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The Truth About Quantity vs. Quality

The Truth About Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity vs. quality. Is one better than the other? How do you find the balance between writing in quantity and in quality? Read on to find out.

Pat Flynn
The Truth About Quantity vs. Quality

“What’s more important to you: Quantity or Quality?”

Your answer might be: it depends. It depends on what exactly we’re talking about, and in what context. For example, would you rather have fifty average tasting bananas, or one banana that tastes better than any other banana you’ve had before.

If you’re stranded on a deserted island, then it really doesn’t matter what the banana tastes like. The more, the better! In other situations, you just want one, but you want it to taste really good. For some of you, maybe you just don’t like bananas at all.

Okay, banana analogy aside, I wanted to get a little more specific here and see what people thought about Quantity vs. Quality in regards to blog posts.

What’s more important to you: Quantity or Quality of blog posts?

What Most Readers Will Say

I asked this question on my Facebook Page, and received over twenty comments all saying virtually the same thing:

Quality is more important.

And that totally makes sense. We only want to read things that are worth our time and are useful, moving, noteworthy, unique, relevant, and well thought out. This is especially true when it’s the kind of information that’s supposed to help us improve some aspect of our businesses or our lives.

Here are a few notable quotes from those who responded:

“Quality. I get tired of blogs filling up my reader with junk.”

“If the quality isn’t there I’m not going to spend time sifting through a whole bunch of content just to find the one or two pearls that may be hidden in there somewhere.”

“For me it’s always quality. I’m pretty busy so I’d rather a blog I read have fewer posts with great content. But what is the definition of ‘fewer posts?'”

Most people would much rather have one killer blog post a week from a blog, than five “just okay” blog posts

What About the Authors?

Although I totally agree that quality is more important than quantity, and I write with those intentions in mind, many authors know that quality is important, but will put quantity above it mainly for one particular reason:

Search Engines

Search engines have a mysterious way of affecting how many us of write blog posts, which can decrease the quality of an post.

The truth is, the more you write about a particular subject, the higher your website will rank in the search engines. Your Alexa ranking will drop too. And because high rankings = more traffic, sometimes quality takes a back seat to quantity.

Google tries its best to properly rank websites, using an algorithm that tries to take into account quality by including the quality of backlinks to a website (i.e., higher ranking sites that link to you are worth more), but I can easily see a blog with hundreds of mediocre posts about a subject totally rank higher than a blog with just four or five epic blog posts.

So How Do We Find a Balance?

If you are an author of a blog (which I know many of you are), what do you think? How do you determine the balance between quantity vs. quality?

If you’re not an author of a blog, what’s your take on quantity vs. quality?

This post was meant to be thought-provoking, so I’m looking forward to reading the discussion. There are no wrong answers.



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