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Turning Dreams into Passive Income

Turning Dreams into Passive Income

By Pat Flynn on

Again, I’m still in Hawaii on my Honeymoon! Here is a guest post by Craig from The Movie Banter. He is a young man who is a Dreamer – which I believe is one of the most important elements of succeeding online. Dream big, and good things have a chance of happening. Craig is on his way.

When Pat graciously allowed me the opportunity to write a guest post for his blog, I wasn’t sure how I could help out at first.  I have learned a lot from him, but am no where at the point of my life where I could really offer useful tips to anyone, whether it be about passive income or in general.  I am only 23 and first getting a taste of work experience, haven’t worked on passive income.  But then it struck me like Marv being hit by a bunch of blocks from Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2.  If I could choose my dream way of gaining passive income, what would it be?

My dream method would be to write a best seller novel, and then sell it off to Hollywood.  This of course is easier said than done, but if I’m dreaming, why not reach for the stars, right?  I know writing a book is a goal of a lot of people, but I have thought about my process in detail about getting it from idea to DVD’s.  This is my quick adventure to turn passive income into reality.

The book would be called “The Boys Court” a coming of age tail of a group of boys enjoying one last summer adventure together before they head off to college, then tragedy strikes changing one of the boy’s lives forever.  I’ve even written the first chapter, but have not had the patience to get any more done.  Can’t give away more though, just in case I get on myself to get to it.

Anyways, I have a friend who was signed by an agent from his personal essays he’s written, who could help me sign.  Once published, would utilize my own social media marketing skills to help push the book to slowly build viral buzz.  Hopefully it grows to best seller point and I sit back and collect fat paychecks every month for doing nothing afterwards.  I could stop there, but my passive income dream goes further.

I want a movie deal.  My friend also interned years back to an alum of our high school that you may recognize as Judd Apatow.  I involve my friend in on the project, he uses pull for a once in a lifetime meeting, and we go down and pitch and close the deal.  From there the movie is released, followed by DVD’s.  Now collecting book checks as well as income from movie and DVD’s sales.  Residual income at its finest, while I sit back and enjoy.

Of course this is all one huge pipe dream, but this would be my dream if I could choose how to make passive income.

I bet a lot of you have thought of unique and exciting ways to sit back and earn passive income.  What are some of your dreams?

Please feel free to check out Craig’s website at

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