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The Smart Passive Income Blog Hits the App Store!

The Smart Passive Income Blog Hits the App Store!

By Pat Flynn on

The Smart Passive Income Blog iPhone Application

I’m proud to announce that The Smart Passive Income iPhone Application is now available on iTunes!

For the past few months, unbeknownst to many, I’ve been secretly working on an application that would make it extremely convenient for iPhone users to read and listen to the SPI blog and podcast.

An Android App will be available in the near future. Editor’s Note: The Android app is now available! Get it in the Google Play store.

The SPI App is a high-quality, custom-built application that features:

  • Real-time, up to date blog posts which include all of the same images and links that you’d see here on the blog, all automatically formatted for perfect reading from the iPhone.
  • The ability to share blog posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the capability to email, Instapaper, Google Reader, Pinboard or use Read It Later.
  • My Twitter stream, with the ability to reply to me, retweet or favorite my Tweets with your own Twitter account, directly from inside the application.
  • The ability to listen to the SPI Podcast. You can also listen in the background while using other applications on your iPhone, and even rate the podcast from inside the app too!
  • A built-in web browser. This means that any links that are clicked on from any blog posts, tweets or podcast episodes open an in-application web browser so you never have to leave the application. Once you close the page it takes you right back to where you were without having to restart the application.
  • A Special Page just for SPI App users. This page will have unique content and information that only SPI App users can see.

Why a Custom-Built Application?

I’ve had a lot of requests from mobile users who wanted an easier way to read my blog posts. Many suggested installing a wordpress plugin like WP-Touch to automatically make my blog mobile-friendly.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I always like to do things differently. The WP-Touch plugin, although it works, looks very generic and isn’t very brandable. So many other people use that plugin and I was just itching for a way to do something different, and the SPI App is what I came up with.

There are services that offer similar iPhone applications for bloggers and podcasters already, but none had all of the features I wanted, so I decided to create one for myself. Of course, it was relatively easy for me since I already have an iPhone app business and was very familiar with how this all works.

A Mobile Landing Page*

I also had my programmer do some fancy work to create a mobile landing page for the SPI blog – a page that detects if a person is viewing the SPI blog on their regular iPhone safari browser, and if they are, it shows them this page first instead:

iPhone Landing Page


*The landing page has been disabled for now. Some iPhones were not showing the landing page (older versions of the OS) and my developer is currently working on this at this very moment. It’ll be up an running again once it’s ready!

The SPI Application Special Page

Within the application there is a special page that people can view that has unique content that only they can see.

The cool part is that this page is actually reading a template page on my WordPress blog, so I can update this content whenever I want, with whatever I want, without having to change the code in the app itself. I can avoid having to resubmit a new version to Apple, which can take up to a couple of weeks.


I can include anything from an email sign up form, to videos, to special links and promotions and even bonuses or discount codes for future products.

This is the feature that I wanted most that no other app service for bloggers or podcasters have, as far as I know.

My Thoughts On The Purpose of the SPI Application

The app wasn’t created to make money.

It’s actually free for you to download right now if you have an iPhone.

I could sell it for $0.99, or maybe even $1.99 and probably make a few thousand dollars in a short period of time, but I feel it’s more beneficial in the long run for me to use the application as another tool in my overall branding strategy.

It’s another way for me to connect with my audience.

It’s another way for me to build new relationships and expand on existing ones.

It’s another way for me to increase authority.

And most importantly, it’s another way I can stand out from the crowd.

Here is a post I published EXACTLY one year ago that is absolutely relevant here and highly recommended reading: 7 Ways to Be Everywhere – Building a Brand Online.

Even though it’s more indirect and calculating the ROI from this one application is nearly impossible, I know that the investment will pay for itself one way or another in the future.

Click to Download the SPI Application

Would You Like an App Like This For Yourself?

Depending on the interest (and depending on some rules set by Apple that I’m still researching), I may offer a service to create an app just like this one for your blog and/or podcast too. I wouldn’t be able to do it for free since there’s a lot of labor involved, however if you’re interested please enter your email in the form below and I’d be happy to send you more information about it. There will be a waiting list depending on when you sign up, since my team and I can only work on these one at a time.

Thank you all for your support!

If you download the application, I hope it helps you more easily get SPI material while on the go. Cheers!

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