10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Online Business or Blog

things-to-do-nowNo huge intro needed for this post. Here are 10 actionable items that you can do right now to improve your online business or blog:

1. Re-Evaluate Your Goals

On a piece of paper (yes – paper), write down where you want your business or blog to be a year from now. Think about the following when doing so:

  • Number specific items, such as:
    • earnings
    • traffic
    • sales
    • subscribers / followers
    • etc.
  • Non-number specific items, such as:
    • authority
    • design
    • happiness
    • lifestyle

So often, we get stuck in the routine of just doing things, that we forget exactly why we’re do what we’re doing. Re-evaluating your goals will give you that boost of energy you need to get things done, and possibly even help you realize that you need to do things a little differently to get to where you want to go.

2. Visit Your Homepage for the “First Time”

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – first impressions are HUGELY important, especially online. You’ve got less than 10 seconds to make a new visitor decide to stick around, or else they’re going to leave.

So, what can we do?

Role play.

Pretend to be a brand new visitor to your site. Go to your homepage and run through the following questionnaire in your head:

  1. What do I notice first?
  2. Can I understand exactly what the site is about without scrolling or clicking anything?
  3. Have I seen other sites like this before?
  4. How easy is the website to navigate?
  5. What seems to be missing?

By quickly answering those 5 questions, you can easily see what kinds of things need to happen to improve your website. Maybe it’s just as easy as making some fonts larger, or taking away some annoying advertisements or popups.

If you find that any of these changes will take less than 5 minutes to, do them right now. If it will take you more than 5 minutes to do something, make sure to write it down or put it on a to-do list so you can catch it later.

3. Check and Correct Crawl Errors

google-tools-crawl-errorsUsing Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can see if there are any errors on your website that you can fix right now.

Step 1: Visit Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Step 2: If you haven’t already, setup a Google Account (if you have gmail, you’re good), and verify your website address. To verify, you’ll have to “add new site”, and either use a meta or html page on your server to verify your website. (They walk you though how to do this).

Step 3: After you’re all setup, click on your verified website and on the right hand side, you’ll see a section called “Crawl Errors”. What happens is Google’s bots that crawl through your website keep track of any errors that they find along the way for you, which may include broken/dead links, or links that people should have access to, but for some reason don’t. You can click on each individual error and find out exactly where it’s happening, and correct the problem right away.

4. Grade Your Website

An even more thorough way to check the health of your website is to get it graded by a site such as Website Grader. It’s free (and you don’t even have to enter your email address like they ask you to), and it spits out a nice, lengthy but easy to understand report about your website and the things you can do immediately to make it better.

For example, if your meta data or website descriptions are too long, it will tell you (and by how much). It also checks your RSS feed, social media, your image tags, and a whole bunch of other things you should have optimized on your website.

Try it out, it’s free!

5. Ask Someone a Question

No matter what level you’re at with blogging or online business, you’re always going to have questions that you’d like to have answers to. I have questions all of the time, and I’m not shy about going to someone more experienced than me for an answer. More often than not, I will hear back from them.

It’s easy, and you can do it right now. Don’t be shy. When you think about it, what’s the worst that can really happen? You won’t get a response back?


6. Shoot a Video

That’s right. Turn on that camera that’s connected to your computer and shoot a video of yourself right now.

What are you going to talk about?

Anything related to your blog.

Spend 5 minutes shooting an unedited video, and upload it to YouTube. After it’s uploaded, make sure you have relevant keywords in the title and in the tags section, and make sure to write out your entire URL in the first line of the video description. Blast it to all of your social media buddies without a thought.

In Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Workweek, he likes to give us exercises that we can do that help us step out of our comfort zones. This needs to happen every so often in order to make real progress and take bold actions.

For example, one of his exercises is just to lay down, flat on the ground in a public place, and look straight into the air. It might sound weird, but if you can do that, just imagine what you can do in front of a crowd when you’re talking about something you love and are passionate about.

Shooting a video on a whim like this will help you learn how to step out of your comfort zone, and it’s good practice for public speaking.

7. Spend 5 Minutes to Thank 5 Of Your Customers, Subscribers or Readers

Going the extra mile to just say thanks to someone for no particular reason can make someone’s day. Not only will those 5 people remember who you are just a little bit more, but you’ll never know, one of them may come back and repay you somehow later in the future, just for being extra nice.

