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The Recipe For a Popular Post

The Recipe For a Popular Post

By Pat Flynn on

I’m on a mini-vacation taking advantage of the snow that just recently hit the slopes here in Southern California, so I won’t be around to answer comments until later this week. I wanted to throw up a “what I’ve been reading lately” type of post which I normally do every couple of months, but I thought it would be cool to put a spin on it. Enjoy this post and pray I don’t hurt myself while I’m snowboarding!

We all want to write popular posts, the ones that drive massive traffic to our blogs and produce a ton of interaction within our audience. Some posts we write are obviously going to be more popular than others, but what is it that really makes a post popular?

To answer this question lets take a closer look at some of the most popular posts from blogs around the web and see if we can make some connections.

Below you’ll find 3 popular posts from each of the blogs listed below. Really take some time to see if you can find any commonalities between them. – Glen Allsop – Erica Douglass – Corbett Barr – Brian Clark – Naomi Dunford – Chris Ducker – Sterling and Jay – Maren Kate

And here are my own, in case you missed them:

You can probably tell there are some common traits between them just from reading the headlines. I invite you to read some of them because, well, they are some of the most popular posts for a reason.

What about blogs that don’t have to do with business, blogging or entrepreneurship?

Let’s see! – Jeff Rose – Cliff Ravenscraft – Nathalie Lussier – Steve Pavlina – Darren Rowse

Again, you should be able to see some commonalities between these articles and across all of these industries.

So let me ask you: looking at all of these posts (and hopefully reading some of them too), what do YOU think makes some or all of them some of the most popular posts on their blogs?

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