.

  • geekzenith

    I couldn’t live without buffer.app, evernote and dropbox personally.

  • Peter Gillberg

    Great post! If you are a Camtasia user I don’t know how you could have missed Snagit? Not only do I use it all the time, I even have a third screen dedicated to this software. Available both for Mac and PC.


    PS. Also for video, great service to check out: http://www.callouts.com

  • Dan Chapman

    PAT! Instead of Jing why dont you just use Skitch from Evernote? It’s a really easy markup tool that also integrates with evernote and they also provide a free app for ios and android. Oh and ‘Pocket’ is also a beautiful app for saving articles for reading or sharing later.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Can skitch do video? That’s what I typically use Jing for when sharing instructions with my VAs.

      • Dan Chapman

        ahhh no it cant im afraid :( But i just realised another had recommended it to you. the main draw is its integration with evernote – give it a go. I certainly love the sound of unroll.me. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the article Pat!

  • Andrew Hansen

    You can also sync gmail/evernote and dropbox via your gmail account. Directly from Gmail you can file a message or a whole thread to an Evernote notebook. Those buttons file not only the messages themselves but also all the attachments. You can also save gmail messages with attachments to Dropbox.

    Check it out.

  • http://www.lincolnparks.com/ Lincoln Parks

    Seriously!! Unroll.me is awesome..

  • http://www.theskooloflife.com Srinivas Rao

    Hey Pat

    One more that your readers might find useful and interesting that I didn’t see on the list is called Focus@will. It plays different types of music to help you concentrate. I use it for all my writing sessions.

  • Sérgio Schüler

    Fresh Books for managing freelancing time and invoicing clients

  • Lizett

    awesome list Pat!

  • Michael Faron

    I never knew about Soundgecko….I tried it this morning and it’s official..i’m addicted. Used it 10 times already today. such a time saver. Nice post Pat! Keep it up

  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    Great stuff and hope you open up breakthrough blogging to new members soon1

  • http://www.exercisemenu.com/ Jacques Courseault, M.D.

    Thanks for the recs. SoundGecko seems pretty useful.

  • Matthew Styers

    I’ll check out SoundGecko for sure! I’ve been using an IFTTT recipe that sent articles I “pocketed” w/ the Pocket Google extension or marked “Save for Later” in Feedly to my Pocket feed, which synced with an iPhone called “Voice Dream Reader”. Kind of a janky work-around, but it works!

    Speaking of which, Feedly. I know, RSS feed apps are boring to talk about, but Feedly is pretty rad, and as previously mentioned, it has IFTTT triggers.

  • http://www.livefit4life.net/ Glenn D Johnson

    Thanks Pat. That is some great information. It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the amount of stuff out there – apps, websites, social media, people. Simplify.
    Though, I don’t understand everyone’s love of Evernote. I’ve been using it now and then for months and I just don’t get it. It’s OK, but I don’t see the advantage to it compared to Word documents in Dropbox. Maybe I”m just not there yet.
    My favorite app is Dropbox – by far. I use up to five differnt computers at different locations every day and being able to open the same file in each place is terrific. This wasn’t the case a few years ago.

    • Kolby Shibata-Goodman

      Tags, folders, and search.

      Anything and everything I want to save for later I can with the click of my mouse and it will instantly be searchable all in one place.

      I use it to brainstorm business ideas, save gift ideas, plan for events and save important documents.

      One interesting tidbit the Evernote team always points to is how their users sign up, abandon the app for months or years at a time, and come back later to use it even more.

      Stick with it, I love it, Pat loves it. It will click with you soon!

  • http://negativeseoguy.com/ Negative SEO

    Good list…going to check out unroll.me…sounds like a life saver.

  • http://wealthnote.com/ Ted Levi Blackman

    Wow Pat an amazing lists of tools, many of which I have needed for awhile now even though I didn’t really realize it. I am about to start a podcast and this is great!

  • Zac

    Hey Pat, it would be AWESOME if you did a post sharing your workflow with your VAs and how you communicate ands age them.

    Anyone agree?

  • http://www.freelanceblend.com/ Marv DL

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks a lot for this. I am about to launch my podcast and have been watching your “How To Podcast” videos and found the Levelator part a bit confusing.

    So now, with Audiophonic, there’s no need to convert the podcast episode in Garage Band from mp3 to AIFF? You export as mp3 from Garage Band and upload directly as mp3 to Audiophonic?

    You can also said in this article that you can add metadeta using Audiophonic. Do you also use this feature, or do you still use iTunes to add metadata to the podcast episode (e.g. artwork, host name, episode name, etc.)?

    Hope you can do another video tutorial on how you use Audiophonic.

    Thanks and more power!


