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Gear That I Use During Periscope & Other Live Streaming

A lot of people have been asking me about the equipment I use to conduct my Periscope Sessions (aka. #PatScope). Here’s a list below of the gear I use:

Please note that the links below are indeed affiliate links to, and without adding more to your bill, I do get a small kickback commission from Amazon. If you’d like to search directly on Amazon for these so I don’t get paid for sharing this with you, I completely understand! No worries, and have fun with your scopes!


Rode SmartLav Periscope Microphone
Obviously, your audio is important during your scopes. Using the built-in mic in your mobile device will work, but you can kick-it-up-a-notch with this handy lavalier microphone from Rode, which literally just plugs into your headphone jack:

Rode SmartLav Microphone for iPhone and SmartPhones


Ollo Clip 4-1 Lens
I use a “clip-on” lens to change the view people see when they’re watching my scopes. There are several types of lenses available but I find that the wide-angle and fish-eye lenses are the most useful, showing more of the view. People don’t want to just see you, but your surroundings and this clip-on lens helps you achieve that:

Olloclip 4-1 Photo Lens

Desktop Tripod

Manfrotto Desktop Tripod
Save your arms and wrist (and the eyes of your audience) by investing in a desktop tripod, so you can put your device down, angle it correctly, and then just focus on delivering your content. This one from Manfrotto – one of the best camera accessory companies in the world (I have a few of their full size tripods for video shoots in my office) – will do the job and is easy to use. Just push that red button and you can change the direction and angle:

Manfrotto Mini Desktop Tripod

SmartPhone to Tripod Adapter

i.Trek Super Mount
In addition to the tripod, you’ll need an adapter – something to hold your device that screws into the top of your tripod. Here’s one that I use which is the most flexible. There are no clamps or size restrictions – just open by unscrewing and opening the space in between the two pads, and then screw in to tighten. Boom! Now you’re up and running:

i.Trek Super Mount SmartPhone Tripod Adapter

Boogie Board Sync e-Writer

Screenshot 2015-08-23 21.09.04
This isn’t a tool I necessarily use for Periscoping, but it’s definitely the #1 tool that I have viewers ask about when I am doing a Periscope. It’s an e-writer, which is essentially a board that you can use to write on with a stylus which you can save and erase. I use this to prep notes and outlines for Periscopes and podcast episodes, and also take notes while interviewing people. I also use it for various to-do lists or just brainstorming as well.

Click here to check out the Boogie Board Sync e-Writer

And Finally…

Do you need all of these things to run a successful Periscope account?

Of course not, but these will help you along the way if you’re looking to get serious with your audience building and relationship building on P’scope, so you can focus more on your audience than fumbling around with audio and comfort.

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