SPI 038: World Domination and the $100 Startup with Chris Guillebeau

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast I’m happy to welcome writer, traveler and fighter of the status quo, Chris Guillebeau.

Chris has a blog called The Art of Non Conformity, he holds an annual conference called the World Domination Summit and the first time I heard about him was when I was introduced to his manifesto entitled 279 Days to Overnight Success (written in 2009) – which goes along with a lot of the same things I’ve been talking about on SPI lately – the idea that success doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s all about providing a service to others.

For some reason it took us this long to finally connect, but it’s his philosophy of improving one’s own life while improving the lives of others at the same time that I’m really attracted to and believe in, which is why I didn’t hesitate to read his new book, The $100 Startup (amazon affiliate link), when he offered me a review copy to read before it was even released (it goes on sale tomorrow – Tuesday, May 8th, 2012).

I have an entire collection of books that different authors and publication companies have sent me, and I get a new one every couple of weeks it seems. Most of them are from authors I’ve never heard of before or about topics that aren’t really right for my audience here on SPI, so I don’t even bother to read them.

When I received Chris’ book, however, I was eager to dive right in – and I’m really glad I did. It’s a smart blend of The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss (but more realistic) and Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeire (but more actionable) – so it’s definitely going up on my Resource Page.

I was happy to have Chris promote his book on the podcast a little, but that’s not all I wanted to talk about. We also talk about his backstory and his philosophy of doing business, and also about publishing books in general – traditional publishing vs. self publishing, and that whole debate.

To be more specific, in this session you’ll learn about:

  • What all this “world domination” talk is really all about.
  • The various business ventures that Chris is involved in.
  • How Chris went from juvenile delinquent to successful entrepreneur.
  • Chris’s response to people who feel they don’t have any special talents or skills that could be turned into a business.
  • Why “teaching a man to fish” may not be a good thing after all.
  • What Chris’s response is to “Is every passion profitable?” and his formula for success.
  • How Chris found the success stories (and qualified them) for The $100 Startup.
  • Chris’s answer to “why should people read your book when there are a lot of similar books out there…”
  • Chris’s thoughts on traditional publishing vs. self publishing.
  • Plus a lot more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

I hope you enjoy this session of the SPI podcast! Thank you for listening, and the transcript will be available later today!

Cheers, and all the best!

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  • http://www.entwicklungscamp.de/ Andrea

    Yeah, how cool: Two of my preferred bloggers get together! Pat, I love your podcasts. Can`t wait to listen to this episode featuring Chris. He`s an awesome blogger & author. Thank you!

    • Pat

      Thanks Andrea – hope you enjoy the interview! Cheers!

  • http://www.fibromyalgia-treatment.com Terry Springer

    Sorry… off topic I know… but I have just spent almost 2 hours on your site trying to find an older post about a guy who is an expert at Facebook marketing and I cannot find it anywhere. I tried the search… archives…resources…. nada.

    Pat I love your site, LOVE it – you have an incredible amount of amazing content – but I fear much of it is getting “lost” – once its off the top 30 list it can become extremely difficult to find.


    • Pat

      Hey Terry – thanks for the honest feedback. Here’s the post I believe you’re looking for:


      As far as the organization of the site – it’s tough with over 500 posts to sort things out properly. I’ll definitely work on this. Thank you.

  • http://truepassiveliving.com Austin

    Hey Pat,

    Listening to the podcast now! I’ve not heard of Chris before, so time to do some digging.

    PS – like the new touch on the intro 😉

    • Pat

      Heh – thanks Austin – it was a one-time thing for the Crooked Arrows movie that’s coming out soon :)

      Is that the part you’re talking about?

      • http://truepassiveliving.com Austin

        Yup, figured that’s what it was haha!

  • http://www.fibromyalgia-treatment.com Terry Springer

    YES – that was exactly what I was searching for. I did use the search form and searched on “Facebook” but it did not come up. Thanks for helping me find it – and thanks for the awesome site

    • Pat

      Cheers Terry – I’ll look for a better search feature – I actually find it not-so-good too.

  • http://www.leanuniversiteit.nl Rick

    Nice, another to listen during my workout tomorrow!

    Pat, I really like the latest interviews in the latest SPI podcasts. You and your guests provided me with tons of information and inspiration during the last few weeks!

