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Ask the Reader: What Makes You Leave a Website?

Ask the Reader: What Makes You Leave a Website?

By Pat Flynn on

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What I truly love about my blog here at SPI is the unbelievable and amazing community of people that have congregated here, not only to support the blog and what I do, but also to support each other.

Some of the best and most valuable content on this site has been posted by you, the SPI reader, in the comment sections of my posts. And although I always aim to provide the best content that I can myself, I know you’ll always come back with more, and that impresses the heck out of me.

Today, I have a quick but very important question for you, which I know will help everyone who sees this in the future who is looking to improve their online properties.

I’ve asked similar questions to my Facebook Page in the past, and I always get a few responses like:

“This stuff is Gold. Big companies would pay big money for information like this!

So, let’s all help each other out, and try to make the web a better place by answering the following question:

What makes you leave a website?

In other words…at what point do you say “I’m done with this” and click on the back button? Is there something on a site in particular that triggers the idea of moving on? How much time do you give a site before you take off?

Think of this as leaving when you know the website you’re viewing isn’t ready for you to leave (like after you’ve made a purchase, or you’ve found the information you were looking for).

I look forward to reading and learning from your comments.

Cheers, and for those of you in the US – have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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