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Mastermind Groups are the Secret to Success: Tips and Presentation! – SPI TV, Ep. 9

By Pat Flynn on

Welcome to Episode #9 of SPI TV! Make sure to subscribe (YouTube / iTunes) to stay on top of it every Friday when new episodes go live.

I would not be where I’m at today if it was not for the mastermind groups that I’ve been a part of.

Last week, I spoke on stage about mastermind groups at Social Media Marketing World 2015 here in San Diego. While the topic is still fresh on my mind, I wanted to bring a little bit of what I talked about to you here in Episode 9 of SPI TV. In this episode, you’ll see some behind the scenes at SMMW15, and you’ll hear from a few of my friends at the event who share why they are in a mastermind group and a tip for you if you’re looking to get into one, or have a better experience with the one you’re already in.

This is a shorter episode than normal, however at the end I share that you can sign up for an upcoming live webinar / re-do of my presentation about mastermind groups for you. Sign up before April 22nd to register and reserve a seat for the live webinar where you’ll be able to see my presentation done again, and also ask questions and interact – not only with me, but with a special guest who will be on the webinar with me as well.

There are two to choose from so that I could cover all parts of the world, so that it would be somewhat convenient no matter what timezone you live in.

Click on this link to register for the mastermind webinar and presentation!

Friends Featured in This Episode

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Pat: What’s up, everybody! Pat Flynn here. This is episode nine of SPI-TV. Thank you for joining me today. I’m here at Social Media Marketing World; the event just ended and this is the biggest social media conference happening in my own backyard in San Diego so thank you for joining me here. I actually just finished an amazing presentation about mastermind groups and the importance of mastermind groups. Not only that, but also the how-to, the whole setup and the formation and the structure and how to find people to join you in a friendly alliance that can help encourage you and help you take action on what it is you’re trying to do. Here are a couple of friends of mine here at Social Media Marketing World, [they’re 00:00:36] going to share a couple of things with you, why they’re in a mastermind group and a tip for you if you’re just getting started.

Hey John, what’s up?

John: Hey Pat!

Pat: John, why are you in a mastermind group?

John: I’m in a mastermind because I’m a big believer that you’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and I like to hang out with people like you.

Pat: Jim Rohn said that.

John: Yeah, Jim Rohn.

Pat: What’s one tip you have for somebody who’s about to get into a mastermind group?

John: If you’re going to get into a mastermind, I’m a huge believer of finding someone who is right now where you want to be and contacting them and just saying, “Hey, can I interview you? Can I add value to your life?” They’re going to say no, that’s okay, but they’re going to give you a great recommendation of people that follow them, places that they have Facebook groups at, whatever they do, and that’s going to be chock full of your avatars, your perfect mastermind members.

Pat: Thank you, John.

John: Thank you.

Pat: Greg, what’s up, dude?

Greg: How you doing, man?

Pat: Why are you in a mastermind group?

Greg: I’m in a mastermind because I like working with people that will give me an honest opinion as to what I’m doing from outside.

Pat: What’s one tip you have for somebody who’s about to enter or maybe who is already in a mastermind group but wants to get more out of it.

Greg: Have a format and stick to it. Having a mastermind that goes three hours is not really going to be effective so stick to an hour, I recommend and have a rotating hot-seat and keep on that route.

Pat: Nice, thanks man.

Greg: Thank you.

Pat: All right, can you introduce yourself really quick?

Melissa: I’m Melissa, Melissa Ramos.

Pat: Thanks Melissa. Melissa, why are you in a mastermind group?

Melissa: Main reason is because I think as an entrepreneur before I just was feeling really isolated and alone and being in a mastermind group I’m able to share wins and struggles and get alternative perspectives from my lady mafia mastermind group members.

Pat: What’s tip that you have for somebody who’s going to be entering into a mastermind group very soon?

Melissa: I would probably say that just take the criticism that you’re going to receive – because it’s going to be inevitable – as positive. I know sometimes personally for myself, in the past, it’s been kind of hard to receive some of that info but just understand that that’s a point of growth versus feeling that it’s a hit.

Pat: Great advice!

Melissa: Yeah, no problem, thank you.

Pat: Hey Amy, how are you?

Amy: I’m awesome, Pat.

Pat: You are awesome.

Amy: I know, right?

Pat: Why are you in a mastermind group?

Amy: My full-time co-worker is a senior beagle dog. I feel like it’s not really appropriate to share my wins and struggles with her because she doesn’t really react in the way that I need so I have to talk to people and when you work for yourself I feel like you need to find the ways to do that.

Pat: What’s tip that you have for somebody who’s going to be in a mastermind group? Or maybe they’re in a group already but they need more out of it?

Amy: I would say that you have to set rules and it has to be clear from the get-go that if people aren’t following the way through they need to it’s not going to be a good group for everybody, it has to be a good group for everybody throughout. Really making sure those rules are in place and then maybe when the conversation comes up that maybe somebody’s not a good fit it’s not as hard of a conversation to have.

Pat: Awesome, thank you.

Amy: No problem.

Pat: Michael O’Neill, why are you in a mastermind group?

Michael: I like to see what other people that are in my same space are doing and what their struggles are, because I think when you hear what other people are going through you get a sense of how to struggle and how to kind of go with your own business.

Pat: What’s one tip you’re going to have for somebody who’s about to enter a mastermind group?

Michael: I’d say to have an outcome planned for each mastermind session you’re doing like having an idea of what you’re trying to get out of it, maybe have your questions ready for it, and then when you get them take action before the next time you do the mastermind meetup.

Pat: Awesome, thanks man.

Michael: Thanks, man.

Pat: Hey Jessica.

Jessica: Hey!

Pat: Why are you in a mastermind group?

Jessica: I’m in a mastermind group because I want the perspective of other people that I don’t see for myself and I want to be able to get feedback and support and know that they’re always going to be pushing me to grow my business and grow myself.

Pat: What’s one tip you have for somebody that’s about to enter a mastermind group?

Jessica: I would say connect with like-minded people but don’t be afraid to connect with somebody who’s really different from you because they’re going to offer you a unique perspective, and also connecting with people at events is a great opportunity to meet other people in your space, and to not be afraid to reach out to people who you perceive as being more advanced than you or further along in their journey.

Pat: Perfect, thank you!

Hey Eric, what’s up?

Eric: How ya’ doing?

Pat: I’m doing good! Why are you in a mastermind group?

Eric: I love hearing honest feedback about what I’m going on in my business and the accountability factor, definitely.

Pat: Awesome, and what’s tip you have for somebody about to enter in their own mastermind group?

Eric: Don’t be afraid to give really honest advice to people and be open to hearing honest feedback about your own business as well.

Pat: Perfect, thank you.

If you actually want to catch my entire presentation I’m actually redoing it in an upcoming webinar. If you’re watching this in the future, you can use this link and watch the replay. To go to, all one word, no dashes, no spaces, smartpassiveincome/mastermindreplay, you’ll be able to watch it or sign up to the webinar and you’ll see the entire presentation. Sign up and we’ll see you there.

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