    • Pat

      Awesome Rick – that’s exactly what I want to hear! Cheers, and enjoy your workout tomorrow!

  • http://www.passionmeetscoffee.com Denny Robert

    I’ve been a big fan of Chris for years. I think I even know how to spell his crazy last name : ). Tuning it right now!

    • Pat

      Haha – it took me about 10 times to finally get it right 😉

      Thanks Denny!

  • http://www.victoralexon.com Victoralexon

    I love Chris! I have been following him for a long time.

    I will listen to this while I play a game of League of Legends. :)

    • Pat

      Nice! And enjoy your game of LoL!

  • http://www.passionmeetscoffee.com Denny Robert

    1st thought, Chris doesn’t sound anything like I expected. Ha!

    • Pat

      Ha! :)

  • http://MarriedWithDebt.com John @ Married (with Debt)

    I’m looking forward to this book. I’ve been a follower of his for a little while, and I am intrigued by the amount of bloggers who copy him, all the way down to the website design and message.

    • Pat

      I think you’ll enjoy it John – and when I visited his site for the first time I did think I’ve seen it somewhere before – may have been a copycat.

  • http://talesofwork.com Kimanzi Constable

    Excited to hear this podcast! I’m honored to be one of the 100 bloggers who got an advance copy, I have a review going up on my blog tomorrow. The book was awesome and inspiring and really realistic. The things those people are doing and how they’re doing it really suprised me. It just proves the importance of taking action today! I love the main theme’s: freedom and value.

  • http://flickerofgenius.com Jamie Alexander

    Thanks for the review, Pat.

    I’ve ordered Chris’ book and can’t wait to get it, which will be the end of the month since I’m from the UK.

    I love listening to Chris’ story. He has achieved some great stuff, like you minus the travel lol.

    I hope everything goes well with the baby, and you get sleep. Hey, you can even call it Jamie, boy or girl 😉

    • Pat

      Thanks Jaime – and you’re right – Jaime would be a good name for a boy or girl, but we’re going to stick with the Hawaiian inspired K names – either way 😉 Thanks though!

      • http://www.eventualmillionaire.com/blog/ Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

        haha- wait Pat – I like this idea!
        (Your little girl will have an amazing name, even if it’s not Jaime 😉 )

  • http://www.searchingforhappy.com/2012/05/05/wine-and-sleep/ Alex @ Searching for Happy

    You and Chris make for a heck of a combo on a podcast Pat. You’ve got me hooked to give it a listen!

    I met Chris on his last book tour. Perhaps you two should do a combo tour? *grin*

  • http://dayjobknockout.com/ Chris Deals

    Thanks for the podcast Pat. I was sitting on my couch debating if I should do my two mile walk this evening, them I saw your email about the podcast…it gave me a reason to do my walk.

    I enjoyed the podcast and will pickup the book. I like reading and hearing about success stories from regular folks, they are very inspirational and motivating for me.

    • http://talesofwork.com Kimanzi Constable

      It’s an excellent book!

  • Michael Serom

    Hey Pat!
    Thanks for this post! I can always find an answer when I refer to your blog.
    Keep em coming!
    Michael S

  • http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com Vincent

    This is finally here! I never thought that the interview with Chris Guillbeau will appear here. I am looking forward to his book launch tomorrow.


  • http://themoneymail.com/ Lori @ The Money Mail


    The homepage is showing a 404 error page. Just thought I will bring it to your notice. This is a great pod cast. I was just waiting for the book to come out.

  • http://breakthefear.com Matt Horwitz

    Hey Pat, I loved this podcast with Chris G! I hope to catch him on his current book tour! Great questions you asked, great format, great value. Thanks again man. Your stuff rocks !!

  • http://inmyhomeoffice.com/ Ian McConnell

    Just ordered the book based in this interesting interview… Can’t wait to read the mattress delivery by bicycle story. It just goes to show that sometimes we need to be forced out of our comfort zones to achieve things we wouldn’t normally.

    Well done Pat and Chris.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • http://www.colinklinkert.com Colin Klinkert

    Great Sutff Pat – I read every one of your posts and try to listen
    to your podcasts when I can find the time. Great interview and
    I will try to get the book too 😉

  • http://www.das-unternehmerhandbuch.de Heike Lorenz

    Thank you Pat!
    Even here in Germany you are one of the leading Passvie Income Experts 😉
    I get a lot of knowledge from your posts!