Like in happy, successful relationships, it’s the small little, unplanned gestures that make the relationships really special.

(cheesy, I know…)

8. Test Something

You should always be testing something on your website or blog.


Using Google Optimizer, split test something important on your page and wait to see the results. Even if you’re not selling anything, you can still test conversion rates for subscribership, email opt-ins, and even click-through rates for various links on your site.

If you don’t know about Google Optimizer or exactly how to use it, you can read more about it here at How to Run Free Split Tests Using Google Optimizer (this was a blog post I wrote in 2008, but it’s still good!).

9. Turn Off the Distractions

Distractions are all around us (especially those of us who blog and work from home), trying to stop us from progressing and getting things done.

First, understand what those distractions are. Secondly, conciously make an effort to turn them off, and only turn them back on once you accomplish something and reach a particular goal or finish something that you meant to finish.

For me, I specially have to turn off my Twitter client, as well as my Mail program, so I don’t get notified of a message in the middle of doing something. Also, I put my phone on silent, and sometimes work in full screen so I’m not tempted to click on certain icons.

In the same sense, I consciously think about what’s helping me progress, and what is not. Sometimes, what I think is helping me isn’t doing much for me at all. I take the 80/20 rule, figure out what that 20% is that’s making a difference in my business, and I work on that.

As a great internet marketer once said, “You gotta starve the horses, and feed the stallions.”

10. Follow Up With Your Audience

Whether you have an online business selling some kind of product, or just a regular ol’ blog, you can always benefit by asking your customers or readers what they would like to see improved.

Seriously, if you ask, they will tell you.

Send an email to your previous customers (you’re keeping track of their email addresses, right?), or your email list (you have an email list, right?), or even write a blog post asking for suggestions on how to make their experience a little better. Remember, it’s all about your audience’s experience, not your own.

This is how I finally ended up with a website design for this blog that I love. I went through a previous redesign, asked what people thought, and I got great feedback from you, which is all that really matters.

With my LEED customers, I usually send an email every two months asking my existing customers how their studying was going, and if there was anything I could do to improve my study guide.

Not only will this help you figure out what you can do to improve your business or blog, but it will show everything that you care enough about them to ask.

So there you have it. 10 things you can do right now for your online business or blog. If you’d like to help me out, please feel free to leave a comment, or retweet this post on Twitter.

Thanks for your support, and wishing you all the best!


p.s. Here’s to my son’s 2 month old birthday!

  • http://www.yumcha.com.au YumchaGirl

    Pat, thank you for the great post. I have been incredibly neglectful of my blog but this has inspired me to take action. Cheers from Sydney!

    • Pat

      Thanks YumchaGirl! I know it can be tough sometimes to keep up with a blog, but don’t ever stop! Good things are coming your way. By the way, I love Australia! I have relatives there :)

      Thanks again!

      • http://www.kevinhq.com Kevin

        Greetings from Indonesia. I hope you know it (it’s north-west of Australia). I’m in same condition with YumchaGirl above. I’ve ignored my blog for around 4 months.

        However, I’m a bit surprised that its Google PR raised from 0 to 2. Not only that, its Alexa rank also boost up from nothing to around 3million.

        Knowing that fact, I do googling and get into this post. Still confused if I will continue to take action with my blog.

  • http://www.kreci.net KreCi

    Thank Pat for another great post. I like the idea with the video but I am still unsure about my proper English… Probably I would sound funny for real English guys… :)

    • Pat

      Hey, it doesn’t matter if you have proper English or not. As long as your ideas come across, that’s all that counts. Sometimes, it may even help!

    • http://www.networkingexamacademy.com blake

      The best way to learn any language is to speak it. No matter how bad your English is don’t be ashamed of trying to learn a new language your honest effort will show and people will still listen.
      When I was in Honduras trying to learn Spanish I would just talk to random people on the bus and ask them memorized questions even though I could not understand their reply one bit. I would just nod my head intently and say ohh si, si que bueno and then ask then move on to the next question I had.

    • http://nuevos-despertares.blogspot.com Patricia

      Hi KreCi.As an English teacher from Argentina I can tell you that the only way to learn a language is to speak it.Your pronunciation can’t interfere with the meaning of what you are saying.If you need any help.Just ask.

