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How to Convert Your Casual Readers into Raving Fans – SPI TV, Ep. 15

By Pat Flynn on

This one has been a long time coming – the presentation I performed at New Media Expo in 2014 about how to turn your Casual Readers into Raving Fans! This was filmed in January 2014.

I was originally going to publish this immediately after my presentation was over and I received the final video files, however because it got such a great response, I had to delay it a bit. And yes, for over a year!

Here’s why…

You see, a few other conference directors heard about it and hired me to perform the same talk at their events later in the year. Because of this, I didn’t want to publish the full presentation and ruin the surprises that I had in store for their future audience in this talk.

After performing this talk at those events, more people started to hear about it and I got booked for a few more events after that for the same talk. Crazy!

Beyond that amazing response, there was so much talk about the presentation that it helped me land the opening Keynote for the same event the next year (2015), which you saw in Episode 13 of SPI TV from two weeks prior.

Here is a link to Episode 13 – the full opening keynote from NMX 2015

With standing room only and my best bud Chris Ducker introducing me to the stage, I’m proud to finally share this with you today. Thank you for your patience, and I’d love to hear your comments below!

Cheers, thanks so much, and be sure to subscribe to SPI TV  (on YouTube or iTunes) to get new episodes of SPI TV each Friday!

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