    Thanks for that & Best wishes from Germany

  • http://www.blogpreneurs.com Devesh

    Great stuff, buddy as always. You put immense amount of efforts in your blog posts & podcasts, seriously.

    Can’t wait to listen this podcast featuring an great blogger & author.


  • http://dogreat.net/ Élan

    Hi Pat! I’ve been looking forward to this interview since you mentioned it in the webinar on Sunday. Good thing I didn’t have to wait too long! :)

    I’m definitely in that dissatisfied group that Chris is writing for, so his work really resonates with me. I have read the $100 Startup twice now!

    His advice about the convergence point between passion and a need in the market is especially applicable to bloggers. I think a lot of new bloggers select their niche based on passion, without thinking about a product right away. I don’t think you need to launch your product right away, but you should be thinking about some potential product ideas from the get go.

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi @ Ivblogger.com

    Pat, where’s the transcript please? Can’t wait to read it!


    • Pat

      Just went up – it’s available now!

  • http://newclientseachmonth.com [email protected]

    Chris is an awesome guy, went and saw him speak at a live bookstore event last year. Really down to earth and dedicated to making a difference!

  • http://www.blog.gaurano.com Jonathan

    It’s been a day and I’ve been hooked on Chris. I’ve never heard of him before and I must say, he has inspired me to an extent to be more action oriented. But, not for myself – but on the purpose of focusing on others. Thanks Pat for introducing him to us (me); especially his 279 days of Overnight Success!

    People if you haven’t read Chris’s 279 days of Overnight success; I think you should read it ASAP.

  • http://www.thereligionteacher.com Jared Dees

    Pat, congrats on the book publishing opportunities! I love Chris’s answers to your questions about traditional vs. indie publishing.

    My advice (imho): go traditional. If you really want to BE EVERYWHERE, then go traditional.

    Self-publishing offers a lot of opportunities for control, experimentation, and higher revenue for authors, but you will be limited to a small portion of the book distribution networks. Yes, Amazon will be the #1 place for individual book sales, but there is so much more to book distribution than Amazon.

    If you want to be in a bookstore, go traditional.

    If you want to get bulk sales (like on 800-CEO-Read for business books…check out Chris’s launch post for the link), go traditional.

    If you want help developing and editing your book, go traditional.

    I just got my first book deal a couple of weeks ago with a traditional publisher. Strategically, it was the best decision: they have great reach into selling at an institutional level (catalogs, conferences, email lists, etc.). I have a great reach too, but it is only digital and hey, why not double it? Besides I know a guy online who says I should “be everywhere,” so why not give it a shot?

    Plus (and this gets at what you mentioned about your walking into a bookstore with your son), my parents and friends understand “book deal” a lot better than “self-published book” or “ebook.”

    • Pat

      Thanks for the advice Jared – I really appreciate it!

  • http://www.rosscorbett.net Ross Corbett

    I know I should leave you a comment after I have listened to it but I’m very excited about this Podcast Pat, going to grab a cup of tea and then get listening.

  • http://www.2nobledogsbrewing.com Clay

    Hey Pat- It’s been a while since I’ve posted to your site. Been trying to catch up on your podcasts and this one caught my eye. Can’t wait to check it out tonight.

  • http://www.rankforprofit.com Vin @ Rank For Profit

    I’ve heard of Chris’s blog before, but this is the first time I’m hearing about his outlook on life and living. I will be picking up the $100 Startup as soon as I finish the book I’m reading right now. This looks like it’s going to be very helpful.

  • peter

    Hey Pat, you mentioned that the $100 Startup book on this page is an amazon affiliate link. I thought amazon affiliate program is no longer available for California residents. No?

  • http://www.searchandperch.com Benji

    Hate to be a downer….and I’ll probably read the book anyways, but there is something I’m really tired of seeing on Amazon: fake reviews.

    I looked up the book and Chris is having people pump out fake reviews about every 15 minutes.

    Is this becoming so commonplace that it can pass as ethical? Love your blog and wanted to know what you think about this. I know Tim Ferriss does this too.

