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Stuff I’ve Been Reading Lately

Stuff I’ve Been Reading Lately

By Pat Flynn on

I’m about 90% finished with the eBook that I’ve been working on for the last month (I cranked out 10 killer pages yesterday!), but I’ve still had some time to read some excellent articles and blog posts around the web that I’d like to share with you today.

For Bloggers

Problogging – 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started: This is an excellent guest post on Problogger which is a must read, even for the experienced blogger, because it’s a great reminder of exactly what we should be doing in case we’ve veered off course a little.

5 Basic Tips for Video Optimization: For those of you who are expanding your blog and brand onto YouTube, here are 5 excellent tips to make sure you’re getting the best results for your efforts.


Internet Business Q&A From Academy Members: Sterling and Jay from the Internet Business Mastery Podcast answer questions directly from existing academy members and share them with the public. Good stuff!

Interview With Alborz Fallah – A Million Dollar Blogger: This is probably one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever heard in my life. In case you don’t have time to listen, there’s a PDF transcript that takes about 1/3rd of your time to finish.


1Password: Do you log in to a billion different websites that all have different usernames and passwords? This is the tool that helps me organize ALL of my passwords so I don’t have to waste space in my brain to memorize everything. Plus, you can auto generate complicated passwords that are less likely to get stolen or cracked too.

RescueTime: This is the time management software that I use, which tells me each week that I’m spending way too much time on Facebook. Put it to use, and see where you’re wasting your time.

Other Interesting Reads

Do Young Entrepreneurs Need to Go To College?: Erica from discusses a VERY touchy subject for many people. Join the conversation, and scroll down to see what I had to say. Do you agree?

The Ultimate Home Buying Guide – Buying vs. Renting Detailed Comparison: M.D. from Studenomics gives us an extremely detailed comparison between buying and renting in today’s economy.

Building a $1,000,000 Website in 12 Months: Glen from Viperchill is one of the most hard-working and inspiring bloggers I know. I’m very fortunate to be good friends with him, and totally recommend following his progress on this little big case study of his.

WingSuit Base Jumping: This doesn’t have anything to do with internet business or self-improvement, but it’s a totally awesome video of these guys in suits with wings that just makes your jaw drop to the floor. I always watch this when I don’t have any energy, and it totally gives me a quick boost.

All right, back to my eBook. Thanks for your encouragement, and hopefully within a week or two, you’ll see a new website design finally go live, and a killer eBook that you’ll have free instant access to. 🙂

Don’t forget to love what you do.



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