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Day 2 in Ghana, Africa: Pencils of Promise School Opening Celebrations! – SPI TV Ep. 20

By Pat Flynn on

Day 1 in Ghana was incredible. Here on Day 2, we visit several schools that were being opened for the first time. Words cannot highlight what it was like, so I’m glad we were able to capture it all on video.

Plus, for everyone in the SPI Community, there’s an awesome surprise for you at the end 🙂

More background:

In December of 2014, I ran a campaign to build a school in Ghana, Africa through the Pencils of Promise organization. This was an idea that was inspired through my conversation with Adam Bruan, the founder of PoP, who I interviewed in Session #106 of the SPI Podcast.

Not only did you, the SPI community, come together with a record-breaking number of donors during this campaign, but my family and I agreed to match up to $25,000 to build one additional school beyond what was already funded.

Together, we raised over $50,000 and earlier this year I learned that myself and a guest would be able to visit Ghana and see the schools that we built, meet the people in these communities and see first-hand exactly what kind of impact we were making.

Be sure to check out SPI TV 19, from my first day in Ghana.

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