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Reader Challenge Roundup: Readers Choice and the Next [BIG!] Challenge

Reader Challenge Roundup: Readers Choice and the Next [BIG!] Challenge

By Pat Flynn on

Part of my responsibility here on SPI is to not only give you the best information possible, but to encourage you to take action as well.

One of the ways I love to do that is through my reader challenges, where I challenge you to do something specific that I know will help you and your online business or blog.

It took me a while to finally write this post, but I’m excited to share the results (and winners) from the last Reader Challenge!

Here’s a list of all of the previous reader challenge results posts:

At the end of the last challenge, I challenged you again by asking you to choose and complete any of the previous challenges.

A huge kudos to everyone who took action and participated! Whether you contributed or not, check out the list below and feel free to read any that compel you. There are 5 winners, announced at the bottom of this post: 4 random, and 1 to my favorite headline. Let’s see if your favorite headline matches my own…

Amazing Arab Street Food! – Martabak (Mutabak) Recipe [VIDEO] by Katherine of Sheba Yemeni Food

50 Questions You Should Ask Yourself [LIST POST] by Ani from Life Probabilities

Over a Decade Later, REDUX Still Sucks [PILLAR POST] by Doug from The Military Guide

Building a Website in 3 Minutes with a Custom Domain Name [VIDEO] by Michael from Building a Website Pro

Lo que te hace unico, te lleva al Exito. Estrategias para potenciar tu marca personal [INTERVIEW] by Naylin from Soluciones 4 Web

A Look Behind the Scenes at How I Developed My First Android App [CASE STUDY] by Mark of The Mad Hermit

7 Ways to Get Better Results From Your Facebook Ad Spend [LIST POST] by Ryan of Hache Marketing

10 Goals That I WILL Accomplish By The End of 2012 [LIST POST] by Michael of Earning Forever

The Cold Hard Truth On Being a Personal Finance Blogger – What I Learned in Less Than 2 Years! [STORY] by Mr. Fox from Finance Fox

Spend the Day with an ATM Business Owner; Then Start Your Own Passive Income Stream [VIDEO] by Carey of ATM Business Blueprint

10 Management Lessons from the Olympics [PILLAR POST] by Remco of Sport Management

How to Draw:  Blue Jay [PILLAR POST] by Sam of Two Birders and Binoculars

8 Reasons WHY You Must Take Action to Simplify Your Finances [LIST POST] by B Simple of Simple Financial Lifestyle

Top 10 Option Trading Blogs [LIST POST] by Options Trading IQ

Map Your Family History Like a Best-Selling Novel [VIDEO] by Lynn from The Armchair Genealogist

20 Free WordPress Themes Published on Our Facebook Page (French) [LIST POST] by Alex of WP Themes Pro

The Vinyl Odyssey: How a Song Sparked an Adventure [STORY] by Craig of A Day Trip

SASM 004 – Passive Income Mastery and How to Be Everywhere with Pat Flynn [INTERVIEW] by Joel of Value of Simple

What I Learned About Blogging From the Naked Men in the Trunk of My Car [STORY] by Rebecca of Professional Content Creation

What is Live Chat Support and How Can I Make it Work on My Website? [VIDEO] by Robert of Chat Tool Tester

Men: Dress Like a Million Bucks (Without Spending it) [PILLAR POST] by James of This Is Common Cents

Interview with James from Mum Network Ltd [INTERVIEW] by Adam of Affiliate FYI

How to Become Self-Employed Like These 5 Top Bloggers [INTERVIEW] by Robert of The College Investor

Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 1 – Theory [VIDEO] by Matthew of

Lessons in Gratitude: I Opened That Box and Couldn’t Stop Crying [STORY] by One Frugal Girl

5 Ways to Unlock Golden Handcuffs [LIST POST] by NoTrustFund at Wheres My Trust Fund

Whole World Theatre on Improv! [VIDEO] by Pamela of Call Time Atlanta

Grass For Shade: Growing a Good Lawn in Shady Areas [PILLAR POST] by Colin of Lawns for You

10 Sites with Free Royalty-Free Images for Commercial Use [LIST POST] by Tune Seidelin of Website from Scratch

Interview: Building a Thriving Audience with Corbett Barr [INTERVIEW] by Blair of Bootstrapped Entrepreneur

Case Study: Seasonal College Niche Site [CASE STUDY] by Joel of Passive Machine

Top Speaking Strategies for the IELTS Test [PILLAR POST] by Mark of

The Best Way to Learn a Language in 3 Months (Blueprint 1/2) [VIDEO] by Brian Kwong of Da Genius Lab

25 Free Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her [LIST POST] by Carol of Christian PF

Dan Miller on Online Business, Blogging, And Books / Podcast [INTERVIEW] by Bob of Blogging Your Passion

WordPress Trick: User Friendly Category Pages [PILLAR POST] by Marius of Webmarkin

45 Great Jobs You Can Do While Traveling the World and How to Get Them [LIST POST] by Micki of The BareFoot Nomad

How to Craft a Better Site and Make Your Tribe Larger [PILLAR POST] by Tony of

How to Make Your Own Beer (The Satisfying and Easy Way) [PILLAR POST] by John of Home Brew Manual

Venus Fallen Au Naturel with Geek Shirts HQ [INTERVIEW] by

Weber Kettle Grills [PILLAR POST] by David of BBQ Dry Rubs

Expert Time Management Interview: Online Business Productivity with Steve Scott [INTERVIEW] by Timo of Productive SuperDad

Why Read Travel Blogs – and 28 Travel Blogs that Rock [LIST POST] by Ayelet of All Colores