  • http://www.adamhann.com Adam Hann

    I love 1Password. I’ve been using it for years. With their most recent update you can create different “vaults” that you can share with others. It may be an alternative to last pass. Just an idea! Thanks for sharing these apps.

  • http://www.eryceyl.com/ Eryc Eyl

    Wow! Thank you, Pat! I’ve been waiting my whole life (ok, slight exaggeration) for something like SoundGecko, and didn’t even know my wait was over! Oh, and +1 for unroll.me. That’s gonna make life a dream!

  • faigie

    Would anyone have something that could help me clean up unnatural links that is very inexpressive. I had forgotten about this penalty I got from google for unnatural links that I think I did a couple of years ago and have no idea how to find and get rid of them. Is there something that does that?

  • http://www.drivenmotivation.com/ Kevin Bond

    Unroll.me just saved my life. hahahaha
    I had so much email, and now I don’t have any :DDDD

  • Rhydian Fairfax

    So many great apps, Buffer has transformed my life! Lol. I can now post interesting things to all of my businesses social media pages at once. Thanks

  • Steve Lowe

    Trello is great for managing lists, Reminder Hero is great for remembering stuff, and Balsqmiq is awesome for quick mockups. Dropbox is fantastic too, but you already listed that!

  • Lindsay de Swart

    Roll up!! Thank you for the recommendation. What a gift. Quickest way to clean out your inbox. :)

  • Erim Foster

    Great post, Pat! The tip on Unroll.me was worth the price of admission by itself.

    Just one minor detail. I think you mean Trello and not Truello in the project management section, right? I know some people prefer that one.

  • Ethan Waldman

    Do you use Auphonic for your screencast audio? I suppose you would have to export the audio from Screenflow, run it through Auphonic, and then bring the new audio back in, right?

  • http://www.bigboldimpact.com/ David Hooper

    If you travel a lot, TripIt is worth a look. Organizes trip info and, if you get the pro version, may even save you money on flights.

  • http://adel.kassouri.com/ Adel Kassouri

    Well well well, with all the nice people sharing them apps, we will have at the end an amazing list that will help up all, i bet this post gonna be huge in traffic.
    Thank you all
    Thank you pat

  • http://www.superfastbusiness.com/ James Schramko

    Auphonic is also able to clean up videos as well as audio.

  • Juliette

    Thanks for sharing Pat! I will certainly try some of these. I guess you are all set with basecamp for productivity, but if anyone around here is looking for a really basic todo list, uncluttered, than I recommend todoist. I also like collaborating on projects with trello.com, an awesome tool that is for free. For screenshots and notes on screenshots I like skitch, which comes with evernote.

  • Snailman

    Website snapshots instead of print screen

  • Steven Cooper

    Thanks Pat. This is super helpful.

  • frenat

    How does picresize.com compare with picmonkey.com? I’ve been using the free version of that and love it.

  • John

    Pat, I just started using http://www.nichesitetracker.com which is pretty wicked. I am in the beta testing, but I think they are letting anyone sign up now?

  • http://ardorfawkes.com/ Fawkes

    Hi Pat! I use Yarny (Yarny.me) for writing. It gives me distraction free writing, word count and I can make notes. It’s designed for novelists but it works for my blogging adventures just as well. The free version is awesome but you can upgrade for $4 a month or $36 a year! It’s crazy.

  • http://www.sahilparikh.com/ Sahil Parikh

    Mailbox is awesome. Helps me process my emails very very fast. We also use Brightpod.com for our projects – more geared towards content marketing projects for small businesses.

  • cornell green

    Another resourceful bookmark I can add to my list of helpful information from Patt Flynn..

  • John

    Im really looking forward to Tweriod and Buffer. Get ready Twitter!!!!!

  • Pedro

    Hey Pat,
    Of these, the web app I’d pick as a favorite would definitely be Jingo. As a student, it just makes everything easier to share ideas and stuff with classmates.
    Now, I really think you’re missing a web app for forms & surveys, which are so necessary for students but also for anyone who wants to ask their visitors something (e.g. contact forms or polls). I’ve been a user of Google Forms for a while but was recently introduced to Typeform, a slick web app which renders beautifully on smartphones and other mobile devices. I have a blog and it looks really cool embedded on my contact page. You should definitely check it out!

  • http://thachpham.com/ Phạm Ngọc Thạch

    Thanks for sharing. I can not blogging and work without Snagit, Camtasia (Win) and Screenflow. What did you think about GetResponse?

  • Justin Voss

    Hi Pat:
    Thank you for all your help. I have been following you for some time and your products are well worth it.

    What WordPress pluging do you use to mange you affiliates?

