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The Smart Passive Income Brand and Plans for the Future

The Smart Passive Income Brand and Plans for the Future

By Pat Flynn on

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago. I was employed at that time and was planning on writing about how to make a decent side income while still working the 9-to-5, a job which I was actually enjoying despite 4 hours of travel each day (from San Diego to Irvine via train—yes, I was crazy).

I was making a few bucks on the side blogging about the LEED exam when I was hit with a layoff, like so many other people around the world. Instead of panicking or immediately searching for a new job, I took what I was doing somewhat successfully online and made it “what I do.” A year later, I can honestly say that my layoff was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve been documenting what I’ve learned about internet business and passive income ever since on this blog for you.

I’ve recently noticed a lot of similarities between the Smart Passive Income Blog and my other blog before it became a cash cow. The website traffic is nearly the same, I’m ranking high in keywords that are important to the topic, the underlying purpose to help people is there, and also people are personally emailing me for help or advice nearly every day. All of these factors, in addition to possibly losing a major portion of my online income from my other blog due to recent changes in the industry, give me reason to take the Smart Passive Income brand to the next level. I’m excited to share with you my plans for the future with this blog below:

A Website Facelift

If you’re a long time follower, you may remember I had redesigned The Smart Passive Income Blog just a few months ago. It was a decent redesign in my opinion, which finally monetized the blog via affiliate links and referrals, but it’s time for optimization. I think you would probably agree that there’s a LOT more that could be done as far as spacing, navigation, the archives and search areas, and even the colors and the overall scheme. It’s time, my friends, for a major redesign. Yay!

The eBook Wealth Walkthrough

This is the title of a brand new eBook that I’m working on that will be available to anyone who comes to this blog. It will basically be a step by step walkthrough of exactly what I did to create a blog and make sell a six-figure eBook from it. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it will do the same for you, but it will definitely give you a roadmap for success with all of the techniques, programs, tips and tricks that I used to get to where I’m at today.

How much will it cost? It will be absolutely free. I’m not sure about the title just yet—eBook Wealth Walkthrough–  but it kind of has a ring to it. What do you think?

More Focused and Frequent Blog Posts

I’ve documented a range of different passive income topics on this blog, from iPhone applications, to eHow. I’d like to narrow the focus of the blog posts so that they will be more useful for more people. Once the redesign is finished, you’ll see this tagline, which should explain exactly the intent of the blog:

Discover how to Create and Market Information Products (eBooks, Audio and Video) to Turn Your Blog or Online Business into a Lifetime of Passive Income

I may throw in an eHow post every once and a while because it is related, but the ROI (return on investment) for an information product that YOU create is so much higher, the potential to earn six figures is obviously there, and it’s something that I definitely know more about and will be able to provide anybody assistance with.

I may lose a few subscribers who followed me just for information about my iPhone apps, or even eHow—but based on who I believe is the majority of my audience, I think information product creation and marketing is something those people are very interested in. So, look out for blog posts on exactly how to take the information you know, or information you’ve already posted on your blog posts (or even written in eHow articles), and turn that into profitable or promotional eBooks, audio and video products.

I will also talk about conquering problems that come along with product creation, such as losing energy and focus while working on these types of projects, as well as other potential roadblocks to look out for.

Oh, and more frequent posts—definitely.


I will be doing a LOT more than just posting blog posts for the Smart Passive Income blog. I want to turn Smart Passive Income into a brand, which means venturing out into other forms of media. To be specific, I will be hosting a Podcast and submitting some helpful related instructional videos to YouTube as well.

A Podcast is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m super stoked to be working with some of the best in the business in order to make that happen for me right away. I already have a few shows outlined, potential interviews lined up, and much more. I can’t wait! Can I count on you to listen to at least one episode?

A Coaching Course or Membership Website

My ultimate goal for all of this is to eventually have all of the branding, marketing, podcasting, free eBooks—everything, help build a trust and relationship with people who may be interesting in learning EXACTLY (and I mean exactly) how to create quality information products fast, in a step-by-step manner with videos, audio, action guides, check lists, tools, software, etc. and exactly how to market them and use them too for their online business and/or blog.

The end product may be a coaching course, it may be a membership website, or maybe even private coaching—I’m not sure yet, but I do know that people have already asked for something like this from me, and it’s definitely something I would be passionate about and excited to do.

When this will materialize, I’m not sure. It kind of depends on how everything else goes first.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

Well, for a couple of reasons. First, from an internet marketing perspective, I want to show you exactly how this whole “branding” thing works. So many of us restrict our information to just one platform, such as a blog, that it really limits our potential. With YouTube and a podcast in the mix, among other things, it should definitely increase the number of subscribers, readership, traffic, and trust. If it works, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Secondly, if you follow me as I reach my ultimate goal, which is the coaching program or membership website, you’ll know exactly what was put into it. If you like it, you’ll be more than happy to be an affiliate for the product and earn a recurring monthly income from it too. Then, if someone ever asks you something like, “how do you create an eBook like that?” you’ll probably send them over to me, and we’ll both earn some cash.

Hopefully this excites you as much as it does for me. Thanks for being a part of all of this with me, and if you’re not already subscribed to the blog and would like to follow me and my journey, please subscribe by clicking here.


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