  • Cassandra

    Thank you! This is helpful and helped me to make a game plan for tomorrow!

    • Pat

      Awesome Cassandra, good stuff! Keep it goin!

  • http://www.EngagedMarriage.com Dustin | Engaged Marriage

    Wow, Pat, these are sweet tips! I really enjoyed the website grader…and Engaged Marriage got a grade of 98!

    And I’m going to thank some of readers now as well. First of all, thank YOU for your support of my site and for being part of the Love Everyday project.

    Happy Birthday, Keoni!

    • Pat

      Niiiiice Dustin! You scored higher than I did!

      Thanks for the thanks, and the happy birthday too for my son. Looking forward to your next big project!

  • Todd

    Great reminders on the 10 things! I already got my white board up so I’m adding to it every day!Love your blog and your template. Would you be willing to share some tips on getting a template close to yours? I love all the add-ons and features that are mixed into the layout!Don’t want to copy it but maybe you can point me in the right direction?
    Thanks Pat!

    • Pat

      Nice Todd! I actually just got my whiteboards up too, and I’m already brainstorming and filling them up too.

      All of the add ons and features on my blog were simply inspired by a whole mess of other blogs, so feel free to use my own template as inspiration for yours.

  • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

    I really like number 7, Pat.

    I think that the bigger you get, the harder it is to be personal. If you can go out of your way to thank 5 people though, then that’s going to build a great relationship with those who have helped you get to where you are today.

    Solid post!

    • Pat

      Thanks Glen, I definitely think being personable with your readers and those who have helped you get to where you’re at is very important, no matter how big you get. I’ve got you to lead as a great example of that.

      Thanks Glen!

  • http://www.reachourdreams.com Jen

    Great post Pat and thanks for the useful links – the website grader is really handy and flagged up a few things for me.

    • Pat

      Awesome Jen, I’m glad you liked it! I do have to admit that there are a few things I need to work on for my site as well, pointed out for me by the website grader too.

      All the best to you!

      • http://www.kevinhq.com Kevin

        Hi Pat,
        About the website grader, when I input my blog link there, it just showed me an error message.
        Have tried several times, including to input my mail address. But it didn’t work either. any idea what’s going on?

  • Daniel Sim

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome listing post. It really serve as reminder for all bloggers and internet marketers :-) BTW I love you kept mentioning about the testing point. I read many blogs but you are one of them that kept reminding us about Testing. Cheers

    • Pat

      Thanks Daniel. I only keep remind you guys about testing, because I have to keep reminding myself too! I know it should be something we’re always doing, but after a test ends, I slack and don’t setup a new one like I should.

      Test, test, test!

      Thanks Daniel!

  • Howie

    Great post, as always, Pat! :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Howie! Any updates on the launch yet?

      • Howie

        Shot you an email earlier today, Pat! :) The main book is a LONG read…. :)

  • Bart

    For me, the first tip is one of the most important, set goals, evaluate goals, and look how to improve to reach those goals. Thanks for sharing this, Pat.

  • http://www.personalfinancenotebook.com Patrenia

    I got a grade of 95.1%…not bad. The point that really stuck out with me was #6 – Shoot a Video. I think I may need to start doing practice runs to get myself “comfortable” in front of the camera. Fear, fear, fear…it has to be overcome:-).

    • Pat

      To quote the great FDR: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

      You can do it Patrenia!

  • http://moneyforcollegeproject.blogspot.com DJ Wetzel

    Pat, I think what I like most about your work here is how personable it is. When I read your articles it sounds like I am hearing from a friend, you respond to every comment on a post, and you give us enough details about YOU as a person that we can connect. Couple all of that with fantastic advice about blogging and making money online, and you have a winning combination. Keeps me coming back multiple times per day.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Pat

      Dude, thanks for making my morning. I try to keep things as real as possible, and I always try to write to my audience as if they were my best friends. Thanks for your loyal support DJ, I really appreciate it!

  • http://www.moneycrush.com Jackie

    Oh I seriously should go right down this list and do every single one. (The unedited video one scares me though! Must clean up the computer room first!) I’m going to add your post to my to do list.