    • Pat

      I don’t think they’re fake reviews Benji. I received my review copy 3 weeks ago, giving me PLENTY of time to read it in which case I could easily leave a review on day one. I’m sure a lot of those who left reviews on Amazon are part of Chris’ following who have read the book and want to help him out as well.

      The book is an easy read, and maybe people who have picked it up today on Kindle already finished it – or at least got far enough into it where they can leave some comments about it.

      I don’t think Chris would risk his brand with fake reviews when he’s already got the tribe to leave him real ones.

      • http://www.searchandperch.com Benji

        I am aware that there are advanced copies being given out, and I’m not basing the accusation off of the fact that they’ve been posted so soon. I’m basing it off of the number of other reviews most of these reviewers have left (usually none). I know, I know, I have too much time on my hands.

        I’m not saying there aren’t authentic reviews in there and like I said already, I will probably read the book anyways. However, I know for a fact that a lot of authors are tapping into fiverr/elance/whatever to get good reviews.

        Perhaps Chris just gave an advance copy to a large number of people and asked that they write a positive review once the book had been released. I don’t really think there is a problem with this, and I’m hoping that’s what he did.

        Anyways, sorry for being a troll. I enjoyed the interview despite my somewhat unsubstantiated grievances.

        • Pat

          I see where you’re coming from Benji, and thank you for your reply. I’m not sure if the fact that many of the reviewers don’t have previous reviews is a good basis for thinking they aren’t authentic. In fact, I think it would make them more authentic since it’s not just an account from someone on fiverr with all fake 5 star reviews. Hard to know exactly for sure what’s going on, of course, but I read the book, it’s great and so I definitely inclined to believe all of the reviews I’ve read.

          No need to apologize for being a troll, I didn’t see you as one – you brought this up and it’s definitely something to think about and be aware of.


      • http://www.eventualmillionaire.com/blog/ Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

        Chris did a great job reaching out to bloggers early and sending them books. I actually got sent three copies by accident and did a giveaway on my blog. He specifically asked for reviews during a certain period, so that’s probably why they all came in around the same time.

        Chris is a stand up guy, I doubt he would do fake reviews. Just wanted to add my two cents!

  • http://www.chasingpace.com/ Wesley Banks

    Enjoyed the interview, though I gotta say I disagree (to some extent) on “Is every passion profitable?”

    Just from the 2 examples in the interview, I believe Chris Guthrie actually got his start being paid for Halo and that’s not to mention the hundreds of gamers that make thousands of dollars in competitive gaming, and even though I’m not sure I’d classify “eating pizza” as a passion (at least not in the terms we’re talking about), people definitely make good money from competitive eating.

    I’m sticking to my guns on, “If you’re good at something you can find a way to make money from it.”

    • Pat

      I agree with you Wesley – definitely recall Chris Guthrie’s start with a Halo forum and building tutorials for it (I believe), and so I think if there is a true passion, it’s a passion you can share with others and you can find a way to make money from it in a legit way. Some may need some kind of stretch or creative thinking, but yea.

    • http://tattoo-ideas-online.com Tattoo Ideas

      Yah, Wesley, I thought the same thing. Passion, creativity, and problem solving; what can’t they solve (and why don’t I have them all at will?)

  • http://viajerosvagabundos.com Joe W

    Awesome the both of you. You guys are in my top list of people to follow definitely. Can’t wait to meet Chris when he comes on the 18th to Denver with his book tour. Keep interviewing great people Pat :)

  • http://newliferevolution.blogspot.com/ Benjamin Thompson

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. I discovered Chris the other day and reading his impassioned plead to buy his book today [http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/the-100-startup-is-live/] I thought I would buy it through your affiliate link so I can make a show of thanks to two of my new favourite writers. (I’ll buy your next book through him next time!)

    I am a new mega fan of the SPI podcasts, having only found them last month and having listened to much of your extensive back-catalogue already. I am just restarting my 2nd blog and planning my (2nd) escape from work!

    Currently finishing a review of the 4HWW for the blog and hope to do the same with The €100 Startup.

    Thanks again, I appreciate all your work! Greetings from Dublin!

  • http://beforejoiningthemilitary.com Dane Whitley

    Chris’s blog is great! Incredibly insightful and I love the name-his philosophies definitely live up to it. The fact that he’s come out with another book is exciting. Another one for the list.

