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33 Public Speaking Tips to Keep Your Audience from Falling Asleep – SPI TV, Ep. 16

By Pat Flynn on

I snuck into an empty room while at New Media Expo to film 33 public speaking tips to help you stop your audience from falling asleep the next time you’re on stage presenting in front of a group of people:

I’ve learned a lot of these tips by reading and watching as much as I could about the craft of public speaking, watching countless hours of TED talks and similar high-quality presentations and of course, being on stage dozens of times myself.

Each time I go onto the stage for a new event, I always try to focus on one new thing that I’m going to practice and incorporate into my presentation. Obviously, you always want to do your best, but when you bring one new thing to improve each time it’ll help your speaking game tremendously and it’ll stop you from being overwhelmed with the process and trying out too many new things at once.

Take as many of these tips as you’d like into your next presentation, and you’ll find that you’ll have a more engaged, awake and appreciative audience, and you’ll have a better time on stage yourself too!

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