You Can Build a Coffee Table [MINI PRODUCT] by Jeff of

22 Year Old’s Business Backed By $1 Million Dollar Investment [INTERVIEW] by Kevin of Dropout Got Rich

The Renaissance Entrepreneur [PILLAR POST] by Patrick of RenfestHQ

National Institutes of Health Global Health Research Program [STORY] by Elliot of

Ranking on Page 1 for “Make Money Online” Without Even Trying [CASE STUDY] by Eric of My 4-Hour Workweek

Differences Between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign [VIDEO] by Christelle of Handy Marketer

10 Awesome Low Carb Substitutes for Popular Foods [LIST POST] by Eric of Slow Carb Diet Experiment

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Video Interview Production [PILLAR POST] by Ruan of Freelance Writing Tactics

If You Want to Escape the Rat Race, Read These 2 Books [LIST POST] by Ryan of Real World Myth

Types of Charts: Lines, Candles, and Bars – How to Read Different Types of Financial Charts [PILLAR POST] by Steven Fox of Fox Day Training

Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Low Energy Light Bulbs [LIST POST] by The Low Energy Bulb

10 Touristy (But Must-see) Things to Do in Boston [LIST POST] by Kim of Kim Olson Photography

7 Must Have Springsteen’s Bootlegs [LIST POST] by Tsitalia of Springsteen’s Bootleg Collection

Aran Knitting Patterns [PILLAR POST] by Cherry of From Sheep to Shawl

How to Find a Physical Therapist [PILLAR POST] by Jill of Motion Works Physical Therapy

21 Quick Actions to Get Rid of Cold Symptoms! [LIST POST] by Candida Diet Plan

Founding of the Process Management Alliance – An Introducing Video [VIDEO] by Lasse of

Frugal Gift Ideas for the Busy Woman [PILLAR POST] by Frugal Patti of

Providing App Development Solutions to Small Businesses: Part 1 [CASE STUDY] by Thomas of Mobile App Tycoon

My First Time at Tahquamenon Falls [STORY] by Jesse of Things to do in the U.P.

How to Install WordPress a Do-It-Yourself Guide [PILLAR POST] by Howie of

10 Reasons Why a 5:00am Bootcamp is Great for “New” Entrepreneurs [LIST POST] by Stacey of My Son and Money

The 5 Commandments of Web Hosting [LIST POST] by Ross of

031 – Starting Out on Your Own! Interview with Dustin Hartzler [INTERVIEW] by Peder of 168 Opportunuties

Kids and Their Feelings – You Can Help! [VIDEO] by Oleg of

Easy DIY Bike Rack and PVC Bike Rack [PILLAR POST] by Shawn of Texas Mountain Bike Trails


In total, there were 73 submissions, made up of the following:

  • 20 List Posts
  • 18 Pillar Posts
  • 12 Interviews
  • 11 Videos
  • 7 Story Posts
  • 4 Case Studies
  • 1 Mini-Product

A lot of the content has been viewed several times by their respective audiences, including some of the videos which have view counts between 6,000 and 12,000, and some of the posts have well over 50 comments!

I’ve also noticed some of you who have done interviews or created videos for the first time during this challenge got a little addicted to the process, and now you can’t stop.

Great job! Way to step out of your comfort zone and get stuff done!

The Winners

As mentioned in the previous challenge, I’m giving away 5 (five) $100 Gift Cards to 5 different participants in this particular challenge. Four go to random participants, and one goes to my favorite headline.

The random winners are:

  1. Steven Fox from Fox Day Trading
  2. John from Home Brew Manual
  3. One Frugal Girl from
  4. Joel from Passive Machine

Congratulations! If you are a winner, you will get an email from me soon if you haven’t already!

My Favorite Headline

We all know how important a great headline is for our articles. It’s what people see first before choosing to read, and a great headline alone can generate more views.

There were a lot of headlines that stood out to me, however one stood out amongst the rest:

What I Learned About Blogging From the Naked Men in the Trunk of My Car by Rebecca of Professional Content Creation

Compelling, to say the least! Congratulations Rebecca!

Brendan Hufford from

You may recognize Brendan’s name from SPI Podcast Session #49. He’s the owner of and decided to take this particular challenge to a whole new level. He decided to do ALL of the previous challenges again! It’s no wonder his business is taking off, he’s a man of action!

Here are Brendan’s entries:

Write a Pillar Article: How to get a Pre-Sale Shoyoroll Guaranteed

Publish a List Post: 5 Reasons Why I Started the GiReviews Podcast

Create a YouTube Video: How to be Awesome Pt. 2

Develop a Mini-Product: Epic Gi Book

Write a Post that Tells a Story: The moment I realized I was a hater and what I did about it

Create a Case Study: Case Study: Why Google Penalized My Site and How I Fixed It

Interview Someone: GiReviews Podcast 002 – An Interview with the Real Scrambleman – Scramble’s Matt Benyon

Well done Brendan!

The Next Challenge

Unlike the previous challenges, I’m not going to announce the new challenge here in this roundup post.


Because the next challenge is going to deserve its own post. I won’t reveal exactly what it is  orhow it’s going to work just yet (since I’m still working out the details), but think about this:

Niche Site Duel Round 2, an application process to become a part of a related “learning / mastermind group”, live tracking, and a whole lot more!

Excited yet? 😉

Congratulations again to all of the winners, and to each of the participants in this reader’s choice roundup post!


P.S. I’m so excited to announce that my book, Let Go, is currently the #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Book on Amazon! Click here to buy it on Amazon if you haven’t already now that it’s available on Kindle and Kindle App devices! Thank you all so much for your support! [Full disclosure: I receive affiliate revenue if you purchase through this link.]

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