    • Pat

      I know, Jackie. That one is pretty scary for most people. It was for me too until I just started doing them and then I eventually just trained myself to be comfortable speaking on camera. If you’re worried about what your computer room looks like (you should be worried), then just do a screencapture and speak over a recording of your computer screen.

      Thanks again for your post yesterday Jackie – good stuff!

  • http://genywealth.com/ RJ Weiss

    I’m a huge fan of #2. I didn’t realize how bad my website was until I put it out in front of mastermind group and they tore it apart. It was a long 30 minutes, but I learned so much about it.

    • Pat

      Sometimes it’s hard to see our own work in it’s real life state, because we’re so involved and engaged with it. This is something I’ve definitely learned back in Architecture school, working on projects for 2 months for hours a day, only to be ripped apart by a jury at the end of it all. It is a learning process, but I definitely think those kinds of things are necessary in order to progress and succeed.

      Thanks RJ!

  • http://experimentsinpassiveincome.com Moon Hussain


    Right off the bat, the first 6 things are something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. For instance, I do now have a notebook and constantly tweak my goals, but I haven’t written down what I want from my blog in a year’s time.

    I also checked out the Website Grader, which I had used months ago. Fun tool to analyze a few things with…

    Thanks for the info!

    • Pat

      Thanks Moon! Glad you found these tips useful and do make sure to write down your goals so you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to get there. Cheers, and all the best to you!

  • http://www.seorankings.com Wesley LeFebvre

    Good tips, Pat. Happy 2 month b-day to your son! :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Wesley! Much appreciated!

  • http://www.wilsonusman.com/2010/01/05/twitter-tips-gone-bad/ Wilson Usman

    Finally well I just spent the last hour doing these things. Thank Pat appreciate it. I gotta say I wish I had some money to outsource these because I am a little computer illiterate, but what can you do. I am going to post these right over my screen so I can do them every month. I needed to re-focus and this really helped.

    Anyway congrats with the baby it’s a beautiful thing to seem them grow I have a 3 year old sister and since I have been so busy working now I only see them once in a while and it’s crazy to see her how big and talkative she is now. Thanks again Pat

    • Pat

      Wow, you really did do these things RIGHT NOW – that’s awesome! I’m glad this list of things to do helped.

      Thanks for the congrats, and I’m wishing you all the best. Thanks Wilson!

      • http://www.wilsonusman.com/2010/01/05/twitter-tips-gone-bad/ Wilson Usman

        yea man I have realize the only time that I do things is when they are fresh on my mind if not I will forget about it and I will start working on whatever tomorrows tips is and tomorrows and so on and I don’t do crap. Hey I am going to write about that. How to get things done immediately…lol

  • http://www.vagabondinsider.com Bobby Huang

    Hey Pat. Awesome list.

    I’m grabbing a pen and paper and starting with #1 right now. I definitely want to re-evaluate my goals with my website. I’ll start on the other numbers right after. #9 already done.

    • Pat

      Nice! I totally should have mentioned that #9 should be the first thing that you should do before anything else :)

      Good luck!

  • http://howilost22poundskeptitoff.blogspot.com/ Lisa Davis

    Hi Pat

    I am so grateful for the work you are doing! I’ve only been subscribing to your blog for about a month, but it seems every post that comes through is like a ‘wake up’ call to take my blog out of hobby mode and into business mode! In fact, I came to your site today specifically to ask YOU a question – and here it is in your post today, #5 Ask Someone a Question.

    My question: How best to convert my blog at blogspot over to WordPress.org once I have chosen a great domain name? I have zero technical ability.

    Thanks for a ripper blog!
    Lisa Davis, New Zealand

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com Maren Kate

    This is probably one of your most helpful posts of all time, to me at least :) Really like it

    • Pat

      Thanks Maren Kate. You rule!

  • http://www.jewelry-secrets.com Jewelry Secrets

    Awesome. I love this. What a fresh way to look at your site. I enjoyed grading it. That was fun to see. I never knew you could grade it. :) Re-evaluating your goals was an awesome way to get me thinking. You made me open my page and stare at it for a long time answering these questions. You also made me go to my Webmaster Tools and check everything out. Good job. What a way to get my perspective back. Thanks!

    • Pat

      It makes me so happy to see people like yourself taking action right away, especially when it comes to their websites and their goals. Thanks and all the best to you!

