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Book Review: The Art of Apprenticeship by Azul Terronez – SPI TV Ep. 24

By Pat Flynn on

The Art of Apprenticeship is a lesser known book in the business world that I’d like to bring to light today in this week’s episode of SPI TV.

It is authored by my good friend Azul Terronez, who has spent most of his life as an educator and has shared his wisdom on learning here in this book, which is all about how to find an amazing mentor to help kickstart your success and do what you love.

Finding a mentor is one of the smartest and most important actions you can take, and although this book isn’t super long like other books in the business aisle, Azul does a fantastic job of giving us exactly the information we need to move forward and find our ideal mentor or mentors.

In this episode, I review certain sections of the book I feel are key, and if you have any other books to suggest I review in the future, please leave a comment below with your suggestion!

Look out for another book next week that I’ll be reviewing (to continue book review month here on SPI!)

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