  • http://www.richjonesmarketing.com/blog Rich

    Oh no, now look what you went and did…
    You made me buy another book that I now have to find time to read!

  • http://addictedskincare.com Bobby Thomas

    Just read a post from Chris Guthrie on how he made $10,000 in the Halo niche, then listened to this on how you can’t make money with Halo, ha. Looks like you really can make money with almost all passions.

    Thanks for sharing Pat, great podcast once again.

    Looking forward to your income report coming soon.

    Bobby Thomas

  • http://laxpinnies.org/ joel

    Thanks for the great podcast Pat just got my copy of the book thanks … I’m making me a lax pinnie the say ” I’m a croaked arrow! I appreciate all your work!

  • http://www.brockstarlife.com Brock @ BrockStarLife

    Great podcast…although I have to say, Chris Guthrie might disagree that you can’t make any money from Halo…!

  • https://www.adaptu.com Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Are you coming to WDS this year?

    • Pat

      Unfortunately, no. After BWE, I’m dedicated to staying at home with my wife who is preggo and will be due in September. Want to make sure I’m there to help as much as possible, especially with our crazy 2 year old around the house. I would LOVE to go to WDS next time though! We need to hang out again!

      • https://www.adaptu.com Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

        Congrats on the new kiddo! Guess that means you aren’t coming to FINCON 12 then either :(

        Definitely need to hang out soon. Maybe a Cali trip is in order.

  • http://greginmotion.com/internet-marketing/market-samurai-vs-google-keyword-tool-guess-who-wins/ Gregory Elfrink

    Awesome stuff man.

    I love listening to these podcasts. Alas, drilling in the oil fields so I will have to attempt to download it later. Internet is always iffy when you’re chilling out in the arctic circle.

    Going try to download this one tomorrow and listen to it – keep up the podcasts!

  • http://www.liveteachguitar.com Aaron Matthies

    Perfect timing! I work helping guitar tutors get their teaching business up and running and this book obviously will go hand in hand with what they will be going through. I’m looking forward to reading it to see what different ideas it has that can help them out. Thanks

  • http://businessinvestorpro.com/ Business Investor Pro

    The internet is amazing knowing that you can start up a business for 100$ is only found here. It sounds like a good read i will have to check it out.

  • http://www.inmarketingtips.com Kent @ Earn Extra Money Online

    Pat, just got $100 Startup Kindle via your link. Gonna read it on commute.

    I agree that Passion comes first, it keeps us working for extra miles. Profit will come second.

    Many times, we think about profit as motivation working online. It can’t last long without passion and interest.

    My 2 cents!

  • http://genierising.blogspot.com Eugene

    loved this session, I also hate how we are all taught to think in the same way, and we think a conventional occupation will satisfy us. I also like the part about using the skills we already have and starting businesses in things we are passionate about.

  • http://tattoo-ideas-online.com Tattoo Ideas

    Just downloaded the audible book from audible, thanks to Pat for hosting, and Chris for a great session!

  • Archie

    Pat, thanks to our great mutual friend, Joel Boggess, I got to listen to this intriguing interview of you and Chris! Keep up the great work bro! -Archie

  • Jamie

    I have a blog post suggestion for Pat or anyone else…..”The $2000-$10000 Startup/Passive Income Generator” (or something like that).

    It would be great to start a business or blog with very little money….but I (and I’m sure others) have the “unfair advantage” of having a decent savings. Also, between my wife and I, we make a few thousand dollars more per month than we spend. Instead of throwing most of our excess cash into a mutual fund and ignoring it until we’re 65, I’d really like to make my money “work” for me and help me build a sustainable passive income as quickly as possible…so I can get out of the 9-5 knowing I won’t have to dip back down into our savings to pay the bills.

    So the question…if you’ve got a few grand to get started with, and will be able to contribute more on a monthly basis….how can that money be best put to use to jumpstart a passive business. Outsourcing: (content creation, SEO, app development, marketing)?, Purchase a website?, Real estate (probably would require more $ than I’m talking about here)?, training/attending conferences, etc. I’m sure different options would make sense for different people….but what specifically would YOU do if someone handed you a few grand to use toward passive income, and you were trying to get out of your day job as quickly as possible!?