  • http://nuevos-despertares.blogspot.com Patricia

    What can I say? Thanks again for helping us .Great tips as usual.Greetings from Argentina

    • Pat

      Thanks for the comment, Patricia. I really hope to visit Argentina someday – it looks beautiful. Is your gravatar picture from there?

  • http://i-tweet.org/es Maria Rivas

    Thank you! I’d been wondering for ages whether it’s a problem that my domain contains sections both in English and Spanish, and a visit to Google’s webmaster tools (following your advice #3) solved all my doubts. I’m bookmarking your post for continued reference!

    • Pat

      Awesome Maria! Thanks!

      Could you possibly enlighten us about what your findings were regarding having English and Spanish on your site? Any issues that we should be worried about?


  • http://evengrounds.com/blog Julius

    Very straightforward and clear tips. I just wish to add something to the item about shooting videos. If it isn’t too much, provide a way to have text transcripts of your videos. This will really help people who aren’t able to hear what you have to say, as well as those who prefer reading content. I think it’s all right to include the text within the page for the videos.

    • Pat

      To further your suggestion, it also helps with search engine optimization if you have the transcript on your blog as well :)

  • http://ilovefrenchmovies.com/ Will

    Pat, thanks for the tip on Website Grader, I had not heard of it before and can already see what a useful tool it can be. You’re one of the few Internet marketers whose emails and posts I genuinely look forward to.

    • Pat

      Thanks will, I really appreciate that. Thanks for the motivation, and all the best to you!

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy – Upgradereality.com

    Hey Pat!
    Really really cool post! I found this one extremely useful and interesting to read and I hope it will turn into a popular guide for people seeking to improve their blogs!

    The website http://www.upgradereality.com ranks 63,011 of the 2,117,740
    A website grade of 97/100 for http://www.upgradereality.com

    But it gave me some suggestions to fix so I will make some minor tweaks! Thanks again Pat!

    • Pat

      Great to hear from you again Diggy, and thanks for the props. Hopefully it will be useful for many down the road. Thanks! Awesome stats!

  • http://www.financialsamurai.com Financial Samurai

    Hi Pat, thnx for your post and happy 2 month birday!

    For your section on Check and Crawl for errors, i’ve got to copy and paste the meta code into the home page for verificaion. Can you spell out exactly where on the dashboard i’m supposed to click and copy? Is it under Appearances, Editor, then what? If not.. pls help guide.

    Cheers, Sam

    • Pat

      For WordPress, you should go to appearances > editor, and really you can use any of the files such as main index, the header or even the sidebar, because they all show up on your homepage. I think I copy pasted mine somewhere in the header. I forget if there are instructions to paste in a certain place within the homepage, but yea – the editor is where you should be. If you have an FTP client that you use to work on your website’s files, you can use that as well.

  • Pat

    Hey Ken, you’re absolutely right – we should always take a moment every once and a while to step back and look at our blogs from an outside perspective. Doing that has helped me tremendously for all of my businesses.

    Looking forward to your video – please let me know when it goes live! I’ll be looking out for it!


  • http://evengrounds.com/blog Tom

    I particularly like the second idea, visiting your site for the first time. I have to admit that most of the cases I am on my site, I am logged in as an admin, and I created a bunch of little tools for myself, which totally change the site content. I already burned myself with this a couple of times, when I didn’t realize something went wrong because I was always automatically logged in. I’ll pay more attention to it.

    • Pat

      Thanks for your opinion Tom. That’s a good point, because I also have a few plugins and things that make my site look a bit different when I’m logged in as an admin.

      By the way, I really like the mission behind your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.realestatecareermentor.com Marty Green

    Another outstanding post Pat!

    My website grade was far lower than yours but I got some great ideas of things I need to take care of.

    I had no idea about all these google tools we can use for free. They are great. I really appreciate all your posts Pat, very informative. They have helped a lot!!

    Keep it up, it’s great stuff. Congrats on the new Pad as well.


    • Pat

      Thanks Marty. I still have things to fix myself, but it’s always good to get a third party opinion about something isn’t it, especially something that’s easy to follow like a grader and how to make things better.

      Pics of the new office coming soon! Thanks!

  • http://www.davidturnbull.com David Turnbull

    Following up with readers has been huge for me. Just taking the time to give an honest, thoughtful reply and also responding to emails with detail and care does so much to build trust. Plus, it feels awesome when you do your best to help people, or at least share your view with them.