    Justin Voss

  • http://catalystmlm.com/ CatalystMLM

    Thanks so much for the stellar list Pat! We’ve already using the vast majority of those resources and found many of them through you 😉 Thanks!

  • fazil baig

    The blog about man wealth. Visit the blog and read rich making articles.

  • JB

    Evernote – OMG what did we do before it??? A few favourites here but more importantly some cool stuff I can’t wait to try – thanks a bunch! JB

  • Ferb Huynh

    I find myself hardly using one of these but I use email and video a lot

  • Athif

    Hi Pat,

    I remember you mentioned somewhere in your earlier podcast about a gadget that you use to fix the sound echo from the mike.

    Usually when you record closely from the mike, there is a noise and disturbance and I am wondering how you fixed that?

    I am trying to figure that out and unable to recall from your previous posts.

    If you remember, please let me know.

    Thanks again for the awesome post.

  • http://dougrasku.com/ Doug Rasku

    Hey Pat- Just wanted to say thanks for your generosity with all your knowledge and resources. I love your podcast. It has added a ton of value to my life, leadership and blog. I appreciate you, man!

  • http://www.brazilian-keratintreatment.com/ Gaga

    Thank You. I used Unroll me immediately. And feel lot better now. I use Irfan View to resize images and X header for graphics.

  • Morten Storgaard

    WOW absolutely love the UNROLL thing!

  • Edgar

    Hey Pat,

    The new WordPress version offers the ByWord feature.

    thanks Pat for your sharing the tools you use.



  • V.s. From UK

    I MUST comment on “unroll.me”. I have read this post and decided to give it a try. I was quite uncomfortable sharing my mail access but anyway. This app is total RUBBISH : it ovverides your previous settings and as soon as you unsubscribe from it, you get 100x time mire spam and all your old subscriptions you have ever blocked through your mail client are reset. I bet the developers know about this.

  • Duncan Elliott

    iThoughts iPad app for mind mapping and note-taking and throwing down ideas

  • Anthony

    Pat: Long time reader/listener, first time responder. Thank you for taking that leap of faith in 2008. You have been (and continue to be) a huge help. CrazyEgg is my next stop; Google Analytics is just getting too cumbersome to manage. Also, from one file folder freak to another, Basecamp is a natural extension for us when the pen & paper system gets out of hand. Our e-commerce vendor, Volusion, introduced us to it late last year and it has been a godsend for organizing tasks, files, and comments. Go Pat, Go!

  • mahai

    Thanks so much for Unroll.me. I had over 500 subs. and I love the roll-up feature. One of my new favorite apps to use is: Trello a collaboration and organizing tool. Here is the link: https://trello.com/mahai1/recommend (no affiliate, just star credits – non$$) Thanks!

  • Asaph

    Thank you for Unroll.me, 32 minus 28

  • marty

    Thanks so much for this list I am always looking for new application and tools to make this easier I love that you took into consideration that some of us don’t have a large budget

  • http://www.myaspergers.net/ steveborgman

    Loved unroll.me! I got off of almost 200 lists! But of course kept Pat Flynn :) And I’ve purchased Omni Writer: can’t wait to use it for my next blog post!

  • Jessica

    I will definitely be checking some of these out. Thanks Pat!

  • Lynn

    I love SoundGecko!!! It will change my life! Why?
    l am consummate learner, but don’t ask me to pronounce or spell it. I had to look up the spelling. I love to read, but this damn dyslexic gets in the way! However, I keep persevering, just slower sometimes. =:-)

    Last night, I was able to listen to one of your long blog post….yea! I upgraded to the PRO version. This is my game changer! Pat, Thank for this list!

  • Victoria marie

    Great post!

  • Melissa Potvin

    Thank you Pat. I have already signed up for buffer and WOW, love it much better than the other tools I tried. Can’t wait to try more of your suggestions and thank you for helping me grow my business. You are by far the go-to resource that I use to learn and grow.

  • http://appsmagnet.com/ Nirav Mehta

    Try out Putler (http://www.putler.com) to track your sales and manage refunds. It’s saving me a ton of time every day!

  • sindu

    is video is an app or not

  • sindu

    Is the videos is an app r not???

  • Quentin

    Hi! Try easID, it is a great way to share all the places you are online : http://easid.cc

  • SEOinUS

    Getting new knowledge through this article. Thanks for sharing…

  • Stephen

    Great resource article Pat. Thanks for this.

  • Akhil Kumar

    Great List Pat Might try them all on my Blog :)

  • http://www.productiveinsights.com/ Ash

    I’m a huge fan of dropbox. It really works awesomely well.

