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Reader Challenge Round Up: Interviews and the Next Challenge

Reader Challenge Round Up: Interviews and the Next Challenge

By Pat Flynn on

Interview in ProgressPart of my responsibility here on SPI is to not only give you the best information possible, but to encourage you to take action as well.

One of the ways I love to do that is through my reader challenges, where I challenge you to do something specific that I know will help you and your online business.

Here’s a list of all of the previous reader challenge results posts:

At the end of the last challenge, I asked you to conduct an interview. Interviews are awesome because:

  1. You’re providing unique and refreshing content for your audience and you don’t need to be the one to deliver the expert advice. You just need to ask the right questions.
  2. It can raise your level of authority because of your public association with the person you’re interviewing.
  3. Networking! The interview will help you build a relationship between you and the person you’re interviewing, which can lead to other growth opportunities for you and your brand down the road.

The requirement was one interview in the medium of your choice (text, audio or video). Here are the results in the order that I received them:

An Interview with a Friend: Trader James by Rick from Invest in 2012

Fitness Guru Dax Moy on How to Awaken the Guru Within! by Erik from Fitness Business Interviews

How to Make a Great Living with Niche Sites | Spencer from by Niche Income Lab

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Interview and Dixie Meat Rub Interview by David from BBQ Dry Rubs

Expert Time Management Interview: Lucas Kleinschmitt by Timo from Productive SuperDad

Hit Songwriting Interview – Jess Moskaluke and Summer Cult by Brandon from Hit Songwriting

Behind the Wrench, Mechanic Interview with David Hillier by Charles from The Humble Mechanic

9 Questions for the Millionaire Teacher by Robert from The College Investor

Scott Johnson Revealed (Scott has lived with T1 diabetes for 32 years) by Tony from Blogging Diabetes

Sketchup Interview with Gary Katz by Matt from Master Sketchup

How Eric Mann Persevered Over 3 Failed Projects on Kickstarter and Raised over $20k in his Last 2 Projects Combined by Brian from Kickstarter Rockstars

An Inside Look at Niche Sites – Adsense, Amazon and More with Eric Gati by Adam from Dorm Room Cash

How to Live a Meaningful Life with The Minimalists by Conni from A Life of Blue

Intro to Real Estate with Tim Beck by Austin from Residual Income Life

Jaime Tardy Interview: Becoming an Eventual Millionaire by Carrie from Careful Cents

A Full Time Income from a Single Niche? Interview with Steve Scott on Experiment Income

Social Media Case Study: Drive-In Theater by Lindsay from

How to Fess Up and Pay Off $60,000 of Debt by Jeff from Good Financial Cents

Escaping the 9 to 5 | How I Did It with Lolita Sheriow by Sharon from Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

Immediate Personal Finance Lessons for Everyone by LCF on How to Finance Money

This Financial Advisor is Very Bullish About P2P Lending by Peter on Social Lending Network

How to Replace Your 9 to 5 Income from Blogging in Nine Months by Jeff & Mandy from Dollars and Roses

How to Dress for the Curvy Body Type: Style Lessons from Georgette by Sylvia from 40 Plus Style

How Brent Thomas of BikeWrappers is Crushing It with his Jimdo Online Store and Even Got Featured on CNN by Robert from Website Tool Tester

Interview with Simon (Full Time Affiliate Marketer) by Kevin from Dropout Got Rich

Meet CopySean Making $10k a Month without Google Traffic by Kent Chow from In Marketing Tips

How to Get 20 Million App Downloads as an Individual Developer: An Interview with Alex Keim – Developer of Pic Stitch by Thomas Strock from Mobile App Tycoon

The Pictured Rocks Expert – An Interview with Bill Thompson by Jesse from Things to do in the U.P.

It’s About the Fundamentals, Product Creation and Building Relationships by Chris from Day Job Knockout

Mr. Money Mustache – Early Retirement Made Easy by The Mad Fientist at madFIentist

Wonderful, wonderful interviews! I’m extremely pleased, encouraged and inspired by the quality and care that went into each of them! As I went through the interviews, I was finding myself losing track of time in some of them – that’s a great sign.

Thank you to all of the participants, I couldn’t be more proud and I know that some of you have done several more interviews since the ones posted here, which is awesome. Well done!

As promised, I’ve randomly selected 3 participants to receive a $50 Gift Card. Congratulations to Lindsay, The Mad Fientist and Matt!

The Next Reader Challenge (and $500 in Prizes!)

I know that a lot of you are new to the blog and were unable to participate in some or all of the previous Reader Challenges. Or maybe you were able, but just didn’t have the time or didn’t make the deadline.

That’s okay – this next one is for everyone and it’s the Readers Choice Challenge!

All you have to do is pick 1 of the 7 previous challenges and submit a link to a post or page on your site that fulfills the requirements for that specific challenge. The post must be a newly published post on your website that went live on or after Thursday, August 16th 12:01am PT. No submissions of previously written posts, recordings or videos will be accepted.

To recap, you can:

  1. Write a Pillar Article
  2. Publish a List Post
  3. Create a YouTube Video
  4. Develop a Mini-Product
  5. Write a Post that Tells a Story
  6. Create a Case Study; or
  7. Interview Someone

Click on the links above to get a description of what each challenge is, and I will only accept 1 submission per person.

I’m giving you until the end of October 2012 to complete this challenge.

After you’ve completed this challenge, send me an email with a link to it through my Contact Page and make sure you write READER CHALLENGE in the SUBJECT LINE so that my email filter will catch it and I’ll include it in the next roundup post. Also include which challenge you did too.

Amazon $100 Gift Card

This time, I’m giving away FIVE $100.00 Gift Cards!

Four will go to randomly selected submissions and one will go to the person who I feel has the best headline/title for their post, so do your best to make your headline a compelling, eye-catching headline that can’t help but be clicked. 😉

I highly encourage you participate this time, even if you’ve participated in one already. Not only can you win something, but you’ll get a shout out on the roundup post after the challenge is over and most importantly, you’d be doing something that helps you and your brand.

With whatever challenge you do, I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to accepting your submissions!

If you’re in, let me know in the comments and give me an idea of which challenge might interest you the most.

Remember, end of October.


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