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Day 3 and 4 in Ghana: Pencils of Promise Field Trip – SPI TV Ep. 21 and 22

By Pat Flynn on

Welcome to Day 3 and 4 in Ghana, combined into one post so that you can experience my last days in Ghana, Africa with the Pencils of Promise Team.

On Day 3 in Ghana, Africa we spent most of our day on one particular site, but we didn’t just go to observe, we went to participate. Upon arrival, I saw that nearly 100 people were already working together to continue construction on a brand new school that was being built, and it was time to get our hands a little dirty and pitch in too.

It was amazing to see the entire community – men, women, young and old pitching in to build this school. They make it look easy, but it definitely was not!

On the 4th and final day of our trip, we visited two schools that are experimenting with brand new programs meant to give even more to these students beyond just the schools that were built. You’ll see an e-reader program, as well as something called the WASH program, which teaches hygiene and healthy hand washing habits.

You can find the Day 3 video above (click the play button in the right of the header) and you can check out the video for Day 4 here:

This was an incredible, life-changing trip for me, and I’m so glad I was able to capture it on video for my family, and you too. I appreciate all of the support from the SPI Community, especially those who had donated to this campaign back in December of 2014.

I can’t wait to continue to work with Pencils of Promise in the future as a member of their board of advisors, as well as continue to do other things to help those in need around the world, and hopefully be a great example for my kids, and everyone else out there watching me, that it feels great to give.

Here’s to giving, and the start of even more…

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