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You Can Easily Get People to Take Action by

You Can Easily Get People to Take Action by

By Pat Flynn on

I was eating lunch with a friend the other day, and he sneezed.


Instead of replying with “Bless You!” like I normally do, I was only able to reply with “Bless…”, because I was interrupted when something sharp pierced my gums. It was a bone.

My friend gave me a weird look, and then I finished by saying, “You.”

This all happened in about 3 seconds, but I realized something. It’s about that “weird look” he gave me.

What I realized is that people HATE when things are unfinished. We’re so used to some things happening a certain way that when it’s incomplete, it drives us nuts.

As bloggers and internet marketers, we can take advantage of this innate desire to complete things.


By giving people exactly what they want – but not all of it. Then, require an action in order to access the rest.

It might sound a bit “scammy” when you read it like that, but when you think about it, isn’t this what many of us are doing already? And it’s the ones who are really good at it who are raking in the dough. It’s just good marketing.

Here are some specific examples:

  • Requiring people to enter their name and email address before sending them a free report or ebook.
  • Giving away awesome content on your blog, and then recommending a paid course or ebook on top of that.
  • Reviewing a product, which forces people to get that product for themselves (preferably through an affiliate link) in order to experience it on their own.
  • Splitting content into parts to create buzz and excitement about the next parts. (Come back next time when I…)
  • Leaving the last few words off of a blog post title in order to get people to take action and read further. (There are many ways to work a blog post title in order to get people to take action and read. This post is just one example.)

And lastly, we have questions. Similar to “unfinished items”, people hate unanswered questions too.

With the series finale of LOST coming up, why do you think so many people keep watching episode after episode?

Because there are so many questions left unanswered that people cannot stand being left unanswered!

We know there are Polar Bears on the island, but in order to find out why we have to take action by continuing to watch—and millions do, myself included.

So the next time you’re wanting any kind of action from your audience, think about how you can tap into this need and desire for completeness.

Can you think of any other examples of how bloggers and internet entrepreneurs utilize this desire?

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