    • Pat

      I seriously get a high when I know I’ve helped someone out.

      Thanks for your comment David. I honestly love reading your blog and everything you have to say. Cheers dude!

  • Howie

    Just got your “As I start to Grow as a Blogger…” email, Pat….

    Keep that mentality up and I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll maintain a VERY loyal following for a VERY long time….

    I won’t name names either, but, it absolutely disgusts me to see bloggers that I once followed loyally completely ruin it with how it always seemed like their blog (and readers) weren’t really all that important compared to using each blog post to directly promote the hottest affiliate product….

    That’s not cool.

    You do things the RIGHT way, man…..continually giving back to your readers and putting them first….

    (I do realize that, eventually, the sheer volume of readers and comments may make it difficult to respond to each and every comment individually….but, I’m pretty sure you’ll try your hardest….)

    • Pat

      I’ll do my best Howie! Wouldn’t it be impressive to be huge but still be able to respond to comments. We’ll see what happens. Thanks again Howie!

  • Howie

    P.S. Get my email with the Main book attached, Pat?….

    …you may be particularly interested in pages 65 and 66 😉 :)

    • Pat

      I did, thanks for that. I apologize, I haven’t had much time to really look through it. I’ll get to it though!

  • http://www.thesaleslion.com Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

    Great stuff Pat. Honestly, I’m really starting to enjoy your blog more and more. Every article seems to have value in some way and I walk away a little more knowledgeable than I was before. Much thx.

    • Pat

      Thanks Marcus, I’m glad you’re coming away from these articles with some new information. That’s my goal :) Cheers!

  • http://www.ghilliesuitclothing.com Ghillie Suit Clothing

    Thanks for the tips. I am going to do a video tomorrow and I scored 92 on the website test.

  • http://www.adaptise.com Jeff

    Thanks for the resource Pat…another great post which I’ve already gone through and used to improve my sites. Didn’t know about the website grader, so thanks…! You were also the one who pointed me to clicktale, which is awesome, so yep, thanks!

  • http://www.freemanlegacyllc.com Ms. Freeman

    This is another one of those posts, that I need to print out and tape to the window in front of my desk. It is a perfect to-do-list and anyone that doesn’t take action on these items is a fool.

    Thanks for this great info Pat! :)

  • http://www.wordplaywithvinay.com Vinay

    wow this was a great post, one of the best I have read from you. definitely a list I will return to when im thinking “what should I do next?”


  • http://easypublicspeaking.co.uk/ Keith Davis

    Hi Pat
    Came over from Problogger… can’t believe how many comments Darren gets!
    I’d murder for that number of comments.

    This site looks good, noticed “Spend 5 Minutes to Thank 5 Of Your Customers, Subscribers or Readers.”

    At the moment I’m just getting my blog off the ground but I do reply to all my commenters. Guess that my commenters are my customers… so I am doing something right. LOL

  • http://livingyourbalance.blogspot.com Tammy Gray

    Fanfreakingtastic, just the stuff i needed. Was just scheduling in time to re-asses my blog and other sites as well and this info and the links are just what i need to get started.

    Thanks! :)

  • David


    I am, to use that annoying internet word a complete “Newbie” at webdesign and e-commerce, but I have stumbled across your site and in you have found a kindred spirit. I want to live MY life, under MY terms, and although I dont ever expect to be a millionaire, I feel that what this freedom will give me and my family will be the greatest lottery win ever. My one problem, even with all your great content, is what to focus in on and what to disregard. The more I research the more I seem to see the road splitting out in all directions. Any suggestions to get me on my internet journey and stop me trying to turn left and right all the time???

  • http://www.ohlalumnicentral.com Tom

    Great post. Thanks for pointing to Website Grader – another great tool.

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  • http://www.yummybouquets.com lyndas9254

    Great article. I am definately going to take your steps and use them on my business. Thanks it will be quite helpful.

  • http://www.consoleblogger.com Jason

    This is great Stuff! I never knew you could grade your site, that was a really cool suggestion because I learned alot from grading it.

  • http://sbforeveryone.com Nick

    This is another great post. I graded my site and got an 85 to my surprise. A lot better then I suspected. Thanks Pat!

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