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How to Build a Winning Mastermind Group (Webinar Replay) – SPI TV, Ep. 12

By Pat Flynn on

My film crew and I are in preparation mode for a live event here in San Diego, but it worked out because just the other day I conducted a webinar with special guest Chris Ducker (who was in my home office with me) about how to form a winning mastermind group, and here is a replay of that live webinar.

There is no traditional SPI TV intro, but this is officially Episode 12 of SPI TV to cap off a month of videos all about masterminds.

This is a re-hash of the presentation I did at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego a month ago (March 2015). It had such a positive response, I wanted to share it with everyone because Mastermind Groups have been one of the most important factors in the success I’ve had in my businesses.

After the live presentation, in fact, a number of people came up to me after lunch to tell me they had already formed mastermind groups of their own right then and there after my presentation, which is the best compliment anyone can get.

Whether you are in a mastermind group already or maybe you don’t even know what a mastermind group is, this hour-long presentation with help you figure it all out with a ton of information you can use and take back to your group (current or future) to make sure everyone gets the most out of the time you spend together.

Cheers, and Happy Masterminding!

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