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Meditation & the Tools I Use to Help – SPI TV Ep. 52

By Pat Flynn on

Meditation has transformed my life. It’s improved my focus and well-being, and it’s altered my productivity during my workday in a radical way. Today, I want to share how I made it a part of my daily routine and the tools that helped me do it.

I used to be skeptical of meditation. I couldn’t wrap my head around the value of sitting still for so long, thinking about nothing. But thanks to the advice of friends and an awesome system called Muse, I discovered a meditation style that works perfectly for me—one that holds me accountable to staying focused and gamifies the experience.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through one of my meditation sessions using the Muse app and headset, which monitors my brain activity and rewards me for maintaining a calm, quiet headspace. It’s an amazing system—check it out!

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