    For me one of the biggest productivity hacks was to overcome procrastination. For me it came down to three steps: (You can read the full post here : http://productiveinsights.com/productivity-blog/2013/06/02/34-how-i-overcame-procrastination-in-3-steps-with-a-simple-thought-experiment/

    1) Step back and become mindful of what’s happening
    around the thought processes around the procrastinating behaviour.

    2) ‘Peel back the layers of the onion’ and really observe the pattern – in this instance it was procrastination masquerading as analysis paralysis driven by fear of the unfamiliar

    3) Acknowledge the underlying fear – feel it in your
    body (I find a large proportion of fear is felt physically and can be released by acknowledging it as bodily sensations) and make a
    firm decision to act despite the fear – in this case go to the gym

  • http://www.productiveinsights.com/ Ash

    I use 1Password. But this functionally on LassPass where you can cut off access sounds pretty good. Interesting.

    I can’t see myself moving away from 1Password though. Possibly one of my most time saving apps. Right up there with textexpander

    • http://www.tortugabackpacks.com/ Fred Perrotta

      Meldium is more of a supplement to than a replacement for 1Password. I would just use it for any shared accounts that don’t allow multiple users, e.g. Twitter, YouTube, etc. It’s perfect for sharing with teammates, VAs, etc.

  • http://foodcyclist.com/ The FoodCyclist

    This is a great list. I’m going to start using auphonic this week for my podcast. I have been doing that editing myself and it is certainly time consuming. Also GTmetrix has shown me I have some work to do optimizing.

  • paruls86

    I guess I beat all to email subscriptions and I had no clue I was so ‘connected’Thanks for Unroll.me

  • http://WWW.WARP-IT.CO.UK Daniel OConnor

    My top 5 at the moment

    @sanebox filters any email addresses my contact book does not recognise into a daily round up.

    @Boomerang allows me to track outgoing email that have not been replied to

    e.ggtimer.com/‎ sets up a on screen timer so I can focus on one task in a set period of time- free!

    awesomescreenshot.com/‎ let’s me annotate my screen to pass to 3rd parties- ease of communication- free!


    @asana lets me manage tasks with others. free! Asana is AMAZING!

  • Christine

    Thanks for recommending what you described as “distraction-free”
    ByWord. I think writing and publishing posts for me would now be easier.

  • http://atdiehm.com Adam Diehm

    I just launched a little webapp you might use … http://delim.co Really quick little comma-delimiting tool :)

  • Cristina Favreau

    LastPass lets you share accounts without showing passwords. I ♥ LastPass.

  • Kaos Rex

    Just a web snare site (advertising) to make a buck. Nothing wrong with that but inundated thru the web.

  • Arlen Mark

    Awesome list but I’d like to add
    Asana.com – Task management tool
    Proofhub.com – Project management tool
    Skydrive – For cloud storage

  • gennarino destefano

    I appreciate the apps on your list I have valued most all of them. I also love Yesware and this little app called jumpcut – Mac OS X only: Free, open source application Jumpcut is a clipboard manager that lets you access everything in your clipboard history with a simple click, can’t do life without this gem.

  • Marco Fiunno

    Thank you for your post. My top list goes as follows: web analytics – moz.com; social media: Hootsuite; organization and productivity: Evernote, Dropbox and online Kanban Tool (incredibly simple idea of organizing work and collaborating with team members using online Kanban board).

  • RoyT

    I suggest http://invoiceape.com for my invoicing and other accounting purpose. Nice output of it invoice generation is impressive.

  • MatWeller

    THANK YOU for the heads up on Auphonic! I’ve been holding on to an old laptop just so I could still run Levelator, vainly hoping all along that TCN would come up with a version compatible with newer Mac OSes. You’re right, Auphonic appears to be all of that with options for even more, should I ever need them. It’s a great help, I can’t thank you enough. [producer of Escape Pod — http://www.escapepod.org

  • https://www.comidor.com/ Helen

    Great article and very realistic! Let me suggest a business collaboration platform based on cloud that really facilitates real time communication. Its name is Comidor and you can find all the information you may need at https://www.comidor.com . You can try also its free demo version available at comidor’s site.

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  • https://twitter.com/ClarkHighland ClarkHighlandGroup

    TechSmith has a great ‘lightweight’ version of Camtasia for Windows called SnagIt. The paid version allows for video screen captures as well as screenshots. Same company as Jing with most of the functionality with ability to have really long videos (at least a few hours) when appropriate and some built in publishing tools.

    Evernote, Evernote Clipper, DropBox, Levelator, Audacity are staples in my tool box. Auphonics just got a great result on a quick test.

  • sophia38008

    really really impressive article this is …a lot of knowledge i get through these applications or tools.

  • Kathy Stern

    Thanks for the Unrollme!Super tool! I also picked up the Jing. Looks like something that will be very useful to me.