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Why Webinars Are Important (Webinar Ninja Demo) – SPI TV Ep. 49

By Pat Flynn on

In today’s episode, I’m talking all about webinars, an incredibly powerful tool in your online marketing toolbox. I’ll be demoing one of my favorite tools for running webinars, Webinar Ninja.

[Note: I no longer recommend Webinar Ninja and have removed this video. Check out my resources page for my current recommendation for webinar software.]

The best way to do business will always be the old-fashioned way: in person, face-to-face. That’s why I encourage online business owners to go to conferences, where you can shake hands and look potential customers in the eye. And for all the times when travelling to conferences is logistically or financially stressful, you’ve got webinars.

Webinar Ninja is an easy, powerful platform that helps streamline the process of hosting an online webinar. I love it, and I’m so eager to give you guys this inside look.

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