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How to Become Futureproof: Opening Keynote NMX ’15 – SPI TV, Ep. 13

By Pat Flynn on

It is my absolute pleasure to share the full version of my opening keynote at New Media Expo 2015.

The theme is future proofing your business and brand. What does that mean? It means to be able to survive what’s ahead – to absorb the shock of the inevitable stresses that will test all of us from this point forward.

Whether you like it or not, the future is coming, and to be able to survive and thrive in the new business environments that are ahead, we must go back to the past and analyze what has always worked to serve our customers and audience.

In this keynote, incorporating themes from my favorite movie of all time (Back to the Future), we travel into the past, present and future to get to the core of what really works, and how we can use those strategies and principles to make sure we stick around.

We also explore “future traps” – dangerous business-killers that have stopped several people from finding long-term success in the past, and how you can avoid falling victim to those traps.

Thank you to New Media Expo for giving me the freedom to do something completely brand new and out of the box during this presentation. Also, a special thanks to my good friend Mitchell Peck for helping me put together the script and team for the short film that plays at the top of my keynote. Also, a big shout out to Taylor Hart from Bipolar Propaganda for producing the film, and the entire cast and crew that made it all happen!

This was truly a dream come true to put together. If you have found value in this presentation in one way, shape or form, please share this. I structured it in a way that could be useful for anyone – not just those who are in business, but all of us who have a mission in life and want to make sure it gets accomplished.

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To the future…

How to Become Futureproof - Opening Keynote NMX '15 (SPI TV, Ep. 13)

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