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What I’m Reading and Who I’m in Love With Right Now

What I’m Reading and Who I’m in Love With Right Now

By Pat Flynn on

Every once and a while I like to feature posts from other bloggers that I’ve been reading lately.

There is SO MUCH awesome content out there, it’s unbelievable—so instead of reading something from me today, please choose one or two of the articles below from people who I’m pretty much in love with right now because of what they’re writing.

The Secret Danger of Public Logs and Public Accountability

This guest post by Danny Iny on is listed here first because honestly I wish it was published on SPI. It talks about how we have to be careful when reading people like myself and Corbett Barr who publish logs, income and traffic reports and very public case studies online. Danny explains that this information should be seen as more of a compass – not a roadmap—and I completely agree. Definitely a good and thought-provoking read, and I’d love to hear your thought about it.

Adsense Account Organization—How to Keep Your Adsense Account Structured

Justin and Joe from, a site that I’ve recently gotten very familiar with, are totally killing it with micro-niche sites. They seem to have mastered building and selling their sites for some GREAT profit, and after some quick conversations with Justin I can tell these guys are legit and seriously just really kind and down to earth people who share a lot of the same thoughts that I do about online marketing and integrity. They have so much great content on their site, it was hard to pick and choose an article to share, but this one really hit home for me because I always talk about testing, testing, testing—and this article shows exactly how one should organize an Adsense account to easily understand what’s happening with their campaigns and what could be done to improve and increase earnings. I took notes on this one.

The Secret to Happiness…and Why It Has Nothing To Do With Money

Todd from is a really good friend of mine. He became financially independent at the age of 35 through investing and has recently been educating me about investing, how it works and making wise financial decisions in my personal life. We actually got to meet for the first time at the Financial Blogger’s Conference earlier this month, which was really special to me. Todd doesn’t blog about making money online, blogging or niche sites or anything like that—but he does have some very relevant articles on his site, like this one linked to above, that are good for anybody to read. My favorite quote from this article is, “The decision to be happy is actually the decision to stop being unhappy.”

Year to Date Income Report – September 2011 (Niche Pursuits)

For all of those who say niche sites aren’t profitable, think again. Spencer from, who is quite possibly one of the nicest and smartest guys on the web, shares his income from his multiple niche site empire. He built 22 in August alone and one of them is already banking $30 a day (he’s already at 6 figures for the year). Very inspiring and it’s making me think hard about possibly going even further with niche sites here on SPI. I’ve had great success with the 8 niche sites that I’ve built so far, but after reading Spencer’s stuff I think I could possibly do a whole lot more. I’m working on some things right now, but we’ll see what happens in 2012 🙂 Definitely check out Spencer’s work at if you have a chance.

It’s a busy day here in the Flynn household and my wife and I have a mud-run tommorow, so that should be fun. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and all the best to you!


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