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How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation – SPI TV, Ep. 17

By Pat Flynn on

Finishing up this month’s theme for SPI TV about presentations and public speaking, I wanted to share some of my best tips for creating slides that won’t bore your audience to death.

You’ve probably sat in on presentations before where you literally just want to fall asleep, or you get so bored that you start to check email or Twitter. I don’t want your audience to do that to you, although really you’re the one doing it to them.

The way your slides are built can help you achieve maximum engagement and attention with your crowd.

Tools like Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple’s Keynote software, which are supposed to help us enhance our presentations, have consequently made it incredibly easy for us to sabotage ourselves on stage. Watch this video and make sure you follow these basic rules to ensure you produce slides that help you and your content, not take away from it.

Plus, I have some cool tricks up my sleeve to share with you as well.

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So Tell Me…

Based on what you learned, what’s one thing you’re going to do differently the next time you’re on stage with your slides? Write it in the comment section below, and I look forward to reading it!

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