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How My Phone Helped Me Land on the First Page of Google

How My Phone Helped Me Land on the First Page of Google

By Pat Flynn on


In my last post, I announced that the niche site I created 2 months ago just landed on the first page of Google. Yay!

Although I reveal the entire process from start to finish on the niche site duel hub, I still saw a number of comments and emails asking specific follow-up questions about the process. I do plan to go over all of those questions in detail at a later time, but there was one question that stood out to me that I wanted to share and answer for you today.

Charles asks, “Hey Pat, good stuff on the niche site duel. Congrats on getting on the first page so quickly. Question…your niche is “security guard training”, and I’m pretty sure you’re not a security guard and probably have little or no experience with it at all. How are you getting the information for your site? It looks pretty legit. Did you pay someone to find it for you? Thanks Pat!”

Great question!

Charles is absolutely right. I’m not a security guard and my experience with the industry is virtually none. My only connection to security guards is the fact that my mom is one (which is why I am interested in this niche), although I have not used her as a resource for this project.

I find that my lack of experience actually gives me an advantage because I can easily put myself in the shoes of someone who wants to become a security guard but has no idea how to become one. Similar to what I wrote about in The No Fail Approach to Product Creation, it’s a lot easier to create something if it’s something you’re going to use yourself, and that’s exactly how I’m approaching this site.

After some basic research, I quickly learned that each state in the U.S. has different security guard training requirements.

This is when I decided that this is a perfect opportunity for me to create a separate page for each individual state, outlining the steps required to become a security guard. This would give me the ability to monetize advertisements for training facilities in each state, as well as potentially utilize a job board if traffic gets heavy.

At this point, all I needed was the content.

So how did I find the content?

Naturally, the first thing I did was search through Google. I was finding some of the information I needed from several sources, but only bits and pieces. I wanted the whole thing.

Plus, the sources were not reliable. Many of them said conflicting things, so instead of wasting my time gathering information that was potentially flat out wrong, I did something I never thought I’d do to help my niche site:

I used my phone.

I chose a state (starting with the most popular, based on keyword research using Market Samurai [affiliate link – I earn passive income if you buy]), looked online for a security guard training company in that state and literally called them with my phone.

Every company I spoke to was more than happy to tell me the exact steps to becoming a security guard, or at least refer me to a government website that had the exact information I needed, although usually in a huge PDF with tons of legal jargon. I could then read and then reiterate in simple terms on my site.

Using your phone for research and content creation may not work for all niches, but it totally worked for me, and I can imagine it could work for many of you too.

The phone is a powerful tool and for some reason we’re all scared to use it. I don’t know if it’s because people are afraid of impromptu conversation (we’re so used to chatting and being able to correct ourselves before hitting “send”), or because people are just afraid of their voices being heard – but I was able to go straight to the source that had the information I needed and get an immediate response.

Plus, I still think that speaking on the phone is one of the best ways to really get to communicate besides actually meeting them in person. There’s just something about hearing someone speak in real time and listening to the tone of their voice that you just can’t get in something like an email or a tweet. Plus, if I had simply sent an email, maybe some of those companies would have responded, but even if they did it would take some time to get back to me.

Stepping out of the box a little, but that’s what you need to do sometimes when you want to see results.

Happy Halloween!

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