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Reader’s Choice: Who Would You Nominate?

Reader’s Choice: Who Would You Nominate?

By Pat Flynn on

Reader's Choice Nominations

I thought I would do something a little different today as I work on a pretty beefy monthly income report for Monday’s post.

I want to give you, the SPI reader, an opportunity to share the bloggers and online entrepreneurs who you feel are doing extraordinary things and deserve some recognition.

Although I won’t be doing a tally and give out awards or anything like that, I thought it would be a great opportunity for all of us to see who is making an impact in the blogosphere, and why.

To keep this open-ended and interesting, I’ll provide you with a sentence and you can fill in the blanks with any category and the person who you’re giving recognition to.

Use the category to tell us why we should pay attention to the person you are “nominating”.

Please keep it clean and positive, and any defamatory or discrediting remarks will immediately be deleted.

You can recognize as many people as you wish (put them all in the same comment field), and please do not nominate me or yourself for anything.

Spread the love yo!

Here’s the sentence:

For the category of (name of category), I nominate (name of person and/or website).

I’ll start…

For the category of best and most engaging community on the web, I nominate the SPI community. 🙂

How about you?

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