    • http://www.define-smart-goals.com/ Tom

      Hi Jamie,

      I would ask myself, “What do I enjoy doing and what do I want to accomplish?”. For many of us, the answer is not so simple. Come up with a list of possibilities and then prioritize them.

      Next, start at the top of the list and work your way down asking questions about how you can earn a living doing these things. Even better, ask if there are ways to build a passive income stream as you go.

      • Jamie

        Thanks Tom. I’m looking for advice though, specifically, on how I can best use some startup funds to my advantage instead of going with the “build things up from scratch with no money down” approach.

    • http://tattoo-ideas-online.com Donald

      Jamie, it just occured to me what you could do, since you have a little bit of a bankroll. You want to not start at the very bottom, you could look into *buying* an established website. I’ve not done it, but Chris Guthrie did an interview here with Pat about ‘Buying Websites’. I’ve not listened to it, frankly because the quality of money I’m willing to plunk down on a website ($500) is barely a PR1 and it’s close to starting from square one enough. I think one major site that does this is Flippa.com. I think you have to be willing to spend a few grand ($2,000) to get something with decent traction, but it’s another option! My wife’s site, PlusModels, if she *were* to sell it, should fetch near $10k from a few knowledgeable people who have offered their opinions. And by way of comparison, it’s a PR3 site, with about 1,000 page views per day (350 unique visitors).

  • http://www.passiveincometeacher.com Jeff Bullins

    I just heard of Chris the other day on a forum post and read a really great article by him. I listened to the interview and was so excited that I went out and bought the book. This kind of book is more fuel to keep all of us going as we grow our businesses.

  • http://www.define-smart-goals.com/ Tom


    First of all, congrats on your 2nd child. Enjoy them while they are young, they grow up fast, and every year seems to go by quicker than the last.

    I am really enjoying your podcast and PSI blog. Typically, I listen to market related material and needed some new content. Your PSI came up in the iTunes search so I downloaded and went for my daily walk. I thought you’d be talking about bonds or MLPs, so when I heard the conversation turn to scrap-booking, I almost loaded the Jimmy Buffet playlist instead. However, as I listened, I started to think how some of the concepts would help me market my soon-to-be released eBook.

    I’ve just completed listening to all your podcast episodes and have browsed your PSI.com content a little. What a tremendous resource you have put together! I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in a short time.

    I’ve managed to get a web site started to compliment the book, which I want to use to collect feedback from readers to expand the topic and improve subsequent editions. Based on what you have taught, I decided to include a blog and am looking forward to having a more interactive dialog with readers. I’ll check back occasionally and let you know how it is coming along.

    Thank your for sharing all you know.

  • http://www.beforejoiningthemilitary.com Dane

    Chris quoted Karl Marx. “…teach a man to fish and ruin a powerful business opportunity”.

  • http://www.wpfix.org Raj

    Nice stuff Pat as usually

  • http://www.RampageShop.com Rob

    I just finished reading $100 Startup from cover to cover. Great read. Strange how the entire time I was reading it I was daydreaming about giving up my $100k+ income to focus on my side business that currently only makes $500 per month!

  • Superwoman

    What Chris calls “skill transformation” is nothing other than wat is commonly known as TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. That’s exactly what school counselors are talking about and telling students to think about when they ponder a career. That’s something you get out of college;)

    For example, English majors don’t just read books — they analyze, they research, they write concise papers and so forth. That’s why one can find English majors in a variety of careers and in companies where one wouldn’t expect them. Microsoft, for example.

    Wasn’t it Chris who made fun of business plans? A business plan is a very useful tool for the prospective entrepreneur exactly for the reasons that he now points out – “think of your idea as a business, who is your target group, how will you reach them, how will you generate income”. Exactly. Use the framework of a business plan and you won’t forget anything.

    I also advocate a low overhead. But is a free blog really the way to go? Low overhead doesn’t mean zero overhead, just keep it small. And ferchrissake, don’t forget to collect the receipts so you can write stuff off come tax day! (There’s a good topic for beginners – taxes!;)

  • http://financeviking.com/ FinanceViking

    Great interview! Keep up the good work.

  • Douglas

    Nice Job Pat! and what a guest. Chris has obviously hit on a topic dear to us all- Non conformity. So much learned from others who have done it one way or another.
    Thanks and good luck with your book.